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Submitted by Pachamama The preeminent American historian, Gerald Horne, has argued persuasively that the events of 1776 were not what the preponderance of historical narratives suggest. They were the exact opposite he contends! In more recent times, Professor Horne has bookended his first assertion by further contending that the emergence of a Donald J. Trump was anathema to these imposed

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Open Letter to Donald Trump from Ireland’s Emigration Museum

Submitted by Mervyn Greene, Managing Director, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum Thursday, 30th May County Clare, Ireland FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OPEN LETTER INVITES TRUMP TO CHANGE HIS VIEWS ON IMMIGRATION. Ireland’s Emigration Museum offers the US President the opportunity to see immigration from a different angle. President Donald Trump’s stance on immigration is well documented and debated, so when EPIC

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The Mueller Investigation

Received from a US correspondent – David, blogmaster There are not too many individuals in the USA space who have commanded media attention to match President Donald Trump. One person that qualifies is Robert Mueller, special counsel to oversee the department’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

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Collusion a Crime – Judge in Mueller Case Upholds Legal Theory

Is collusion a crime? Since the beginning of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, allegations of “collusion” have dominated the debate. President Trump regularly claims there was “no collusion” with the Russians seeking to influence the 2016 presidential election. His attorneys and other supporters also have repeatedly argued that even if collusion took place, that would not be criminal. But last

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2018 US Midterm Elections

Barbadians have a strong interest in what unravels in the United States. We may debate why this is the case- an abundance of US news feeds streaming into our homes via FLOW, DIGICEL and Internet devices 24b hours a day, family members living in the USA, we travel there to further our studies and on recreation the list is long.

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