Hugo Chavez Dead at 58

President Hugo Chavez dead at 58

President Hugo Chavez dead at 58

President Hugo Chavez succumbed to his battle with cancer today. His legacy will be remembered by Barbadians for an anti-American foreign policy posture and in our backyard the Petrocaribe agreement which many Caribbean islands signed are signatories.

What is the implication for Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean.

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  1. Gregg Palast:
    So what made Chavez suddenly “a dangerous enemy”? Here’s the answer you won’t find in The New York Times:

    Just after Bush’s inauguration in 2001, Chavez’ congress voted in a new “Law of Hydrocarbons.” Henceforth, Exxon, British Petroleum, Shell Oil and Chevron would get to keep 70% of the sales revenues from the crude they sucked out of Venezuela. Not bad, considering the price of oil was rising toward $100 a barrel.

    But to the oil companies, which had bitch-slapped Venezeula’s prior government into giving them 84% of the sales price, a cut to 70% was “no bueno.” Worse, Venezuela had been charging a joke of a royalty – just one percent – on “heavy” crude from the Orinoco Basin. Chavez told Exxon and friends they’d now have to pay 16.6%.

    Clearly, Chavez had to be taught a lesson about the etiquette of dealings with Big Oil.

    On April 11, 2002, President Chavez was kidnapped at gunpoint and flown to an island prison in the Caribbean Sea. On April 12, Pedro Carmona, a business partner of the US oil companies and president of the nation’s Chamber of Commerce, declared himself President of Venezuela – giving a whole new meaning to the term, “corporate takeover.”

    U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro immediately rushed down from his hilltop embassy to have his picture taken grinning with the self-proclaimed “President” and the leaders of the coup d’état.

    Bush’s White House spokesman admitted that Chavez was, “democratically elected,” but, he added, “Legitimacy is something that is conferred not by just the majority of voters.” I see.

    With an armed and angry citizenry marching on the Presidential Palace in Caracas ready to string up the coup plotters, Carmona, the Pretend President from Exxon returned his captive Chavez back to his desk within 48 hours. (How? Get The Assassination of Hugo Chavez, the film, expanding on my reports for BBC Television. You can download it for free for the next few days.)

  2. The massive crowds in the street of venezuela paints a picture of LOVE! RITUALISM! TRIBALISM! all wraped up into a political fireball .any one who is moved by the masses crowdsand interrupt such as only LOVE for Cahvez is removed from the reality of the political landscape of venezuela.the reality is that among those crowds are those who despise him and most on both sides were using the event skillfully to vent and to spy on each other.

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  4. Dear moneybrain:

    I don’t owe the pieman anything. I don’t trust my pies. I buy my pies cash. All the time.

    And moneybrain if you had spent as much time observing people as you have spent following the money, you would have realized that there are no stupid people. People, even people younger than 2 years old act in their own rational self interest.

    Take ya eye offa de money for a while and spend about six months observing an 18 month old until he or she is 2 years old, then come back and tell me if you find ANY evidence of stupidity.

    People are sometimes powerless, and sometimes ignorant (as in don’t know all of the facts yet) but people are never stupid.

    But people are never stupid.

  5. Good to hear Prime Minister Stuart showering praises on the reign on Comrade Hugo Chavez. The attacks from political partisans seem to have abated since he has done so.

  6. @Simple Simon
    You have a major problem with your logic here, since understanding and performing well with money and investing is ALL ABOUT OBSERVING and UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE! The most CRITICAL FACTOR is not accounting, economics, financial analysis etc BUT MASS HUMAN EMOTION eg Stocks have performed better on many occasions when the economy was growing slowly…WHY?

    I do agree that observing people as you contend is very necessary and that little kids are interesting cases. However, the vast majority of humans are NOT as clever as they should be, they dont think anywhere close to deeply.

    Indeed, the worst aspect of Socialism as practiced today is that peeps seriously believe that Govt can create $$$ out of thin air to give to permanent Lazyasses! These peeps are the ones who will pay the highest price when the COLLAPSE happens. I sincerely trust that you and Bim will be relatively unscathed.

  7. Chavez philosophy was right .however the way he went out about it was antidemocratic. for indeed it is/a good thing to want to help the people but when that kindness stepson the freedom of liberty than everthing else is lost.

  8. Even a cursory review of history shows that the most “successful” nations have pursued a constantly changing admixture of free market and state allocation of resources along with a good dose of exploitation of either some subset of its own people or of some external group of people. ALL societies reach a crisis (often leading to the complete destruction of the nation) because (whether it is the nature of human beings or that we are taught to believe so) “there is never enough of anything, we must have more and more of everything!”

    For me, if Chavez was really radical he would have told the UK and the US to keep the damn gold.

  9. @Moneybrain
    the one Government that not only believes but is seriously creating “$$$$ out of thin air to give to permanent Lazyasses” is the US via the policy of “quantitative easing”! Does that mean that the US is a socialist nation? Hmmm….

  10. @Ping Pong
    YES! That is a Socialist Policy. The USA has been moving in a Socialist direction for years. The leadership is NON Existent, CORRUPT, CROOKED and just plain sick. Party Politics at its WORST and it is KILLING the Nation!
    The problem is that the Idiots in WASH and Brusselles will cause trouble of gargantuan proportions in BIM.

    The very cause of the Mortgage Meltdown was Socialist thinking perpetrated by Carter and since, that WASH should help everyone to own their home. NONSENSE there are loads of people that lack the ability and discipline to DESERVE to own a home! Also, you can NOT ARTIFICIALLY SUPPRESS interest rates in order to accomplish such policies as you will create the MESS that we are in as a result of such MARKET MANIPULATION!

    The solution should have been RENT TO OWN, where the Govt built the properties and bypassed the interest rate markets. You appreciate that by keeping rates very low it made borderline projects elsewhere in the economy look promising when indeed those projects would not have worked at realistic interest rates.

  11. No No Money, Lef’ the damned Socialist thinking people out of this and stick to the corruption argument. The two are NOT the same. As long as you stick to the corruption thing I gun keep quiet.

  12. So the irony if not hypocrisy of the US criticizing other countries for pursuing their self interest is not lost on you? Add the bail out of the car industry, the banks and insurance companies, the medicare/ medicaid burden, the student loan debt, the trade protectionism of US agriculture in fact the enormous total US debt all supported because the US has the world reserve currency and is allowed to print $ at will. I don’t think Chavez was a problem, I think the real problem lies maybe further North!

    • @Moneybrain

      You are aware that the Canadian government soaked up the risk associated with mortgages which was really a bailout i.e. a socialist policy?

  13. @David
    Forgive me BUT Canada has been very Socialist and extremely WASTEFULLY so for eons! Canada is very rich because we have Natural Resources ie 61% of the Globe’s Fresh Water, Oil/ Natgas to rival any country, tons of wheat etc and ONLY 35mn peeps.

    BUT giving $$$ to the populace and encouraging Lazyasses is not sound policy even here. The very problem of Socialism as it works in reality is the lack of discipline implied—there MUST be strings attached ie we train you to be…..for a year then you MUST work during and after the course and NOT think you have a permanent seat on the GRAVYTRAIN.

  14. @Ping Pong
    Which Pols are NOT Hypocrits???????????????

    Bloody US was preaching to the Japs about the Jap Crisis for years and then since 2008 the US has conducted the very said policies themselves!

    These bastards would corrupt Sunday School! They dont care about what is truly great policy, oh no, it is all about their power and greed….Hugone, Fidel included.
    I believe in Disciplined Socialist Policies within an INCENTIVE System like Singapore. Properly mixed and HONESTLY implemented it works for ALL.

  15. Dear moneybrain:

    I am Simple Simon because I ask simple questions, not because I am Simple.

    Simple questions sometimes require very complex answers.

    Simple questions always require truthful answers.

    I gone.

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