EZ to Pay Driver’s License Renewal: Happenings @GAIA

BU tries to keep an eye on all developments occurring in the country. On this note the government must be complemented for maintaining an active GIS news presence on its portal and Facebook. Of interest to Barbadians is the news a driver’s license can now be renewed remotely. This follows the use of technology to improve the quick turnaround of certificates of character.

There was also the news “thirteen companies or consortia with significant experience in the aviation sector have received the go-ahead to bid on the operation, financing, development and maintenance of the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA)“.

See link to GIS portal for details.

We look forward to the rollout of improvements to obsolete processes gathering momentum in the weeks and months to come.

19 thoughts on “EZ to Pay Driver’s License Renewal: Happenings @GAIA

    • It is unfortunate as people we tend most times to ignore the positive. It is a common day behaviour on social media platforms usually driven by the need to engage in self aggrandizing.

  1. Glad to hear this. I always renew for 5 years because i hate waiting in line. I am good for another few years. But I am seriously thinking letting my licence expire permanently because I don’t know if I want to drive anymore. By the time this licence expires one of the grands should be old enough to drive me.

  2. Congratulations on a very positive move on someone’s part. Pity they could not find a more cost-effective way of delivery to the home. Sixteen dollars delivery is a hefty sum especially when one considers that seniors can only renew for one year at a time upon presentation of a medical certificate declaring the individual medically fit to drive. Five dollars to renew, sixteen dollars to deliver. Why not put it in an envelope and mail it? Fifty cents local postage?

  3. @NorthernObserver August 21, 2020 3:34 PM “@SS But u haven’t had a car in years?”


    But, there is always a but. There are people who love me and who let my drive their vehicles.

  4. “If it wasn’t something positive you would have 100 comments by now, including Waru 50”

    looked at in reality, it’s BECAUSE OF MULTIPLE COMMENTS we are seeing helter skelter attempts at introducing the positives, i will wait until i here that there are no hiccups, like with the new port system that took months to fix, before i start with the applause..

    remember, i got a license too, so am bound to find out..

  5. am really beginning to wonder though, for the last year there have been accusations on other media platforms that the water supply on the island has been tampered with for decades, many of the usual criminal suspects names have been called, so those like myself are actually thinking if that is the cause of some of you having such short or nonexistent memories, but then there are those African descendents in UK and other dispora areas displaying the same short memory syndrome, so hoping to hear eventually what’s the cause…everything tends to come out in the wash..

    the cockup at the port happened barely a couple months ago, yet here you are thinking we should all fall down in supplication when we don’t know if the damn new system is working or will have future problems…steupppss..

  6. GAIA private sector move ‘a go’
    GOVERNMENT is moving ahead with plans to put the management of Grantley Adams International Airport into private sector hands.
    However, Minister of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Kerry Symmonds has again stressed the airport is not being sold.
    The Grantley Adams International Airport Transfer of Management and Vesting of Assets (Amendment) Bill, 2021, tabled by Symmonds in the House of Assembly yesterday, is designed to provide for the airport to be contracted to licensed operators for its management and maintenance.
    The former Minister of Tourism and International Transport said the intention was to maximise the potential of the airport as Government sought to “embrace the idea of the visitor economy” and create opportunities to increase the non-aeronautical revenue.
    Noting the tourism sector was the main driver of the economy, he said: “Government generally feels that if we are to realise the maximum potential of that sector . . . we must be positioning ourselves as early as now to be able to maximise the potential returns that can be offered by that sector.”
    Symmonds also told the House the decision to find a private operator for the airport to expand and upgrade it as well as increase its viability, was made by the Barbados Labour Party administration early in this term of office.
    He said the services of the International Finance Corporation, a division of the World Bank, would be utilised “with a view to securing their technical advice, their professional expertise and their wealth of experience in matters related to private/public partnerships which could be forged so as to ensure we were able to expand the [airport] and make it a more modern aerodrome more fit for purpose”.
    The intention, he added, was to carry out the reform and improvements “within a concessionary structure”, with bidding being opened worldwide and a 30-year lease being offered to the successful bidder.
    The proposed operational strategy would also include entrepreneurial business opportunities at the airport for Barbadians, Symmonds pointed out.
    However, he said the COVID-19 pandemic had forced Government to revisit the structure of the original transaction.
    The minister said the amended legislation would provide for the transfer of the aerodrome certificate (the legal document required by the Federal Aviation Authority for the operation of the airport), since there was currently no legal provision in Barbados for that transfer to be done. (GC)

    Source: Nation

  7. @ David June 9, 2021 6:56 AM

    So which one is next on the privatization/divestment agenda?

    The BWA or the TB ? Aren’t both of these government owned and managed commercial entities totally ripe for Privatization?

    Why not the BNOCL and the Hilton hotel?

    The IMF will soon be insisting on its pound of privatization flesh as Barbados becomes totally hooked on the crack-cocaine brand of forex to feed its conspicuous consumption habit(s) since its usual supply source the tourism industry has literally and figuratively dried up.

    The need to privatize and/or restructure the large number of SOE’s in 2×3 Barbados has been on the cards since August 2013.

    So don’t bring poor Covid-19 to the ‘apologetic’ table serving only excuses and alibis.

    • @Miller

      Give it time, why are you in a rush? We are in a financial hole. Let us enjoy the process of trying to claw our way out.

  8. @ David June 9, 2021 8:11 AM

    ‘We’ have been in that same financial hole since 2013.

    It is precisely because of that permanent fiscal hole those inefficient entities must be restructured or closed down or privatize.

    They, in the main, represent nothing more than deadweight causing the fiscal body to sink further down into the quagmire of financial mismanagement and downright incompetence as can be gleaned from the Auditor General’s annual reports.

    Why is the government holding on to CBC now that it has its own in-house propaganda machine called the DPA?

    Now where is the rich kid Midas Maloney when he is needed most in order to save the GoB’s financially-broke ass?

    How come you are unable to have access to the Justin Robinson Report on the future of the same SOEs?

    • @Miller

      We need FOI implemented to demand to see the report from what is touted is our most transparent government to date.

  9. I read where elderly person said that option was not available to them as there classification required for them to be in person for renewal
    Reasons relative to medical degenerate problems like eyesight and hearing problems
    Which needed to be handle by in office clerical help by a representative

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