Allen Stanford Sentenced To 110 Years In Prison

Allen Stanford sentenced to 110 years in jail for a $7 billion Ponzi scheme (AFP/Getty Images/File, Dave Einsel)

Texan Allen Stanford was sentenced to 110 years in prison today. In what is regarded as one of the largest Ponzi schemes, Stanford operated from Antigua where he was able to procure a Knighthood.

Many of our islands rely on foreign investment and are therefore vulnerable oftentimes willing to compromise the future of our children when these ‘deep pockets’ come around. Let us learn from the former Sir Allen Stanford experience.

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  1. The difference between this and the CLICO scandal is only one of scale. Taking from Peter to pay Paul and siphoning-off a piece of change on the way. Yet Parris won’t even sniff a fine! Steupse!

  2. A HMP security van pulls up. The four attendants holding M16 and Glock guns, opened the back door for the convicts in orange overalls to descend from the steps of the heavily guarded Dennis truck….Bajans who were near the General Library bus stop came over to have a look..All heads in the court yard inquisitively looked in that direction….First to descend was a burly fellow name Lazoy… legs in irons, hands in cuffs…followed by Chef Gossey Gander, he too similarly bound…a tall hungry fella named King Tuk… looking sickly if ever…a woman named Lisa Mourning…frighten and shaking…about six beaver-accum. attorneys who hid their faces were also chained…Suddenly there was a BLAM,,,I jumped up see that the wind had blown down a vase soaking the carpet below…Stupesss,you could imagine Onions was dreaming all the while ?…..cheezon…just when tings were getting interesting cuz there still had a few more fellows inside to descend…..

  3. What is interesting is how this man was able to setup in Antigua and dupe a whole region in the process. Sir Courtney must be most upset to list ‘Director of Sanford Bank’ on his resume.

    How can we learn from this as a region?

  4. Along the way, however, some people in Barbados and the wider Caribbean benefited directly from one of Stanford’s schemes. Are they willing to wash their stained hands of Stanford’s thieving schemes,and turn over the blood money which they made /given, to a worthwhile charity? Otherwise they are a teeny bit as guilty as Stanford.

  5. Hi Onions,
    The miller back from a sabbatical. Not yet done a “King David”.
    You are probably the happiest man on this blog seeing most of your predictions are coming to past. You think we could get Leroy P to carry some of the load of his brother in swindle? A term of 110 years behind bars is too much for Stanford to bear.
    Ac still in her element. OSA still stuck in her crow. But we should go easy on her since she will soon be committing political hara-kiri.

  6. @ millertheanunnaki
    Well well aren’t we a much welcomed sight and at the right time.It’s HARVEST TIME now dawg…..DEM back peddling so much the chain come off……ac silenced of the lamb….a clone d clined…and Aarson looking for knowledge that will be of no use to him or his party…..NOW the blog will step up a notch….. Its on !

  7. Sanford was able to dupe our overrated international expert, Sir Courtney Blackman, who is now peddling his expertise to the credit union movement. I hope he can manage to get a few years for some of those crooked credit union leaders as well.

    By the way, don’t you see how screwed up the USA is, if you kill they will give you 25 years but take their money and you get 110 years.

  8. This is NOT right. To me Stanford’s guilt will always be in doubt. Christ, look at where he was tried for God’s sake. Why Stanford and not the principals of the Bank of England, or Lehman Brothers or Goldman or AIG or any of the rest? What about those bankers in Spain who will now benefit from tax dollars? What about the political parties that have accepted tremendous amount of funding from these institutions in return for leniency?

    For me the worse exposure is that of the Black sons of bitches in the Caribbean who have gotten rich off the exploits of Stanford and have offered NOT even a cent in support to cover his legal fees.

    Stanford new too much. Ask any Antiguan.

  9. BAF”Why Stanford and not the principals of the Bank of England, or Lehman Brothers or Goldman or AIG or any of the rest? ”

    Because they are not ‘considered’ public enemy number 1.

    110 years, yeah. And butchers still givern Syria, how many years do they get?

    Do you know, that Morgan Stanley just lost 4 billion in inappropriate investments? By one feller (allegedly, which is bollocks, NO ONE PERSON in these corporations can take that much risk alone).

    Note that the authorities moved the Wall Street protesters on smartly, in the ‘free world’.

    What a joke.

  10. @Caswell Franklyn | June 14, 2012 at 6:05 PM |
    “Sanford was able to dupe our overrated international expert, Sir Courtney Blackman, who is now peddling his expertise to thecredit union movement. ”

    Well said, Caswell! The ex-guv is just one of the many ‘parasitic quacks’ sucking the life blood out of naive Bajans and East Caribbean people. Now what can Courtney and the likes of Neville Nicholls do for these failed economies in terms of expert advice?
    We will never hear a word from Sir Courtney regarding the Stanford affair.
    As BABFP pointed out, not a word of support from his fair-weather friends who were wined, dined and received lucrative contracts from the man.

  11. @ BAF you made a lot of since. Maddoff aka Made Off was exposed and rightfully so and finally stopped in his tracks unexpectedly. Stanford now at a standstill he should have known that day runs til night catches it. He is all by his lonesome. He forget that the same person to help him buy the big belly horse is not going to help him feed it. He’s on his own. Poor sole
    There are more like them just haven’t been caught but time longer than twine

  12. But then, remember that some, or so I seem to remember, wondered if Allen Stanford was actually a front man for a certain agency?

    Stranger things have happened, maybe the Stanford connection served its purpose. 500MM in Libyan money was in Stanford, what happened to it, all repaid?

    Maybe the vehicle ran its course, at the end, the face man was hiung out to dry.

    After all, that agency has ben known to get involved in some unusual schemes.

  13. If Sandford was smart he would have had an escape hatch similar to Robert Vesco who was able to escape prosecution in the USA by living in countries which did not have an extradition treaty with the US. He resided in The Bahamas,Costa Rica and Cuba among other countries, and reportedly died in Cuba in 2007. He even lived in Antigua (there is that country again), or he could have moved to Switzerland like Marc Rich who eventually got a pardon from Bill Clinton.


    Still with those conspiracy theories? Hinting that Sandford is a front man for some Agency is a pretty long stretch, anyone who could make that stretch should be called “Rubberband Man” I even got a theme song for you. Why can’t Sandford be just a crook? Some people always overlook the obvious..

    • Give back money? Not sure if such a thought would have entered the minds of the recipients of Sanford largess.

  14. Well if we start talking of giving back moneys….certain well known historic paintings name sakes had better take note…and I did not mean UWI Mona.
    CLICO pensioners ..(those still living)…would give a bank holiday for such news….may even do Sarge’s Rubber Band dance to Chubby Checkers parlance.

  15. When will the case be made for the people in the Caribbean who are in receipt of the ill-gotten gains or largesse from ‘Sir’ Allan Stanford to be brought to justice to force them to disgorge. Those in receipt of stolen property would include the WICB (C), millionaire cricketers, politicians and other members of the Caribbean upper class structures. In the absence of a disgorgement arrest must be made today!

  16. You know Pacha, if any of these people had stepped forward to help in any way it might have been used as grounds for implication. But in the 20 Million T Twenty match where all of those cricketers walked away as millionaires, it might very well have been from the proceeds of the event so there would have been nothing to be ashamed about. Cud dear yah, I don ‘ want them handing back one shite, but at least they could have shown some tangible support to the man in times of need. If twenty men put up US 100,000.00 ea, that would have been sufficient to afford him decent council… he might even be a free man today, a man whose creative talents could be put to use in the development of regional air transport and in the business of sport …!

    What a waste. Those American f#cks kept the person in jail for four years and then this …!

  17. We are calling for the indictment of the members of successive West Indies Cricket Boards (of Control). The members of the regional cricket boards (severally) who received ill-begotten monies from Allan Stanford. We are calling for the immediate arrest of government officials who aided and abetted the crimes of Stanford. We are calling for the arrest of our hero Vivian Richards and all the other officials in Antigua who were beneficiaries of the product of Stanford’s crimes. If the American prosecutor was asking for 350 years in jail for Stanford it can’t be beyond reasonable expectation that those who profited from his crimes should share his fate. If Caribbean governments do not act, and given the world government model, charges will be filed in other competent jurisdictions.

  18. Pacha

    Wunna asking for too much… In any event if an american court finds you guilty of anything it only means that you did not have adequate representation … that is all that is all that is all.

  19. @ BAFBFP
    Not only George Bush. A former government of Barbados and other officials are known to have entertained the war criminal Tony Blair. Sometimes at the public expense. They also hobnobed with this serial war criminal in London. This is a good opportunity to strike a decisive blow at the leadership of West Indies cricket and the criminal social classes in the Caribbean. They are constantly committing crimes against the people.

  20. Pacha

    The decisive blow that can be struck is at the concept that there is such a thing as real justice. Those who have understand how the process works, and those who don’t still think that there is a worthy process that they can rely on. Those who walk freely today knowing that they have adversely and criminally affected the lives of millions of people around the world will continue to KNOW that they have nothing to fear. It is up to those who can to continually plug away at the notion of “fair justice ” to the point where ALL people, including the dim wits among us, lose ALL faith in the process and make fixing it the greatest of priorities.

    Artistes have been attacking the theme for years, “Equal Rights and Justice” and still we have the UN sponsoring an International Day of Peace.. what shite.

    Lot’s to be done my friend, but there will be NO settlement for the crimes to which you refer …

  21. As you must know we totally agree. The UN is no more that a branch of the Pentagon and NATO. The so-called justice system is like religion merely a gimmick – window dressing. The powerful everywhere can break any ‘law’ when doing so meets their interests. As a result we have Obama killing 143 innocent people for every alleged ‘terrorist he assassinates. He change American laws in ways that violate the constitution in fundamental ways and legal right form the Magna Carte to the enlightenment.

  22. Pacha

    Seriously, what is Stanford’s real crime? Who did he really offend? Stanford as per Newbie, could have seen a storm approaching and could have high tailed out of here had he felt that he a need too. Who is being protected and from what?

  23. I thought that Stanford took old ladies pension cash and gave them certificates of deposit which they cannot cash, because the cash was used to feed Stanford’s bling lifestyle, and fatten any official who wanted a bribe and as you know there is no shortage of officials who want a prouge.

    As for Stanford’s beneficiaries helping with his legal defence. You joking right? My ld mother who didn’t finish elementary school always used to talk about “buy friends” A buy friend is NOT a friend. When the money gone, the buy friend gone. Stanford and you BAFBFP should know this.

    And tobesides my Antiguan friend who never step foot in a university told be long time that Stanford is a liar, then he never even lived in Antigua, that Antigua was just a place of convenience where he showed his face from time to time. A man who will lie about where he lives will lie about anything and everything.

    • Random Thoughts | June 15, 2012 at 11:27 PM | I thought that Stanford took old ladies pension cash and gave them certificates of deposit which they cannot cash, because the cash was used to feed Stanford’s bling lifestyle, and fatten any official who wanted a bribe and as you know there is no shortage of officials who want a prouge.

      Random Thoughts

      In the quotation above you can substitute Stanford with CLICO or Leroy Parris and if you do, your mother’s saying about “buy friends” would not hold true since in the Barbados context we hear that the man is not a leper.

  24. bro caswell- wouldn’t the law relating to’ the receiving of stolen property’ be apllicable to all those who were benficiaries of SIr Stanford’s handouts from ill-gotten gains.? just askin

  25. @balance
    wouldn’t the law relating to’ the receiving of stolen property’ be apllicable to all those who were benficiaries of SIr Stanford’s handouts from ill-gotten
    gains.? just askin
    Should that apply here as well with CLICO ill gotten gains ?Shouldn’t a PM who is a lawyer first and HEAD of the DLP know that ?Isn’t there a law as well for keeping silence although… you have information that a crime has been committed ?Is Barbados too above all laws that we can have such a blatant conspiracy going on and everyone right down to the CJ says nothing absolutely nothing about it ? Are we the same place that boast of 90% literacy in the World ? ..a PM conveniently appears to have lost his glasses ?Is this an episode of America Most Wanted, CSI or Days of OUR lives…and I still dreaming like Alice ?Are all CLICO conspirators above the law or is the protection money too sweet ? Is a house near Cloud Nine, actually located on cloud nine or Barbados is cloud nine only for some… the expense of others..pensioners and other CLICO policyholders.?…Is not a choice for Griffith as opposed to a Mona as straight obvious ? ..Should she be allowed to run in the first place ?Really is this what Barbados has come to ?But a shoplifter is shelved for 2 years for school bad or chocolate…..Where is FAIR…or FARE..only at the Stadium? Only for some..?
    Well brace ..if it out….soon people will lose all confidence..and resort to their own measures….then comes Oh hell in paradise…and by that is not meant Four Seasons…cuz they “long pass that stage..n some need to play catchup.”

  26. How will the DLP ever be able to dig itself out of this mess, it dug itself into in the first place…. (like the Arizona above) before elections….beats me ?
    Will take a lot of PERCEPTION…from space too .

  27. @Sargeant ”@Crusoe

    Still with those conspiracy theories? Hinting that Sandford is a front man for some Agency is a pretty long stretch”


    Ah Sargeant, are you referring to my objections to the Middle ast actions re Libya and Iraq, whence I regarded ulterior motives other than ‘rescuing the civilians’??

    Fair enough, then perhaps you can enlighten me as to when the same nations will ride on steeds to protect those being butchered in Syria?

    As for Stanford, yes, maybe some will believe that one man can walk away with USD 2 Billion all on his lonesome, but I do not.

    So, allow me to sit with my cpnspiracy theories, while I allow you your enjoyment of the old Rye on your armchair, wacthing and soaking in Fox News.


  28. @BAFBFP

    My brother, under American law unless you renounce your citizenship or permanent residency your are, for example, liable to taxation regardless to where in the world you reside or do business. In the financial industry the SEC has the power to effectively and retroactively institute legislation to cover alleged malfeasance, Boski is a case in point. Up to now no body can’t tell us what crime he actually committed, but he went to jail for several years for junk bond trading. I don’t have to tell you about Guantanamo Bay or the alleged drug kingpin from Colombia who was released by the Barbadian authorities after an extradition hearing but was kidnapped by the then American regime and flown to Miami for trial. Do we need go on? Our point is that Sanford does not necessarily have to commit any particular crime. If the US government wants you ‘crappo smoke yah pipe’. Further, we can even, and are, imprisoning people if we think they are likely to commit crimes in the future (smile). This is no lie. In conclusion. you are wrong to think somebody has to necessarily break a law to be in jail. Our argument is that if unjust courts want to argue that a man should be in jail for 110 years and the product of his alleged or proven crimes, by their standards, are shared by known people why are these people not being arrested and tried also?

  29. @BAFBFP

    In addition, we should tell you that some of the moral views we share, for example on the Palestinian issue, people like Dr Sami Al-Arian and others were sent to jail for. The US government deemed his support for justice for the Palestinians as aiding terrorism. We can go on and on.

  30. Pacha

    “Our argument is that if unjust courts want to argue that a man should be in jail for 110 years and the product of his alleged or proven crimes, by their standards, are shared by known people why are these people not being arrested and tried also”

    Simply because as per your confirmation, the “courts” are part of a process that is “unjust” …!

  31. Random Thoughts

    What do you think would happen if ALL of the old people (over thirty 🙂 ) who put their money in a specific bank all went back and asked for their money at the same time? Do you not think that this whole affair could have been handled differently so as to allow for the adversely affected to receive a return of some kind? Those people who are seeing the similarities with CLICO do have a point. Do you really think that the US courts give a rats ass about the welfare of Canadians … or anyone for that matter?

    • @BAFBFP

      The premise of your comment to Random challenges that position that it was NOT a Ponzi. If it was a Ponzi some have to lose by its definition.

  32. @ BAFBFP
    Yes! The so-called judicial systems are themselves central the criminality. About this there is little doubt. How else can you support criminal systems, like slavery etc, and not yourself be a criminal?

  33. The JM forensic audit made many references to connections in Antigua.

    Is there any connection between CLICO and Stanford? Is there any truth to what is being said that in the early hours one morning after the election date was announced, CLICO’s jet touched down in Antigua with a prominent man on board and he returned with two suitcases full of US$.

    Fractured DLP, be careful what you are wishing for for Owen, it may very well come knocking at your door if US decides to follow the money trail. You may be ashamed at what will be revealed.

  34. Responding to Caswell I still say that

    A buy friend is NOT a friend.

    When the money gone, the buy friend gone.

    It does not matter that Freundel Stuart says that “the man [Leroy Parris] is not a leper.

    Sooner or later Leroy will discover that he is a leper.

    Because the truth is the truth and the facts are the facts and no man in the world, not even a Prime Minister of Barbados has the power to change the truth or to change the facts.

    Sooner or later we ALL discover that we cannot buy friends.

  35. I have read the comments herein and one of the points which I would like to note relates to what some comments seem to be suggesting that the criminal justice system in the USA is corrupt because innocent people end up jail. The comments in this regard is unfair. The criminal justice system in the USA is not foolproof but it works most of the time. The same can be said (perhaps to a lesser extent) of the criminal justice system in the Caribbean. We should be balance in our critique.
    My next concern has to do with the delay or non-action by the SEC to bring charges for the extradition of those persons, in particular, the government officials who were conspirators with Stanford in his ponzi scheme. Many person in Antigua and Barbuda, the upper classes, and the politicians benefited from Stanford’s crime. Members of both political parties have been the beneficiaries of stolen money and they should be made to disgorge these benefits and they should be behind bars. As a matter of fact, I believe it was in the 2004 election in Antigua and Barbuda when Stanford appeared on Antigua’s television with members of the now opposition and presented them with a wad of moneys to aid their campaign. They should be made to disgorge themselves of that and spend time in jail.
    Stanford was made given a Knighthood under the present administration in Antigua and Barbuda, they ought to be forever ashamed of that. Just before his arrest the same administration was about to get in bed with him again and give hundreds of acres of Antiguan lands while the Antiguans could not get a house spot out of their birth right.
    I had to deal with an aspect of this matter for the prosecution of Stanford and I was taken aback when I went through the documents and saw Sir Courtney Blackman as one of the directors of Stanford International Bank. I almost wet myself several times over. My question was and still is: Were the directors unaware of what was going on?
    The lawyers in Antigua who worked for Stanford, two of them are now part of the present administration in Antigua and Barbuda. Were they unaware of what was happening in Stanford International Bank. Even the blind could have seen that all was not well. Is The SEC gong to file charges and seek their extradition?
    One of Stanford’s minions was committed for extradition on January 25, 2010, the Leroy King, he is still in Antigua living on his ill-gotten gain while the victims of the ponzi scheme suffer. When one examines all of the documents that are involve in this matter, the several communications and alert and request for information from the SEC in relation to the red flags that they had seen in the Stanford operations to the Financial Unit in Antigua and by extension the Minister who was responsible for that Unit at the time, it would be fair to say that many persons were well aware of the these red flags.
    I doubt the name of Antigua and Barbuda can ever be redeemed from this stain of criminality. What make it even worse this is not the first time that Antigua and Barbuda through their leaders have been involved in this kind of international criminality. While the govern of Antigua and Barbuda under the Antigua Labour Party and the now the Baldwin administration are responsible for the presence of Allen Stanford in the country, the people of Antigua and Barbuda themselves must bear this collective shame because they had neither the guts nor the decency to rise up and challenge their government’s involvement with international criminals.
    It is my hope that I will live to see the visitation of justice upon all the minions of Stanford who are the beneficiaries of his criminality. Will this happen? Only time will tell. I frequently weep for the state of things in Antigua and Barbuda. Our leaders perpetually betray us.

  36. Quoting Prodigal Son “CLICO’s jet touched down in Antigua with a prominent man on board and he returned with two suitcases full of US$.”

    Then that prominent man (and all the other prominent young men who thought it was ok to spend old ladies pension money) should give those suitcases full of U.S. dollars back to the old American ladies who are scrunting because that prominent man and others fooled the old ladies out of their pension money.

    Note that I have gone to Antigua and Stanford and company never offered me any suitcase full of cash. But I don’t have a private jet either.

  37. Shakaelu | June 16, 2012 at 11:58 AM |

    “The criminal justice system in the USA is not foolproof but it works most of the time”

    Most of the time, some of the time, all of the time … Ass! The fact that it fails by your admission, will suggest that you nor I am in a position to determine that it has worked on this occasion. Clearly the way that Stanford was treated in the years leading up to the trial should indicate that something is NOT quite right here …! The fact that the highly placed officials that are connected with Stanford both here and Antigua who are getting on with their lives unscathed would suggest that there is something is NOT quite right here. And so on. Stanford is guilty of something, and that has to do with offending the wrong people, people who most certainly are not old pensioners who live in Canada …!


    As per Pacha … Maybe you David could argue that the good ol’ neighborhood Bank, the front end of the international Western financial architecture, is NOT a PONZI styled operation …!

  38. I am not and have never been convinced that BCCI was a “ganster bank”. If it was, well with whom are the gansters banking now?

    God people are SO gullible …!

  39. @Crusoe

    Thanks for confirming that your conspiracy theories are still alive and kicking, but folks like you are only waiting for the Western powers to intervene before you jump in with guns blazing to criticize. Meanwhile I haven’t heard a peep from you or the alternative Press lamenting the fate of those people being “butchered” guess it depends on who the butcher is, some butchers get a pass and others are the Devil incarnate BTW the UN has “Observers” there guess the UN is a toothless bulldog.

    I also heard that Assad had transferred 7 billion to accounts in Russia and they have offered him a comfortable retirement in Moscow.

    That was a low blow suggesting I drink rye and watch Faux TV, you should know that I drink Gin & Tonic and watch “As the World Turns”, but when did you stop beating your wife?

  40. @Shakaelu | June 16, 2012 at 11:58 AM |
    “Were the directors unaware of what was going on?”……..

    Can we ask the same of the Directors of CLICO? These directors claim that they did not know of the shenanigans that were going on. But from reading the Judicial Managers’ report, they cannot say that did not know what was going on. I mean what financials were they given to look at or maybe they got doctored documents.

    The way money was moved from CLICO Life to finance the whims and fancy and lifestyle of Leroy Parris was mind boggling. The man was given exorbitant bonuses and salary, excessive claims, transfers that cannot be traced, he had companies into which monies were unilaterally transferred just for so, a company jet was leased for thousands of US$ for him and the dead king to joy ride. Oh that document is worth reading.

    If the BLP wins the election and does not bring this man to justice, I would be saddened!

  41. @BAFBFP

    We made the statement about about international financial capital being a grand Ponzi scheme and will defend that judgement with vigour. In fact, it was our friend BAFBFP who rightly said that if all the depositors in any bank anywhere in the world wanted to take all their monies at the same time, banks would not have it to give them. Is this not the basis of ‘great’ Charles Ponzi? Or Madoff who ‘made-off’ with 50 billion Ponzi dollars. Secondly, the financial system is prompted up on fiat currencies which to us are, and will soon to shown as, useless paper. No holder of paper money can go to any central bank and say ‘I want the underlying real asset’. This is the fundamental causation of the current world economic depression. The world powers want to give people this useless paper for their real assets like gold, oil etc and this trick isn’t working no more. Charles Ponzi at work again. Thirdly, look at the nearly one million trillion dollars in derivatives use for insuring financial bets, on both sides of transactions. Does anybody thinks that anybody anywhere could ever settle if called upon at the same time? Fourthly, how could it be that international financial capital, for example the Federal Reserve, is a private bank which is controlled by the very banks it is supposed to regulate? The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express (smile) – true. Fifthly, the PM of Barbados or the MOF can tomorrow morning print any amount of money he wishes (theoretically) thereby, if you believe the laws of demand and supply, arbitrarily reducing the nominal value of the money you though you had in your pocket. Is this not the Honorable Charles Ponzi at work? Tell us!

  42. So what ever the US courts have found appropriate to pin on Stanford, whether relevant or not, fades in comparison to the fact that all of the Anitguan’s savings, all of the Barbadians savings, all of the Western world’s savings is pegged to a currency that has NO intrinsic value … and any leader who will stand and publicly challenge this architecture will be vilified and condemned to a very public death, along with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, insurgents and civilians. Now again I ask, what is Standford really guilty of?

  43. Prodigal Son

    You really think that there is a difference between these two political parties (who cannot be tried because they have NO legal identity)? Man look, have a drink, tek a vacation, clear yah head and come back .. when you thinking in real terms …!

  44. Rupert Murdoch of News International Fox News was pushing Republican buttons pressuring Tony Blair to go to war in Iraq in 2003 and is bum chums with Cameron and Tories (no conspiracy theory, conspiracy fact)

  45. @Sargeant,

    Ah, it takes a man to apologise and I shall. Apologies for suggesting your rye and Fox. Just noite, in answer to your equally unfair accusation, I do not beat women, never will and never have, as they say, I am a lover and not a fighter..
    Poor BAF must be upset, was looking to watch a big fight.

    But, as for conspriacy theories, none of what I suggested has been shown wrong, much bases on fact (as for example the ex-AlQuaida leader who waas heading the anti-Gaddafi military, that was a theory, that is recorded fact.

    But, you know what? All things must start with theory, to be understood and proven. So, maybe I should welcome your ‘label’ of theory with open arms, particularly as it has been proven that much of what I suggested is supported by known fact.

    As more facts or empirical evidence is found confirming the theory, that is the point at which theories become knowledge, rather than just concepts.

    Unredoubtable proof? Sorry, the one convenience for those who dispute the obvious as conspiracy theories is that most of us do not have access to the files of government and relevant agaencies.

    A peculiarity in a ‘free world’….! N’est pas??? Wink!

    • The Beeb as a traditional player does a little better then the others:

      Campbell diaries: Murdoch ‘called Blair over Iraq’
      Alastair Campbell The claims are made in the latest instalment of the serialisation of Alastair Campbell’s diaries

      Rupert Murdoch called Tony Blair urging him not to delay the invasion of Iraq, former Number 10 communications chief Alastair Campbell has said.

      The claim is made in the latest part of Mr Campbell’s diaries, which are being serialised in the Guardian newspaper.

      Mr Campbell said there were three calls in March 2003, a week before a crucial vote on Iraq in the House of Commons.

      News Corp is understood to be stressing Mr Murdoch has never denied trying to influence politicians on public policy.

      But the company has denied claims Mr Murdoch lobbied Mr Blair on behalf of US Republicans, describing them as “complete rubbish” and unsubstantiated.

  46. @Crusoe

    I want to set the record straight, that “wife beating” accusation was just to show the power of the media whether traditional or not once an accusation is made it follows one forever even if it was proven to be without merit.

    My apologies also, but I will still be challenging you if your opinion is substantially different from mine on some subjects.

  47. @Sargeant,

    Point taken and valid!

    On the second, of course, we all have different views and such should be encouraged. Mature people can discuss without throwing stones, agreed.

    Have a great Sunday.

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