Fire Somebody Please!



“Two British women who were raped within days of each other in Barbados say they are convinced the man who has been charged is not their attacker. Researcher Dr Rachel Turner, from Hertfordshire, and Diane Davies, from Anglesey, in north Wales, were attacked on a beach in Holetown St James in October 2010.

Barbadian Derick Crawford, 47, has been charged but both women, who have waived their right to anonymity, told BBC Breakfast’s Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin why they believe he is innocent. They say he is much younger than the man who raped them. Both women hope the case will be dropped at the next hearing on Thursday.”

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  1. Isn’t it ironic two of our finest are emblazoned on the from page of the Nation newspaper today. Miss Myrie must be chucking to herself. Nothing like earned media to make a case stronger in the court of public opinion.

  2. What’s also ironic is that I can never get my fellow Barbadians to show some outrage at these incidences of police malpractice, when they know that this is the norm; an open secret, I’ve heard Barbadians talked of abuse by members of the force as if they were discussing a recent movie, but yet two white women had to come all the way here to show us how it’s done. Where are the mothers of sons who are incarcerated by beaten
    “” confessions”’
    from these cops, where are the attorneys who should be challenging the convictions of their clients after ”confessions” from these cops, where are the regulars on BU.

  3. If there was any semblance of pride, responsibility, national self-respect, there would be no need to fire anyone…. THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE and the DPP would BOTH accept responsibility for the embarrassing failures and RESIGN.

    …but such logic does not apply in banana republics.

  4. The public who are considered nobodies accept abuse from those in any kind of authority. Many accept this a part of life in this country. When these nobodies become a somebody they see themselves as dictators and relish in delivering the very same abuse they experienced as a nobody. We have a really sick society.

    We also do not understand the word shame, Barbados is being humiliated on the world stage by the actions of COP and the DPP. Yet there is no shame and expediency to solve this embarrassing situation. No one wants to operate the guillotine, if it were up to me I am willing to be the operator.

    Bushie I am on the same page with you today.

  5. @ Bush Tea | December 12, 2012 at 12:37 PM |
    “THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE and the DPP would BOTH accept responsibility for the embarrassing failures and RESIGN.”

    The CoP is on his way out. He will be retiring very very soon.

    It is the DPP that must consider his role in this matter and do the obvious if he has any sense of decency about him and respect for traditions as displayed by chiefs of the Police Forces in the UK after which our system is patterned.

  6. @millertheanunnaki | December 12, 2012 at 1:03 PM |

    Should read: ” As displayed by chiefs of the Police Forces in the UK AND CROWN PROSECUTION OFFICERS IN THE UK after which our system is patterned”.

  7. Do these people understand the black eye this matter is giving to Barbados? Does the BBC have a viewership of 200 million dollars? The UK market is about 45% of our tourist market for heavenssakes!

  8. @ Miller
    …If he is on his way out it should be so much the easier to do the right thing and RETIRE NOW. It is not like this is the first such embarrassment….
    The DPP fellow ….. is this the same chap who BFP accused of using a COP to assisted him in rent collection?….

    Which brings us to the PM….
    Now if these fellows are having difficulties in seeing the need to do the right thing and leave office, it is clearly the role of the PM to protect the country’s image by helping them to see clearly.
    Ultimately, when a complete system fails as we are seeing, the REAL problem is somewhere floating at or near to the top…

    Caswell will now advise about the CPO, the ASPCO, the MPHCC and all other kinds of civil servants, whose roles are specified in some obscure 19th century rules, to deal with this matter


    As Bushie had recommended with AX- as soon as national interests are threatened, the PM has a DUTY to step in and make MACRO CHANGES (like fire two ministers and retire three public officers), not get involved with mad women and petty details….

    Same nonsense here.
    Bushie would have a 5 minute public statement advising of the retirement of the COP and DPP and that the new appointees had three months to have the situation fully corrected and ventilated….or else…

  9. @Bushie, David, Islandgal et al. I completely agree that the CoP and the DPP ought to resign and if they do not resign, they ought to be fired. NOW. Not later, NOW!!!! Along with three quarters of the judiciary and the Registrar. NOW!!!!!

    @David. As to the front page of the Nation and without in any way accusing the two charged yesterday, has it occurred to anyone that the rapist of these two ladies might be a policeman?

    Have we got photos of the two charged yesterday? Can you post them, David? Be interesting to see what happens, if anything.

  10. ‘If there was any semblance of pride, responsibility, national self-respect, there would be no need to fire anyone…. THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE and the DPP would BOTH accept responsibility for the embarrassing failures and RESIGN.

    …but such logic does not apply in banana republics”


  11. The majority of these charges leveled at the RBPF has come about in the last 4/5 years, irrespective of the fact that we have a brilliant lawyer/ex AG, now as Prime Minister, and two hotshots foreign trained persons as Attorney General and Chief Justice respectively.
    Perhaps Barbados should follow ex IMF boss Strauss Kahn, and reach an out of courts settlement with Ms Myrie, to save this country any further embarrassment.
    Barbados in a relatively short space of time has buggered its credibility.

  12. @David. Thanks. Let us see what happens.

    @balance. In ancient Rome, there was the custom of people like the DPP and the CoP committing suicide by falling on their swords when they screwed up monumentally and in Japan the same thing – not a bad idea here. Let us look at the chaos caused.

    THE JUDICIARY and THE REGISTRAR: They have singlehandedly been responsible for the demise of Barbados’ off-shore investments and turning us into the legal laughing stock of the world.

    THE COMMISSIONER, THE POLICE and THE DPP: They have singlehandedly been responsible for erasing a large proportion of our tourism business, principally from the UK, due, among other things over years of total inadequacy, to:

    1. Their mistreatment of two rape victims.

    2. Their arrest of and forced confession from an innocent man.

    3. Their refusal in the face of the evidence of the two women who were raped to accept the fact that the man is innocent.

    4. The fact that it took over a year after they were first informed by the victims that they had the wrong man.

    5. Their refusal to look for the right man.

    6. The refusal of the CoP and the PM and the AG and the DPP to have the common good manners and brought-upsy to meet with the women, as happened in St Lucia to which the UK tourists that are staying away from Barbados have repaired instead.

    It seems that in return for ruining the lives and hopes of thousands of Bajans, the taxpayers should now be handing out swords to those who have engineered the ruin. And we can only hope they will have the common courtesy to do as the ancient Romans did and thus absolve the taxpayers from paying for their totally undeserved pensions.

  13. Well well well, publishing the names, faces and addresses of accused (innocent until proven guilty) people. Well well well, and NO one has a problem with this …?

  14. Insolence and incompetence from the Public Service is NOT a police only matter, but becomes a big deal when it makes the BBC press and tourism is affected.

    Campus Trends, two idiotic teenagers are sent to prison and those entrusted with building code enforcement, those entrusted with the responsibility of entering dangerous environments and saving lives, and those who are expected to catch the perpetrators after a similar event took place only weeks earlier get to walk away scott free …!

    African snails are now a national Infestation and NO one gets the boot …

    I have NO sympathy for the police, none … the arrogance shown in their treatment of civilians overshadows every good that they can claim responsibility for, but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

  15. “The majority of these charges leveled at the RBPF has come about in the last 4/5 years,”
    not true. the pele scandal , the stokes scandal, the barbarees hill scandal, the doctor rat scandal, the ricky singh sons’ drug scandal all happened over thirty years is not fair to highlight the last four to five years only.

  16. THE COMMISSIONER, THE POLICE and THE DPP: They have singlehandedly been responsible for erasing a large proportion of our tourism business, principally from the UK, due, among other things over years of total inadequacy, to:

  17. It seems that the DLP reign is plagued with incompetence by various ministries and yet no solution has been found. How can any country be governed by incompetent people while the PM keeps boasting that we have the BEST civil service in the Caribbean (and the world). How long will this circus continue? How long will it take the CJ to step in and correct this situation. Is he sleeping? Does he understand that the justice system is so flawed that we really are a banana republic? Stupse….

  18. Balance said… “not true. the pele scandal , the stokes scandal, the barbarees hill scandal, the doctor rat scandal, the ricky singh sons’ drug scandal all happened over thirty years is not fair to highlight the last four to five years only.”

    Balance did these scandals make it to the UK tabloids? The internet wasn’t around 30 years ago, news today takes seconds to reach millions. People have a forum to vent and the UK tabloids are always looking for a story to tell. Get real, the internet is like a microscope and if you don’t realize the power of it you are really out of it and unbalanced.

  19. this is is a publicty nightmare one that could have been easily been taken out of public scrutiny and speculation with a statement coming out of the DPP office. the CJ who have spent many years in international arenas within the judicial system and might be well aware of the negativity which can be done to judicial system and if issues of these nature run amuck should have been the one to show leadership and direction to quell further damage which would continue as this case remains in the media spotlight.

  20. Read the Auditor General reports and it paints a different story. In fact it says there is collusion by the stakeholders who comprised the establishment. This explains the lack of will to hold appointed persons to account.

  21. So am i to assumed that the CJ silence in this issue could be that he is tainted by the system for which he is to give guidance and direction when all else fails

  22. @ balance | December 13, 2012 at 5:47 AM |

    So what’s so hard to believe about what Amused is claiming?
    It shall soon come to fruition when tourists arrivals from the UK drop further by about 20-30% starting this winter season. Barbados is no longer being pushed as a preferred Caribbean destination.
    Don’t be fooled by those BA arrivals. They are primarily destined to cruise ship connections. Take a visit to the GAIA and you will see what is really happening with those arrivals.

    Barbados has done this tourism harm to itself. Not the UK market. Just check out Cuba and Jamaica and you will see to where the erstwhile Barbados traffic has been diverted.

  23. Well at least you sarge have said more than the CJ. the fact is that some leadership needs to be demonstrated when a story of high profile seeks to denegrade the civilty of the country and reputation worldwide.somebody should at least show a level of concern in trying to stop the negativity which this matter has stirred internationally.

  24. When A nation reputation is/at stake everything else takes/abackseat and it is incumbent that the those under attack does or say something to combat the negative fallout. COURT! hiding behind that cloak is not the answer.

  25. what’s the point is putting up the video then muting the sound after 2 secs. retards… does not change anything as Barbados inspite of what authorities is seen as a corrupt and backward place (in terms of the law). it is obvious that this man is innocent. but the commissioner has to attempt to fool himself that the police force can do proper investigations….crap.

    look at the court system. one white man killed his 12 year old son with a giun and walks another a black man inadvertently left his young child in the back seat of a car and the same retarded system seems hell bent of charging.

    those 2 policemen, Allegheny rape two tourists, how will it end? no wonder many tourists are oping for other islands and countries.

  26. @ David:

    Is it today that the DPP has to give his opinion about this matter (Crawford charge on rape) proceeding in further in the Court?
    If he is indeed not guilty then this man has suffered untold damage to his reputation and psyche.

    If the case is dismissed, Mr. Crawford ought to sue the government for a tidy sum but after Myrie has been awarded her mighty windfall without pole dancing and the lawyers their millions.

    This case would make very good ‘ingredients’ for a movie or TV drama called a “Farcical Rendition of the Case of Mistaken Penile Identity”.

    Can’t some local dramatist get cracking and copyright the damn ‘tragi-comedy’.
    Where is our cultural initiative? Or do we only see culture as music and “wukking up” to make the likes of Harry callihan take the mickey out of poor Bajans?

  27. Miller,
    according to two BBC News reports today, charges against Mr. Crawford have been dismissed and there was no DNA edidence to link him to the rapes.

  28. Has this outcome made the local news as yet?

    If I were either the CoP or the DPP I would have submitted my resignation by now.
    No one would have confidence in either one of these two gentlemen.

    This makes the Myrie case a slam dunk affair. Time the AG goes also. What about the Foreign Affairs Minister? But she has no further role in any future Cabinet in Bim.

  29. And to think that something as obvious as this needed procedure to complete. Stupse, Andrew Pilgrim now gotta get pay, so to the Judge and Lord knows who else, because procedure had to followed. I would luv to gather up all these people in the Legal and Law enforcement fraternities, put them in a ::::::::, light a ::::::::::::, and ::::::::::: them all ta shit up …!

  30. ‘Police have told him (Andrew Pilgrim) they have not yet got back DNA evidence in relation to Mrs. Davies’ attack’

    Not got it back after 20 MONTHS!

    Just think about the damage this has done to our tourism industry and now the taxpayer will be faced with hefty compensation payment to Mr. Crawford.

  31. @ Amused,
    as happened in St Lucia to which the UK tourists that are staying away from Barbados have repaired instead.

    They better be careful in St. Lucia at last count something like half dozen tourists were murdered there this year already. Killers in St. Lucia recently murdered a 72 yr old tourist who was there researching hereitage connections. Adrian Loveridge never comments on the regular murder of tourists in St. Lucia when he boasting on their arrivals. He like you Amused he quick to villify Bdos without the facts.

    • Whether they are murdered or not is not the issue is it? What does it say for St. Lucia that despite the murders as you suggest they are still able to attract tourist and improve plant.

  32. LOL @ BAFBFP

    I would luv to gather up all these people in the Legal and Law enforcement fraternities, put them in a ::::::::, light a ::::::::::::, and ::::::::::: them all ta shit up …!

  33. Dr.

    Please feel free to fill in the blanks …!


    Compensate …? The man spen’ 18 months, EIGHTEEN MONTHS in jail and his attorney comes to the press (CBC) with questions that need to be answered by the police … “Would the interviewing for confessions now be taped…”, “will the case against the perpetrator remain open” … and so on, not one shite about.. “Will my client be compensated and by how much …?”. Do you think that the state is obliged to compensate anyone for being tortured into a confession, far less being wrongful detained (for EIGHTEEN MONTHS)? If there was a possibility of that happening there would not be this reckless abandon that is shown with the trampling of citizens’ rights …!

  34. In light of what has been happening in recent times, where members of our “finest”, have been accused of rapes and assaults, perhaps the CID and the COP, should start looking at their own, now that Mr Crawford has been completely cleared, thanks to the victims.

    • Some are beginning to imagine the number of crimes that may have been committed by policemen.

      You are on the right track Colonel Buggy.

  35. Will someone PLEASE fire Dotty, if only to shot him the f*** up. He and his merry bunch of goons and that goon Leacock have cost this country hundreds of millions of dollars in tourism dollars. Dotty and Leacock HAVE to go! Without pensions. Let them get jobs as computer salesmen – that is FAR more within their competence. Amd take the Registrar with them.

  36. The question needs to be asked and an answer demanded. How do the police get a man who is innocent to confess to a serious crime like rape?

    Is anyone going to ask the question?

    The press?

    A politician?

    A priest?

    A man from MESA?

    The President of the Bar Association?

    What does it say about us if the question is not asked and an answer demanded?

    Or do we already know the answer and are comfortable with it….until they arrest you….or me?

    • What is also extremely disturbing is the length of time the Police has been waiting on the DNA results, twenty months!

      As Royalrumble would say – where is the outrage?

      What is our AG saying?

      What is the shadow minister Dale Marshall sayings?

      It is Christmas and one would have thought an excellent time for NGOs to speak to this issue. One that should resonate with Christians.

      BU will comeback to this matter after the holidays.

      Perhaps Carl Moore instead of wasting his 600 words promoting books of Si Carlisle and Harold Hoyte, here is a more worthwhile issue. But we know he is part of the establishment!

  37. @Inkwell “The question needs to be asked and an answer demanded. How do the police get a man who is innocent to confess to a serious crime like rape?”

    I expect that they got the confession by bullying, and beating.

    But isn’t that how we all get our own way?

    Isn’t the use of browbeating, bullying, beating and torture wide-spread at homes, schools, and workplaces WORLDWIDE?


    We raised them.

    We raised them in our homes, our communities, our schools, our churches.

    The police are not little green men from Mars.


  38. simple Simon that is not the answer . people asked question to fix or to rectify a problem. not to be given generalities as reason for the problem.

  39. It may not be the answer, but it is the TRUTH.

    TRUTH is often painful.

    Can’t bear to look in the mirror, can we?

    The police do the dirty work for us because we want it so, and then they come home and sit at our dining tables, and we embrace them in our beds at nights, and then we go to church on Saturdays or Sundays and say “Glory Hallelujah.”

  40. Shut up ac
    Simple Simon gave the precise answer.
    She even answered Inkwell’s questions about what will happen….

    Apart from the Blogs…..not one ask…..

  41. What disappoints Bushie about you David, is the fact that after five years of in depth exposure to the realities of 21st century life issues via BU, you have not yet seen the FUTILITY of the whole exercise.

    …as a wise man once said of it…, “All is vanity”

    When you get around to accepting this futility, Bushie will be happy to outline the REAL good news (gospel) about living in Barbados in these times…. 🙂

  42. bush tea ! but how does one correct a problem is pertinent to the question RELATING to the problem which means asking relative questions and thorough investigation . we all know what simple simons said. however that doe not correct the problem!

  43. The Anti-American try speaking ’bout the Police Complaints Authority and the Office of Professional Responsibility and he get cut all four times … I glad, ha ha. Who de hell he t’ink he is trying to expose the futility of censoring police action in Barbados, pun an establishment media house pun top ah that.

    BTW, Inkwel, Royal Rumble, brings back memories … Wah happen to Rumpelstiltskin … and Scout …? Wah happen to Scout …?

  44. I believe it was around 1978 while attending a political meeting in River road, near the then Rediffusion building, Errol Barrow said as a practicing
    attorney he discovered; the cops who beat the crap out of the suspects would then not take the statement. Thus, when the question was raised during the trial, the officer giving evidence could deny ever laying a finger on the accuse.
    Did our national hero put measures in place to prevent events such as what we’re discussing from occurring…
    How about erecting statues of these two ladies…
    My fellow Bajan men, here are two ladies with BALLS much larger than yours

  45. @ ac | December 14, 2012 at 7:31 AM |

    We notice there is a marked absence of input from your regular backers on this topic.
    What has become of your loyal band of windbags and yardfowls like CCC, Fractured BLP, BLPNationNewspaper, To the Point and more recently Amazing?

    Ac, who are you going to blame for the disgustingly embarrassing turn of events? Are you going to blame the BLP or even the international recession?

    This country is now the laughing stock in the British media. How can a country boast of so many so-called educated people allow its judiciary and law enforcement agencies to sink to such a low level and to lose respect and confidence of the people? What has gone wrong?

    If these incompetents don’t resign or are fired by the powers-that-be, then it’s time this administration act by firing itself. Let them announce the date of elections early in the new year by January 04, 2013 as a new(s) year gift to the nation.

  46. ac
    When you read back your last post you will no doubt see that you are making no sense. However, even you must know that the VERY FIRST step in addressing any problem is understanding the root cause.
    EVERYBODY and their cousins know of the dirty linen of police confessions. Every lawyer knows In even more graphic detail.
    …well it is possible that the PM does not know…. 🙂
    …and it seems that the CJ still trying to come to grips with the fact that he actually has a big job….
    ….and we accept the situation because, as SS says, it is who we are.

    Now if we just fire the COP, what would make his successor any better? …Hell, he/she may be worse (especially if it is a SHE 🙂 )
    The solutions needs to go to the HEART of the problem – A CHANGE OF CULTURE.

    To achieve such a change, we will need a RADICAL change in leadership AND in leadership STYLE. ..a new way of doing things.

    The solution is OBVIOUS!!!

    1-CASWELL, BAFBFP (or the Anti-Americam would do too…), David, Islandgal and some others get together and launch the Barbados Unity Party (BUP)
    2-The party identifies 30 mass based community leaders and appoint them as the NSC (National Supervisory Committee)
    3- the NSC advertises for a PM and for potential managers of Government Business and interviews qualified applicants
    4- Thirty successful candidates are entered in the constituencies during the next elections. Each candidate is REQUIRED to sign an undated letter of resignation to be held by the NSC.
    5- The NSC endorses the candidates and encourages the support of their various organizations.
    5- Once BUP wins a majority of the seats, the successful interviewees are appointed to manage Government business

    Conclusion and Analysis
    We would have competent managers of Government business in position
    We will have a POWERFUL NSC with bite to oversee issues of GOVERNANCE
    We will have the immediate power to deal with poor performance, unprofessional behavior, dishonesty etc
    Issues like AX, sickening Law Courts, out-of-control police will be quickly addressed by professional managers.

    …this is THE way to privatize Barbados.

  47. Whitehill

    Dem two ladies get rape. They got their dignity huffed just so. They have nothing to lose now. That is not balls, that is a normal human response to a sickening series of events.

    Balls is taking on a system that has provided much comfort for oneself in a way that changes it for the better, even at one’s own expense. Did Barrow have balls …?

    The problem with Barrow is that he knew all of the ills of society and had the ability to eloquently describe them, but he chose not to venture too far in fixing them.

  48. Bush Tea Bush Tea Bush Tea

    You assuming that people like me likes to among the masses … To be involved with public life and to be good at it (like Hammie) you need to have a genuine concern for the well being of People. Me … I ain’ all dah enamored by them, hear. I jus’ don’ feel the luv …! But true I do want to have institutions work and work properly and I am very much opposed to blatant exploitation of the ignorant … But nope … no luv, sorry …!

  49. The two rapes and release of Mr. Crawford has just been broadcast as the lead story on BBC World Service. Can you imagine how many MILLIONS of people have now heard about this?

  50. @Adrian, Baffy

    Didn’t the CoP publicly declare when this story brought 3 or 4 weeks ago that the Police had overwhelming proof against Crawford?

  51. @ David | December 14, 2012 at 8:51 AM |

    Yes, he did make that declaration. All the more reason (and proof) he should do the decent thing; with the DPP following suit.
    This country is just collapsing pillar by pillar. What has gone wrong with the nation? Seems as if God has given up his Bajan citizenship previously conferred upon him by a silly lot.

  52. What are the BEST civil servants doing about this humiliating situation? Where is the PM on this? Where is the CJ for whom the laws were changed? There is a deafening silence! Where is the Minister of foreign affairs?

    What has happened to the case of the female Jamaican drug mule who was raped while in custody? Now two more policemen are charged with rape and theft of visitors. It seems that we have a predatory problem in the civil service.

    Isn’t it about time to start cleaning out the government closets? Who is in charge of this banana Republic?

  53. Will there ever be an incident/situation that will cause Barbadians to rise from their slumber? Of course, if we gwine awake like a stupid lumbering giant; then, by all means sleep on. In our sleep we can dream that we are still the smartest and brightest, awake and be raped by a few schmucks that are our leaders who we repeatedly elect to be in that position.

  54. Hands up who read today’s Nation editorial!

    Here is a quote which floored BU, “It (judiciary) is sometimes under attack, and unfairly so, for the length of time it may take to get some matters heard or the number of adjournments given before a matter is finally disposed of.” Well doggone it!

  55. There is a symbiotic relationship between the Police and the Prosecutors, the Police arrest and lay the charges and the DPP’s department prosecute. They have their own “don’t ask don’t tell” when it comes to how evidence is procured. The DPP or his department are not going to go out and criticise the Police otherwise they will work to rule when it comes to arrest and detention and we would have thrown out the baby with the bathwater.

    Taped confessions are a good idea but that wouldn’t stop the Police from taking a suspect out on some cart road as they did years ago to “soften” him up. More recently in Chicago many people confessed to crimes that they were innocent of because of relentless Police questioning and they have “taped” interviews and confessions.

    As to the role of the CJ, it is a Judicial precept that Judges do not discuss/comment on any issue that is before the Courts, Judges never tell Prosecutors whom to prosecute, they consider the evidence presented and provide their rulings.

    Are changes needed? A few months ago a Policeman was the subject of Internal discipline and he threatened to expose the wiretapping of Bajans that the Police was engaged in, suddenly the charges disappeared into the ether, Bajans should be worried about that.

  56. This issue about DNA is a CYA moment, I don’t think any DNA sample was requested you don’t need DNA if a confession is at hand. They thought the victims would show up and accept their evidence and PRESTO another felon behind bars.

    One more thing who was this man’s lawyer? If he was so convinced of his innocence why wouldn’t he demand a DNA test?

  57. bushie what does not make sense is you taking a complex situation which is obvious in need of radical change and compartamentalising it .the fact still remains in order to separte “goat from sheep” a stand must be taken and it starts with “we the people”whose voices must be heard asking questions and seeking answer and not just a “laisserfaire ” approach or simplifying these matters as to what society has become as a whole..

  58. Sargeant

    “One more thing who was this man’s lawyer? If he was so convinced of his innocence why wouldn’t he demand a DNA test?”

    Asked the same question to myself … Andrew Pilgrim is the lawyer. If the DNA was available as the police claimed could something not have been worked out in advance that would save time and expense …?

  59. @ BAFBFP
    ….what lawyer what?!?
    He only got interested after a rich woman offered to pay….
    …and his comments afterwards focused on the “bravery of his clients” (the women WHO PAID HIM) and not on the gross injustice to the innocent man…..
    His lack of outrage was notable to Bushie…… Obviously a consequence of being a regular participant in the warped process.

    ….and those three women are no “brave heroes”. They are just regular, mature adults accustomed to behaving like mature adults in a mature society. they are certainly not “donkey lickers” like most Bajans are….
    Just like Clement Payne had to come from Trinidad to open our foolish eyes, these ladies had to come all the way from England to do the same thing in 2012….

  60. In an interview carried on the BBC International Diane Davies made the local police look like a bunch of bungling bumbling fools.
    According to her the only evidence the police used to charge and remand Mr. Crawford was that he fit the description of the rapist given by the victims.
    This certainly doesn’t square with what the two ladies were saying about the description given of the real rapist. The two ladies flatly refused to identify or finger poor Mr. Crawford as the man who raped them. According to them the description of the rapist given to the police was certainly not even a close fit of Mr. Crawford’s physique, or appearance or age.
    As Amused pointed out this scandal will have serious ramifications for Barbados as a safe and reliable destination as long as the real rapist is still at large.

    We shall await the response of the CoP and indeed the AG.

    It seems that our poor Cinderella industry has lost both crystal slippers on the way to the local ball aptly called: “The Coming Winter Tourist Season – One Slip and We Gone”.

  61. Andrew Pilgrim “I hate to bring it back to dollars and cents but … somebody got to pay, somebody got to pay for what has happened …!” (Source CBC News HA HA HA)

    Andrew with respect, shut to f#ck up …! Your mantra should have been …”Fire Somebody Please!” …. With respect …!

  62. Perhaps while the present administration is on their crusade renaming everything that is nailed down , they should give some thought to renaming this once beautiful island BARKBADOS, cause sure as hell it is slowly going to the dogs.
    What a pity that we are not located in Africa or Central America.

    • BU is pleasantly surprised to read that President of the Bar Andrew Pilgrim has added his voice, albeit late, to a call for Commissioner Dottin to go! He also called for AG Adreil Brathwaite to get involved (whistling in the wind)

      President of the Bar Association of Barbados, Andrew Pilgrim, believes that if Commissioner of Police, Darwin Dottin, does not properly investigate the case of former rape accused, Derick Crawford, he needs to go.
      In addition, Pilgrim suggested that Dottin should come forward and make a statement on the issue, while Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite needs to get involved in the case.
      Pilgrim offered these suggestions earlier today while speaking to the Press at his office on Whitepark Road, the City, following the acquittal of Crawford at the Holetown Magistrates Court yesterday.

  63. @ David | December 15, 2012 at 11:43 AM |

    He should have also called for the head of the DPP who took on such a ‘weak’ case in the first instance with obvious contradicting evidence and its high profile potentially negative international implications.
    Until he does that, one can only conclude that he does not want to offend a “friend”.

    Just one big concoction making poor Bim look real bad. They say when a man down on the ground he is kicked by all even his former so called friends and even family.

  64. I apologize to the citizens of Great Britain at the beginning of this comment.

    Two white women get rape in Barbados and the great luminary Andrew Pilgrim rush to dem defense.

    A black woman get rape by two policemen in Paynes Bay and dem threaten to kill she if she talk and tell she nuh body en gine give she nuh justice against dem

    i doan see he, dis knight is shining armour, Pilgrim, nor de Police Complaints Authority nor none of wunna “how bad dis mekking Bim look to de mudder cuntry” town criers and soothsayers getting up and striking unna chest bout “de indignity of it all”

    De Jamaican Girl get feel up and de same righteous soothsayers say dat she is a hoare so dat pus*y fingering “is par fuh de course” but two white ummen get some mandingo doggie in a cuntry where “all unna black people look alike, wid sprawl out noses” and all uh we crying “fire de Commissioner” and de DPP.

    Whu from how dat BAFBFP talking en ting i would feel dat Darwin was de one to do de dastardly deed. Mr Dottin sir where was you de night of de incident??

    No similar support for our own damsels who getting rape by known suspects no sah, dere is no similar righteous indignation.

    Let the same alacrity that is extended to these white women by the “hang them at dawn crew’ be employed when our own black girls (and illegal guyanese denizens) get unfair in similar circumstances

  65. Is this CoP for real? What case study what?

    Case study

    COMMISSIONER OF POLICE Darwin Dottin (File Picture)
    By Dawne Parris | Tue, December 18, 2012 – 12:11 AM

    COMMISSIONER OF POLICE Darwin Dottin will today begin a series of meetings with officials within and outside the Police Force before speaking publicly on the dismissal of two rape cases against a man whose British “victims” had insisted on his innocence.

    But the police chief said that the dismissal of the charges did not prove the innocence of former double-rape accused Derick David Rudolph Crawford, who now wants to sue the state for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.

    Dottin has also defended the overall competence of investigators.

    It was last Thursday that Crawford, who was charged with raping researcher Dr Rachel Turner and retired teacher Diane Davies in separate incidents in October 2010, had his cases dismissed.

  66. I am convinced that Dottin and some of his people are suffering from amnesia. He needs to retire FORTHWITH! What is he waiting for?

  67. Two women were raped. The rapist has not been caught.The complainants are cooperative.

    Commissioner please put together a team of detectives to investigate. You have to be completely devoid of intelligence not to do this.

  68. Commissioner Dottin, the recent statements that you have made are an EMBARRASSMENT!! to this country’s good name, and by extension that of the RBPF. RESIGN!!!!

  69. Taken from FB

    Bajan Scorpian Small
    Son just saw a man dressed in all black by a track where an elderly lady lives alone, when my son saw him he shouted at him, the man tell my son ‘just keep walking’ Some one enlighten me, is 211 not the Police emergency number?????
    So why is that I am calling it at 10.40p and no one is answering the phone I am still waiting 5 minutes later, further 5 minutes and someone finally answers and sounds annoyed that I disturbed them……stupes.
    Like · · Follow Post · 14 hours ago near Bridgetown

    Marva Lashley-Todd……. I had to call them tonight too and the phone rang off and I called back again. I was on Lower Broad St and a minibus B169 Hillaby came around by COB and stop. Some people ran out and then I saw people fighting. The bus then came around to the front of the Mutual Building and the people were throwing bottles and still fighting. I had to call twice…totally ridiculous!
    13 hours ago · Like · 1
    Bajan Scorpian …..Small that’s why we pay taxes??????
    13 hours ago · Like · 2
    Ruby Niles ……Scorps this is the kinda stuff (people lurking and talking bout ‘keep walking’) that makes me stay home TOO much.. And Toddie, I thought there was supposed to be heavy police presence at Xmas time. tsk tsk. Wunnah int realize wunnah either wake up …See More
    2 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1
    Bajan Scorpian ………Small what made me pissed da police ask me ‘so what u want us do patrol the area????? that’s ya job right????? stupes
    6 hours ago · Like · 2
    Bajan Scorpian…… Small That’s why I have very little respect for them, they are in a job where they really could not careless until pay day and the gall to be asking for more money
    6 hours ago · Like

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