“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”Matthew 5:9 New International Version (NIV)

It is amazing the more educated we have become the more the beatitudes that should inform Christian behaviour and values are seemingly forgotten. For the evangelicals and the Conservatives Donald Trump is right because he conforms with the pro-life view and has aligned the SCOTUS to achieve this end, he ‘supports’ the Jews reflected in his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Other examples abound.

Does it matter that President Trump is a card carrying adulterer?

That his imperfections have been recorded for world citizens to hear AND see?

His blatant disrespect for women?

His mocking of the differently able and on it goes. Clearly he is a man and therefore not perfect. What is missing from these so called Christians that support Trump is the unwillingness to hold him accountable for his behaviour that contradicts Christian teachings.

Given the influence Trump has as  president of the USA domestically and geopolitically,  the blogmaster as a world citizen worries how it will all translate in time to come. The latest news about the unexploded bombs addressed to prominent actors who are critics of Trump AND the shooting of Jews worshipping in a Pittsburg synagogue support a reasonable conclusion that words uttered by Trump matter.

Monitoring the two stories in the US media over the last couple of days it seems political commentators are reluctant to blame Trump as the person who must bear some blame for Cesar Altier Sayoc and the other nut job for feelign emboldened to terrorize the US space.The blogmaster is not so inhibited. He has been an immature, incompetent and bombastic political leader who has done nothing to improving the lot of mankind given the influence of the USA on world affairs.

Trump should watch the following interview with Rabbi Jeffrey Myers and by guided.




  • John,

    It was not you who implied that I am a brawling woman. I disagree with almost all of what you say but I do not find you to be a brawling man. I find your allegiance to the racist Trump problematic and I will call you out on that but I would be lying if I said that you present yourself in an objectionable way. I have no need of lies. I find the truth tends to suffice.


  • Re intellectual property theft. I guess the Chinese think they’re entitled considering that Europeans took over and ruled the world with the CHINESE invention – GUNPOWDER.


  • Even Fox News has taken Trump’s racist closing ad of the air. WOW!


  • Bushie isn’t brawling. There is no malice in his tone. He could call me a brass bowl all day and I would probably laugh. Sometimes it is not what you say. It is HOW YOU SAY IT. Bushie comes across as a happy, unfazed individual with a comedic turn of phrase.


    China’s currency hits a crippling low. The lowest in over a decade. China fought the U.S. over tariffs and must be regretting their decisions this week after hearing the news that their currency is lower than it has been in over 10 years.

    Amid increased pressure from the U.S., including the threat of additional tariffs, China’s currency continued its steep decline this week.

    As Markets Insider reported, the Chinese yuan hit a low on Tuesday that was its weakest comparison to the U.S. dollar in 10 years.

    The currency was trading at a low of 6.975 per one U.S. dollar this week, a weaker performance than the daily reference rate of 6.9574 per dollar set by the People’s Bank of China.

    That low point represented the biggest dip in trading value since May 2008 and came on the heels of new comments from the Trump administration, according to The Western Journal.

    As Written By Bloomberg:

    The U.S. is preparing to announce by early December tariffs on all remaining Chinese imports if talks next month between presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping fail to ease the trade war, three people familiar with the matter said.

    An early-December announcement of a new product list would mean the effective date — after a 60-day public comment period — may coincide with China’s Lunar New Year holiday in early February. The list would apply to the imports from the Asian nation that aren’t already covered by previous rounds of tariffs — which may be $257 billion using last year’s import figures, according to two of the people.

    U.S. officials are preparing for such a scenario in case a planned Trump-Xi meeting yields no progress on the sidelines of a Group of 20 summit in Buenos Aires in November, according to two of the people, who declined to be identified to discuss internal deliberations. They cautioned that final decisions had not been made.


    Daphne Moon

    Democrats are apparently terrified they over-played their ‘blue wave’ and are calling this the ‘bed-wetting phase’ of their 2016 PTSD. What’s even crazier is the number of studies they’ve produced to ‘prove’ they’re legit in their ‘trama’.

    This self-proclaimed emotionally unstable group wants control of the majority when losing a presidential race has them stricken with anxiety? Give me a break!

    “Some report literal nightmares about a Democratic wipe-out,” The Daily Wire adds.

    “Haunted by memories of 2016, liberals around the country are riven with anxiety in the campaign’s homestretch,” the Washington, D.C.-based outlet claims, adding that leftists are grappling with the possibility that most polls — like in 2016 — are wrong, and that rumors of a “blue wave” are far overstated.

    “We’re kind of just in the bed-wetting phase now,” a Democratic pollster, who worked alongside the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, said in an interview with Politico. Another, a former Pelosi staffer, said she suffers from nightmares every night, after falling asleep reading the latest polls.

    Others are “eating their feelings,” according to a YouGov poll released just last week, and still, others are complaining of symptoms of “post-traumatic stress disorder” or PTSD. Last month, a study published in the Journal of American College Health showed that approximately one in four college students are suffering symptoms of PTSD not unlike those who have experienced school shootings — though all they’ve experienced is a disagreeable election result.

    According to Politico, a study published last month in the Journal of American College Health found that one-quarter of college students experienced “clinically significant” symptoms of trauma from the 2016 election results.

    At Vassar College in upstate New York, the college Democrats are moving their results-watching party to a new venue over concerns that revisiting the scene of their 2016 letdown would be too upsetting for some students, according to a member of the group. At Brown University in Rhode Island, the College Democrats have taken the same precaution after experiencing a “collective flashback” to Trump’s victory during a discussion of election night planning.

    A September AP/MTV poll found that 61 percent of Democrats ages 15 to 34 reported feeling anxious over the midterms, up 22 percentage points from July.

    But pre-midterm stress syndrome isn’t afflicting only young people: A YouGov survey released Friday found that Democrats are 50 percent more likely than Republicans to report that they are “eating their feelings” ahead of the midterms. Other recent polling has registered high levels of stress among Democrats ahead of Tuesday’s elections.

    For many traumatized Democrats, heading into Tuesday feels like flying again after surviving a plane crash. Some say the stakes feel even higher than in 2016.


  • I find your allegiance to the racist Trump problematic


    Would be interesting to hear your logic on why you imagine Trump is racist!!

    I have seen nothing in his behavior since I began following “the greatest show on earth” that would even hint at him being a racist!!

    Quite the opposite!!

    I hear the label used over and over again, sometimes I am labeled a racist.

    I realise that Rush Limbaugh is on to something.

    He defines a Bigot as follows and I wonder if racist doesn’t also fit the definition as well!!

    “Bigot: A person who wins an argument with a liberal.”

    I think a racist is any one who can’t be defeated in an argument by a liberal!!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Alright @Pieces, let the dazzle begin !

    But I give pause to the rhetoric of even the Republicans who perceive that there are too many seats up for grabs to feel comfortable about victory…in the HOUSE not the Senate.

    We will believe what we choose to but facts always remain like Elliot Ness … Untouchable! The polls were NOT wrong in the Presidential election….certainly not ALL of them: The LA Times running poll predicted a Trump victory. The FiveThiryEight site certainly projected Clinton as a firm favorite BUT anyone reviewing their data points could also have come away with a path for a Trump victory…so all this chatter that polls were so WRONG is misleading.

    And same for these current poll details…there is a high probability that the Dems will take the House but Repubs do have a path (not strong but there) to hold the fort.

    We will see what the results are quite soon but if you are right and POTUS carries the day…(in the House) then the entire US electoral process has been Trumpified to a totally and comprehensively different political map where fear mongering divisiveness and hateful rhetoric carry the day…let all sensible people pray not!.


  • Since I have been watching “the greatest show on earth” I have seen him beat 16 top candidates and make them look small, take on a sure bet to win the president and defeat her, face all sorts of allegations and charges and still come out ahead … and now he is in the White House I have watched him deliver most of what he promised.

    The man does what he says he is going to do.

    He is a genius at finding ways to get done what he has committed to do … and people obviously love him.

    Who in the Democrat Party can come even close to this man?

    Maybe by 2020 his star will fade but right now I don’t think it has even reached full brilliance!!

    The man is good, unlike all politicians in the USA or anywhere else … he delivers!!



    they dont like him
    cause he different
    cause he marches to the sound of his own drum
    cause he delivers and keeps his promises
    cause he better than them all
    cause he calls a spade a spade
    cause he not paid for by george soros or nobody else
    cause he dont need the job he well off wid out it
    cause he goes around and calls out the false media
    cause he is sucessful and has achieved more than the pundits thought he would
    cause he not seeking people’s approval
    cause he doing what is needful
    cause he making his stupid black predecessor look stupid and inept as he really is/was
    cause he has turned the economy on its head
    cause he brought back the manufacturing job that the moron said could not come back


  • T -Trifling man
    R- reaching for
    U – Unmarried or
    M – Married women
    P -Pokerts


  • All men who support a skunk like trump are repulsive, the females who support that orange thing are lower than snakes…and they all shall pass very shortly, it is a short term phenomenon of resident evil…it cannot last.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Donna
    Bushie comes across as a happy, unfazed individual with a comedic turn of phrase.
    You are too kind. Bushie would blush – except that he got in too much melanin….

    But are you SURE that you got the right bushman..?
    …cause as far as THIS Bushie knows, he is just another stinking Bajan Brass Bowl..
    …who was SUPER lucky to be adopted by a TOP family.

    As you know, many are called .. but only a FEW are chosen
    ..and sometimes the Big Daddy MUST be wondering about this particular adoption choice

    But meanwhile, Bushie is having the time of his life….
    MUCH too sweet to waste time ‘hating’ GP … or anyone else …for that matter.

    Just a bit sad that while GP is awaiting ‘Rapture’, ..all the signs point to his donkey’s imminent rUpture….
    As a teacher …. can you help the poor fella to save his donkey from rupture…?
    ha ha ha


  • BT

    You can catch the rally here.


  • WARU
    November 5, 2018 10:09 PM

    All men who support a skunk like trump are repulsive, the females who support that orange thing are lower than snakes…and they all shall pass very shortly, it is a short term phenomenon of resident evil…it cannot last.


    What about the African Americans?

    His approval ratings in this group keep climbing!!!

    Not bad for a racist, what do you think Donna?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    When the tallying is over he will have lost votes among the minorities.

    But that DOES NOT MATTER.

    it’s like his ads, so they are taken down but they have effected their design

    It won’t be an overwhelming victory but de ole man feels he going win because of an endemic anti Emma Lazarus feeling that pervades the American psyche

    The patriotic message the Obama wove was weak AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE NOT SEEN TO HAVE A LEADER

    Senate and Congress will be Republicans and governors will be Democrats


  • BT

    If you just want to see Rush Limbaugh, here he is.


  • Like

  • Rabid cult members.


  • Bushie,

    I speak only the truth. I do not always agree with you but you always make me laugh. Even when the joke is on me.


  • “What about the African Americans?

    His approval ratings in this group keep climbing!!!”

    You actually call them African Americans…those are of the Black Skin White Mask brigade, they do not count in the grand scheme of things, what you gotta look out for are the Whites who are not liking the nastiness and everything evil that defines trump , they are in the majority, as opposed to a few minority blacks who don’t know their asses from their elbows.


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