The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part V

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38 thoughts on “The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part V

  1. Another case with the lawyers:

    January 12, 2013 – 12:06 AM

    A woman is taking the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association to High Court over a complaint about a lawyer in a $600 000 property deal.

    Patricia Simpson, 63, wants the court to declare that the Committee’s “delay” in making a recommendation in the case amounts to a refusal to hear and determine her application filed on March 14, 2008.

    In addition to seeking a judicial review, Simpson also wants a mandatory order compelling the Committee to make a “reasoned decision” within 14 days of its ruling.

    Court documents reveal that Simpson, a Barbadian living in England since 1964, visited Barbados in 2006 and made arrangements with attorney Therold Fields to purchase land and a house in Christ Church. She advanced $5 000 as a reservation deposit and produced a receipt for the amount. (AC)

  2. Overseas Bajans be warned.

    Choose your Lawyers carefully and think years instead of months.

    Be prepared to travel frequently.

  3. Violet Beckles fought until her death, right of her inheritance. She was allowed none and or nothing of what became rightfully hers via a legalized will. Hers is a story of veritable despondence, REALLY. Numerous individuals and lawyers were involved; all are responsible for her loss. Justice must prevail in favor of Violet Beckles. Surely, it will.

  4. Other Steps are being taken even as we post and make comments.We love now for the other lawyers that ran off this page to come back now and make comments . We love for this to be handle by local lawyers who could not believe such of the profession and elected persons. Now that we have another 55 pounds of Documents .
    A to add to what we have , We are sure there is even more that we can see , 1841 map of Six mens Plantation and 1916 map also.
    papers that show the Crown and then Broomes . It may seem that Samantha Cummings NHC may be following a long line of crooks.
    This Doc now shows The heading , land tax Bills and no deeds,
    The only 2 owners never sold.
    So why would people feel they own land to fight in court and no lawyer did a search or were they also involve in this,?
    How did the land tax number move to another persons name with no deed nor proof of sale?
    What they do at land tax with the help of Mr Forde?, was it to move the land tax numbers and you pay taxes for about 10 years and then let your lawyer do the rest. A fraud upon the court.,,Oh that is what the National Trust lawyers do for Whites from other countries.
    Take money from all side to get no where. You have to see this in your minds eye to see this 3D and 4D.
    Other Nations see and know of the to Massive Fraud in Barbados, Down grades is the order of the day by S&P and Moodys.

    Only way to clean this is to Vote them all out, Then We can have Free-smart of Information and let the Island get back to where we need to be.
    The PM of Barbados and the AG is still covering this Fraud and now talking about canefields ,or cane fields , Is that a code for what C O Williams is to own 238 acres ?
    Think PM cane fields built Barbados and Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles not YOU.

    Time for the People to remove you.PM of Barbados by default.and your AG gate keeper.of MASSIVEFraud for the BLP=DLP

    • Thanks for posting the video Deeds, Afra Raymond forwarded and it merits its own posting above.

      Given the number of lawyers implicated or have handled the Violet Beckles why has the Andrew Pilgrim led Bar Association not gotten involved? A rhetorical question!

  5. Mr Haynes was either removed or got sick of wasting his time. The red skin lady there now at the BAR , is like Kieth Simmons , PROVE THE CASE TO ME FIRST BEFORE I FILE IT.Her work is to turn people away like she did Violet Beckles in her last days.

  6. A retired bajan/yankee/canadian called me from Bim this morning with quite a story, could not believe my ears and he will only be there for another few months, says he will not be returning to Bim when he leaves. I could not believe things could actually get worse.

  7. Well Well@ Things cant get better until we remove the crooks from office . A fly in the soup ? the pot is flipped over and done. This Soup have many flies and must be dumped , BLP and the DLP. What ever was told there is more to come.

  8. Who will these present crop be replaced with when they all march to the same beat?? Bar Association is a joke, they never help clients. Only a foreign tribunal will actually have the balls to do anything.

  9. The lawyers that came on and had a lot to say. No one at plantation deeds is mad at any one for all was never to happen, It will show that people you can and want to trust cant always be trusted. Deeds welcome those who said never can happen and was up set? Will now look for self and read the posting even if you dont reply.
    Then think to see how then you can help change this from the inside. I know of others who are now in law school in Barbados and the QCs and other teachers seem to teach them how to loose cases against them self , The students seem to be short changed as they were in American with the smaller law dictionary with less words and meanings.
    So if you are not afraid of the Big bad Wolves, you can help.
    We at Plantation Deeds will welcome you all when ever you get the rage to come.We have F.O.I
    “We are the Ones We have been waiting for. There is no One else to do this but Us.

  10. Just make sure you use foreign attorneys and foreign tribunals to burn down that scam in Barbados being pushed by the lawyers and their ilk. Way too many people both local, bajans living abroad and foreign continue to be legally injured by these bunch of hoods.

  11. @ Well Well

    Agree. Can’t trust lawyers in Barbados. Can’t trust lawyers on file at the United States embassy [Bridgetown, Barbados] either. The United States, hopefully, is aware of this.

  12. @ Plantation Deeds

    Please confirm, land tax numbers moved from one person with deed (s) to another with no deed nor proof of sale? The National Housing Corporation (NHC) , a government of Barbados [entity] did this? Wow! This is mounting to what you’ve been saying for quite some time now – Massive Land Fraud. Prime Minister, Stuart just days ago did make comment about canefields. He is or was perhaps talking to someone ‘indirectly” maybe Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, etc. Looks like Prime Minister Stuart has got the goods on them, Arthur and the BLP but must someohow resolve this. Some foods, some people don’t like and won’t eat. Thompson put the 75,000 campaign cheque in Owen’s face. Now, now look at Stuart what he is putting in their face, Arthur and the BLP, Massive land Fraud, those sugarcane plantations.

    Someone, I think should be contacting film producer Michael Bay and or Jerry Bruckheimer. Your story Mr. Deeds surely would be a BOX OFFICE HIT, could even put Rihanna in it.

  13. LOOK@confirm, land tax numbers moved from one person with deed (s) to another with no deed nor proof of sale?DEEDS@ Answer True , All over the Island dealing with this Estate.This was done by land Tax Department < Mr Ford head of this refuse to set up or allowed meetings to be set to answer those Questions and how.

    LOOK@The National Housing Corporation (NHC) , a government of Barbados [entity] did this?DEED@ANSWER
    True , Samantha Cummings Lawyer for NHC at that time said she own the land but not legally and Took her land in the name of the CROWN , moved it to her friends and then back to NHC and the CROWN after a year , The Money then was paid out to her friends and none to Violet Beckles.After an Audit By PM David , she was removed and she now end up at the land registry.HOW?

    LOOK@Massive Land Fraud. Prime Minister, Stuart just days ago did make comment about canefields .DEEDS ANSWER.@Yes , He did and i saw him at Fordes road speaking, That can be taken in 2 ways Talking points ,
    C.O Williams is to be the owner of a Plantation named CANE FIELD ST THOMAS 238 ACRES 1970 according to as of May29th2010 at 9:15pm. We are looking to see if COW even own that and who he or his wife bought it from as a rumor.No other Plantations is listed under his name. In 1920 CANE FIELD WAS OWN BY Exec.Mrs.M.Clarke 240 acres now to COW in 1970 , The lawyers that think its easy can fill the gap on a Clear Title for COW.
    All must remember the Plantations , Plantations and sugar cane built Barbados.Clear Titles of land and not fraud good title made up by lawyers to avoid the Truth Minister Michael Lashley. NO statuary title Minister of Housing and Land Michael Lashley buyer beware. Let govt get stuck with their own fraud stay clear want to be home owners.
    Freedom of Information now, it dont take 5 years to pass.The information is Barbados History being hidden for pvt gains.
    DEEDS also love to see the deed for MIA in Brittons Hill , a Plantation not even listed in Barbados , This is the PM area, So does that not make him the PM?Who approved MIA to build Town& Country Mark Cummings ?Or Owen PM at that time?. People were buried before they died. Charges of wrongful death for greed and Fraud are in Order.
    Where is Your Deed MIA?. and your Approved Papers to build and who sign them?We had the Deed and Violet Beckles did not sell you nothing.

  14. @ Plantation Deeds

    Mia Mottley was given ownership, Britton Hill without without a deed or a duplicatedd one. Violet Beckles is the rightful owner, has/had deed? Shit! Got Damn!!! Isn’t she a lawyer, Mia Mottley???

  15. Prime Minister Thompson I think would have fenced them, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, etc [epee weapons] only and prevailed had he not expired, but everything happens for a reason. There is a reason for everything under the sun. Prime Minister Thompson successfully impeded the Owen Arthur regrime of fourteen years. He, Prime Minister Thompson had no intentions of relinquishing his title. He was preparing to fence them, the BLP and finding epee weapons needed, that 75,000 campaign cheque, massive land fraud, etc. Prime Minister Thompson like you Mr. Deeds went about looking for things [hiding] and finding them.

    Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason for everything under the sun. The supervisor in 2006 issued a cease and decease order against CLICO. Owen Arthur in 2006 did not trumpet this, the cease and decease order of which he had knowledge, but the recent S&P downgrade, Chris Sinckler’s assets, etc. he did. There is certainly a reason.

  16. Do you really think Mia and that crowd cares, I understand if they get hold of our originals documents, deeds etc and you decide you wanted to change lawyers, they would charge you in the thousands to have your documents and file returned and if you can’t pay, they get to sell your deeds etc to the highest bidder. Mind you someone told me they do not even need any justification. Talk about SCAM.

  17. @ Well Well

    What you have spoken is indeed a SCAM, but according to Plantation Deeds, Violet Beckles gave her deeds to Sir Richard Cheltenham. He didn’t say she asked for them back and had to pay thousands to get them back. He said “six months later the deeds could not be found.

  18. Could not be found in HIS office. Sounds like he never intended she got them back, whether she wanted them back or not.

  19. This scam, Massive Land Fraud [Barbados] tried best to top the common fraud Nigerian scams? Apparently! The government [National Housing Corporation] plays part in it. . . . moving tax number from one person with deed (s) to another person with no deed nor proof of sale. Mia Mottley, likely has no deed nor proof of purchase, the Britton Hill property; likely, there was no sale; tax number moved from person with deed to her, Mottley.

  20. Him too, Gline Clark. He, Clark likely has no deed nor proof of purchase; likely, there was no sale; tax number moved from person with deed to him, Clark and or government.


  22. Andrew Pilgrim? WE sure he has land at a great price and is blocking for other lawyers,
    The BAR is where other get drinks not where you find JUSTICE


    You said the Diocesan Church [Barbados] were collecting rent but stopped, told tenants to give rents to Violet Beckles but refused to surrender a list of those tenants to Violet Beckles. Please Confirm? Do you have documentation to prove this?

  24. @ Plantation Deeds

    Mia Mottley was given ownership, Britton Hill without without a deed or a duplicated one. Maybe. Violet Beckles is the rightful owner [Britton Hill], has/had deed? Shit! Got Damn!!! Isn’t she a lawyer, Mia Mottley???

  25. LOOK@The tenants told us so. That is where they paid their rent to , The Church refuse to reply , with mean unholy faces based on My words to them.Rent bill of increase was send to Violet also she told them she bought her land from Beatrice Henry her self. The rent collector never came back.
    Letter was send to BU on the rent.
    LOOK @ Mia Mottley ? we dont know how she got land in Brittons Hill we love to see the deed, Land registry dont like to give out deeds on the Ministers. We asked and was refused.
    Land registry is in the same building they owed the 77 Million on to the builder.

  26. @ Plantation Deeds

    Interesting, David Thompso’s last will and testament cannot be accessed by the public likewise land deed (s) acquired by Mia Mottley cannot be accessed by the public. The public has right to know and allowed [other countries], but Barbados still THIRD WORD also chaoitic – a messy mess.

    Mottley in 2008 declares assets in parliament:

    House at Frere Pilgrim

    Lodgehill and Land at Cattlewash

    Three Bank Accounts

    One Vehicle

    Credit Union Account

    Shares and Mutual Funds

    Part Ownership/St. Lawrence Management, Inc.

    $4,000 rent from Frere Pilgrim

    All of the above were acquired via kickbacks, money laundering, etc. Maybe. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded Al Barack a government contract, without tender. Barack built the complex at Warren in St. Michael but had no record of building prisons. Barck has in his posession a court ordered judgement and an IOU, approximately 77 million [if] not yet paid. George Payne, though is slated ten million and Dale Marshall two million. All were in the mix. Al Barack, of course, takes the top layered cake piece; the other cake layers are taken by Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall and George Payne.

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded VECO (Alaska) a government contract, another one without tender. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons. Surely VECO gave them something for such generosity. Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska) BEFORE persecuted and convicted by the United States had received from VECO 250,000 home renovations of which included a $5,000 generator and a Land Rover (SUV) worth $44,000. VECO (Alaska) was major contributor to political campaigns and one of Senator Ted Stevens’ biggest campaign contributors. Congressman, Don Young (Alaska) between 1996 and 2006 BEFORE persecuted and convicted by the United States received $157,000 from VECO employees and its political action committee. Those three, Arthur, Mottley and Marshall benefited from VECO [money, gifts, etc.] but won’t admit or deny and don’t have to. It’s a wonderful life in Barbados, crooked lawyers, politicians, etc. – lots of them; Barbados allows it.



  28. Overseas Bajans be warned.

    Choose your Lawyers carefully and think years instead of months.

    Be prepared to travel frequently.

    Hants —— Sound advice. Thank you. I too got burned by a very prominent lawyer… He came highly recommended. Buyer beware.

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