Submitted by David Comissiong, Clement Payne Movement

Alleged chemical attack on the Syrian people

Who or what gave US President Donald Trump and the Government of the USA the right to set themselves up as the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner of the Government of Syria? The short and simple answer is that neither President Trump nor the US Government possessed any such right!

International Law stipulates that it is the United Nations Security Council — a body that represents the Will of the entire community of nations — that possesses the right and responsibility to determine whether a breach of the peace or an act of aggression has been carried out by any nation or regime, and whether a punitive armed response is required.

Thus, if it is being alleged that the Assad governmental administration of Syria carried out an inherently illegal chemical weapons attack on the people of Syria, it is the responsibility of the UN Security Council to investigate the matter; to make a determination of innocence or guilt; and if guilt is established, to decide upon the appropriate response and punishment.

Virtually the entire World Community accepts that this is the settled International Law position.  But not the USA!  No, not a country that has wedded itself to the delusional and manifestly fraudulent doctrine of American Exceptionalism”.  President Trump and virtually every other member of the US Establishment is capable of casually dismissing out-of-hand the settled, positive logic and rationality of International Law by engaging in a form of delusional “pseudo – logic” that goes something like this:-

“The USA is a special and inherently ‘good’ nation. And since the USA is an inherently “good” nation, it means that its actions and policies will always be based on and for “the good”.  Thus, the ordinary rules of International Law do not apply to the USA, and the USA is therefore at liberty to take unilateral action to impose its inherently “good” policies on a backward and wicked world”.

This is the kind of warped “logic” that President Obama used to justify his sending of drones half-way around the world to assassinate men and women who have never been tried and convicted in any Court of law, and to do so even if it means killing dozens of totally innocent children, women and men who simply happen to be in the locality of the assassination target when the missiles come raining down. No doubt,this is also the kind of warped “logic” that Trump used to justify last night’s “punitive” missile strike on Syria. And mind you, this kind of “logic” comes from a nation that has committed genocide against its native people; that enslaved Africans for almost 250 years; that inflicted segregation and lynching on black Americans for over 100 years; that is the only nation on earth to drop atomic bombs on human beings; that used chemical weapons against the Vietnamese and other Asians; and that has illegally intervened in and invaded scores of countries, among a host of other crimes.

As much as we may dislike President Assad of Syria and his Administration we all still need to say loudly and firmly to US President Donald Trump that the USA  is NOT an exceptional country, and that like every other country in the world, the rules of International Law apply to it too! If we fail to do so, we will actually be promoting the “Law of the Jungle” where “might makes right” and small nations like ours have no rights that need be respected.

By  unilaterally launching a missile attack on Syria Donald Trump has actually committed a crime under International Law. And if International Law is to have any meaning or validity all responsible governments of the world must now call upon the United Nations Security Council and the International Criminal Court to launch  War Crimes investigations against both Presidents Trump and Assad and their Administrations.



    They were all warned from the beginning that this trump idiocy could only end badly, in a gigantic cockup claiming millions of lives, they are nearly there. Yhey better impeach this tweeting javkass real soon and get rid of his idiot family from leadership positions.

    “KING: Trump’s Twitter fingers could spark World War III
    Shaun King
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, April 14, 2017, 10:33 AM

    Here we are. Hyperbole aside, some of our greatest fears of what it would mean to have Donald Trump as President are upon us. For years on end, we’ve watched him lob horrendously offensive insults at whatever person or company was on his mind at the moment. Sexism, bigotry, body-shaming, misogyny, Islamophobia — nothing has ever been off limits. He’d tease a decorated Vietnam veteran for becoming a POW, he’d mock a woman’s menstrual cycle, then brag about his penis size, then lie, and lie, and lie a few hundred more times, then mock a woman’s face, then give world leaders childish nicknames.

    Then we heard him openly say he forces himself on women, uses his fame to kiss strangers without consequence, then grabs their genitals whenever he feels like it.

    Then he got elected President of the United States.

    Trump’s Twitter-troll diplomacy does not appear to be a winning strategy. (ANDREW HARNIK/AP)
    Now, he has the nuclear codes. Now, he commands the deadliest, most expensive military arsenal in the history. Now generals are at his command.

    Wisconsin man who stole guns, wrote manifesto taken into custody
    And, he’s still spouting outrageous lies and talking trash on Twitter — except now, the consequences could be catastrophic.”

    “Dems want Jared Kushner’s security clearance revoked over Russia
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, April 13, 2017, 10:37 PM

    Jared Kushner omitted having contacts with Russian officials in a security questionnaire, according to a report. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
    A group of House Democrats is calling on the federal government to revoke Jared Kushner’s security clearance over his ties to Russia.

    In a letter led by Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) to FBI Director James Comey and Charles Phalen, director of the National Background Investigations Bureau, the Democrats expressed concerns over the President’s son-in-law’s failure to disclose he had contacts with foreign officials on his SF-86 questionnaire. The form is used for national security positions.

    The New York Times reported last week that Kushner omitted having communicated with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kisliyak and Sergey Gorkov, the head of VneshconomBank.”

    • Barry, are you saying it is better to wait for Iran/ Russia to take Iraq and then Saudi???
      Never forget that Iran is Shia as is the new leadership in Iraq, indeed the PM was trained in Iran. Iran intends to take the major oil producing countries to enrich themselves and reach new heights of global power, inflict a crushing defeat on the Sunnis and Wahabists who are their mortal enemies and thereby do significant damage to the real Iranian enemy the USA!

      Sooner or later the West/ US will have to seriously discipline Iran and ISIS, the job will not become easier but I would make sure that the probaility is stacked in the US’s favour ie fully prepared to act.

    • The point is that the ME situation is complex and mired in geopolitics. The Americans have no appetite for war that will call for American lifes. The armchair critics can bray all they want but the final decisions will be difficult as history has shown so far.

  2. Lawson…ya will sing a different tune when the blow back happens, as it is sure to.., just watch.

    • Chamberlain went to Germany and saw that Hitler was building up his War chest of Arms but decided to do nothing.

      The ME is complex without a doubt BUT one thing is certain, the ME Dictators have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for weakness. Iranian theocrats still laughing at the Giveaway “deal”. Sooner or later Iran has to be brutalised in order to set them straight.

  3. MB


    …Sudan,Congo,Nigeria,Libya are all hot spots for murder,genocide,rape,etc with terrorists affiliated to ISIS with no western military shown……

    …..the ME with the same violence and affiliates etc has attracted the attention of the west,primarily America…….

    Why in your opinion is this so??

    If your answer is oil/money…..then kindly refrain from attempting to cast the conflict along the lines of morality i.e…..ME Dictators have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for weakness. Iranian theocrats still laughing at the Giveaway “deal”. Sooner or later Iran has to be brutalised in order to set them straight.

    …..and I underline..SET THEM STRAIGHT…on what grounds???

  4. @Money Brain April 15, 2017 at 10:40 AM “Iran intends to take the major oil producing countries to enrich themselves and reach new heights of global power, inflict a crushing defeat on the Sunnis and Wahabists who are their mortal enemies…”

    Why are you acting as though the Wahabis are a bunch of sweet breads?


  5. @Money Brain April 15, 2017 at 4:33 PM “Sooner or later Iran has to be brutalised in order to set them straight.”

    No brutalization for the Saudis then?

    Why not…9/11 is already, forgotten? Time to kissy, kissy and make up?


  6. Right after 9/11 the Americans should have given those Saudi princes (the ones with the white robes with the gold trim) a good cut ass.

    And if there was collateral damage, so what?


  7. Chuckle…….Saudis cannot be touched…..age old agreement …..they will only trade oil for USD and the USA will protect them forever……which is why the dollar will continue as the worlds super currency.

  8. US Congressman Ron Paul predicted that President Trump (or any president for that matter) could be forced or misdirected into taking military action by false flag attacks.

    Ron Paul: Shadow Government Will Stage False Flags To Bring Trump Into War

  9. MB is correct if the problem isnt solved now it will only be a bigger problem down the road, most people see this except the ones that think by doing nothing the problem will go away. Its funny how the people that call these leaders crazy,maniacs butchers etc still think they can be negotiated with. If the nice iranians ,syrians or north koreans had nuclear weapons do you really think they would not use them.

    • Vinnie,
      I certainly believe that Sudan, Congo (mainly) and others should be dealt with as harshly as required. I have been saying here for years that this is a travesty. It is my opinion that Rwanda should have been stopped in the initial phase and I would prosecute people at the UN who blocked the actions of true humans like Cnd General D’Allaire who pleaded to be permitted to intervene. He has suffered psychologically over this for years.

      Oil (30% of global supply goes through Straits of Hormuz), money, Israel as many of the richest/ powerful Americans are Jews, Saudis know they require US Defence and play games to suit (remember Wikileaks showed that Saudis were allowing Israel bombers refueling on their way to/ from Iran. Never forget that the Russians lurk nearby in Syria and friendsing with Iran. Just a few reasons why this area will always receive priority.

      Theocrats in Iran dominate their own people, the majority are not happy just like Nth Korea. Both countries are theocracies as Kim/ family believe they are Gods. Iran is a major threat to Peace and will attack anywhere to dominate IF they can avoid MOABs in Teheran’s military facilities.

    • It is so simple to deal harshly with Syria for example and Russia has boots and bases on the ground?

      It is so easy to deal wit North Korea a country propped up by China?

      With all his socalled bravado does Trump want to tangle with China and Russia on the world stag?

      In Lybia, Iraq and other ME countries we have a generation who are sworn to be anti West. Dropping bombs on these countries is like filling a leaking bucket.

    • David,
      The US must tread very carefully but without showing abject weakness. Pres Xi of China knows that Nth Korea is their problem too because the fat idiot could lob one of his ill functioning rockets into Sth K , Japan and cause major conflict. A few years back Kim nearly hit Japan. China will listen to the US to some degree because the US market is critically important and the Chinese people will revolt if the nation goes into reverse. The people of Nth K are slaves to Kim.

      Russia/ Putin just laughs at weakness and so the US MUST continue to develop weapons that scare the shit out of him like those already deployed in space. The US has weapons that few are aware of and they dont want to use them willy nilly to confirm their capabilities. Fact is that the US is Policeman to the World but that is not to say that they use their abilities correctly on every occasion. Corruption reigns supreme and the Military Industrial Complex is very powerful and very rich, just like the Banks. Any Pres that does not play ball better get his Will and Estate Plan finalised real quick.

      The most ridiculous Govt strategy is fighting in the ME/ Islamic countries and then permitting migrants from the same area—-UTTER STUPIDITY. Moronic Merkel should receive the Nobel for Ignorance.

      Hillary’s performance in Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc was very poor.

  10. SS,
    You are making the mistake of imputing that I think the Wahabists/Saudi’s are “sweetbreads”, they most certainly are not. They use their Oil and wealth to straddle a very fine line between the US/ Israel and other entities in the ME. Americans need to be careful of what the Saudis are paying for in the US eg Islamic educational influence. These people understand that the West/ America has to be beaten from the inside over many years so TROJAN Horses are being utilised. They even have people in Governments creating Motions/ Bills that specify Islamaphobia like M103 in Canada, although we have comprehensive legislation against Discrimination on almost all grounds religious, race, class whatever. Canadian ruling party passed this specific document, WHY?

    The Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama have been strongly influenced by the Saudis, $$$$$$$$$$$$ and Oil talk. It is a strange symbiosis but the Western politicians “need” the
    Saudi finance. Meanwhile who are the Saudis financing in Syria?

  11. Moneybrain,
    You are on the right track, but big question is: do we have any Wahhabis in Barbados? I say highly probably. If Trinidad has, and they do, then we may very well do.
    Until the security services carry out an audit of the funding of all our Muslin organisations, the teaching of the madrasas, the monitoring of what the I(mas preach in the mosques and the prevalence of secret sharia courts, we cannot rest peacefully at night in our beds.
    It is alright for believers to tell us how much they like Barbados and its people, we must be rational and look at the fundamentals: what is it about our culture that fundamentalist s would object to? In Europe most of our terrorists are home-grown, in Britain we are dealing with terrorist sympathisers are the children and grand children of the people Idi Amin expelled from Uganda in the early 1970s.
    Being born in Barbados should not give people an automatic right to claim citizenship, as Britain and Germany have not accepted.

  12. Top Journalist (Seymour Hersh) Says Hillary Approved Sending Sarin to Rebels Used to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War

    By Matt Agorist -May 2, 2016

    World renowned journalist Seymour Hersh has revealed, in a series of interviews and books, that the Obama Administration falsely blamed the government of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for the sarin gas attack that Obama was trying to use as an excuse to invade Syria.

    As Eric Zuesse explained in Strategic Culture, Hersh pointed to a report from British intelligence saying that the sarin that was used didn’t come from Assad’s stockpiles. Hersh also said that a secret agreement in 2012 was reached between the Obama Administration and the leaders of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, to set up a sarin gas attack and blame it on Assad so that the US could invade and overthrow Assad.

    “By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria.”


    When Hillary Clinton became secretary of state in 2009, the William J. Clinton Foundation agreed to disclose its donors at the request of the White House. According to a memorandum of understanding, revealed by Politifact, the foundation could continue to collect donations from countries with which it had existing relationships or running grant programs.

    The records would show that of the 25 donors who have contributed more than $5 million to the Clinton Foundation throughout the years, six are foreign governments, with the largest contributor being Saudi Arabia.


  13. @MB, your buddy said above that “MB is correct if the problem isnt solved now it will only be a bigger problem down the road”.

    Ok, let’s accept that as absolutely accurate. Let’s also further validate it by affirming that the fact that DPNK has nuclear weapons (WMD) indicates that all attempts over the last 20+ years to deny them that mode of warfare have failed miserably.

    So that said, dear fellow armchair prognosticator what exactly do you or Lawson foresee that could be done NOW by the Trump admin that will solve the DPNK problem?

    What particular new fancy weapon system held by the US could be deployed that would ‘dismantle’ that nuclear power, forestall the death of millions of Koreans (north and south), Japanese and turn large segments of the world into a nuclear wasteland???

    For further validation of what your brazen prognostication must consider, remember that subsequent the Japanese nuclear plant melt-down there were eventually fish found off the US coast with traces of harmful chemicals as a result of the water currents from the Japan coast.

    So use your mathematical brilliance and make an exponential leap that even if no warheads reach the US that the concussive and other effects from any nuclear explosion will cause long term death, sickness and decay the world over.

    Absent the ‘weak’ strategy of ‘aggressive’ peaceful overtures under the Obama admin pray tell how this ‘awesome’ new strategy of sending massive US armaments towards DPNK will help us solve the problem now.

    • DPD,
      Maybe the US has very accurate and powerful space based Lasers et al?

      The Chinese want to play sensible with the US in their own interests. I am fully aware of the danger to the millions in the region and dont want that, but would like Nth K cleaned up and their millions freed from slavery.

      I believe the Chinese have sent 150,000 soldiers to the border but have had no chance to try to verify. This lil pretend deity, Kim, must be sent a significant message at the very least. Fools like Kim and the CrazyAsses in Iran must be dealt with in the fullness of time and should not have nukes.

  14. The problem china has is the korean refugee flood, if he is toppled but just like japan and germany after the war they can be rebuilt

  15. Gentlemen, like both of u I have no special insights re the DPRK nor do I embrace dictators or communism. However who are WE to suggest that we need to free the citizens of the DPRK.

    By dint of their intelligence, treachery of others or some combination of that and more they appear to have nuclear weapons.

    So the fact that people who can produce the scientific hard work to make nuclear destructive weapons can’t forge other scientific projects to develop a booming society is obviously a feature of the narcissist leadership.

    Why should the world intrude with that…other than to respond to Kim’s posturing for attention and to get trade concessions

    There is no simple ‘rebuilding’ after any nuclear war. Thus we certainly can’t manage or resolve this by threats to wage war with them.

    The Iran nuke issue is a very different debate. They have threatened the existence of another nation, thus it’s incomprehensible that a doomsday weapon should be in their hands …

    I hope Trump has grasped that dreams and boastful threats are not the path of a wise leader who wants to improve the world affairs that he labels as disastrous.

  16. MB

    Follow up question:-

    ……What makes the west right and the middle east wrong?

    ……Who made the west high sherif of the world other than …vi et armis?

    If we accept that morality does not factor in anything and that tomorrow we may be singing to a different choirmaster because he has a bigger bang…..what exactly are we getting hot and sweaty under the collar about?

    Of further interest….Sunni,Shia,Alawhite,Wahabi and one or two smaller ones that claim allegiance to the Muslim teachings……..who in the west has an understanding of how these interests motivate the geo-politics of the region?

    Your concern over Sudan,Congo and Rwanda is noted.

    • The problem is partially the location of Israel. The original Israelis are family to the Arabs supposedly all from Abraham’s loins. Esau hated Jacob and Ishmael had no position as a maid’s son. This has been ongoing for 5000 yrs. Ideally Israel should not have been located in Palestine but elsewhere ie section of Canada?
      The Bible clearly states that the Arabs will love fighting continuously, it seems to be their destiny. Without Israel they would still fight among themselves. So it is not West right and ME wrong. Take out Oil and Israel and the West might not care unless Russia moved in.

      The Americans do get it wrong but they have to be strong because most of us dont want to speak Russian, Chinese or Arabic. Many state that Bush should not have removed Sodamn Insane but the 60% of Iraq, who were Shia under his Sunni boot, were actually very grateful, they just wanted the Amercians out quickly after the war so they could kill Sunnis.

      I would assume that not many have a really good understanding of the complexity of the ME factions. I only know that Sunnis and Shia hate each other, from the time after Mohd’s death, over his successor.

  17. Until recently, the focus of the Russian press and social media was to joke about reports from the U.S. that Putin hacked the American elections.

    Even the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs joined in the humor campaign with this spoof voicemail: “You have reached the Russian embassy,” it announced to callers. “Your call is very important to us. To arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponents, press one. To use the services of Russian hackers, press two. To request election interference, press three and wait until the next election campaign. Please note that all calls are recorded for quality improvement and training purposes.”


    • This White House pushing the world back to the cold war era.

      On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 2:42 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • Exclaimer et al,
      The US has nuff hidden military capability that most of us are unaware of, they dont want to use these capabilities as the US would prefer to keep adversaries guessing as to how sophisticated these weapons are. eg HARP, Lasers from space, maybe even the ability to freeze Kim the simpletons control of his weapons?

      Kim and his top military are parasites on the people of Nth K who are SLAVES. I say DECAPITATE the Snakes and free the innocent. However, the US and China must be very careful not to precipitate the death of millions as Seoul is only a short distance from the DMZ, 25mn people could be threatened there alone.

      Using a very sophisticated process to shut down all power in Nth K and prevent them from taking significant action would be ideal. There is a good probability this is possible via some sort of Pulse weapon.

  18. Money Brain April 17, 2017 at 8:56 AM #

    Nothing new………and it bolsters my case.

    A number of tribes have reformed themselves in the perrenial attempt to control the natural as well as man made resources of the world in order to exert dominion over the populi……has ever been so

    …….they tried it by inventing religion which worked for some millenia but is loosing its power presently so.

    ….find something new and they have been working on this for some centuries.

    • David,
      Is the WH doing all the pushing?

      Putin causing trouble in Ukraine and Syria.

      China taking islands that are not theirs and that are much closer to Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei etc in order to dominate the Far East. These countries plus Sth K, Japan dont have any interest in Chinese dominance and want help from the US, Australia and the West to stop the Chinese from taking control.

      When someone makes an aggressive move to expand territory they must be sent a serious message early on before they become rooted in the new location.

    • @MB

      In Putin’s position would you sit idle and allow the West to manipulate the politics of the ME?

      It is called geopolitics and in the same way the West is trying to influence the region to satisfy its interest so too Putin.

      It will always be about maintaining a balance (win win) for as log as the world manages to exist.

    • David,
      I know Putin faces Western missiles from a multiplicity of locations some fairly close too. We know he likes his Naval base in Syria, Putin is short of ice free ports, hence his actions in Crimea and Syria. Personally I would want the same in his position. The problem is that Putin is KGB and a very dangerous character who takes pleasure in disrupting and controlling countries where practical.

      The US and the West is by no means perfect and we should try to control the Elite Controllers eg Military Industrial Complex, Bankers, Energy, Pharmaceutical fat cats, BUT in the final analysis I/ we live here in the West and as bad as some elements are we are closer connected than we would be to Russian/ Chinese Elites.

    • @MB

      Want to disagree. Putin’s decisions should be judged based on his geopolitical interest. Being a former KGB agent is not relevant compared to being a former CIA agent.

  19. MB

    I say DECAPITATE the Snakes and free the innocent.

    Ah lotta good that did in Iraq,Afghanistan and Libya…..but then again it was the intent of the west to destabilise these countries anyway.

    Both Russia and China are protecting their interests by maintaining the govts of Syria and N.Korea,so I do not expect anything other than saber rattling.

  20. Vinnie,
    The problem in the ME is that they are not organised for success BUT a freed Korean could be influenced by the very successful Sth Koreans in a relatively short period of time. There are some people that cant be helped no matter what you do.

    It is also true that the rogue elements in the US want perpetual War.

  21. MB

    The days of differentiating the MI6,CIA,KGB,Mossad,etc are long over as they are all cut from the same cloth……so saying Putin is KGB is neither here nor there……how much collateral damage did GWB do?

    N.Korea is necesarry to China as a buffer zone between the western puppet S.Korea plus a destabilised N.Korea will be just like the ME with loads of migrants on Chinas border……which would tie up the economy and the military of the country for decades……which would be a gift to the west.

  22. “we live here in the West and as bad as some elements are we are closer connected than we would be to Russian/ Chinese Elites”

    Is that European we or African we?

  23. David,
    I never said that from Putin’s pov he should not act in accordance with what he perceives to be Russian interests.

    Please explain the KGB—CIA point because I am not sure what you are driving at.

  24. Is there such a thing as an “All inclusive West”? Sounds good, but not really how the so called West is configured. The “we”to which you refer is the European ‘we’.

    Is a young black man from Bush Hall/ Brixton/ Brooklyn “more closely connected” to US/ European elites that he “would be to Russian/ Chinese Elites”?

    For the less discerning, I think you should preface all of your comments with some thing like: “Reader beware, the following statements are from a Euro-Imperialist perspective”

    • Mr Dullard,
      Do you really think that the Elites give a rahteeed about skin colour?

      They care about power and $$$$$$$$$$$$ and intend on controlling everyone regardless of race, creed, shade, class. They think of us ALL as pawns. Divide and conquer is part of the plan into which many fall eg in the UK are poor whites not disadvantaged by bringing in the poorer East Europeans who are happy with much lower wages? BREXIT was by no means a shock because the UK had traditionally permitted 30-50k migrants a year until recent years when 500k have been coming in. The UK can not absorb that many without displacing their own people, hence BREXIT, which was supported by the displaced of many races in the UK.
      Some argued that Brexit was racist, when the majority of migrants are WHITE East Europeans.

      Those that have it good voted Remain.

  25. Vinnie,
    Emancipating the poor abused Nth K populace is the correct move once this does not lead to millions dead.

    Putin answers to no one and his training as KGB means he is far more dangerous than any US Pres, who can at least try to control the CIA. You must be aware that the CIA Chief is gone, who is going to replace/ fire Russia’s KGB chief —Putin?

    China is in a dilemma as the US is by far their biggest export market, which Trump might threaten with tariffs or tax in some form.

    • Hal,
      So the Poles etc were not taking tons of jobs?????
      Note I have seen interviews with all colours of the displaced in the UK, who were faulting East Europeans. Naturally, they dont want Afghanis, Iraqis etc sneaking into the UK.

      Bajans dont want anyone sneaking into Bim to displace our people either.

  26. MB

    Chuckle….you and I know that emancipation a la the western formula is a road to disaster e.g. the ME as previously shown….which is why China is quite happy for Kim or one of his family to keep control on that hoard.

  27. MB

    You are correct on the Brexit issue being the eastern europeans taking racist slurs….I was in the UK at the time and was amused to read in the papers about a polish family being racialy abused by individuals who look just like them….I mentioned it on BU at the time as to how the racism word was used in the UK media.

  28. What the U.S. Aristocracy Are Demanding
    Posted on April 16, 2017 by Eric Zuesse.

    …..McMaster gave some insights into his thinking on the broader strategy against the Islamic State. “We are conducting very effective operations alongside our partners in Syria and in Iraq to defeat ISIS, to destroy ISIS and reestablish control of that territory, control of those populations, protect those populations, allow refugees to come back, begin reconstruction,” he said.

    In other words, the U.S. missile-invasion of Syria on April 4th was only the start of something much bigger: conquering the Syrian government, and conquering Russia’s forces in Syria, which forces are currently defending Syria’s government, with the American aim being to “reestablish control of that territory, control of those populations, protect those populations, allow refugees to come back, begin reconstruction.” But the “reestablish” part there is a lie, because ‘we’ never ‘established’ control of Syrian territory. ‘We’ never had “control of those populations.” That’s instead sovereign Syrian territory, which the Trump Administration is now debating how to conquer. Trump’s top people are saying “there is no consensus on how many troops” but “one plan would envision sending up to 50,000,” to go to war against Syria and Russia, on Syrian territory, and not only against the jihadists there, which Syria and Russia have been trying to defeat (and which the U.S. and its allies — the Sauds who own Saudi Arabia, and the Thanis who own Qatar, and other fundamentalist-Sunni heads-of-state — have been backing in order to defeat Syria and Russia). So: Trump is actually at war now against Russia and its allies, Syria and Iran. Trump is now continuing and escalating Obama’s policy, which he had promised instead to reverse.

    Trump, who became President promising to be single-mindedly focused on defeating “radical Islamic terrorism,” is now planning on defeating Syria and Russia instead, who are fighting against radical Islamic terrorists, which are trying to overthrow Syria’s non-sectarian government, which is defended by both Russia and Iran.

    Trump is going to war against Russia, unless he replaces H.R. McMaster and the people whom McMaster brought into the Trump Administration. If Trump retains McMaster and his people, World War III is likely, and could start soon (the nuclear phase of it would be the final phase and last less than 30 minutes). But only after McMaster became installed, did the movement to impeach or otherwise to replace Trump by his anti-Russian Vice President, Mike Pence, subside. The bipartisan “President Pence” movement is now considerably quieted.

    • Vinnie,
      The left throws around the word Racism for sport, the bloody idiots dont seem to understand they are diluting the meaning to the point that it has a fraction of its importance.

  29. Money Brain,

    I have said before, the June 23 Referendum was superficially about EU migrants, but in reality it was a continuation of the Enoch Powell debate. Only last week Powell was described as the ‘prophet’ of the Brixiteers. Nuances are important.

  30. MB

    The UK has many xenophobes who were the leavers…but….equally as many genuine members of the global fraternity who were the remainers.

    Prejudice,jealousy,greed are also the other traits of the xenophobe that can be found all over the world.

    I quite enjoy my time in the UK when I go.

  31. Why Russia has become the number-one target in the US press
    by Jon Rappoport

    As David Icke stated on the Richie Allen show a few days ago, Russia was the player who was standing in the way of the long-term goal to get rid of Assad in Syria and turn the country into a hellhole like Libya.

    The US government and its allies had created, funded, and armed the group called ISIS, the proxy force for, among other operations, wiping out the Assad government in Syria. The Syria op was a slam-dunk…until it wasn’t. Until Putin stepped in and gave air support to Assad’s troops and turned the war around, bringing it to the brink of, God forbid, actual peace negotiations.

    That outcome was definitely NOT on the agenda of the US Project for a New American Century, the neocon playbook for destabilizing the Middle East.

    Putin was standing in the way. He was screwing up The Plan. He was winning.

  32. @ Vincent
    I quite enjoy my time in the UK when I go
    No doubt.
    Probably reminds you of your days as a house servant – close to the masters…?

    Unlike you…
    It pisses Bushie off every time he visits there …to see the sweat and blood of our grandparents flashed all over the place …while they lived, worked and died in squalor on the absentee plantations back here.

  33. @ GreenMonkey
    Putin was standing in the way. He was screwing up The Plan. He was winning.
    This was obvious from the get go….
    Indeed, the gas attack (or some similar outrage) was predictable once Assad was winning…

    A clear sign was the almost panicked US attempts to halt the defeat of Aleppo with cries about collateral damage? Imagine the US wants to be kind to ISIS…?

    • Bushie,
      It annoys me that part of my family were forced by unfair circumstance to play a part in the Monmouth Rebellion and earn a free government sponsored passage to Bim.

      It pisses me off that my relations of yore in the UK, had to go down in coal mines as kids, stark born naked at the age of 8+ and died of black lung disease by age 25.

      Unless you are part of the Cabal running evating in any given country you are likely to be abused by the Big Ups dont matter whether it is Bim of today or UK 1685 or Africa where those in control sold Africans who were prisoners of war, criminals or had just cuss the Boss—sold to be slaves.

      Humans have the potential to be very bad—-ALL Races.

      Also, I cant forget the large Nigerian at my Uni who wore suits daily, but was on the exec of the Communist Party.

  34. Bush Tea April 17, 2017 at 10:47 PM #
    Probably reminds you of your days as a house servant – close to the masters…?

    Hahahahaha…..yuh mussee a blue peter shark……ah did forget that I left this line dangling for you……….true to form yuh snatch it up hook line and sinker……boy, I duz eat yuh raw so often dat ah gine pelt yuh back in with some advise.

    Chuckle…Bushie….I am proud of my house servant ancestors,they survived against the odds with many of their progeny having made and are presently making valuable contributions to our country and the rest of the world.

    The past can only be learnt from not fought over again and again as it will not change the facts.

    You would have reached a level of maturity in the grand scheme of things when you accept what cannot be changed and concentrate on those things that you can change….like the direction of our present society by setting up community coops.

    I know…..all falling on deaf ears oh son of BBE with the whacker……ah gine leff de line out again blue peter…..hahaha

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