Time Doesn’t Stay in a Bottle


Submitted by Melissa Martin

We like to romanticize a message in a bottle as it ebbs and flows with ocean waves. When the bottle finds a person, the message is read. But the passage of time does not slow down or speed up. Time on a continent, the mainland, an island, a country, or a city is still just ‘time.’ Time in an airplane, on a boat, a vehicle or a bicycle is still just ‘time.’ Time spent crawling, walking, running, or skipping is still just ‘time.” Time travels on.

Jim Croce was an American folk singer and songwriter. He wrote “Time in a Bottle” in 1970. He died an untimely death in 1973. Time is an elusive creature.
The very young yearn to be older. The very old yearn to be younger. The young desire independence, ability to make decisions, and eighteenth birthday freedom. The old desire health, peace, and more birthdays.
What do the young and old have in common? Time. We wish time would stand still during our utmost moments—but it cannot. The young want to travel into the future. The old want to travel back to the past. Both young and old desire to change time.
Humans cannot control or boss time around. Although humans developed clocks and calendars, time serves no human being. Time ultimately becomes our master. We can manage our activities but not time.
Alas, the hands on the clock only go forward and never backward. The brain goes back in time, sort of, as we remember memories. Events, celebrations, and happenings are captured in photographs, videos, and history books, but time cannot be captured. A sunrise and a sunset cannot be halted by humanity.
The arrow of time, a concept developed by an astrophysicist, suggested a one-way direction of time. You can make an egg into an omelet, but you can’t turn an omelet back into an egg.
Is time an enemy to the earthly body? Or a friend to the afterlife?
“Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, Time stays, we go.”—Henry Austin Dobson
The year 2019 will come to an end like the year before. Another year gone, but not forgotten. The past year brought births and deaths. Marriages and divorces. Graduations and retirements. Before, during, after. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Phases, stages, ages. Tick, tick, tick. Time travels on.
People change. The passage of time doesn’t change. The planet changes. The passage of time doesn’t change. The universe changes. The passage of time doesn’t change.
In 2020, we still only get 168 hours per week. That’s it. No more. No less. What will you do differently with your time?
“There’s just not enough time in the day.” That’s the mantra of many people around the globe. Wake-up. Do the day. Sleep. And repeat each day until the weekend. And cram so many goings-on into two days that by Sunday night you’re exhausted. Is the to-do list too long? Back-to-back obligations with no downtime is a recipe for stress. Put a no-no on that go-go.
How often do you tell your kids to “hurry up” or “keep moving?” Hushing, rushing, and shushing.
The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister, a picture book, by Linda Lodding is about a child with too many activities. “Her well-meaning, busy parents have packed her after-school hours, turning Ernestine into the over-scheduled poster child of today.” Ernestine just wants some time to play. www.flashlightpress.com.
Intense time pressure and impractical deadlines can lead to mood changes, poor decision-making, and feeling overwhelmed. What’s the cure for employment busyness and burnout? Are you too busy to find the solution?
Being more organized may help, but doesn’t slow down or stop time. We operate under the fallacy that when things settle down, we’ll have more time. Really?
We allow television and technology to steal away our time from face to face relating to others.
Burst the busyness bubble with awareness that life is about balance. We can’t save time in a bottle and pour it out when in a pinch. We can save up vacation days but not time.
“Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.”—Art Buchwald


  • Unable to contribute


  • I can’t contribute either Theo, but you know that having nothing to say has ever stopped me. All I can say about time is that the every time I hear a radio or TV announcer say that “the sun is scheduled to rise at…” I THINK of doing violence, and I wonder what would happen if the sun should rise at 7:15 instead of at 6:15 as “scheduled.”

    Looka people, the sun is NOT a football match. NOBODY can schedule sunrise or sunset. The rising and setting of the sun governs every second of our lives. We have no power to “schedule” the sun.

    The BU intelligentsia and astro physicists can chime in here to keep the discussion going.


  • This is where we miss Bush Tea. And important characteristic of humankind is to have an appreciation for the humanities, for the philosophical, the contest between the temporal and spiritual.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David Bu

    Why are you marking time? Are you waiting for some one to catch up? The time is now.
    There is no contest between the Temporal and Spiritual. They are of the same substance.


  • @David
    This is where we miss Bush Tea.
    Hello! That statement is only valid from the point of view if you didn’t know where “Bush Tea” is and we can surmise that you are well aware of “Bush Tea’s” current location. My deductive reasoning lends to the belief that he is now one of the Party of inclusion circa 2018. He is in the tent “pissing out” rather than “pissing in”.

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  • @Sargeant

    Bush Tea is not that kind of dude to sell his principles for 30 pieces of silver.

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  • @Vincent

    Please expand if you can?

    Temporal by simple definition is confined and limited occurrence. The spiritual is the opposite.

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  • @David December 28, 2019 9:52 AM @Sargeant “Bush Tea is not that kind of dude to sell his principles for 30 pieces of silver.”

    Well maybe not 30 pieces of silver. But how about $30,000 Barbados per month and a nice fat pension for life.

    Why even I might be tempted to sell myself for that.

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  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU at 9:57 AM

    This would take us into the area of theoretical Physics, Philosophy and Religion.
    Basically time is not discrete. It is a continuum . There is no beginning and no end to time. For convenience Man cuts it up into pieces that he can wrap his mind around.

    Similarly, matter cannot be destroyed. We are atomic particles and to atomic particles we will return. Obliterating the dichotomy between the temporal and the spiritual.
    The serpent ( Examiner) asked Adam (rhetorically) “Did God say that you will really die?”

    No follow up questions will be entertained not even from GP with his D. Min. Lol!!!


  • Lord Hast Mercy!

    Not this meaningless, stoopid rattle again?

    What has this woman wasted her time said?

    What has she spent time to write and de ole man to read, this hodgepodge of rambling ideas for?

    SInce de ole man said I was going let some “time” pass to celebrate the Yuletide,AND THAT TIME HAS PASSED, I will now revert back (bajanism since revert does not need the word back) to my colourful language!

    Indeed a waste foop article!!

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  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Piece

    Indeed. It seems to be an item of distraction.


  • Bush Tea has never stopped influence from making his presence known
    Bush Tea has taken up residence in the spirit world
    May he rest in peace ✌


  • @Vincent

    In the BU wonder years bloggers took the opportunity to debate these kinds of issues on Saturday mornings, a popular one was conspiracy theories. Sadly many who participated have left or as not as active. It is a mirror of a transforming society adept at transactional discourse.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU
    I am happy to learn that BU had some Halcyon days.
    My experience with BU is that each man comes with an agenda and is not really interested in having this agenda analyzed , tested for relevance and internal logical consistency. It is like a market for ideas. You either buy into them or one keeps one’s money in one’s pocket.


  • I have a liking for Vinny …
    Need I add 🙂 in a BU brotherly way 🙂


  • Halcyon days eh?

    Well I have been around BU from the beginning and I say that “David” is responsible for burning this once honourable house down.
    His insatiable need to be accepted by the mainstream, his deference to the intellectuals and constant denigration of those he deemed unworthy of brown nosing, but mainly because he has skin in the game and is not as impartial as he thinks. Today most long time bloggers see him for what he is and who he is working for. It ain’t pretty.

    Seriously though, the blog has become too “high” for most.


  • Well, the site sure has seen some watering down lately. I can only speculate as to why.


    One cannot expect people to change their long held positions overnight. But who knows what happens after a seed is planted?

    I have been made to think sometimes from what others have said here. That is the most we can ask for initially.

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “Steeupse,” indeed @ David.

    From perusing ur older blogs its clear that folks took time out to debate the philosophical issues of life like above ….

    … And from reading and participating in the blog in recent times it’s also clear that 1) some of the same folks who might have previously enjoyed such Sartre or Socrates style explorations are now less inclined and a few too are very enamoured of a conspiracy or as noted above a ‘distraction’ for every headline not focused on a heavy lift topical LOCAL issue; and 2) folks are just too focused on the gratifications and fears of the present!

    BTW… the blog seems to me to be balanced across political parties…u share lashes and u give praise when due.

    @Vincent there is always time for philosophy … U have obviously lived that … Of course if (to name a sorta example) the Taliban are outside ur gates with nary a warm intent then u are focused on fighting to stay alive… so in that regard I get @Pieces strindent shouts… but (to stretch the example) not everyone here is fighting the Taliban at the same time…

    There must be room to discuss and debate vigorously other things other than said Taliban even as we purposefully recognize that we all have to rejoin out own fights in TIME!

    I gone.

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  • There is the saying you cannot please everyone.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ dpD

    It is interesting that you should use the metaphor of the Taliban. I do get a sense, especially on this Blog, that Barbados is under siege. We tend to be either on the attack or on the defensive. I do find it a little distressing to be walking around on egg shells.


  • It is a very Philosophical posting. Makes one think about life and how fleeting it is. One should try to spend one’s time in fruitful efforts, since one does not know how long one will be around. Time is a human construct. A good posting.


  • @Dr. Lucas

    Agree it is thought provoking. Many these days lack the ability to timeout and listen to the birds tweeting.


  • @ David,

    It seems you closed the blog titled ” Garbage Trucks Saga ” on which I was commenting and provided videos for discussion.

    Your blog. Your rules.

    Happy New Year to you and all BU bloggers.


  • @Hants

    That blog is trending, people are concerned about the current state of things with waste disposal in the country. Instead what we have are a few who disregard this fact by carrying on in puerile exchanges even after being given some latitude. It gives the blogmaster no pleasure to close it but the quality of the blog must be policed by someone.


  • The one reason that David close the blog was most comments were being critical of govt
    This is not the first time


  • This blog died naturally, but now draws life from closed garbage trucks.


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