‘Quiet’ Wall Street Protests By Young People

If it was happening in non western parts of the world it would be headline news in Barbados and elsewhere. Last weekend mostly young people from the world of social media in the USA instigated a protest which saw thousands protesting the actions of Wall Street. Several hundreds were arrested for their trouble. Some of us continue to monitor this event as it unravels on Wall Street. Of interest in that the famous ‘Anonymous’ has signaled his interest to join the protest by threatening to ‘Erase the NYSE from the Internet’.

Many global citizens buy in to the current money system without question. Some of us who question are quickly labelled conspiracy theorists. The signs are present that the global monetary system is under  stress. We are part of the world and therefore the potential to fear fallout from an imploding financial system is real for some.

To the newbies on BU here is a quick reminder of what we refer to as the ‘money system’:

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  1. fyi

    A tipping point for Occupy Wall Street
    Posted by Ezra Klein at 04:36 PM ET, 10/05/2011
    Katie Rogers/The Washington Post Some of the people camped out Zuccotti Park for the Occupy Wall Street protest want to End the Fed. Others want to tax Wall Street. One woman assured me that “very few” of the top one percent live in New York, or even in the United States. “They’re in gated communities all around the world,” she said. Someone else saw this as a cultural revolution. When I arrived, the crowd seemed almost entirely under-30. By the time I left, it was considerably less homogenous.

    There is not, in other words, all that much you can say with confidence about what Occupy Wall Street is or isn’t. At the moment, it’s different things to different people. And, depending on your perspective, that may be the nascent movement’s biggest strength or its fatal weakness.

  2. G7, G20, African and Asian Food, Arab Spring, London. Athens and now USA protests.

    All over the globe people are waking up to this blatant theft, by the seemingly unaccountable elites, of their savings, investments, pensions and hope, from the people who placed their trust in probity and the law of the land

    From the 99% to the 1%, the wealth is being legally extorted by corrupted politicians for the benefit of their paymasters.

    But now there seems a new awakening, in large measure due to the unmanipulated internet, people are discounting Fox ‘News’ and understanding the global takeover underway.

    Not just the anarchists, radicals and left wing students, this movement is catholic. At the moment it has no coherent message, just rage at the machine.

    “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore.”

    That is no bad thing, because the Tea Party experiment was soon subsumed by the GOP, and emasculated by the Koch brothers into being regarded as a disparate fringe loony rabble.

    They ask of the protesters “what do you want”?
    They reply we don’t care but we certainly don’t want this.

    We want law, the constitution, prosecutions and convictions for starters.
    Maybe later we will judge the legislators still at liberty, and allow the rump to frame the regulations to reflect the people’s will.

    This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end ….etc.

  3. Greetings BU Bloggers
    The above video FIAT do shed some light on the problem but with also some distortions. Mainly that Governments do not print money at all but instruct (central banks which are self evidently private corporations) to do so at interest. In fact Kennedy attempted to print his own money but we all know historically how that turned out.

    In this journey through the rabbit hole or never ending information highway, we are challenged to discern the facts from fiction (deliberately or otherwise) presented to us. Someone once also said “the closer a LIE is to the TRUTH, the more difficult it is to separate” so true -painfully so.

    Protest of the young you say? How about a rethink? Protest by the people, for the people, by the people is more like it!


    The Revolution is quickly on its way!
    If you love Liberty & Freedom say yeah! yeah!
    Join the Revolution or get out the way!

    Take of yourself and each other

  4. Rattigan may be right about coalescing around a unifying theme, and one never knows which politico will seek to capitalise upon this obvious groundswell, and identify themselves as the champion of real change, not the short change of the last election.

    Ron Paul did appear to be the natural for this role, but strangely he seems to flunk opportunities to expound his strict adherence to constitutionality, and meld it into this general malcontent where it would resonate to his benefit.

    His son did it successfully in the mid-terms, by aligning with the Tea Party, yet Dad seems to enjoy being a lone wolf in the wilderness.
    Strange things happen in US politics. I often wonder why?

    Who’s advising him, and what winning constituency have they identified?

    If this protest grows and becomes a real force in election year, somebody is gonna climb on board, I just hope that that someone has displayed the integrity necessary in their previous career to carry through the people’s will

  5. Straight talk | October 5, 2011 at 8:42 PM |
    “Ron Paul did appear to be the natural for this role, but strangely he seems to flunk opportunities to expound his strict adherence to constitutionality, and meld it into this general malcontent where it would resonate to his benefit”. huh?

    What are you talking about? That is so unfair to say
    Tell me where has Ron Paul diverted from his “strict” constitutional principals, as you say?
    And if you think Ron Paul’s message is not articulated enough, tell me how much more articulated Liberty, Freedom and Peace needs to be?

    Yet perhaps you want the sugar coated version of reality from the flip flopper et al.

    You sound like a Fox news word speak.

    For you to write such rhetoric, tells me that perhaps that is why you know nothing about Ron Paul. Here is a hint: A modern day Thomas Jefferson.
    Ron Paul is a man of integrity, honesty, got good ideas, is on point with the issues, tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear, have a consistent constitutional voting record, return money on his budget, advocates small government, advocates right to privacy, advocates liberty with responsibility, received the highest donations from the military and won both 2008 and 2011 straw polls.

    Ron Paul have explained time and time again how to resolve many of the issues, that not only resonates with the growing awakened USA but the world masses at large. If the message have not reached you, then try to listen with your heart instead with your head. It is a paradigm shift, I know.
    Join the revolution or get out the way!
    Peace and Light to you!

    Take care of yourself and each other

  6. I have a major difficulty with these movements and it is informed by the hippie movement, the love love movement, the black panther movement and all those movements which were determined to create, establish and develop some greater social good. With history informing us, we were shocked to find that by the end of most of these movements almost every one and his cousin was working and spying for the FBI or the CIA; maybe Peter the spy man Wickham can travel to these protests and continue to hone his craft there. If this movement in the US does succeed, what shall it replace wall street and its financial structures with, bearing in mind that every one in the US is comfortable with the GREED associated with the American Dream; for that dream presupposes that every one shall get his or her turn drinking at the fountain of greed and living happy ever after. Fundamentally the american does not want to do away with wall street, especially if their retirement and pension funds are making most of them well off to cruise and visit places they could not go before. Just as in the other movements people shall finally drift away or find some other form of distraction soon enough.

  7. To Myturn2speak:
    Are you seriously coming to the caribbean to foist Ron Paul on Us. The man along with his son is not stable and needs a lot of mental health assistance.

  8. I’ve just been looking at the events on Wall Street and wondering if there are groups in the Caribbean that may be the equivalent of Wall Street and those currently encamped there. Do the Bankers on that street have any Barbadian equivalents, subservients or perhaps superiors? Are the savings and investment companies within our shores in search of profits for their customers as well as themselves? No duplicity or downright dishonesty? The well publicized activities, humane and otherwise of company executives on both sides of the Atlantic have no effect on the masses of Barbadians? Do we just comment on these media spectacles or do we think they tell us about our local social and business environment. Tek warnin’!

    • If you read much of the analysis about the Wall Street protest it is a protest against the system not necessarily pointed at anyone in particular.

  9. lemuel | October 5, 2011 at 10:12 PM |
    Please don’t embarrass yourself!
    A summary historical perspective 101
    America has always been ground zero for liberty, freedom and prosperity. They were historically one of the first modern civilisation to reject the monarchy tyrannical system; (kings and queens) for the adoption of Republic (rule by the law). Under that new system the people with set ethical, sound money principles and law, did prospered.

    Soon everyone flocked to America the land of the free, home of the brave (documented in literature everywhere). But sadly the enemy never has a day off so tyranny has gotten a foothold on America again and laid the counterfeit system Democracy (rule by the people). The good example for mankind to follow has laid dormant but not dead and is awakened again. True patriots are returning!

    Unless you just came out from under a rock and haven’t been on BU for many months I reference you to the many concerns that many voice towards the Barbadian dollar and the US dollar and the effect on the Barbadian economy. Even Us draft cheques were a recent issue. The point being that what ever affects the US also affects your 166 sqr miles community.

    In terms of identifying the causes of the issues that lay in our path, we must acknowledge that the Federal Reserve since 1913 has been manipulating currency all over the world under the pretence that it was for the stability of commerce. We now know succinctly that this is false. This should all be old news to you.

    However Ron Paul has been alluding the world of FED’s implication and many other issues which have now proven to be correct, doing so under great ridicule ad-hoinem through the years. Sadly you have chosen to join the list of those who would focus on the insulting of his character to lower what was meant to be an intelligent discourse.

    However, here are the significances if you pay attention. Obama has no intention of removing the FED and return sound money practices, Ron Paul does. Obama has declared that he has the authority to assassinate anyone on planet earth (For painful clarity that means also the inclusion of the Caribbean), without due process of the law and without any disclosed evidence. Ron Paul rejects this as a violation of the constitution. If you yet can not identify non comparative integral principles between these two men intentions then please try.

    History is repeating itself and the Americans are faced with the responsibility of the future of mankind. To be the beacon of freedom and law once more. The crossroad is here. The world political system is very near completely bought and taken over. Quibble if you wish but the next presidential 2012 elections have more bearing on the destiny of current and future civilization of planet earth, because of whom we are being asked to identify and elect. The awaken knows this.

    Join the Revolution or get out the way.

    Peace & light to you!

    Remember take care of yourself and each other.

  10. “Soon everyone flocked to America the land of the free, home of the brave”


    You can’t be smart and dumb at the same time … hold a side man

  11. @BAFBFP | October 6, 2011 at 1:12 AM |
    I am referencing to pre 1913 as favourable history goes.
    I hold great admiration for they rising up and rejecting the King George and the monarch system which critically rejected the self evidence that all men were created equal. It takes courage to rise above the status quo don’t you think?
    Now here we are again bearing witness

    Love & Light to you.

    Take care of yourself and each other.

  12. food for thought: everybody loves the good life=the good life a;lways come at the expense of others whether we live in the great satan america or barbados= we vilify the great satan and everthing that makes it great greed, corruption’ immorality but we sell our birthright to get there to embrace the same things we disengenuosly abhor conveniently forgetting or ignoring that the price of progress has its advantages and disadvantages. fellow bloggers, all the events and catastrophes that have been emerging in the world over the last decade particulary technology which we worship have been stagemanaged to manipulate the minds of humanbeings into a situation where they eventually beg to be controlled as was seen uin the recent riots in britain where instead of complaining of police brutality , the citixens were actually beseeching the police ti be more visible and firm to use a mild word with the rioters. fellow bloggers, the new world order is upon us.

    • Say what you want Ron Paul has been consistent:

      Successive US governments allow unregulated trading of funny investment instruments and encourage citizens to borrow above their means but nobody is prosecuted.

      Obama goes after an alleged mastermind, who is American, in the Al Qaeda organization and we hear impeachment.

  13. To Myturn2speak:
    Unfortunately for you and americans like yourself persons like me KNOW more american history than you. For your kind love to disregard the effort, time, pain and leadership that the caribbean diaspora fought so hard to deliver within the american context of social change. Just like how many of you dislike President Obama for he sees both sides of the nasty social side of your nature that attempt to calmly spread around your posturing about the constitution of the United states, as if no one is not being crushed by it. The plain truth is that from the beginning NONE of YOU want to accept the fact that a black man is sitting in the White House and SHALL sit there for another FOUR years with all of you having to call him Mr. President.

    I really do not care if you and your kind decided to burn down Wall Street right now. The outcome shall do nothing for me or any one in the caribbean. This disregard for you movement and all that it entails is but a softer part of my nature.

  14. Straight talk | October 6, 2011 at 6:50 AM |
    “Drafting a reply to your post would be a waste of time, as you apparently don’t understand English”
    LOL OK!
    Straight talk? You mean straight to the insults of the character in omission of the substance of the message as you did Ron Paul and now me. You have validated my concern about you. However, ridicule if you must.

    @Straight talk | October 5, 2011 at 8:42 PM |
    “…somebody is gonna climb on board, I just hope that that someone has displayed the integrity necessary in their previous career to carry through the people’s will”
    Ron Paul is that somebody! American will choose him President 2012 and save mankind or look back in regret. And like Mr word smith Obama likes to tell us “you can take that to the bank” Btw what English word is gonna? Take that beam out your eye…

    @lemuel | October 6, 2011 at 9:50 AM |
    What a shallow proposition you have presented. So you equate me raising the relevance of American’s history to also being the denial of the freedom efforts within Barbadian history. Shame on you sir. Yet I use words like liberty, freedom, honesty, revolution, consistency etc. And you retort with insults. Love to you all the same. You are a human becoming, may you learn to become!

    Let those with eyes see, those with ears hear and those with hearts feel.

    America declared independence in 1776, Barbados in 1966, Is it unworthy a notion of any usa influence, in the drive for B’dos freedom? Are we to say that nothing was historically learnt or applied? of course not. The example was laid bare to follow. American’s true history was relevant then and is more so now than ever. For many of us, a very long time was denied, either forgotten, or ignored its relevance. But no more!

    Many speak of the Constitution in the USA yet they should in this day and age qualify, to which constitution they are referring, because they are two constitutions. Yes you have read correctly there are two. The supreme court made that quite clear. One to which they are governmental restrictions and another which they are not. A hundred bucks to you if you can prove this incorrect.

    It is fundamental that this is understood else the gravity of deceit is perpetuated. In many cases it has.

    I dislike Obama the president no more than I do Obama the man. For both in this case are inseparable. When I look at Obama the president I see the status quo; lies, destruction of liberties, financial enslavement of present and future children, NWO and corporatism. When I look at Obama the man I see a liar, lacking integrity, cunning, a violator of his Nobel Peace prize award, a wolf is sheep’s clothing, part of the problem.
    For clarity I am above colour. How about you? I am rejecting Obama for the transparency of his qualities above!

    We are in a system so deep that only that the courageous choose to climb out of it. Excitingly they are growing in number. In my humble opinion Ron Paul (2012) is the mirror of truth for those who choose to look into it.

    But all of the issues regardless of their nature are not complex except for the lack of honesty!
    A brilliant man once said you can not fix a problem in the same mindset which it was created.

    Mankind has been part of this progressive university call life. The evidence is weigh to what works (the new way) and what does not (the old way) on spaceship earth.
    The crossroad is here. Mankind must collectively choose the road to tyranny and perpetual slavery or the road to liberty freedom and prosperity. All the things happening around us are symptoms and rightly so. We must choose!

    In simplistic terms, if I suspected that you loved cookies. Yet I put the cookie jar in a safe, locked away, then how would I know you love cookies or not. It is better clarified by having those cookies in your face and in constant reach.

    The same analogy is applied to mankind. All the horror we see everyday, the blatant pollutions with no one giving accountability, the poverty nations while others live in surplus, and the hypocrisy! Do we collectively love the destructive way the planet is heading? Do we love what we have created? Or do we collectively say no more!
    As for rioting on the streets? Two wrongs do not make a right in the land of Liberty with responsibility. The third rule in common law (law of the land) is “thou shall not breech the peace”,

    We did not make the rules but most of us are now learning to play the game. Sadly what happen in London was a foul with penalties! The universal laws accept love and creation, rejects hate and destruction.

    We are all responsible. Tacit agreement or the presumption of neutrality is no longer being accepted. A house against itself can not survive….equally a planet against itself can not either. We must choose! Yet freewill governs that we can choose to do something or do nothing but choose we shall. Lets hope we’ve had enough homework. Graduation time is here and some of us am at risk of failing!

    If you love Liberty and Freedom say yeah! The revolution is here!
    I appeal to all to do something positive!
    Join the Revolution of love and Liberty or get out the way!

    Take care of yourselves and each other!

  15. @myturn2speak… I am patience read it again, only this time with your heart open.


    You wish to confuse us simple stupid humans.

    For some reason, you feel it is your right to write a thousand words when ten will do.

    Please tell me

    What is your ***POINT***?

  16. Christopher Halsall | October 6, 2011 at 7:55 PM |
    You sir are very close to being divisive.
    Perhaps the message was for some of you or none of you. Take of it what you will.
    Love and Light to you.

  17. yes people are mad .wall street must be shaking in their boots. after all people have lost millions of dollars in the stock market .Homes property value are worthless. basically the banks have become landlords because if one has to sell their home profit gained if any is very small. investing in a home is a thing of the past. Homeowner are being shafted .wall street pretends as this is all the governments fault but people have a different point of view and are going to take matters into their own hands. Thieves, Liars, Vagabonds the end is near, Now the time is come Down with wall street!

    • Who are we scared to offend? Why is there a blackout of sorts on the civil action occurring in the US?

  18. @ac | October 7, 2011 at 5:20 AM |
    @David | October 7, 2011 at 6:32 AM |
    My sentiments exactly!
    The adage rings true here…Follow the money.
    People are rising up for many reasons but the main ones to focus on are that governments transferred Private debt onto public responsibility.

    They did not have it in a vault somewhere, no, they had to borrow it just like anybody else. What is very obvious about that is what happen when you borrow money and cannot pay it back, you default.

    Then along comes AUSTERITY for all. If you take a further 5% from my 250.00 I have to decide bean on toast is nutritious. But taking 5% or even 50% of a politician’s salary is not going to affect his taste for caviare and lobster one bit. What we are witnessing are the middle class and the poor bailing out the rich and irresponsible.

    Then to add insult to injury allowed the perpetrators to be awarded for failures with big bonuses. Then on top of that allowed them to go back to business as usual.

    Then further refuses to indite those who have clearly committed fraud and are still not in jail. If I hear one more person utter that if governments did not do what they did it would’ve gotten worst. I would say prove it.

    From where I am standing things are not getting better for none of the countries that got sold out by their politicians. The Banksters would probably say don’t hate the players hate the game. People should also be occupying government buildings as well, It was governments that changed the rules.

    News flash the population of England now lives in poverty or homeless in USA….and raising.

    David of course they are afraid, corruption never likes getting caught. Had not for YouTube and the creativity of its users, the bought out Lame stream media would keep the world from knowing in real colour; there is an uprising against corruption.

    Take care of yourselves and each other

  19. @Legislation Now | October 7, 2011 at 9:38 AM |
    “Will the “wall” between the rich and the poor fall in wall street? Integrity legislation now.”

    I use to believe that you need legislature for a lot of things. But then every now and then you get a teacher comes along and share some inner truths. I once heard Ron Paul said that you cannot legislate morality. Greed is a morality issue. So is fraud, theft, murder, hate, violence…. so is integrity and many more.
    Legislation has not rid these things from our world it has only served to induce COMPLIANCE at the exclusion of CONFORMITY.

    CONFORMITY would in effect make legislation obsolete.
    To digress a little, this is not a ten word debate. These issues have been with us for a long time and I would give homage to the chosen one who can attempt clarity these fundamentals of our lives in TEN WORDS. But If I was to attempt a response; CRITICAL THINKING is the point. Or how about LOVE would that do?

    CONFORMITY is behavioural change. Behaviour requires incentives. Evidentially, legislation has been a weak incentive. The world beckons a new incentive of personal responsibility. This is such a lump for many to swallow. But the painful and critical truth is that the world, in all sense and purposes has gotten where it is now because of the delay of many of us taking personal responsibility. If it is also true that what happens in the present also affects the future, then why are we still scratching our heads for the solution.

    There are so many distortions in the world today. We have allowed Greed to be seen as good, accepted that it is ok for politicians to lie, and banks to replace a sound money economic system with a polluted FIAT usury system. Yes we did that. My wife once said that “what ever a generation allows, the next embraces”. Prophetic in deed!

    From what we have borne witness to in the world today it is the causality of a world of limited morals. However, legislation will not save us. Only we can save ourselves.

    Take care of yourself and each other

  20. A lot of these people dont even know why they are protesting, a lot of them seem like loonies to me, somebody paying them to be there, like the crazy unions. You cannot get a coherent answer from anyone of them who have been interviewed.

    I have a problem with envy as well as greed. But if the top 1% pays 60-65% of the taxes, how much more do they want them to pay, 100%? Yet when they were offered jobs, they flatly refused the jobs.

    I have a problem here paying 40% of my hard earned money in taxes, never mind the NIS portion which I am getting annoyed with now, seeing how this government is spending my NIS funds.

    Funny how the lefty main stream media is embracing these nuts but went out of their way to demonise and curse the Tea Party protests last year. America is a strange place!

  21. The youngsters maybe viewed as nuts and by their admission they are not very sure about what they are doing but to the many who are considered sane they have picked a good target in Wall Street.

  22. @Podigal.
    Where is the bail out for the hard working stiff who invested in wall street
    only to see their money go under. answer that where is the bailout for them. after all lthe banks and big business encouraged them to invest in the bull market in return for a gain . tell me what happen to the small guy money. why should anyone trust wall street anymore. they make their own rules and when things go sour wall street run to the government for bail outs.
    Question and who is the goverment. guess what the small guy who pay taxes and who was fu…ked by wall street.

  23. now the dirty propaganda machine is going to start turning using all kinds of adjectives to describe the protestor but that is an old technique and as with war the first casulty is free speech. Now it is going to get interesting as the news media who are major players in Wall AStreet have to decided which side of the street to be on.The protestors ! Wall Street ! and “The public’s Right to Know. This should be interesting.

  24. @ac: “now the dirty propaganda machine is going to start turning using all kinds of adjectives to describe the protestor but that is an old technique and as with war the first casulty is free speech.

    Indeed. And, as the saying goes: “Heads I win; Tails you lose.

    But there’s no reason free speech has to disappear.

    We, after all, have the Internet.

    Just like our opponents….

  25. ac not only wall street but thousands of policy owners in barbados and the entire caribbean have lost their savings and investments in clico because of the skullduggery of the corrupt managers and their cohorts aided and abetted by swindling lawyers. perhaps you can advise us how to protest here about the loss of savings put aside for hard times and in some cases to provide for family in times of need.

  26. @ balance,

    Don’t be fooled they all a part of wall street, Down with Wall Street ! Up with “Main Street! it’s about time the rules changed to benefit the working stiff and it is going to happen. The news media is trying to keep things under cover but the horse is already out of the barn.Those protesters feel used and abuse by a system which lied and lied to them. Now they have decided to take matters into their own hands. Listen to Obama Speech today in support of the protesters. Wall Street has met the enemy and it its themselves . Abuse of Power that has brought the world economy to its knees.Finally the chickens have come home to roost. It can only get better!


  28. @balance.
    maybe you can start a website asking people to sign a petition in regards to clico. You can also write to media housesworld wide with the story and hopefully it might generate interest which can lead to an interview. Or maybe you can write a book with all the details about the Clico Story ! Now most political matters do involve risk but when a person is wronged one must seek justice no matter where it leads. in the end right always wins the battle.and the backlash which one experiences would have been worth the cause which you fought .

  29. @David | October 8, 2011 at 7:29 AM |
    Thank you for the link

    There’s a world Revolution
    Quickly on its way
    Watch out Politicians, no more confusion
    Freedom is the word of the day
    No more oppression
    or liberties taken way
    mankind has found the solution
    With love you can hear them say…
    Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
    If you love liberty and freedom say yeah!
    Join the Revolution or get out the way

    Love and Light to all

    Take care of yourselves and each other

  30. Ignore the Pussy Hole☝
    Mr. Money Man-Barry Brown, Blood Dunza-Johnny Clarke, Nuh Kill Fi Dunza-U Brown

  31. @David | October 9, 2011 at 2:07 PM |
    “A passionate delivery which is worth the listen.”

    Mankind is a special creature, full of many colours.
    Our tacit apathy has created a nation of android-ism
    A thousand words seems not to be enough. lets hope added pictures raises the passion in us all……to be truly free!
    Love and Light to you!
    It is truly about taking care of ourselves and each other!

    J P Morgan et al donation in action

  32. The writing is on the wall! WallStreet meets Main Street! hopefully a new banking system would emerge. after the snakes head has been decapitatedA system that is fair and not only to the 1% .To Hell with Wall Street a bunch of fat cats stealing from the poor and living high on the hog while 99% suffer.

  33. Repulsive but presented with true clarity!

    The money system has failed. But are we ready for something new?
    For those who feel that the money system was a good thing, I agree.

    It has epitomised the Thomas Edison Philosophy of what does not work to bring us closer to what does. Thomas’ goal was abundant light longevity. Ours is abundant sustainability for all is it not? It is time to accept and make recordings of our findings.

    It is time to start a new system. It maybe better or worst than the one before but as pioneers in the great experiment, whatever the case mankind will be that much closer to paradise on earth.

    For in failure comes also given blessings of personal growth. We may choose to rig the experiment and ignore the findings but will ultimately delay our progress.
    So are we ready to take the next step? It rightly should be called a new paradigm. That new paradigm’s first step, is that we CHANGE!

    Take care of yourselves and each other

  34. David | October 9, 2011 at 1:49 PM |


    what are you puffin today bro?
    sorry david but that is defamation
    please kindly remove your post

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