Investigation into Russian Meddling in US Election

The following links were sent to share with the Barbados Underground family. In this forum like others there is a healthy interest in the spectacle unfolding in the USA with the Robert Mueller led special investigation of alleged Russian meddling in the last US presidential elections. Where will it lead nobody knows.

Link #1

Click to read the The Moscow Project Account

Link #2

Click image to read Medium’s Trump, Putin and the mob story


  • Things one may expect to hear about the leader of a crime family but never about the President of the USA: “Your attorney is going to flip on you” or in crime speak “he will rat you out”.

    Is this attorney going to flip on:

    Donald Trump or
    1) John Barron
    2) John Miller or
    3) David Dennison

    David Dennison is the other person named in the Stormy Daniels “keep your mouth shut” pay off agreement and the other two aliases were used by DJT in anonymous calls to journalists when he was indulging In self- promotion.


    Stop responding to articles lifted from Tea Party, NRA, America First, Faux News sites that promote “Birtherism”, Obama is a Communist etc. that people lift without providing attribution
    BTW The Washington Post is reporting that Sessions told the WH that if Rosenstein is fired he may quit also (that is incredible coming from the elfin Southerner)


  • @ dePD

    CONTENTIONS has no profit.

    P45 categorically stated that “he could have fired them both months ago But they are still with us”…mind boggling? no!… as they say, a means to an end… had he done that, Comey would still be among the pigeons, don’t fear, what may appear to be on the surface is rooted for outcomes, notably “THE STORM”. and those two will expose themselves eventually.

    …”From where I sit you simply appear to happily exchange one ogre for another”….

    I am not responsible for any-ones’ lack of following current events whether be it on the mundane or spiritual level.
    As for ogre, its definition is that of a giant or monster in legend or fairy tales, or a person considered cruel, barbarous, brutish or ugly …none of the about compute to your postulation….lol, don’t take it as harsh.
    I was taught to always challenge negative statements on character with tenacity, let no-one walk away thinking they have won an injustice against your character. Vindicate yourself.

    Who suggested who to be fired and in the end was given the roll to do the firing? and on top of that they both lied about it….


  • Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, also chairman and CEO of Amazon.
    What does that connote?
    What are the implications?
    Amazon is slowly coming to the fore.

    The boys are scared.
    If Rosenstein is fired and Sessions go, it doesn’t mean they will not be required.
    Panic mania.


  • It is my Opinion and Understanding… Because of American Laws, American Agencies cannot Spy on American Citizens and the only way they could accomplish this is for an Ali or Friendly Power even if it secretly at the behest to advise them of any Nefarious deeds of the person that they want to Spy on. So they can now say to the FISA court we have good Intelligence from our Allies pointing to wrong doing by the Target American Citizens so it does not appear that they Instigated it . Even if they choose a lowly American Citizen (Carter Page) that has ties to their Target (Trump) they will then Claim that this this lowly American citizen (Carter Page) ties to their Real Target (Trump). When they start to Survival the real target they would say, “it is only Incidental”. And so we have the the Surveillance of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Tower which was their Intent from the Start to Spy on their Political Opponent.


  • The five eyes…

    The CIA has no law enforcement function and is mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering, with only limited domestic intelligence collection. Though it is not the only U.S. government agency specializing in HUMINT (Human Intelligence), the CIA serves as the national manager for coordinating HUMINT activities across the U.S. intelligence community. Moreover, the CIA is the only agency authorized by law to carry out and oversee covert action at the behest of the President.

    Therefore be that as it may .. Which President as his behest initiated such covert op on President Trump? unless some other was influenced to break the law.


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