Petrus Romanus Prophecy; Will The Next Pope Lead To The Apocalypse?

The following by Charles Poladian is reproduced from the International Business Times

Sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

With the surprising and sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, a new pontiff will soon be elected. According to the “Petrus Romanus” prophecy, this pope will be the last and will bring the destruction of Rome as well as the apocalypse.

St. Malachy, a bishop, went to Rome at the request of Pope Innocent II in 1139, according to St. Malachy received a vision that outlined a list of 112 popes, starting with Celestine II, who succeeded Innocent, and the last pope, Petrus Romanus, would signal the destruction of Rome as well as the end of the world. The Prophecy of St. Malachy was discovered and published by historian Arnold de Wyon in 1595. Wyon discovered the manuscript in Roman archives.

St. Malachy’s list did not outright spell out the name of each of the 112 popes. Instead, each pope was described in a Latin phrase. These phrases describe a certain feature and are vague, which leads to plenty of interpretation. The last two popes, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, number 110 and 111 in the Prophecy of St. Malachy, are described as “De labore Soli” or “From the labor of the sun” and “Gloria Olivae” or “Glory of the Olive,” notes

According to the prophecy, Pope John Paul II fit that description because he was born on May 18, 1920, and a solar eclipse occurred on that day, while his entombment occurred on April 8, 2005, when another solar eclipse occurred.

For Pope Benedict XVI, the description needs some work to make sense. Benedict XVI said he chose the name as a tribute to Pope Benedict XV, who reigned during World War I and tried unsuccessfully to make peace, but the connection is a stretch, at best. Although The Telegraph article discussing the pope’s resignation notes he devoted some of his time to bringing peace and unifying different sects and beliefs within the Church.

With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the 111th pope according to St. Malachy’s list, the last one is about to be elected. This pope is known only as Petrus Romanus, or Peter the Roman, as his election may bring the destruction of Rome and the apocalypse. According to the verse, Petrus Romanus, “In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.”

There is some speculation as to the authenticity of the Prophecy of St. Malachy. The blame is not laid at the feet of de Wyon but there are inconsistencies. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, St. Bernard, author of the “Life of St. Malachy,” did not mention the prophecy nor were there other previous scholarly mentions of the Roman Petrus prophecy until de Wyon’s discovery and publication.

Expect plenty more conspiracy theories to float around once candidates get mentioned. Any meteorological anomaly will be scrutinized and Nostradamus may well be brought in to further strengthen the apocalypse prophecy. For those that enjoyed the runup to the Mayan Apocalypse, it looks like 2013 will be another year of interesting theories for how the world will end.

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  1. It is time the Cardinals look outside the narrow confines of Italy and to a lesser extent Europe and select a Pope from another continent. The Catholic Church has millions of adherents in Africa and South America and the time has come for a Priest from one of those Continents to don the Papal ring.

    • @Sargeant

      Have a read of this article. Although there is no formal requirements for the job of Pope published it is understood any prospect must have a command of the Italian language because afterall the Pope is the Bishop of Rome.

  2. @David
    Perhaps they can place an ad which states language requirement (must be fluent in Italian), interestingly when the Pope made the announcement of his resignation it was in Latin, so another requirement is the ability to converse in Latin . I don’t disagree with the assessment that a prospective Pope must speak Italian but the crowds that gather to listen to an address from the Pope are as likely to be from other countries as from Italy. St. Peters Square is a major tourist attraction and draws Catholics as well as the curious from all over the world.

    I have some respect for the Pope for doing what legions of his predecessors failed to do i.e. acknowledge that when you are too old and frail to do a job, step aside and let someone step into your shoes. I don’t think that there is any handbook that says when you are elected Pope that the job is yours until you cross the River Styx ( incorrect analogy Popes head in the other direction)

  3. At least we have already the war in the land of the tow stream, Euphrates and Tigris, we also have the children coming in protest to their parents, the religions setting up against each other, more natural disasters, so we can see a lot of signs that we are coming closer to the end-times.

    That the bishop St. Malachy could be a prophet has still to be proven. In a certain way it would not be bad is his prophecies would come through, because than we would have again some other sign that the end is near.

    We can only hope that we shall be enough prepared to be ready for the horrible third and last World War, the Armageddon, we that we shall be able to go through it and be happy when Jesus returns, hopefully to judge us worthy to enter the Kingdom of God.

  4. There is some speculation as to the authenticity of the Prophecy of St. Malachy….cccording to the Catholic Encyclopedia, St. Bernard, author of the “Life of St. Malachy,” did not mention the prophecy nor were there other previous scholarly mentions of the Roman Petrus prophecy until Arnold de Wyon’s discovery and publication.

    What if old Arnold was a fraud? (as he very likely was)

  5. @simple Simon

    In the language of the POPE

    Qui Dederit Futuo!!

    Roughly translated it concerns ;having care and a certain sexual activity.

  6. As is the norm, anything that comes out of the vatican corporation is subject to wide interpretation and should never be taken seriously, it’s all a distraction from the more serious issues affecting the earth. Just notice they wait until the designated pope is falling down dead before he is hired, yes it is a job and the vatican is a corporation.

  7. Even though the designated popes are falling down dead, with all that viagra around, they not supposedly having any sexual interests have now been made redundant.

  8. There is now a black bishop in the running for the job. Who knows, it might be in their best interest to appoint him.

  9. @ Well Well | February 14, 2013 at 9:14 AM |
    “There is now a black bishop in the running for the job. Who knows, it might be in their best interest to appoint him.”

    Hell will freeze over and Lucifer becomes the Father of Jesus before a black man from the fraud capital of the World Nigeria becomes the right hand man of a White God and Heaven’s Emissary on Earth and representative in the Seat of St. Peter.

    The next Pope will either be another European or South American.
    Certainly not a black African unless you want to see the break up of the Catholic Church with whites and other races leaving in droves as the Bajan whites did when a black people start to move into the once ‘apartheid’ pews and a black bishop was appointed in the Anglican Church.
    The local whites who go to church are few and far between some of them like Holmes Williams only go to earn a very decent materially opulent standard of living.

    Now how many whites or Asians would kiss the hands of a black Pope? That Nigerian guy would make a good Labour Union Leader fighting for the rights of those brainwashed Christian blacks who managed to find themselves illegally migrating to Heaven working in the kitchens and in the fields preparing the milk and honey for the Holy White Family and the real white angels.

  10. As usual, the BU herd, despite all the free education they got, are all over the place.

    Whereas, the Malechy predictions are not BIBLICAL prophecies, their significance is that they have been accurate so far.

    The issue here is whether the Malechy predictions relate in any way to BIBLICAL prophecies,

    If the successor to the current Pope is indeed the last Pope, or the Pope that will preside during the Apocalypse, during the Tribulation period predicted by Jesus and the OT prophets, then the second coming of Christ is imminent.

    It does not matter if the next Pope is black or blue, but whether he will be the Pope at the time of the destruction of Rome as described in Revelation 17 /18

    The current world conditions certainly suggests that all is not well

  11. Why do people pay attention to this crazy stuff.

    For one, there was neither a solar eclipse nor a lunar eclipse around the birth or entombment of Pope John Paul II in 1920 or 2005 respectively.So, what is this crap about John Paul II.

    The nearest eclipses around the dates in question were as follows:

    July 04, 1917 Lunar Eclipse
    May 29, 1919 Solar Eclipse
    Sep 21, 1922 Solar Eclipse
    Jan 24, 1925 Solar Eclipse
    July 11, 1991 Solar Eclipse
    Jan 09, 2001 Lunar Eclipse

    Source: NASA

  12. Maybe that meteor over the Russian Urals is an early scout or harbinger of what is in store for mankind.

    There is also an asteroid due to make a flyby later today about 17,000 miles off base.
    Maybe a nudge by the Sun might cause a few satellites to permanently go offline and set back mankind’s communication capacity prior to Marconi.

    These ET objects are major threats to mankind’s survival on this planet equivalent to the size of a grain of sand in the grand scheme of things.

    Instead of the brainwashed Bajans expecting the return of some alien being disguised as a blue eye white skin god descending from the skies like some Nephilim as described in the Jewish book of mythology they ought to be aware of our fragile and threatened existence as a species.

    A wipe out of the human species would not even be registered in the cosmic records of Time in which zillions of life forms existing on trillions of planets in our neck of the Universe woods.

  13. At last night manifesto launch in Eagle Hall , Owen Arthur told his audience that when he loses the election next week , he look forward to filling the vacancy left by Pope Benedict.

    As in Owen’s words, he has the INTEGRITY and CHARACTER for the papacy.

    What says you , Miller ?

  14. @ Fractured BLP | February 15, 2013 at 10:40 AM |

    The miller would not bend so low to answer you but only to say:

    “I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to.”

    But if you insist on inviting a bald pooch cat called ac to the debate the miller might just change his mind.

  15. Miller and Observing,

    We on BU recognise you two , in particular , as the masters of describing phenomenal photographs.

    That being the case, can you two give us your unvarnished comments about the photograph and questions that appear on page 40 of the Weekend Nation of 15 February, 2013.

    We wait with……bated breath !

    Miller ,
    Too early to be evasive , because it is going to be a ” shock and awe ” assualt for the BEES this weekend.

    Tell us about the contents on page 40 as outlined above .

  16. @ Fractured BLP | February 15, 2013 at 11:49 AM |

    It would serve your party well to use this weekend to focus on the issues facing this country and try to convince the electorate that the policies and programmes outlined in your party’s manifesto are more attractive and doable than the BLP’s manifesto.

    Leave out the pre 2008 personality attacks as you promised to the moral police of Barbados.
    Use scathing approaches to attack the BLP policies, not people’s private lives.
    If you have evidence of malfeasance by the BLP leadership while in public office use the Law to deal with them.

    But are not we expecting too much from a party of people who view a manifesto as just a list of gimmicks to trick the unsuspecting gullible people and not as a moral contract between a political party and the electorate?

    Why waste your energies, scarce resources and the people’s time by publishing a rag sheet of lies and intended broken promises.
    You should advise the DLP to just make a few ads and public pronouncements that they intend to do nothing until the international recession recedes after which they will revisit the 2008 recipe of magical goodies.

    Just carry on the god work since January 2008!

  17. Thank you Miller,
    For agreeing that the biggest GIMMICK of the BLP manifesto of 2013 is found on page 40 of the Weekend Nation of 15 February , 2013 .

    C – clearly
    L – leroy
    I – is
    C – chequeing
    O – owen

    Bang….bang !

  18. @ GP

    Hi Doc,
    It seems as if you really intend to outlive all your arch-foes (politically speaking) who threw their stumbling blocks in your path years ago. 🙂
    I understand yet another one passed to the “Great Beyond” today. Should soon be planted in mother earth.

  19. Hants said…”The DLP might benefit from the death in the family.”

    LOLL…. Hants you are one sorry person…please dry the tears on your cheeks. Any port in a storm nuh?

  20. @ Hants | February 15, 2013 at 8:41 PM |

    The DLP might benefit from the death in the family.
    How much more pathetic can you DEMS get. Imagine having to rely on sympathy votes to TRY to gain an edge in an election in Barbados in this day and age! Hants, greater people than “SIR” Branny have croaked and they have been long forgotten. So why do you think that the death of another DEM is going to make any difference at this point? Peeps done know where they gonna put that “X” come Thursday next week. Don’t think for one moment that they are waiting for a “duppy” to help them make up their minds. Sympathy votes what! You dems this is still the 20th century!! Best thing they could do is get the man planted by Monday and by Thursday he done put on “de back burner”. We have an election to get over with, man. Life goes on, or is that news to you?

  21. @ Hants

    You just proved a valid point to me! I would expect nothing more from a DEM but expletives! Just like how Sinckliar get up in public last week and abused a female bajan in the worst way.

  22. @ GP
    Doc, what is the name of those brain cells again (betz something or other) that you diagnosed is missing or somewhat deficient in some bajans like Hants? Maybe he needs to have a check up and see if he can have that particular deficiency rectified. 🙂

  23. HOODIE
    HE HAS FUNCTIONING BETZ CELLS MAN———dat dont mean that , like me, he may not exude some bovine excrement lol lol

  24. Steve Elwart, of the Koinonia House said: “With the recent resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the obvious question is, “Who will be the next Pope?”

    God says: “Surely Adonai Yahweh does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”…“Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, I am the Messiah, and will deceive many.”…“MYSTERY—BABYLON THE GREAT – THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES – AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH….I say the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore the testimony to Jesus…. The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.” (Amos 3:7; Matthew 24:5; Revelation 17:5-6, 18)

    “The Jerusalem Connection says: During my last visit to Israel I spent the better part of a month in the Old City of Jerusalem. Among the many things I observed there was the near consensus on the part of the residents of the Old City, Jew, Christian and Muslim, that it was just a matter of time before the Old City was placed under international control. This is something the Netanyahu administration has vehemently opposed. Still, there has been an ongoing effort on the part of the Vatican to have Israel give the Vatican sovereignty over all its churches and properties in the Old City. All have recognized that the next Pope will have enormous pressure to make these two issues a reality. This, coupled with the fact the United Nations has stated its preference is to have a religious body have the custodial control over the Old City, suggests it might actually come about under the next Pope. Regardless of the man-made scenarios for the future, Yahweh will have the last word when his Messiah comes to rescue Jerusalem and his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives”. (Zechariah 14:1-5)

  25. Friday, February 15, 2013

    VIDEO: Meteorite explosion over Russia, hundreds hurt — asteroid flyby today . . . (eerily reminiscent of Rev 8:10 – 11)

    “Bible prophecy fans, of course are looking at Rev 8 as the trumpet judgements sound on willfully rebellious man at the very end of days:
    Rev 8: 1 Now1 when the Lamb2 opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. 2 Then1 I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them. 3 Another1 angel holding2 a golden censer3 came and was stationed4 at the altar. A5 large amount of incense was given to him to offer up, with the prayers of all the saints, on the golden altar that is before the throne. 4 The smoke coming from the incense, along with the prayers of the saints, ascended before God from the angel’s hand.note 5 Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it on the earth, and there were crashes of thunder, roaring, flashes of lightning, and an earthquake.
    6 Now the seven angels holding the seven trumpets prepared to blow them.”

    7 “The first angel blew his trumpet, and there was hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was thrown at the earth so that a third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.”

    8 “Then the second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain of burning fire was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea became blood, 9 and a third of the creatures living in the sea died, and a third of the ships were completely destroyed.”

    10 “Then the third angel blew his trumpet, and a huge star burning like a torch fell from the sky; it landed on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 (Now the name of the star is Wormwood.) So a third of the waters became wormwood, and many people died from these waters because they were poisoned . . .”

    “Quite an interesting parallel, where also we note that the soldiers in Russia are currently testing for radiation contamination/poisoning due to the impact.”

    Muy interesante. END
    Posted by GEM of The Kairos Initiative at 7:25 am

    “Facts become credible facts, when there are warranted to the relevant degree of certainty.”

  26. @ GP
    Doc man, you got me here busting a gut with laugh, like they say ROFLMAO.

    Anyhow, Doc, can you tell me why is it that if the catholic pope is supposed to be God’s mouthpiece here on the earth (ie. His prophet) then why does the pope not know whom his successor should/could be? God can not and will not lie, and He tells us in Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, But he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”
    So why has He not revealed to the pope who his successor will be? Why do they now have to scramble to have an erection, sorry an election, to install a successor?
    Doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t know if it does to you? Furthermore, I have never read in any scripture about one of God’s prophet’s resigning! Unless, we would like to consider Jonah as a likely candidate when he tried to run and hide from God when he was called. 🙂

  27. de hood | February 16, 2013 at 3:30 PM |
    @ GP
    Doc man, you got me here busting a gut with laugh, like they say ROFLMAO.

    “Anyhow, Doc, can you tell me why is it that if the catholic pope is supposed to be God’s mouthpiece here on the earth (ie. His prophet) then why does the pope not know whom his successor should/could be?”

    No Catholic Pope has EVER being God’s mouthpiece here on earth, His prophet, NEVER!

    Roman Catholicism has trampled on, distorted and corrupted the Body of Doctrinal Truth contained in the New Testament. The gospel of Catholicism IS another gospel, the Jesus of Catholicism IS another Jesus, and the spirit of Catholicism IS another spirit.

    Sir George Sinclair could not have put it more aptly:

    “Romanism is a refined system of Christianized heathenism, and chiefly differs from its prototype in being more treacherous, more cruel, more dangerous, more intolerant.

  28. The BU herd will not understand the importance of raising Malachy’s prediction even though he is not a Biblical prophet.

    When the next Pope is chosen Hoodie we will see if Malachy is indeed a prophet according to Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, But he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Just as he has men today whom he is using to explain what is likely to happen soon.

    The character of the last Pope as predicted by Malachy certainly seems to me as one that will promote the circumstances that will usher in the collapse of the false church at Rome as described in Revelation 17 and 18. COMING SOON

  29. Petrus Romanus, qui paſcet oues in multis tribulationibus: quibus tranſactis ciuitas ſepticollis diruetur, & Iudex tremẽdus iudicabit populum ſuum.[112] Finis.
    112. Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.

  30. Anyone who knows the cruel, vindictive ending of Vercingetorix, Spartacus and Carthage can only blame Rome for the death of the Messiah. Any student of history knows Hitler considered himself the heir to Charlemagne and Napoleon. Any student of language knows the Greek prefix anti is synonymous with the Latin word Vicar.

    Benedict might have ‘stacked deck’ in fulfillment of prophecy
    Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?”More ↓
    • RN’s: Start your MSN SoonGet a online Master in Nursing from University of Mary in 15 months!
    Did Pope Benedict XVI line up his successor and then resign to fulfill a 900-year-old prophecy that the next leader of the Roman Catholic Church would be history’s “final pope?”
    Horn and his co-author, Cris Putnam, accurately predicted Benedict would become the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign.
    Horn believes the last pope, called “Petrus Romanus” in the prophecy by Irish Archbishop St. Malachy, could be the man who is set to take over interim leadership the moment Benedict resigns Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. local time, becoming the acting Vatican head of state.
    The claim centers on Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro (Peter in English) Evasio Bertone, born in Romano Canavese, Piedmont, the current secretary of state for the Vatican, who Pope Benedict XVI appointed Camerlengo, or Chamberlain, of the Holy Roman Church April 4, 2007.
    In the period known as “sede vacante,” when there is no sitting pope, Bertone will be called upon as Camerlengo to serve as the head of the Roman Catholic Church.
    Get “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here” at the WND Superstore
    He will be in charge until the College of Cardinals attending the upcoming Papal Conclave in the Sistine Chapel select a new pope.
    Did Benedict choose his successor?
    Benedict XVI has made decisions that indicate Bertone could be, or at least once was, his choice for successor, Horn told WND.
    Working alongside Bertone, Benedict appeared to be “stacking the deck” in Bertone’s favor Jan. 6, 2012, when he named 22 new cardinals. Most are Europeans, primarily Italians, already holding key Vatican positions.
    As a result, Europeans currently number over half of all cardinal-electors, 67 out of 125. Nearly a quarter of all voters in the conclave will be Italian.
    “When he appointed these new cardinals,” Horn said, “Benedict seemed to put his definitive stamp on an Italian successor, stacking the College of Cardinals, those who could be called upon to give Bertone the so-called apostolic chair of St. Peter.”
    Horn said the idea was not Benedict’s alone.
    Most Vatican experts attribute the large number of Italian appointments to the influence of Bertone, he said.
    WND sources in Rome close to the Vatican previously suggested Benedict may have resigned in part because he wanted to have a hand, even if indirect, in influencing the selection of his successor.
    The sources further argue that by selecting “Benedict” as his papal name, Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, though not a priest of the Benedictine Order, sought to identify his papacy with Malachy’s prohecy that the next-to-last pope would be identified by the epithet Gloria olivae, translated as “Glory of the Olive,” knowing the Benedictine Order is associated by tradition with olives.
    By setting up the College of Cardinals to elevate an Italian cardinal to the papacy, Pope Benedict XVI could help fulfill the Malachy prophecy, making Cardinal Bertone – “Peter of Romano” by virtue of one of his given names and his place of birth – the “final pope.”
    On Tuesday, Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi told reporters at a Vatican briefing that Pope Benedict XVI would have no say in the selection of his successor, telling reporters the pope “will surely say absolutely nothing about the process of the election” for his successor.
    Benedict “will not interfere in any way,” Lombardi insisted.
    The Third Secret of Fatima
    Horn suspects Cardinal Bertone is at the center of a Vatican cover-up to prevent the release of the complete version of what is known as the highly controversial “Third Secret of Fatima,” allegedly given by the Virgin Mary in an appearance to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, July 13, 1917.
    Bertone, who turned 78 in December, had a long history with Cardinal Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict XVI.
    From 1995 to 2002, Ratzinger worked with Bertone as his No. 2 at the influential Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican.
    A few months after he was elected pope, Benedict asked Bertone to take up the position of Vatican secretary of state, the position Bertone holds to this day.
    In January 2010, when Bertone reached 75, the age of retirement for Curia cardinals, he presented a letter of resignation to the pope. Benedict was adamant he needed Bertone to stay on as Vatican head of state, because he wanted to maintain “their precious collaboration,” as reported by Andrea Tornielli in the Italian newspaper La Stampa.
    Benedict has steadfastly supported Bertone through a series of crises that have called into question Bertone’s integrity and honesty, including a money-laundering scandal involving the Vatican Bank, formerly known as the Institute for Works of Religion, or IOR. The scandal resulted in the sacking of the bank’s head, Gotti Tedeschi, a highly respected Italian economist and banker, as well as Paolo Gabriele, the pope’s butler, who was criminally prosecuted for confiscating and photocopying more than 1,000 pages of sensitive Vatican documents over six years that he released to an Italian journalist for publication.
    In their role of directing the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinals Ratzinger and Bertone released for the fist time to the public “The Third Secret of Fatima” at a press conference June 26, 2000.
    In 2007, Bertone published a book, “The Last Secret of Fatima,” with a foreword authored by Benedict XVI, defending the publicly released text of “Third Secret” as the entire secret, arguing that in publishing the text, the Catholic Church had withheld nothing.
    “The Third Secret of Fatima” involves a highly controversial End Times vision of an assassination attempt on a future pope that is occasioned by moral corruption and lack of faith among the clergy.
    Pope John Paul II believed Our Lady of Fatima intervened to save his life in the assassination attempt in St. Peter’s Square at Vatican City on May 13, 1981, the anniversary of the first apparition of the Virgin Mary to the three children of Fatima.
    The current controversy began when Italian journalist and television personality Antonio Socci and American attorney Christopher Ferrara began publishing the claim the Vatican had refused to publish a second part of “Third Secret” that contained the words of the Virgin as revealed to the children of Fatima.
    Socci and Ferrara contend the hidden text predicts catastrophes for the Catholic Church and the world that involve End Days punishment by God, leading to Jesus Christ returning to earth for Judgment Day.
    Did Benedict XVI plan to resign in 2009?
    Celestine V was the last pope to resign, in 1294, after only five months in office. He was a hermit who was greatly revered for his sanctity and his miracles.
    On April 28, 2009, in a visit to view Celestine’s remains in the badly damaged Santa Maria di Collemaggio after the disastrous 2009 L’Aquila earthquake, Pope Benedict XVI left the woolen pallium he wore during his papal inauguration in April 2005 on Clement’s glass casket as a gift.
    To mark the 800th anniversary of Celestine’s birth, Benedict proclaimed the Celestine Year from Aug. 28, 2009, to Aug. 29, 2010.
    Benedict was the only pope to visit Pope Celestine V’s tomb, a sign many have taken that he had contemplated resignation for some time before he made the announcement earlier this week.
    On Dec. 13, 1294, on the Feast of Saint Lucy, Celestine V read the following statement to the cardinals who assembled to hear his news: “I, Celestine V, moved by valid reasons, that is, by humility, by desire for a better life, by a troubled conscience, troubles of body, a lack of knowledge, personal shortcomings, and so that I may then proceed to a life of greater humility, voluntarily and without compunction give up the papacy and renounce its position and dignity, burdens, and honors, with full freedom. I now instruct the Sacred College of cardinals to elect and provide, according to the cannons, a shepherd for the universal church.”
    As recounted by John Sweeney in a 2012 book, “The Pope Who Quit,” Celestine V declared himself “useless,” stepped down from the papal throne and removed his ring, tiara and mantle, handing them to the cardinals who had elected him; he then sat down on the floor.
    He put on the dress of the simplest of friars – the gray habit of a Celestine hermit – and secreted away from the crowd outside to return to the mountains.
    What will be next for Pope Benedict XVI? Is there a spiritual connection between the hermit pope and the scholar?
    Malachy’s predictions
    St. Malachy, an Irish saint and the archbishop of Armagh, who lived from 1094 to 1l48, is attributed with a vision of the last 112 popes from which he created a prophetic list. He named with a descriptive epithet each pope in succession from Celestine II, who was pope from 1143-1144, to the present day.
    Malachy described the last pope as “Petrus Romanus,” or “Peter the Roman,” writing: “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.”
    In 1880, M. J. O’Brien, a Catholic priest, published in Dublin a book providing a “historical and critical account” of the prophecy of St. Malachy regarding the succession of the popes.
    O’Brien understood that Malachy’s prophecy was declaring that in the reign of the pope identified as Petrus Romanus the end of the world would come, culminating in Jesus Christ descending to earth for Judgment Day.
    O’Brien said Malachy’s vision occurred while he was in Rome for a month, visiting and praying at the Eternal City’s many historical and holy sites.
    “The sight of the ruins of Pagan Rome, the tombs of the Apostles, the thought of so many thousands of martyrs, the presence of [Pope] Innocent II, who had been obligated to wander so many years in France and elsewhere on account of the anti-pope Anaclete – all this, I say, filled the mind of St. Malachy with deep and sad reflections and he was forced to cry out in the words of the old prophets: ‘Usquequo, Domine non misereberis Sion?’ – ‘How long, O Lord! wilt Thou not have mercy on Sion?’”
    O’Brien continued:
    And God Answered: “Until the end of the world the Church will be both militant and triumphant. Until the end of time the sufferings of my passion and the mysteries of my cross must be continued on earth, and I shall be with you until the end of the world.” And then was unfolded before the gaze of the holy bishop of Armagh the long line of illustrious pilots who were to guide the storm-tossed bark of Peter until the end.
    Malachy gave his manuscript to Innocent II, born Gregorio Papareschi, who was pope from 1130 to 1143. Innocent placed the manuscript in the Vatican archives, where the document remained unknown until its discovery in 1590.
    Through the past 900 years, various critics have questioned the authenticity and the accuracy of St. Malachy’s prophecy, often arguing the methods employed by some of Malachy’s interpreters in applying his epithets to certain popes have been tortuous.
    In a modern 1969 version of Malachy’s prophecies, Archbishop H. E. Cardinale, the apostolic nuncio to Belgium and Luxembourg, wrote “it is fair to say the vast majority of Malachy’s predictions about successive Popes is amazingly accurate – always remembering that he gives only a minimum of information.”


  32. RE Any student of language knows the Greek prefix anti is synonymous with the Latin word Vicar.

  33. The Catholic world has a new leader. It has elected a genuine man of simple living . Pope Francis Ǐ after Francis of Assisi. He has saved the Catholic church from self-destruction for the time being. Trust he lives up to his Jesuit motto to extend the reign of the age of the fish for another 2†1 years:

    “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury, pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    where there is sadness, joy;

    O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
    to be understood as to understand;
    to be loved as to love.

    For it is in giving that we receive;
    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
    and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”

    Good luck my friend and hope you take solace in the following realities of life:

    “God, give me grace to accept with serenity
    the things that cannot be changed,
    Courage to change the things
    which should be changed,
    and the Wisdom to distinguish
    the one from the other.
    Living one day at a time,
    Enjoying one moment at a time,
    Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.”

  34. The Catholic Church is on a youth movement: Age of the current Pope when elected- 76; age of the last Pope when elected-78.

    The wise Cardinals keep electing old men to reinforce the unnatural edict of celibacy for the clergy.

  35. Pope proclaimed on 3-13-13….??..for those who read Nostrodamus the man who could see into the future…… date of significances. Also in his Quatrains.. Obama ..could he be the black anti -christ in a turban?

  36. Speaking of signs, did you all hear on the news tonight that in Jamaica a fisherman was attacked and partially eaten by a gigantic tiger shark that tore off the poor fishermans limbs before disemboweling him. His fishing companion stated that the fish was the biggest SHARK he had ever seen during his 25 years at sea causing him to hide in the cabin.
    Omens, Signs read Jonas.Nineva revisted.Hope no ganja involved in this one.

  37. “Virtue has left me”

    Those of you who are not “travelling men” encounter the travellers and the encounter leaves one a-wanting.

    The appointment of the Pope involves much more than what the physical eyes that look upon the smoke coming from the Vatican see. Of the 1.2 billion catholics around the world, and other faiths, only a few number among the Illumined and comprehend the real qualifications required of the Pope and what is critical for the Vicar of the Christ.

    What does Luke 8:46 have to do with the election of Pope Francis and the resignation of Pope Benedict you well might ask and at 81 one should pause if one feared extreme sanction by those of you of the 33rd degree, the years of incarnation of the Christ.

    But with death a-calling anyways, i no longer fear you, for like Pilate, you have no power over me, unless my Father, who is in Heaven gives me into your Hands.

    The path to the Vatican has many requirements for the Vicar of the Christ, the one appointed to fight against *** for every one of His Sheep, (and “those of other flocks that are also his”), every single dayup to his appointment and after his appointment, until relief from this worldly sphere comes.

    ** drains the “essence of the spirit” during one’s sojourn as true devoted laity, particularly one in the Holy See and, of the many that are called, few are chosen.

    At the level of the Catholic Cardinals, the backwoods illiterati and fly by night-ism that suffuses the operations of the unenlightened does not exist.

    Cretins who are incapable of simple things like appointing the new choir master at the church and persons of this ilk, “church by the wayside” simplistic decisions like who pastor Eloysius appoints to count the tithe of the unsuspecting followers to support his V6 jeep are on a completely different plane.

    To ascend to this position, these Popes designate must, for casual reading, examine ancient scrolls, papyrii, grimoires and other unseen literature, (purposely hidden from the eyes of the common man) and become as versed in say for example, the Rite of Excorcism as Ali Singh is in his mock coolie accent, or in knowing the phrase to bind ‘legion” or Adramalech.

    The process of choosing of the Pope is not a stroll in the park as many believe but for a few a bastion against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Asperges me domine hyssopo et mundabor, lavabis me et super nivem…

    There are similar predictions which abound in the vein of those of Petrus Romanus.

    Those who are faithful to our GOD will experience GOD, in spirit and in truth, solely at the level of our comprehension.

    That knowledge and personal experience of the FATHER does not passage singularly to the Vicar of the Christ or to Granville exclusively but as is exemplified by the renting of the veil speaks to an opening up of what was previously hidden to the eyes of the common man.

    Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you

    For those of you who dabble lightly in this realm you would be well advised to

  38. Don’t worry about shark attacks unless you are in the Ocean, if you are in the sea you’re in the sharks’ element, however I worry about humans and the diseases they harbour. This is the 10th anniversary of SARS which had its origin in a Chinese province, now there are thousands of dead pigs in a Chinese River and no one seems to know where they came from. It is said that the pigs have some virus which is not transferable to man (where have we heard this before?).

    This news coupled with an unknown virus coming out of the Middle East which is baffling doctors in the UK should give us all cause for concern, eat, drink and be merry cause tomorrow……..

  39. Die USFutures lassen einen deutlich negativen Auftakt der Wall Road befrchten. Aktuell verlieren der Dow Jones Long term one,04 Prozent, der S 500 Long term one,fourteen Prozent und der NASDAQ one hundred Long term one,00 Prozent. Im weiteren Handelsverlauf stehen in den United states of america die Industrieauftrge auf der Agenda. Auf der Unternehmensseite drften insbesondere die Zahlen von Archer Daniels Midland, Cablevision, Kraft Food items, MasterCard, Polo Ralph Lauren, Royal Caribbean Cruises und Viacom in den Blick rcken.

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