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The Stephen Archer Petition: Hunt for Crooked Lawyers

The following petition was started to assist the family of the departed Stephen Archer. This matter has figured prominently in the media because it offends all sense of decency. Please add your support by signing the petition. Share this link via Whatsapp – The blogmaster takes the opportunity to remind anybody having issues with lawyers in Barbados to log

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Sex in Schools

Solutions Barbados is disappointed with the Ministry of Education’s weak response, to the warnings from Charlie Spice of the Adult Industry Association. Mr Spice noted that over the past three years, there have been countless child pornography videos of Barbadian school children circulating via smart phones.  He noted that child prostitution was growing exponentially across Barbados, and that Barbados was

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New UN Treaty May Put Gender Ideology in International Law

Submitted by  Stefano Gennarini, J.D. NEW YORK, October 4 (C-Fam) In a new treaty, the General Assembly may scrap the definition of gender as “male and female” currently in international law and endorse a definition of gender as “socially constructed.” The new definition would open the door to 100+ “genders” in binding law. The International Law Commission has asked the

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Several interpretations have been applied Bob Marley’s Man to Man song. Man to man is so unjust, children: Ya dont know who to trust. Your worst enemy could be your best friend, And your best friend your worse enemy. Some will eat and drink with you, Then behind them su-su pon you. Only your friend know your secrets, So only

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The Phartford Files: BCC Fast Becoming a Basket Case

Submitted by Ironside One scholarship! That is all the Barbados Community College (BCC) was able to garner in 2019! Not surprising, given the recent revelations regarding the ongoing scandalous performance of BCC nursing students in the regional nursing examinations. Well, the Mia Mottely administration has solved the nursing problem: Barbados will be importing nurses and nursing is to be removed

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