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  1. i have to cofess that i do admire mr commissiong’s tenacity in fighting for injustices agains his black brothers and sisters but where we part company is his unwavering support of the regime in cuba which is also guilty of some of the same crimes of which he speaks against its own people. to deny me the right to obtain a decent wage for an honest day’s labour; to limit through rationing what and how much i can eat; to deny me freedom of expression; to restrict my right to leave and return to the country of my birth if and when i choose; to place restrictions on my movement within my country;to jail me without trial- come mr commissing heap condemnation on these injustices against the cuban people as well if i am to believe your cause is for genuine justice and not anti- west.

  2. Balance

    If the USA was not so close and if Cuba’s enemies, the ones who were allowed to gather their things and leave were not so hell bent on destroying all that was developed in their absence, things in Cuba would be so much different … Ass !

  3. Sometimes we forget why Cuba finds itself in its current position. Sometimes if not all the time we wonder why China which has a similar system of government is able to attract ‘favoured trading status’ from first world nations namely the USA.

    Let the hypocrisy continue!

  4. well……in de paper de bald head AG said bring de drones….u know i hey watching NatGeo and de American govt selling and growing de most herb all ya have to do is get ah prescription from ah doc and u go to de govt herb shop which has ah kinds of herb and they give u an ID card, so de police wont carry ya away thus cutting out de man pun de street and all they have to do is called it MEDICAL MARIJUANA boy de EAGLE smart

  5. @David tell me something ….don’t u think there is ah reason the US is giving us all of this money, equipment,free training to fight the herb trade? don’t u think if we got the UWI and followed the route of the US we could cut back on the man power and money we spend fighting ah war we would never win after all we all know in good time we gine have to accept de gay marriage or face some pressure from de west …….ya hear wha de ppl saying DE WORLD CHANGING plus in might bring de tourist we looking for

  6. @ EQUAL RIGHTS & JUSTICE. | July 23, 2012 at 3:05 PM |

    What else reason would the US be interested in the Eastern Caribbean other than for interdiction to stop competition to their own developing industry back home and protect their well established pharmaceuticals markets?

    The only communist left in the EC is the Chinese with their most favoured nation status. One wonders why China doesn’t stop calling its system of government “Communist” and properly refer to themselves as “State Capitalists”.

  7. i believe in time to come, i may not be living. de US gine developed ah pharmaceutical drug from ganja and sell we

  8. yea David but all we doing is killing our ppl and giving strength to tribalism over ah bunch of plants ……will this war ever end???

  9. Reposted from Facebook

    I would never say the current Cabinet of Barbados is weak
    by Agyeman Kofi on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 10:32pm ·
    Here is a transcript every Barbadian should read. To say I am happy on the Barbados Government pronouncement on this Drones in the Caribbean would be lying. Weak leaders make poor decisions. The quiet among Barbadians is alarming. Who will guard the guards.
    Lisa R. Elcock
    5 hours ago
    “I remember being a young then student of international relations and engrossed in deep political debate at the Mona campus over the Ship Rider Agreement and the stance that various Caribbean countries took on that issue. I was so proud to have my country stand up and be counted and say NO. I was proud that others were proud of us even though their country signed on. We took a similar position when the issue of Article 98 exemptions came up on the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court. Some regional states bowed and signed. We said NO!  Then I opened my paper today and saw the headline “Yes to Drones” and I sighed….
    Different issues, different approaches, but the principle has always been the same….deep sigh….”                               “Lisa R. Elcock
    ‘agreed in principle. Not for us at least. The same thing with the Article 98 exemptions. But for some regional countries that was not the case. One country I know had their coast guard vessel grounded for a while because they were dependent on aid for everything down to fuel for the patrol vessel! We lost a few scholarships initially to the military academy or at least were in danger of having that happen but we still said no. So we have always had every reason to say exactly what you said there was no major fall out for saying no. But great pride that we were in a position to do so AND did it!”

  10. “If the USA was not so close and if Cuba’s enemies, the ones who were allowed to gather their things and leave were not so hell bent on destroying all that was developed in their absence, things in Cuba would be so much different … Ass ”
    i do not know you so i wouldn’t disrespect you by referring to you as an ass because you have different views but the truth is the truth and Mr Commisssiong is a stranger to the truth when it comes to his pronouncements on cuba.. just do your research my learned friend and you will discover that your views are mythical. have you ever visited cuba? do you know that the usa as recent as four years ago was cuba’s fourth largest trading partner. by the way, noticed in a report yesterday’s nation that the cuban regime is on the verge of inflicting further punishment on an already beleaguered populace by imposing a US 10 million tax a kilogram for imports on cubans travelling abroad more than once a year.According to the report, this draconian penalty would impact negatively on private entrepreneurs trying to get new businesses off the ground .

  11. there are those whose hatred of the USA clouds their vision about the plight of the cuban people under Fidel. its; as if the people are nonexistence.

  12. Yea I hate countries that try to starve entire populations by imposing embargoes on them, that can “freeze” assets of public officials, and invade others with the accompanying ruthless slaughter of civilians, publicly kill their own and blame others as an excuse to declare war, imprison thousands of their own without any chance of a trial, while at the same time present themselves as bastions of morality and justice…!

    And I absolutely despise those who prefer to ignore these realities and attempt to create and expose the short comings of small far less powerful states. I absolutely despise hypocrites…!

  13. In spite of the repression in Cuba, the Cuban people have continued their struggle for freedom, entering a new stage of civic resistance that consists of non-cooperation with the dictatorship. This call of the Cuban people for non-cooperation is seen from inside the island in the numerous calls of Cuban political prisoners from different prisons to non-cooperation with the dictatorship; in the neighbors who refuse to participate in the acts of repudiation against the opposition; in the non-cooperation of Cuban workers with the production goals imposed by the dictatorship, as the government media admits; and in the growing appearance of signs calling for non-cooperation with the dictatorship.

  14. Despite embargo, U.S. is Cuba’s main food supplier
    By Weissert Will

    Associated Press

    Havana – Since 2003, one country has been the main supplier of food to Fidel Castro’s Cuba: the United States.

    Surprised? You have good company.

    Many Americans think their government’s 45-year-old embargo blocks all trade with the communist government, but the United States is the top supplier of food and agricultural products to Cuba. In fact, many Cubans depend on rations grown in Arkansas and North Dakota for their rice and beans.

    Since December 1999, governors, senators and congressmen from at least 28 U.S. states have visited Cuba, most to talk trade. They keep coming: Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman flew in Sunday with a farm delegation. Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter of Idaho plans a visit next month.

    Cash-only sales

    Washington’s sanctions choke off most trade with Cuba, but a law passed by Congress in 2000 authorized cash-only purchases of U.S. food and agricultural products and was cheered by major U.S. farm firms like Archer Daniels Midland Co. interested in the untapped Cuban market.

    Cuba refused to import one grain of rice for more than a year because of a dispute over financing, but finally agreed to take advantage of the law after Hurricane Michelle in November 2001 cut into its food stocks.

    Since then, Cuba has paid more than $1.5 billion for American food and agricultural products, said John Kavulich, senior policy adviser at the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council of New York.

    The $340 million in exports in 2006 represented a drop of about 3 percent from 2005, which was down from nearly $392 million in 2004. Kavulich said the decline was caused mostly by generous subsidies and credits from Venezuela and China.

    Also sending cows

    But the U.S. remains on top. Its main exports to Cuba include chicken, wheat, corn, rice and soybeans – much of it doled out to Cubans on the government ration. The United States also sends Cuba brand-name cola, mayonnaise, hot sauce and candy bars, as well as dairy cows.

    Kirby Jones, founder of the U.S.-Cuba Trade Association in Washington, said Cuba’s food import company Alimport has an entire department dedicated to American purchases.

    Jones was in Cuba this month with Arkansas chicken exporters, Nebraska bean growers and officials from the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas.

    “Hundreds and hundreds of American executives have come down here,” he said. “(Cuban officials) know how to talk to us.”

    An assistant to Pedro Alvarez, Alimport’s chairman, said the company could not comment without authorization from Cuban press officials.

    But Cuban parliament speaker Ricardo Alarcon has said Havana does not expect the U.S. embargo to be eased under President Bush. The current administration tightened restrictions in 2004, further limiting U.S. travel and imposing stricter rules for Cuban payments on U.S. goods.

    Don Mason of the Iowa Corn Growers Association agreed, saying he was “less than optimistic” Washington will make it easier to trade with Cuba any time soon. He said the association ships on the order of 450,000 metric tons of corn to the island each year.

    Law limits change

    Any significant change in U.S. policy would be difficult under the 1996 Helms-Burton law, which prohibits normalization of relations with Cuba as long as 80-year-old Fidel Castro or his brother Raul are in charge. Fidel temporarily ceded power to Raul after emergency intestinal surgery in July.

    Despite repeated moves in Congress to ease or eliminate the sanctions, the embargo still has supporters from both parties in both houses.

    U.S. Rep. Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican, introduced a bill in February seeking to promote American agricultural sales to the island by letting Cuba directly wire payments to U.S. banks rather than route them through third countries. But a similar measure introduced in 2005 was not approved.

    Some believe American interest in Cuba’s new oil exploration efforts could change the political tide.

    The island plans deep-water drilling, searching for deposits of crude oil less than 100 miles from Florida’s coast. Energy companies from China, India, Spain and elsewhere are interested in investing, but American firms are shut out.

    U.S. senators Larry Craig, an Idaho Republican, and Byron Dorgan, a North Dakota Democrat, introduced a measure this month that would open Cuban waters to U.S. oil and natural gas companies.

    “If that passes, the embargo goes out the window,” Jones said. “We’re not talking about mayonnaise now. We’re talking about million and millions of dollars.”

  15. @Balance
    Please dont waste your time trying to reason with Baffy, cause FAILED Communism/ Socialism in China, Russia, Eastern Europe, India et al still has him BAFFLED! This chap is still convinced that Castro’s Cuba could be favourably compared to Lee’s Singapore!!!!! He and the lobotomised Commisiong have idiot heroes like Hoggo Chavez who would have much difficulty organising someone to tie his shoe laces far less actually improve Venezuelans standard of living.

    These jokers spew glowing reports on these incompetents like Castro who has been supported by Russia and Europe for years and still has the impoverished Cubans JAILED in CUBA. Why Castro does not open the gates and set the Cubans FREE???? Why dont Bafflehimself and COMMYSONG dont go and live in CUBA, I will pay their airfare on CONTRACTUAL agreement that they NEVER leave Cuba again! I await their acceptance!

    I must say that your ramblings on hypocricy are certainly in order, although you conveniently neglect to report the equivalent when it comes to your leftie friends. No the lefties are paragons of virtue and therefore deserve a free pass?

  17. Cuban Resistance Leader Antunez Missing After Arbitrary Arrest
    By Cuban Democratic Directorate

    Placetas, CUBA. June 11th 2012. Cuban Democratic Directorate. The Cuban Resistance leader Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez”, who was violently arrested on June 9th along with two other members of the Resistance, has been declared missing. Antunez was transferred out of the Police Unit and headquarter of State Security to an unknown location at around 7 pm of the same day, according to his wife Yris Perez Aguilera. “My name is Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera, wife of former political prisoner Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez. This Saturday, June 9th, my husband, Loreto Hernandez Garcia and Jonniel Rodriguez Riverol were taken to the police unit of Placetas after a brutal beating at the hands of the political police. All of this occurred at around 3:30 pm. After this, at around 4 pm, Yaite Cruz Sosa, Dora Perez Correa, Arturo Conde Zamora and I decided to head out to said police unit. After walking just one block from my home, the police intercepted and arrested us. I was once again beaten by agent Isachi under the orders of State Security agent and Chief of Confrontation in Placetas, better known as ‘Cabo Pantera’. They handcuffed me and took me to the police unit”, explained Perez Aguilera, who was released during the afternoon of Sunday, June 10th 2012. The wife of Antunez narrated how she was aggressively beaten in the head once in the police unit. Upon hearing this, her husband and the other detainees- among them common prisoners- began to shout in protest. It was at this moment in which a group of prison guards presented themselves in the cell where Antunez was being held and began to attack him with pepper spray, leaving him unconscious on the floor. Afterwards, Yaite Cruz Sosa, who was in the same cell as Antunez, managed to pour some water on his face and was able to bring him back to consciousness. “At around 7 pm, my husband shouted at me from his cell- ‘Yris, they are taking me out of here’. I couldn’t even speak because I had so much pain in my head as a result of the beating I had been subjected to. He kept saying: ‘I was head-locked by the Special Brigade and they are going to take me out of the cell and into the bus, but I do not know where they are taking me’. I am very worried about what could happen to my husband. He has a heart conditions and the pepper spray is a toxic substance, which could worsen this ailment. My husband has an auricular and ventricular blockage and I fear for his life. At present, my husband is missing since his whereabouts are unknown. I am holding the government responsible for what could happen to him. I know that all of this is in reprisal because he participated in the ‘Path to Freedom Forum’”, she affirmed.
    i ain’t letting up till cubans are allowed to express all their opinions free from fear and arrset like mr commissiong and baffy can do.

  18. Antúnez released under threat of prolonged imprisonment. He denounces racist aggressions by the Castro Regime.
    By Cuban Democratic Directorate

    Placetas, June 13, 2012. Cuban Democratic Directorate. The well known Cuban Resistance leader Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” was released from prison early in the morning of Wednesday, June 13,2012 after having been beaten and battered during his arrest. The Castro Regime officials also threatened Antúnez with prolonged incarceration. “I have just been released and I want to thank all those people both nationally and internationally, who carried out such a strong campaign for my release. I want to thank all of the members of the US Congress who made statements, as well as the State Department, and all those who contributed to my release,” stated Antunez to Radio Republica.. The former political prisoner added that the Castro Regime wishes to take him off the streets under false accusations, which he termed a judicial aberration. “The first thing that I heard when I got to the police statiom was a Ministry of the Interior official who told me that he had read what I stated to the US Senate. So I asked him if that is why I was there and he said ‘No, no’ and walked away,” added Antunez. Antunez narrated how his wife Yris Perez Aguilera, was arrested and beaten at the police station, and how Cabo Pantera, the State Security chief in Placetas egged on the beating by shouting “Hit her! Hit that nigger hard!” When Antunez started shouting from his cell for his wife not to be beaten, the military and police beat him and used pepper spray on him. Antunez added that afterward he was beaten with tonfas, kicked and tear gas sprayed on him. He did not accept water or food during his incarceration. A masked State Security official told him he would be charged with multiple crimes. “Let everyone know that Jorge Luis Garcia will not be silent and will not leave Cuba,” stated Antunez from his home in Placetas, Cuba.
    and mr commisiong has the gall to accuse the usa of human rights abuses.get out of my face ,man.

  19. i say let all Africans and decedents of Africans go back to Africa and all whites in Africa be sent back to their countries of original origin.
    simple really.would solve a lot of this bullcrap also noting that Irish slaves were in slaved before blacks and blacks sold their own people.
    enough shite..let us have a fucking war.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.little barbados putting in it 2 cents from from a clearly mix breed racist.
    i did not hear anything about KONY though.

  20. @ harry | July 26, 2012 at 12:29 PM |

    “… i say let all Africans and decedents of Africans go back to Africa and all whites in Africa be sent back to their countries of original origin.”

    Not only all whites in Africa but also all whites in South America, North America, Australia and New Zealand back to Europe! What about that, racist? While you are at it you can return to Africa the blacks from Europe, the Americas and the Antilles. Or do you feel that the Americas and Australasia were given by your “white gods” to the albino race as compensation for the failed genetic experiment?

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