Biggest Lies Ever Told By Politician And Christians (2) – The Significance of Occupy Wall Street and Everywhere

Submitted by Pachamama

For more than forty years some of us have been predicting the end of capitalism and its trappings of ‘democracy’ as represented in their latest manifestations within the Anglo-American Empire. The Athenian project, though originally well-intentioned, has degenerated into a pappy show, a trick, a mirage, an hypocrisy. Its twin brother capitalism was always destined to collapse under the enormous pressures of internal contradictions and lies. There is little doubt that in order for us to survive as a species, capitalism must die. What is unknown at this time however, is what should replace capitalism. And this is where Barbados is being ill-served by its ‘so-called brains’ in academia and the scholarship ‘winners’ who have been accepting money from the central government under false pretenses for too many decades.

Political democracy in Barbados is little more than a plutocratic dictatorship where the major parties play musical chairs with the population. The Barbadian political and academic elites seem incapable of fashioning an alternative or even removing the vestiges from the colonial ‘epoch’, as a necessary but insufficient pre-condition for a new paradigm. In the United States of America, Barbados and most other countries in Europe economic democracy is currently almost always limited to the rapacious printing of money that even ignores the rationalization by binary economics. It is the equivalent of printing currency that was one of the central causes for the collapse of the Roman Empire and that has the modern representation of Empire tottering right now. This hegemon has been skilful in erecting the window dressing of democracy all over the world but has NEVER had any real interest in democracy itself, cannot be properly defined as a democracy in political science terms and is working day and night to scuttle any semblance of popular democracy in the MENA (middle-east and North African) countries. At home it is already resorting to subterfuge in relation to the major existential challenge of the ‘Occupy’ movement that is making a persuasive and legitimate case for FUNDAMENTAL economic and political change.

In the USA, the masses of peoples who have been slumbering or sleep-walking under illusions of a non-existent or anachronistic ‘American dream’ have finally arisen. Anyone who has travelled to the inner cities of the United States is well aware that the endemic levels of poverty and its attendant evils, at their extremes, reaches levels not dissimilar to some of the poorest countries in the world. But the rich everywhere continues to get richer. The political system is bought lot, stock and barrel by moneyed interests to the extent where it is impossible for any collection of politicians to delivery on any of the needs of the masses of people who elected them in the first place. It is the lobbyist to whom the American politician pays absolute devotion. These antidemocratic vultures know well that American politicians cannot be elected or re-elected unless they have money and that raising campaign contributions is the first and only priority of local, state and federal politicians. The Barbadian culture is slightly better in this regard.

Several years ago this writer suggested to the local thought leaders that both capitalism and the American hegemonic Empire were collapsing and as such the country needed to fashion a strategic response – a survivalist response. One academician dismissed this forecast. He saw this over 500 year capitalist project as invincible. Several years later the country is displaying the same colonial mentality. Barbados seems to be waiting for some international finance institution to guide it back to ‘prosperity’. The country seems to be thinking that somebody who tells them that tinkering with the central macro-economic models can fix this problem. We are sorry that our forecasts were right but none of these old ideas will be helpful in the future. The Occupy Movement in the USA is not particularly burdened with this colonial mindset and displays a clarity that belies their general youthfulness. The economic and political establishment in the USA however, seems incapable of digesting that this movement is aimed at removing them from power and establishing another system and they are not particularly interested in tinkering. And unlike Barbados the citizens of the USA have a constitutional right to seek to replace any government which does not act in the interest of the people. They are also empowered to use all necessary means in this pursuit.

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  1. Wall Street has overplayed its hand .it kept moving the goal post further and further away,whenever they see the main stream average hard working people getting close to the american dream they step on the gas taking the dream with them and the end result is the “American Nightmare”: one that has serious implications worldwide within a global economy.Barbados cannot weather this storm single handely since the world economy is interdependent on each other and is likened to a chain with a broken link.

  2. A few questions;
    1. What is the Athenian project? Are we meant to know?
    2. Why is capitalism it’s twin brother and why was it destined to collapse?
    3. Why must capitalism die for us to survive as a species? (Species is singular and plural by the way).
    4. It’s musical “chairs” not “cheers”.
    5 Why should the Barbadian “elite” want to fashion an “alternative”? Using the word “Colonial” is presumably intended to portray that the current position is bad. What is bad and why?
    5. What is the meaning of the phrase “ignores the rationalization by binary economics”?
    6. Please give details of source information which says the Roman Empire fell as result of printing currency.
    7. What is the nature of the hegemon which is “window dressing democracy”? Please provide examples of how it is working to “scuttle popular democracy”.
    8. In what way is the hegemon resorting to subterfuge in relation to the “Occupy” movement? Please provide examples.
    9. In what way is the “Occupy” movement making a persuasive case for change.
    10. In what way is capitalism “Colonial”.
    11. Please provide evidence that Barbados is waiting for an international organisation to guide it back to prosperity. Most people here do not want IMF intervention.
    12. What is the constitutional right which allows citizens of the USA to replace a Government which does not act in their interest? Is this democratic elections? To what extent does this mechanism not exist in Barbados?
    13 Which laws of the USA empower citizens of the USA to “use all necessary means” to remove such a Government?

  3. I lived and taught in one of the most broke cities of America, (please see MSN’s 9 most broke cities in America), Riverdale, Illinois. There I grew up, attended school and went back and taught. I knew then that it was a ghetto, but it was an awesome ghetto! I did not live in squalor or immense poverty, in fact we had a great upbringing and so did hundreds if not thousands of those around me and those I taught! We are all on facebook and talk about our wonderful growing up experiences were.

    So to say that our poverty compares to the worst poverty in many other places of the world, I will tell them to wake up, and visit the USA yourself. Unless you have traveled the world as I have, there is no comparison of our poverty and poverty of some of the most poorest of poor countries. Who are they kidding! So our capitalism does bring poverty and does bring problems, but has socialism done much better?
    Our capitalism brings opportunity and hope, it brings dreams to reality, and takes the poor to riches if they work hard and can be creative. Our country is surrounded with creativity, that is why we have been ever so fortunate to have God’s blessing. But most of all, we are surrounded with faith, hope and love.

  4. Thank you very much St. George’s Dragon! I read this post and all along I was saying to myself, “What the hell he is talking about?” You asked much the same questions that I was asking. At first I thought it was over my head but now I realize that it is just nonsense.

  5. Capitalism is the unequal sharing of wealth,
    Communism is the equal sharing of MISERY,
    Socialism is the unfair sharing of hard working peoples money via high taxes!

    Incentive systems work best because for 10,000 yrs the human brain has evolved very slowly and only understands CARROT and STICK!

    These protests should be centred in Washington DC where the pols have sold out to Wall St for much more than 30 pieces of silver. Who repealed the laws/ regulations born out of the Great Depression of the 1930s????
    Who encouraged the housing debacle by artificially suppressing interest rates for many years??????

    This is CORRUPT politics and has little to do with capitalism BUT everything to do with HUMAN GREED..

    •   ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests go global
      From Tokyo to London, protesters worldwide to rally in solidarity with New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement.
      Last Modified: 15 Oct 2011 06:18

      New York’s ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement goes global in several dozens of cities from Asia to Latin America [Reuters]
      Protesters worldwide are set to join the Occupy Wall Street movement for a cry of rage against bankers, financiers and politicians they accuse of ruining global economies and condemning millions to poverty and hardship through greed.

  6. look recently the government try to regulate the high fees the banking industry was constantly imposing on customers and in turn the banking industry respond by charging a $60 yearly fee on debit cards.The banking industry refused to be regulated and change is necessary .The protesters are not stupid they know who is running the country and for sure it is not the government.

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  8. @St.George’s Dragon

    You read the whole post? Must have a strong constitution, I stopped when I got to “musical cheers”.

    • Come on guys, errors are made all the time.

      A total read would suggest the author made a careless error.

      Should we focus on the point being put across?

  9. @AC
    You are correct BUT you failed to emphasise that WE THE PEOPLE vote for the only legitimate rulers and they have SOLD OUT!

    Would this mess have occurred in Singapore? NO WAY! MPs make $3MN/yr BUT if they transgress and take money from Corps etc they are looking at serious JAIL!

    Crooked Pols should be Jailed first and then the Wall St crowd!

  10. @ Pachamama

    “The Athenian project, though originally well-intentioned, has degenerated into a pappy show, a trick, a mirage, an hypocrisy. Its twin brother capitalism was always destined to collapse under the enormous pressures of internal contradictions and lies…”


  11. Some of the sociology in this piece is good but others pieces are misplaced…

    The first few paragraphs appear to be almost an analysis of MAX WEBER’S “The Protestant Ethic & The Spirit of Capitalism”…

    How Pachamama has been able to marry Weberian arguments using the “ATHENIAN PROJECT” is a quantum leap into a BLACK HOLE from which none of will be able to emerge…

    Clearly the argument of the piece being presented hinges on “LIES” told by politicians and by “those who bore the “PROTESTANT ETHIC” (so-called by Pachamama – CHRISTIANS**) – however, the failure is in connecting the “DOTS” by juxtaposing the arguments and coming down on the side of a logical conclusion…

    A word of caution from someone who know:

    The use of language is froth with much difficulties as for anyone who knows the “LAWS” of true expression – but to vilify any particular group who is engaging in syncretistic practices – while using the lexicon of the English language that often contains difficult emotional passages, in this case, seem to have been intentionally crafted in order to exploit literary ambiguity as political irony… As the audience, I am not sure whether the point was proven enough even though the effect may have been felt!!!

    For this reason it may be wise to avoid brevity and expound a little more and (bloviate – if possible: though not always recommended)… What is crucial is getting the point over at any cost!!!

  12. @ TMB:

    What a piece from you! Your degree in “Hinglish “Literature from the Uni of JA has served you well. But you should inform the local guru in wordsmithology who is running things in Bim that the FROTH spewing forth from his mouth is not addressing the serious socio-economic problems besetting the poor little country. These times are FRAUGHT with danger and could witness the unraveling of 60 years of social and economic progress. But then again, everything might be written in the stars and these mere mortals are just spinning tot in mud in the face of the inevitable fulfillment of biblical prophecy or astrological gamesmanship.

  13. Is it me or am i beginning to feel a sense of apathy from bajans concerning this global meltdown as if to say they are gleeful about what is happening in america,far from it for me to say :It is happening to everyone” and it does affect Barbados.

  14. To David:
    My difficulty with the piece is that I actually thought the writer had found some new lie spoken or delivered by politicians or christians. Much of what is written is not new although he or she attempts to conceal it the abstract. I find that some come on this forum to make points and then attempting to reach the lofty heights of Zoe, Chris and some others overcompensate and fall flat.

  15. @ Lemuel

    “Attempting to reach the lofty heights of Zoe, Chris and some others overcompensate and fall flat…”



    Thankfully, ZOE et al really have little to “PROVE” but moreover, to EDUCATE, EXPLICATE & ELUCIDATE on matters many struggle with…

  16. @ac

    “Is it me or am i beginning to feel a sense of apathy from bajans concerning this global meltdown…”

    Call it APATHY, DENIAL, INDIFFERENCE, IMPASSIVITY OR PERFUNCTORINESS – the fact remains that most will refuse to be proactive choosing willful IGNORANCE* as the best form of BLISS*…

  17. for the record.. @ Lemuel
    re: Terence M. Blackett | October 16, 2011 at 10:27 AM |
    “..Thankfully, ZOE et al really have little to..”
    Terence M. Blackett |
    is Zoe fu_ked up on God |

  18. @ millertheanunnaki

    “These times are FRAUGHT with danger and could witness the unraveling of 60 years of social and economic progress…”

    2 Samuel 23: 3 – 5 reminds us that: “The person who rules righteously, who rules in the fear of God, he is like the light of the morning, like the sunrise bursting forth in a cloudless sky, like the refreshing rains that bring tender grass from the earth”…

    THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON* is needed today as those who lead the nations of the world are clearly bereft of GODLY* wisdom, knowledge and understanding…

    As a result – I often cite the WORD:


  19. There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. God is not going to help up. Money is a system of slavery. And to think that less than 1% control the more than 99% only shows how despicable a human race we are.

    Get rid of governments and the money system and all other parasites will fall, e.g., church, banks, big corporations, rich/wealthy, etc., et al.

    Methods of Implementation (and this will take decades to be understood):

    Restructure education (skills and talents should be geared to farming, clean energy and reliance on your neighbor/neighborhood).

    No trade or exchange of goods. Since all inhabitants of earth are entitled to all the wealth the earth provides a network of systems will have to be put in place where people can get food and goods.

    Yes, I know, I do know, this is ambitious. The tip of an iceberg. But with education and training, humans will have to rely on and cooperate with each other. We have to value all input as valuable to the all. Whatever happens, one thing is clear, money and governments have to go, and so do all the other institutions that crave it and enslave us to get it.

  20. @Sheri
    Surely you are not naive enough to seriously believe what you write?

    Humans have proven conclusively that they operate best in an INCENTIVE based economy. Communism and socialism do NOT and can NOT work (why do you think that USSR, China and India turned to business and incentives) because humans become dependent on the Govt or leaders to provide for them via very inefficient and wasteful bureaucracies.

    I am not suggesting that certain good intentions of socialism are wrong BUT the implementation has to be efficient and effective eg education in the USA is mediocre for the middle and lower income groups and needs improvement. But it must be made clear that students/ parents and all constituents have got to be responsible for taking education seriously and that failure is not acceptable in today’s extremely competitive world.

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