Michael Cohen Flips on President Trump

  • Extracted from CNN

BREAKING: Michael Cohen, President Donald J. Trump’s former personal attorney, claims that then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton, sources with knowledge tell CNN. Cohen is willing to make that assertion to special counsel Robert Mueller, the sources said. https://cnn.it/2LoPrXK –  

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  1. A new poll by Rasmussen shows Trump’s approval rating at 50%. This is higher than Obama’s 45% at the same point in his presidency.

    According to Town Hall:
    Amid the constant storm of bad press, controversy and #resistance outrage, President Trump has seen his approval numbers climb — in fact, according to Rasmussen, he’s outpacing President Obama at the same stage in his presidency.

    Rasmussen’s latest numbers from its daily tracking poll are the best Trump’s seen in a while. As of August 2, 50% of U.S. Voters approve of Trump’s job performance, while 49% disapprove.

    Though he’s currently got the edge on overall approval, he’s still behind when it comes to those who feel “strongly” about his performance in office. “The latest figures include 35% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 41% who Strongly Disapprove,” Rasmussen reports. “This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -6.”

    Over the last month, Trump has been hovering between 44% to 48% approval. The 50% mark measured Thursday is the highest approval he’s attained since May 22.

    Trump’s numbers are better than Obama’s despite the media coverage being much more favorable for Obama than Trump.

  2. Trump’s Lawyer Just Called Mueller’s Bluff In A Crazy Move

    After over a year, Robert Mueller is desperate to find something to prove that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

    But so far he’s found nothing.

    And Trump’s lawyer knows this, and he did something crazy to call his bluff.

    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is the perfect lawyer for President Donald Trump.

    He’s tough, he’s fearless, and he knows how to win; just like Trump.

    So when he was tapped to take over Trump’s legal defense against Robert Mueller’s witch hunt, he didn’t skip a beat. He immediately began taking shots and Mueller, challenging his entire investigation.

    And after just a handful of months on the president’s legal team, the former New York City mayor has changed the game.

    He has forced Mueller into a corner where his investigation has made virtually no movement. Not only that, but a historically low amount of Americans trust Mueller, with just over 30 percent approving of him in a recent poll.

    So while Mueller’s investigation used to be a big deal for Trump, it isn’t so much anymore.

    Not only do the American people not approve of the investigation, but it has become clear that Mueller himself doesn’t have anything on President Trump.

    That’s why Rudy Giuliani is calling is bluff, stating “It’s like a guy playing poker. [Mueller is] bluffing, and he’s only got a pair of twos.”

    This statement comes in response to the long-winded series of evidence showing that Mueller doesn’t actually have any evidence against President Trump.

    In fact, he doesn’t have any evidence that anybody close to Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

    Since beginning his investigation, Mueller had a few key moments during the lead-up to the 2016 election that he used to make the public perceive wrongdoing. But all of those moments were exposed as nothing after the slightest scrutiny.

    Most notable was the Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and a Russian lawyer.

    That meeting was played up for weeks, with every mainstream news station talking about it as if it was the end of the world. But upon closer inspection, nothing illegal or even unethical occurred in that meeting.

    In fact, as stated by Donald Trump Jr., the meeting was a boring waste of time.

    Despite all that, the media played it up, but only for as long as they could get away with playing it up.

    After a few weeks, everybody realized that the meeting was at best a boring waste of time, and at worst a setup in order to create circumstantial evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.

    But regardless, it wasn’t the smoking gun many were hoping it would serve to be.

    Since the Trump Tower meeting lost its weight in the media, Mueller has been using more nefarious methods to try to make it seem as though Trump colluded with Russia.

    Within his special counsel investigation, Mueller has been pursuing charges on former Trump campaign officials that have nothing to do with Russia collusion.

    Those charges seem to be a way for Mueller to give the media fodder to connect Trump to his investigation without having any evidence. And those charges are about as solid of proof you can get that Mueller has nothing on Trump and that his tough-guy persona in the media is all a façade.


    Outrage! Woman slams into car over pro-Trump bumper sticker
    AUGUST 2, 2018

    A Massachusetts woman was reportedly taken into police custody on Monday after she allegedly slammed into a man’s car because he had a President Donald Trump sticker on the back of his car.

    The woman, Chloe Wright, was arrested for a hit-and-run on June 30.

    The man who was hit reportedly contacted Barnstable Police Department and explained that the woman was honking her horn at him while they sat at a red light.

    The police report explained that she continued to honk and when they had reached the next red light, she began to shout at the man.

    The man feared that something was wrong with his car so he reportedly stepped out and at that point he recalled that the woman was shouting at him over his bumper stick in support of Trump.

    “She said, ‘You voted for Trump?’” the man recalled her saying. “I said yes. She called me a racist and several other names.”

    According to the man, the crazed liberal woman then re-positioned her car to get ready to ram into his.

    After hitting his car, the woman sped off from the scene of the crime.

    “She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” the man reportedly said. “She also hit the side of my car.”

    Luckily, the man had an eyewitness — his girlfriend.

    His girlfriend was able to back up his description of the incident and roughly a month later, police were able to track down the disturbed woman.

    Wright plead guilt and was freed on a $1,250 bond. She was also charged with vandalizing property and leaving the scene of property damage.

    Karma always catches up to you, let this be a sign to all crazy liberals out there.

    They are not above the law.

  4. Collusion is just another dictionary word…definitely NOT a crime.

    Conspiracy with agents of a foreign power during an election and lying under oath definitely ARE crimes, however.

    But who cares now anyhow, it’s only the failed candidate Hillary who lied to the FBI and via her campaign manager’s brother interacted with Russians and she also conspired to have the State dept. approve that Russian uranium purchase.

    Why should we continue to be concerned of POTUS mild misstatements or agreement with the leader of the same foreign power which hacked into the US elections against his US intel agencies.

    Seems quite incongruous to me…focus on the defeated candidate NOT the POTUS.

    Ah well.


    Democratic Senator Says Left Doesn’t Have Any Equivalent to ‘Dark’ Trump Rallies. Gets Backside Handed to Him ImmediatelyPublished 5 hours ago on August 2, 2018 By Michael Cantrell

    One of the near constant refrains we hear from the radical left in this country is how violent, vile, and just plain nasty and dark all Trump supporters are. Why, if you believed even just half of the crazy junk folks from the progressive camp are making up, you’d swear up and down that supporters of the president are a secret terrorist organization waiting for the opportune time to announce their evil plans to the world.

    In fact, so deluded are liberals to their own violent tendencies, that one of their own, Sen. Brian Schatz, stated the left has no equivalent to this sort of thing. He soon regrets that statement as he gets schooled almost immediately.

    “This is not a thing on the left,” Schatz claimed. “We just argue about healthcare and climate and sometimes relitigate 2016 but we are not actually out of our minds.”

    The facts, however, are not on his side. Here is a short reminder of the dark and at times violent responses to the Trump presidency so far:

    Kathy Griffin held a bloody “beheaded” Trump bust.

    Snoop Dogg pretended to shoot a Trump figure and rapped about killing the president in a video.

    A “Saturday Night Live” writer predicted that the president’s 11-year-old son would be “this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

    Madonna declared that she has thought about “blowing up the White House.”

    A teacher was suspended for shooting a squirt gun at an image of Trump, screaming “Die!”

    Sarah Silverman called for an American “military overthrow” of Trump.

    Stephen Colbert joked about the president giving a blowjob to Vladimir Putin.

    Joy Behar said that believing in Jesus is a “mental illness.”

    Jimmy Kimmel mocked the first lady’s foreign accent.

    Chelsea Handler tore into Sarah Sanders’ looks and weight, calling her a “whore.”

    A Democratic congressman made a blowjob joke about Kellyanne Conway.

    ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called Trump a “white supremacist.”

    Michelle Wolf mocked Sarah Sanders’ looks, calling her a liar to her face.

    Keith Olbermann called Trump a “Nazi” and drops regular expletive laced rants.

    And that’s only a small handful of incidents from the left with dark turns. Seems to me that liberals are still doing their best to bury their head in the sand and act like they are the victims rather than the perpetrator of the crimes.

    Time to give it up, folks. Face the music, so to speak.

  6. Reporters And Celebrities Call Trump Supporters ‘Nazis,’ But That’s Just The Start. Check Out The Sick Thing They Want to do to Them…

    President Trump recently held a rather lively rally in Tampa, Florida earlier this week, with thousands of passionate supporters filling up the venue, chomping at the bit to hear the commander-in-chief obliterate his critics, draw attention to his accomplishments, and outline what else he wants to accomplish with his time in office.

    As you might expect, there was plenty of comedy to go around in the crowds who were more than ready for a little audience participation, doing some heckling and chants about Hillary and of course, the 2020 election. Half way through, Trump decided it was time to go after the media, heckling them in the press pen as “fake news.”

    All of the fun being had by the crowd that showed up to the event earned the ire of liberals everywhere, especially fellow reporters and celebrities who called the president and his supporters “Nazis” and wanted them to be “euthanized” after the rally.

    Gee, what a bunch of lovely, tolerant folks.

    On of the favorite targets of the audience was CNN’s Jim Acosta, who tweeted multiple videos of the crowd mocking him before and after the rally. Acosta blamed Trump for the vitriol, saying “I’m very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt.” The tweet showed Trump supporters jeering at Acosta after the rally.

    The tweet quickly went viral with many celebrities and journalists insulting the supporters. Celebrated composer Christopher O’Riley, who is a regular on PBS and NPR, literally called for the enforced slaughter of Trump supporters. “Calling them Deplorables is euphemizing them. Maybe better to euthanize?” the verified twitter user quipped.

    Celebrated composer Christopher O’Riley, who is a regular on PBS and NPR, literally called for the enforced slaughter of Trump supporters. “Calling them Deplorables is euphemizing them. Maybe better to euthanize?” the verified twitter user quipped.

    Other verified handles of celebrities and reporters were just as vulgar, likening the Trump supporters to Nazis, KKK members, white trash and Hitler while speculating the crowd will eventually commit murder. Others said the Trump supporters made them “ashamed” of America.

    What’s utterly hilarious about all of this hoopla is that most of these tweets are boohooing about Trump and his followers being “full of hate,” meanwhile many of their own folks are wishing death and murder on folks for simply believing a different political ideology than their own.

    How is it the irony goes completely undetected by these people? You really have to be so absorbed into your self that you can’t see the forest for the trees, which is remarkable, really. So brainwashed by liberalism, instilled in their hearts long ago through public schools, they can’t even distinguish their own hypocrisy.



  7. If he is then its likely for tax purposes only or in order to launch his ‘woe is me go fund campaign’ 🤣🤣

    This man was wealthy enough at one point to drop $1mil plus for pricey real estate and other millions for investment in a taxi company.

    Maybe all this angst has forced him to shield his funds away from prying eyes … so on paper he could be a pauper!

    But if he can stick it out he will surely get a windfall for his book story…HowI I Trumped the Don!




  9. Mr Blogmaster there is an EXCELLENT legal argument on the Lawfare blog which simply rubbishes the legal position of ‘no collusion’ pertaining to that Trump tower meeting…really good stuff for those who can handle objective, well researched facts and opinions.


    Key take aways:

    “The ban on foreign national involvement in federal elections is exceptionally broad. It applies to any spending to affect an election: The prohibition applies to “contributions,” “expenditures,” “donations,” and “disbursements.” A “contribution” for this purpose includes any “thing of value.” […]

    “Congress has enacted and reenacted the foreign-national prohibition in 1966, 1974 and 2002, seeking on each occasion to strengthen it. So the lawyer reviewing a contact between the campaign and a foreign national—particularly a foreign national with apparent ties to a foreign government—would understand that the rules in question are not among the backwater provisions of the law, under-enforced relics of the aged and discredited regulations. …

    “Federal election law pairs the these prohibitions on foreign national electoral activity with restrictions on the behavior of the would-be U.S. beneficiaries. U.S. nationals, including campaigns, cannot “substantially assist” a foreign national in any of these activities, and Americans cannot solicit, accept or receive any such illegal foreign-national support. Viewed together, these prohibited activities— assistance, solicitation, acceptance, or receipt—certainly capture the essence of what some might understand by references to “collusion.”

    “From the standpoint of a competent lawyer, the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Kremlin emissaries directly implicates these rules. …

    “The “acceptance” of the meeting could be such a solicitation if the foreign national dangled the possibility of a benefit and the U. S. campaign, in pursuing the discussion, made clear that it was in the market and open for business. The willingness to discuss Russian government support on this one occasion could be an additional ground for exposure under the solicitation ban. By taking the meeting, the campaign would be signaling an interest in whatever the foreign government might have to OFFER in the FUTURE. ” ——–

    A CRIME is a COLLUSION when COLLUSION is called by its rightful name: foreign-national prohibition in federal election. Enuff said!

  10. LOL…🤣🤣 Mr Blogmaster…

    I was waiting patiently for the resident nut jobs to parade their folly before I jumped on …it’s really crazy the level of social media conspiracy which abounds but exponentially more freigntening that the POTUS uses his office as an echo chamber for this insane rhetoric.

    I read one comment that one of the QAnon ‘tropes’ did make it into a Trump speech and I shuddered. Can’t really believe that and I haven’t researched yet …we…ALL OF US are on a knife edge of riotous anarchy with all this absolute social media stupidity.

    Remember someone was actually killed in that Pizzeria attack…which apparently was related to the QAnon madness conspiracy of pedophilia/sex rings linked to Clinton et al.

    I laughed at the top but this stuff is truly not humorous off the blog pages.

    • There was a time if you had a philosophical difference with your employer you would work hard to look for another job. Trump has these people in his employ who are clearly uncomfortable with his outbursts/positions but they are toeing the line. What an example his government is setting for the world!

      Given the impact of US culture on other societies one will have to evaluate impacts in years to come.

    • Trump will have something me good news soon with the job reports due. This is a message that is sure to resonate in the mother of all capitalist countries.

  11. @David
    Trump has these people in his employ who are clearly uncomfortable with his outbursts/positions but they are toeing the line
    Why are you making excuses for these people? Philosophical differences my butt they are there because they want to be there, they have angled, lobbied and genuflected for those positions they love the visibility, income, and prestige they offer. They are nonentities the moment they leave the WH (when last did you hear of Sean Spicer, Tom Price, Rex Tillerson, Scott Pruitt or ?) and they have an eye to their next assignment as lobbyists where they can place the WH position on their CV.

    BTW is that “philosophical difference” anything like the selective moral outrage shown by various Christian Ministers on Sunday mornings when they castigate their congregation for their “failings” but give the President a “mulligan” when he is discovered cheating on his wife with various porn stars?









    Paul Manafort’s trial has officially begun. The former campaign manager for President Trump is now being dragged through the legal system for crimes supposedly committed eight years ago and for which there was originally insufficient evidence to convict him on.

    Oh, and Rod Rosenstein was involved in the case back then as well. He actually exonerated Manafort at the time. The trial is heating up and I may be wrong on this, but it may not pan out the way Mueller has envisioned. Especially if you go by proceedings so far in court.

    Manafort is being charged over bank fraud and tax evasion. Those are processed crimes that the FBI used to take down Al Capone in his day because they couldn’t get him on anything else. I’m not a fan of Paul Manafort’s, but this is just wrong and should not be allowed. Mueller has strayed far outside of his mandate and this is just retaliation for Manafort not flipping on Trump.

    Nothing he has been charged with is connected to President Trump, his campaign or the specious charge of collusion with the Russians. Collusion won’t even come up during the trial. The left must be devastated over that, but never fear… Mueller will do his level best to burn Manafort at the stake for the crime of being associated with Trump.

    Mueller tried everything with Manafort. He raided his home in the pre-dawn hours and finally got him on witness-tampering, which was pretty flimsy if you ask me. He then had Manafort put in solitary confinement. Manafort did not break. They tried similar techniques on Michael Flynn. I’m no fan of his either, but they bankrupted the guy when he would not flip on Trump.

    Then they got him to admit to something he didn’t do by threatening to imprison his son. These are mob tactics and I don’t get why they are being allowed here. They definitely are not working with Manafort who will not cut a plea deal. CBS News reporter Paula Reid tweeted, “JUST IN: No deal. Manafort attorney Kevin Downing tells me ‘No chance!’ his client will cooperate with Special Counsel in order to avoid trial today.”

    Paula Reid

    JUST IN: No deal. Manafort attorney Kevin Downing tells me “No chance!” his client will cooperate with Special Counsel in order to avoid trial today. @CBSNews


  14. Sarah Sanders SMASHES Sassy Acosta at WH Press BEATING
    By Andrew West August 2, 2018


    the Press Secretary has once again put to rest concerns over her ability to keep tabs on both the room and the narrative at once, explaining deftly to the defiant Acosta that sometimes, even the biggest of egos could use a quick glance in the mirror.


    • Thanks Hants. We now have Apple with more cash than they can constructively invest.

      BTW is it enough to measure the performance of a government without factoring political morality? We have the analogy of prosperity religion we can reference.

      No tongue in cheek this time.

  15. “Smashes” “Kills” “Crushes” are all right wing alt-right white troll gotcha headings. GP should sign Power of Attorney to his wife and children as he is showing signs of senile dementia (as well as bitterness).

  16. Mr Blogmaster David, based on the tone and circumstance of the departures from the WH I believe you are being VERY charitable to say “Say what you will, a few have resigned so far?” 🙂

    I put it to you senor, that NONE have resigned so far, all have been ‘terminated’! Oh Lordie.

    Certainly none of the cabinet posts can be considered resignations in the truest or even technical sense of how that word was used in previous admins…but that said change is not new, just that Trump has taken it to insane,whimsical levels.

    Obama actually had FIVE Chiefs of Staff (one an interim appointment, after the fall of the tart tongued Rahm Emanuel)…Trump is on #2 of course and very likely may close his tenure with less than five (even wildly presuming he goes eight years).

    I also agree that there is less ‘philosophical differences’ than we may perceive. Some of these folks like Kelly share a lot of the fundamental ethos of Trump on issues like immigration; like the departed Cohn on economic growth (not trade protectionism however) or like the departed Tillerson on small govt and business deregulation.

    But yes many of them still consider him a damn moron or whatever Tillerson called him for his public antics….thus you are right that many are “clearly uncomfortable with his outbursts/positions” but that’s because you are NOT expected to say stupid and contradictory things in public!

    • @@Dee Word

      It was tongue in cheek as always. The big issue here is that the US has vacated its role as the suppose leader of the free world. This position is forcing some geopolitical machinations. We will see how it pans out. For example if he imposed these tariffs as he has been braying what will happen?

  17. GP

    1) GHW Bush’s Patriot Act Law and AML Laws

    2) Obama’s US Sanctions against Russia

    are a couple of law ways to hang the Trump as well as perjury

    (but if you don’t know about them this comment will go over your head whoosh!)




    GOD WILLING IT WILL BE 6-7 MORE YEARS OF MOANING BY TRUMP HATERS about political morality, despite the fact that he has not broken any laws or failed to abide by the US constitution.



  19. Trump has broken law but denies it

    Knowing about payments through lawyers to pay off claimants
    breaks money laundering laws
    lying and denying is perjury

    knowing about meetings with Russians
    is breaking US sanctions laws with Russia
    lying denying is perjury

    read up on patriot act


    FYI God didn’t choose Trump to lead USA
    Racist Yanks chose racist Trump to lead racist USA
    (specifically 65% of 75% white majority)
    Trump just proves what Americans are really like

    Yanks think they’re #1 greatest nation and greatest people on planet Earth
    to challenge this makes them vexed
    this is a form of prejudice

  20. Federal Judge Drops The Hammer On Mueller’s Team

    The federal judge presiding over the Paul Manafort trial was not happy with Mueller’s prosecutors on Thursday. Judge T.S. Ellis III ended the trial day early and sent everyone home.

    According to Law and Crime:
    Paul Manafort‘s third day on trial over charges of bank fraud and tax evasion was cut a bit short on Thursday after government attorneys made the same mistake twice in a row.

    The last witness called to the stand was J. Philip Ayliff, a certified public accountant (CPA) at Paul Manafort’s long-serving tax-preparation agency, Kositzka, Wicks and Co. (KWC), of Richmond, Virginia. As time inched along during the last witness’s testimony, nothing of particular interest seemed to be occurring at all.

    After the jury left, Ellis took a few minutes to tell the press and public all about the bench conference. As it turns out, not only was Ayliff a non-noticed witness being asked to give the equivalent of expert testimony, but the prosecution and defense had already agreed on what the term “financial interest” meant. Moreover, this agreement was provided on a proposed–and approved–jury instruction.

    That is, not only was Ayliff not an expert and not a noticed expert as necessitated by the Federal Rules of Evidence–but his testimony had the potential to derail an already-agreed-upon definition of the term(s) in question. This, Ellis said, could have “confused or clouded” things for the jury.

    This raises the question of whether this is complete incompetence or a tactic by the Mueller team to bide more time by getting a mistrial declared.

  21. Clinton campaign team family member UNDER INVESTIGATION in Trump-Mueller probe
    August 2, 2018 by Jerry McCormick

    Finally, there may be some justice headed toward the Clinton empire.

    According to reports, Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, John Podesta, is being investigated by Robert Mueller in his probe of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

    The Podestas may have President Donald Trump to thank for their new legal problems.

    When word of the probe first came out, Trump sent out a tweet stating: “Was the brother of John Podesta paid big money to get the sanctions on Russia lifted? Did Hillary know?”

    That tweet was later followed up by another question from Trump:

    “Why isn’t Mueller looking at all of the criminal activity and real Russian collusion on the Democratic side; Podesta dossier?”

    While we have no way of knowing for sure if that had anything to do with the probe into the Podestas, this new information no doubt has Trump smiling from ear to ear.

    The probe is not stopping at Podesta, either.

    Greg Craig, a White House attorney while Barack Obama was in office, is also reportedly included in the investigation.

    The question at hand is if these individuals worked on behalf of a foreign government without properly registering with the government, which is a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

    Thus far, Podesta’s people are saying it wasn’t their fault — a typical excuse from liberals.

    According to the Podesta Group, they were given misinformation by their client.

    This investigation was a direct result of the investigation into Paul Manafort for Russian collusion.

    While Mueller found no wrongdoing there, the investigation did uncover possible tax fraud.

    Manafort is currently on trial in Virginia for those charges.

    He will also soon face a trial in Washington for making false statements and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

  22. Another Record For Trump’s Economy

    A record number of people in America are employed according to the Labor Department. This is just another win for Trump’s economy.

    According to CNSNews:
    (CNSNews.com) – Following last month’s strong employment report, the numbers released on Friday were even better in some respects.

    The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says a record 155,965,000 people were employed in July, the 11th record-breaker since President Trump took office 19 months ago.

    “Our economy is soaring. Our jobs are booming. Factories are pouring back into our country, they coming from all over the world. We are defending our workers,” President Trump told a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

    BLS said the economy added 157,000 jobs in July (compared with a revised 248,000 in June).

    The economy is the envy of the world at the moment. Lower taxes and the elimination of burdensome regulations seems to be the driver.

  23. AUGUST 3, 2018
    Huge Job Growth in America for July
    The United States economy is continuing its longest streak of consecutive positive monthly job growth at 94 months, with 3.9 million jobs created since President Donald J. Trump was elected in November 2016.

    Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) monthly Employment Situation Report shows that nonfarm payroll employment rose by 157,000 jobs in July, falling short of expectations, the average job growth per month is 215,000 for 2018—exceeding average monthly gains in 2016 (195K) and 2017 (182K)—once cumulative positive revisions to May and June are included.

    Job growth has been strong across the board during the first 18 months of this Administration, and in July the manufacturing and professional & business services industries experienced significant gains. Since President Trump was elected, goods-producing industries (construction, manufacturing, mining, and logging) have added more than 900,000 jobs.

    A separate BLS Household Survey offers more indications of a strong, growing U.S. economy. The unemployment rate edged down 0.1 percentage point (p.p.) over the month to 3.9 percent, a 0.9 p.p. decrease since January 2017. This is just the eighth time since 1970 that the unemployment rate has fallen below 4 percent, with three of these occasions occurring in 2018. The unemployment rate for Hispanics has reached another historic low, reaching 4.5 percent in July. This is the second month in row the unemployment rate for Hispanics has reached the lowest level recorded since the series began in 1973. The July unemployment rate for individuals with less than a high school diploma fell 0.4 p.p. over the month to 5.1 percent in July, the lowest level since the series began in 1992. The July unemployment rate for adult men was 3.4 percent, the lowest since December 2000.

    The employment-population ratio, which is an important indicator of the share of people who are working, rose by 0.1 p.p. in July to 60.5 percent. This marks its highest point since January 2009 (see figure). Since January 2017, the employment-population ratio has increased by 0.6 p.p., which is a sign that more workers are finding jobs and coming off the sidelines, which is good news for America’s economy.

    The unemployment rate declined in July across alternative measures of how we measure the workforce, or labor utilizations, as well. The U6 measure, which includes workers who are marginally attached to the labor force and those employed part-time for economic reasons, declined by 0.3 p.p. over the month to 7.5 percent—its lowest rate since May 2001—again showing that those who had given up looking for work are throwing their hats in the ring.

    Today’s BLS Employment Situation Report shows another month of strong job growth and demonstrates that the American labor market is thriving under the Trump Administration’s pro-growth policies.


  24. Top 5 reasons Trump’s growing economy IS sustainable

    The U.S. economy soared to unbeatable levels in the second quarter — the fastest in nearly a decade.

    The giant uptick was driven by President Donald Trump’s massive tax reform and the president is hopeful that the growing economy will continue to accelerate under his leadership.

    Never-Trumpers and anti-Trump economists are claiming this growth will not be sustainable, but we have the top five reasons why they are completely wrong.

    Here are 5 Reasons why Trump’s economy will continue to grow —


    Income and consumer spending are boomimg — and according to the Commerce Department, consumer spending rose for the fourth consecutive time in June. May and June also posted 4% increases in income, respectively.


    Despite aggressive trade policies and the threat of a tariff war, business investments are up and could max out at a rise of 7%. The increase in business investments can be directly attributed to the decrease in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. The significant increase in profits gives businesses plenty of reason to reinvest to become more competitive in the marketplace.


    The unemployment rate is down to 3.9%, the lowest in twenty years. The lower unemployment rate is part of an ongoing trend due to Trump Administration economic policies. As the Federal Reserve noted in an August 1st press release, “Job gains have been strong, on average, in recent months, and the unemployment rate has stayed low.”


    According to a July 31st report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the personal saving rate rose 3.3% to 6.7% in 2017. Higher levels of savings among consumers means faster growth, more investments, and a stronger economy.


    The rolling back of regulations removes government from the private sector. Obamacare is a prime example, as healthcare is nearly 20% of the US Economy. Everytime a regulation is rolled back, this returns those funds back to the private sector, and fuels and strengthens the economy.

    The anti-Trump economists are wrong again.

    Liberals should be terrified of the next GDP report… which comes out 11 days before November midterms.

    It is possible the robust Trump economy will look even better, and the Democrats’ dreams of gaining back control of Congress are dashed, once again!

  25. @David Mr Blogmaster, no it’s not “enough to measure the performance of a government without factoring political morality”. You know that and so too the entire political establishment thus they strive very hard to maintain a scandal free administration…and by scandal free realistically I mean : keeping the real dirty linen out of public view 😁 and generally adopting socially and morally strong programs.

    Never will everyone agree on all programs thus weapons to guerrillas to over throw a Nicaraguan president is dirty linen and politically immoral when discovered… An undercover program otherwise called Fast n Furious where guns were secreted across the border in an effort to track and trap gun runners and other bad hombres becomes a political immorality and is not seen as a legitimate covert police program badly executed and/or poorly planned.

    And was the US IRS specially auditing conservative groups politically immoral… very likely it sure was…. And that’s not tongue in cheek either.

    But what is also politically immoral….the biased partisan parsing of basic facts and data.

    Consider this quote from above: “The United States economy is continuing its longest streak of consecutive positive monthly job growth at 94 months, with 3.9 million jobs created since President Donald J. Trump was elected in November 2016.”

    Consider that the Trump admin has only been here for 18 months thus for 76 prior months the economy was moving along positively…It also means that since Trump came in that his admin has in fact continued and improved the economic growth.

    Factually awesome on all fronts but the partisan BS denies an oppotunity for positive and wholesome movementation.

    Like …”the average job growth per month is 215,000 for 2018—exceeding average monthly gains in 2016 (195K) and 2017 (182K)…” NONE of that is chump growth!

    Realistically the debates in the US should be about substantive issues like the economy, the remake of the trade practices, struggles of EV manufacturer Tesla, Apple at $1 Tril market cap, Turkey arresting a US cleric with doubtful charges and so on but rather the admin creates these distraction that tie up time, energy and focus…then they complain that substance is not being debated.

    Further consider why this happens … REMEMBER that claim by Trump of voter fraud and the commission he created…REMEMBER that HOAX.

    1.One Democratic member had to sue to get the data the Republican members had received…why he was denied the info is anyones guess… a judge approved his suit and when he had reviewed less than 25% of the docs he received it was already clear “the files showed no evidence to support [the fraud] assertions.”

    2.He said, “Contrary to what we were promised, these documents show that there was, in fact, a pre-ordained outcome to this commission to demonstrate widespread voter fraud, without any evidence to back it up.”

    This is the BASIC reason a lot of positives that should be noted and applauded are lost …if this guy could just stop lying, initiating immoral BS, being petty to critics and the media and always trying to cloud the issues his administration might in fact be able to soar with positive news …until the Mueller report that is…Alas there is the immorality thing once more!

    • @Dee Word

      Question, was Clinton a good president although having turned the Oval Office into a brothel?

      Btw, the positive feedback Trump is getting from the latest number will create momentum into the midterms.

  26. Yes generally he was Mr Blogmaster…if one examines policies, economic growth and even that moral benchmark his ledger balances in the positive.

    There clearly were policy moves that have now been proved wrong like justice reforms misteps but in the main he was successful.

    Incidentally, he was callous and much too flippant re his WH tryst but a brothel it wasn’t 😀…his behaviour as governor better meets ur description of brothel traipser !

    I hope so…for all our sakes. Enough of this daily nonsense of petty pouts…let the business of governance proceed without that.

    Let us close out Manafort and Cohen claims, get the Mueller report, get this miscreant back to his Trump tower and get Pence to finish the tenure…it would be same Republican ethos without all the daily spectacle.




    Holy schnikes! The following intel means Comey/McCabe/Strzok/FBI knew about this other server AND let Hillary keep using it AND never said a damn word about it! How in the world are they gonna explain this when Congressional Oversight asks about it?

    HEY HID THIS FOR 2 YEARS AND ARE JUST ROLLING IT OUT NOW. Brilliant. They’re all caught. They can’t explain it. Comey, McCabe, Strzok, they’re all caught. This was NEVER supposed to come out.

    An imagined scenario: “Mr. Comey, you’ve been here before this Oversight Committee how many times in the last two years to testify under oath about the Mid Year Exam investigation?” [Comey mumbles some BS answer] “That’s right, Mr. Comey. ___ # of times and YOU NEVER MENTIONED THIS OTHER SERVER.”

    OMG BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT. They tried to hide this from Horowitz and he pretended he didn’t know about it. This successor server isn’t in the OIG MYE report. HE LET THEM THINK THEY FOOLED HIM.

    Of course, there’s also the possibility that they DID successfully hide this other server from Horowitz and he & Rosenstein only found out about AFTER the OIG MYE report was done. Either way, Comey/McCabe/Strzok have some ‘splainin’ to do…

    This changes the entire timeline. A lot of effort was expended by either DOJ NSD people or FBI investigators or BOTH to keep this 2nd successor server under wraps and hidden.

    Trump tweets about the 2nd hidden server in 3……2….1…..! Good luck keeping THIS under wraps now, DNC Media!

    I can’t wait for the press conferences in which Nunes/Goodlatte/Grassley/Gowdy talk about their reactions when they learned about this ‘successor server’. Either they knew long ago & were hiding it to sting these arrogant plotters, or they genuinely didn’t know & just found out.

    The more this plays out the more it seems like Trump was right, doesn’t it? If you ask me, he’s truly on his way to MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN! And we’re ALMOST there!

    Do you want your proof? Your resource? CHECK THIS OUT!

  28. Six Times the Obama Administration Should Have Appointed Special Counsel


    What is a special counsel, and why do we have them? According to Wikipedia, “a special prosecutor (or special counsel or independent counsel or independent prosecutor) is a lawyer appointed to investigate, and potentially prosecute, a particular case of suspected wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest exists for the usual prosecuting authority” — i.e., the perceived conflict of interest of Jeff Sessions to investigate alleged collusion of the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

    Anyway, while liberals are holding out hope for Robert Mueller to find evidence of collusion and force Trump to resign or be impeached, it occurs to me that despite the rampant corruption and scandals-a-plenty of the Obama years that there was never a single special counsel appointed. Not one. Obama supporters point to this as evidence that his administration was above board, but in reality, it was just proof of just how corrupt things were. By limiting investigations to their own sham investigations that saw no one held accountable, or to congressional Republicans whose investigations they could simply stonewall and accuse of being partisan, the Obama administration felt they could keep up the ruse that they were scandal-free. Here are six times the Obama administration should have appointed a special counsel to investigate a scandal but didn’t.

    Six Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Worst President in History
    6. The Walpin firing scandal
    It’s a pretty big deal when the president of the United States breaks the law in order to protect his friend and donor who was being investigated for misusing federal grant money… but Barack Obama did just that for his friend, former NBA star and mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson. Johnson had taken nearly a million dollars in AmeriCorps grant money to his own nonprofit organization to pay volunteers for political activity. While investigating this, Gerald Walpin, the inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), discovered a cover-up of sexual abuse allegations made by three students against Johnson who were offered some of this grant money as hush money. Walpin recommended criminal charges against Johnson and was quickly told to resign. Walpin refused, and Obama fired him. The firing itself violated a law that Obama co-sponsored as a U.S. senator. Congressional Republicans launched their own investigation, and the Obama White House responded with a smear campaign against Walpin and withheld documents from Congress.


    On September 11, 2012, a group with connections to al Qaeda attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, died. This was just awful timing for Obama. The 2012 presidential election was just weeks away. The cover-up began instantly. An obscure YouTube video was blamed for inciting a “spontaneous” protest even though all the key players knew it was a pre-planned terror attack almost immediately. That didn’t stop Obama and Hillary publicly claiming to the contrary. UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on the weekend talk shows to repeat the lie over and over and over again. Obama was trying to save his reelection, and Hillary her political future as well. Republicans investigated, but the Obama administration stonewalled those investigations, which they branded as partisan witch hunts. An independent special counsel would have made it difficult for the Obama administration to claim the investigation was tainted, so one was not appointed.

    Once Again Obama Claims ‘I Didn’t Have Scandals’
    4. The IRS scandal
    Using the IRS to target Obama’s political enemies during an election year? Obama did try to distance himself from the scandal but according to a report, IRS employees were “acutely” aware that Obama wanted a crackdown on conservative and Tea Party groups, and Douglas Shulman, the IRS commissioner, visited the White House a whopping 157 times (more than anyone in Obama’s cabinet) while the IRS abuses occurred. Gee, do you think there’s a potential conflict of interest here? Unlike other scandals where investigations were left to Republicans in Congress, the Obama administration did investigate the IRS scandal… did you know about this? Yep, Attorney General Eric Holder appointed a DOJ lawyer to run the investigation. Her main qualification was that she was an Obama donor, and within a few short days of her appointment, it was announced the FBI was not planning to file any criminal charges connected to the scandal. Of course not.

    Uranium One
    In 2010, the Obama administration approved a deal allowing the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium to be sold to Russia over Republicans’ expressed national security concerns. The deal was tainted by donations to the Clinton Foundation and an administration cover-up of bribery and racketeering before being approved. The Obama administration threatened an FBI informant to keep him from talking about what he knew. There is currently a congressional investigation underway, but why wasn’t this investigated when it happened? Who was in charge of the FBI when the deal went down? Mr. Robert Mueller. That name should ring a bell with you.
    Fast & Furious
    Two thousand firearms sent across the border… hundreds lost… a border agent killed with one of those guns. The Obama administration did everything in their power to stonewall the investigation. Attorney General Eric Holder even claimed to have no knowledge of the operation (an outright lie) and Obama asserted executive privilege to withhold documents from congressional investigators. Conflict of interest, maybe? Absolutely there should have been a special counsel appointed. But if there’s anything I know from researching Obama’s scandalous administration it’s that Obama picked people to run his Department of Justice who were willing to protect him and whom he, in turn, would protect as well.

    The Top Five Obama Administration Officials Who Used Secret Email Accounts
    1. The Hillary Clinton email scandal
    What about this scandal wasn’t tainted? Obama’s former secretary of state and heir apparent to the Oval Office is caught violating federal transparency laws by hosting a private email server—which was only discovered as a result of the Benghazi investigation (which they were also stonewalling). Over 30,000 emails were discovered to have been deleted. Phones were smashed with hammers… Obama personally communicated with Hillary via this private email, with a pseudonym of his own… FBI Director James Comey had drafted Hillary’s exoneration letter before even interviewing her. We now know that FBI investigator Peter Strzok, who was investigating both Hillary and Trump, had personally softened the language on the exoneration statement. Right around the same time, he was telling fellow investigator and lover Lisa Page that he would stop Trump from getting elected president. What difference at this point does it make, right? Everything about that investigation was tainted. A special counsel was needed as soon as the private server was discovered. But, Obama had to protect his heir apparent, and therefore his legacy, and so the investigation was run by pro-Hillary/anti-Trump partisans who had no business doing so.

    The common thread between these examples is the stonewalling and cover-ups committed by the Obama administration in order to protect itself. Corruption begat more corruption and there was no way they were going to allow an investigation it couldn’t control (or dismiss as partisan) happen.

    Matt Margolis is the author of the book, The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama and the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama.



    Why did the FBI log a cyber intrusion analysis request to Hillary’s Email Investigation the day after the 2016 election when the case was closed in July? Part 24, pgs 15-19

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, revealed in the hearing with Peter Strzok a couple weeks ago that the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found that nearly all of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails were sent to a foreign entity and the FBI did nothing about it.

    The ICIG found an “anomaly on Hillary Clinton’s emails going through their private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except four, over 30,000, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list,” Gohmert said to Strzok during the hearing.

    “It was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia,” Gohmert continued.

    Gohmert revealed the ICIG investigator, Frank Rucker met Peter Strzok and presented the anomaly to him, yet he did nothing about it.

    Peter Strzok only admitted to meeting with Rucker, however, he claimed he could not recall “specific content” discussed.

    Inspector General Horowitz was also notified about Hillary’s emails going to a foreign entity, however, he did nothing about it either.

    “Mr. Horowitz got a call four times from someone wanting to brief him about this, and he never returned the call,” Gohmert said.

    Watch Gohmert reveal Hillary’s emails went to a foreign entity:


    Obama was involved in many scandals some of which I’ll bet you didn’t know about from 2011. One of those scandals has to do with buying smallpox vaccine from a company named Siga. In fact, Siga is the only company Obama allowed to bid on the contract which came in at $433 million dollars.

    Not surprisingly, Siga is owned by a large Democratic donor and specifically a donor to Obama. Smallpox is a dreaded disease that kills 30% of the people who are exposed to it. But this shady deal has many problems.

    The only smallpox spores in the world are in safe locations in the United States and Russia
    The cost per dose is $255
    Siga’s drug has never been tested and may likely not work
    The United States already had owned 1 billion dollars worth of smallpox vaccine. This was tested and found to be effective if given within 4 days of exposure. In fact, we had almost 3 times the amount we would need to inoculate the entire population of this country. At that, we purchased for three dollars a dose.

    From The LA Times

    Siga was awarded the final contract in May through a “sole-source” procurement in which it was the only company asked to submit a proposal. The contract calls for Siga to deliver 1.7 million doses of the drug for the nation’s biodefense stockpile. The price of approximately $255 per dose is well above what the government’s specialists had earlier said was reasonable, according to internal documents and interviews.

    Once feared for its grotesque pustules and 30% death rate, smallpox was eradicated worldwide as of 1978 and is known to exist only in the locked freezers of a Russian scientific institute and the U.S. government. There is no credible evidence that any other country or a terrorist group possesses smallpox.

    If there were an attack, the government could draw on $1 billion worth of smallpox vaccine it already owns to inoculate the entire U.S. population and quickly treat people exposed to the virus. The vaccine, which costs the government $3 per dose, can reliably prevent death when given within four days of exposure.

    Stay tuned for more revelations about crooked politicians and things you may not have known.

  31. The Democrats Just Revealed A 9 Figure Plan To Impeach Trump

    Donald Trump is the Democrat’s worst enemy.

    They’ve never had somebody who was such a threat to their power structure until he came around.

    And in order to stop him, the Democrats just revealed a 9 figure plan to impeach him.

    Even with lowered support, there is one thing that left-wing activists are not short on, and that’s money.

    Massive left-wing billionaires work to make sure the coffers are full for left-leaning groups.

    And with their latest fight of impeaching Trump, Democrats were sure to make positive that they have enough cash on hand to fight back like never before.

    Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer has pledged $110 million to the impeach Trump effort. The money is going to two groups funded by Steyer called Nextgen America and Need to Impeach.

    Both of those groups are vehemently anti-Trump, with their stated goals being an all-out impeachment of Trump.

    Between the two groups, there is expected to be 1,000 employees, and 2,000 staffers in the organizations.

    It will be a first of its kind organization, which is sure to receive mixed reviews, even on the left.

    There are the grassroots left, who generally love the idea of impeaching Trump.

    But there are also the more traditional Democrats, who are not fully on board with calling for Trump’s impeachment.

    It is not that those traditional Democrats don’t want to impeach Trump, it’s that they are being strategic.

    If Democrats were to become known as the “impeachment party” heading into the upcoming midterms, it could easily turn off more moderate voters.

    This is especially true in states where Trump sees high approval while Democrats are elected to statewide office.

    Those states include Missouri, Indiana, and West Virginia. Each of those states has Democrats running for statewide office who will likely lose to a pro-Trump Republican.

    Unless those vulnerable Democrats distance themselves from their own party they will almost certainly lose. These efforts by left-wing billionaires will only make it harder for them to create distance.

    And while the impeach Trump movement may be the biggest movement those moderate Democrats need to be worried about, there are other leftwing billionaires donating to perhaps more extreme causes.

    George Soros, who is perhaps the most well-known political donor, at least on the left, has been dipping his toes into extremist politics in 2018.

    Soros has given money to support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose platform has made waves.

    The young Democrat, who just recently defeated Rep. Joe Crowley, is an open socialist.

    Her entire base of support was people within the Democratic Socialists of America (DCA), who regularly espouse extreme, pro-socialism rhetoric.

    If Ocasio-Cortez is accepted and seen as the new norm in the Democrat party, it could be devastating to Democrats in red-leaning states.

    Even Sen. Tammy Duckworth or Illinois acknowledged this while blasting her fellow Democrats.

    She took to the airwaves to make it clear that while Ocasio-Cortez can win in the Bronx, she has virtually no chance in the Midwest, which is very true.

    Only time will tell what will happen, but it doesn’t seem that the talk about impeachment and about socialism are doing any help to the Democrats.

    Do you think the Democrats will succeed in impeaching Trump?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


    Trump’s ‘Mother Of All Sanctions’ Puts Iran In Strangle Hold

    Making a play on words with America’s “Mother Of All Bombs,” Iranian Muslim hardliner Hassan Rouhani thought he’d look strong and clever saying American would face the “mother of all wars.” But just days after the Iranian’s president’s misguided remarks, Pres. Donald J. Trump has the rogue nation in an economic stranglehold. Iran now faces the “Mother of All Sanctions.”

    The era of weak-kneed Obama Administration diplomacy ended when Pres. Trump yanked the lopsided Iran nuclear deal. Touted as Obama’s highest accomplishment, the deal sent more than $150 billon in American greenbacks to Iran. Rouhani and his fellow extremists funded terrorism with the Obama billions.

    “The deal drew an artificial line between the Iranian regime’s nuclear development and the rest of its lawless behavior,” U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley reportedly said.

    In exchange, Iran cheated a deal that didn’t even prevent the regime from nuclear proliferation. It only had to wait a few years for another shipment of cash or aim its weapons of mass destruction at Israel or even a U.S. military installation. In response to Rouhani’s threats, Pres. Trump made it abundantly clear, America won’t take it any longer:


    The all caps was a rare touch from a president who prefers negotiating from a position of strength to cowering in front of dictators. Iran’s leaders are already suffering a record-setting economic crash.

    Fear and Oil Supplies
    Iran’s top generals are nervous that Pres. Trump’s forceful words will be backed by military action. When Syria raised Pres. Trump’s ire for murdering women and children with poison gas, missiles flew. When Syria did it once again, Pres. Trump more than doubled the firepower and crippled portions of the Syrian Army.

    In Iraq, insurgents built a massive bunker they thought impenetrable to American might. Pres. Trump dropped a MOAB. Iran’s military hierarchy fears an invasion.

    “The enemy’s behavior is unpredictable,” Iran General Mohammad Baqeri said of Pres. Trump. “Although the current American government does not seem to speak of a military threat, according to precise information, it has been trying to persuade the U.S. military to launch a military invasion (against Iran).

    A strategic occupation by U.S. forces could virtually end all Iranian oil exports by seizing the Strait of Hormuz. Rouhani referenced the trade route in recent remarks.

    “Anyone who understands the rudiments of politics doesn’t say ‘we will stop Iran’s oil exports’…we have been the guarantor of the regional waterway’s security throughout history,” Rouhani reportedly said.

    Iran’s oil exports are expected to decline by approximately two-thirds from Pres. Trump’s sanctions alone. As sanctions go into effect, Iran will be handed the crushing blow not seen under the frigid Obama Administration. And, Pres. Trump has already enlisted the help of Saudi Arabia to fill the shortfall left by hindered Iranian oil exports.

    Iran’s Currency Almost Worthless
    In the run-up to the first wave of U.S. sanctions expected to punish Iran on Aug. 6, the Rial has hit a historic low. The Rial, Iran’s currency, has suffered record-setting losses and fell to 100,000 to one American dollar.

    In four months, the Rial lost more than half of its value and Iran’s government has attempted to force value-setting to offset the plunge. The decline has been quick since Pres. Trump announced the U.S. would not renew the nuclear deal. When the first wave of sanctions crashes across the sands of Iran, companies worldwide will end business relations with the Muslim nation. Should Iran not broker a new deal before the November sanctions arrive, it will be economic Armageddon for America’s enemy. Already, international corporations are turning away.

    Business Exodus from Iran
    Major corporations are not waiting for the economic collapse of Iran or the wrath of American sanctions. Already, France’s CMA CGM has decided to end business relations with the rogue regime.

    CMA CGM ranks among the largest cargo shipping outfits in the world and has openly stated it fears becoming collateral damage in the U.S.-Iran economic war. Despite Rouhani’s pleading with EU companies, CMA CGM will likely set the tone for other major organizations.

    “Due to the Trump administration, we have decided to end our service for Iran,” CMA CGM chief Rodolphe Saade reportedly said. “Our Chinese competitors are hesitating a little, so maybe they have a different relationship with Trump. But, we apply the rules.”

    Not only does Iran face the Mother of All Sanctions, it appears Iranian loudmouth Rouhani is about to eat the mother of all words.

    ~ Conservative Zone

  33. Gotta love politics and the politicians Mr Blogmaster…I see Mia Madame PM enjoyed a lil wine on stage recently…

    But Trump’s most bird brain tweet was the latest one re that meeting in his building with the Russians. It was amazing to read the man now say that the meeting was to get dirt on an opponent…and to add that there is nothing wrong or illegal about that.

    If that was his first and only statement on that matter then we could cut him some slack on the legal question and whether it contravenes election laws prohibiting interaction with a foreign entity but as this is now a twist of a twist we can only sigh and await his next twist …

    Mia wine and dun but he will twist and wine his way to an obvious charge as a liar and a possible perjury charge if he’s doesn’t get a grip of these crazy remarks when he speaks to Mueller!

    • @Dee Word

      She is holding some heat for that wine. As prime minister she would do well to desist from behaviour that does not fit the decorum of the office.

      Yes Trump is feeling the heat, however, his base and those benefiting from the good performance of the economy will vote for republicans in the mids.

  34. Oh dear, wish you could advise a certain president that “As [president he] would do well to desist from behaviour that does not fit the decorum of the office.”

    Yep, I looked at the clip and said ‘self, oh lordie she gine get some lashes fuh dat’. But really it was a brief moment of revelry and not too risque or inappropriate.

    If Stuart or Arthur or even Tom had done a brief wine on an Allison Hinds (in Tom’s case maybe Carolyn Leacock) I suspect there would have been similar ‘outrage’ so I’m sure we’ll all get over it after Kadooment wraps.

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