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Tony Bennett suggests legalize drugs, click to read about it - (MARK J. TERRILL / AP Photo)

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winestone, Jean-Michel Basquait, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on – again. A few days ago Whitney Houston joined a Glorious Band of the most exceptional artists this world has known. There are many factors that seem to militate against the most talented human beings who give meaning to the aesthetics as philosophy. These could include certain self destructive elements, a seeming inability to deal with the lavish adoration of millions of fans globally, a vicious entertainment management culture constructed on predation, a drive to go to a certain place to find that elusive and perpetual genius and a perception that we make unreasonable demands of our most talented citizens. In fact, this culture of death is not recent. It goes back for centuries. What is a growing factor however is the role played by the pharmaceutical industrial complex. In fact, in the United States big pharma is directly responsible for 150,000 deaths every year and a total of 1 million people injured by so-called ‘legal’ drugs. In this article we will argue that we are long past the stage of asking for the decriminalization of all plants. We consider that no human being or institution has the authority to criminalize nature and that all of mother earth is our collective birthright. What we will demand from all Governments, everywhere, is the immediate and total LEGALISATION of all plants – without apology.

We are aware that there is a necessity to launch a preventive attack on the enforcers of the dominate cultural narrative that finds comfort in a petite bourgeois Barbadian ‘elite’ society and that is defended by useless people like Hilary Beckles, Matthew Farley, Leroy Trotman, Jeffrey Bromes and the so-called institutions of state  – a State that never tires of mimicing its colonial masters. These misfits argue that the marijuana plant and the coco leaf should forever be immorally criminalized. What these old fogies don’t know but what all the young people know too well is that in their very own houses there are substances that are widely used as hallucinogens. These could include vim, bleach, glue, nutmeg and toilet bowl cleaner. All dangerous substances and there are many, many more easily available. But we don’t hear the paragons of virtue calling for the criminalization of these substances. This would be counter to their ‘moral’ compass. To them dominate global corporations are moral beings who are incapable of evil – incapable of murdering our children with their medical weapons of mass destruction. Neither do we hear the self-appointed protectors of this Little English calling for a defense of the innocent people who are going to see their trusted doctor tomorrow morning. A doctor who will prescribe a drug which even the pharmaceutical salesman knows more about that the very doctor. These are the real ‘legal’ drug pushers in Barbados. And those who aide-and-abet them are criminally liable before the fact.

While not one pharmaceutical executive has ever been charged for the mass ‘murder’, using medicine as the weapon of choice, anywhere in the world, today most of the people in jail in Barbados are being immorally held on petty ‘illegal’ substance abuse crimes. In the USA as many as 80% percent of the people in jail are for small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, meth, oxycontin or some other so-called illegal drug. Most of them black or brown and are in jail primarily because jail has proven to be an effective social control mechanism (modern slavery). Some of these drugs are peddled or dispense by the pharmaceutical companies themselves using their established networks of doctors and nurses (drug pushers). Medical doctors, who know well how to write vast number prescriptions to supply large quantities of pills to dealers which are intended to be re-circulated into the ‘illegal’ drugs market. The Michael Jackson trial revealed that that his relationship with his doctor was not connected to the lofty principles that the marketing of medicine, as a science, pretends – the Hippocratic Oath. In the first case, Jackson was able to order his doctor to give him what he (Jackson) thought he needed. Second, Murray was eager and ready to comply with the order for a significant drug buy. Third, the dispensary was glad to sell Murray more drugs for Jackson alone, than a large hospital needs for a few months. In the end only the doctor will go to jail, not the pharmaceutical company, not the executives selling the deadly drugs.

In California and several other States there is the industrial scale distribution of medical marijuana under a Federal government which continues to fight a losing war against ‘illegal’ drugs that has been ongoing for over a century. An immoral war against nature that Barbados believes it too must fight. But the war on ‘legal’ drugs is yet to be declared. Several European countries that the Barbadian elites have utmost respect for, otherwise, have long liberalized their so-called ‘illegal’ drugs laws to varying degrees. Many other countries have found hemp, coco leaf and marijuana to have valuable applications in industry but Barbados is waiting for its European and American masters and a backward social class to permit the decriminalization of all plants. Why can’t we follow the lean of Bolivian President Evo Morales. We contend that there are too many other substances around for those who choice to consume. And there may be no measurable difference in consumption patterns. In fact, some studies seem to suggest that de-criminalization/legalization may have a reverse effect. In any event people have a natural right to use alternative herbal treatments as opposed to risking their lives in the hands of legal drug pushers.

We believe that the life of Whitney Houston has ended much too soon. If there is a silver lining, and it is difficult to see what that would be especially for her grieving family, it could be for us to develop a rational approach to all types of drugs – legal and illegal. We should also move, ex post haste, to protect Rihanna and all the other artists from a world that pretends to be glamorous but is full of treachery and deceit from many sources. Finally, big pharma must be brought to heel and their mass murder must stop now.

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  1. @ Pachamama
    Wait ….Whitney Houston ….am the autopsy come out as yet ? You seems to know much more than a lot of us as to the reason for her death….you sure that some info in this posting is not a bit premature ?

  2. On the general subject of drugs, consider the misery and the toll, so let’s look at the “trade” and see what the users visit on the world.
    It starts off with the mass slaughter of people in areas like Mexico and Columbia, through to the gang killings in the markets where users reside.
    The users subject themselves to misery and are part of everything that occurs right up to getting their fixes.
    Our governments blame the base suppliers whilst taking a fairly lenient attitude to users who usually get a light sentence or an insignificant fine.

    Harsher penalties for users – minimum one year in prison, pushers 20 years minimum, couriers 30 years.

    Here in the UK the complaint was that Thailand and Malaysia were not doing enough to discourage the trade so Malaysia got tough and hung the first courier, to an outcry from across the globe.
    The next courier obviously thought that following such an outcry it was safe to be the second. He was also hung and number 3 hasn’t showed up in well over a decade.

    Drugs are a blight on any society and far from legalization so that the plague of stupor being the accepted norm, I say stiffer action.

  3. @ Sid Boyce | February 14, 2012 at 8:12 AM |

    So now let us have your views on alcohol and tobacco!

    Remember these substances are banned in some countries where alcohol dealers and consumers can suffer similar fate as drug pushers and users.
    Speak up or else we will see you as blatantly one-sided.

  4. The consideration missing in the convo so far is that the user usually becomes addicted the drug and stiffer fines may only succeed in burdening an already congested system. Let us remember also misuse of prescription drugs have become fashionable.

  5. …….’ Here in the UK the complaint was that Thailand and Malaysia were not doing enough to discourage the trade so Malaysia got tough and hung the first courier, to an outcry from across the globe.
    The next courier obviously thought that following such an outcry it was safe to be the second. He was also hung and number 3 hasn’t showed up in well over a decade…..’

    LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 ….that’s what you think!!

    Showing up and getting caught are two completely different things…….Just ask Mr.Garcia.

  6. The reasons why legalisation is the right way to proceed are
    1 without the massive profit motive the deaths will be drastically reduced eg the end of alcohol prohibition in the USA, the”sons” of Elliot Ness live to fight the Drug War today.
    2 people love to perform ILLICIT behavior, the mystery intrigues them, so take that out of the equation.
    3 people with addictive tendencies will always be bent on self destruction, so focus on helping them
    4 the prices of most drugs will drop substantially, so turn it from a major cost to tax revenue like alcohol and cigs. Tax revenue can be used for great causes like education,

    Artistically gifted humans have a tendency to be very liberal regarding drugs et al, the way to deal with that is at an individual level with family intervention based on love. The person’s life has to be managed properly eg Whitney should not have been encouraged to go to LA a week early

    To be continued

  7. According to TMZ and other sources, Zanax, prescription drugs and alcohol may have been the cause of Whitney’s death. However, until the official results of the autopsy are release, there is no concrete proof.

    Others such as Dolly Parton will make a lots of moula from Whitney’s death. It has been reported, “unfortunately, not much of anything will go to Whitney’s estate, as she didn’t write any of her own songs.”

    Another life gone too soon. A voice that cannot be easily match. I think she tried but was not strong enough to fight the feeling; sad. May she rest in peace.

  8. It is time to STOP drinking the propaganda soup that comes from the Downpressor’s table. To be EDUCATED must mean more than reading and writing an regurgitating.

    EMANCIPATE YOURSELVES FROM MENTAL SLAVERY and learn how to think for yourself and not just to think the way the master has programmed you to think.
    Process the information below and see the connection.


    Ras Jahaziel

    Ras Jahaziel

  9. Which of you did the autopsy on Whitney? How come you know what she died from or for? If we’re going to legalise drugs because on the rampant usage, then legalise totally, gambling, cursing, stealing these things are rampant too. The moral fibre of this world is falling apart, man will eventually destroy himself, yet we consider ourselves to be the most sensible animals on this planet. I see in another ten to twenty years a new generation of zumbies walking the streets and calling themselves HUMAN

  10. I saw Whitney in N.Y about a year ago and I’m not surprise at her death. I’m really sorry to have missed her but she only has herself to blame. She got involved in the wrong group and when I recently saw her, I was lost for words to see what used to be a VERY beautiful young lady, who allowed bad company to turn her into a rag doll. She would always be my favorite artiste. We now need to turn our attention to our own Rihanna, I know many of you would say leave her alone, but that’s the same thing they said about Whitney at first too. Some time ago a group had tried to get her life back on track and even though she did record a song, her voice was gone and this depressed her more. The entertainment industry, especially in the USA, is not easy and Rihanna needs guidance.

  11. @ The Scout
    Your point has validity BUT the authorities have FAILED in their meagre attempts to solve these problems, mainly because they are CORRUPT and willingly accept piece of the action $$$$$$$. Some say the CIA funds their black ops via drug revenue.

    In order to execute your moral objectives we would need someone like me as DRACONIAN BENEVOLENT DICTATOR, uncorruptible. This is not that probable.

  12. @The Scout

    You have invoke the moral argument.

    What is morality anyway?

    Is morality cast in stone?

    Is the idea of a moral code not pegged to everyday enlightenment?

    If this is so who is to say we can’t legalize drugs if it will deflate the criminality which exist and protect humankind at the same time?

    Just asking!

  13. A few people seem to be assuming that this writer made a specific conclusion about causation of death. That imprecision can easily be clarified by a careful re-read. That apart, one has to wonder why serious people would want to ignore the more fundamental issues to, in real bajan style, seek a meager tangential consideration. Which was never asserted by this writer but is the interpretation of the first responder to the original post.

  14. Society generally cherry picks its moral code and when that happen It often results in double standard or outright hypocracy. In the USA it is totally okay for grown people to engage in gay sex, smoke tobacco and consume ethanol. But it is not okay for said grown people to engage in sex-for -pay ( Well unless you are at the Bunny ranch in Nevada) or smoke weed or consumed some other outlaw drugs.How do the apololgists and the moral gatekeepers justify these seemigly in your face hypocracy.

  15. I have been doing drugs since I was a teenager. Two I didn’t like.
    I didn’t like marijuana or rum but I acquired a taste for a good quality Scottish drug that is readily available and legal.
    I graduated from Jonny red to single malts.

    I can drink till I fall down and it is legal but over the years I had enough self control to minimise the “damage”.

    I have friends who over the years smoked weed and I used to laugh at them because they wanted to do was sleep, wake up and eat nuff.

    I had other friends who would drink and become belligerent.

    It is profoundly hypocritical that Alcohol is legal and marijuana is not.

    Think about this.

    A 750ml bottle of Mount Gay Eclipse rum is sold in Ontario, Canada for CAD$29.95 or about BDS $58.

    What is the price of the same rum in Barbados ? BDS $20?

    Massive profits out of devil juice because the organizational structures are sophisticated enough to profit Big business and Government.

    • Except I haven’t heard of anyone committing a trail of murder over Mountgay rum supply.
      The cartels don’t use free market theories or practices to gain business advantage over the competition.
      Every drug user is an accessory to murder on a grand scale.
      Advertising and marketing are not the tools of the cartels, their tools are guns, knives, heavy implements, machetes and bombs. It’s been so forever, perhaps even before the British gunboats imposed opium on China.

      Seems some are saying here in a roundabout way that J. Edgar Hoover was showing love when he suggested flooding black neighbourhoods with cocaine and letting them self-destruct.

  16. The author of the articles point about big Pharma killing people with legal drugs should not be taken lightly. We are witnessing a form of mass murder which is strung out over a number of year, so that these companies can make huge profits. Think about the ads that mention a list of side effects to these legal medications!

    The HIV/AIDS anti retro viral (ARV) drugs actually destroy the immune system over a period of time and are basically internal chemotherapy drugs.

    Human immune systems are very resilient if we get sufficient rest, a good diet, and de stress our lifestyles. AIDS drugs suppress the immune system because that is their job. They are not designed to cure anything, they are not even designed to increase our immune systems ability to fight illness’. What they do is to cause the immune system to go into overdrive in order to defeat the very drug and this is what makes a person feel ‘well’ for a short period. The bodies natural defences are going into action to try to repel the ARV or overcome the invader. When the patient goes back to see the murdering doctor, their blood results will show an increase in white cells because the natural immune system is fighting against the slow poisoning of the drug.

    After many months, even years of taking these drugs, the immune system becomes exhausted, when that happens the patient is told they have AIDS. In truth they have Acquired an Immune Deficiency, from the drugs! When the bodies immune system is destroyed any sickness can cause death and so we are told the patient died of AIDS.

    You know why they won’t make HIV testing mandatory? because it will show up the lie. So many, stressed out, malnourished people, who have a weakened immune system for whatever reason, will test positive for the anti bodies that HIV relies on for a positive result, that it will be obvious that the whole thing is a drug company hoax.

    I have 2 friends that were tested for HIV. One had his test done in the late 1980’s in London and was told that although he had been exposed to HIV he did not have it (figure that one out) The other guy had his test done in Florida in the last 5 years. The first test came back HIV positive. He had reason to doubt the test and had a second done at another doctor and the result came back negative as has every test since.

    Don’t be fooled, it is of more profit for illegal drugs to remain illegal so long as America can control the trade. Recent reports indicate that more weed is grown in the USA than anywhere else in the entire World.


  17. There are some people who can take legal or illegal drugs without becoming addicted. There are other people who will easily become addicted to legal or illegal substances.

    There are some substances that are so addictive that nobody should ever touch them and they should never be legalized.

    I’ve drunk Bajan rum infrequently and in very small quantities from my childhood on, but I have fortunately not become addicted.

    I’ve tried tobacco twice in my youth, though it was a big waste of money and never tried it again.

    In 2003 I was prescribed Zanax for a very brief period for severe anxiety. It worked like a charm and completely and permanently removed the anxiety which has never returned, but once the anxiety is relieved my experience was that Zanax flattens the emotions and I would certainly not take it except under excellent medical supervision and I was fortunate to have such excellent supervision. Patients cannot stop taking abruptly and I was so advised and I followed the advice given. So Zanax is a useful drug if used in the short term under close medical supervision.
    I drunk coco leaf tea to relieve the symptoms of altitude sickness when I was working at a high altitude (above 9,000 feet) the tea seemed to relieve the symptoms of altitude sickness without affecting my ability to work, sleep and carry out my day to day activities. But I would certainly never try cocaine or crack, nor would I use coco leaf tea at low altitudes.
    I am probably the only Bajan left who has never tried marijuana and I feel no need to try it.
    If I walk half a mile for my home in any direction I can recognize half a dozen plants which are psychoactive and or deadly.
    So the argument cannot be as simple at LEGALIZE it.
    Legal drugs serve legitimate medical needs. Alcohol used in moderation that is no more than a single 1 ounce serving for a woman, and no more that 2 ounces for a man (and none for children or pregnant women) is actually good for us. To the best of my knowledge tobacco in any quantity is harmful.
    And since Whitney Houston has just died this seems a strange time to be saying legalize it. There are millions of people who like Whitney Houston should NEVER take drugs, legal or illegal. And the truth is we do not whether we or our children or our spouses are one of those people for whom drugs legal or illegal will be deadly.

  18. Quoting maat “You know why they won’t make HIV testing mandatory? because it will show up the lie. So many, stressed out, malnourished people, who have a weakened immune system for whatever reason, will test positive for the anti bodies that HIV relies on for a positive result, that it will be obvious that the whole thing is a drug company hoax.”

    This is not true.
    HIV testing is not mandatory because it is too expensive to offer testing to all 7 billion or more people on the planet. HIV testing has essentially been mandotary for pregnant Bajan women for more that 10 years (that is all pregnant women are offered the test) and stress out malnourished people have not been testing positive except for the small minority of people who are actually HIV positive.

  19. Legalise what? What exactly should be legalised? Should Gov’t legalise marijuana;.cocaine; heroin;,crack;.crystal meth; Khat (qat), or the many varieties of hallucinatory substances that exist in the world? I used to be in favour of some relaxation of the laws against marijuana but I am tired of people with knee jerk reactions calling for the liberalization of drug laws every time a celebrity makes an untimely exit.

    If the laws concerning any illegal drugs were relaxed today people would still die of overdoses much the same way as people succumb to alcohol. If 150,000 people die annually due to legal drugs how many more lives are saved from taking these drugs? Hasn’t life expectancy increased in most parts of the world due to the availability of pharmaceutical drugs? Michael Jackson died because he was wealthy and the Doctor was greedy, how many people die in their homes from drugs manufactured to put people to sleep during surgical procedures?

    Greed is the essential ingredient in many interactions between people on this planet and the exchange of drugs whether legal or not are not immune from the man’s avarice, there seems to be absence of critical thinking on this subject, some people just write because they have an agenda to fulfill and if Whitney Houston dies or someone Doctor shops and overdoses from numerous prescriptions of oxycontin either the Gov’t or Big Pharma must be responsible.

    • We all know traditional economies are built and depend on the tax revenues and social structures which have been legitimized over time.

      How else can you explain the current setup?

  20. @Sargeant | February 15, 2012 at 1:19 AM |
    “If the laws concerning any illegal drugs were relaxed today people would still die of overdoses much the same way as people succumb to alcohol.”

    What an argument to destroy your position! So why is alcohol legal in these societies? The answer: Tax revenues, visible economic activity, business arrangements and heavy political lobby influence.

    Why not ban alcohol and tobacco and make them illegal like the other “hard to tax” substances? Then we would be standing on a “level” moral, legal and economic playing field.

  21. If there is one thing about Barbados is that you could always find somebody to take a conservative position that even their masters have given up. Somebody above spoke about a knee jerk reaction. Why not investigate the science. It is generally accepted that banned plants are not necessarily more harmful or helpful than a number of legal drugs.

  22. @Miller etc

    On the contrary the legalization of alcohol bolsters my argument; legalizing it didn’t make it less harmful but abusing drugs whether legal or illegal is a sure ticket to Boot Hill.

  23. …… and there is always someone who resorts to the use of code words e.g. “masters” to discredit the views of anyone who challenges their theories.

  24. Why let another wild and crazy horse out of the barn alchol and tobacco has not done any positive for society expect to lined the pockets of those with vested interest and to follow the same path by legalising illict drugs would be more of the same.

  25. @ Sargeant | February 15, 2012 at 9:57 AM |
    “On the contrary the legalization of alcohol bolsters my argument; legalizing it didn’t make it less harmful but abusing drugs whether legal or illegal is a sure ticket to Boot Hill.”

    You still have not “explained” the inconsistency in your acceptance of the legality of alcohol and your opposition to the decriminalization of, say, marijuana.
    In other words why, in your view, is the production and distribution of alcohol a legal trade and hemp is not (given that, according to you, alcohol is harmful when abused and surely leads the abusers to Boot Hill)?

  26. @ ac | February 15, 2012 at 11:06 AM |
    “Why let another wild and crazy horse out of the barn alcohol and tobacco has not done any positive for society expect to line the pockets of those with vested interest and to follow the same path by legalising illicit drugs would be more of the same.”

    The wild and crazy horses are already out of the barn and are running all over the place. Just travel around Bim, remove your blinkers (pun intended) and you will see what the “illegal” crazy horses are doing. Keeping them illegal is only fueling criminal activity, making huge untaxed profits for a few and encouraging corruption among those who are hired to stop the trade in the first place.

  27. @Sid Boyce | February 15, 2012 at 10:56 AM |
    “Except I haven’t heard of anyone committing a trail of murder over Mountgay rum supply.

    Because alcohol is a legal trade. No need to kill a bootlegger called “Cock(y)spur” for encroaching on the “Old Brigand” territory.
    Remember the 1920’s period in America called Prohibition? That was a period of real “gangsterism” and corruption of political and government officials (including police). Go research and come again!

    “The cartels don’t use free market theories or practices to gain business advantage over the competition”

    Free market theories or practices can only operate where trading in commodities or financial instruments are allowed by the Law. For examples, the stock exchange and commodities trading markets. Even then free market theories and practices are dreams not realities.

  28. Has anyone think of a world where drugs of all kind is legal, plus cursing, prostitution, stealing, raping, reckless driving, murder. All these things happen every day, so should we just throw our hands and decide if we legalise these things, life would become better. Our value system on life and living has fallen to such a low level that sometimes I think education and progress, has fried our minds. We seems to be thinking below the level of many other species of animals.

  29. ac | February 15, 2012 at 11:06 AM |
    Why let another wild and crazy horse out of the barn alchol and tobacco has not done any positive for society expect to lined the pockets of those with vested interest and to follow the same path by legalising illict drugs would be more of the same.

    Seriously ac…

    Have you ever researched the value of the Hemp plant? or are you all just blinded by the hypocrisy and propaganda surrounding cannabis?
    Until this day, the argument for the criminalizing of cannabis, has been littered with blatant lies and false documentation.
    Every time I watch the commercials about modern medicine on TV, I lol ….a 30 second commercial is usually10 secs of the pros and 20 of cons.Abuse and use are not the same.

    @ Scout…

    All that you hold dear is lost already and drugs are just the tip of the iceberg.

  30. @ The Scout | February 15, 2012 at 2:19 PM |
    “Has anyone think of a world where drugs of all kind is legal, plus cursing, prostitution, stealing, raping, reckless driving, murder.”

    Forget the “red herring” argument and deal with the gist of the issue:
    Why in your world are alcohol and tobacco that do tremendous harm to humans legal and not the smoking of mary jane?
    Deal with that and leave out prostitution which is practised everyday and night in Bim but is illegal.

  31. All of the same/arguments we are hearing today are the same ones used to legalise tobacco and alcohol and today society is/paying a heavy price with drunkdrivers mowing down innocent people and tobacco contrubuting to the growing cancer rate. indeed we should have learned our lesson by now.

  32. @ ac | February 15, 2012 at 4:36 PM |
    “All of the same/arguments we are hearing today are the same ones used to legalise tobacco and alcohol and today society is/paying a heavy price with drunkdrivers mowing down innocent people and tobacco contrubuting to the growing cancer rate. indeed we should have learned our lesson by now.”

    So why NOT ban alcohol and tobacco?

  33. miller
    That’s what I’m saying, it appears once it becomes a normal happening, the way to save face is to legalise. All the things I’ve memtioned are now blatantly occuring in notonly Barbados but world wide, should we then legalise them. Right here in Barbados, when I was a young man, I knew of every murder committed, today the murders are so rampant that it is impossible to keep tag of them. A few years ago, I was at a seminar and a report started that it is estimated that there are an average of five rapes in Barbados PER DAY, many of which is never reported.Again when I was young, we could have gone from home and leave the neighbour to close up the house if it rains, today we install security systems, yet one can come back home to find a burglary. Prositution was taboo today it’s well in the open, all these things are still illegal but many are turning a blind eye to them, therefore you are saying legalise them too?

  34. @miller

    Sorry the horse is already out of the barn and no one dare to reign him in. Society does Not need another of of them kind . Let sleeping dogs lie!

  35. @ac | February 15, 2012 at 5:45 PM |
    “Society does Not need another them kind. ”

    Society already HAS another of that kind! Get real and stop sweeping the problem under the carpet. It’s like gambling, prostitution, alcoholism, racism, homosexuality or AIDS. Here to stay, so deal with it in the open!
    “C’est tout”, “tambien”, “finito”!

  36. @miller

    So why add another one to the LiST of misfits we need the list to get shorter not Longer! too many horses to reign in . Enough !

  37. We are to eager to throw our hands in the air and surrender to the bad elements that are penetrating the human race. Are we still the most intelligent of the animals? Mankind would eventually destroy him/herself, too much education could be worse than none at all.

  38. @ Scout….

    When you were a boy, cannabis was smoked more openly too, just that the stigma wasn’t so great as the propaganda wasn’t spread so far.
    Funny enough, the first place I saw cannabis was in Church, when a Policeman came to talk to us about it.
    I remember asking him if it was naturally grown, why is it illegal….shouldnt crotons and hibiscus be illegal too?

    • Part of the issue as we go around the mulberry bush which is insightful in itself is that many of us live by a moral code shaped by our Christian upbringing.

      The reality in the multicultural society we now live is that this code is going to be challenged more and more.

  39. A so-called “Christian society” is supposed to hold the greatest reverence for A PERFECT CREATOR who is GOOD..(GOD.)

    That creator never created DRUGS.

    From the time you use the word DRUGS you are referring to a product of THE SLAVE MASTER’S INVENTION. Whether it is Mount Gay (interesting name but typical of a sodomite), or COKE, they are all the slave master’s invention.

    So for a proper overstanding of DRUGS and their function one must study the diabolical nature of THE SLAVE MASTER. Study his history and you would know his present plan. It is completely opposite to The Creator’s plan.

    Man that is made from the earth is supposed to have a close relationship with the earth and the plants of the earth. That is The Creator’s plan, and there is no one who can honestly argue against that truth.

    In the Slave Master’s plan man is to be disconnected from the earth and be ignorant of the plants of the earth.
    Hence man would depend on doctors, pharmacists, and supermarkets. In other words man had to be made into A CONSUMER AT THE MERCY OF THE LAND LORD AND TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON HIRING OUT HIS LABOR TO THE LAND LORD.

    That is your real predicament that you will be forced to face in due season, and it will not be long.

    This unnatural state could only be maintained with the help of DRUGS. That was always the purpose of Mount Gay… to keep the slaves in a stupor…and make tons of money in the process.

    Through a combination of DRUGS that included secular and religious teaching, the slave plantation would continue functioning on the backs of slaves, and The Land Lords would continue to amass great profit while the slave remained DOPED.

    In this unnatural order of living where the human was reduced to a dumb tool, the human spirit would be bound to seek release. Monotonous plantation living confined to an endless regime of exploitation would create a craving in the slave for some form of temporary release.

    Look around and see that there is no segment of the society that is not seeking some form of temporary release from the planation.

    But because of THE DOPE everybody falls for the scapegoat.
    Not even the Church is able to stand up and condemn the devil system, because they too are on THE DOPE.

    Listen to this : THEY WILL ALWAYS WANT TO CONTROL YOU FOR EVER, so you have to emancipate yourself from mental slavery. You are all the victims of a crime that has been going on for centuries, but THE SLAVE MASTER will do everything to distract you from focusing your eyes on THE CRIMINAL GANG that profits from your misery.

    Man is far more than a body whose sole purpose is to toil to the grave in the service of others. Man is also meant to have a mystical experience that can only be open to him through ingestion of herbs.

    That is why The Creator not only made food for the belly, but he also made food for the mind. That is the other half of the story that was not taught in school nor Church. When you resist that truth it is because of THE SHACKLES.
    Ras Jahaziel

  40. until mankind get a hold of it and it becomes adultered and unclean for human consumption. which only leads to death and destruction which was not part of the creators plan.

  41. Ac & Scout seem bent on treating herb just like people in Barbados used to treat children born “out of wedlock”. They were “illegitimate” and had a less “legal” status and inferior social recognition. Fortunately for blacks, though, that represented possibly 80% or more of their offspring.
    What a theatre of hypocrisy and folly! O tempora! O mores! The more things change the more they remain the same.

  42. @MILLER

    You comparing “Children” to marijuana i think you must be high on something’ The comparison is illegitimate you owe the children born out of wedlock an apology!

  43. @ ac | February 15, 2012 at 10:11 PM |
    Apologise to whom? I don’t know anyone “born” out of wedlock! I know children are born through sexual intercourse (generally) between a woman and a man.

    It is you that keep missing the point. It is about hypocrisy and double standards. Not children and mary jane.

    It’s not OK for a person to grow a certain plant for medicinal, culinary religious or recreational purposes. But it is OK to buy alcohol and tobacco to get high, kill other road users, abuse your family, put a strain on the health services and foul up the air (including your own breath).

  44. miller where in my post did isay iwas in favour of the sale regulated or government sanction sa.le of tobacco or alcohol. i still say your coments comparing children to the ilegalities of drugs was insensitive unfair and unwarranted

  45. @ ac | February 16, 2012 at 10:49 AM |
    “i still say your comments comparing children to the illegalities of drugs was insensitive unfair and unwarranted”

    Man or woman, you win! You still have not dealt with the double standard or hypocritical position you hold. Instead you resort to red herrings and adhominens. If you know any “illegitimate” children on this Earth then let me know and I would profusely apologise to them. Show us one! All children are of the Light. Why attach a label of illegitimacy to them as was done by people of your moral persuasion in the past.
    The same way that plants are gifts from the same Creator. If marijuana is “bad” then as a Christian bigoted fundamentalist blame God and the Devil who make man abuse and misuse it just like other things. Don’t ascribe evil to the plant which is well sought after by the herbivores. It is NOT from the tree in your Garden of Eden that, according to myth, brought down the fall of man (and woman too),no!

  46. When you really take a stock of what is going on in the world today and you look past the smokescreens,

    you will see that A GROUP OF RELIGIOUS BOTTY MEN are working steadfastly to create a world where BULLING will be normal,

    and they use LAWS to persecute Rasta people,

    because they know that a time is coming when through the Rasta man’s wordsound THE BOTTY MAN CULTURE WILL BE BURNED OUT.

  47. Prostitution should be legalised BUT the workers MUST be tested every week or 2 for disease. It is a fact that the legal and Judiciary types are known to frequent prostitutes, why did every major Madam case in the US have a long list of such patrons? Also true worldwide! The world’s oldest profession should be registered and medically monitored, TAXED, so peeps are protected. NO, I don’t utilise such services so dont even think of raising that point!

  48. I notice something about this blog… and I wonder if the people who post here can share an answer:

    When you post comments here, are you afraid that your BOSS would read them and have cause to fire you. or that your MP may disfavor you?


    I hope that the OBSESSION WITH ANONYMITY is not an indication of the above, because what Barbados (and the world) needs now more than ever, is a people who will stand up and IDENTIFY WITH THE TRUTH and VIGOROUSLY CONDEMN UNTRUTH..

    • @Ras Jahaziel

      The answer is an easy one. Barbados is comprised of a large middle-class which means critiquing companies they are working for, same with the public sector which is controlled by the Secrecy Act. There is a very small and fledgling self-employed class. Can you figure it now?

  49. As someone mentioned when a high profile person dies as a result of drugs it always brings the question posed here:

    Legalizing drugs won’t prevent abuseBy William J. Bennett, CNN ContributorFebruary 15, 2012 — Updated 1247 GMT (2047 HKT)
    (CNN) — On the evening of Whitney Houston’s death, renowned recording artist Tony Bennett told the audience of Clive Davis’ Beverly Hills party, “First it was Michael Jackson, then it was Amy Winehouse, and now, the magnificent Whitney Houston. I’d like to have every gentleman and lady in this room commit themselves to get our government to legalize drugs — so they’ll have to get it through a doctor, not to some gangsters who just sell it under the table.”
    Bennett’s idiotic comments were followed closely by the often original, but in this case mistaken, Arianna Huffington.
    On Monday morning’s edition of “CNN Starting Point With Soledad O’Brien,” she agreed with Bennett: “The point I think is absolutely fair — that the war on drugs has failed, and we are not acknowledging it. We are spending over $50 billion a year fighting a war that has become a war on our own people.”
    First, we do not know the immediate cause of Houston’s death. But we do know that she had a long and public struggle with drugs, both legal and illegal. But legalizing drugs and making them more readily available would not have saved her life, or the life of Michael Jackson, or the thousands of other drug-related deaths each year.

  50. OK David, thanks for your response. There is a reason why I asked that question, and it has to do with THE HISTORY OF BARBADOS as a place where there was nowhere to run to from THE BOSS.

    Unlike Jamaica and some other places in the Caribbean where one could escape from the plantation and run to the hills, in Barbados one had to suck it up and stay put on the planation.

    This means that ASS KISSING became a norm. Speaking your mind with boldness therefore never became a general practice, and if The Barbadian were to study his history he would see how the present Barbadian character has been formed in this test tube of TOTAL SUBJUGATION.

    In a situation where The Plantocrasy had TOTAL CONTROL of your survival and total control of your education your opinions were more likely to be those of The Boss. They’d better be or you lose your job.
    A HOUSE NEGRO attitude developed out of this, and self-hate was twinned with love for the master, love for the master’s culture, and worship of the master’s opinion.

    What we have to face is that SOVEREIGNTY has never been a part of the Bajan experience due to the all-pervasive control that was and IS wielded by THE LORDS OF THE LAND. This extends to the political arena, the judiciary, the police, the education system, and even The Church. They were and have always been the long-distance arm of THE COLONIZING MISSION. It all added up to a form of DOPE.

    To demonstrate how DOPED a people can become when under this influence, think about the fact that few educated Barbadians question the lie that constantly mocks and insults their intelligence every time they sing aloud the national anthem.

    Up to this day you still live under the total control of The Land Lords who own the land and the whole economy, and like dumb negroes we have been made to affirm the lie that THESE FIELDS AND HILLS ARE NOW OUR VERY OWN. What does that say about our education and our consciousness?

    It is this LIMITED CONSCIOUSNESS that causes the conversation of the average Barbadian to be centered on sports or on the intrigues of the Queen’s surrogate politicians who to a man always fall in line with the Colonial project.

    It is these perimeters around the colonized mind that prevent serious discussion about the fundamentals of justice and injustice that plague the whole of Black civilization across the planet today.

    Now read these excerpts below that demonstrate the workings of The Colonial Project when it comes to what has been declared legal and what has been declared illegal.

    Chia is undergoing something of a renaissance after centuries of neglect. It was a major crop in central Mexico between 1500 and 900 B.C. and was still cultivated well into the 16th century, AD, but after the Spanish conquest, authorities banned it because of its close association with Aztec religion (Indians used the seeds as offerings in rituals). Until recently, chia was produced by only a few small growers, but commercial production has resumed in Latin America, and you can now buy the seeds online and in health food stores. (CHECK WHO CONTROLS THE CULTIVATION AND MARKETING TODAY)

    (NaturalNews) The indigenous peoples of the Americas domesticated a variety of superfoods that took on important roles in their culture. Two of these are starting to gain worldwide recognition today as foods packed with protein and other essential nutrients: quinoa and amaranth. Both were banned by Spaniards who were scornful of their use in native religious ceremonies.

    Learn more:

    Our people have become Doctors, Lawyers, and air-conditioned professionals who are not able to diagnose the problem of their centuries-old colonial status.
    Ras Jahaziel

  51. @ Ras Jahaziel | February 18, 2012 at 2:08 PM |

    Continue with your fight in wielding the sword of truth and justice before the blinkered eyes of the lost souls of the Sun. Hopefully, Ras, they will see the Light and become enlightened about their true history and reason for their continuing existence despite the ‘astronomical’ odds that dog them day-in-day-out.
    But as you alluded to in an earlier blog: One day coming soon the will be forced to confront reality. Go back to the land from whence we came or be exterminated by the forces of darkness. Fortunately, though, the other contending forces cannot survive without the people of Nubian descent, the original experiment.

  52. Ras
    Paste the URL “http://www…..” on a separate line

    if it is a Youtube video it will show up as a screen when you have posted the comment


    In the case of the Oxford and Cambridge education, one is socialized into the English point of view, The Queen’s point of view, the ruling class point of view, the colonizer’s point of view, and most importantly THE ANTI AFRICAN POINT OF VIEW and THE ANTI INDIGENOUS CULTURE POINT OF VIEW.

    When you have been so educated it is often the case that you have a psychological barrier to any truth that does not have SIR, PHD or a white face behind it.

    This is a psychological process that operates in the subconscious, sifting all incoming information for WHITE AUTHENTICITY.

    So convincing such people of the truth is not so much a matter of presenting the facts, but rather a matter of getting them to change their class position, to get them to realize that even though they have been conferred with a title or A Big Job…THEY DO NOT TRULY BELONG TO THE BIG HOUSE.

    Fortunately time and history are on the side of the truth that comes from the hilltops, the streets of oppression, the concrete jungles, and the bush; and Negroes that were taught to distance themselves from themselves will be made to face themselves. IN THIS ARMAGIDDYON.

    Ras Jahaziel

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