A Test of Character for Humankind

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humankind1With all the distraction coming from the White House it is all about distraction. Look at what has been going on in Russia.  The head of the cyber security has been arrested as well as one of the specialists for treason.  They have discovered the mole who leaked the Trump dossier to the West.  Trump is making a lot of noise about crow size while Russia is rounding up suspected moles. I hope the CIA FBI are investigating the moles in their organization and those in the White House. What amazes me is that those people working as advisors for Trump haven’t had a nervous breakdown as yet. They are ordered to go out and lie to the American people about everything Don the Con says.  They are pissing on the American public heads and telling them it is raining.

America is a highly medicated society and Big Pharma has it like that so they can make huge profits. In the heartland many white women and men are dying early many in their 30’s and 40’s all due to opiate addiction.  You go to a doctor and tell them that you are feeling down and sad and you have a prescription for antidepressants. You have a pain  and they prescribe Oxycontin, Percoset  or a similar drug. There are pain clinics set up around the corner to treat these people with more of these types of drugs all made by Big Pharma.  It is like most people who park in disable parking, physically they look able BUT they will tell you that they have a mental disability you can’t see. Now wonder many in the heartland voted for Trump because they are mentally impaired. Teenagers and young people are addicted to meth or heroin become dependent on the state for their survival due to unemployment or are unemployable.

In the black community many are being killed by black on black crime. Many are suffering from drug dependency and like the white heartland folks are unemployed. Their education system is below the national level so they are at a disadvantage.

A technological revolution had taken place in America and many people refused to retool. Many of the older generation who worked in factories felt that they can’t retool because they lack the education or the ability to do so.  The coal miners who suffer with job related diseases such as black lung, still feel that there is a future in coal mining.  Hillary Clinton offered them an opportunity to help develop cleaner energy but all they know is coal so they rejected her. Trump meanwhile who is also of the old school who has not recognized that the tech revolution had taken place and manufacturing has become more and more  robotized so fewer humans will be needed. Most of the GOP are old codgers who are still clinging to the old ways to “Make America Great Again”.

Trump speaks about when he was younger that America was winning wars I asked when did America ever win a war?  The only war I know of they won if you want to call it a war was Grenada. The man is delusional with very thin skin who is more concerned about crowd sizes and losing the popular vote than governing.  He has signed a number  of executive orders but they can only become a reality if they have the support of the congress. If the GOP prefer to have this mentally ill person lead the country then it tells you all about humankind.

As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.

H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920
Henry Louis Mencken was an American journalist, satirist and cultural critic – 1880-1956

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  1. The United States won World War II (1941-45), the Korean War (1950-53), and successfully invaded Grenada (1983), Panama (1989-90) and Iraq (the First Iraq War).

  2. The Korean has never officialy ended and to call Grenada and Panama wars is laughable.

    We are seeing the USA in its last convulsions of empire,as evidenced with its xenophobia and inward thinking.

  3. Now what do you expect from the shallow Chadster who has no depth, no recognition of when the end is near…just living on the former glory of criminal acts perpetrated by succesive US leaderships….a nonstarter..lol

  4. @ chad99999January 28, 2017 at 10:19 AM
    “the Korean War (1950-53)”

    Chad 5 of 9, why are you peddling alternative facts in your post-truth haste to distort the past with your brand of jingoistic history?

    Come on boy, you are really taking a ‘6’ for a nine with 5 jokers in your pack of trumpeting lies.

    If America “won the war” how come there are still two Koreas with the one on the peninsular north solidly stocked with weapons and supplied with materiel made in Russia and China?

    We can guess your man the braggadocio trumpeter- in true Don Quixote style after tilting at geopolitical windmills- has decided to lower his head back below the arms-trading parapet and has dropped his two-China proposal.

    Who would back a tiny Taiwan when American businesses want to sell to over a billion?

    Trump might be missing a few humanitarian screws at top but he clearly wears his business hat at all times.

    Check out how he has omitted the Land of the House of Saud from the list of potential countries capable of breeding Islamic terrorism. Oh how quickly 9/11 can be overlooked!

    • And this is what the article is about i.e. you cant describe Trump as GHETTO knowing that 60 million Americans voted from him.

  5. I am surprised that HL Mencken would be quoted, he was a known Nazi sympathizer as well as a racist, his views on eugenics mirror those of William Shockley.


    We complain all we want with even shucks
    About the indentureship and its by products
    Bless the bakrah for bringing them across the kala pani
    Today we are alive, thriving and abroad and very happy
    Surely one goes with the other in accord
    So today we can enjoy a good life abroad

    Our forefathers and mothers did
    The onus which they secretly hid
    Went through and kept working
    To eke out a miserable living
    We’re the ones have to uphold their brave spirit
    For reaping their turmoil it was all for our benefit

    They planted the sugarcane in the hot sun
    Drank the rum from the sugar at sun-down
    Then they go home beat the wife as an excuse
    Because of all that pent up emotional abuse
    From narcissistic managers and abetted lead-hands
    And slow witted lecherous foremen making demands

    They thought with the end of indentureship
    Will come freedom to India with a return trip
    Many went but felt like foreigners in a very strange land
    Like out-casts with a language they couldn’t understand
    They realized India was not their India
    They wanted to return back to Guyana

    Indentureship ended and the locals took over our
    We’d our share of troubles from which since we haven’t
    Politics raised its ugly head and our peoples suffer
    The Guyanese ran away abroad to find better pasture
    They preferred to take the cold wind and snows
    For they saw no compromise with racial blows

    Of course there was a brain drain and Guyana drifted
    From ballata whips as rigged elections were crafted
    Corruption, nepotism garnered with a dose of dictatorship
    50 years after independence from England same ole ship
    Today a Parliamentary war was declared amidst tension
    As some call for elections and others call for negotiation

    And the poor Guyanese left adrifting jobless and listless
    Ripe ammunition for racial war, bloodshed and badness
    To get hand-outs from abroad some are fortunate
    Raises and bribes in parcels and even in a crate
    As lame-duck governments spend and steal
    The country’s natural resources so unreal

    From paupers to millionaires some over nightly become
    As they shamelessly defended these stark conundrum
    These are the children of the colonial era
    Who threw out British and white bakrah
    Now they are in charge we hope it would be better
    Not using the whips now but emptying the coffer

    Some of our nation’s leaders’ve set a bad example
    For as they abuse, exploit, mow down and trample
    The very good people who put them in power
    Yet when rebuked or condemned they shower
    Them with new promises and more propaganda
    And the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer

    Norman Datt

  7. @ ac

    I see that you have been highly critical of Trump’s policies, especially as it relates to immigration.

    However, recall in 2009, your DLP held a view on immigration similar to that of Trump’s. Thompson said “We are not going to allow the exploitation of labour in our country; we are not going to see people come into Barbados and not have access to health care for their children and other benefits, and that is why I constantly say that can only occur when the facilities are there.”

    “So I put it in a very simple phrase: ‘EVER SO WELCOME, WAIT FOR A CALL.’ You are welcome, we support the CSME but give us a chance to do the things we need to do to be able to fully integrate in a way that is desirable and necessary. That is our ultimate objective.”

    And those comments were followed by mass “round ups” and deportations of Guyanese, which you and other DLP yard-fowls were in full agreement.

    Should I conclude that you have now taken a different perspective of this issue, or has that perspective change because it’s the USA and you are not too fond of Trump?

  8. @David. I don’t care how many people voted for him. He lost the popular vote by over two million. His overall behavior is petty, childish, and ghetto …not worthy of the title POTUS .

  9. Thompson made the right call for a nation that is only 166sq miles and limited in resources
    America can afford a few hundred thousand more having blessed with many resources sufficient and enough to handle outsiders looking for work

  10. @Artaxerxes

    You, with your observant self, have noted the Bajan affliction of being able to see, AND RESOLVE, all of the problems on the American, AND REST OF THE WORLD’s, landscape with such notable perspicacity but are profoundly incapable and devoid of similar capacity to solve our own.

    So trunk articles about the psychopath and megalomaniac get 1,000 posts on average, and exceed the 9 day Bajan wonder affliction but things BAJAN die in utero

    This is the nigger mentality Artaxerxes we are always interested in locating massa’s whips and the manacles and branding irons.

    By the way, did you notice that Andrew Mallalieu, when he was being interviewed during the opening of the St Philip property said “craftsmens of our fate…?”

  11. Trump is going to be sorry that he try to humiliate Mexica.The mexican people have rise up and ready to push back against americas new found authoritarian president
    These people are use to suffering and that would be the ace in their hand that would out wit and out smart Trump attempt to pull the NAFTA rug from under their feet

  12. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI January 28, 2017 at 8:29 PM #

    “So trunk articles about the psychopath and megalomaniac get 1,000 posts on average, and exceed the 9 day Bajan wonder affliction but things BAJAN die in utero…”

    @ PUDRYR

    You are most certainly correct, Piece.

    Trump talking and doing shiite is much more important to Barbadians than Dr. David Estwick “having essentially” proven that his colleagues Sinckler, Jester Ince, Darcy Boyce and government’s economic advisors have been pursuing the wrong economic policies.

    Or this DLP administration’s “illegal act” of paying Mark Maloney from the HCF;

    Or Kellman, Michael Lashley and Sinckler hiding behind Hal Gollop in a “no show” before the PAC;

    Or the Police Service Commission, headed by former policeman and DLP goon, going beyond the ambit of its “jurisdiction,” causing low morale in the police force;

    Or government restoring their salaries against the background of having asked public sector employees to accept a freeze in salaries/wages over the past 8 years.

    @ Hal Austin

    Are you sure you were a journalist?

  13. @chad99999 January 28, 2017 at 10:19 AM “The United State…successfully invaded Grenada (1983)”

    Chad man you really scraping the bottom of the barrel. You call Grenada a success? You know that Grenada has a population of about 100,000 half of whom are old people and little children?

    You know don’t you that the United States has a population of 324,443,000 million?

    So I would not count Grenada as any kind of big time victory

  14. A Week of Trumpism in ‘Action’

    by caribbeantradelaw

    Alicia Nicholls If President Trump’s cabinet picks were not enough to demonstrate that his campaign promises to shake up the status quo were not mere puffery, his first full week in the Oval Office provides glaring glimpses into Trumpism in ‘action’. During the past week, Mr. Trump has signed several executive actions aimed at effecting some of his […]

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  15. The United States had been steadily weakened by three monstrous bloodsuckers– China, Mexico and Germany.

    After re-negotiating NAFTA, Trump needs to make Germany pay for its own defence against Russia. Then he should try to force China to re-value its currency.

    • And the oil producing countries should relieve the USA of the privilege of owning the world’s reserve currency.

  16. @David January 30, 2017 at 5:08 AM #…absolutely, post haste.

    The line of talk by Chad45 @ 2:20 AM is truly puffery.

    Based on his writings the blogger is clearly an educated fellow so when he makes patently ridiculous remarks as above it is a deliberate intent to generate a response. The statements on their face are basically without merit.

    The US action in the salvation of Germany et al resulted in their dominant position in Europe and the world. It resulted in the hundreds of top scientists and skilled technical folks who came over after the war. For every life lost on the beaches and fields of Europe, the US was repaid in economic power 1,000 fold.

    A pundit made recently the well worn observation: the first time that the NATO forces agreement was invoked – that for simplicity sake I’ll call the Three Musketeers ‘All for One’ rule- was after the US 9-11 attacks.

    So the US recouped all that economic brunt of NATO they carried, one can facetiously argue!!!

    To look at the relationships between the US and China & Mexico as one sided against the US is a nonsense and really does not need refutation here. The volume of data showing the wealth created by US companies based on the cheap manufacturing in those domiciles runs deep.

    Of course those countries benefited also. Of course China has been knocking-off intellectual property for years but none of that gainsays what the US has achieved.

    And then we have that reserve currency or currency of the world realm kicker!

    Chad knows that there are more US greenbacks held outside than inside the US….and a majority of that by foreign central banks and an array of commercial enterprises. He knows that basically makes the US Central Bank one of the most powerful entities worldwide.

    And he knows that the US would likely send a platoon or two anywhere in the world to protect that power and will definitely assemble its economic war machinery to combat any threats.

    He is doing his part with his verbal shots…but he needs to load his weapon with powerful munitions though…these puff shots will get him blown off the battle field! LOLL.

  17. Benjamin Netanyahu weighs in on the Mexican issue stating that Trump policy if building a wall is correct.The Mexican President simply reminded Netanyahu that his country has been a loyal supporter of Isreal and he ought to mind his business

  18. LOL @ Pacha
    Boss, from the looks of it, we are ALL Trumpeters now …. bigly!!!

    We hope that your papers are all intact
    …. given your lack of respect for authority such as the POTUS…
    Ha ha ha

  19. Pacha

    is a limousine Marxist who will always be sipping brandy while he plans the Revolution.
    Washington, Geneva, Vienna, whatever.

  20. Trump is the most unusual president in the modern history of the United States:

    [President Trump] has publicly mocked Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.) for his “fake tears” on television during a protest of the travel ban.
    “I’m going to ask him who was his acting coach,” Mr. Trump said. “Because I know him very well. I don’t see him as a crier. if he is he’s a different man. There’s a 5% chance it was real, but I think it was fake tears.”

  21. Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth nothing sensible ever comes out.
    Yesterday the airports and streets were filled with protesters and his response is to mock Chuck Schumer. What a f..king a.ss hole.

  22. “The United States won World War II (1941-1945) …”

    And had its ass handed to it by a bunch of gook peasants in pajamas thirty years later — interestingly, the last time the tenant in the White House was a scarily funny comic-opera character afflicted by crippling insecurities.

    By the way, the general consensus among reputable historians is that WWII started in 1939, and many of them could make a strong case that the Russians won it.

    “Trump is the most unusual president in the modern history of the United States.”

    No. FDR was the most unusual president in the modern history of the United States. And he really was physically crippled. But he took all those little fascist goons out behind the woodshed — goons ideologically akin to the unread troglodyte mouth-breathers baying for Trump while jacking off to his latest alt-right imbecility — and spanked them till they cried. That was a giant among men. Trump is an ant in his wake.

    And for Christ’s sake give it a rest on the swooning adoration for this buffoon. It makes you look like a dork.

  23. @ AC (who would surely know…)
    Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth nothing sensible ever comes out.
    Pot talking bout kettle….. LOL
    ha ha ha

  24. @ Barbara J. HaversJanuary 30, 2017 at 3:21 PM
    “FDR was the most unusual president in the modern history of the United States. And he really was physically crippled. But he took all those little fascist goons out behind the woodshed — goons ideologically akin to the unread troglodyte mouth-breathers baying for Trump while jacking off to his latest alt-right imbecility — and spanked them till they cried. That was a giant among men. Trump is an ant in his wake.”

    Come on Barbara J. the wo(man) with many names of “J.” including Jack the Bore(man), easy up on these poor intellectually ‘circumcised’ fascist goons who- given their ‘virginal’ understanding of political history- would have been ready-made recruits for Hitler’s brown-shirts brigade and Mussolini’s black-shirts laughable gang of goose-stepping comics for marchers.

    As far as these goons are concerned FDR has no meaning or relevance except it could be the initials of some unheard of Department of the Federal Government. Let’s call it the Federal Department -not of Racketeers but- of Recovery created to bring about a fair deal to the American people under Harry S. Truman where the buck stopped.

    FDR was crippled alright, but his ‘Secretary’ ensured he was well taken care of in the other department where Eleanor refused to visit.

    Trump’s hollowed sound of making America great again is just the knell from the fall of a green giant whose beanstalk was cut down by those Saudis who laid a fireball of poo right in America’s 9 by 11 living room.
    I smell the blood of an English (wo)man:
    Be (s)he alive, or be (s)he dead,
    I’ll grind h(er) bones to make my bread.”

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

    ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  25. I am amazed at the falsification of history on this blog.

    The reason the United States “lost” the Vietnam War to ‘peasants in pajamas’ was that those peasants were backed by two neighbours with nuclear weapons — China and the Soviet Union — while the United States was fighting a land war thousands of miles from the US mainland.

    It was therefore considered too risky for the United States to use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Instead, it was obliged to fight a limited war on the enemy’s terms.

    If Trump was in charge, he would have nuked Hanoi, and then threatened to nuke Beijing and Shanghai if the Chinese deployed their land armies. Then the US would have won the war.

  26. Chad,
    I do not like being rude, but you are the most stupid and ill-informed person in this forum, and that is saying a lot. How old were you during the Vietnam war?
    You claim that you have had higher education, I asked before, and do so again, against my earlier promise not to discuss anything with you, but which university did you go to? What subject did you study? And when did you graduate?
    Not that these are important, but they are claims you either make for yourself or imply.
    You are a brain-dead man. Are you Barbadian? I ask because you lie so much.
    May I suggest you just read the various postings and not submit anything.

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