The Donald Trump Effect – Conservatism Seeking Future Victories

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

The American Republican Party may very well welcome back President Trump as Leader. Former President Trump has actually never left the leadership since this past election cycle. Many Americans hoped Trump would pass into the lecture cycle so many ex-legislators do, but people in the know surely believe that Trump will not leave the national stage until he is pressured to do so. 

What makes Donald Trump such a force of political and economic persuasion? Why will he not just go away gracefully? Does Canada’s Pierre Poilievre,  who is seeking The Canadian Conservatives Party Leadership share similar characteristics  with Trump?

-So called grass roots movements that often employ undemocratic means to achieve a win.

-makes promises that are attractive to the electorate but maybe not good for the nation.

-Will appear with just about anyone to promote themselves (Truck Protest in Ottawa).

-Their political platforms are based upon -Make America Great Again – Make Harperism Great Again.

-Both platforms are based on returning to “past moments in time”, lacking new concepts-new promises.

-Both men are tied to The Right Wing politically and economically, dependent upon their wealth and     influence to achieve a political win. 

-Both men are tied to foreign national influences and crisis…Trump to Russia, Pierre to USA.

– Both men are destructionists, tearing down regulations, public organizations and governmental   regimes such as Environmental Protection Agency and CBC.

-“Freedom” has become a state of mind for these men and their followers, not knowing exactly what   that means. A umbrella like statement encompassing a great deal.

– Both men’s ideologies support a greater and more powerful military complex.

If you look for any form of imaginative, creative and new political, economic or public concepts you will be dumb founded to fine any. Remember Conservatism Lives in the Past. Conservatives overall fear change, the unique and different. Well not in Ontario, where The Ford Government has shown a unique ability to seek out and work with all their citizens, Conservatives that spend money when needed(Pandemic) while managing their budgets realistically. Trump simply cancelled many social programs, and redirected the funds to places that satisfied their back room supporters needs. Pierre will certainly do everything he can to bring back Alberta’s Energy Industry, and forget all about Climate Change because “its all about the economy” and the pocket books of his supporters.

In America, President Biden may very well retire and not run due to his health, leaving Vice President Harris to face a up surging Republican crescendo. The primary’s are showing Republicans who do not support Trump are falling by the way side, and Capital Hill may have many more Republicans to deal with, creating a “yellow Brick Road” for Trump onto a Second Presidency. Pierre Poilievre has pretty well decaled himself The Conservatives new leader while still fighting the leadership campaign. 

Liberals. Environmentalists, those dependent upon public funds, those seeking a new frontier may all need to quake where they stand, as Conservatism is on the march towards future victories. 

Conservatism means to conserve what was, not what will be. Conservatism does not present hope for better, new approaches to politics and governance. Oh the good old days eh!

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  1. What does Boris have now that he didn’t have before? According to the Daily Mail he is meeting with Rishi Sunak to hash out a deal to govern together sounds like the deal that Truss had with Kwasi and we know how that ended

    The Conservatives are like dogs going back to their own vomit.

    • Boris had to resign because he believed in a cavalier approach to governing which attracted scandals? Could be he has recanted.

  2. Fun fact

    Colin Young (Bajan) was lead singer on two of The Foundations greatest hits

    “Build me up Buttercup” and “In the “Bad Bad old days before you loved Me”

    You could look it up

  3. SargeantOctober 21, 2022 10:34 PM
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    What does Boris have now that he didn’t have before?



  4. My gut feeling is that the decision Bannon got will be tossed at appeal.

    Too many restrictions put on his defense for a Court of Appeal to turn its head.

  5. @Mr Blogmaster when your bloggers says : “Seems even those who wanted him gone now want him back.” why should it be surprising to anyone!

    This is a simple matter of job security!

    If I were likely to lose my job as an MP in the Commons with its excellent perks and nearly €90,000 remuneration and was concerned simply about my well-being – which 80% of those MPs do – then I would certainly want my former leader with his bombastic, fabulist and populist persona back at the helm to avoid a premature elections and a wipeout from Labour.

    Same sentiments drove MPs here when MAM called her new elections after some very strange autocratic actions that led to the resignations of some of her most important Ministers and senior members.

    Same in US that drives fealty to another fabulist, lawless leader.

    Nothing difficult to grasp there!

  6. @David Mr Blogmaster, that’s classic intuitive comedy by Noah …

    It seems that a lot of political rhetoric or actions are of that comedic variety.

    I was reading that FPOTUS wants to sue in claiming that records taken from Mar-A-GoGo including basic supporting documents related to requests for reprieves and pardons are his PERSONAL records!

    This has to be a joke!

    This same man and his lawyers also argued in the completely OPPOSITE manner that comments he made while president about his alleged rape incident when he was a PRIVATE citizen should be shielded under executive authority and thus ineligible for legal redress!

    How in heaven’s name can you seek PERSONAL cover about matters directly related to your position as President of the US but then also seek PUBLIC federal cover for matters directly related to your private life which has only an incidental relationship to the presidency.

    We are truly in an upside down I have the money to ‘do-whatever-the-hell-I-want’ world’!!

    A sad joke, fah sure.

  7. The idiots who underestimate Herschell Walker are making a mistake of epic proportions!!

    The man has the ball in the end zone and he is just doing what he knows best and enjoying it.

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  9. Because they are more vulnerable, disadvantaged or less educated white voters can feel especially endangered by the trend toward a minority majority, said Ashley Jardina, a political scientist at George Mason University who studies the attitudes of those voters.

    “A lot of white Americans who are really threatened are willing to reject democratic norms,” she said, “because they see it as a way to protect their status.”

    That may help explain why the dispute over Trump’s defeat has emerged at this moment in history, with economic inequality reaching new heights and the white population of the United States expected within about two decades to lose its majority.

    Many of the objectors’ districts started with a significantly larger Black minority, or had a rapid increase in the Hispanic population, making the decline in the white population more pronounced.

  10. This is a pretty good analysis of what happens by generation as they age.

    Reality sets in and they become economic conservatives!!

    Very little to do with colour except for male black voters who see the Democratic concentration on abortion and getting a female black supreme court justice as against their interests.

  11. Democrats have a huge problem!!!

    They are losing voters.

    It can only be overcome by cheating in the elections.

    Biden and Harris are prime example of the result of election fraud.

    No way normal elections could throw up such duds.

  12. Foolish Bernie never grew up.

    AOC will never grow up.

    These two got the benefit of economic security in activities where they could remain as children.

    Had AOC remained a bartender, she would have twigged sooner or later and would be supporting economic conservatism.

    Like Bernie, she will be a left wing nuisance all her life.

  13. Nobody can now claim the Brits are racist!!!

    The new PM is Indian in origin reflecting Britain’s long and fruitful association with India.

  14. Foolish Bernie never grew up.

    AOC will never grow up.




  15. This would be reverse racism where I came from … this gentleman uses words loosely.

    After all these years. After a very recent and shocking incident where a musician of colour from a famous R&B black group of the 70s called Earth and Fire was attacked and beaten by a racist Englishman the words are loose that “Nobody can now claim the Brits are racist!!! The new PM is Indian in origin reflecting Britain’s long and fruitful association with India.*

    I wish that were true, too. But it is not so.

  16. “The new PM is Indian in origin reflecting Britain’s long and fruitful association with India.”

    Perhaps you should read books such as, ‘An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India,’ by Shashi Tharoor.

  17. Artax

    The simple fact is that countries who benefitted from being colonies of Great Britain are in the Top 10 economically in the world.

    From insignificant island Nations like Singapore to juggernauts like the United States of America and India jtself, they have all benefitted enormously from the systems coming out of the colonial experience.

    You may well ask, “So what happened to Barbados”?

    We simply forgot the basics.

  18. Funny thing is Geraldo Rivera tends to the left.

    He is trying to understand how it is the Democrats have got things so wrong.

    This townhall in Texas is interesting as it shows why many Latinos have left the Democrats for Republican.

  19. The Democrats can’t expect to

    abandon God,
    destroy the economy,
    promote crime through the BLM/Antifa riots,
    keep an open border,
    destroy energy independence,
    waste spending on climate change
    promote inflation growth

    and then act surprised when polls of the electorate before the midterms suggest they will be smoked.

    That’s what a stolen election produced, two complete duds and utter destruction.

    They have got to pull out all the stops to avoid a wipeout and this time they are being watched at the vote.

  20. If this is true, the Democrats are going to be smoked.

    Seems defund the police of BLM fame got to Canada too.

    Vancouver is a mess!!

  21. @John

    Get your hearing checked, he is attacking a rich entitled tax dodger who happened to be married to the then Chancellor of the Exchequer

  22. Melination (Original Mix)

    The Donal Trum Effect Phenomena
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    Knox must be a racist down to his bone

    He may be rich with $333,333,333.33
    but his Trump love obsession is a form of madness
    It’s kicking off in good ole USA with a whole heap of violins and violence
    Pelosi’s husband just got his head smashed in in a hammer attack
    by another rightwing nut job
    Rightwing populism is the white man’s last stand
    Rabid dogs trapped in a corner
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  24. The parents of Britain’s new PM were both born in Africa.

    You would think that the BU crowd would be extolling his virtues but not so.

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