The ‘Immorables’ | Speaker Michael Carrington and President Donald Trump

In the aftermath of the Charlottesville protest in the USA President Donald Trump offered a strange explanation that equated the moral right of a White supremacist group to demonstrate in public to another group exercising a moral right to protest against the hate group.

In recent days there has been elevated chatter in the social and traditional media space concerning another contentious issue tracked to the mouthing of the President of the United States. Those of us eavesdropping on the US Cable newsfeeds continue to be bombarded by sound bites including terms like ‘moral equivalency’, ‘moral agency’, ‘moral authority’ to list three popular ones.

Of interest to BU was the point made by Trump that the White supremacist group was issued a license to demonstrate and therefore had a LEGAL right to demonstrate.

Moral authority is authority premised on principles, or fundamental truths, which are independent of written, or positive, laws. As such, moral authority necessitates the existence of and adherence to truth – Wikipedia

It seems unfathomable a president of the United States in 2017 would be less than equivocal in his condemnation of a White supremacist group even if they had a legal right to protest in Charlottesville last week.

This issue although raging in the US should bring into focus for onlookers the extent  a political leader must combine political, intellectual skills with moral leadership to be effective. There is voluminous writings on the subject. Wonder what former President Obama is thinking when he reflects on throwing Reverend Wright under the bus.

In this intellectually engaging book [The President as Leader], Hargrove argues that successful presidents are those who combine political skills with intellectual and moral leadership. He examines three distinctively different presidencies—Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan—in revealing, exceptionally well written profiles. Strongly recommended – Choice

What if the same arguments are used to criticise Trump to explain Prime Minister Freundel Stuart handling of the Michael Carrington matter? Speaker of the House Michael Carrington was forced to respond to a court order to pay monies owed to a 70 year old client. Monies that should have been routinely transferred to his client WITHOUT any need to resort to court litigation. Here is one of many memorable responses at the time uttered by Prime Minister Stuart:

Clients can complain for you about almost anything . . . A client once reported me to the disciplinary committee because he said that whenever he called my office I was in court, and I wondered whether instead of being in court he wanted me to be in a brothel. So you really cannot control what clients can complain about – Barbados Today

From all reports Speaker Michael Carrington complied with the court order and therefore satisfied the legal ask of him. However the BU household has promoted the view that there is a moral component to the transaction that has not been satisfied given the Prime Minister’s unwillingness to sanction Carrington in his role as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

The concern about the escalating gun violence should not be discussed in a vacuum.  A wholesome society must be defined by adherence to relevant laws AND a moral code of behaviour. There can be no dispute that the Speaker of the House violated a basic moral code of behaviour. What message did the Prime Minister send to the country?


  • Remember Light & Truth Dispels Lies And Darkness…That is How Angela…

    I have to Say When You Stand Against A Corrupt Government this is what happens…

    The Fed Murdered LeVoy Finiucm because he stood up to their Unconstitutional land Grabbing and Wrong Doing of the BLM Thugs. While Incarcerating the Bundy’s and others because their Lands are Rich in Minerals Uranium and the Reason is that Hillary Clinton Sold 20% of Uranium to the Russians for 120 million in kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation …

    Thank God they have been Acquitted of their Trumped Up Charges over the past Few Days After Two years in prison suffering harsh treatment at the hands of their Oppressors.


  • What Trump has done to pardon Arpaio is legal BUT morally wrong.

    What Carrington did when he repaid the 70 year old his money was legal BUT morally wrong.

    Ironically many of the DP yardies that support Carrington are all up in arms against Trump.Go figure!


  • Frank Arpaio,the redneck lawbreaker whom Trump pardoned tells the redneck Sean hannity he intends to go public with his defence.This 2bit thug in police uniform has cost the County over $44million in In and out of court settlements.Accepting the presidential pardon is an acknowledgement of guilt,a consideration lost on the unschooled boss hogg image and it looks like it ain’t over because some legal challenges are coming to restrain the out-of-control Donald dump.


  • It was a Witch hunt for Joe because he was defying Obama because he did not release Illegals he rounded up Illegals and put them in Prison to get them Deported…

    His Deputy said “The Sheriff Joe I know and worked with is an honest, law-abiding lawman,” he said. “I never witnessed one unethical action on his part in all of the years I worked alongside him. He did not deliberately violate any court order, and now, for a judge to find him guilty of this is a tragedy. In fact, no MCSO personnel intentionally violated the judge’s order.”

    If you want to Compare here is the Liar in Chief… How Moral is This?


  • Paul Ryan ‘does not agree’ with pardon of ex-sheriff Arpaio, spokesman says

    House Speaker Paul Ryan disagrees with President Donald Trump’s decision Friday to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his spokesman said Saturd…

    WISN 12 Milwaukee30 minutes ago

    Ryan breaks with Trump on Arpaio pardon

    "The speaker does not agree with the decision," Ryan’s spokesman Doug Andres told The Wall Street Journal.

    The Hill3 hours ago

    Paul Ryan ‘does not agree’ with Arpaio pardon, spokesman says

    CNN.com31 minutes ago


  • Think 50% of these Criminals were Worthy to be Pardoned?


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Ryan is up for reelection, he is also in line to be president should the whole useless trump administration be impeached, so he is doing a delicate dance, waiting for the other members of Congress to impeach the orange idiot and all the trumptards, then he can truthfully say he was forced to call for deserved impeachment.

    Ryan is a wuss of the worst variety…lol




    They don’t call him Money May for nothing ! He respects our @POTUS & stuck up for him against much criticism.




  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    ….The mother of Heather Heyer — the counterprotester who was slain in Charlottesville, Va., during a hate-filled white nationalist rally this month — and a descendant of Robert E. Lee came together on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards to denounce racism.

    Susan Bro paid tribute to her daughter at Sunday’s ceremony by announcing a new foundation in her honor and commending her battle against hatred…..


  • Sensational allegations about Donald Trump posted online by Louise Mensch, and repeated on BU by WW&C, are revealed to be bogus information invented by a hoaxer.

    WW&C should be asked to apologize to the BU forum for spreading false information

    David should delete the information.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Chadster……the day I apolpgize to scum like you and trump is the day you stop lying about having a black father….

    I specifically remember saying…”if the allegations are true…I never said it was true.

    I dont apologize to white scum.

    Again…for nuisances like you, I have an EIDETIC memory.

    When the orange liar apologizes to Obama…you know where to find me.


  • WW&C

    My father was a black Barbadian. He was born at Brittons Hill in St. Michael and graduated from Harrison College before leaving Barbados to live and study abroad.

    Now what is your connection to Barbados again? And how many white men did you fraternize with and bear children for before discovering yourself as a self-righteous black nationalist?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Just as many white men as your mother….Chadster.

    …there ya go with that “my father was black” thing again…so what does that make you.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Think ya can go there with me, I can throw down with the best.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Ah guess the orange dumbass cant pardon himself after all…lol, lol, hahaha.

    “Robert Mueller and New York Attorney General ‘team up on Manafort probe’, stopping Trump from pardoning him

    The news will likely be of deep concern to the White House

    Andrew Buncombe Minneapolis @AndrewBuncombe 5 hours ago2 comments

    The Special Counsel is said to be probing possible money laundering by Mr Trump’s former campaign manager Getty

    Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly teamed up with a powerful New York prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump’s former campaign manager – a disturbing development for the White House as the President does not have the power to pardon state crimes.

    Mr Mueller’s team is said to have already shared evidence and information with investigators working with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

    The team of Mr Schneiderman, a Democrat who was appointed in May, has been looking at the financial transactions of Paul Manafort, Mr Trump’s former campaign manager who resigned in 2016 as controversy grew about his links to Russia.”


  • Trump is kissing grubby black babies and kids in hurricane-ravaged Houston.

    Go Trump!


  • No one knows where Donald Tweet lips have been, they should inoculate those babies


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