Obama – The Case for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Submitted by Pachamama
Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud - Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud – Credit: The Wall Street Journal

The failure of Saudi intelligence chief, Bandar Bush, to convince President Putin to withdraw political and other support from Syria in a visit to Moscow over two weeks ago was the trigger for the Western-backed false flag operation that may have led to the deaths of over 1400 Syrians in eastern Damascus. This is the same Bandar Bush who spent all day on 9/11 in the company of his brother George Bush, as POTUS. Bandar has been working surreptitiously for the past two years to topple the government of President Assad. This work was not unlike the skulduggery of 9/11, but grander. This time one of the PNAC objectives that inspired the self-inflicted wound was at work in the MENA countries known as the Clean Break Strategy. Bandar’s offer to Putin for economic and political concessions and corporation if he were to turn his back of Iran and Syria represented a final hurdle in widening the instability in the region in a cynical game of the exertion of power from Riyadh but given cover in the name of the hapless American people led by the serial war criminal, Barack Obama, for the first victim of war is the truth.

Base on their history, the proximity to events and very words of Bandar bin Sultan himself we are certain that this massacre of the innocent Syrian people was to construct a caucus beli for military action against a sovereign nation. But this does not represent a singular event. Obama has cold-bloodedly murdered 243 children by drone strikes in several countries; he is certainly complicit in the murder of tens of thousands of Syrians as he supports the Saudi and Qatari sponsored Al-Queda, Takfiris terrorist groups in Syria. The planned, criminal, humanitarian, intervention he is now implementing will likely kill many more Syrians. He has already murdered thousands of Libyans and even a head of state, leaving that country in a deepening chaos. This is a continuing war crime. He has been complicit in the deaths of 1400 Palestinians during December 2008. This is the same Obama who refuses to call what is happening in Egypt a military coup and supports a regime that has slaughtered thousands of Brotherhood supporters. With Bandar’s help he removed a legitimate government, democratically elected but who were guilty only of a gross misreading of the geo-political circumstance. This is a military which is using weapons supplied by Obama to murder Egyptians daily, but there will not be any action against this junta, for these are empire’s henchmen.

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The People Want Caribbean Regimes to Fall

Submitted by Pachamama
WATER BLAST: A demonstrator shelters as Turkish riot police fire a water cannon at protesters occupying a park in central Istanbul, injuring scores - http://www.stuff.co.nz/world

WATER BLAST: A demonstrator shelters as Turkish riot police fire a water cannon at protesters occupying a park in central Istanbul, injuring scores – http://www.stuff.co.nz/world

As we write masses of people are demonstrating in the streets of Istanbul and many other Turkish cities calling Erdogan and Gul dictators, fascists, American puppets and Zionist traitors. They are chanting “we want the regime to fall’’, not the government – the regime, the regime! This call is not unlike what we have been hearing, for more than two years, in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisian, Libya and nearly all the European countries. It represents the latest flashpoint in the seismic changes the peoples of the world are demanding. Demands that world powers would prefer to misdirect into a full-blown world war to serve their corporate masters. The criminals Gul and Erdogan have their Gestapo in the streets cracking skulls, using tear gas that can kill and employing the most powerful water hoses against the people. Even in the United Stated the Obama administration used these extraordinary measures to quell the ‘Occupy Movement’’. These included infiltration by the intelligence agencies, the brute force of storm troopers, a propaganda corporate controlled media and up to that time an apathetic populace that had not felt the full force of a brutish grab for resources that has now left 150 million Americans at or below the poverty line. This is the central issue! The peoples of the world are engaging corporate interests in a popular war for resources everywhere. For them this will be a hot summer (fall) of rage. The lackeys in the Caribbean, through all of this, have no answers for their peoples. They responses are generally within the range of ‘this is a global problem and we are helpless to avoid it’’ and reverting to all the failed recipes of western financial capitalism, a dying political-economy model.

In Barbados, the regime deliberately misinterpreted the electoral expressions of the people for a government of national unity. Such a brazen and dictatorial power grab, under the rubric of an outdated Westminster system, merely serves the ruling clique, ignores the talents of nearly 50% percent of elected representatives, makes it more unlikely that the country will be able to exit the vortex of depression economics in the medium term, strengthens the idea of ‘the maximum leader’ and unduly sustains a false tension within the political system. When Caribbean people get hungry enough they will be in the street, not merely calling for the government to go, they will too be calling for the regime to fall. This will mean the government in the wider sense – BLP, DLP. The call must of necessity extend to the ruling elites as well – the education elites, the economic elites, the professional types, the elites in the clergy. They will be calling for a revolution! Barrow’s hideous Public Order Act will have no effect on ‘them’. The militarized police force will not be as persuasive to orders as the people will be to the hunger pangs they feels or the sight of hunger in their children’s eyes. The American trained special branch of the defense force, on call 24/7, may martyr some people in the streets but calls for the fall of the regime will continue, without ceasing. This call will be properly informed by a history of a lack of proper leadership, multiply betrayals of the people, an absence of land reform, political treachery by all parties and a growing mal-distribution of wealth.

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Notes From a Native Son: What Lessons Barbados Can Learn from the Cyprus Debacle

Hal Austin

Hal Austin

As the dark clouds gather over Cyprus, the mini-state which accounts for 0.2 per cent of the eurozone, but which looks as if it is going to unleash the greatest financial bombshell to hit the euro-member states in its history. Cyprus is a classic example of a small island economy trying to punch above its weight (many of us may remember Iceland and even Ireland, part of a small island, as other examples) and which eventually stepped on a financial banana skin.

Basically, ignoring for the time being the German bullying of Southern European states, allowing a single product or service to dominate an economy is highly risky which is more so if those  responsible for monetary policy do not put aside something in the good times for the inevitable rainy days. In the case of Cyprus, the central bank authorities and politicians clearly thought that being an offshore financial centre was enough to build its citizens prosperity. However, offshore banking is not a development model, but rather a quick and easy way of making money with eyes half opened.

For good examples of this, just take a close look at Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and a number of American states. Given this, it was clear, even to Cypriot banking officials, that the 20000 wealthy Russians who chose to settle in the small, troubled Mediterranean island and bring with them Euros20bn, were not there for the weather. Neither are the Lebanese, Israelis, and numerous Northern European expatriates.

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Hugo Chavez Dead at 58

President Hugo Chavez dead at 58

President Hugo Chavez dead at 58

President Hugo Chavez succumbed to his battle with cancer today. His legacy will be remembered by Barbadians for an anti-American foreign policy posture and in our backyard the Petrocaribe agreement which many Caribbean islands signed are signatories.

What is the implication for Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean.

Relevant Link: Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez dead at 58

Petrus Romanus Prophecy; Will The Next Pope Lead To The Apocalypse?

The following by Charles Poladian is reproduced from the International Business Times

Sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

With the surprising and sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, a new pontiff will soon be elected. According to the “Petrus Romanus” prophecy, this pope will be the last and will bring the destruction of Rome as well as the apocalypse.

St. Malachy, a bishop, went to Rome at the request of Pope Innocent II in 1139, according to Catholic-Pages.com. St. Malachy received a vision that outlined a list of 112 popes, starting with Celestine II, who succeeded Innocent, and the last pope, Petrus Romanus, would signal the destruction of Rome as well as the end of the world. The Prophecy of St. Malachy was discovered and published by historian Arnold de Wyon in 1595. Wyon discovered the manuscript in Roman archives.

St. Malachy’s list did not outright spell out the name of each of the 112 popes. Instead, each pope was described in a Latin phrase. These phrases describe a certain feature and are vague, which leads to plenty of interpretation. The last two popes, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, number 110 and 111 in the Prophecy of St. Malachy, are described as “De labore Soli” or “From the labor of the sun” and “Gloria Olivae” or “Glory of the Olive,” notes Catholic-Pages.com.

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Submitted by Check-This-Out
Dave Ames, Chairman of Harlequin

Dave Ames, Chairman of Harlequin

Just came across an article dated November 17, 2011 in Caribbean 360. The following is from the article “Harlequin Hotels restarts Barbados development amid fraud claims”

“Commenting on the developments Ames said, “It is fantastic to have both sites moving ahead quickly now. We are very committed to continued significant investment in Barbados and we are grateful that the interim concessions were finally approved by the Hon. Minister Sinckler and his team at the Department of Finance. This has allowed us to immediately resume works and will result in the creation of up to 200 construction jobs between both projects. Although Harlequin Developments have resumed work on both projects, we are still awaiting approval of the concessions package under the TDA for the luxury boutique hotel H Barbados.”

Garrett Ronan, Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Vice President of Hotel and Resort Development, commented, “We are working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Finance to expedite these concessions and we are hopeful they can be issued this week. This would help us get H Barbados back on schedule for completion in November 2012, despite the recent delays. We are very appreciative of the recent approval granted by the Hon. Christopher Sinckler and his team, which has allowed us to move swiftly with The Merricks Resort Show Village. As a gesture of good faith, we also resumed work on H Barbados, but we do urgently need approval on  the standard concessions to keep things moving there.”

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Is this the Beginning of the End for Harlequin?

Submitted by St. Georges Dragon
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) puts Harlequin under the scope

The UK  Financial Services Authority (FSA) puts Harlequin under the scope

Interesting news about Harlequin. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK, which regulates the financial services industry, has published an alert: Information on investments made through Harlequin Management Services.

Issued on Friday 18th January, it puts financial advisers on notice that if they recommend an investment in a pension for which the underlying assets are Harlequin overseas properties, the advisor must carry out a thorough due diligence on the various developments being sold by Harlequin Property to fully satisfy themselves that it is a suitable investment. The due diligence should involve:

  • consideration of how building work is progressing on the various sites and any factors involved in reported delays to completion;
  • establishing precisely how their customers’ funds will be used during the construction phase and the terms of their purchase agreements;
  • a full assessment of all publicly available information about the overseas property investments through Harlequin Property and on all the parties associated with these investments

The FSA does not regulate Harlequin, so it is quite surprising that it mentions Harlequin by name. Interestingly, the same day, the FSA released a second alert: Advising on pension transfers with a view to investing pension monies into unregulated products through a SIPP. This sets out further advice on what advisors need to do when recommending investments in third-party companies based on overseas property development.

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The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part V

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Barbados Advocate Article Labelled Offensive

Submitted by P O’Connor to the Barbados Advocate, CCed BU
Anthony Bryan - Publisher Barbados Advocate

Anthony Bryan – Publisher Barbados Advocate

With reference to your article – Straight to the Point: Prime Minister David Cameron should apologise – by Mr. John Blackman in the advocate 30/12/12

I have just read this article whilst visiting the island as a tourist from the UK and I am stunned that a national newspaper from a modern progressive country such as Barbados would employ a journalist with such prejudicial and homophobic opinion never mind put in print the blatant manipulation of a very complex topic such as colonialism. I will explain further but your editorial staff should be ashamed to promote such borderline medieval opinion, Google results alone paint a poor picture of this gentleman’s past rhetoric and his veiled journalistic style.

Mr. Blackman does well to highlight the abhorrent nature of colonialism and the bullying practice, which the west continues to use against its former colonies as well as the Middle East. However he does not seem to recognise that it is as a result of this colonialism that such hatred and prejudices remain. This is certainly something that should not be held onto and celebrated but disregarded along with the emancipation of colonialism. As a developed country one would not and should not patronise you into assuming that you and your readers are not capable of accepting, supporting and understanding basic human rights.

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Notes From a Native Son: This is the Year When Our Long-term Future Will be Decided

Hal Austin

Hal Austin

As we enter the dawn of a new year, all attention will be focused on the coming general election and, for some of us, the paucity of ideas battling for votes from a badly informed electorate. As things stand, it is largely a competition between tweedledee and tweedledum, although the recent injection of a broad, if under-articulated, idea of privatisation has raised its head.

However, even this glimpse of an ideological difference has been crowded out by the yahboo background noise of party humbug, rather than a rational discussion of the notion that firms owned by the private sector are in themselves inherently better managed and more efficient than those held by the public sector or social enterprises. Such closed mindedness also acts to shutdown debate, the arguments become irrelevant, as by definition people are either for or against the idea under discussion.

Now, as I have said here before, the world is entering a new phase in which the old economic assumptions are now redundant and the new global economic (and military) power will be centred in the early part of the 21st century in Asia and to some extent, Latin America. Therefore to understand what is taking place and the possible outcomes, one needs to read the runes carefully.  For a little island state, proud of its independence, careful observation is more important now than at any point in our history.

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Fire Somebody Please!



“Two British women who were raped within days of each other in Barbados say they are convinced the man who has been charged is not their attacker. Researcher Dr Rachel Turner, from Hertfordshire, and Diane Davies, from Anglesey, in north Wales, were attacked on a beach in Holetown St James in October 2010.

Barbadian Derick Crawford, 47, has been charged but both women, who have waived their right to anonymity, told BBC Breakfast’s Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin why they believe he is innocent. They say he is much younger than the man who raped them. Both women hope the case will be dropped at the next hearing on Thursday.”

Read full BBC Report

Asthma Study Conducted at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Questioned

Donville Inniss - Minister of Health

Donville Inniss – Minister of Health

A media source – The News Record – which serves the University of Cincinnati (UC) has questioned whether a “potentially controversial study” conducted  at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, received approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at UC.   “The study tested whether or not a modified version of the Heimlich Manoeuvre could stop an acute asthma attack or treat asthma symptoms without contemporary treatment. The subjects’ parents gave consent and the results reported no adverse effects, according to the study. The 67 children who participated were between the ages of six and 16.”

The person asking all the questions is Peter Heimlich, the some of Henry Heimlich who is associated with the Heimlich Manoeuvre. He admits he has not uncovered any evidence of wrongdoing but he wants “to find out if the researchers and funders followed legal and ethical guidelines.” He [Peter Heimlich] is concerned that although Dr. Anne St. John confirmed that IRB approval was received, the name of the  IRB which provided the approval remains a mystery. Peter Heimlich is reported to have sent a communication to Minister Donville Inniss asking for the name of the IRB and when the Ethnics Committee approved the study.

See The News Record report – Questionable Study has UC Ties

The Middle East Revisited: Islamism Based On a Cult of Murderous Violence

Submitted by Charles Knighton

Middle East continues to be the flash point – Israel Hamas Conflict

And so it begins anew. After months of provocation, Israel strikes back against Hamas, only to be almost universally condemned as the aggressor. As I pen this letter (Nov. 17) how this latest drama will evolve is unknown, though I am certain it will not take long for the wilfully naive to again claim all Israel needs to do is return occupied land in order for peace to reign supreme. Unfortunately, those calling the shots in the Middle East and North Africa are groups I would refer to as Islamofascists who view Israel as a whole as occupied land.

Any student of history must see that there is something horribly familiar about today’s Islamist movement. Like the fascism of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, Islamism is based on a cult of murderous violence that exalts death and destruction and despises the life of the mind. Both are bitterly nostalgic for past empires and lost glories and bent on avenging various historical humiliations at the hands of inherently inferior outsiders. The Islamists, like the Nazis, have a particular loathing of Jews, homosexuals and women. And for Islamists, as for fascists, the ultimate goal is to establish a vast, unconquerable territory—a “caliphate” the Jihadists call it—where their power and ideology will reign unchallenged.

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Governor DeLisle Worrell Publishes How to Stabilize and Grow Small Open Economies

Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

A Joint Caribbean Group met recently with senior members of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. The Managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde of the IMF will remember the meeting for the sharp exchanges which are reported to have occurred with the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados DeLisle Worrell.

Forgotten in the hullabaloo is the fact that Governor Worrell presented to the two international financial bodies a paper which is worthy of national, regioanl and international discussion titled, Policies for Stabilization and Growth in Small Very Open Economies.

Julian Assange Provokes Ecuador United Kingdom Standoff

Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame

You need to be aware that there is a legal base in the UK, the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987, that would allow us to take actions in order to arrest Mr Assange in the current premises of the Embassy.

“We sincerely hope that we do not reach that point, but if you are not capable of resolving this matter of Mr Assange’s presence in your premises, this is an open option for us.

The Telegraph

The unprecedented support which Julian Assange continues to muster from ordinary citizens across the world makes for interesting study. As a blogger BU empathize with Assange and wish him well.

The threat by the United Kingdom to invoke a law to trespass on what is usually regarded as hallowed ground confirms that the First World powers will not allow Assange to slip through a loophole without baring its muscle.  Ecuador can look forward to a battle. Let us hope it has a David ending.

Follow live blogging on what is dubbed UK-Ecuador Standoff Over Asylum for Julian Assange

The Upcoming US Elections: Does It Matter Which Party Wins?

Submitted by Green Monkey

President Barack Obama labelled The Anti-Christ

Does it really matter who wins the next US election?  Or is the President just a useful tool to implement the plans of his controllers, i.e. corporate America, which are often contrary to the best interests of the masses. Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and former Wall Street Journal editor, Paul Craig Roberts, says the two party system in the USA is a farce.

The Dispossessed Majority

The bumper sticker on the beat-up pickup truck read: “Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.”

The driver was obviously not affluent. Yet, despite all the news about mega-trillion dollar bankster bailouts, mega-million dollar bonuses for financial crooks, and unimaginable compensation packages for corporate CEOs who have moved middle class jobs out of America, something made the down-and-out pickup truck driver associate with the political party of the super-rich.

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The Fastest Man On Earth: The London Olympics 100 Metres Final 2012

Submitted by Yardbroom

Yohan Blake (l), and Usain Bolt (r)

The stadium will be full to capacity but easily brought to a hush, the proverbial “you can hear the drop of a pin  comes to mind, as mutterings die away.  Spectators crane necks forward and eyes intent wait for the spectacle.  The day is Sunday, 5 August, 2012, the stadium clock moves with deliberate intent towards 9:50PM London time as does Big Ben across the way.  The starter grips his pistol and looks across, as minor officials relishing their seconds in the limelight, check that the athletes’ fingers are behind the start line.

On your marks! get set! the starter shouts.  Bodies rise, legs taught and coiled energy is about to explode.  In perhaps less than ten seconds after the crack of the starters pistol, eight men will uncoil with a pumping of arms and a blur of legs.  Years of training will culminate in a lunge for the finish line and arms will be held aloft.  For one man his name will be recorded in the annuals of Olympic history.  He will always be the Olympic 100 metres Gold medallist, who will it be?

Among those who are “likely” to be there are:

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Tales From The Courts – Part V

Justice delayed is Justice denied!

Instead of touching on incidents that have actually happened, this latest edition of Tales From The Courts focuses on a developing international scandal that may involve the Barbados courts.

In the last month, the financial world has been rocked by evidence of LIBOR fixing by Barclays Bank. LIBOR is the London Inter Bank Offered Rate. The scandal in the making has led to the resignation of both the UK chairman and the UK chief executive of Barclays Bank and the setting up of a parliamentary enquiry in the UK involving, not just of Barclays, but of all banks. Last week Barclays was fined £290 million for LIBOR rigging.

This, however, is not just a UK problem, but an international one. There are ongoing investigations in the USA – to which the Barbados economy is pegged and in the UK and there is every likelihood of criminal prosecutions for certain people and massive fines resulting.

The scandal now has taken a turn and involved Canada and the Canadian courts, where the Royal Bank of Scotland is seeking to have a court order for the discovery of documents and evidence from a senior judge set aside on the basis that it breaches the Canadian Constitution (in Canada) and the Data Protection Act 2000 (in the United Kingdom). It is doubtful if this legal tactic on the part of Royal Bank of Scotland will succeed, given that all the other banks subjected to the Canadian court order are complying.

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Allen Stanford Sentenced To 110 Years In Prison

Allen Stanford sentenced to 110 years in jail for a $7 billion Ponzi scheme (AFP/Getty Images/File, Dave Einsel)

Texan Allen Stanford was sentenced to 110 years in prison today. In what is regarded as one of the largest Ponzi schemes, Stanford operated from Antigua where he was able to procure a Knighthood.

Many of our islands rely on foreign investment and are therefore vulnerable oftentimes willing to compromise the future of our children when these ‘deep pockets’ come around. Let us learn from the former Sir Allen Stanford experience.

See Related Link: Stanford sentenced to 110 years for $7 bn Ponzi scheme

After TRAYVON MARTIN: Black Boys Speak

Submitted by Kevin Powell – Twitter Profile

Greetings everyone. I hope you all are well. I am respectfully asking that you view a new video that Bucktown USA  Entertainment and I just produced entitled “After Trayvon: Black Boys Speak.” It is an inspiring and emotionally gripping public conversation amongst 9 Black and Latino boys ages 10-17. It was shot in Brooklyn, New York in early April 2012 at the famous House of the Lord Church just days before George Zimmerman was arrested for the fatal shooting. “After Trayvon” brings together these young boys to discuss Trayvon Martin, their own feelings of vulnerability and fear, education, leadership, violence in all forms, history as they understand it, and how they view America, their America. I serve as moderator for the conversation. Continue reading

Georgie Attacks Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Georgie - photo credit: UK Mail

Recently many references have been made by the BU family to Her Majesty through her representative the Governor General in connection with the Alexandra School issue. There was also the recent visit by Prince Edward and Princess Sophie who represented the Queen in celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. Whether we like or not the Queen is our head of state and  the latest attack on Her Majesty’s mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and on Her Majesty’s birth in a book by Jamaican, Georgia Arianna Ziadie, self-styled “Lady Colin Campbell”, should be of interest. BU contacted one of its family members for an opinion and received the following reply.

Yes, this has been much in the news. But is unlikely to sell well in Britain – you see, those who live in Britain know better. Actually, I know Georgie Campbell and have for many years. Don’t like her very much, but we know each other. She styles herself “Lady Colin Campbell” and is pissed off because the court styles her Georgie, Lady Campbell and some who choose to respect protocol insist on addressing her as such, which pisses her off.

There is a connection to Barbados in that Lord Colin Campbell’s eldest brother, who became Duke of Argyll, had, as his first of many wives, the late Janet Kidd (think Holders and Lord Beaverbrook and the Holders Festival and Jodi Kidd). Janet divorced Argyll for beating her up and stealing her jewellery and selling it (but only after she had presented him with a daughter – Lady Jeanne Campbell who herself became the wife of Norman Mailer), while Georgie divorced Colin, not as she claims for being an uncontrollable drunk, but because, in her words, he had a penis that looked like a lipstick.

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A Land Use Policy:The Harlequin Squeeze

We loyal sons and daughters all

Do hereby make it known

These fields and hills beyond recall

Are now our very own

We write our names on history’s page

With expectations great,

Strict guardians of our heritage

Firm craftsmen of our fate

National Anthem of Barbados (chorus)

The failure of Almond Beach Village has fuelled feeling in some quarters that Neal & Massey is shedding assets to rebalance the acquisition of BS&T a few years ago. This has caused tongues to wag about whether Barbados has a viable land use policy. It is no secret our land space is known to be approximately 166sq miles. The absence of a robust land use policy should make this a concern for all Bajans at home and abroad.

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Israel Ready To Bully Iran

Is Iran developing a 'friendly' nuclear program?

The law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. (NIV, Isaiah 2:3-4)

For those who do not subscribe to biblical doctrine Bob Marley chanted it best –  “Check out the real situation,  Nation war against nation, Where did it all begin, when will it end,  Well it seems like total destruction,The only solution,  And there ain’t no use, No one can stop them now .”

After the invasion of Libya by a few first world countries the question which many immediately asked was – who will be next?  Would it be North Korea?  Would it be Iran? It seems the gun sight is now unerringly pointed at Iran.

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Free Raul ‘Coronell’ Garcia, The Man With No Country

Raul Garcia

BU was asked by the family to publish the following message  extracted from the Free Raul ‘Coronell’ Garcia!! The man with no country Facebook Page to highlight the plight of Edilberto Coronell Munoz: – “Today makes 25 days that my uncle Raul Garcia is on a hunger strike at Dodd’s Prison, where they recently placed him into solitary confinement e to the strike. I’m including a few links that tell the story”Juan Garcia Jr

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Submitted by Pachamama

Tony Bennett suggests legalize drugs, click to read about it - (MARK J. TERRILL / AP Photo)

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winestone, Jean-Michel Basquait, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on – again. A few days ago Whitney Houston joined a Glorious Band of the most exceptional artists this world has known. There are many factors that seem to militate against the most talented human beings who give meaning to the aesthetics as philosophy. These could include certain self destructive elements, a seeming inability to deal with the lavish adoration of millions of fans globally, a vicious entertainment management culture constructed on predation, a drive to go to a certain place to find that elusive and perpetual genius and a perception that we make unreasonable demands of our most talented citizens. In fact, this culture of death is not recent. It goes back for centuries. What is a growing factor however is the role played by the pharmaceutical industrial complex. In fact, in the United States big pharma is directly responsible for 150,000 deaths every year and a total of 1 million people injured by so-called ‘legal’ drugs. In this article we will argue that we are long past the stage of asking for the decriminalization of all plants. We consider that no human being or institution has the authority to criminalize nature and that all of mother earth is our collective birthright. What we will demand from all Governments, everywhere, is the immediate and total LEGALISATION of all plants – without apology.

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In The Protection Of A Cat’s Paw

Submitted by Pachamama

Click to watch BBC report

Today, a website that has known connections with Israeli intelligence is reporting that Qatari and British Special Forces units are already operating in (H)Qoms in spite of the failure of the United Nations anti-Syria resolution on Saturday, as first reported here. Other relevant reports suggest 15,000 Iranian Special Forces (Al-Quds Forces) are on their way to Damascus; that Syria has sent assassination squads to eliminate intelligence and military officials within the Lebanese military/political apparatus (with leanings to the March 14, Hariri led alliance) which considered to be helping ship armaments to the Syrian opposition; Russian is said to have prepared several thousand Spetsnax (Special Forces) for deployment to Syria; the Head of Israeli intelligence has surmised that Iran already has a working nuclear weapon and a delivery system with a range of 10,000 km and capable of reaching the USA, of course they have been making charges like this for 20 years; Turkey has been chomping at the bit for a fight with Syria in order to advance its dubious claim as leader of the Muslim World and rekindle dreams about a resurgent Ottoman Empire.

The soft and hard power of the Persians, who in 1979 started what we now call the Islamic Awakening, has grown beyond the control of Western control. Most importantly, the Americans are currently, it is reported, running Operation Bold Alligator in Florida. It is a war game where 20,000 US Special Forces personnel simulate the invasion of a Persian Gulf country (Iran). What do we have here? What interpretations can be made from this spattering of information? We will argue that the subject maybe Syria but the predicate is Israel – the Zionist regime.

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Media, War Propaganda And The ANTI-CHRIST

Submitted by Pachamama

President Barack Obama labelled The Anti-Christ

Today China and Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution and prevented a possible Third World War scenario. That resolution would have enabled the United States of North America, NATO and a motley group of plutocratic, oligarchic, despotic Persian Gulf Arab regimes (which purport to represent something they call ‘The League of Arab States’ to institute regime change in Syria a la Libya.

To Obama the Arab Awakening has presented an opportunity to institute regime change in countries the USA dislikes in its quest for unquestioned global dominance. The powers are not interested in removing the leaderships of  criminal, undemocratic, client states in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait which otherwise act as gas stations and US military bases. Obama’s regime change military strategy is overtly aimed at Syria, Iran, Venezuela and other countries that defy American foreign policy but the real agenda is to encircle and check China and Russia. This colonial policy has no interest in the human rights of the peoples in countries where the ‘leaders’ dutifully take their orders from Washington. Washington itself may speak about civil rights in glowing terms for its own people but its history suggests a lack of any commitment to human rights, as a more fundamental requirement for the peoples of North American.

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Freddie Kissoon: International Appeal For SOLIDARITY And ACTION

Freddie Kissoon

BU is following closely what is happening to the man we have dubbed the ‘Fearless Journalist’ Professor Freddie Kissoon. The silence of regional media and governments is unacceptable on this matter. The following is reproduced from an email.

WE THE UNDERSIGNED are asking all International Organisations to call upon the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana as well as the Guyana Government (despite attempts to distant itself) to give a full account for its discriminatory action against Mr. Kissoon and to keep an eye on the these adverse developments in Guyana…’

The Constitution of the Republic of Guyana protects the right to freedom of expression and elected Government Ministers regularly proclaim their respect for the Rule of Law accordingly, but these assurances still do not protect those who use their freedom to expose and challenge violations by the executive level of the Government.

Professor Frederick Kissoon knows this better than most, since has been a relentless critic in his Kaieteur News columns of the flaws in governance, of corruption and of privileges accorded to the rulers and their friends. For his pains, the University of Guyana, the country’s only university, has just scrapped his contract and sent him packing after 26 years as lecturer in Political Science.

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Notes From A Native Son: Four Seasons, The End

Hal Austin

The scandal over the national insurance scheme’s so-called investment in the stalled Four Seasons hotel and villa complex has now run its rational course. There is clearly no business or economic case for the investment, despite special pleading from Professor Avinash Persaud, the public face of the development, and a moribund government anxious to make as show of competence before the next general election. The decision to go ahead with the BDS$60m investment, on top of the rest, is political and not economic. It is also quite clearly a failure of the NIS’ fiduciary duty to scheme members and to future generations of claimants.

Recently, according to some reports, Professor Persaud, executive chairman of the troubled project, has been putting his case, with the articulacy that one would expect of one of the brightest economists of his generation. But, as has been the case all along, he has failed to convince that the so-called investment is one that the National Insurance Scheme should have been involved in.

Before looking more closely at what is alleged to be Professor Persaud’s case for the defence, I want to take a closer look at what the NIS should be, and what it is not.

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Trial By Jury Under The Microscope In The UK

The right to trial by jury for thousands of offences would be scrapped under plans being considered by ministers, The Times has learnt. The measure is being examined for inclusion in a White Paper next month aimed at learning the lessons of the riots last year. It would mean up to 70,000 cases a year, most of them for minor theft, being heard by magistrates rather than by a judge and jury in Crown Court. Eighty per cent of theft trials involve values of less than £200 – The London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association

CJ Gibson has quickly ‘acclimated’ to being back home. He is one of the prominent persons frequently featured in the local media and he seems very comfortable with the attention. This can be good or bad depending on ones perspective. Let us hope he is not sucked into being one of the boys.

One of the problems which has been identified by CJ Gibson on ascending office is the strain a heavy backlog of cases continue to have the effect of compromising the delivery of justice. Several suggestions to improve efficiency in the Courts have been made although CJ Gibson seems inclined to implement Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as the primary strategy. BU supports the CJ in his quest to have ADR implemented but such an approach will not resolve the issue on its own.

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Iran Seizes USA RQ-170 Spy Plane

Submitted by Sargeant


A story receiving very little attention is the news that the Iranians have in their custody one of the USAF’s most secret weapons a RQ-170 Spy Plane aka a “Drone”. Not even the closest of US allies have been able to get their hands on one of these machines let alone have access to its technological equipment.

When this story first broke the US said it had lost control of a drone which was on patrol over the Afghan/Iranian border and the US also hinted that it had crashed but there were sophisticated systems on board which would make it self destruct by fire on impact. The Iranians countered that they had the drone which they brought down by seizing control of its systems over its territory. I thought that the Iranians were engaging in some sort of propaganda war and certainly they were bluffing and didn’t have a complete drone, perhaps they had some burned out parts etc. Imagine a few days later the Iranian produced a complete drone looking like it just left the hangar and the US was left with egg on its face.

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Power Politics And The Price Of Oil

Oil and Energy Investor with Dr. Kent Moors

Report: Gasoline Set to Hit $5 a Gallon by March

The national average for gasoline is $3.40 a gallon right now. But according to Dr. Kent Moors, the “oil constriction” he – and he alone – sees coming could slam Americans at any time. And we could have $5 gas by as early as March. Here’s his official warning. As you’ll see, this is also a massive profit opportunity, especially for those who “get in” before the rest of the world even knows what an “oil constriction” is.

December 5, 2011
Power Politics and the Price of Oil
by Dr. Kent Moors

Dear Oil & Energy Investor,

Over the past three days, two events at different ends of the globe have reminded us that political developments can directly influence global oil prices.

First, on December 2, just as I was departing theUnited States, the Senate gave notice that it was prepared to tighten sanctions againstIranover its nuclear program.

And yesterday, the parliamentary elections here inMoscowdidn’t quite provide the results Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his party had expected.

The catalysts of each event were quite distinct, and each event was not directly the result of energy policy or related costs. However, both events will likely influence the international oil market in similar ways.
Both will likely restrict the flow of oil. And this constriction should be a sign to investors that crude prices will be going up.

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King James Bible Marks 400th Anniversary

Ancient copies of the Bible were carried during a procession to Westminster Abbey's altar

Today is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. A special celebratory service was held at Westminster Abbey today. It was the Bible, commissioned by a King, that made the Word of God available to all English-speaking people so that they were no longer reliant on translations by those who could read Latin. It allowed the common man to drink, as it were, straight from the bottle.

Racism Will Always Be With Us

Here is Tiger Woods former caddie Steve Williams reported to have directed a comment at Tiger Woods which can only be labelled as a racist remark. Many may feel that Tiger deserves it because he has never been one to present himself as the poster boy for Black causes. To think Williams owes Tiger for all the money he has made over the years.

It does not matter how we try to suppress the feeling,  how many Whites feel about Blacks always rises to the surface, especially when under the influence of alcohol.

Accept Homosexuality Or Else

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain

In the harsh economic times prevailing there is an understandable focus on the need to make every dollar count. In an environment where there is the perception of rising crime, demon possessed children and groups labelled evil because they dare to question the cost benefit of a government delegation journeying Down Under; should we not encourage equal focus on the direction the moral campus of Barbados is pointing? Given the agenda of this government to build out a society first and foremost, a holistic concern about the kind of society we want to build should be par for the course. Why therefore do we allow the narrative to be led mostly by economic considerations?

A benefit to Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart networking with his Commonwealth colleagues last week is that he heard from British Prime Minister David Cameron first hand, if Barbados expects to get financial aid from Britain in the near future – discrimination against homosexuals will have to cease. To quote theGuardian: Britain has threatened countries that ban homosexuality with losing aid payments unless they reform, David Cameron has said. But he conceded that “deep prejudices” in some countries meant the problem would persist for years. In Barbados we are known to be tolerant of homosexuals although our laws say otherwise.

It is fair to say given the leadership position of Great Britain in the world’s leading financial institutions that in the not too distant future lending agencies like the International Monetary Fund, Inter-american Development Bank and World Bank will be adopting a similar position. Other countries will obviously follow Great Britain which will affect bilateral arrangements with those countries.

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Bajans in the Diaspora: Supporting NASA’s Newest Earth Orbiting Satellite

Submitted by James Bynoe

NPP Satellite

As a Barbadian from Silver Sands, Christ Church I would have never dreamed that someday I would have an opportunity to contribute to a NASA space program in the area of cyber security.

Yet  a few hours ago … we successfully launched into space the long awaited NPP satellite.  The NPP satellite represents the latest generation of U.S. polar-orbiting satellites designed to monitor global environmental conditions and collect and disseminate data related to weather, atmosphere, oceans, and land and near-space environment. The NPP satellite will circle the earth approximately once every “100 minutes”.  It reached a forward speed of 13,000 mph in just about 4 minutes time from lift off. This is about the time the booster rockets detached, but long after it is visible to us on the ground.

During these rotations, it will be providing global coverage, monitoring environmental conditions, collecting, disseminating and processing data about the Earth’s weather, atmosphere, oceans, land, and near-space environment, which includes Barbados.

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Murder Inc – The Removal Of Muammar Gadhafi

Submitted by Pachamama

The Late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

The imperialist powers under the NATO slogan today continued five hundred years of genocide, murder and thief against the peoples of color of the world. It is particularly horrifying to see the world powers which just a few months ago were begging Muammar Gadhafi to buy their military materiel to better control his population are now having their useful idiots drag his bloodied, naked body through the streets of Sirte. Having been the victim of a NATO strike as he fled battle and having been captured, a mob proceeded to shoot a virtually defenceless man to the head and then concocted a fairy tale about battlefield crossfire. The pallbearers, like vultures were quick to commandeer the corpse. These included the milquetoast war president with the Nobel Peace Prize – Obama, the Zionist Sarkozy, Cameron and Hilary Clinton. They were quick to justify a cruel United Nations Resolution sponsoring a fourth generation humanitarian war supposedly for the protection of the Libyan civilians from a ‘tyrant’ but whose real interest was regime change. Regime change could allow the powers to better exploit the natural resources of Libya in order to sure up the collapsing French and British economies.

We are well aware that the conservative majority within this readership can’t wait to mouth the well known critique of Muammar Gaddafi (and his sons), largely because we expect them to be viewed as the other. Please permit us however to register our own frustrations before we tender some of his admirable qualities. Maummar Gadhafi and his sons ruled too long and too brutally over loving peoples; they squandered much of the wealth of the peoples; lived lifestyles that seemed inconsistent with some tenets of Islam; was said to be the plotter of the Lockerbie bombing; was said to have bombed a discotheque in Frankfurt; was said to have imprisoned, tortured and killed many of his fellow citizens; was a site used by the Americans and the NATO Alliance to torture suspected ‘terrorists’; invited to Libya then disappeared Imam Musa Sadr, the Shite Lebanese holy man and his companions; gave irrational responses to legitimate calls for popular political ‘democracy’ and used the military against unarmed civilians which in itself meets the definition of war crimes and crimes against humanity as defined under the Geneva Conventions of 1948. None of this and more has been properly denied.

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Biggest Lies Ever Told By Politician And Christians (2) – The Significance of Occupy Wall Street and Everywhere

Submitted by Pachamama

For more than forty years some of us have been predicting the end of capitalism and its trappings of ‘democracy’ as represented in their latest manifestations within the Anglo-American Empire. The Athenian project, though originally well-intentioned, has degenerated into a pappy show, a trick, a mirage, an hypocrisy. Its twin brother capitalism was always destined to collapse under the enormous pressures of internal contradictions and lies. There is little doubt that in order for us to survive as a species, capitalism must die. What is unknown at this time however, is what should replace capitalism. And this is where Barbados is being ill-served by its ‘so-called brains’ in academia and the scholarship ‘winners’ who have been accepting money from the central government under false pretenses for too many decades.

Political democracy in Barbados is little more than a plutocratic dictatorship where the major parties play musical chairs with the population. The Barbadian political and academic elites seem incapable of fashioning an alternative or even removing the vestiges from the colonial ‘epoch’, as a necessary but insufficient pre-condition for a new paradigm. In the United States of America, Barbados and most other countries in Europe economic democracy is currently almost always limited to the rapacious printing of money that even ignores the rationalization by binary economics. It is the equivalent of printing currency that was one of the central causes for the collapse of the Roman Empire and that has the modern representation of Empire tottering right now. This hegemon has been skilful in erecting the window dressing of democracy all over the world but has NEVER had any real interest in democracy itself, cannot be properly defined as a democracy in political science terms and is working day and night to scuttle any semblance of popular democracy in the MENA (middle-east and North African) countries. At home it is already resorting to subterfuge in relation to the major existential challenge of the ‘Occupy’ movement that is making a persuasive and legitimate case for FUNDAMENTAL economic and political change.

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Innocents In A Barbed Wire Cage: Little Black Children Of The Rhineland In Germany

Submitted by Yardbroom

Historic urban centers of the German Rhineland, from Mainz to Cologne (map of 1909) - Wikipedia

I will ask the obvious question, before it is asked of me.  Yardbroom why do you write of this now almost a hundred years later?  I could be flippant and retort, why not.  However, a serious question deserves a considered answer and in so doing, I simply state October is Black History Month and if  now is not appropriate for black history, when?

A defeated Germany after the first world war was subdued and as is often a retribution of war, had foreign soldiers on it’s soil – the  Rhineland.  This was barely tolerable but that some of those troops were black, seemed to pile humiliation on humiliation.  As is often the case when men and women inhabit the same environment; despite prejudice, laws and a plethora of different obstacles, some even if only a tiny segment, will have sexual contact.  This leads to relationships some casual, others more permanent and eventually marriage.

Later, Hitler in his book Mein Kamph in an effort to explain away the German women who associated with  black French colonial soldiers called the women “bitches and whores.”  At the end of the 1st World War what appeared casual became permanent and the soldiers married German women.  Into this mix were German settlers returning to the fatherland with black women whom they had married abroad as well as a few missionaries from Africa.

During the Third Reich the black population in Germany was no more than 500-800 persons, miniscule in comparison to a German population in excess of 60 million but numbers, position or class matter little when race dictates regulation.

A Programme – note the word programme – was organised under Dr. Eugen Fisher of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology Human Heredity and Eugenics – as a black person, when you hear grand sounding names be watchful and guarded and be slow to be impressed – he used the 1933 Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseased Offspring.

  For through this Law, the knife was taken to those young flowers of innocence, children of a union between black men and German women.  “Some 400 children of mixed parentage were arrested and sterilized”.

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Government Be Nimble, Government Be Quick

Government Headquarters

In the immediate post-Independence period Barbados was blessed with political leadership which laid the foundation for the social and economic success we are still reaping today.  The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow and the late J.M.G. ‘Tom’ Adams are the two who stand head and shoulders above the others  we should credit. Some may argue that the local and global economic environment carried the economic capacity which afforded  Barbados the opportunity to implement social and economic programmes that resulted in ‘Barbados punching above its weight class’.  Regrettably that fertile condition has long disappeared and now more than at any time since adult suffrage, Barbadians will need to lever against the knowledge capital which we should have accumulated as a result of the enormous investment in education.

What we have seen from the political leadership since Barrow and Adams has been a ‘follow-pattern’ approach which has not resulted in any fundamental and strategic policy formulation and planning to ensure Barbados charts its own path; operating in a global economy not withstanding. Even as the world is changing literally by the week Barbados remains stapled to the economic fundamentals which have guided our path striking back to the Barrow and Adams era.

As is our wont given our proclivity for things American, Barbadians have become increasingly divisive on the issues driven by partisan political stripes. Not dissimilar to what the world is witnessing in the USA. Given that neither the Barbados labour Party or the Democratic Labour Party are not philosophical so far apart on the issues, it begs the question why a nation which boasts of a superior education system would allow ‘yardfowlism’ to compromise the greater national interest. More and more Barbadians have become adept at ‘rationalizing’ every problem which manifest itself in Barbados.

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‘Quiet’ Wall Street Protests By Young People

If it was happening in non western parts of the world it would be headline news in Barbados and elsewhere. Last weekend mostly young people from the world of social media in the USA instigated a protest which saw thousands protesting the actions of Wall Street. Several hundreds were arrested for their trouble. Some of us continue to monitor this event as it unravels on Wall Street. Of interest in that the famous ‘Anonymous’ has signaled his interest to join the protest by threatening to ‘Erase the NYSE from the Internet’.

Many global citizens buy in to the current money system without question. Some of us who question are quickly labelled conspiracy theorists. The signs are present that the global monetary system is under  stress. We are part of the world and therefore the potential to fear fallout from an imploding financial system is real for some.

To the newbies on BU here is a quick reminder of what we refer to as the ‘money system’:

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Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Interview Pt. 2 – US Finances Terrorists to Fight Terrorism!

Cynthia McKinney (reproduced)

It used to be that when you thought about Libya, one thought about the most developed country on the African Continent, wealthy, with no national debt, tons of gold, rich in oil, free electricity, education, medical care, and shared oil wealth.  Now, when one thinks of Libya, images of Iraq and Afghanistan will come to mind.  Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and a team of independent journalists working with him (among the last to leave Libya), have put all of the pieces together for us in this political puzzle of intrigue, betrayal, and genocide.

On Saturday evening, KPFK’s Dedon Kamathi had Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya on, with me as guest host, to discuss the second blockbuster documentation that Nazemroaya has researched:  the United States finances terrorists and then fights them in the name of the global war on terror!   Nowhere is that more evident than in the case of Libya where Nazemroaya dissects the National Endowment for Democracy and its direct links to criminals, including terrorists wanted by Interpol!  I am certain that Pakistanis and Afghanis could recount similar tales, and the situation in Libya has led to a similarly tragic result.

Listen to Nazemroaya on Freedom Now at about 33 minutes in on this link:

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Fiddlers on the Roof: Great Depression 2 – Why No Lessons Have Been Learnt From Other Stock Market Crashes and Could the Next One Be Cataclysmic?

Submitted by Terence Blackett

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Greece is on the verge of a calamity – with a cure worst than the disease; Italy’s financiers have issued a death knell about it debt levels; Portugal continues to teeter-totter on the precipice of a Greek-style implosion; Spain is destined to move from a “siesta” environment to outright social bedlam; France continues to contract with its economy froth with massive future job losses, possible riots and social anarchy not seen since the French Revolution; Britain is also in throes of a winter of discontent with mass labor strikes and social unrest as more and more jobs move off-shore – coupled with social and structural imbalances which could incinerate the fragile, fragmented fabric of British life. And all this is only a fraction of the EU’s woes.

The other irony is that the ripple effect and the contagion in this part of the world will have even more seismic repercussions beyond the Stock Market Crash of 2008. If the Euro implodes, (and many commentators believe it will) – the fallout will make the Wall Street debacle of 2008 pale into insignificance setting in motion a global crisis of apocalyptic proportions. What we could witness in our lifetime is unparallel poverty, biting hardship and evaporated life chances unseen on such a scale in recorded history.

The question many are still asking – how did we get to this point? Was this engineered? Why was nothing learnt from the Great Depression of the 1930’s? And out of the possible ashes – what will emerge?

Stuart Chase in his book published in 1929 entitled – “Prosperity: Fact or Myth commented that “ For [12] ebullient years the curve went swinging upward, and ended with a dizzy nose dive in the panic of 1837… In the year 1906, the (US) Secretary of the Treasury was publicly praying that the country be delivered from more prosperity. That his prayers were in order was evidenced by the glorious crash in the following year – the profound business depression of 1907…”

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9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out Video

Submitted by Green Monkey

Professional Engineers, civil Engineers, structural Engineers,  mechanical engineers,  fire protection engineers,  chemical engineers, a metallurgical engineer, an electrical engineer,  an ex-military combat engineer, architects, ex-firefighters, scientists (inlcuding mathementaticians, chemists and physicists) explain why the National Institute of Sceince and Technology (NIST) explanation for the destruction of the 3 WTC towers on 9/11 solely as the result of the collision of the hijacked airliners and resulting office fires or, in the case of WTC 7, just office fires alone, is a coverup.

These enigneers, scientists and academics believe that sinces the bulk of the evidence from the WTC site was shipped out before it was subject to a forensic examination; since NIST ignored multiple reports by first responders, news reporters and others witnesses of explosions and flashes of light at the time of (or just prior to) the collapses;  since NIST did not follow established procedure as laid out in regulations to test for incendiaries at sites of building destructions where molten steel or molten concrete is found ( both were found at the WTC after 9/11); since NIST ignored the evidence of the minute iron spheres in the WTC dust (evidence of much higher temperatures than can be caused by office fires or burning jet fuel); and since NIST final explanations  of the way the buildings fell are clearly  in contravention of some very fundamental laws of physics, their investigaion is invalid.  They believe the NIST reports must be rejected and a new investigation, independent of government,  completed which will look at all the available evidence and take into full account the laws of physics.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw-jzCfa4eQ (2hr 15min)