The Donald Trump Effect – Conservatism Seeking Future Victories

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

The American Republican Party may very well welcome back President Trump as Leader. Former President Trump has actually never left the leadership since this past election cycle. Many Americans hoped Trump would pass into the lecture cycle so many ex-legislators do, but people in the know surely believe that Trump will not leave the national stage until he is pressured to do so. 

What makes Donald Trump such a force of political and economic persuasion? Why will he not just go away gracefully? Does Canada’s Pierre Poilievre,  who is seeking The Canadian Conservatives Party Leadership share similar characteristics  with Trump?

-So called grass roots movements that often employ undemocratic means to achieve a win.

-makes promises that are attractive to the electorate but maybe not good for the nation.

-Will appear with just about anyone to promote themselves (Truck Protest in Ottawa).

-Their political platforms are based upon -Make America Great Again – Make Harperism Great Again.

-Both platforms are based on returning to “past moments in time”, lacking new concepts-new promises.

-Both men are tied to The Right Wing politically and economically, dependent upon their wealth and     influence to achieve a political win. 

-Both men are tied to foreign national influences and crisis…Trump to Russia, Pierre to USA.

– Both men are destructionists, tearing down regulations, public organizations and governmental   regimes such as Environmental Protection Agency and CBC.

-“Freedom” has become a state of mind for these men and their followers, not knowing exactly what   that means. A umbrella like statement encompassing a great deal.

– Both men’s ideologies support a greater and more powerful military complex.

If you look for any form of imaginative, creative and new political, economic or public concepts you will be dumb founded to fine any. Remember Conservatism Lives in the Past. Conservatives overall fear change, the unique and different. Well not in Ontario, where The Ford Government has shown a unique ability to seek out and work with all their citizens, Conservatives that spend money when needed(Pandemic) while managing their budgets realistically. Trump simply cancelled many social programs, and redirected the funds to places that satisfied their back room supporters needs. Pierre will certainly do everything he can to bring back Alberta’s Energy Industry, and forget all about Climate Change because “its all about the economy” and the pocket books of his supporters.

In America, President Biden may very well retire and not run due to his health, leaving Vice President Harris to face a up surging Republican crescendo. The primary’s are showing Republicans who do not support Trump are falling by the way side, and Capital Hill may have many more Republicans to deal with, creating a “yellow Brick Road” for Trump onto a Second Presidency. Pierre Poilievre has pretty well decaled himself The Conservatives new leader while still fighting the leadership campaign. 

Liberals. Environmentalists, those dependent upon public funds, those seeking a new frontier may all need to quake where they stand, as Conservatism is on the march towards future victories. 

Conservatism means to conserve what was, not what will be. Conservatism does not present hope for better, new approaches to politics and governance. Oh the good old days eh!

2020 US Presidential Election

If the late great Gladston Holder were alive he would take the opportunity to remind us that it does not matter who is elected to the White House, it the wealthiest families in the USA where the power is located- the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers et al. That said many will agree party colours aside, Trump’s legacy will be remembered as being one of the most bigoted and divisive.

Let it be no secret this blogmaster cannot wait to see the back of the man. He has disgraced the office of president of the USA and by extension the human race.

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Submitted by Pachamama

As the coalition of forces gather with their vested interests of displace the American fascist dictator, Donald Trump, on a civil warlike political battlefield, it is becoming quite clear that people who call themselves ‘progressives’ will only awake to the machinations, political tricks, being conjured and to the tectonic shifts under the battlefield when it is far too late. Such a re-imagining of American politics, as neoliberalism was the remixing of economic policies, must of necessity, leave ‘progressives’ out in the cold.

We are estimating that this Democratic-led coalition which is likely to emerge from a possible victory will lurch much further rightward than progressives are generally imagining. For Joe Biden is merely running as a Democrat but intends to rule as a Republican. This is all he has known all his life. Being a conservative Democrat means being a Republican. Same as Obama, there are few differences between factions within the duopoly. Biden has never been known to instinctively done anything progressive in his whole life. Above all, politics is about slicing and dicing as an acceptable method of gaining power, not being a fountain of virtue. Not interfering with the hideous structural infirmities on which the country has been built. This is representative of Joe Biden to the bone!

Therefore, it would be irrational to expect a man like Biden to approach, for example, the misanthropically inspired symbology represented by the ‘Star Spangle Banner’, the national anthem, which glorifies slavery in one of its verses. Or revisit the 13th Amendment of the constitution which still legalizes slavery for people in America’s dungeons, 80% of whom are of colour. Need we go on?

Then, the question which progressives will never get answered is – how could he ‘Build Back Better’ on such a flawed foundation? All Biden really wants to do is to get back to how things were before Donald J. Trump was thrown up by the political culture as if those represented halcyon days for Afrikan-Americans, supposedly his most dependable bloc. That’s all!

But, who are these people generally referred to as ‘progressives’? Well, they could be any motley bunch of political gradations from the far-right to the far-left and in-between. To the far-right they may include Republicans who support the logic of climate change and even never-Trumpers. To the far-left they may be communists, antifascists, socialists or even Trotskyists influenced by the lesser of two evils logic.

In this scenario, Joe Biden would, in effect, be the ‘unwitting’ savior of the Republican Party which is likely to be devastated by a massive defeat, if current polling holds true and in the event Trump is unable to complete that well-planned dastardly act currently underway. Should Biden be buoyed by the winds of a fierce national and overwhelming determination which forces Trump into having no other choice but to leave the White House, even to the point of duress if deemed necessary he saves the Republican Party. In so doing, he would be serving the hordes of Republicans seeking asylum within the Democratic Party as a way of making sure the indispensable other half of the American political duopoly survives Trumpism – the Republican Party.

When we look back at the presidency of Trump, in this scenario, it might appear as though a level of master planning, by hidden hands, paved the way for Biden. He could have the prefect landing to enable him to jettison feckless progressive operating under the assumption that this Democratic Party’s ‘donkey’ will take them somewhere. In addition, Biden could have a highly conservative Supreme Court; a Senate which could be Democratic led but more than willing to serve his less than obvious conservative agenda and a House of Representatives acting likewise with muted or sporadic objections from its progressive caucus.

In these circumstances, the LGBTQ identity politicos, who played such an enormous role during the Obama administration, would not be able to co-exist with the Republican elements within the Biden Coalition, absent the few Log Cabin Republicans. If Biden is faced with a choice between these political forces, there is little doubt that he will go with his new-found friends for the fear about defections of the Republicans may cause too much imbalance within his coalition. He will seek to equalize that action by resting on the logic that the LGBTQ forces generally have nowhere else to go.

The same thinking holds true for Afrikan-Americans, Hispanics, and other progressives who will have nowhere to go notwithstanding the presence of a fledgling Green Party with a presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, and up to maybe a 100 other people seeking the presidency. Defections of progressives are likely to be deemed as merely a temporary setback. Afrikan-Americans should not expect this reformulation of political forces within neoliberal capitalism will deliver any of Biden’s promises about ‘Building Back Better’ and so on. Nothing will happen but talk, until after the election when the drift to the right becomes public. Observers however, can see what a Biden administration will look like right now by the examination of his teams of advisers. To us such expectations are the equivalent of asking a dead man to change his will and expecting it to happen.

One good thing about Biden is that he has dared to locate himself as it to remove the scab from the old festering wounds making America the fascist state it might have always been and/or to which it has now degenerated for all to see. Of course, he was well assisted by the ongoing demonstrations throughout the country and being a politician there was a need for a response that made sense in order to garner the votes of Afrikan-Americans, women, progressives, young people etc.

In some ways Biden has been sheltered by Whiteness and a hyper focus in the country on what is wrongly seen as a cultural anomaly, the Trump presidency. However, the deeper truth is that Biden will never fix, or even start to fix, in eight (8) years, what was consolidated over four centuries.

Guided by history, only the total and complete destruction of American empire can satisfactorily settle these deeply divisive issues, correct all the fundamental social problems that have been termed ‘original sins’. Some contend that this fatal option maybe better that Biden’s return to an abnormal normalcy. Progressives should have long recognized the existential forces at work and found ways to insert someone more able to deal the rebuilding that has to happen and therefore avoid this Biden misdirection.

How Donald Trump is Stealing the 2020 Presidential Elections

Submitted by Pachamama

We write as the New York Times has finally found damning evidence that Donald Trump is not the billionaire, successful businessman, he has always presented himself to be – some of us were long aware of this. He may be nearer to being a tax cheat. On the other side of the electoral ledger, Trump has fortuitously found Amy Barrett to buttress his position when (not if) the elections are thrown into the Supreme Court.

Currently, a range of polls have Joe Biden leading almost everywhere. Nationally, he leads Trump by between eight (8) and ten (10) points. In the six (6) to eight (8) battleground states, Biden has leads greater than the margins of error in about five (5) to six (6) of them. Trump leads in one (1) or two (2) and there are a few where there are statistical ties. There is some significant enlargement of the electoral map (battleground states) as states like Texas and Georgia beckon as if ‘fool’s gold’ for Democrats. These are where every election is won or lost.

Presidential elections in America, in recent times – yes, but throughout their history, have been bedevilled by all manner of fraud – on all sides, at different times, but particularly by Republicans, currently, so as to compensate for being the less populace of the two major parties, which it has become. Exit polling, the gold standard for elections, as the highly reliable measure for predicting outcomes and detecting fraud have often failed to avoid the opposite results within the American context. Unlike pre-election polling, no guesswork is required for exit polling which is globally deployed.

In the 2000 presidential elections George Bush, number two (2), was able to defeat Al Gore when the Supreme Court, which Trump has now stacked with loyalists, intervened and threw the elections to Bush. Of course, the Florida Republican Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, had already prepared the ground by removing tens of thousands of Afrikan-American voters from the rolls in strategic areas – they could not vote. If you were Black, with a criminal record, and your name was Brown all the Browns in your immediate areas were therewith removed from the voter rolls. This remains a central Republican voter suppression tactic.

This preparation of the battleground, as if for war, has been, all this time, going on behind the scenes by well-paid soldiers who know that their boss, Trump, never wants to be seen as a ‘loser’. Trump as the out-and-out fraudster and well aware of all the historic electoral shenanigans will be hard to be persuaded by what he sees as meaningless traditions. It should not be doubted that new systems of election rigging are being hatched as an ongoing project.

Trump should be believed when he contends that the only way he could lose is if the elections were unfair. We must see his attempts to manipulate the postal system; his inordinate control over Republican governors, like Ron DeSantis in Florida, a battleground state; and in the absence of a possible clear defeat, the reliability of a Supreme Court to appoint him, an easy ask. We concede though, that the court may not be as dependable as he would like it to be.

The 2004 elections were stolen based on electronic manipulation by George Bush or people acting on his behalf – essentially Karl Rove, who Bush called the ‘architect’. Rove and his fellow architects, again in Florida, were able to program voter machines so that votes for John Kerry were recognized, by the machines, as votes for Bush.

In Ohio, Ken Blackwell, a Black republican and former mayor of Cincinnati, oversaw the same kinds of built-in irregularities in certain counties as he certified numbers of electors inconsistent with actual registered voters. Bush’s approval ratings days before the election was 48%, with political momentum going against him. Normally when an incumbent president is below 50% he/she tends to lose. But Bush ‘won’ 51-48% in Ohio as the voting machines supplied by republican outfits included Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (DESI), Election Systems & Software (ESS) and Sequoia Voting Systems did the job intended. These are the companies which conspired with Karl Rove to steal two elections in a row and were the suppliers of 80% of all voting machines within the USA.

Notwithstanding the underlying election fraud by Bush, CNN had called the 2004 election for Kerry. But soon after and based on one of sixteen statistical impossibilities, a few thousand additional votes produced a five (5) point swing for Bush. This was also inconsistent with the exit polling results in the decisive states of Florida and Ohio. CNN then reversed itself and began calling the elections for Bush instead of Kerry. This action wiped out Kerry’s three (3) percentage points lead which he had gained up to 01:36 am and had Bush now leading by 2 percentage points in Florida. Only in America!

Pennsylvania also played a similar role in these fraudulent 2004 elections.

Enter Mitt Romney, and the 2012 elections, with Barack Obama seeking a second term. Romney comes along with the serial election fraudster Karl Rove. Maybe it was John McCain, given the man which he was said to be, who declined to participate in an election fraud against Obama in 2008. Donald Trump could never be depended upon to behave in such ways. History may indeed show that McCain created a break in the historic fraudulence of Karl Rove during the 2008 presidential elections – Obama v McCain.

Readers may recall Karl Rove, appearing on Fox News as commentator, in the 2012 elections, delaying a concession long after all indications were that Obama was being projected to be the winner of Ohio and thus would have garnered the 270 electoral votes to be the next president. Rove knew something only few others would have known.

It was Willian Skinner who alerted us about a report in the press concerning a motley group of hackers who were claiming to have discovered the planned electronic theft of Karl Rove and his associates and succeeded in blocking them, putting Rove’s agents into an electronic trap. As a result we are left to presume that Rove’s actions coupled with Romney’s long delayed concession was their way of giving the hidden and fraudulent hands more time to manifest this massive election fraud once more.

As we approach the first question and answer session on Tuesday (these could hardly pass for debates) Trump will see them as an opportunity to destroy Biden using his belligerent, uncouth, style. Biden’s handlers will be happy if they can get him out of there with at least a credible draw. There will be hardly any machinations, hopes, about winning given the damaged goods with which they have been handed. However, for Trump, less so than for Biden, the real game is taking place elsewhere and conducted by the forces of darkness from whence the whole panoply of American electoral fraud will be in a heightened state of readiness.

We have estimated that even if Joe Biden were to win the popular vote, win the Electoral College by a significant margin, win the exit polling, have all major media projecting him as the winner, by some chance have the Supreme Court declare him as winner, these will not be enough to convince Donald Trump that he is indeed anything less than the winner. Biden will then have to get Trump to concede and exit the White House, still. A dependence of the military brass is ill-advised. These may prove more difficult than winning the election as Trump has already prepared a case indicting the Democrats for engaging in massive election fraud. And as irrational as that maybe, we’ve seen this play reenacted for four years, Trump winning more often than not.

Biden the dependable nationalist, like Al Gore and John Kerry before him, may even find a way to capture defeat from the jaws of victory in order to preserve the republic and avoid a decent into civil unrest, even if the Supreme Court acted in his favour and against an adamant Donald Trump.

Of course, there will be demonstrations in the street regardless of final outcome..

There can be no daylight between the high-handed nomination of Amy Barrett and the election fraud being perpetrated by Donald J. Trump and those acting on his behalf. As this looming crisis to empire takes us on a slow march to a near unavoidable disaster it maybe high time for American policymakers to rethink all the structures on which this experiment was constructed. Certainly, an ‘exceptional nation’ should not have produced a Donald Trump, let alone have him elevated to the seat of power. A power position which then transforms a fraudster into a neo-fascist with the perceived power to say who, in the case of Venezuela, is to be that country’s president. The power of the presidency may be the one thing keeping Trump out of jail, Should he lose all bets are off. And Trump knows this too well.

Strengthened by the fraudulence of empire he can now do to America what the United States has for two hundred and fifty (250) years done to the rest of the world. One man, Donald J. Trump, has in a mere four (4) years done more damage to the United States of America than all the armies ever seen and not even a thousand Joe Bidens could recover it.

Fascism – The Capture of the Republican Party by TRUMP

Submitted by Pachamama

By the end of the business day, Thursday 27 August 2020, political history of the world would have been written by one Donald Trump. This grifter would have achieved total and unquestioned controlled over the Republican National Convention (RNC) apparati and inserted his brand in such a way that there would be no recognizable differences between man, family and party. The former Republican Party would have become an integral part of the ‘family businesses.

The current coming-out ‘party’ convention has been so organized so that not a whisper of dissent could be given voice. Every ‘man jack’ chosen to speak was to be a reliable Trumpeter. Only Hitler was this exacting. Dissidents were either skillfully sidelined, assigned to the political wilderness in search of uncertain futures or made to join the growing numbers of ‘never-Trumpers’ in groups like the Lincoln Project, in exile as outside supporters of Joe Biden, a man who himself, is less than compos mentis.

As Trump plays for keeps, the clear intention is the deployment of the party organization for the maximization of personal and generational wealth. He and he alone must be the richest man in the world. This is Trump’s personal party! This is all happening, while the Democratic congressional leadership is running around talking about passing this bill, and that bill. But none of this matters to Trump. For Trump, they provide good cover for him to reshape the political structure, under their feet, and in his own image, his brand. The Republican leadership, on the other hand, has been mere lapdogs to this new ‘King’ of America!

We would be unsurprised should Trump emerge from this convention gaining the added bonus of reducing the margins between himself and Biden, a post-convention bounce. This is the normal bounce expected, which Biden failed to obtain from his own theatrical displays of last week.

At the end of the day we would fail to see, if Trump is as successful as we assess he will be, the circumstances under which the current political duopoly formations could resist the type of transformation similar to that as imposed on the Whig Party of the early 19th century. The real question here is whether the Republican Party, as we have known it, is now dead or not? Given demography, some may wonder how it could have existed for so long. History may find that this has been achieved through systemic electoral fraud. This is a history of fraud with which the Democratic Party (DNC) has willingly colluded to ensure that the status quo is maintained.

Trump must be well-pleased with himself for getting away with the incessant moral and legal challenges he has mounted to the system. For example, no president has thus far, been subjected to an impeachment conviction but continued to successfully seek the party’s banner in a coming election. But nobody even mentions this fact. Such is the gravamen of existential challenges to the duopoly as presented by Trumpism.

Maybe, he was right when he voiced his truism that the president’s power is ‘total’. Evidently, his most loyal supporters, the fascist-Christian-evangelicals; court systems well populated by Trump loyalists; that critical mass of Euro-Americans whose every sinew is racist; the silent corporate elites who support both duopoly factions; and a bevy of supine congressmen and senators are now well-prepared to set-sail any remaining notions about ‘democracy’, ‘liberty’, ‘freedom’ down the Potomac River. The Potomac two-step on full display!

Trump has instilled such a perverse party ‘discipline’ that a Martian visiting Earth and landing on this convention would not believe that there is currently a pandemic and that north of 200,000 Americans, based on excess deaths statistics, lay dead. Even as a coterie of buffoons feels confident enough to compel a populace to believe that what is real is indeed fiction and that fiction is reality. Oh, where is George Orwell when needed most!

Internationally, the Dictator-in-Chief has wielded his fascist powers with ruthless efficiency. We could list the countries. They include Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Belarus, Palestine, Syria and more. In the case of Guyana he, with hidden hands, was able to deploy CARICOM and the OAS to overturn an election and install the PPP on the basis that one of his associates in Washington was a paid consultant to the Jagdeo gang. What is currently happening at the so-called Republican National Convention has more to do with the future of empire and the fortunes of the Caribbean than anything happening in this region currently.

Of course, we expect Trump will be the next president. This we see as highly possible regardless to who wins the most votes, who gains the larger number of delegates in the Electoral College or what the exit-polling may suggest. A Biden victory will merely delay the inevitable. The American fascist dictator has already laid the predicate in order to question any adverse result. Before that, we are guaranteed an enhanced panoply of uniquely American electoral fraudulent measures, maybe by both sides, measures already in play. Will CARICOM and the OAS interfere like they did in Guyana or Bolivia?

Even if by some miracle Biden were to win, it would be another significant hurdle to get Trump out of the White House, physically. Biden is wrongly persuaded that the military brass will expel Trump under these circumstances. Given recent events outside this very White House and the irrational refusal of all elements of the military to arrest Donald Trump and subject him to a military tribunal on treason charges, we are not inclined to concur with Biden.

Trump has never followed any tradition or lawful requirement. He breaks more laws before breakfast that the criminals in his dungeons, it has been said. Also, he is much too fearful of going to jail, like he must, if a sense of political decency is to be re-established in Washington DC. We are therefore left to loiter on the good graces of ordinary citizens in an unlikely quest of removing a political carbuncle from the body politic.

We have been reminded that the Constitution requires the Speaker of the House, Pelosi, to assume the interim-presidency should there be long-lasting election uncertainty going beyond January 20th, 2021, as Trump is threatening with blatant interference in the USPS. But even if it were to come to this, we would fail to see any circumstances where the incumbent, Donald J. Trump would recognize her (Pelosi’s) existence. He may even have her arrested should she venture anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The fatal flaw is the American political culture requiring the presumptive loser to accept defeat will serve merely to ignite deeper social discord and further the aims of the fascists. This is an environment Trump lives for and is clearly willing to ignite a civil war if necessary.

The classical definition of fascism has been the conjoining of political and economic forces, an unholy alliance. However, what we see emerging here through the use of processes to further disempower the masses and enrich the few is a more virulent formation than understood by the traditional definition. Lewis and Long argued well that when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag. However, this writer is still left in wonderment that such a monster, from the cesspool of American fascism, would arise in our own lifetimes, at the centre of empire, even as we have always been acutely aware of the very nature of American political culture, which has always been fascistic at its core. We are left to wrestle with the internal contradictions.

Feel the Bern

Submitted as a comment to another blog by Caleb Pilgrim – Blogmaster

@ Blogmaster:

Back to Trump, in the days preceding The South Carolina primary this coming Saturday, February 29th, and Super Tuesday, next Tuesday, March 3, 2020. …

Sometime ago, Dr. G.P in an overly zealous and passionate defense of POTUS, exclaimed “Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!”. G.P was apparently seduced by and so enamored of the officious showman, erstwhile host of “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice”.

We are now approaching a significant milestone in the Presidential elections. Former VP Biden (a/k/a “Sleepy Joe”); – Blogmaster described his performance thus far as being like “warmed over soup”; Trumpf’s campaign spies must also have noticed something “sleepy” about Joe – expects to win. He (Biden) describes it as “a firewall”, Super Tuesday. But, like all other candidates he is still far from the winning tape. Also, Biden lacks money, compared to Sanders, and billionaires Bloomberg and Steyer.

Moreover, as I have often noted, there are certain rumblings going on in the bowels of American body politic. The body politic is in ferment, if not disarray. Like your stomach, sometimes, after a heavy meal?

How else do we, objectively, explain the Obama two term Presidency in a still predominantly racist society? The backlash of the rather strange Trump Presidency? The phenomenon of angry white men”; (blacks apparently have nothing to be angry about)? The rise of the Me-too movement and its profound repercussions, e.g Cosby, Weinstein and many others rich and once powerful? Legalization of same sex marriages, in itself, a quiet revolution in values, and the so far relatively successful Presidential candidacy of the first openly gay, same sex married, South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg? Legalization of recreational marijuana in almost a dozen states including all west coast states, Colorado, and some East coast states; legalization of medical marijuana in more than 30 states, etc, etc?

But, first, why should all this matter to the BU reader? Some nativist, insular, navel gazers dismiss such inquiries as irrelevant because they “vote in Barbados”. This is myopic, however. These navel gazers simply ignore the fact that there may well be several hundred thousand Barbadians and persons of Barbadian extraction (there are no realistic figures) presently living in North America). Are we simply to ignore the legitimate concerns and the welfare of such Bajans on the ground that “I don’t vote in America. I votes in Barbados”? “Fluck them”!

Secondly, for better or worse, in mere geopolitical terms, the American Empire still remains, for the time being at least, the world’s richest economy and the world’s most powerful military. We never live in a vacuum.

In the circumstances, it behooves us to think a little, even a little outside the box. In this vein, there has recently been talk of Former NY Governor Bloomberg offering former candidate Andrew Yang the VP slot should he become the Democratic nominee.

The gist of my argument here is that barring a successful repeat performance by the Democrats’ 2016 “superdelegates” (if Senator Bernie Sanders, does not win by a clear majority on the Convention’s first ballot), Sanders, a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist”, favoring a Scandinavian type democratic “socialism”, can not only win the Party’s Nomination this coming November. He can also win the Presidency in November.

Even if the “superdelegates”, or “supercrooks”, depending, can somehow derail and thwart Sanders, they will never be able to unify a highly fractured Democratic Party, far less form a National Unity Government. If they are seen as having robbed Sanders yet again, many of his supporters will predictably defect and may well guarantee Trump another term in office. The Democrats might even suffer a trifecta, losing the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

Despite Trump’s predictable name calling, Sanders can nevertheless defeat Trump. Trump has already called him a “Communist”. Strange that he (Sanders), a so/called “communist”, should be supported by millionaire businessmen like Tom and Jerry, Jeff Weaver, and on several issues by billionaire Tom Steyer, et al. These, after all, are hard headed businessmen, not Communists. With such support, the “Communist” smear rings hollow. It is simply reminiscent of Trump’s Attorney, Roy Cohn, Whittaker Chambers and Senator Joe McCarthy. Red baiting might appeal to some voters well over 60 years and who lived through the Cold War. However, beyond frightening the uninformed, it does not really resonate with the changing electorate. Sanders could go on to win the US Presidency.

Also, surprise, surprise, Sanders’ “democratic socialism” is no different from the democratic socialism in Norway, (don’t forget that Trump prefers new U.S immigrants “from Norway”). Call it “democratic socialism”, “Scandinavian democracy”, (Sweden, Denmark, Finland), whatever. The problem here is to educate the electorate, admittedly a sometimes formidable task.

But, should Senator Sanders choose a younger, former Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate, Stacey Abrams, a black, female, Yale trained lawyer and former Minority Leader in the Georgia Senate, with very substantial political, business, industry and community experience, a Sanders-Abrams ticket could win, absent interference by the “super-delegates”.

A Sanders-Abrams ticket wins the black vote throughout most of the United States. (As an aside, a female Black Vice Presidential candidate will also be a first. It would add more energy and excitement to Sanders’ already highly motivated supporters; it would also break the mould and position Abrams to run for the Presidency the next time around, the first black female since Shirley Chisholm of Barbadian lineage). Relatively few black voters, except perhaps for some black recidivist legatees of the Confederacy, a specie of mentally defective Clarence Thomas, “Blacks for Trump”; “Woke”; will decline to support such a ticket.

Abrams is also almost certain to demolish Pence in the Vice Presidential Debates.

As to immigration, Sanders’ promise of a moratorium on all deportations within the first 100 days of his Administration, guarantees support among the Latino and immigrant communities in the USA. Hence, his very substantial support among Latinos in the recent Nevada caucus.

Further, Sanders’ promise of a minimum wage of $15 resonates with the poor and the working class. Hence, his support among blue collar workers and trade unions.

Time and space do not allow for a detailed discussion of ever increasing and extreme inequality in the U.S; or examination of proposals such as “Medicare for all”; student loan forgiveness and free college tuition; climate change – “a Chinese hoax” per Trump; (but just ask Dr. Leonard Nurse his opinion on climate change, as a more capable expert witness); the economic and social impact of the corona pandemic on the much vaunted Trump economic “successes”. ….

Notwithstanding predictably ritual denials, we should also not underestimate the role and impact of the U.S Intelligence Community (IC) or some disaffected agents in re-paying Trump’s generosity in dissing the 17 Intelligence Agencies, throughout his Presidency. Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold.

Also, this will be the first election in which tens of billions ($$$$$) will have been spent by the candidates. On the Democratic side, we can expect that Bloomberg himself may spend a few billions if per chance he is the nominee. Steyer himself may also contribute a few billion. Jeff Bezos of Amazon, an avid Trump fan, should also be most comfortable in putting in a few billion to anyone opposing Trump. George Soros should also be good for a few billion. How easy it is to spend Other People’s’ Money (“OPM”)?

To the Trump Choir, I therefore say – even though it is still early, “come over to Damascus”! We would never want you to be the Patron Saint of Lost Causes.

Finally, don’t forget that you first heard it (this murky analysis and prediction), here on BU. Uh gone!

TRUMP: A Pre-mortem? Or, Death By A Thousand Cuts?

Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim

To return to Trump ….Today is day 1075 since President Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. According to the Washington Post, by December 16, 2019, he, Trump, had made a mere 15,413 false or misleading statements (otherwise known as lies). Some claim that he even lied about his father, Fred Trump’s place of birth.

Arguably, the Post’s figures might well have been inaccurate. We do not know and we will never know the exact number of lies Trump would have told family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, his Cabinet members individually or collectively, or even lies he might have told himself during the period. The Post’s figures might therefore have been limited to his “public” lies, and the Post’s estimate far too low.

Such has been POTUS’s achievement here – a far cry from President George Washington who allegedly never told a lie – that American social scientists have now developed a new category pertaining to lies: awarding politicians, such as Trump, “the bottomless Pinocchio”. He is clearly unable to control his lying; a medical condition sometimes known as “mythomania”.

By contrast, a pastor friend, a diehard Trump supporter and a black evangelical here in the N.E USA, like another friend and former Barbados unsuccessful political candidate in last year’s May 24, 2018 election; these see Trump, notwithstanding his “truthful hyperbole” as a great man of destiny. To be fair, the Pastor’s wife, more wise, more discerning, early intimated that as far as she could see “God is not the author of confusion”.

The die, however, has now been cast; the Mueller Report completed; the transcript made available; the Whistleblower’s report publicized; ditto the IG’s report; the respective House Committees have done their inquiries and Reports. and the House has voted its two Articles of Impeachment. The Senate reconvenes in short order.

It now remains for the Senate under Chief Justice Roberts to schedule and conduct its impeachment trial of the President, a rarity, in the context of looming Primaries and a 2020 Presidential election. Senators McConnell and Graham, prospective jurors in any impeachment trial, have said that they already decided the matter. What happens if or when Senator Schumer and the Democratic Senate minority somehow file with C.J Roberts a motion to disqualify McConnell and Graham and any other juror who has already prejudged the matter? And, witnesses such as Bolton and Mulvaney? Remember that for many Republicans Trump remains the only game in town.

It is therefore appropriate to essay some brief, if random, remarks on POTUS, his Administration, certain of its policies and his prospects at this juncture.

In using the term “pre-mortem”, I do not mean to suggest that Trump’s defeat this November is a foregone conclusion. We have been here before with disastrous consequences, as former Secretary of State Clinton belatedly discovered. In a sense, he must harp on the economy. and his apparent “success” …. the economy stupid”?

Yet, there is an inescapable law of diminishing returns. Just ask any older man. (Even King David, 1 Kings 1, when he was old and cold). This law, it seems, applies in almost every sphere, including politics.

Consider a politician, a man not unlike Trumpf who thinks one way. He then speaks a second way. He then acts a third way. He trifles, obfuscates, deflects, dissembles, even lies. Bullshit and trivia persist as standard, daily political fare. His public, usually fickle, often misinformed, uninformed or even dis-informed. But, as Lincoln remarked, you can trick them some of the time, but not all of them all of the time.

As reasonable people, we must therefore resist the idea of The Idiot Posing as Intellect, or some Trump (The Tramp-in-Chief), a renegade bolshevik businessman and Putin stooge masquerading and declaring himself (soi-disant) a man of high IQ and “a very stable” geni-ass. (Cf. his late Wharton School Professor, William T. Kelley, a nonagenarian, who described him as “the dumbest goddam student” he, Professor Kelley, ever had in more than 40 years teaching at Wharton; Kissinger’s reference to him as not having “a very orderly mind”; or Tillerson’s description of him – unretracted – as a “moron”; his former lawyer, Attorney Cohen’s testimony that he pressured Fordham and Wharton not to release Trump’s academic transcripts; his absence from the Dean’s list at Wharton despite his boast that he had graduated “top of his class” at Wharton; all in the context wherein he (Trump) demanded to see President Obama’s transcripts and academic materials). Truly, a man of seemingly impregnable, untouchable ignorance, with legions of rats of all varieties scurrying around upstairs.

Perhaps, Republican Senator Romney, when he was thinking more clearly, had Trump’s measure, when he counseled Trump against releasing his tax returns, and then subsequently described him as a “fraud” and a “conman”. Thus, by way of example, Trump has always proclaimed his love for the military. Yet, beyond his serial draft dodging, and whatever his personal demons, the only war he (Trump) seems ever to have fought may well have been limited to some gilded boudoir with relatively expensive “toys” such as “Stormy” Daniels and Karen McDougal, going rate between US $125K and $150K.

No one can say that he (Trump) had been in the US Air Force; then exiled himself to Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the U.K., or elsewhere, rather than kill so-called “gooks” in the “swamps” and muddy/paddy fields of Vietnam. He made the great escape. He now poses as a “chicken hawk”, like many another draft dodger.

The Reader might still note that in terms of re-election strategy, it is still open to Trump and his advisers to start a war, if necessary, and before the elections, if this will gee up his domestic support. E.g in the case of Iran. Many a red blooded American would then rally to “the cause”, with typical shouts of “USA” “USA”. The problem will be one of graduated response and escalation? In response, the Ayatollahs and the Iranian National Guard may have to decide on the feasibility of shutting down the Gulf – following up on their attack on Saudi oil infrastructure some time ago. Beyond profiteering by armaments manufacturers, the military-industrial complex, billionaire investors, what would be the implications for the world economy, OECD and LDC countries and the least developed countries?

As to the issue of race, Trump’s re-election strategy, the Black, Latino and minority vote.

Fortunately, many no longer deny the fact that POTUS is a racist. For too long, the naive denied this fact, despite the overwhelming evidence, (his spawning of birtherism, his notorious ads about the Central Park Five after their sentences had been vacated and all criminal charges against them withdrawn; the EEOC housing discrimination complaints against him – I would not be surprised if there was not at least one Barbadian family allegedly victim of his housing discrimination; his abuse of African countries and Haiti as “s—hole” countries; his attacks on the inner city as “rat and rodent infested”; his own admission that he is a “white nationalist”).

As to his palpable disdain for Mexicans, rumor once did percolate that his daughter, Tiffany, had dated a wealthy Mexican young man while at Wharton. Imagine some Mexican with his grubby paw on his beautiful, pristine, blonde, blue-eyed daughter! Enough to make a “nationalist” nauseous! Who knows the source(s) of his animus against Mexico and Mexicans?

To my mind, to deny that President Trump is a good old fashioned racist largely surrounded by white supremacist advisers, such as Stephen Miller, is like witnessing a man in a bank, pointing his gun at employees and customers on the bank’s floor, and denying that the gunman was a bank robber. What stupid poppy cock!

Yet, Trump can still make inroads into the Black Vote (with “Blacks For Trump” and some of his allies). What if Trump and his advisers, including Secretary Carson, following the reparations advocates decide to expend some political capital and give black families some sort of money (not “40 acres and a mule”, far less will do), or even Yang’s “Freedom Dividend”? Many a hungry belly black may well be seduced by such an obvious political ploy and vote for Trump.

As to his foreign policy, unlike the Kennedy Doctrine, the Johnson Doctrine, the Nixon Doctrine, and others, the Trump doctrine seems at best a series of ad hoc, incoherent, non-sequential non-points, never going beyond slogans such as “MAGA” and “America First”, reflecting Trump’s typical, torrential nonsensical tweets.

Several decades ago, the British Yearbook of International Law kindly published an article that I had written on some aspects of trade in the natural resources of Namibia (1990?). The French Revue des Revues subsequently dismissed the article in two words “tres interessante”. However, we all got it wrong. There was/is no such country as Namibia, per Trump in one of his recent addresses to the UNGA, He should be forgiven for not knowing the name of such a namby pamby “s–hole” country. And, thank God for small mercies insofar as he did not confuse Namibia with NAMBLA.

Imagine, also, that iyou were an immigrant, a green card holder, and a veteran who had been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. You return “home” to the USA. You find yourself in conflict with the law, felony or misdemeanor. You are convicted in a court of law. You are then deported to Mexico courtesy of a Commander-in-Chief who never served. (ICE officials who might never have served either). And, there are several hundreds such deported veterans in limbo in Mexico, a country they would have left in their very early childhood when their parents brought them to the US as minor children.

We need not speak of the moral obloquy involved in Trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and caging them, with resulting psychological problems.

In the final analysis, in Trump, we have a man singularly classless, embarrassingly clueless, uninformed and unfathomably uncouth. Bristling with hubris, fire and brimstone, he is more the common man’s” Lord Haw Haw”. But, give him credit. He has normalized the abnormal…He has successfully weaponized unspeakable, mass ignorance and intellectual dishonesty in the U.S. No wonder he says he loves “the poorly educated”). He has so consolidated his leadership of the Republican Party, and might yet demoralize his divided 2020 democratic opposition, all with untold implications.

Caveat: As I have said, always beware of any politician who promises that he will end corruption and “drain the swamp”. Experience teaches that he merely brings in his own new, personal swamp, a la Trump.

A second term, however, is no picnic. Just as Nixon defeated George McGovern overwhelmingly and was then driven from Office, early in his second term; just as Bill Clinton’s Presidency was almost derailed early in his second term by the Lewinsky affair, so too Trump’s chickens may come home to roost before any second term or early in his second term if he should win. Few, if any, at any rate, can indefinitely survive a thousand cuts.

Impeached – Donald Trump TRUMPED

President Donald Trump has suffered the ignominy of being the third President of the United States to be impeached by the House of Congress. The vote was along party lines – when the matter is kicked to the Republican controlled Senate the Articles of the Resolution to impeach is anticipated to be rejected.

What cannot be refuted is that Donald J Trump is now recorded in history as the third president of the United States to be impeached.

Donald Trump you are fired!


The Four Horsemen: Augmented Reality of White Supremacy in the White House

Submitted by Terence M. Blackett

How Malthus, Darwin & Galton Sowed the Epistemological Seeds of Modern Race Hate That Will Lead to WWIII

It was the rise of Athens, and the fear that this instilled in Sparta that made war inevitable…” Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War

It was once said that if you told the truth, you would shame the Devil. Others believe in Protagoras’ famous maxim that says: “man is the measure of all things”. However, conventional wisdom has being turned on its head, as far too many have suspended the veracity of reality, for an alternative, augmented fake version of a narrative that says: white privilege and white superiority have been the harbinger of progress, development & freedom given the white man has made more of a contribution to the development of the Western ideal than anyone else in the last 2000 years – yet sadly, the words of Scripture breaks through the stifling amnesia and mindless paranoia to remind us all: “Men would rather believe a ‘LIE’ instead of truth,” resulting in a world where strong delusions exist – perpetuating ongoing cycles where the mighty oppress the weak; the rich & powerful dole out the bread the devil kneads – creating a febrile, toxic, warlike atmosphere, as human beings lob from one crisis to another! Meantime, we are falling like flies from STRESS, OPIOID USE & a world in utter turmoil & the wanton wretchedness of the elites – a form of sheer madness that has morphed beyond palpable.

University of Connecticut philosopher Michael P. Lynch argues that the creation of modern, mainstream media socio-construction makes the ambit of societal understanding that much more vague and complex given the vagaries of fake news v true; authentic, reported news that is fair and balanced. Professor Lynch acknowledges that we have entered the era where the glass ceiling of objective reality has been shattered to bits and what we are left with is a circus side show (as we are currently witnessing in Britain with the BOZO government) of what he calls “the slide into despotism” based on our shared knowledge, the shenanigans of political intrigue & the negative effects of technological advancement.

In 1963, during those difficult years of the Civil Rights Movement, author, activist & scholar James Baldwin was prompted to respond forceful to Yale philosophy professor Paul Weiss on the Dick Cavett show, amplifying what it means to be Black in AmeriKKKa – with what can only be described as a masterclass in the art of debunking malicious subterfuge, while offering up an education in the matter of what it means to be a Black man in today’s so-called, white, privileged world. Actor Joe Morton’s clip here [55] years later, patently spells out the socio-politically engineered dilemma currently seething within the bowels of the (DIS) United States of Amnesia & Paranoia – where an age-old diabolicus of imperialistic tyranny still runs amuck in the dishevelled halls of the US government, but more so, within the Executive Branch, run by notably, the most “LYING, BIGOTED, RACIST, & CORRUPT” president ever selected to that office.

White privilege has become a pandemic virus ruminating within US society and infecting Britain, Europe, Australia et al! These social conditions can only lead to one set of individuals who refuse to own their behavioural attitudes to others – different from themselves. Therefore, political incorrectness would dictate that in putting an apocalyptic spin on Messrs. Bolton, Pompeo, tRUMP & Pence (BPTP) only shows the cataclysmic nature of what ‘hatred of others’ eventually creates.

As this current US Administration is the latest circus in town and its principal players are all globalists with a penchant for imperialist-type polyTRICKS – where weaker nations get labelled #Sh*tholes; Latinas are rapists and Muslims – the scourge of the earth!

In The Atlantic, a piece on ‘Augmented Reality’ brings home this poignant issue of white supremacy in Donald Trump’s White House – where the author cites Brian Wassom, who regularly writes on augmented reality – notes: “if apps can recognize a particular shade of melanin, and replace it with another, racists could one day live in their own version of…utopia.

Today nations are spending over £1.2 trillion every year on weapons of mass destruction just to kill innocent people – while millions go to bed hungry for lack of basic provisions. As one reads the news wire in social media, it is pretty much like reading the prophecies of Scripture – as you must understand them before they happens. Hence the reason why we must read & understand the history before it actually happens based Ecclesiastes 1:9!

If World War I & II meant anything to folks like my grandfather (WW2 Vet) who lived through those PRE-APOCALYPTIC crises – yet they felt the world was witnessing Armageddon and YESHUA – The Messiah would soon follow in His return to earth. That time has since passed and today we are living on the brink of World War III.

We are standing on the THRESHOLD of great and solemn events! The current, ongoing dubious war against terrorism, rages on many fronts and in many countries with the constant threats of engineered terrorists’ attacks – notwithstanding a “DIRTY BOMB” in the wrong hands could plunge the world into #WW3, causing profound fear to enshroud humanity, that men’s hearts would literally fail them. Yet we know (even if in denial) the world is about to be plunged into such a catastrophic abyss that it has never before seen or imagined and from the Scriptures comes undeniable PROOFS staring most of GOD’S people in the face but Satan has done such a job of keeping us in a tragically obtuse mindset of “PEACE & SAFETY” – when sudden destruction finally comes, it will take us completely unawares.

Emerging phenomena and unexplainable calamities will bring about such morbid fears (no words can express); unbelievable upheavals and dizzying financial & economic stress that our insecurity levels& the emotional tectonics will mirror the “PERPLEXITY” that Messiah spoke of in (Matt. 24:4-51; Luke 21:25).

As we have just witnessed another circus that is the G7 there in France – the end of August 2019 patently mirrors the 1 September 1939 when the first bombs began to fall in WWII. Any social historian worth his salt sees the correlation between our current TRADE WARS, CURRENCY WARS & GREAT DEPRESSION brought about World War 2! Today, trade wars, currency wars & another looming GREAT DEPRESSION stalks earth’s horizon and few are truly prepared for WWIII.

Drawing from apocalyptic literature, the FOUR horsemen paints a truly minacious picture of a kind of dystopian future world which makes HollyWeird films like 2012 look like child’s play. Our ongoing fascination with Sci-Fi movies: war & violence will one day soon come home to roust – as the nation’s fold themselves together like thorns for war (Nahum 1:10).

Amongst the principal architects of this fast approaching WORLD WAR are those Luciferian emissaries mentioned at the top of this piece: BOLTON, POMPEO, tRUMP & PENCE – a gaggle of devils hell-bent on imperialist global control based on the Kabbala wizardry of those who occupy the hell-hole that is the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN aka THE DEEP STATE!

Why does AmeriKKKa keep attacking other nations remain the fundamental question that must be asked given what General Wesley Clark exposed in 2007. The general’s expose strikes at the heart of the US military industrial complex and their fomentation of perpetual wars appear to be the governing ethos of both AmeriKKKa and her proxy allied fighters like Israel who has just dropped bombs on Lebanon. Did Lebanon attack Israel causing provocation?

Professor Peter Beinart, in a piece in The Atlantic challenges the stereotypical nonsense being spewed by certain apologists whose penchant is to justify war & aggression by any means necessary (case in point, John Bolton). Of all the Washington Hawks – he is undoubtedly the worst. Bolton wants a war with Iran and he is itching for it (maybe Israel will scratch his itch). However, the Pentagon is looking further afield to China & Russia as the next axis of evil given Trump’s tweets & comments about both Russian & Chinese moves away from sanctions (as in Russia’s case – who is creating GOLD BACKED CRYPTOCURRENCY to side-step US sanctions) and China’s decoupling from the US trading dollar platform – all reasons to foment war!

In a 241 page book document by the Brookings Institute, it cites the prevailing logic behind the US strategy towards Iran where “Bolton’s main objective, designed to start WWIII by falsely blaming Iran for nuking Israel” (while the MSM refuses to cite the many instances of Israeli attacks on Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi & now Yemini targets. Bolton is looking to justify use of the Samson Option in response, like Hitler before him, who exterminated Ghazaryan “ENGRAFTED” Jews & others – while Aryans form the elite face of the planet – the nemesis race of both Luciferian Ashkenazi Jews & freeloading Freemasons – both of whom are inherently Neanderthals by nature – all coexisting within the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN!!!

Like Bolton, Mike Pompeo has done himself a huge favour by clearly outlining publically that he is a LIAR, CHEAT & THIEF: what he calls the “GLORY OF THE AMERIkkkAN EXPERIMENT”! What a clutse! Thankfully, Pompeo has merely highlighted what some have always known about US poLIEticians & the elites who comprise the “DEEP STATE” – a cabal of loyalists, lobbyists & LIARS; powerbrokers who fund & control the houses of Congress – DEMOCRAPS & REPULSIVEKINS (to cite Gerald Celente).

Trump & Pence are LIARS – they know what they are doing. This is not a game! These FOOLS makes up that Chrono-Genealogy-Caricature of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! These two men posits a veneer of religiosity only to act in ways that upend their so-called faith – for “faith without good works” is just meaninglessness CRAP wherever you find it. To prove these vile characters know what they are up to: according to the 6th meeting of the National Space Council, Pence cites that Outer-Space is now a war-fighting domain. Is this the same Pence that believe that “I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER”? Surely those brothers are not Palestinians or South Americans but fellow JESUITS & FREEMASONS. So we’ve been warned in 2019, that all future wars will involve stratospheric weapons of mass destruction – while he announces the first leader of the United States Space Command. In one word: CRAZINESS! But then, the “Crazies” are out due to full moon & full spectrum dominance, with one goal in mind – removing 4 billion people from the planet, by any means necessary.

How did we get here? As I examine the totem pole of evil in our world, my firm belief centers around much of the post-enlightenment literature espoused at the time by racist philosophers & thinkers like Malthus, Darwin & Galton. Today social Darwinism, which is at the root & branches of postmodern racial & ethnic tensions in AmeriKKKa, Canada, Britain, Europe, Australia, New Zealand (90% clearly are English-speaking countries) who have expanded their so-called Enlightenment ideas about “survival of the fittest” in commerce, poLIEtics, reLIEgion, entertainment and human societies as a whole – leading to claims that social inequality, sexism, racism and imperialism had suitable justifications for their existence – given the linkages with nationalism we are seeing amongst the FAR-RIGHT in Europe & AmeriKKKa’s, coupled with fiendish imperialism, chanting (AMERIKKKA FIRST) which in reality, is a chant for: “ISRAEL FIRST” as we witness more & more regime change being floated by US hawks.

Francis Galton believed eugenics was the answer to a master race of human beings (ALL CAUCASIAN OF COURSE) who would have supremacy over the other races. Galton proposed to better mankind by propagating the notion that British elites was the epitome of racial purity. What a nefarious croq! He argued vociferously that social institutions such as welfare and mental asylums allowed inferior humans to survive and reproduce at higher levels than their superior counterparts in Britain’s aristocratic & wealthy classes. If you follow the bread crumbs, all roads lead to a form of philosophical indoctrination that remains at the heart of social engineering.

In a piece by the Scientific American entitled – “Why Malthus Is Still Wrong: Why Malthus makes for bad science policy” – Michael Shermer suggest that: “the belief in the inevitability of a Malthusian collapse. The power of population is so superior to the power of the earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race,” Malthus gloomily predicted. Although Malthus’ served in several capacities over his career – he will go down in history as a white supremacist having left a similar legacy as Charles Darwin & his cousin Francis Galton who adopted much of their theorizing on “Natural Selection”.

In AmeriKKKa, Trumpian theatrics dress rehearses toxic rhetoric via Twitter about other countries & their native peoples – likening them to #Sh*tHoles while locking kids in cages and deporting their parents. Trump’s racist ideologies have been handed down through time by men like Francis Galton et al who felt that “INFERIOR RACES” were a drain on society as cited by Dr Howard Markel.

So, as a result, scientific racism in the words of Edward Burmila suggests that “Scientific Racism Isn’t ‘Back’ – It Never Went Away – especially in the age of Trump, believers of the once-popular tenets of scientific racism are feeling “emboldened”. This type of populist tyranny is also raising its ugly head in Europe, Britain & across the world but especially in places like Palestine where Israel seeks to wipe the Palestinians off their land and off the face of the earth! This is all down to Galtonian, Malthusian & Darwinian theoretical gobble-de-gook that Caucasian folks (enlightened & ignorant alike) find themselves confronted with in the last few months of the 2nd decade of the 21st centuries – yet clueless of that spurious form of brainwashing!

Finally, “a speaker of truth has no (real, true) friends” (African Proverb). Why? Simple! For those of us living in domains like the US, UK, Canada & elsewhere – our foreparents didn’t go through the last 400 years (1619 -2019) to let unpatriotic weaklings like Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton & now Boris “BOZO THE CLOWN” Johnson to end the freedoms, privileges, financial prowess & benefits these countries have provided – becoming our homes! In all the rhetoric, combined, these FOOLS have served a grand total of 37 days in the military – yet they push our sons & daughters to war, to return in body bags, scarred, mutilated & maimed for life! These bastards have never had to fight for anything beyond their bank accounts & business interests. In Daniel 2:21 & Psalms 75:7, we are warned that ELOHIM is THE ONLY ONE who sets up gov’ts & takes them down! It is God who judges: He brings one down, He exalts another. He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the BEAST: for it is the number of a MAN; and his number is 666!


Submitted by Pachamama

The preeminent American historian, Gerald Horne, has argued persuasively that the events of 1776 were not what the preponderance of historical narratives suggest. They were the exact opposite he contends! In more recent times, Professor Horne has bookended his first assertion by further contending that the emergence of a Donald J. Trump was anathema to these imposed and popular historical accounts. This professional historian boldly calls for a truthful rewriting of the entire historical accounts of the United States of north America.

On this 4th of July, American empire fashioned as a counter to the Glorious Revolution of Great Britain (1688-1689) finds itself in existential peril. For alas, it is titularly headed by a Caligula type figure reminiscent of that period in Roman history when a horse (Incitatus) could have been chief counsel to the emperor.

As we watch the descent of this new Rome under Donald J Trump, his family, the people around him – in the cabinet, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the pantomime passing for Democratic Party ‘debates’, the media whores expert at disinformation, other world leaders, the peoples of the world, most importantly the American peoples themselves and judge the interrelationships between and among these forces, it is difficult to avoid a range of obvious conclusions.

Donald Trump does not even project the pretense that he maintains any abiding interest in the day-to-day management of an empire which boasted, for all those years, to be that ‘exceptional’ ‘city on the hill’. It seems pellucid that this Trump is totally satisfied to continue to play the game of faux master marketer/manipulator/negotiator as every domestic and foreign encounter is primarily predicated on the advancement of the ‘family’ business. This is what oligarchy has come to. And everybody now knows that American foreign and domestic policies can be bought and by not necessarily the highest bidder either. Empire has degenerated into no more than a cheap whore! After 40 wars and the deaths of 20 million since WW2 alone, Trump gives us a military parade, dictator-style, at the centre of the blackened heart of empire.

Not even big Don has any illusions about the lack of mental capacity of little Don. So big Don looks to Jerad Kushner, the son-in-law, as brain trust in the White House, but there is no there, there either. And the recent debacle with his Deal of the Century is proof positive. Ivana Trump, we guess, is seen by some as attractive, we presume, but we would be hard-pressed to understand why this empty-header, snotty-nosed, president’s daughter could be made to believe that she has a role rubbing shoulders with the likes of Angela Merkel at the G20, a woman of immense substance, a formidable figure and the political cache to go with it.

There has never been a president who has assembled a cabinet exclusively of oligarchs – millionaires and billionaires; all with very narrow interests. All of whom are using government to enrich themselves, in the light of day. And no institution within the American government can do anything about such decadence. A decadence not dissimilar to the ethos of bulling brought by Obama. There is no time for what use to be called ‘the people’s businesses’. There is not one member of this mafioso-styled Joint Commission (Cabinet) who has any pretense of serving the broader American public. To the contrary, only people who believe that the nature of government is not to serve the masses but the very privileged alone need apply. This is your America of 2019 – ‘the home of the oligarchs, the land of the unfree.’

The most obvious sign of imperial decadence must be the fecklessness of a Congress unable to bring a walking talking lawbreaker to heel. Donald Trump breaks more laws before breakfast than all the criminals in America’s dungeons have for decades. Yet, the so-called checks and balances which were supposed to be hoe and basket of this Congress have been no countermeasure to this normalized culture of high crimes and misdemeanors, even treason, in every government department. Trump makes the criminal Bill Clinton look like a Sunday school choir boy in comparison.

The Supreme Court has historically been the institution to reinforce the thinking of the long-dead slavers – the so-called founding fathers. In trying to understand the future through the eyes of the most regressive human beings of all times they have legislated the most perverse form of fascism in the United States of north America. It is a court at the apex of a system which is deeply political, racist, corporatist and anything but just.

Over the past two (2) weeks we have seen a few ‘public gatherings’ of leading ‘democrats’ that some have referred to as ‘debates’. If we didn’t know better or feared being labeled a ‘conspiracy analyst’ we would have concluded that these congregations were aimed at securing a second term for Trump. These useless Democrats, and the progressives in their ranks, could only approach issues like reparations, universal health care, the demilitarization of the economy and free education for university students when made to stare into the abyss of four (4) more years of Adolf Hitler reborn. Should this backward party of Nancy Pelosi manage to escape this political bullet, normal service will certainly be resumed, immediately. We will continue to see a Democratic Party with its mindless progressives ignoring their most loyal supporters – African Americans. But, they will not! The re-election of Trump will guarantee the present trajectory.

We must remember that Donald Trump is primarily a media creation. They gave Trump the equivalent of four (4) billion dollars in free promotion. Thinking it would have been a win-win as they gamed a Clinton v Trump contest as an easy win for Clinton while they make their billions and still get their Clintons. The defeat of Sanders in the primaries baked-in, of course. Those same media, the so-called progressives, are at it again as they try to impose a Biden on the American people to supposedly erase the Trump legacy from the body politic. Not so fast, to do such to a political system is no different than trying to take the wet out of water. And then we have some other people playing games with the American people. Not even Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, the ‘progressive’ criminal prosecutor, well-known for incarcerating Black people without mercy, or the two or more that are making limited political sense, can redirect the arc of empire from the burning house which MLK so eloquently prophesied.

Other world leaders smell blood and are fixing to consume the carcass of empire. We always find it necessary to remind readers that there is nothing normal about the existence of empires. That during the last century maybe 20 empires collapsed. In fact, empires are inherently unstable and fall all the time. Therefore, China, India, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Germany and other are fielding at first slip, waiting for the edge. How’s that empire!

Some peoples of the world are coming to recognize a new and emerging reality. A lot of people are laughing at America in the same way they laughed at the madman Nero nearing the end of the old Rome. The thinking people of the United States of north America themselves have spent centuries marching; voting; pleading with elected officials; calling congressional offices; being fooled by district, city, state and federal elected officials; letter writing; complaining on call-in programs; investing trust in the democratic and republican parties; relying on a ‘misleadership class’. None of this has worked in avoiding the fascism America has always supported in foreign lands from coming home to ruse. We judge that the American people, unlike the peoples of France or Sudan, who are in open rebellion, are tired, dumb down and lack the will to confront Trumpism in the streets and deliver the real revolution this country never had. Nevertheless, with or without a revolution empire dies anyway. And maybe, just maybe, that’s a good thing.

Open Letter to Donald Trump from Ireland’s Emigration Museum

Submitted by Mervyn Greene, Managing Director, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Thursday, 30th May

County Clare, Ireland



Ireland’s Emigration Museum offers the US President the opportunity to see immigration from a different angle.

President Donald Trump’s stance on immigration is well documented and debated, so when EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum heard about the POTUS visiting Irish shores, they felt a responsibility to extend an invitation. Through a full page open letter, they asked him to visit and reframe his views on immigration.

Over 10 million people emigrated from Ireland over the centuries – in many cases escaping famine, political unrest and civil war, others seeking opportunity and change. They settled all over the world as immigrants, and EPIC documents the stories of the impact they’ve had.

“EPIC represents an alternative voice on the global movement of people.  We have documented the positive impact that Irish emigration has had on the world, and we think it’s time the conversation on emigration changed.  This invitation goes out to President Trump with sincerity – come experience a different viewpoint on immigration and it might just change your perspective” says Mervyn Greene, Managing and Museum Director of EPIC.

The letter asks the President to consider his family’s own emigration story from Germany, and points out a number of examples of how Ireland’s emigrant stories have impacted his own life.

An excerpt from the letter:

“Allow us to share a few of our stories that might hit close to home for you. Irish emigrants played a huge part in shaping the Manhattan skyline. Descendants of Irish emigrants have held your very position in the Oval Office. The White House itself was designed by James Hoban, an Irish architect. Your Vice President Mike Pence is the grandson of an Irish emigrant who escaped war and poverty in 1923. You might even come across descendants of his great-grandmother, who hailed from Doonbeg.“

EPIC’s open letter was placed in the Clare Champion Newspaper, the biggest newspaper in County Clare, where President Trump will be staying at his family-owned golf club in Doonbeg during his visit to Ireland.  As a final enticement to the President, the letter suggests his visit would take less time than a round of golf.


EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a state-of-the-art interactive experience located in the beautiful vaults of the 1820 Custom House Quarter building in Dublin’s Docklands, the original departure point for so many of Ireland’s emigrants. Featuring personal stories of love, triumph, adventure and adversity, it highlights and celebrates the positive impact and influence of Irish emigrants around the world.


Dear President Trump,

We’d like to extend an invitation to visit EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum during your upcoming visit.

We know your itinerary isn’t as flexible as most, but hear us out.

Your stance on immigration is well documented. As one of the world’s only museums dedicated to the emigrant experience, we’d like to offer a different point of view. At EPIC, the positive impact emigrants have had on the world is told through an Irish lens; it’s a narrative we’re proud to share with countless other countries.

Allow us to share a few of our stories that might hit close to home for you. Irish emigrants played a huge part in shaping the Manhattan skyline. Descendants of Irish emigrants have held your very position in the Oval Office. The White House itself was designed by James Hoban, an Irish architect. Your Vice President Mike Pence is the grandson of an Irish emigrant who escaped war and poverty in 1923. You might even come across descendants of his great- grandmother, who hailed from Doonbeg.

Your own family story has been shaped by emigration, when your grandfather Friedrich left Germany at age 16 to pursue opportunity in a new land. And the First Lady is another example of how a recent immigrant has made the most of a new opportunity to one day become FLOTUS. Needless to say, our invitation is open to Melania as well.

What we’re saying is that everyone has a connection to the story of emigration, and people often change their perspective once they see it told from many angles, both past and present.

We know you’ll have a busy presidential itinerary, but we promise you an enlightening experience in less time than it takes to play a round of golf.




Mervyn Greene,

Managing Director,

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

The Mueller Investigation

Received from a US correspondent – David, blogmaster

There are not too many individuals in the USA space who have commanded media attention to match President Donald Trump. One person that qualifies is Robert Mueller, special counsel to oversee the department’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.


Submitted by Pachamama

As Donald Trump enters the lion’s den this night all bets are off that he could escape with no further damage to his already tenuous hold on power. Indeed, if there was ever a textbook case as to how not to run a country Trump has thusly so provided.

In these short notes we will show that on all sides Donald Trump is a cornered beast. We will demonstrate this on the political, the economic, the social, the technological, the physical environment, the legal, the military, trade, intelligence and the diplomatic. We will argue that anybody able to avoid this, a certain fate waiting, would be rightfully deemed the political Houdini of all times.

The speech itself, and this was news to Trump, could have only have been scheduled, in the first place, with the acquiescence of the Speaker. This ‘detail’ needed to make Trump’s acquaintance. Recall though, that Trump’s political problems extend well beyond mere scheduling difficulties.

Even while he held control of all the levers of government he was unable to secure funding for his signature promise – the wall. In addition, his approval ratings have been stagnant at best and he has not been able to hire or retain the critical number of competent senior level aides to bring the required competence to his administration.

In economy, it was also news to Trump that he was not in dominant control of the Federal Reserve. As a result of this duality we had the Fed implementing a policy which his administration suggested was inappropriate. More worrying for Trump is that leading economic figures are now joining the bandwagon of those who have suggested a recession this year. This has implications for his political fortunes in 2020, should he run.

Trump is also encumbered by the social environment. His intelligence briefings would no doubt include the dislocations occurring in France – the Yellow Vest demonstrations and the disquiet in the UK which may lead to riots depending on the outcome of the Brexit imbroglio. These may be coming to a city near him sooner than later as the economic situation within the USA is far worse than the erroneous government statistics are leading on. Expect contagion! Riots in the land, you say!

On the technological front, Trump has created problems or found difficulties with which he has not been able to show any measurable progress in last two (2) years. These relate to the rights of subscribers. Whether companies like Facebook, Google and others should be public utilities.

Of course, on the legal side, we already know the world of hurt he has been in. We also presume that Mueller is likely to bring down some more indictments in the coming months – landing not too far from his cold heart. These to add to a growing number of Trump acolytes already ensnared in a dragnet intended to only allow the small fry and the cooperators to escape.

Maybe Trump entered the White House with the expectation that on the military front he could deploy America’s might to frighten the nation’s foes into easy concessions. Thus far, there have been no thunderous breakthroughs with the DPRK, Syria, Iran, Russian or anybody else. In all circumstances, conditions are far worse than when Trump entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The master negotiator he has not been!

As one of the first orders of business was the exit from the Climate Accords. Since then there has been no American sponsored successor agreement. This action still seems like an anti-Obama reaction with no intension whatsoever to offer another plan.

To say diplomacy is not Trump’s or his senior official’s forte would be an understatement. But when you add Bolton, Abrams, Pompeo and Kushner to the jambalaya you have a recipe for a Venezuela, another Vietnam, a murder in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. The UN sponsored JCPOA with Iran was also unceremoniously dispensed with. All of America’s ‘former’ allies under Trumpism have been strained. Trump and statements relating to America’s exceptionalism have been laughed at by hundreds of world countries at the UN.

Even on another thorny issue – trade. Trump has not made any breakthroughs with China or Europe or anybody else. All he’s done this far is to make minor changes to the agreement with Canada and Mexico. And Mexico is not paying for his wall as promised, by him.

Again, nobody was looking for too much ‘intelligence’ from Trump. But a war with the Deep State apparatus can never be won. Kennedy knew that. Even if you could win, you still come out the loser. In this environment Trump is in multiple wars with the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and all the other 17 alphabet-soup of spy agencies.

Of course, Donald Trump has never been known to pay much attention to all of these concentric circles of analysis. Therefore, is most likely to wing-it in the vain hope that somehow he, the master-salesman, could deliver this horrible situation to his wider audience with a PR victory. However, we are getting the feeling that a critical mass has now seen the ‘con which has always been Don’ and that additional damage, to his position, will be inflicted this night.

There may well be several books in this presidency that could withstand the vagaries of time and political science. However, if there were to be a single case study in how not to run an administration that may be the monograph which could be the one to be well-compared with that classical work by Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), this would be it.

Collusion a Crime – Judge in Mueller Case Upholds Legal Theory

Is collusion a crime? Since the beginning of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, allegations of “collusion” have dominated the debate. President Trump regularly claims there was “no collusion” with the Russians seeking to influence the 2016 presidential election. His attorneys and other supporters also have repeatedly argued that even if collusion took place, that would not be criminal. But last week, in a case brought by Mueller, a federal judge upheld the legal theory under which “collusion” may indeed be a crime.

I’m not sure how the term “collusion” became so central to discussions of the Mueller investigation. It really should be banned altogether. (I know, I know — this from the guy who just wrote a blog post with “collusion” in the title, right? But hey, I can’t unilaterally disarm.) All it does is breed confusion and lead to diversionary arguments about whether collusion is criminal.

It’s true there is no criminal statute titled “collusion.” But as I’ve noted in several places (here and here, for example) the relevant crime is conspiracy under 18 U.S.C. 371. Collusion refers to an agreement with others to achieve some improper end. In criminal law, we call that a conspiracy – a partnership in crime. And the breadth of the federal conspiracy statute makes it particularly well-suited for cases like Mueller’s probe of Russian interference with the election.


2018 US Midterm Elections

Barbadians have a strong interest in what unravels in the United States. We may debate why this is the case- an abundance of US news feeds streaming into our homes via FLOW, DIGICEL and Internet devices 24b hours a day, family members living in the USA, we travel there to further our studies and on recreation the list is long.

The BU household also has a keen interest in the outcome of the midterms later tonight, it will be a referendum on Trump’s tenure for sure.


Source: Two Charts Show Trump’s Job Gains Are Just A Continuation From Obama’s Presidency