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Internet Town Hall on Crime & Violence – All Are Invited

With the tranquil landscape of Barbados being routinely disturbed by a culture of gun violence an unprecedented murder rate.  Civil society is being encouraged to frankly discuss short term and long term measures to implement to arrest the trending. BU commenter Greene posted the following measures (with minor edits by the blogmaster) to kickoff Barbados Underground Internet Town Hall on

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Freedom of Information Underpins Strong Democracy

There has been so much palaver about the pressing need to implement transparency legislation. Specifically a Freedom of Information Act.  It is one of those issues political parties refer to on a campaign trail because it fits with the political rhetoric these days about promises to root out corruption in government blah blah blah… Trinidad implemented a Freedom of Information

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Murder Statistics May 2019

  May 2019 saw four murders taking place in Barbados (26 for the year so far). Two of them took place in St. Philip, while the rest occurred in St. Michael and St. James respectively. The four victims were all male, and three were shooting related deaths. One victim died as a result of being stabbed. The data was collected

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A Bit More about

The Barbados based fintech continues to lead the way in an emerging business. Sadly there is an embarrassing ignorance about what Bitt is doing in the region. The following video is meant to continue the conversation about the value companies like bring to the table.

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Flying German Wings

Barbados has been hugely successful in attracting new airlift and all our major markets have largely benefited, most notably the United States. The new German Wings upcoming three flights each week from Frankfurt hopefully will dramatically increase our Continental European visitors. Not just from Germany, but from all the bordering countries that enjoy seamless rail connections to the adjacent Frankfurt

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