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Becoming Sane

The main reason given for demolishing the structurally sound 6-storey old NIS building, is that it is not compatible with the “sacred ground” of the proposed Clement Payne park. The Government did not properly maintain the building, and several workers got ill. We are told to believe that the building is a reminder of people getting ill, which is not

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PREDATORY MARKETING and the Vulnerable in Society II

An earlier blog titled PREDATORY MARKETING and the Vulnerable in Society provoked several questions from the BU family. A BU family member (Wonderer) was motivated to to put in some leg work on behalf of the BU household to seek clarification. Unfortunately the effort although appreciate by the blogmaster raised more questions. Today I called the Bank Supervision Division of the

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Unnecessary Amputations

It seems that one of the easiest things to do in Barbados is to order the demolition of important buildings.  This is because we are not strict guardians of our heritage – we are not even loose guardians. Our level of guardianship is like that of a renter, who has no property to pass on.  Paying tax on land already

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Vaccine Safety

Submitted by Green Monkey Officials At a recent WHO conference on vaccine safety admit that that the short term trials used to approve new vaccines are inadequate to provide reasonable proof of long term safety. Also they admit that no studies have ever been done to look at possible dangers from administering vaccines from different manufacturers using different adjuvants and

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Barbados Reform Agenda Threatened by Anaemic Growth

Detailed in the recent IDB Caribbean Region Quarterly Bulletin – Volume 8, Issue 4| December 2019 is a cautionary tale.  Barbados continues to meet all targets as part of the IMF Extended Fund Facility and Barbados  Economic Recovery and Transformation plan  – the objective to achieve fiscal consolidation. HOWEVER the other story to be received from the IDB report is

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