Georgie Attacks Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

Georgie - photo credit: UK Mail

Recently many references have been made by the BU family to Her Majesty through her representative the Governor General in connection with the Alexandra School issue. There was also the recent visit by Prince Edward and Princess Sophie who represented the Queen in celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. Whether we like or not the Queen is our head of state and  the latest attack on Her Majesty’s mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and on Her Majesty’s birth in a book by Jamaican, Georgia Arianna Ziadie, self-styled “Lady Colin Campbell”, should be of interest. BU contacted one of its family members for an opinion and received the following reply.

Yes, this has been much in the news. But is unlikely to sell well in Britain – you see, those who live in Britain know better. Actually, I know Georgie Campbell and have for many years. Don’t like her very much, but we know each other. She styles herself “Lady Colin Campbell” and is pissed off because the court styles her Georgie, Lady Campbell and some who choose to respect protocol insist on addressing her as such, which pisses her off.

There is a connection to Barbados in that Lord Colin Campbell’s eldest brother, who became Duke of Argyll, had, as his first of many wives, the late Janet Kidd (think Holders and Lord Beaverbrook and the Holders Festival and Jodi Kidd). Janet divorced Argyll for beating her up and stealing her jewellery and selling it (but only after she had presented him with a daughter – Lady Jeanne Campbell who herself became the wife of Norman Mailer), while Georgie divorced Colin, not as she claims for being an uncontrollable drunk, but because, in her words, he had a penis that looked like a lipstick.

Georgie gathers most of her evidence from the late Margaret Duchess of Argyll, who has been dead since the early 90s. Margaret was a friend of mine. However, no one, including myself, ever believed a single word Margaret uttered. She was born Margaret Whigam to a Scottish couple who immigrated to the USA where the father made a vast fortune. Mother died and Margaret and Daddy returned to England where Margaret set about spending Daddy’s entire fortune. Now understand that Margaret’s proud boast was that she could not even boil water. She was also a sexual predator.

She married first the American Battle of Britain fighter ace, Charlie Sweeney and as Mrs Sweeney was immortalised by Cole Porter in “You’re The Tops”. She also produced two children for Sweeney, before divorcing him and marrying Ian Argyll (Janet Kidd was the first wife, Margaret was the third wife). It is noted that Margaret’s daughter, Frances, married the Duke of Rutland and thereafter to the end of Margaret’s life, refused to speak to Margaret ever again. As Margaret and the Duke of Rutland were of an age and Frances was young enough to be Rutland’s daughter, one cannot help speculating as to the reason for the rift and the mind, frankly, boggles – knowing Margaret, it boggles a lot.

Margaret and Argyll divorced in one of the most scandalous divorces ever. The judge ruled Margaret to be a “pathological liar”. One of the more interesting pieces of evidence occurred when Ian Argyll was on the stand and was shown a photograph of Margaret clutching some man’s erect penis about to provide him with oral sex. The Duke was asked, “Does Your Grace recognise the hand that is clutching the object in the photograph?” To which he replied, “Yes, it is Her Grace’s hand.” “And does your Grace recognise the object being clutched as belonging Your Grace?” “No, I’ve never been circumcised.” The “object” it later turned out, belonged to the legendary Hollywood actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. This was discovered as a result of the fact that Margaret had also been screwing (simultaneously) a cabinet minister and others, by Lord Denning, arguably the greatest jurist of all time, who was commissioned by the Government to discover whether or not the “object” belonged to and was attached to the groin of Mr Reginald Maudling, a cabinet member. As it turned out, it was attached to the person of a famous Hollywood star. Margaret was the subject of many books, on all of which she sued the authors. Predictably, she ran out of money and spent her declining years surrounded by homosexuals all of which she tried, unsuccessfully, to bed. One of these “walkers” whom I know slightly, regaled a party one night with stories of how Margaret (aged about 70 by that time) had put the moves on him and, when he rejected her, dragged him to a closet in her hallway from which she removed the most enormous electronic dildo he claims he had even seen and declared, “It’s men like you who have condemned me to THIS!”

All of Georgie’s evidence (that which is attributed) is attributed to Margaret (they were sisters-in-law – very briefly). Margaret was a far from reliable source. Also, as a twice divorced and very scandal laden woman, her only access to the Court of St James was at the Coronation of Elizabeth II, which she attended while still married to Argyll. Otherwise, in those days as a divorcee, she was not welcome at Court. Once she became a double-divorcee, she was not welcome at all. Georgie has NEVER been welcome at court, surrounds herself with the same crowd of bitchy, queeny homosexuals as Margaret (the types who manufacture evidence so that they can be seen as being interesting) and it is from these that she gets her information.

Marketing-wise, it is a master stroke in timing owing to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the book will likely sell well in the US market, but at the end of the day no one will believe the word of a middle class Jamaican girl whose whole life has been in search of money and title and notoriety. Not over and above the Queen Mother who, now dead, cannot defend herself and who, as a young girl nursed the wounded of World War I and who, as Queen in World War II was described by Adolf Hitler as the most dangerous woman in Europe and then as Queen Mother from a relatively early age, conducted a lifelong platonic romance with most of the World’s population, was never involved in any scandal and who died aged 101 to worldwide regret and mourning. She is buried in a modest grave at St George’s Chapel, Windsor alongside her husband King George VI and interred with them are the ashes of their daughter, Princess Margaret. The discreet memorial reads: King George VI and Elizabeth his wife.

I suspect that Her Majesty is not even mildly upset by the book. She is used to opportunists like Georgie with assumed titles and tenuous claims to nobility trying to make a buck off the monarchy. And the last laugh is Her Majesty’s – and she knows it. In about 100 years from now, the name and fame of the Queen Mother will continue untarnished, while Georgie, like her books, will be un-regretted and forgotten ashes.

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  1. Hope this blog is not intimidating the BU family. It certainly brings into play the extent our economy is anchored on the crumbs the Monarchy offers versus what beacons in a Republican system.

    • … and on queue!

      Canada GG due today

      Nation  Canada’s Governor General David Johnston.

      Sun, April 29, 2012 – 12:06 AM

      Canada’s Governor General David Johnston today begins an intense two-day visit to Barbados, where he is expected to participate in celebrations marking the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

      He is travelling with his wife and an official delegation, which includes Canada’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Diane Ablonczy; president and chief executive officer of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Perrin Beatty; and CEO of the Hospital for Sick Children, Mary Jo Haddad.

      Tomorrow Johnston will meet with Acting Governor General Elliott Belgrave and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. With Stuart he is expected to discuss the long-standing trade, security and Commonwealth ties between the two countries.

      Johnston is also expected to underline the growing educational linkages between Canada and the Caribbean during a visit to Bellairs Research Institute, McGill University’s teaching and research facility, and during a keynote address at the Barbados Community College.

      During a networking luncheon with government officials and representatives from business and academic communities, the Governor General will discuss the bilateral relationship between the two nations.

      The visit to Barbados concludes with a meeting of government officials, private sector representatives, members of the Barbados Defence Force and “friends of Canada” at The Garrison.

      The Canadian delegation will leave Barbados for Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow night. (ROG/PR)

  2. ROTFLMAO,. No-one beats the British upper-classes for unconstrained bad behaviour.

    Who is the BU “family member”?

  3. The post was a hoot – thankyou poster. But David – if you really want to talk about republicanism why not ask someone for a frontal assault with penile object in hand?

    • @robert

      This blog can evoke many perspectives on the issue of Monarchy vs Republicanism based on ones positioning.

      Here is another: to what extent would jettisoning the monarchy correlate to a loss in economic activity for Barbados?

      Should it matter if we are philosophically bound to be masters of our own fate?

  4. Caswell …on another thread..
    I came across this passage, attributed to Jesus, in the gospel according to St. John which probably explains why the Government is not communicating:

    St. John chapter 3

    19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
    20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
    21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be manifest , that they are wrought in God.
    Monarch Butterfly my brass bowl………the sin of the fathers will fall on the third ,fourth and fifth generations…sin is but of a serious reproach to this and many other Nations….REPENT ! The Kingdom is at hand….the down trodden shall but rise..the oppressors ridden…stand still ALL and see salvation ! Thieves , whore mongers, money changers and lovers of the flesh REPENT….judgement is near…

  5. @ David

    LOL……a frontal assault with a ‘lipstick’ in hand is no good. Better even the galactical dildo. Oh if only BAF were here.

    One thing though…if we are ‘philosophically bound’ how can we also be ‘masters of our own fate’?

    • @robert

      If the philosophy is anchored in a current reality with inputs that are Barbadiana being masters of our fate is a logical output no?

  6. @ David

    You know (seriously) it IS nice you’re actually there.

    Depends how you look at it I suppose. You might still want a validating ‘grundnorm’ – the difficulty being to identify what it is and how, precisely, it works to validate. You would also have to explore what the ‘current reality’ is – think of all the nasty things we say about our current ‘democratic process’.

    • @robert

      The nasty things we say about our democracy can be likened to ecdysis; a necessary act to remain pure. The groundnorm to which you refer goes to the crux and will require civil society to evolve to positions from time time given the enormous tension which impacts. This is where a structured engagement with citizenry/civil society comes in to play.

  7. @David. What are we going to do with these Jamaicans? First we have Shanique arriving in Barbados and then giving an interview about how poor our houses are and then we got another Jamaican, Georgie, trying to put something pon HM’s mother. I read the Wikipedia link on Georgie and seems that Georgie had had gender-reassignment surgery to turn him into a her. So then “she” married and only then complained bout a lipstick. Amazing that in this day and age when women would never buy a pair of shoes or a lipstick without trying them first that Jamaican Georgie bought a lipstick without trying it first. Based on that, “her” feet must be real sore. And now that she has seen how poor she thinks our houses in Barbados are, maybe Shanique doesn’t want to come here any more.

    • @Amused

      Like Jamaica we all have issues in our society to deal with but what cannot be denied is the level of criminality which exist in Jamaica compared to others. It is a problem and we need to take defensive position in recognition of it. Jamaica Posse anyone?

  8. @ David

    Yes, I like the idea of ecdysis….it’s certainly consistent with what BU seeks to do though it could seem a little like ethnic cleansing and, in a way, does boil down to that on here at times. But then, in practise, does the ‘cleansing’ process really ‘cleanse’ or only reflect and confirm? In other words, is what we scrutinise really any different from what we’d find if we self-scrutinised? If so, do we jettison hope?

  9. David Wunna betta ask the Canadian GG to beg Harper to ease up pon Babadus.

    Harper doan like de low tax ting.

    Also Canadian immigration tightening up and dey also talking bout cuttin back on farm labour.

  10. “Whether we like or not the Queen is our head of state,,”
    ur speaking as if this was made in stone. it can be changed. neocolonialism is much worse than colonialism…haven’t u realized that by now?

  11. @ David

    But then perhaps the problem with or without ‘cleansing’, ‘shearing’, ‘shedding’ is Gordian.

  12. “BU contacted one of its family members for an opinion and received the following reply.

    if this is a family member that u contacted, how come she/he used the following statement?

    ” Actually, I know Georgie Campbell and have for many years. Don’t like her very much, but we know each other.”

    i do not understand

    • @Smooth Chocolate

      Perhaps you need to have a reread, this time with your best understanding.

      We are discussing options and impacts arising.

      Of course laws can be changed but like robert suggested, who of the present crop will sever the Gordian knot?

    • @Smooth Chocolate

      Then you are free to move along just as you would if you were reading a newspaper or flicking the channels.

  13. Smoothie Chocolatte…..every piece of cloth has an owner just like every book. Since this is post is beyond your imagination and definitely not your cup of tea, do like David said MOVE ON and I will add don’t let the door hit yuh backside!

  14. I was reading about this so called scandalous book a few weeks ago. Lady Collin Campbell wrote that the Queen’s mother was the daughter of a french maid and her employer some Duke. She also had a brother and were brought up by their father. So who cares? Lady Collin Campbell has more an interesting life since she was brought up as a boy in Jamaica until she was 18 or so when she had gender retrofitting.

    Amused….you are correct that she didn’t even bother trying on the shoes nor the lipstick before purchasing so shouldn’t complain about the size. LOLLL.

    • @islandgal

      What if she was a Christian wouldn’t what you recommended be considered fornication? …lol

  15. David even the outspoken Rev Morris (I think that is his name ) says he has to try out the car before buying it!

  16. @ David

    Someone who will lift us up and at least show us how to stay there…….preferably before we ‘kill’ him.

  17. No point complaining that your husband has a lipstick sized thing when you yourself [almost] brought a penis to the marriage. Apparently dear georgie did not tell husband about the gender reassignment surgery until after they were married.

    As expected he was surprised and disappointed.

    And divorced.

  18. “islandgal246 | April 29, 2012 at 8:34 PM |
    “Since this is post is beyond your imagination and definitely not your cup of tea..”

    u are correct since i am british, grew up in both countries and will be working at one of the castles this summer, it is beyond my comprehension and certainly not my cup of tea..i pity u lot

  19. @old onion bags | April 29, 2012 at 11:43 AM |

    big deal, if they want to form the North American Union, good for them, u are old enough to know history, they are only returning to how they were originally. so what?

  20. @Islandgal. Yuh mek muh cry wid de laugh. Well done. Poor man think he marrying a woman and den he discover dat de lipstick is for a re-tread. Never mind Smooth Chocolate. De CASTLE he wukkin in is Sam Lord’s own.

  21. “u are correct since i am british, grew up in both countries and will be working at one of the castles this summer, it is beyond my comprehension and certainly not my cup of tea..i pity u lot”

    The British are coming , The British are coming! To be honest I really don’t care where you will be working this summer, whether it be in a dungeon or castle, kitchen or sty I don’t care. Save your pity smooth chocolate for those poor Brits who feel that the Queen’s shit don’t stink.

  22. @Amused | April 30, 2012 at 7:53 AM |
    “… Never mind Smooth Chocolate. De CASTLE he wukkin in is Sam Lord’s own…”

    actually i’m female and it’s St. Jame’s palace.

    @islandgal246 | April 30, 2012 at 10:10 AM |

    whether it does or not is no concern of mine…we all knew the u people(independent islands) have been cleaning it up for years… neo-colonialism

  23. Jolly good smooth chocolate, now slide your brown arse to the other side and shut your gob!

  24. @ Islandgal

    I thought you’d turned over a new leaf and become nice? Mind ‘shut your gob’ is a very English expression.

    RR waves to Smooth Chocolate. They’re all jealous of your lighter skin I think.

  25. Robert Rass …….. I was behaving myself.
    Why would someone envy her skin colour? Her skin colour could be dark chocolate for all I care. Why choose the lighter milk chocolate when Dark chocolate is far tastier than milk chocolate? Remember she once said that she is treated like a Queen in Europe. Perhaps she is related to one of my ancestors …….the Queen of Sheba….LOL

  26. @islandgal246 | May 3, 2012 at 10:08 AM

    “Perhaps she is related to one of my ancestors …….the Queen of Sheba….LOL”
    Go,gyul, yuh likes yuh is on a roll! Yuh got muh hey deddin wid laugh!

  27. Using a maid or field worker as the”vessel” to carry & birth the child of a ranking Male, was very common,100 years ago, & only those who don’t know, nor study past history…will be bitten in the ass by such info. Frank Bertels,Founder,Director,WorldLeader,MaleLiberationFoundation.
    PS:Birthing was dangerous back then, & also enlarged the vagina.
    so,no longer a”snug”fit, for her husband, often strayed for a woman, who was a”tighter-fit.FB

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