US Federal Appeals Court Upholds Suspension of Trump Travel Ban

Extracted from Caribbean Trade Law and Development website.

no-banLess than a month after taking office, the Trump Administration received another judicial blow yesterday to one of its major policy actions. The United States’  Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in its decision in State of Washington v Trump dismissed the Government’s motion for a stay pending appeal of […]

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145 thoughts on “US Federal Appeals Court Upholds Suspension of Trump Travel Ban

  1. @Pieces maybe you are right that the entire corporate world of NY and US, business media, entertainment media etc etc are all taken in so completely by “Trunk [who] operates at the level of a 7 year old”.

    Yet you are a man of the business world (based on your extensive and sage commentary here on BU) so you have been involved in the art of the sales deal…you therefore know how savvy people are often sold very expensive systems because they look good (the people and the system); they sound very authoritative and are supremely confident and or they are offering a product/service which has a solid enough track record.

    Thus when the sale is completed and there are no viable short term trade-back options then it’s vitally important to get the best from the defective product/service.

    But to call the salesman stupid is counter-initiative: he must be smart as shiiittee and is smiling all the way to his bank counting his commission and his long term royalties. We the buyers rather are the stupid herd of lemmings buying and jumping off the cliff of the ‘Believe Me’ pitch.

    Trump WON. And yes he speaks in high school simple words and structure. But he freaking WON in spite of or because of that (pick your poison)….There is absolutely nothing stupid about that.

    Let me put this it another way with some historical references to Trump’s “stupidity”.

    Selected News Headlines going back to early last year: “Donald Trump Laments Sliding Polls While Maintaining His Provocative Approach – The New York Times”

    “The 37 Fatal Gaffes That Didn’t Kill Donald Trump – “; “Trump shatters GOP records with small donors”. POLITICO Magazine

    “Trump’s bullsh_t_ Why his supporters don’t care that he’s lying.” CNNMoney

    And then way back in the 1990s….. The man blazed back from a mortgage-bond issue debacle re his casino debt. He had a ‘white kniight’ financier in his old man and Icann later of course BUT he did battle and survive. …. Stupid he is not!

    But this is the kicker, written by famous NY entertainment gossip columnist Liz Smith in 1990:

    “I once wrote a flattering and, I thought, truthful evaluation of Donald for New York magazine. I said I thought (I hoped) one day he’d get over his youthful immaturity and build low and
    middle-income housing and maybe get into a better form of philanthropy. I opined also that he might one day be President.

    “I pointed out that Donald didn’t want to have to think seriously right now about the needs of others while he was busy empire-building, and he was satisfied to do only superficial
    charity giving. He congratulated me at the time for my ability to size him up.

    “Well, now it appears Donald Trump will NEVER BE President. He can be a lot of other important things, but not the chief executive of the U.S., unless, of course, the next few generations of Americans produced are mutants with very brief memories.” Smith concluded.

    Big movie that, The Mutuants, wasn’t it. Just played across the length and breadth of the US!!

  2. Current and former Mexican political leaders are orchestrating a legal and propaganda campaign against the Trump Administration.

    They are planning to jam US immigration courts with challenges to deportation orders, and they are forming alliances with US media organizations to denounce routine enforcement of US immigration laws.

    Vincent Haynes’ link to a story about alleged Hispanic “panic” about an alleged escalation in deportations of illegal Mexicans is an example of how the Left is playing this game. There is much fuss in the press this week about a female criminal, convicted of identity theft, who was sent back to Mexico.

  3. @Are-We… LOLL…I am well caught up. Actually wrote a brief note to you and the blogmaster last night but then deleted.

    I have not viewed your MSNBC item yet . Will shortly but let me say this.

    Lt Gen FLynn came through the ranks of the US military intelligence rising to be be DIA chief. The man is no dummy. His actions with Russia were completely sanctioned by his boss and I see absolutely no reason for said boss to jettison him now….BUTTTTT

    … let’s also understand that Flynn was pejoratively called a ‘right wing nutty’ by fellow military colleague (and Republcan) General Powell. These mates in arms DO NOT talk about each other that way. So there is some animus towards him by the folks in that world.

    And he to them. This man Flynn is on some type of personal vendetta within the Intel community and in my view it is that invidious, internal intrigue that will be the nail (or not) in his coffin. Just saying.

    Frankly his Russian chat made practical sense as why would he not signal to Putin not to retaliate because the new WH would ease things!

    Now of course, the fact that he was contravening a law and that a man of his experience SHOULD have expected the Russian’s phone to be tapped tells me that he was brass, careless and arrogant and thus DESERVES to be fired having now been caught in a lie.

    But otherwise all in a day’s work in the Intel world. Lots of too-doo and hullabaloo about nothing really.

    • What is all the prattle about if the transcript of Flynn’s telephone call is available with the Big Bear? Unlike the Barbados media you can be sure their US counterpart will ferret the info and share with the public it serves.

  4. @ De Ingrunt Word

    Many an evening spent at your home I recall (that was said in Yodo from star wars styling)

    You are a man who is wise beyond your years.

    Here you are making a political statement about Fumbles Stuart under the guise of Trunkism and not a fellow read AC ent start to cuss you out.

    “…Thus when the sale is completed and there are no viable short term trade-back options then it’s vitally important to get the best from the defective product/service…”

    The Administration of the DLP summarized to a “T”

    I have had superb mechanics that were real female rabbits as you have had Doctors like Ben Carson that have no comparable peer but are nitwits and dumbledorfs.

    Trunk is stupid, he has the art of gaff but, when it is put under the microscope, you see him for what he is, a 7 year old child in the body of a 70 year old man in short he represents the majority of us men who are developmentally retarded and just remain at 15while the body ages.

    I ent know bout womens but I am of the opinion that the experience of their monthly “observances” gives them a number of years more so they do age and become sager.

    Hilary Clinton and Bill chose this dumbledorf to divide the Republican forces.

    A faction of better chess players close to the IDJIT realised that, given the idiocy of the American public there were possibilities

    And that faction then loaded the dice by approaching the Government of Russia who hacked the elections and the rest is history.

    Let me mek this simple fuh de fellers here.

    Dufus the village idiot is your friend and one day DUfus calls you and says he has 2 girls real lookers and wants you to tag team with him.

    You are as usual doubtful but when you turn up and meet the girls dem look so goo you would kiss dem father.

    What happens then DIW?

    All wunna fellers know what happens.

    You got to mek your advances to your woman read target WHILE MEKKING SURE THAT Dufus does not ef up his representations to his partner, AT THE SAME EFFING TIME!!!

    You wid me?

    I know that all de fellers heah wid de ole man causing we had was to do this shyte a few times.

    THat is exactly what Banne=on and all are doing with Dufus Trunk managing the idjit, who while a good car salesman, knows nothing about fixing car engines.

  5. dpD;

    It isn’t just the transparent Flynn confabs with the Russian Ambassador that point towards an imminent denouement of the Trump presidency. It is many other factors.


    The report that one of Flynn’s acolytes has been fired by the new Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo, no less.

    The report that the Intelligence agencies have confirmed portions of the Christopher Steele report on Trump. etc.

    That Bannon wrote himself into his permanent position in the Principals committee of the NSC.

    Check the Rachel Maddow excerpt I linked and explain why it is wrong about the conclusions drawn. Fake news is not an option.

    I have tended to look at the disparate breaking news before the elections and since with pinches of scepticism and a feeling that Trump has somehow been propelled to the power of the US presidency by other powers that will ensure that he remains there. But the extensions from the latest news suggests that he is vulnerable and not yet there; that the Intelligence agencies support for him is not watertight; and that the counter game is still in play. The Pompeo firing of the Flynn surrogate says that he is turning.

    And there are many other clues.

  6. The penny has dropped……this would explain the nonsense over muslims&immigration,just a side show to divert attention from the real mission and no doubt more sleight of hand is at work.

    This is what Trump and Putin are up to: Exxon Mobil, under Rex Tillerson, brokered a deal with Russia in 2013 for 60 million acres of Russian land to pump oil out of, but all that Russian oil went through pipelines in the Ukraine, who heavily taxed the proceeds, and were applying for admission into NATO at the time.
    Putin subsequently invaded Ukraine in 2014, secured the routes to export the oil tax-free by sea, and took control of the port where their Black Sea Naval Fleet is based, by taking the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine by force and not giving it back. This was Hitler-tier imperialism that broke every international law in the free world.
    After Obama sanctioned Russia for the invasion, they could only pump oil from approximately 3 of those 60 million acres. But now Rex Tillerson is soon to be our Secretary of State, and as of today, there’s information circulating that Donald Trump will likely unilaterally remove all sanctions against Russia in the coming days or weeks.
    Putin will make half a trillion (500 Billion) dollars from that much untapped oi. All pumped tax-free through Crimea, stolen from Ukraine, now owned by Russia. Putin may have subverted our government just to become the richest man in the world. **According to leaked docs Trump will get 19% cut.
    please share this EVERYWHERE, copy and paste
    Thank you Crofton Diack & Joe Koenen

  7. and all of this just goes to show “the price of a man”

    30 pieces of silver for Judas Iscariot, $5M dollars for down lowe, $100M for former Buffalo Stinkliar and couple trillion for Trunk.

    Who gives a flying shit about cuntry and national pride anyways?

    But whereas this 7 year old Retarded Development actor’s ambitions end with how many pokies he can grab along with Anemia the First Lady and how much $$ he can make, PUTIN DOES NOT PLAY THAT SHIT.

    Wunna think that he was playing when on “Nov 24, 2016 – President Putin says Russia’s border “doesn’t end anywhere”, …

    “That was a joke,” Mr Putin said amid applause and laughter from the …”

    Yes a joke that will return to bite the United States in its ass one day soon if Trunk is not impeached.

    THe machinery that is the Mighty United States of America WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

    It did not let it happen when it was threatened by the Kennedy boys in the 60’s AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN now.

  8. Everything that is now being said about Trump, Putin, Tillerson, Flynn, etc, now was in the public domain long before November last year. I alluded to them in many of my posts here as they came to light. The current stage we have reached was not hard to predict.

    Trump won the Election in November and was crowned in January this year and Obama and the US Intelligence agencies allowed all the players to be officially put in place without any ostensible pushback despite these entities almost certainly knowing what was the grand plan.


    There are many things that are still hidden about this story!

  9. are-we-there-yet February 11, 2017 at 1:29 PM #

    It would suggest that the establishment wanted it to happen whilst at the same time keeping a clean pair of hands and trump was to end up as the fall guy.

    Possibly trump has smelt the rat and is leaking stuff so he cannot remove the sanctions.

    Politics is like the Dubonnet advert a play,within a play,within………..

  10. Financial Times
    22 hrs ·

    That’s according to an unusually sharply worded report by Fitch, one of the leading credit rating agencies.
    Donald Trump’s administration represents a risk to the global economy, a top ratings agency says
    Rating agency says new administration’s ‘aggressive tone’ has eroded US predictability

  11. LOL civil war , those actors and sanfranciscans who they gonna send they cant tie there own shoelaces. Madonna just bought two more of your ilk why would you even consider being with those elitists, remember they started the kkk.
    WW that MBA you have is that short for mighty big ass , justin may like that

  12. OK Are-We and Pieces. I hear both of you loud and clear. And I listened to Rachel too. Geezus her opening monologues are endless.

    Anyone I had previously read the Post article which she recapped. Look guys Flynn was a doofus to get caught in this. He was breaking a clearly enunciated law but REALSTICALLY what he did with that call was PRACTICAL as a back channel highlight on the sanctions issue.

    In normal ops that type stuff is ALWAYS done…BUT you DON’T GET CAUGHT otherwise you are history.

    All the palaver about him undermining Obama’s sanctions et al is just opposition politics and is to be expected. It’s likely that he is fired or resigns (normally that would be the case) but this is Trump so let’s see if he wants to expend valuable political capital on this.

    @Vincent that post re the 60 acres etc may all be valid but it is nonsensical in my view to perceive that the entire US Senate (especially McCainn and Graham) would sit back and allow that verbiage to come to pass. Makes NO SENSE how or why!… Or as Pieces said to rebut another point : “THe machinery that is the Mighty United States of America WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.”

    We need to get real. This is not fantasy cops and robbers. But real effing life and death.

    And Are-We to your other points… re ” The report that one of Flynn’s acolytes has been fired by the new Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo, no less.” ——— One can interpret that as the first slap down for Flynn or THE slap down. This is a moving story so let’s see.

    re “The report that the Intelligence agencies have confirmed portions of the Christopher Steele report on Trump. etc.” —— Let’s not get too excited. As I have read they have simply confirmed that the some of the details re discussions the MI6 agent cited DID actually take place. They have not confirmed any bedroom stuff or the blackmail allegations NOR the election tampering.

    Of course this too is a moving story so let’s see how things shake out.

    re “That Bannon wrote himself into his permanent position in the Principals committee of the NSC.” ——- I admit this completely befuddles me. Trump feinted anger but yet did NOT rescind the appointment so frankly this concept that the man wrote himself on to the committee does not gel in real world parlance to mr. Trump may be puerile in behavior but he is not stupid or an idiot.

    But anyhow we agree that things are looking grave…not just for Trump but for the US.

    There was Snowden, Manning and the contractor dude all stealing data and then the Russians. What sorta high school operation they running in US though!!

    So this is not time to get miffed at Flynn but to get real about all the cross-talk and BS.

    Trump will fall…just a matter of time but his demise does not fix the real issues. His madness has helped a bit in forcing a look beneath the surface tom-foolery of many years…actually I believe the Pachamama made this point previously.

    And BTW the ” Intelligence agencies” always only supported his title in my humble ‘opion’. I suspect they were always wary of the man himself. Whether it’s a US agency or a foreign one it will be the Intel community that will be his Waterloo.

    I gone.

  13. @ Are We There Yet


    You might easily ask that question but “dem hands were tied

    Look here you have the Office of the President of the largest country Free World being compromised.

    What you want them to do??

    Let de ole man give you a hypothetical parallel for your consideration

    The Prime Minister of a Small Country is managing his counry and seeking a reelection.

    He finds out that his second in command is plotting a coup and planning to ek over by violent means.

    What is de man going do?

    Does he come out and expose de 2nd in command and all de plans and ting and risk the potential fallout pun he economy or does he try to “manage the situation” and hope to contain the aspirations of the second in command.

    You understand what the outcome of this act of treason against the Constitution of the United States means?

    To their economy? their world status? their position as trusted broker for intelligence matters? their access to the inner workings of NATO? their critical linkage with trade? their impact on currencies worldwide?

    Even their reputation?

    Has the gravity of this situation sunk in on you that they hired a Hollywood reality show actor as their Commander in Chief and he has embarked on a Script that is comedy at best AND SERIOUS TRAGEDY AT WORST?

    You really getting this?

    You comprehending the amount of people that Putin has had killed to maintain this secret and will have killed to maintain his and his country’s cover?

    You must understand why the MI5 agent is in hiding? You understand what all this hullabuloo about muslim ban is smoke and sham?

    You understand how many of the dissenters in the US Administration are now fearful of their lives?

    You comprehend that they now are fearful that Trunk, and his peeples, may go to go the route of “terminate with extreme prejudice” anyone who stands in the way of their objectives?

    You comprehending why people are being fired?

    Has this truly dawned on us yet?

    Whu even look at lawson and John and Chad’s responses as they start to understand the gravity of this

  14. dpD

    We have all agreed that a reason must exist why the power broker of the great USA allowed trump to happen……..a reason that we have not a clue about……it could be what I posted or something totaly different…….behind the scenes by now trump must be aware of being set up hence you will many different plays going on at the same time.

    I found this interesting……

    Kept in an underground vault in New York since the Cold War
    Germany brings back 300 tons of gold from New York sooner than planned
    The German central bank said it brought 111 tons of gold back from the Federal Reserve in New York last year, concluding in September – the last of 300 tons…

  15. Chadster….you liar…that woman sent back to Mexico was in the US since she was 14 years old…a child, she missed the deadline of the Obama amnesty by a couple months for children who entered the US at a certain age, she had no criminal record, but her order of deportation was enforced because she went throw the court process and had no more legal grounds to overturn the order…you are a liar, she is married with children…and can return t the US with tme and a good lawyer.

  16. The newly confirmed release information about Flynn is the first straw in a series of straws which would bring down Trump Presidency
    Questions like What the President know and when the President know it …will be all reminiscent of Watergate

  17. As i understand it the current situations with deportations this weekend is merely being monitored to make sure no boundaries are crossed, the people being picked up are the ones who have enforceable deportation orders, most of these orders could be in place up to 10 or 15 years and already processed in front of immigration judges multiple times…and stay was denied for whatever reason..

    For those who are not aware, trump did not create these enforcements of deportation, it was the nasty Clintons ratcheted it up 1996 with new laws that detained hundreds of thousands in immigration detention centres and jails around the country to house immigration detainees….it is a money making venture with detainees caught in the middle, many are granted immigration parole, issued work permits and allowed to work in the country while their cases wind it’s way through the immigration system, it could take many years, but when final deportation orders are issued, unless overturned by an immigration judge, the people are rounded up and deported….

    ……there is a process in place for immigration removals. Unless the illiterate can suspend that process, he cant bypass it, the judicial government eill hang him out to dry. I wont worry about these current deportations ICE had all the required documentation to do so, it happens every week in the US, it is just being highlighted now because of that stunt the illiterate tried….and has to be monitored.

    Chadster…you really needvto get a grip on yourself, the lies you tell are ugly.


    “Officials said the raids targeted known criminals but reports from immigrant rights groups claim that law-abiding citizens were also targeted in a departure from Obama-era crackdowns which focused solely on law-breaking illegal “aliens”.”

    This is why the deportation raids have to be monitored, ugly people like the Chadster would violate the process by picking up those who are not yet fully processed by immigration courts and who could be granted waivers to remain in the US.

  19. Chadster…this is the woman you were lying on…using a fake social security number is nit a deportable offense and she was not charged….before you know it, she will be back with her husband and kids.

    “A mother of two who has lived in America for more than 20 years, is believed to have become the first undocumented migrant to be deported since Donald Trump came to power.

    Guadalupe García de Rayos was 14-years-old when she moved to the US from Mexico.

    After she was caught using a fake Social Security number during a raid in 2008 at a water park where she worked, she had been required to attend an annual meeting with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

    Eight million people face deportation under Trump’s executive order
    US immigration courts told to focus on deportation hearings

    After a review of her case and some questions, in previous years she had been allowed to leave.

    In 2013 she was allowed to stay in the United States even after a judge issued a deportation order against her because she did not pose a threat to anyone, and did not fit any of Mr Obama’s criteria for priority deportation.

    But this year her meeting with ICE ended differently and she was taken into custody and ordered to be deported.”

  20. Looks like the illiterate’s twitter finger his hurting him today, no tweets from the white house…lol

  21. The CC need to do unto others, If We need Visa to go anywhere then they need VISA to come to the CC,
    Barbados love to see White people at the ports in order to have an economy airport and sea-ports , so when the white people slow down or stop coming then they will learn how to build a true nation,
    Trump is running like mad man signing all kinds of things for so many want him removed by the 2nd Ad as he wanted for Hilary,
    Shut down the Embassy Until Trump leave office,
    Thinking out loud,
    white on white crime will remove him , WOWC, He have more against him than maybe any other President , there never was 320 million here recorded before , more white than ever before , more guns on the street , More killings and hate crimes on going, The news showing less and less of the real street news,

    Days of showing snow snow and even more snow, and no news on the tv, Seem like they took over 171 major net works in the states under one roof,

    Whatever plans they had seems to be in place.

    In 1984 survey of US Marines asked the entire base of Marines , would we shot Americans if ordered to, To Many marines said no,, that was when they made a plan to bring the UN troops who are here now , With many trainloads of TOYS on their way down South already painted UN. FEMA is up and running ,

    The Caribbean soon maybe full of Whitepeople not looking to go back as it seem sidewalks are being painted with red and blue X or DOTS, to see who will be shot or who will go to camps,

  22. I find the move by a judge on the 9th circuit court to have the matter reheard intriguing.

    Since the decision was unanimous it seems unlikely it is one of the three.

    It sounds like it is one of their brothers or sisters who is trying to get one of the litigants to move the court to rehear it.

    The 9th Circuit court is sometimes referred to a the “nutty 9th” or the “9th circus”.

    I came across these articles on its reputation.

    My experience but in a different circuit court and at the lower level has been that litigants can of their own volition ask for a rehearing so it is indeed intriguing to see this court itself initiate the process.

    Guess we will have to wait till Thursday when motions are filed to see how it unfolds.


    …..and I quote…lol

    With malice toward none, with charity for all, we ruefully offer this reflection from the current Republican President, spoken last August, on the father of his party:

    “He was a man who was of great intelligence, which most Presidents would be. But he was a man of great intelligence, but he was also a man who did something that was a very vital thing to do at that time.

    “Ten years before or 20 years before, what he was doing would never have even been thought possible. So he did something that was a very important thing to do, and especially at that time.”

    There you have it: America’s greatest President, saluted by its most big-league.

    Lol…what a cockup, this alone should have told the world the US was about to indulge and elect an

    What a comedy and so embarassing too, my two 10 year old grandsons could both give better speeches on Lincoln and if ya get my 4 year old grandson going he would give a hell of a more articulate speech and for hours.

    The illiterate even embarassed the daily news with his speech…well we know he will not be invited anywhere in the US or around the world to give any speeches, ever….it’s embarassing.

  24. ‘It’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion,” Hitler complained to his pet architect Albert Speer. “Why did it have to be Christianity, with its meekness and flabbiness?” Islam was a Männerreligion—a “religion of men”—and hygienic too. The “soldiers of Islam” received a warrior’s heaven, “a real earthly paradise” with “houris” and “wine flowing.” This, Hitler argued, was much more suited to the “Germanic temperament” than the “Jewish filth and priestly twaddle” of Christianity.
    For decades, historians have seen…

    Hitler embraced Islam and cursed the day the Germanic peoples became Christian.

    The world today claims Trump’s ban is an anti muslim ban.

    Plain common sense would indicate the world recognizes that Trump is the antithesis of Hitler even although it paradoxically likens him to Hitler.

    Here is the book review in the Wall Street Journal from which the quote is taken.

    “In 1922, for example, the Völkischer Beobachter, the Nazi Party’s weekly paper, praised Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the “Father of the Turks,” as a “real man,” embodying the “heroic spirit” and the Führerprinzip, or führer principle, that demanded absolute obedience.

    … and here’s what the book claims Hitler’s position was on terrorism and Islam!!

    “To aid the “liberation struggle of Islam,” the propaganda ministry told journalists to praise “the Islamic world as a cultural factor,” avoid criticism of Islam, and substitute “anti-Jewish” for “anti-Semitic.” In April 1942, Hitler became the first European leader to declare that Islam was “incapable of terrorism.” As usual, it is hard to tell if the Führer set the tone or merely amplified his people’s obsessions.”

    Which US president does Hitler come closest to?

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