How Donald Trump is Stealing the 2020 Presidential Elections

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We write as the New York Times has finally found damning evidence that Donald Trump is not the billionaire, successful businessman, he has always presented himself to be – some of us were long aware of this. He may be nearer to being a tax cheat. On the other side of the electoral ledger, Trump has fortuitously found Amy Barrett to buttress his position when (not if) the elections are thrown into the Supreme Court.

Currently, a range of polls have Joe Biden leading almost everywhere. Nationally, he leads Trump by between eight (8) and ten (10) points. In the six (6) to eight (8) battleground states, Biden has leads greater than the margins of error in about five (5) to six (6) of them. Trump leads in one (1) or two (2) and there are a few where there are statistical ties. There is some significant enlargement of the electoral map (battleground states) as states like Texas and Georgia beckon as if ‘fool’s gold’ for Democrats. These are where every election is won or lost.

Presidential elections in America, in recent times – yes, but throughout their history, have been bedevilled by all manner of fraud – on all sides, at different times, but particularly by Republicans, currently, so as to compensate for being the less populace of the two major parties, which it has become. Exit polling, the gold standard for elections, as the highly reliable measure for predicting outcomes and detecting fraud have often failed to avoid the opposite results within the American context. Unlike pre-election polling, no guesswork is required for exit polling which is globally deployed.

In the 2000 presidential elections George Bush, number two (2), was able to defeat Al Gore when the Supreme Court, which Trump has now stacked with loyalists, intervened and threw the elections to Bush. Of course, the Florida Republican Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, had already prepared the ground by removing tens of thousands of Afrikan-American voters from the rolls in strategic areas – they could not vote. If you were Black, with a criminal record, and your name was Brown all the Browns in your immediate areas were therewith removed from the voter rolls. This remains a central Republican voter suppression tactic.

This preparation of the battleground, as if for war, has been, all this time, going on behind the scenes by well-paid soldiers who know that their boss, Trump, never wants to be seen as a ‘loser’. Trump as the out-and-out fraudster and well aware of all the historic electoral shenanigans will be hard to be persuaded by what he sees as meaningless traditions. It should not be doubted that new systems of election rigging are being hatched as an ongoing project.

Trump should be believed when he contends that the only way he could lose is if the elections were unfair. We must see his attempts to manipulate the postal system; his inordinate control over Republican governors, like Ron DeSantis in Florida, a battleground state; and in the absence of a possible clear defeat, the reliability of a Supreme Court to appoint him, an easy ask. We concede though, that the court may not be as dependable as he would like it to be.

The 2004 elections were stolen based on electronic manipulation by George Bush or people acting on his behalf – essentially Karl Rove, who Bush called the ‘architect’. Rove and his fellow architects, again in Florida, were able to program voter machines so that votes for John Kerry were recognized, by the machines, as votes for Bush.

In Ohio, Ken Blackwell, a Black republican and former mayor of Cincinnati, oversaw the same kinds of built-in irregularities in certain counties as he certified numbers of electors inconsistent with actual registered voters. Bush’s approval ratings days before the election was 48%, with political momentum going against him. Normally when an incumbent president is below 50% he/she tends to lose. But Bush ‘won’ 51-48% in Ohio as the voting machines supplied by republican outfits included Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (DESI), Election Systems & Software (ESS) and Sequoia Voting Systems did the job intended. These are the companies which conspired with Karl Rove to steal two elections in a row and were the suppliers of 80% of all voting machines within the USA.

Notwithstanding the underlying election fraud by Bush, CNN had called the 2004 election for Kerry. But soon after and based on one of sixteen statistical impossibilities, a few thousand additional votes produced a five (5) point swing for Bush. This was also inconsistent with the exit polling results in the decisive states of Florida and Ohio. CNN then reversed itself and began calling the elections for Bush instead of Kerry. This action wiped out Kerry’s three (3) percentage points lead which he had gained up to 01:36 am and had Bush now leading by 2 percentage points in Florida. Only in America!

Pennsylvania also played a similar role in these fraudulent 2004 elections.

Enter Mitt Romney, and the 2012 elections, with Barack Obama seeking a second term. Romney comes along with the serial election fraudster Karl Rove. Maybe it was John McCain, given the man which he was said to be, who declined to participate in an election fraud against Obama in 2008. Donald Trump could never be depended upon to behave in such ways. History may indeed show that McCain created a break in the historic fraudulence of Karl Rove during the 2008 presidential elections – Obama v McCain.

Readers may recall Karl Rove, appearing on Fox News as commentator, in the 2012 elections, delaying a concession long after all indications were that Obama was being projected to be the winner of Ohio and thus would have garnered the 270 electoral votes to be the next president. Rove knew something only few others would have known.

It was Willian Skinner who alerted us about a report in the press concerning a motley group of hackers who were claiming to have discovered the planned electronic theft of Karl Rove and his associates and succeeded in blocking them, putting Rove’s agents into an electronic trap. As a result we are left to presume that Rove’s actions coupled with Romney’s long delayed concession was their way of giving the hidden and fraudulent hands more time to manifest this massive election fraud once more.

As we approach the first question and answer session on Tuesday (these could hardly pass for debates) Trump will see them as an opportunity to destroy Biden using his belligerent, uncouth, style. Biden’s handlers will be happy if they can get him out of there with at least a credible draw. There will be hardly any machinations, hopes, about winning given the damaged goods with which they have been handed. However, for Trump, less so than for Biden, the real game is taking place elsewhere and conducted by the forces of darkness from whence the whole panoply of American electoral fraud will be in a heightened state of readiness.

We have estimated that even if Joe Biden were to win the popular vote, win the Electoral College by a significant margin, win the exit polling, have all major media projecting him as the winner, by some chance have the Supreme Court declare him as winner, these will not be enough to convince Donald Trump that he is indeed anything less than the winner. Biden will then have to get Trump to concede and exit the White House, still. A dependence of the military brass is ill-advised. These may prove more difficult than winning the election as Trump has already prepared a case indicting the Democrats for engaging in massive election fraud. And as irrational as that maybe, we’ve seen this play reenacted for four years, Trump winning more often than not.

Biden the dependable nationalist, like Al Gore and John Kerry before him, may even find a way to capture defeat from the jaws of victory in order to preserve the republic and avoid a decent into civil unrest, even if the Supreme Court acted in his favour and against an adamant Donald Trump.

Of course, there will be demonstrations in the street regardless of final outcome..

There can be no daylight between the high-handed nomination of Amy Barrett and the election fraud being perpetrated by Donald J. Trump and those acting on his behalf. As this looming crisis to empire takes us on a slow march to a near unavoidable disaster it maybe high time for American policymakers to rethink all the structures on which this experiment was constructed. Certainly, an ‘exceptional nation’ should not have produced a Donald Trump, let alone have him elevated to the seat of power. A power position which then transforms a fraudster into a neo-fascist with the perceived power to say who, in the case of Venezuela, is to be that country’s president. The power of the presidency may be the one thing keeping Trump out of jail, Should he lose all bets are off. And Trump knows this too well.

Strengthened by the fraudulence of empire he can now do to America what the United States has for two hundred and fifty (250) years done to the rest of the world. One man, Donald J. Trump, has in a mere four (4) years done more damage to the United States of America than all the armies ever seen and not even a thousand Joe Bidens could recover it.

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