The People Want Caribbean Regimes to Fall

Submitted by Pachamama
WATER BLAST: A demonstrator shelters as Turkish riot police fire a water cannon at protesters occupying a park in central Istanbul, injuring scores -

WATER BLAST: A demonstrator shelters as Turkish riot police fire a water cannon at protesters occupying a park in central Istanbul, injuring scores –

As we write masses of people are demonstrating in the streets of Istanbul and many other Turkish cities calling Erdogan and Gul dictators, fascists, American puppets and Zionist traitors. They are chanting “we want the regime to fall’’, not the government – the regime, the regime! This call is not unlike what we have been hearing, for more than two years, in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisian, Libya and nearly all the European countries. It represents the latest flashpoint in the seismic changes the peoples of the world are demanding. Demands that world powers would prefer to misdirect into a full-blown world war to serve their corporate masters. The criminals Gul and Erdogan have their Gestapo in the streets cracking skulls, using tear gas that can kill and employing the most powerful water hoses against the people. Even in the United Stated the Obama administration used these extraordinary measures to quell the ‘Occupy Movement’’. These included infiltration by the intelligence agencies, the brute force of storm troopers, a propaganda corporate controlled media and up to that time an apathetic populace that had not felt the full force of a brutish grab for resources that has now left 150 million Americans at or below the poverty line. This is the central issue! The peoples of the world are engaging corporate interests in a popular war for resources everywhere. For them this will be a hot summer (fall) of rage. The lackeys in the Caribbean, through all of this, have no answers for their peoples. They responses are generally within the range of ‘this is a global problem and we are helpless to avoid it’’ and reverting to all the failed recipes of western financial capitalism, a dying political-economy model.

In Barbados, the regime deliberately misinterpreted the electoral expressions of the people for a government of national unity. Such a brazen and dictatorial power grab, under the rubric of an outdated Westminster system, merely serves the ruling clique, ignores the talents of nearly 50% percent of elected representatives, makes it more unlikely that the country will be able to exit the vortex of depression economics in the medium term, strengthens the idea of ‘the maximum leader’ and unduly sustains a false tension within the political system. When Caribbean people get hungry enough they will be in the street, not merely calling for the government to go, they will too be calling for the regime to fall. This will mean the government in the wider sense – BLP, DLP. The call must of necessity extend to the ruling elites as well – the education elites, the economic elites, the professional types, the elites in the clergy. They will be calling for a revolution! Barrow’s hideous Public Order Act will have no effect on ‘them’. The militarized police force will not be as persuasive to orders as the people will be to the hunger pangs they feels or the sight of hunger in their children’s eyes. The American trained special branch of the defense force, on call 24/7, may martyr some people in the streets but calls for the fall of the regime will continue, without ceasing. This call will be properly informed by a history of a lack of proper leadership, multiply betrayals of the people, an absence of land reform, political treachery by all parties and a growing mal-distribution of wealth.

In Trinidad, the calls for the fall of the regime will occur within a generally similar environment but in a context of sharper racial, classist, economic, political, social circumstances. These may make the revolution in Barbados a walk in the park by comparison. Successive governments of the Republic are all notorious for the mismanagement of the society, engagement in levels of corruptions that are difficult to equal, deepening the economic divisions between the predominate Indian and African populations, promotion of a culture of criminality that leaves the country insecure in many areas, allowed an ‘illegal’ drug industry to deepen, wasted the country’s resources in a profligate manner, tolerates leaders within the security forces that are know criminals, maintained a political culture for its own sake, developed economic  expansionist tendencies to other smaller territories while subordinating the national interests to those of others. The Republic of T&T, the country that has given us a pantheon of the greatest Caribbean leaders, bar none, and after nearly 60 years of ‘independence’ there is still an absence  of a deep sense of ‘real’  commitment to the nation. The call for the fall of this regime must come from the masses of the people in their hundreds of thousands. The people should not relent until their just demands are met. Such a call must attempt to be peaceful, if that is possible. Should the anti-revolution forces determine that a peaceful revolution is impossible; the revolution will still come – by any and all means necessary. There is no stopping us now!

In Jamaica, we have a repeat of years of misguidance as seen elsewhere In the Caribbean. Like most of the other Caribbean countries it continues to maintain a small elite of Chinese, Lebanese, Syrian, Whites but mainly Blacks in a society where guns are aplenty, where private para-military security forces guard wealthy citizens while the poor die by gun violence in ghettos daily, a country that seems not to have had any long term benefits from the production of arguably the greatest Caribbean personality (Michael Manley) of all times, a country that has failed to translate its abundant natural resources in ways that benefit the ‘under classes’. Jamaica, a country that for all intents and purposes, has been at war with itself for decades, needs peaceful revolution more than most if it to avoid the proverbial blood bath. But revolution must come! For it is only through revolution that most of the people of Jamaica could have a chance at justice. Yes we say justice, not peace! Justice – social and economic justice! All Caribbean people will soon reach the point where they realize that the fanciful talk about transformation through (mis) education alone is not enough. There must be some other non-capitalist force at work. That force must be a mass movement of the Jamaican people in search for justice, as is happening elsewhere.

And what of Guyana, again like most other Caribbean countries it has had hot flashes of violence in recent times – some not so recent. Guyana has been burdened by experimentation with foreign political philosophies that never really found wide acceptance, the corruption of the electoral process, super power rivalry, an historical Indo-Guyanese/Afro-Guyanese schism, political assassination, economic control by minority ‘grouplets’ and an American sponsored sanctions regime that crippled the country for decades. Such a country with a relative small population and a corresponding large landmass was once the most prosperous in the Caribbean. The most progressive initiative that comes out of Guyana these days is the surrendering of its lands to global corporate interests, like Kiffin Simpson and others, ostensibly to grow food because Simpson, unlike most in the Caribbean, has recognized that the global financial system is seeking to control food resources to prop up their dying system – similarly to how oil and the petrol dollar economy was constructed, as a benchmark. So expect Guyana to be producing GMO foods using corrupt industrial agricultural practices. Expect people to die of hunger as the corporatists gain strategic control of our food systems – in Guyana, a land that should have been the bread basket of the region.

The events in Turkey portend the television of a revolution coming home to the Caribbean soon. We should not seek to avoid these circumstances. Most Caribbean people know that it is a truism that our political classes are useless. Most Caribbean people know that the economic elites never took ownership of the problem the society faces, as should happen in a real capitalist system. Most Caribbean people know that generation after generation of leaders have promised much but delivered little. Most Caribbean people know that there is no internal dialectic that can produce answers for us, the justice seekers. Most Caribbean people can feel in their very bones that the system does not work for us, has never worked for us and that radical transformation is in the air everywhere. Let the trade winds of transformation blown away the old order. Let those winds blown out the backward regimes in all Caribbean countries. Let those winds travel from Bahrain to Bridgetown. From Turkey to T&T. From Greece to Georgetown. From Tunisia to Trench Town.

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    Alvin Cummins | June 1, 2013 at 10:25 PM |

    @Deeds. I think I have met you and spoken with you and I can judge for myself. You are delusional..@

    If what I or we say us untruth or made up , Please them tell the world the truth. If you can see out side your box for other or the truth then let US know.
    We and I say what we see and know ,let me know what you know .
    If so called black people think they better than the so called white ? The learn this system of fraud from the whites so if the whites fall the black must fall also.
    What may happen the black may fall back in the white hands back to slavery by means of international rulings on cases of fraud.The whites have to clean up there own mess , and the black will follow.
    You think you met me ?? I dont think so .if you did you have learn nothing. I hope you not the same blood line as Mark Cummins,Samantha Cummins, Alvin Cummins? I hope you talk to them and see how their faces will change when you tell them the lies. |

    (delusional..) I will send you some salt your words may taste more bitter to you. Some one have to be right , some one have to be wrong or just delusional..?
    The poeple in office messed up many family names that will ring of fraud for many years to come.
    My Family Name is Well know and i or we not here on BU to spoil it with lies , We can change out minds with the FACTS only not ,long talk. Try getting that from YOUR pm , For a crook i will never call my pm or ministers. .


    Well Well@ We are proof , further Moor, Vampires can not see them self in the Mirrors . Ministers and lawyers with fraud unearned titles.

    If the Vampires suck the FUNDS out the credit union , i think that is when the People Will make noise. As we said before People need to get their money out NOW, so when the bank robbers come and say STICK UM UP , NOTHING WILL BE THERE .
    All of this sounds like , if happen. The worse case of money laundering in Barbados.

  3. @ David

    The Turkish people are in the streets again today. This is significant. Seems as though they are intent on revolution. Thankfully, it will remove one of the most repressive governments in the world. Turkey has more journalists in jail than any other country. This is only one in a long list of problems. Economy matters are their primary concern but they are also interested in the militarization by Gul and and Erdogan. They don’t think they have to speak with the people either

  4. @Pacha

    The development in the USA with our own Eric Holder is of interest. When press freedom and national security overlap, what next?

  5. @ David
    The alternative press is reporting this morning that the Syrian government has found sarin gas in a terrorist den of the Turkish led, Western sponsored, terrorists attempt to overthrow the Syrian government.

  6. @ Pacha

    We all support the human and democratic rights of Mediterranean and Middle East people, but they need to ask themselves why 99 per cent of of global group/mob violence is in that region.
    We nare small island people, take your fight with the US and Europe else where.
    Plse do not bring your cultural obsessions in a blog meant for the articulation of our own socio-economic problems.
    No, our representatives are not going in to any international lobbies to support you. What to Turks, Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians or any of the others care about Caribbean people?

  7. @ BAF
    You know sometimes you have in a classroom a dumpsy, hard-ears boy who regardless of how you try that particular boy would not and cannot learn anything. Sometimes this kind of an idiot, from birth, grows up, writes the same passionless narrative every week and is disappointed when nobody reads it but are also jealous when another narrative consistently is wider read, has a global appeal, connects people in ways that ignores old hatreds and the divisions created by his dominate eurocentrix mindset. Such an idiot will comment of articles that he has not bothered to read and will then proceed to commit himself, largely made on a gross mis-perception of what was written, to the opposite side of an argument this writer has never made. Our academic training encouraged us to set these kinds of dialectical traps for fools like these. Once we now find himself alone, on a raft without a rudder, he has no alternative but to eat humble pie while trying to re-frame his ‘imprecise’ interpretation of our submission. How is it that he could be so intellectually deceitful? Has he no shame? He must learn that we have been trained by the best in his country and the other big one. He likes to concentrate or tinker with systems at the margins. That is what his masters have thought him to do and like a good dog he will always bark when he is expected to, a dog without teeth. We on the hand received another type of training. A training to critically interrogate whole systems. This is something this idiot is never be able to do – for he is a coward most times and a jack*ss all other times.

  8. This is what should be taking centre stage on the island instead of some Hesbollah wannabe.

    Pacha………… only managed to get one recruit for your ill-conceived and ill-defined madness that has no viable solution, and that was AC, aka acSLEAZE aka ac the idiot, if i were you i would go to the middle east where that nonsense is more acceptable, oh yeah, and take ac the idiot with you.

  9. Pacha………….Barbados no, but you can do us all a favor and round up the bajan whites on the island who are nothing more than leeches and take them with you……….now that would be doing something worthwhile, they are the only threat to the Barbados economy, you and ac could at least do us that favor and then get lost, you would have done your good deed for the year.

  10. @ Well Well
    We were not referring to you in a recent comment. You must be a more careful reader. Otherwise you are likely to miss critical intent. One word can sometimes make a totally different interpretation.

  11. Pacha………….i did not even read your comments, i am strictly referring to what you are continually alluding to, but now that i have read them, i was absolutely right.

  12. Pacha…………in addition, your intent is shady at best and mindlessly dangerous at worst, as i said you already have a follower in ac the idiot, do not miss the opportunity to cultivate that.

  13. Pacha

    I read your submission … and skimmed over many of the the comments … but I got to tell yah, Guy Fawkes is NOT totally irrelevant as a response to West Minister, even after all dese years. Would love to stick my mouth in more but for two reasons ..

    1. I prefer fights that can be won. My socialist mindset serves only to inform my preferred response to the world around me, but there are far far more people who are quite prepared to take pleasure from the exploitation of others than there are people who think like me. The issue here of course is that they are a naturally occurring variety.

    2. The Roland Garros started last week Sunday and Wimbledon is around the corner …

  14. Baf………….if you don’t mind me asking, where were you last night? you missed being recruited by this hezbollah wannabe, ac the idiot was up front and centre being recruited, she did not miss a beat, we can now safely say she is an enemy combatant of her own party and government the DLP, that she cusses us all so soundly for, hee, hee.

  15. @Well Well

    You really need to tone it down. It is one thing to engage in robust debate but to deliberately provoke others is not sensible.

  16. David………..with all due respect, maybe we can actually see who is who by provocations, you would not want your blog to be the subject of an international investigation because of a radical group using it as a recruitment centre now would you?

  17. David…………..i hope you are not naive, as i can see that is exactly what the government is hoping for, Carson will throw a hell of a party…

  18. Here are 21 objectives out of many others that the PDC will help to bring about in this country:

    1) The Abolition of Taxation;

    2) The Abolition of Interest Rates;

    3) The Abolition of ALL Exchange Rates Parities with the Barbados;

    4) The Abolition of Motor Vehicle Insurance;

    5) The establishment of a National Currency Board to manage currency flows within the country, and into and out of it;

    6) The making sure that the Real Actual Cost of Use of Money in Barbados is substantially reduced in the medium to long term;

    7) The making sure that money turn over rate is substantially increased in this country;

    8) The making sure that there is almost total freedom of interaction between the incomes, payments and transfers of individuals, businesses and other relevant entities, and the payments that are made to the entities that would be charged with running the business and corporate affairs of the Seaport and Airport and at all other points of entry in this country, where there is the transacting of commercial goods and services entering Barbados;

    9) The making sure that exporters of goods and services are remunerated in the equivalent amounts of local money that are in like cases used up by local consumers in order to get local goods and services;

    10) The introduction of a regime of the assembling of aircraft, motor vehicles, missiles, satellites, the building of ships, etc for Barbados;

    11) The introduction of Partnership enterprises in every instance where there would have hitherto been any business enterprises in operation in this country – and with two or more persons involved in them, and whereby these incoming partners will be the part owners of these enterprises – hence, the substantial elimination of the work system/culture in Barbados;

    12) The establishment of a Hire Purchase Relief Fund for persons who have genuine difficulties in giving over monies to the relevant hire purchase enterprises;

    13) The ensuring that NO foreigners are able to own land spaces rights in this country – only that they may be permitted to lease such rights.

    14) The institution of serious regime of rent control over all residential, commercial and social accommodation in this country;

    15) The building of a modern efficient railway system for Barbados to run back and forth on what is now the existing ABC/Ronald Mapp Highways;

    16) The introduction of specialized secondary school education – the Abolition of the Common Entrance Exam – the introduction of an appropriate national continuous assessment program – and the introduction of full zoning for Barbados, with some exceptions;

    17) The building of a modern acute care 200 bed hospital for the north of the country;

    18) The implementation of a proportional representational electoral system, to take the place of the first past the post one;

    19) The removal of the Queen as head of state of Barbados – and the creation of an executive coalitional republican system for Barbados;

    20) The institution of Constituency Assemblies for Barbados – one per constituency – and whereby within them constituents will have all opportunities to initiate, debate, and pass the laws of this country;

    21) The election of Judges to their Supreme Court positions.


  19. @ PDC
    Yours are the types of thinking that we must start to prepare to avoid a vacuum when the system crashes. No one brain can have all the best ideas but collective public ongoing engagement can help the country do what it feels necessary. We had not have a change to study all of your party’s proposals in detail but at a glance they seem well conceived.

  20. Well Well

    Leave Pachamama and DAVID alone.

    I do hope that they get what they are asking for. However the results will not be what they are expecting.

  21. Carson…………….we just want to keep the island free from fanatical extremism and useless mindwash, we are already dealing with cleaning up a mess that was left, no need to introduce more garbage…….. those of us who live outside would prefer return to visit and not have to look out for some mad and idiotic bomber.

  22. What foolishness. For anyone with eyes to see it is obvious that the current troubles in Turkey constitute a false-flag operation engineered by the plutocracy of Trashcanistan with their so-called brethren in the neo-imperialist Paraguayan plantocracy as a first step in the subversion of Ingushetia so that Russian access to the warm-water ports of South Asia are not impeded by the so-called Salafist, Zionist-backed, Alleyenist, Worrellian and Orwellian counter-revolutionary brothers of the Dan Brownist People’s Templarian Front (DBTF).

    A new TomHanksian wave is sweeping the world, people, displacing the Errol Barrovian lickspittle Caricomist and Oistinist bed-wetters of the American-Puppetist corporatist traitors whose Obamaist agenda is blindingly obvious to those with eyes to see.

    The historically illiterate power-grabbist dictators of Westminsterism do not understand that we are at a juncture where we have never been before in the whole world and especially the so-called Middle East, where the resistance of Not-Too-Bright Lebanese Nasrallahism will surely withstand the so-called assaults of the 1960s-to-1970s-ists in their so-called efforts to impose shackles on the minds of the sheeple who resist Bajan exports of coconut water because they have been mind-washed to think that the reason why more people don’t drink coconut water, despite its obvious health benefits, is that coconut water tastes like old socks.

    We are the future, people! The days of the Cadoganist-Bushian Millenarian-Cult B-ites and D-ites are the past! Let’s get this revolution rocking! Who’s with me on this?! Let’s storm the barricades! Who’s with me? Let’s storm … er, you wid me? Anyone?

  23. What is Happening in Istanbul (Turkey)
    by İnsanlik Hali

    ”To my friends who live outside of Turkey:

    I am writing to let you know what is going on in Istanbul for the last five days. I personally have to write this because most of the media sources are shut down by the government and the word of mouth and the internet are the only ways left for us to explain ourselves and call for help and support.

    Four days ago a group of people most of whom did not belong to any specific organization or ideology got together in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. Among them there were many of my friends and students. Their reason was simple: To prevent and protest the upcoming demolishing of the park for the sake of building yet another shopping mall at very center of the city. There are numerous shopping malls in Istanbul, at least one in every neighborhood! The tearing down of the trees was supposed to begin early Thursday morning. People went to the park with their blankets, books and children. They put their tents down and spent the night under the trees. Early in the morning when the bulldozers started to pull the hundred-year-old trees out of the ground, they stood up against them to stop the operation.

    They did nothing other than standing in front of the machines.

    No newspaper, no television channel was there to report the protest. It was a complete media black out.

    But the police arrived with water cannon vehicles and pepper spray. They chased the crowds out of the park.

    In the evening the number of protesters multiplied. So did the number of police forces around the park. Meanwhile local government of Istanbul shut down all the ways leading up to Taksim square where the Gezi Park is located. The metro was shut down, ferries were cancelled, roads were blocked.

    Yet more and more people made their way up to the center of the city by walking.

    They came from all around Istanbul. They came from all different backgrounds, different ideologies, different religions. They all gathered to prevent the demolition of something bigger than the park:

    The right to live as honorable citizens of this country.

    They gathered and marched. Police chased them with pepper spray and tear gas and drove their tanks over people who offered the police food in return. Two young people were run over by the panzers and were killed. Another young woman, a friend of mine, was hit in the head by one of the incoming tear gas canisters. The police were shooting them straight into the crowd. After a three hour operation she is still in Intensive Care Unit and in very critical condition. As I write this we don’t know if she is going to make it. This blog is dedicated to her.

    These people are my friends. They are my students, my relatives. They have no «hidden agenda» as the state likes to say. Their agenda is out there. It is very clear. The whole country is being sold to corporations by the government, for the construction of malls, luxury condominiums, freeways, dams and nuclear plants. The government is looking for (and creating when necessary) any excuse to attack Syria against its people’s will.

    On top of all that, the government control over its people’s personal lives has become unbearable as of late. The state, under its conservative agenda passed many laws and regulations concerning abortion, cesarean birth, sale and use of alcohol and even the color of lipstick worn by the airline stewardesses.

    People who are marching to the center of Istanbul are demanding their right to live freely and receive justice, protection and respect from the State. They demand to be involved in the decision-making processes about the city they live in.

    What they have received instead is excessive force and enormous amounts of tear gas shot straight into their faces. Three people lost their eyes.

    Yet they still march. Hundred of thousands join them. Couple of more thousand passed the Bosporus Bridge on foot to support the people of Taksim.

    No newspaper or TV channel was there to report the events. They were busy with broadcasting news about Miss Turkey and “the strangest cat of the world”.

    Police kept chasing people and spraying them with pepper spray to an extent that stray dogs and cats were poisoned and died by it.

    Schools, hospitals and even 5 star hotels around Taksim Square opened their doors to the injured. Doctors filled the classrooms and hotel rooms to provide first aid. Some police officers refused to spray innocent people with tear gas and quit their jobs. Around the square they placed jammers to prevent internet connection and 3g networks were blocked. Residents and businesses in the area provided free wireless network for the people on the streets. Restaurants offered food and water for free.

    People in Ankara and İzmir gathered on the streets to support the resistance in Istanbul.

    Mainstream media kept showing Miss Turkey and “the strangest cat of the world”. ***

    I am writing this letter so that you know what is going on in Istanbul. Mass media will not tell you any of this. Not in my country at least. Please post as many as articles as you see on the Internet and spread the word.

    As I was posting articles that explained what is happening in Istanbul on my Facebook page last night someone asked me the following question:

    «What are you hoping to gain by complaining about our country to foreigners?»

    This blog is my answer to her.

    By so called «complaining» about my country I am hoping to gain:

    Freedom of expression and speech,

    Respect for human rights,

    Control over the decisions I make concerning my on my body,

    The right to legally congregate in any part of the city without being considered a terrorist.

    But most of all by spreading the word to you, my friends who live in other parts of the world, I am hoping to get your awareness, support and help!

    Please spread the word and share this blog.”

  24. Pachamama quotes İnsanlik Hali at tedious length.

    But how can we, living in little Barbados, be certain that İnsanlik Hali is not a CIA-ist neo-Templarian lickspittle lackey of the disaster-capitalist Illuminati Bilderbergian plot to make Zionist lesbians from Barbados Community College, in league with the ZR-ist subculture kulcha, force-feed you genetically modified macaroni pie? How can we know this, since Pachamama’s credibility is already destroyed?

  25. @Jock
    If I said I was wondering that would be a little of a mistatement.
    Bewildered I think fits the space better.
    I got news for you and you dont want to hear it.
    Lets just say if you was half the man your mouth is ,you would be ruler of the World.
    But you are not ,so therefore useing your logic you must be just piss and wind.
    I am with you ,for overthrow of all the shit that runs this globe,was foreversince,but i am wondering if you are with me or behind me.
    I dont wannabe fart fodder for a windbag.

  26. Thanks, Dr. Love.

    Sadly, you’re an idiot. Misstatement is spelled thus, not as you render it, as even a child should know.
    Don’t needs, crucially, that bit between the “n” and the “t”.
    “Lets” is better rendered as “let’s” in the context you’re striving for.
    “If you was half the man” is better and correct in the subjunctive mood (“if you were half the man”).
    “Using” is right. “Useing” is wrong.

    Keep trying. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get there (their??) in the end, but it’s (its??) worth making the effort. I promise. Keep trying, Dr. Love.

  27. We are thinking that RT has been blocked. It was the only outlet, we know of, giving running pictures/commentary.

  28. @”Windy”Jock
    Tryin is your forte,very very trying.
    The spellin doesnt alter the meanin.
    Often when dealin with educated people ,that one undertsands, wish to show “there “superiority over the plebian mass ,it is better to leave room for criticism as it makes them feel justified. Plumply pompous.Performing pirouettes of pendanticism,to use your own vernacular.
    You feel better now dont you Jocky, my little man,so get your self off to bed now for a nice rest. Secure in the superiority of your knowledge that you have put a “pleb in its place”.
    You cant help what you are Jock,so just learn to live with it, be at peace with your brainless bigotry.
    In the end you will realize that your ideas stink worse than your expended hot air.
    No Jocky “we” are not “Wid” you.

  29. People may not know this but Ralph Nader a jewish independent candidate has been a one man show in America for more years than some people have been born…………..he only receives less than one percent 1% of the vote in each election that is held in the US.

  30. barbados is nothing like turkey.!!!
    why would you even compare it is like night and day!discussion is not even relevant.

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