Bajans in the Diaspora: Supporting NASA’s Newest Earth Orbiting Satellite

Submitted by James Bynoe

NPP Satellite

As a Barbadian from Silver Sands, Christ Church I would have never dreamed that someday I would have an opportunity to contribute to a NASA space program in the area of cyber security.

Yet  a few hours ago … we successfully launched into space the long awaited NPP satellite.  The NPP satellite represents the latest generation of U.S. polar-orbiting satellites designed to monitor global environmental conditions and collect and disseminate data related to weather, atmosphere, oceans, and land and near-space environment. The NPP satellite will circle the earth approximately once every “100 minutes”.  It reached a forward speed of 13,000 mph in just about 4 minutes time from lift off. This is about the time the booster rockets detached, but long after it is visible to us on the ground.

During these rotations, it will be providing global coverage, monitoring environmental conditions, collecting, disseminating and processing data about the Earth’s weather, atmosphere, oceans, land, and near-space environment, which includes Barbados.

The system will be able to monitor the entire planet and provide data for long-range weather and climate forecasts. The data gathered will aid in reducing the potential loss of human life and property by allowing more efficient disaster planning and response to severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

Citizens across the globe including Barbados will benefit from the NPP satellite’s data in the areas of general aviation, agriculture, and maritime activities. The system will collect a massive amount of very precise earth surface, atmospheric and space environmental measurements from a variety of on-board sensors. This volume of data will allow scientists and forecasters to monitor and predict weather patterns with greater speed and accuracy.

As I sit here in my office reflecting on this moment I am privately proud as a Barbadian to have played a role in the successful launching of this satellite, with warm thoughts on my mother, grandmother and teachers who played critical roles in my education and where I am today.

However, I am “not” special as I believe that are many young Barbadians much smarter that I am who can and will make significant contributions to building a better Barbados and World.

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  1. congratulations, mr bynoe. i wish you every success in your future endeavours as you pursue interests which might make for a safer and better world for all mankind. what does NPP stand for?

  2. Bynoe

    Congrats to you too. All that you say is fine the question though is what about the satellites that were launched for Military purposes? What are their capabilities and on whom are they targeted?

  3. Good to see Barbados movomg forward in Science .but after all this data is collected i hope it wouldn;t be shelved because people are complaining about the cost of what it would take to expoedite it to areas of importance .

  4. Congrats to James Bynoe it seems Barbadians despite our physical remains a giant on the world stage. Recently we read of another Bajan who had a hand in the MLK Statue recently unveiled.

  5. Of course you never dreamt. Dreamers dream, thinkers and doers think and do and are the creatives.
    I know the respect and prestige you gain from the contribution you make to such a project. Don’t stop there, keep extending the boundaries and let’s see your contributions to open source software which i know NASA makes use of extensively but hardly contributes back in the way companies like IBM, Intel and others do, except for one project

    We need people like you developing in the open source ecosystem which is for the benefit of the whole planet.
    I shall be looking out for your name in the forums.

  6. David

    The MLK sculptor was Chinese, Lei Yixin, a product of the socialist education model … My intelligent agent still keeps in touch! The only hand the Bajan could have had was a role in critiquing …

  7. NASA—Never A Straight Answer.

    Last time I checked NASA was more in the business of mind control i.e. physically manipulating subjects’ brains and altering their memory.

    Who built and designed this particular satellite? Why should we believe/trust that this satellite will deliver its ‘supposedly’ intended purpose?

    Why are so many satellites now disintegrating and falling back to earth? What kind of warfare is going on out there that the public is kept in the dark about?

    To believe that NASA actually care about the well being of ‘humans’ on planet earth is an ‘astronomical’ joke. Who would really trust them when they are busy aiding the US military with whole scale decimation of populations. Didn’t their technology just aid in the destruction of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan?

    CYBER SECURITY….aka spying on ‘humans’ just to transfer data to the controllers. Cyber Security is the end of privacy. Shutting down of sites with data output that’s contrary to the Controllers’ propagandistic agenda. Still feeling secure?

    With all of the technology that they’ve supposedly contributed to the the medical field, why is human health in such an abysmal state?


    Not 1 of the 99%, just 1 of the FEW who questions everything!

  8. James

    you make the family proud keep it up. I always know that there are nough brainy people in our family. All of us who born in silversands are proud of you. keep up the good work.

    You must come home sometime and arrange conference/workshop on cyber security.

    Look forward to welcoming you.

  9. David

    Checked the link. I am sorry, how am I to respond here? I need Bajans here at home helping to turn this place into a productive engine that can earn its way in the world … If you are proud that we Barbadians, can afford to be part of grander things, well that feeling is seriously misplaced. I am happy for these people and there “personal” achievements; these have NOTHING to do with Barbados and the job at hand …

  10. If NASA’s results are filtered through Hansen, and the IPCC, forget them.

    Raw data available to the online public is great, revealing the lie of catastrophic man-made global warming.

    Once manipulated by NASA Goddard watch your pockets.

  11. The notion that you can only contribute to barbados if you live in barbados is extremely shortsighted.. I recently was a speaker at the ISB conference exactly to do just that.. Tourism down I come home more..

    Bringing home knowledge and experience which can be tranferred locally is an important factor to our rate of development..

  12. Other than for tourism advertising Mr James the Far Sighted, how else can a these emigrants contribute … ? Knowledge and Experience do not count, that can always be bought from elsewhere …

  13. NASA cares about its military might. We’re not so duped to think anything different. I’m proud of the Barbadians who are able to see through NASA’s cute PR. Happy for the bro tho. Who would not be. Everyone should be allowed to live their dreams – as long as they’re not committing anything criminal and that, is not probably not a strong point of any future projection for NASA. I have for example a relative in a theatre of war representing the US and by golly, I’m not proud and I hope he doesn’t get himself killed because he doesn’t know what he got himself into – but maybe he did. Truly proud of Bajans who see past the NASA ambitions – which humanity are they’re trying to develop anyway?

  14. @BAF
    let’s say for argument sake that you don’t know what you are talking about. What have we gained” Can you answer that

  15. We are so focused on tourism I am of the opinion that yearly returning bajans from the diaspora make significant and tangable contributions that are not tracked like hotel stays.. We spend money in our local commmunities all over barbados not just at hotels.. We send money home to help our families in barbados.. And much more..

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