Investigation into Russian Meddling in US Election

The following links were sent to share with the Barbados Underground family. In this forum like others there is a healthy interest in the spectacle unfolding in the USA with the Robert Mueller led special investigation of alleged Russian meddling in the last US presidential elections. Where will it lead nobody knows.

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Click to read the The Moscow Project Account

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Click image to read Medium’s Trump, Putin and the mob story

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  1. David,
    North Korea was duped in its program due to a strategic manoeuver in its guidance systems made by the Chinese who because of its disclosure by P45 to the Chinese top brass, P45 capitalized… curbing further efforts.

    The real QUESTION to be posed is WHO holds the patent for this technology. The answer is most stunning, therefore any congratulatory acknowledgement should be directed to the patent holder, though, intent to capitalize on this brilliant tactic was suspect for future use in stealthy ops, it is NOT now in their control… this will be another BOOM in the making of their demise..


    What blame can be attributed to P45?…
    For exposing the deception?
    For not retaining an upper hand and control of any missile deployments?
    For trying to unite the region?
    For moving to “drain the Prongs of the swamp” in that region?
    or for averting any hope of WW3 originating out of NK?

  2. BTW…
    a grand reset of the internet is in the works, now that data mining by back end technologies has been expose and the possibility of oncoming catastrophic class action lawsuits against these entities….. it is seriously being contemplated… better safe than sorry, move to create YOUR OWN BACKUP.

  3. This is a Good Move on Behalf of Trump…The Middle East has to want Peace and to join forces to Stomp out Terrorism!…

    “Trump Administration Reportedly Seeks an ‘Arab Force’ to Replace the U.S. Military in Syria

    The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration are seeking to assemble an Arab force to replace the U.S. military in Syria. According to U.S. officials, the plan would use the Arab force to help stabilize the northeastern part of the country after the defeat of the Islamic State.

    According to the report, John Bolton, Trump’s new national security adviser, called Abbas Kamel, Egypt’s acting intelligence chief, in attempt to persuade Egypt to join the force.

    Emerging details of the plan come days after U.S.-led airstrikes hit several targets in Syria in response to a deadly chemical attack in the country. Trump had vowed in early April that the U.S. military mission in Syria was coming to a “rapid end” – a statement which appears to be at odds with Trump’s recent military escalation in the country.

    In early April a press release from the White House said, “We expect our allies in the region and beyond to work toward peace and ensure that ISIS never re-emerges.” The press release came after Trump met with his national security team to discuss the fate of some $200 million in U.S. stabilization assistance for Syria that the White House put on hold after Trump said he wanted to leave Syria “very soon.” The State Department was to have spent the money on building up the country’s infrastructure, including power, water and roads.
    Trump in recent weeks has asked Saudi Arabia to contribute $4 billion for reconstruction in Syria, according to a U.S. official, as part of the president’s effort to get other countries to pay for stabilizing the country so the U.S. isn’t on the hook.

    “Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.A.E. have all been approached with respect to financial support and more broadly to contribute,” an administration official said.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the plan for an Arab force to take over for the U.S. in Syria is popular with Erik Prince, the founder of para-military company Blackwater and who has helped the U.A.E. and Somalia set up private security forces.
    Mr. Prince reportedly said Monday that he was contacted by Arab officials about the plan to build a force in Syria but that he was waiting to see what Mr. Trump would do.

    This isn’t the first mention of an “Arab force” replacing U.S. troops abroad that has been associated with the Trump White House. In March it was revealed, top GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy once pitched Trump a plan to build a thousands-strong Muslim army — to be advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal — that would help the U.A.E. battle the Taliban and the Islamic State in Afghanistan”.

  4. @ Are-we-there-yet April 21, 2018 7:02 AM

    It’s call MILITARY INTELLIGENCE… BEYOND the NSA, CIA and FBI and any backend data mining technology of which they (the Military) reports to him and he has full control of legally but if you are abreast of current situation you would know the P45 is taking the LEAD of the Military … and so it is until the return of the REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…AFTER the draining of the swamp, don’t worry mid terms are safe.

  5. An Arab Force is a great move to fill the void, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.A.E. should be excluded due their allege track record of supporting proxies in the region BUT SHOULD CONTRBUTE FINANCIALLY TO ANY REBUILDING IN SYRIA.

    P45 should be mindful of lobbyists for para-military options where recruitments can again explode into like proxies toward caliphate intentions.

  6. Re: Arab force
    I heard someone stating that this idea was around earlier. . He also stated that the Arab country that could make it happen were in love with the idea. However, where it broke down was when the possibility of the force being used in their own country was brought up.

    Leaders of the world have studied Trump. They know what to say to feed his ego. Going to watch KJU run circles around the dotard… The frightening thing is that when Trump realizes he has been made a fool of, he might talk of war…. I don’t want this summit to happen.

  7. Chad 5nines;

    We follow different fake news. Grateful for sight of yours.

    Have you ever considered that the Trump – Bannon – Brietbart New World Order strategic plan went off the rails and is perhaps forever doomed mainly because of the huge personality flaws of Trump the current P45? If anyone else besides Trump had been groomed for the key positions he now holds, that conspiracy would have been in an excellent position to be on the threshold of an imminent victory and the heralding in of the New World Order.

    Trump’s clear debilitating deficiencies have significantly postponed the successful implementation of those plans which are evident to anyone who can see the rolling out of some elements of the well planned strategies that very quickly followed Trump’s accession to the White House. The plan is wide, far reaching and deep but TRump was the wrong man to be the figurehead leader.

    Trump will be impeached or otherwise eliminated as a credible leader, perhaps before the US mid term elections are held. There is a confluence of the tides that say so.

  8. Mr Blogmaster, your query “Should Trump be congratulated for what’s unfolding in North Korea?” has already generated credible comment seemingly showing more pro than con which is a plus for Trump. But those sentiments surely miss the more accurate point made about the crumbling infrastructure at the DPRK’s unsafe nuclear test site. As @Are-We noted, current reporting clearly shows that Kim is LEADING Trump and not the other way around as Golden45 thinks.

    Kim has effectively taunted the world in last year and was able to achieve his stated goals re nuclear testing…he absolutely NEVER had any intentions to start any war thus it was only the related bombast and radically unconventional retalitory acts by the golden one which caused all the talk of WW3.

    It is therefore EXCELLENT political optics for Trump to tout this apparent retreat by Kim as a win. And an even greater apparent coup the South and North are seeking more extensive armistice/cooperation.

    This will play awesomely well to those who support him (based on the line of reasoning from folks like @Lawson, @Naime) and those who are not enamoured of the entrenched deep set state of current governance like the 9of9….but those more perceptive like Mr Are-We will not be conned!

    Give Trump praise for lowering taxes (despite the extra benefits included for some wealthy folks); give him praise, if you will, for an all out effort to reduce govt red tape (despite dangerous claw back on environmental safe guards and financial consumer controls et al); even give him praise for turning Washington/world politics on its head….but let’s wait until after the summit with any giddy DPRK raise… he may be playing checkers and Kim chess! Let’s see.

  9. @ Are-we-there-yet April 21, 2018 8:45 AM

    You directed your comments to “Chad 5nines”… please be advise that chad 5 nines is in no way any deception on my part to comment otherwise. Don’t be confused or assume to associate nineofnine as/with chad 5nines.

    Yes, P45 has been groomed, not by deep-state but soul-wise which is on record if you do due diligence. It was HRC who deep-state had as facilitator for the fruition of the NWO while BHO was the set point… Yes, P45 was the wrong man to be the figurehead leader, why? because the rigged elections failed. The expectancy of the NWO is nonsense, it has been in operation since 1945, the totality of its implementation would have been the North Atlantic Trade Agreement in parallel with a one world economy.

    P45 will sit seven (7) years .. any impeachment attempt proves futile.

    @ de PD

    ..”those who are not enamoured of the entrenched deep set state of current governance like the 9of9″…

    Why should I be in love, charmed or captivated by an evil set of morons who deny humanity of a wholesome existence.
    Don’t get tie-up with the leadership and those who have been entrenched maneuvering to fulfil hidden agendas… all will be rooted out like rotten teeth in the mouth even if it takes seven years.

    It doesn’t take much to see who is who and which side of the fence they stand… that has been the MO, to divide and conquer, deceive, lie, steal and destroy. TIME-UP!

  10. So @9of9 is it your informed contention that P45 is the figurative goliath that will slay the even bigger monster called DeepState!….From where I sit you simply appear to happily exchange one ogre for another.

    Incidentally, as much as the mid terms may not be as calamitous for republicans as current rumblings suggest it is yet too early to suggest Trump will not be impeached/removed.

    We are caught up strictly in what the Mueller and now the Cohen investigations will unearth but we all appear to totally disregard the absolute and utter contempt this president has shown for the rule of law… this too can be his ultimate undoing…simple example:…

    … It was reported that the dep AG Rosenstein met with P45 and according to leaks told him that he P45 was NOT a subject of current investigations. ….That itself is a bit wrong headed….but the kicker here: …

    … subsequent to that meeting reports asserted that Trump was now LESS likely to fire Mueller or Roenstein. WTBadword! Is that to suggest that the alternative thrust of that meeting would have seen an exactly alternative intent to terminate either or both of those men. That is unbelievably mind boggling.

    P45 will likely do SOMETHING to get his backside impeached or otherwise removed from WH even if not ONE iota of criminal wrongdoing can be proven.

    I don’t see him lasting six/seven more years.

  11. Things one may expect to hear about the leader of a crime family but never about the President of the USA: “Your attorney is going to flip on you” or in crime speak “he will rat you out”.

    Is this attorney going to flip on:

    Donald Trump or
    1) John Barron
    2) John Miller or
    3) David Dennison

    David Dennison is the other person named in the Stormy Daniels “keep your mouth shut” pay off agreement and the other two aliases were used by DJT in anonymous calls to journalists when he was indulging In self- promotion.


    Stop responding to articles lifted from Tea Party, NRA, America First, Faux News sites that promote “Birtherism”, Obama is a Communist etc. that people lift without providing attribution
    BTW The Washington Post is reporting that Sessions told the WH that if Rosenstein is fired he may quit also (that is incredible coming from the elfin Southerner)

  12. @ dePD

    CONTENTIONS has no profit.

    P45 categorically stated that “he could have fired them both months ago But they are still with us”…mind boggling? no!… as they say, a means to an end… had he done that, Comey would still be among the pigeons, don’t fear, what may appear to be on the surface is rooted for outcomes, notably “THE STORM”. and those two will expose themselves eventually.

    …”From where I sit you simply appear to happily exchange one ogre for another”….

    I am not responsible for any-ones’ lack of following current events whether be it on the mundane or spiritual level.
    As for ogre, its definition is that of a giant or monster in legend or fairy tales, or a person considered cruel, barbarous, brutish or ugly …none of the about compute to your postulation….lol, don’t take it as harsh.
    I was taught to always challenge negative statements on character with tenacity, let no-one walk away thinking they have won an injustice against your character. Vindicate yourself.

    Who suggested who to be fired and in the end was given the roll to do the firing? and on top of that they both lied about it….

  13. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, also chairman and CEO of Amazon.
    What does that connote?
    What are the implications?
    Amazon is slowly coming to the fore.

    The boys are scared.
    If Rosenstein is fired and Sessions go, it doesn’t mean they will not be required.
    Panic mania.

  14. It is my Opinion and Understanding… Because of American Laws, American Agencies cannot Spy on American Citizens and the only way they could accomplish this is for an Ali or Friendly Power even if it secretly at the behest to advise them of any Nefarious deeds of the person that they want to Spy on. So they can now say to the FISA court we have good Intelligence from our Allies pointing to wrong doing by the Target American Citizens so it does not appear that they Instigated it . Even if they choose a lowly American Citizen (Carter Page) that has ties to their Target (Trump) they will then Claim that this this lowly American citizen (Carter Page) ties to their Real Target (Trump). When they start to Survival the real target they would say, “it is only Incidental”. And so we have the the Surveillance of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Tower which was their Intent from the Start to Spy on their Political Opponent.

  15. The five eyes…

    The CIA has no law enforcement function and is mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering, with only limited domestic intelligence collection. Though it is not the only U.S. government agency specializing in HUMINT (Human Intelligence), the CIA serves as the national manager for coordinating HUMINT activities across the U.S. intelligence community. Moreover, the CIA is the only agency authorized by law to carry out and oversee covert action at the behest of the President.

    Therefore be that as it may .. Which President as his behest initiated such covert op on President Trump? unless some other was influenced to break the law.

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