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Dave Ames, Chairman of Harlequin

Dave Ames, Chairman of Harlequin

Just came across an article dated November 17, 2011 in Caribbean 360. The following is from the article “Harlequin Hotels restarts Barbados development amid fraud claims”

“Commenting on the developments Ames said, “It is fantastic to have both sites moving ahead quickly now. We are very committed to continued significant investment in Barbados and we are grateful that the interim concessions were finally approved by the Hon. Minister Sinckler and his team at the Department of Finance. This has allowed us to immediately resume works and will result in the creation of up to 200 construction jobs between both projects. Although Harlequin Developments have resumed work on both projects, we are still awaiting approval of the concessions package under the TDA for the luxury boutique hotel H Barbados.”

Garrett Ronan, Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Vice President of Hotel and Resort Development, commented, “We are working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Finance to expedite these concessions and we are hopeful they can be issued this week. This would help us get H Barbados back on schedule for completion in November 2012, despite the recent delays. We are very appreciative of the recent approval granted by the Hon. Christopher Sinckler and his team, which has allowed us to move swiftly with The Merricks Resort Show Village. As a gesture of good faith, we also resumed work on H Barbados, but we do urgently need approval on  the standard concessions to keep things moving there.”

Concessions? – What Concessions? 200 construction jobs? H Hotel completion in November 2012? Gesture of Good Faith? Have Sinckler and Sealy been drinking the Harlequin Kool Aid too? Is Government (taxpayers) funding The Merricks Show Village (two houses and a guard hut)?

Is there no one in this Government, or the previous administration under whose watch this Merricks business got started back 2005-2007, who verifies the promoters bona fides, i.e. confirms evidence of the history, qualifications or ability to perform, of these overseas promoters (and local promoters)?

Are approvals, permits and concessions based on detailed background checks and analysis of sound business plans, or on the size of the promoters’ campaign donations and other favours.

Taxpayers (who pay their taxes) want to know about the concessions made to Cost-U-Less; who is building and will open a store that (theoretically at least) will increase competition and give consumers another alternative to reduce or maintain food costs.

Taxpayers (who pay their taxes) want to know the details of the concessions and and the amount of their money that has been thrown at Pemberton et al, for the decaying white elephant known as Four Seasons.

Taxpayers (who pay their taxes) should be told the details of the concessions given to Harlequin – and of the political donations received from Harlequin by both parties.

8 thoughts on “Harlequin CONCESSIONS?

  1. Oh, they need more concessions huh. let’s see which idiot in the government will give more when Thompson gave all that support and God knows what else before he went to meet his maker. So Harlequin is on welfare.

  2. “Taxpayers (who pay their taxes) should be told the details of the concessions given to Harlequin – and of the political donations received from Harlequin by both parties.”

    Ask “Mr. Transparency” Dale Marshall. See the link below for the report in the Barbados Advocate “Marshall clears the air on source of BLP campaign financing” .


    Anyone reading that headline would think that Marshall made some revelation and insight into the campaign finance and contributors to the BLP campaign. Instead you are subjected to a long winded spiel where he is basically saying just trust us. He assures the gullible that funds were raised from the pockets of the 30 candidates and “ through car washes, cake sales and loans”. Maybe he can tell us who the BLP received loans from. Similarly the DLP. Both parties should publish online all donations and “loans” over a certain amount, say $200.00. Now that would be transparent.

    The report says “Marshall was speaking to the media yesterday at the BLP’s Roebuck Street headquarters. (JMB)” . Why do the media allow these politicians to “speak to them” instead of having a press conference where they can be asked real questions? The report didn’t indicate that any questions were asked. If they want to “speak to the media” let them issue a press release. Stop being a dupe and tool of politicians and give the public some real news.

    Maybe both parties can tell us what contribution CLICO and its companies made to their 2008 campaign. Did CLICO give either part any loans?

  3. Transparency???
    Well we all CLEARLY see the KING HAS NO CLOTHES.
    Cant get much more TRANSPARENT than that !!

  4. that is what we need another hotel while other existing ones sit half full or empty.
    even closed.[sandy beach] will this insanity never end.
    we have enough hotels!!!
    but we do not have enough guest.
    would not a collaboration of barbados hotels be a good idea ????????
    if one has no room the visitor is referred to another hotel and so on.
    it would just take a website like kayak -dividing the hotel rooms equally or at least some sort of union with each other.

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