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As the coalition of forces gather with their vested interests of displace the American fascist dictator, Donald Trump, on a civil warlike political battlefield, it is becoming quite clear that people who call themselves ‘progressives’ will only awake to the machinations, political tricks, being conjured and to the tectonic shifts under the battlefield when it is far too late. Such a re-imagining of American politics, as neoliberalism was the remixing of economic policies, must of necessity, leave ‘progressives’ out in the cold.

We are estimating that this Democratic-led coalition which is likely to emerge from a possible victory will lurch much further rightward than progressives are generally imagining. For Joe Biden is merely running as a Democrat but intends to rule as a Republican. This is all he has known all his life. Being a conservative Democrat means being a Republican. Same as Obama, there are few differences between factions within the duopoly. Biden has never been known to instinctively done anything progressive in his whole life. Above all, politics is about slicing and dicing as an acceptable method of gaining power, not being a fountain of virtue. Not interfering with the hideous structural infirmities on which the country has been built. This is representative of Joe Biden to the bone!

Therefore, it would be irrational to expect a man like Biden to approach, for example, the misanthropically inspired symbology represented by the ‘Star Spangle Banner’, the national anthem, which glorifies slavery in one of its verses. Or revisit the 13th Amendment of the constitution which still legalizes slavery for people in America’s dungeons, 80% of whom are of colour. Need we go on?

Then, the question which progressives will never get answered is – how could he ‘Build Back Better’ on such a flawed foundation? All Biden really wants to do is to get back to how things were before Donald J. Trump was thrown up by the political culture as if those represented halcyon days for Afrikan-Americans, supposedly his most dependable bloc. That’s all!

But, who are these people generally referred to as ‘progressives’? Well, they could be any motley bunch of political gradations from the far-right to the far-left and in-between. To the far-right they may include Republicans who support the logic of climate change and even never-Trumpers. To the far-left they may be communists, antifascists, socialists or even Trotskyists influenced by the lesser of two evils logic.

In this scenario, Joe Biden would, in effect, be the ‘unwitting’ savior of the Republican Party which is likely to be devastated by a massive defeat, if current polling holds true and in the event Trump is unable to complete that well-planned dastardly act currently underway. Should Biden be buoyed by the winds of a fierce national and overwhelming determination which forces Trump into having no other choice but to leave the White House, even to the point of duress if deemed necessary he saves the Republican Party. In so doing, he would be serving the hordes of Republicans seeking asylum within the Democratic Party as a way of making sure the indispensable other half of the American political duopoly survives Trumpism – the Republican Party.

When we look back at the presidency of Trump, in this scenario, it might appear as though a level of master planning, by hidden hands, paved the way for Biden. He could have the prefect landing to enable him to jettison feckless progressive operating under the assumption that this Democratic Party’s ‘donkey’ will take them somewhere. In addition, Biden could have a highly conservative Supreme Court; a Senate which could be Democratic led but more than willing to serve his less than obvious conservative agenda and a House of Representatives acting likewise with muted or sporadic objections from its progressive caucus.

In these circumstances, the LGBTQ identity politicos, who played such an enormous role during the Obama administration, would not be able to co-exist with the Republican elements within the Biden Coalition, absent the few Log Cabin Republicans. If Biden is faced with a choice between these political forces, there is little doubt that he will go with his new-found friends for the fear about defections of the Republicans may cause too much imbalance within his coalition. He will seek to equalize that action by resting on the logic that the LGBTQ forces generally have nowhere else to go.

The same thinking holds true for Afrikan-Americans, Hispanics, and other progressives who will have nowhere to go notwithstanding the presence of a fledgling Green Party with a presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, and up to maybe a 100 other people seeking the presidency. Defections of progressives are likely to be deemed as merely a temporary setback. Afrikan-Americans should not expect this reformulation of political forces within neoliberal capitalism will deliver any of Biden’s promises about ‘Building Back Better’ and so on. Nothing will happen but talk, until after the election when the drift to the right becomes public. Observers however, can see what a Biden administration will look like right now by the examination of his teams of advisers. To us such expectations are the equivalent of asking a dead man to change his will and expecting it to happen.

One good thing about Biden is that he has dared to locate himself as it to remove the scab from the old festering wounds making America the fascist state it might have always been and/or to which it has now degenerated for all to see. Of course, he was well assisted by the ongoing demonstrations throughout the country and being a politician there was a need for a response that made sense in order to garner the votes of Afrikan-Americans, women, progressives, young people etc.

In some ways Biden has been sheltered by Whiteness and a hyper focus in the country on what is wrongly seen as a cultural anomaly, the Trump presidency. However, the deeper truth is that Biden will never fix, or even start to fix, in eight (8) years, what was consolidated over four centuries.

Guided by history, only the total and complete destruction of American empire can satisfactorily settle these deeply divisive issues, correct all the fundamental social problems that have been termed ‘original sins’. Some contend that this fatal option maybe better that Biden’s return to an abnormal normalcy. Progressives should have long recognized the existential forces at work and found ways to insert someone more able to deal the rebuilding that has to happen and therefore avoid this Biden misdirection.


  • John ”If Trump wins or is competitive in California I will explain using this table!!.. But you can figure it out too!!”

    Do not need to figure it out. I know exactly what should be done with this table.

    Figure THAT out.

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  • It is being reported Trump is holding a superspreader event at the White House later.


  • DavidNovember 3, 2020 9:55 AM

    It is being reported Trump is holding a superspreader event at the White House later.


    Don’t worry, COVID ends tomorrow!!!


  • DavidNovember 3, 2020 9:55 AM It is being reported Trump is holding a superspreader event at the White House later.

    Well, he has to thank all of the Wise And Nice Kind Eager Republican Serfs who vote for him.


  • It is going to be a really intriguing few days ahead as the votes are counted.

    How big will Trump’s win be?

    Will Biden give him a run for his money?

    Will there be voter fraud?

    The media are working overtime to drive fear into the hearts of voters and persuade them not to vote.

    … voter suppression!!

    I’ve got a feeling it won’t work.

    That alone tells me the Democrats are scared shitless!!

    The cookie poll I think is the clincher for me!!


  • “In addition to fading with independents, Biden has lost ground with women. In September, he held a 20-point lead among women, which balanced out Trump’s 21-point lead among men. But today, Biden’s lead with women has shrunk to 9 percentage points, 50% to 41%.”


  • Biden had a double digit lead in September, yesterday he has a 7 point deficit.


  • Critical Analyzer

    I have this feeling Biden 100% focus on COVID19 and I am not Trump campaign strategy instead of talking policies and saying what he will do might lead to a November surprise for him.


  • Critical AnalyzerNovember 3, 2020 12:46 PM

    This election is about racism, full stop. The answer will be worth seeing.


  • David can you name the people who died from the last super spreader event in the rose garden? Getting really tired of fake news …cities boarding up stores because of white supremists.. really …. .then why paint on the plywood fronts we support BLM or black owned business. lol what BS.


  • Well, at least this last idiot is not a Barbados scholar!


  • There are some videos of Trump’s representatives distributing food in Black areas, he wants to buy Black votes.



  • Yuh cant make this shit up

    “President Trump had a surprise guest at his final campaign rally on Monday night — 20-year-old rapper and recent MAGA supporter Lil Pump. However, Trump mistakenly called the “Gucci Gang” rapper “Little Pimp” when introducing him to the crowd”


  • @Lawson

    Your question does not deserve a reply.


  • The answer is simple. From tomorrow, when Trump loses, we will ban records by all those rappers who supported Trump. Ban them from the black community for life.
    This is a serious matter. Life or death. They must pay a price for their stupidity.


  • @ Lawson

    Reminds you of Glasgow.


  • @ Sargeant November 3, 2020 1:59 PM
    “There are some videos of Trump’s representatives distributing food in Black areas, he wants to buy Black votes.

    You call it “Pitiful” but some will see it as a very smart political move since it shows the man Trump knows how to control black people.

    Referencing the Bible and a basket full of free food (with a phone thrown in for good measure) would do the trick every time.

    Just ask our own BU Johnny and his sidekick Dr. GP if that isn’t the formula to success in getting the black vote.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Miller, the food and faith ting has worked spectacularly for many a politician so nothing contrarian there… the phone ting real new tho!

    … And now just as spectacularly effective.

    Interesting combination of what motivates us … sustenance for body and soul and a tool used principally to sustain gossip !


  • MillerNovember 3, 2020 2:47 PM

    So Trump has adopted Bajan political methods? Who gave him that one?


  • Hal what if trump wins and they ban you, are you the brit who bet 5 million on trump,
    David if you cant name one dont feel bad neither can I. You know the mortality rate in canada per case of covid is near double the usa.


  • @ Lawson

    The Bajans don’t even want me. I will come to Canada as a refugee.


  • Your more than welcome we came here in 58 and have had lots of opportunities for people with little education but strong backs. I would have to say this one of the best countries in the world if you like the cold.


  • @ Lawson

    I have no talent, no skills, no money and I am old.


  • you will have to come in under the family reunification plan like all the rest , can you speak somali


  • @ Lawson

    I can speak Bajan. Is that OK?


  • I guess thats kinda like somali or swahili without the clicks right. Can you get into the states you might be able to sneak in just follow the well worn path. you will have to quarantine for two weeks.


  • @Lawson
    David can you name the people who died from the last super spreader event in the rose garden?

    So if no one died as a result of Trump’s super spreader event does it mean hat COVID19 is not lethal? Does COVID kill 100% of people infected with the disease? Enough people died as a result of COVID19 especially Black and Brown people but because there has been no confirmation that people who attended Trump’s event have died didn’t make it safe.

    BTW various people became ill as a result of attending the event but we only heard of the politicians and the WH didn’t even attempt to do contact tracing so one may never know who may have been collateral damage.

    Chris Christie admitted himself to hospital as soon as he became ill, how any people could do that? Did he receive exceptional treatment? You bet he did. The same time that Trump was admitted to hospital two black women in Maryland (mother and daughter) just a few miles from the WH came down with the illness and both died, one at home and the other in hospital.
    Why am I wasting time with this nonsense


  • They have one of the lower mortality rates its a shame people will die unless a vaccine comes many people will die but the whole objective was to flatten the curve and try and reduce deaths not all happening at once . But you focus on cases not mortality which is stupid. I dont see you blaming china for there deaths I guess once you suck so hard on the dick of the red dragon I guess it can cause blindness.


  • Biden Sweeps First-in-the-Nation Dixville Notch, NH…

    The first official votes of the 2020 election are in and counted.

    Dixville Notch, NH, has counted all of its votes and Biden swept them all.

    Traditionally, Dixville Notch holds a midnight vote and announces who won the village in the early morning hours of election day.

    This year, all five votes cast in the election were in favor of Joe Biden…Joe Sweeps All 5 Votes
    Before Biden supporters get overly excited, realize that Dixville Notch is only a small village that has about a dozen voters.

    BUT That’s Not Good

    This, however, has only happened one other time… when Nixon swept the vote and ended up losing to John F. Kennedy in 1960.



  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Another Trump incredulous victory… say it ain’t so!


  • Not 50:0????


  • Not California?


  • @John November 3, 2020 10:35 AM “The media are working overtime to drive fear into the hearts of voters and persuade them not to vote.”

    Can you provide a link in support of your statement above?


  • @Lawson November 3, 2020 4:22 PM ” You know the mortality rate in canada per case of covid is near double the usa.

    USA, 720 COVID19 deaths per 1 million people

    Canada, 272 deaths per million people


  • Thank you, Cuhdear Bajan. Don’t know if Lawson is an idiot or a liar.


  • Al Jazeera has no understanding of what is happening here. Terrible analysis.


  • Per case is different than per million.


  • @Donna November 4, 2020 4:54 AM “Thank you, Cuhdear Bajan. Don’t know if Lawson is an idiot or a liar.”

    It is quite possible for a person to be BOTH an idiot and a liar


  • @Hal Austin November 3, 2020 4:30 PM “The Bajans don’t even want me. I will come to Canada as a refugee.”

    Is it that the Bajans don’t want you, or is it that you don’t want the Bajans?

    And why do you think that the Canadians would honor your refugee claim?


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