The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Rule of Law and Presidential Authority

Jeff Cumberbatch - Columnist, Barbados Advocate

Jeff Cumberbatch – Columnist, Barbados Advocate

“A successful president need not have a degree in constitutional law. But he should understand the Constitution’s grant of executive power.” “He should share Hamilton’s vision of an energetic president leading the executive branch in a unified direction, rather than viewing the government as the enemy. He should realize that the Constitution channels the president toward protecting the nation from foreign threats, while cooperating with Congress on matters at home.” –James Yoo, University of California (Berkeley)

I feel almost a sense of compulsion to apologize to readers of the Barbados Advocate for returning for a second week to a commentary on the any matter associated with the ne’er-do-well Trump presidency in the US. This is even more keenly felt when locally there is much fodder for a columnist; last week’s launching of what claims hopefully to be a third political way; an unseemly public disagreement between Board and Governor at the Central Bank; and an overdue determination from the Prime Minister as to the viability of the controversial Bridgetown Hyatt project However, today’s effort is concerned only tangentially with what is swiftly morphing into a U S kakistocracy and pertains rather to the ongoing battle between the Trump administration and the courts for the constitutional governance of the republic.

A few columns back, I had tentatively advanced the thesis that President Trump, having been abandoned by some of the leading lights of the Republican party under whose banner he ostensibly campaigned, might have adopted an attitude of “I-can–and-will-do-it-myself” and thereby assume the role of a latter-day monarch. While I am not prepared to argue whether or not this has become an actuality, his attitude towards judicial rulings that have been adverse to him leads one to conclude that he is behaving less than merely a disgruntled litigant and more like one who regards the prudential application of the law as an officious gadfly to his overweening ambitions.

To bring the point closer home, if this were a game of cricket in the road and the bat and ball were his, he would have long ago taken both up and gone home in a huff after disagreeing vehemently with the umpire’s verdict that he was clearly out.

Readers will be reminded that both the “so-called judge”, as Robart J. was so irreverently termed, and the three judge federal appeals panel have rejected President Trump’s attempt to prohibit entry into the US of nationals from seven largely Muslim nations. These rulings have driven a ZR through a major plank of the president’s efforts to “make America great again”, the appeals court ruling stating that the Trump administration had shown no evidence that anyone from the embargoed nations had committed or were likely to commit terrorist acts in the US. Mr Trump’s bold openly voiced discriminatory threat to ban Muslims as a whole could scarcely have helped his cause since such a sentiment clearly betrays an intention to discriminate on grounds of religious affiliation, a patently unconstitutional act, and relegates to an afterthought the consideration of national security.

The matter now moves to the Supreme Court for consideration. However, an initial hurdle for the governing administration is whether the case will be taken at all by that body. In a brilliant and well researched article, Controlling Inherent Presidential Power: Providing a Framework for Judicial Review”, published in the Southern California Law Review, Professor Edward Chemerinsky of the De Paul University College of Law argues that “most suits to have a President’s act declared unconstitutional never reach the Supreme Court…” He references in support a number of instances among dozens where this has occurred, including disputes as to the authority of the President to impose wage price guidelines on government contractors and as to his authority to impose a 10% surcharge on most articles imported into the United States.

Even if the Supreme Court should decide to try the matter, however, the current jurisprudence is woefully unsettled. The author notes no fewer than four approaches to the question of whether the opening words of Article II of the Constitution to the effect that “the Executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America’ are to be construed as vesting the President with powers not enumerated in the Article.

There are those, doubtless including Mr Trump himself, who hold fast to the interpretation that the President’s powers are untrammelled and that he is permitted to exercise authority not specifically granted by the Constitution, while others are, contrastingly, of the considered opinion that such plenary authority would be inconsistent with a Constitutional ethos of a government with restricted authority.

According to Professor Chemerinsky’s analysis, the approaches used by the lower Courts range from a clear denial of any inherent judicial power at all and that he must act pursuant to constitutional or statutory authority only, to the existence of a broad and substantial inherent authority, especially, interestingly enough in the current context, in the field of foreign affairs.

In accordance with the first perception, there is no room in US governance for a “presidential prerogative” equivalent to the “royal prerogative” claimed by British monarchs of yore and still claimed by some to extend to the local Governor General, itself an office created by Constitutional provision and thus inherently of limited authority. On this approach, if there is no condign constitutional provision authorizing the president’s action, then it is unconstitutional.

As for the broad authority in international relations approach that the lawyers for the President will doubtless be hewing towards in their arguments, this limits the narrow approach to internal matters only. In one 1936 decision, the judge wrote:

“ The two classes of powers (domestic and foreign are different, both in respect of their origin and their nature. The broad statement that the federal government can exercise no powers except those specifically enumerated in the Constitution…is categorically true only in respect of our internal affairs…”

This approach reminds us “we are here dealing not with an authority vested in the President by an exertion of legislative power, but with such an authority plus the very delicate plenary and exclusive power of the President as the sole organ of the federal government in the field of international relations…”

Nonetheless, as if presaging the current dispute, after these dicta acknowledge that this power does not require as a basis for its exercise an act of Congress, it concludes ominously for the Trump administration:

“…but which, of course, like every other government power, must be exercised in subordination to the applicable provisions of the Constitution….”

The right to due process before any abrogation of an existing right is one such entrenched therein.

To be continued….


  • David;

    Oops! Did’nt see the “No tears for the CB Guv blog” before I posted my 9:00 am post here.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lawson….ah thought you would be here by now, are you still reading…here is the short version…..we are currently reviewing the constitution, to draft articles of impeachment for illiterate trump, of course it would be so much sweeter if the intelligence agencies can complete their investigations in the interim……try not to lose me…according to what CIA has posted so far, there is a strong case for more indepth information to be accessed, I just glimpsed and forgot to copy an article stating that the intelligence agencies are no longer giving the illiterate any information, a very bad sign.

    Have you noticed there have been no tweets yet from the illiterate’s house….oops, the white house.

    I am sure those former campaign managers and Flynn, 4 of them in all have already contacted attorneys….stay tuned for more karmic payback as it comes to hand….lol

    John was right, trump was good for the US, Barbados and the Caribbean people. …as a prescedent on how to take down scumbag, corrupt liars for a leaders forthwith.

    Ah go contact some people I know and get visiting hours at Leavenworth for you and Chadster, John and MoneyB…..if MoneyB wants to go, is that ok with you Lawson… hahaha lol.

    Lawson….ah found the article, forgot where I saw it.

    The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins

    “In a recent column, I explained how the still-forming Trump administration is already doing serious harm to America’s longstanding global intelligence partnerships. In particular, fears that the White House is too friendly to Moscow are causing close allies to curtail some of their espionage relationships with Washington—a development with grave implications for international security, particularly in the all-important realm of counterterrorism.

    Now those concerns are causing problems much closer to home—in fact, inside the Beltway itself. Our Intelligence Community is so worried by the unprecedented problems of the Trump administration—not only do senior officials possess troubling ties to the Kremlin, there are nagging questions about basic competence regarding Team Trump—that it is beginning to withhold intelligence from a White House which our spies do not trust.

    That the IC has ample grounds for concern is demonstrated by almost daily revelations of major problems inside the White House, a mere three weeks after the inauguration. The president has repeatedly gone out of his way to antagonize our spies, mocking them and demeaning their work, and Trump’s personal national security guru can’t seem to keep his story straight on vital issues”….


  • Well Well & Consequences

    No candidate should be elected until they are wiretapped, followed constantly, read the constitution more than once and have at least a passing knowledge of how laws work in reality.


    Drip … drip … drip …

    “President Trump Thursday blasted the “low-life” leakers who revealed classified information about the inner workings of his administration, a scandal that’s resulted in national security advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation.

    “Leaking, and even illegal classified leaking, has been a big problem in Washington for years,” Trump wrote in one missive.

    “The spotlight has finally been put on the low-life leakers! They will be caught,” he added.

    Trump says Flynn was ‘treated unfairly,’ ducks Russia questions
    Flynn stepped down after discrepancies emerged about a December phone call with Russia — a leak believed to be carried out by someone within the government.

    President Trump Thursday blasted the “low-life” leakers who revealed classified information about the inner workings of his administration.
    President Trump Thursday blasted the “low-life” leakers who revealed classified information about the inner workings of his administration. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
    The leaker committed a “serious felony,” but the breach involved a public need to show that Flynn had lied about whether he had discussed sanctions in the phone call, the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald reports.

    “This episode underscores a critical point: The mere fact that an act is illegal does not mean it is unjust or even deserving of punishment,” Greenwald wrote. “Oftentimes, the most just acts are precisely the ones that the law prohibits.”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Isnt life….ways and means…lol

    Congressman: Rarely used law could make Trump tax returns public

    Herb Jackson | The (Bergen County, N.J.) Record

    Updated 4:36 p.m. ET Feb. 11, 2017
    A New Jersey congressman says a rarely invoked 1924 law could be used to examine President Donald Trump’s tax returns for possible conflicts of interest and Constitutional violations.

    Rep. Bill Pascrell, a Democrat who serves on the Ways and Means Committee, has asked the committee’s chairman, Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, to order the Treasury Department to provide tax returns to the committee. Brady’s office did not respond to a request for comment Friday.

    After privately examining returns — Pascrell is seeking 10 years’ worth — the committee could decide to share them with the full House, which would in effect make them public. The 1924 law gives congressional committees that set tax policy the power to examine tax returns. It was used in 1974 when Congress looked at President Richard Nixon’s returns, and in 2014 when the Ways and Means Committee released confidential tax information as part of its investigation into the Internal Revenue Service’s handling of applications for nonprofit status.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    For those who are not familiar with the phrases going nuclear or supernova on a really detested target, this is what it means.. FBI dossier released.

    And would you believe that the few blacks who have very little self-respect voted for this illiterate animal.

    “Donald Trump’s father ‘told staff’ to ‘get rid of blacks’ when running property firm with his son, FBI dossier claims

    Claims in newly released 389-page FBI dossier, relating to when Donald Trump was president of the family property company, risk causing US President fresh embarrassment, while fuelling his anger at US intelligence agencies

    Adam Lusher 4 hours ago2 comments

    The 1973 case was the first time Donald Trump, five years out of businees school, had come to national prominence Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images

    Donald Trump’s father ordered an employee to “get rid of blacks” in an apartment block and to avoid renting out flats to them, a newly released FBI dossier has claimed.

    The potentially damaging allegations of racial discrimination relate to 1973 when Fred Trump was chairman of the Trump Management Company – and his son Donald was heavily involved in the family firm as its 27-year-old president.

    They are contained within a 389-page dossier that has just been made public by the FBI – at a time when the US President is already tweeting furiously about how “classified information is illegally being given out” by the intelligence community “like candy”.

    Trump’s presidency will end in tears

    The ex-Trump employee – who said he was fired after annoying Trump Sr by proposing changes that involved his company spending money – told an FBI special agent that in December 1973: “Fred Trump told me not to rent to blacks.

    “He also wanted me to get rid of blacks that were in the building by telling them cheap housing was available for them [elsewhere] at only $500 down payment, which Trump would offer to pay himself.”

    Elsewhere in the FBI dossier, a former doorman at a Trump property in Brooklyn claimed that a supervisor “told me that if a black person came to 2650 Ocean Parkway and inquired about an apartment for rent, and he was not there at the time, that I should tell him that the rent was twice as much as it really was, in order that he could not afford the apartment”.

    “A senior Palestinian official has warned that US President Donald Trump’s suggestion that the US will break with decades of policy by backing away from a two-state solution is a vision akin to “apartheid.”

    Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator and Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), told reporters late on Wednesday that the only alternative to a two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be “one single secular and democratic state with equal rights for everyone, Christians, Muslims and Jews, in all of historic Palestine.”

    He called for “concrete measures in order to save the two-state solution.”


  • The trumpster is in above his head. People, including supporters, are becoming aware of this fact. Things don’t work the way he sees it.

    Was avoiding the news channel, but now I am hooked. Don’t want to miss the train wreck n


  • Aye Caramba! Talk about ‘no pun’ intended remarks…. Or should that be …. ‘how full-bore loaded can a statement be’….

    “A spokesman for the Director of National Intelligence denied that the Intel community would withhold information from the president, and a former CIA officer told Business Insider that “the system doesn’t work that way.”

    “If there’s a concern about someone being compromised they REMOVE (my emphasis) that person,” said the former officer … “They don’t just stop providing intel. That’s crazy talk.”

    “That being said,” the officer added, “we do live in unprecedented times.” ———————

    Freaking crazy times, indeed. How does one STOP providing requested details to the President!

    And of course by ‘REMOVE’ he means dismiss and prosecute criminally…. the US doesn’t just pull off Kim-like behavior just so, after all (ahem).

    But if this thing blows up to have any validity of Russian collusion for anyone in the Trump orbit…then a poison dart may in fact be the most painless way out for Republicans!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Gazer…….This well reach a real thought provoking head, people in the US are on edge, so something will give real soon, dont blink…lol

    “When officials use the phrase ‘alternative facts’ without embarrassment, we know there’s a problem,” he said.”

    I warned the ACs about throwing around this useless phrase “alternative facts” ….intelligent people do npt use such prases, dimwits like the ugly blonde Conway do….scientists are horrified that the phrase is being used so casually, by government officials no less.

    Short and sweet for….he will get a page of nothing…lol…he dont understand them anyway, so what’s the use….lol

    Intelligence agencies told to keep Donald Trump’s briefings short and without nuance

    Classified memo reveals guidance for dealing with the President

    Rachael Revesz New York @RachaelRevesz 3 hours ago9 comments

    The President used to receive briefings from Michael Flynn Reuters
    Donald Trump is definitely receiving classified intelligence briefings – but they are much shorter and less complex than those presented to past Presidents.

    According to a classified memo obtained by Mother Jones, agents who compiled the President’s daily briefing on global security threats were advised to keep it short and without nuance.

    The briefing given to the President covers no more than three topics, with about one page per issue. That is a quarter of what former President Barack Obama received and also less information than other predecessors. It also contains room for a short update about matters presented in other briefings.


  • Anericans often use coded language to express some ideas. Keep it short and without nuance= the man is an idiot.


  • Has anybody seen this story? I’m relaxing in a beautiful southern European country whilst catching up on some news from BU.


  • Link does not seem to work. Try the one below.


  • The press is trying too hard to maintain its relevance!!

    It will backfire!!


  • All it has to do is its job …. it is going overboard now that it has been shown to be so completely wrong in its opinions on the outcome of the general election.

    Most Americans (>70%) put little faith in the press.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lawson….are you still drinking the trump koolaid…lol

    He cant stay, he gotta go, dont care how much he rambles on and on.

    Donald Trump’s presidency ‘likely to be second shortest in history’, says presidential historian

    Author predicts the US leader will last between 31 days and 199

    the second shortest ever, a leading historian and author has claimed.

    Professor Ronald L Feinman predicted that the former reality TV star will stay in the top job “between the 31 days of William Henry Harrison in 1841”, who died pneumonia and the “199 days of James A. Garfield in 1881”, who died 79 days after he was shot by an assassin “after terrible suffering and medical malpractice”.

    Even if his time in office is “dragged out”, Professor Feinman predicted that Mr Trump is unlikely to last the 16 months and 5 days of 12th president Zachary Taylor, who died of a digestive ailment while Head of State in 1850.

    In a blog post, he added that he thought it was likely that Mr Trump will be impeached or forced to resign in a matter of weeks.”

    He cant stay, he gotta go….preferably to Russia.

    Bethan McKernan, Tom Batchelor Beirut @mck_beth 2 hours ago

    “Trump speaks to reporters during a press conference with Israeli PM Netanyahu Saul Loeb/Getty
    America’s ambassador to the United Nations has said the US “absolutely” supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, directly contradicting comments made by Donald Trump just a day ago.

    The US President told reporters after a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu that his administration was no longer wedded to the creation of a Palestinian state.

    The remarks signalled a departure from America’s decades-old approach to Middle East foreign policy.”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Deutsche Bank and trump accounts.

    Deutsche Bank examined Donald Trump’s account for Russia links
    “Bank looked for evidence of whether loans to president were underpinned by guarantees from Moscow, Guardian learns

    Trump press conference: president says team running ‘like fine-tuned machine’
    Donald Trump

    After Trump’s election in November, Deutsche Bank ‘double-checked’ its records, a source said. ore sharing options

    Luke Harding, Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Nick Hopkins and David Smith in Washington
    Thursday 16 February 2017 14.09 GMT First published on Thursday 16 February 2017 12.31 GMT

    The scandal-hit bank that loaned hundreds of millions of dollars to Donald Trump has conducted a close internal examination of the US president’s personal account to gauge whether there are any suspicious connections to Russia, the Guardian has learned.

    Deutsche Bank, which is under investigation by the US Department of Justice and is facing intense regulatory scrutiny, was looking for evidence of whether recent loans to Trump, which were struck in highly unusual circumstances, may have been underpinned by financial guarantees from Moscow.

    The Guardian has also learned that the president’s immediate family are Deutsche clients. The bank examined accounts held by Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, her husband, Jared Kushner, who serves as a White House adviser, and Kushner’s mother.”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lawson….here is the visitors schedule for Leavenworth prison., up to 5 of you can

    Visiting Hours: USP Leavenworth’s visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., four (4)
    days a week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). Although visiting hours are until
    3 :00 p.m., visiting room staff will begin clearing the visiting room at 2:45 p.m. to ensure
    duties are completed by the end of the officers’ shift.

    At the SCP, the visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., three (3) days per week
    (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).

    Visiting Point System: The visiting point system permits up to 24 hours of visiting time
    per month. Each inmate will be allotted 24 points per month which may be used as
    • One ( 1) hour of visiting time equals one ( 1) point on Friday or Monday
    • One (1) hour of visiting time equals two (2) points on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday.
    • Points do not carry over from one month to another
    • If a visit does not last an hour, the inmate will be charged one ( 1) full hour of visiting


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Come out things, this dude has a 30 year long standing financial relationship with Russia and he really believed no one would find out…lol

    Share MediaShow Caption
    Donald Trump’s ties to Russia go back 30 years

    Oren Dorell | USA TODAY
    Updated 20 hours ago

    WASHINGTON — President Trump’s decades-long ties to Russia are back in the spotlight after his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign this week over his failure to disclose phone conversations with the Russian ambassador about U.S. sanctions imposed on Moscow.

    ‘NYT’: Intercepted communications show Trump associates, Russians in contact

    Trump’s long-standing ties to Russia might explain why his policy is “noticeably weaker on Russia than on anything else,” said John Herbst, a former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and Uzbekistan under presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

    Trump told The Times of London in January he’d consider lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia for its military involvement in eastern Ukraine and alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election to help Trump in return for a new nuclear arms reduction accord. In addition, Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed in a phone call last month possible collaboration in the fight against Islamic State and ways they might restore trade and economic ties.

    Herbst said Trump’s conciliatory comments about Russia are out of character for a businessman who prides himself as a tough negotiator. “He talks about driving hard bargains, and here he’s offering concessions right off the top,” Herbst said.

    Trump denied in recent tweets “conspiracy theories” about his ties to Russia.
    White House under siege over probe into Russian contacts with Trump campaign

    Why does Donald Trump like Russians? Maybe because they love his condos

    Here is a timeline of Trump’s known connections to Russia:
    1987: Trump was invited to Moscow by the Soviet ambassador to the United States to discuss luxury hotel developments. Trump later told Playboy magazine that his plans to build hotels in Moscow failed because the country “was out of control and the leadership knows it.” Four years later, on Christmas Day, the Soviet Union officially dissolved, and Russians who had been allowed to buy state-owned enterprises amassed enormous fortunes.

    1996: While wrapping up a series of bankruptcies in New York, Trump talked of building a replica of his Trump Tower in Moscow and traveled there to discuss renovating the Moskva and Rossiya hotels, according to Bloomberg News. The bankruptcies led to a change in Trump’s business model: Instead of building projects from the ground up, he signed licensing agreements that in some cases gave him an ownership stake in properties that bore his name without putting up any of his own money. The Trump Organization continued to seek wealthy investors in Russia.

    Dozens of condominiums in Trump World Tower in midtown Manhattan were bought by Russians in the late 1990s, said Dolly Lenz, a real estate broker who sold many of the units. Many buyers sought an audience with Trump, whose business acumen they respected, Lenz said.

    Early 2000s: The Trump Organization developed several projects abroad, many of them involving Russian money.”


  • @Well Well & Consequences February 15, 2017 at 8:32 PM “if Black was not so busy begging back Canada for his born citizenship, ah bet he would be in the US”

    The U.S. courts convicted Black. Regardless of how much he loves Donald Trump he would be very unwise to even try to go to the U.S.

    And remember he is STATELESS since he gave up his born Canadian citizenship, and the British took back theirs from him.

    The stateless don’t have very many travel options. He would be well to keep his tail in in the great white north.


  • @Well Well & Consequences February 15, 2017 at 8:32 PM “From Wikipedia: “Black was first educated at Upper Canada College (UCC)…Six years later… he was expelled from UCC for selling stolen exam papers.”

    And remember that Upper Canada College is just a secondary school. It is not a university, it is not even a community college. Lol. I mean how hard is it to complete secondary school? Even I managed to do that, without buying or selling anything. lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol…haha, Simple,,….Black got room enough to navigate in Canada, he can even go up to the Yukon and play with the animals….but he gotta keep quiet.

    …..only an idiot would give up their born citizenship for an easily revoked pimp title from the UK…..knowing he is just a crook more likely than not to be arrested, imprisoned in the US, deported back to Canada and made stateless….he is lucky they let him back into Canada, but he has properties, so they may have felt sorry for him….lol


  • If we haven’t seen chad9999 lately maybe he is among those 19 Barbadians who have been detained in the trump inspired immigration crack down in the United States.


  • That’s funny. Trump grrabbed the chadster and deporting him.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol…hahaha…I would love to hear about that…lol

    Simple…did that make the news, about 19 Bajans detained.


  • Yes.

    It was the lead item on the 7 p.m. news on CBC.


  • Some Bajans were picked up as early as last week. Barbados is a small place. I already had a call from someone whose friend’s sister has been detained since last week. She was picked up by the immigration authorities while on the train on her way from work…maybe they picked up chad99999 at the same time.


  • Conrad Black cannot go back to the US. He has a criminal record and would not be let back in for any reason. I don’t even know if they would consider pardoning him. He is a bold faced crook and help to build up his empire with Canadian Tax payers money given to him from the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce and later Industry Canada. The disgusting thing is that bureaucrats were happy to give him the money and say they knew him.


  • Looks like David Friedman trump’s nominnee for ambassador to israel may not make it through the nomination process
    There’s little standing in David Friedman’s way to the ambassadorship, but it is to be hoped that just as Trump reevaluated the relocation of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, he’ll also freeze this miserable appointment.
    Five former U.S. ambassadors to Israel who are opposing Friedman’s nomination said he accused President Barack Obama and the entire State Department of anti-Semitism.
    David Friedman, President Trump’s pick to be the next US ambassador to Israel, appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday for his confirmation hearing. It was anything but routine. As Friedman began his opening remarks, a young Palestinian man stood up and shouted, “Mr. Friedman said that Palestinian refugees don’t have a claim to the land… My grandfather was exiled, was kicked out, by state officials


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Got that Simple..

    This should tell trump who runs security for the US.

    “White House removes 6 staffers after failing FBI checks: report
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, February 16, 2017, 7:27 PM

    Several White House staffers were escorted out by security after failing to pass FBI background checks, according to a report. (JOSHUA ROBERTS/REUTERS)

    Several White House staffers were removed from the administration Thursday morning after failing to pass FBI background checks, according to a report.

    Sources familiar with the matter told Politico that six Trump employees were escorted from the White House by security because they failed to pass the SF86, a Questionnaire for National Security Positions used for security clearances.

    Among those escorted was Caroline Wiles, President Trump’s director of scheduling. She’s also the daughter of Susan Wiles, Trump’s Florida campaign manager, and Gov. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla.), ex-chief of staff.

    Instead, Wiles will work for the Treasury Department, sources told Politico.”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Simple….if so, I already told Chad those work permits mean nothing, they detained one of the dreamer amnesty mexicans who went to the US as a child because he had a tattoo, they detained greencard holders, those with dual citizenship, all that mess now has to be untangled, even a US born NASA scientist got detained for his cell phone, the little neo nazis and kkk are out in full force.


  • The Chadster could be holed up somewhere in Canada or he could have been detained whilst crossing the border! Wherever he may be let’s hope that he’s fine. We in Barbados would do well getting rid of our illegals.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Well Well & Consequences February 17, 2017 at 5:37 AM #

    Smart Vice Admiral…he sees the writing on the wall for the administration and has no intentions to sully his reputation or compromise his integrity.

    Donald Trump’s pick for national security adviser turns down job

    Vice-Admiral Robert Harward says decision was ‘purely a personal issue’

    Lizzie Dearden, Justin Carissimo New York @lizziedearden 4 hours ago

    Vice Admiral Robert S Harward visits Zaranj, Afghanistan on January 6, 2011. Shawn Coolman/US Marines via Reuters

    Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser has rejected the post days after Michael Flynn was forced to resign.

    Vice-Admiral Robert Harward said the decision was “purely a personal issue” but his refusal was another blow for the White House after a series of policy U-turns and calls for investigations into alleged Russian links.

    “Harward is conflicted between the call of duty and the obvious dysfunctionality,” a person with first-hand knowledge of the discussions between the President and his candidate told the Financial Times.

    A reported stumbling block in negotiations was Vice-Admiral Harward’s concern whether he would be allowed to bring his own staff to the National Security Council, following suggestions that Mr Flynn’s deputy KT McFarland, a former Fox News pundit, was asked to remain.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Chadster could do with a year in an immigration detention facility…it would bring some perspective to his hate filled life…it cant hurt…lol


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The generals are very upset that the illiterate is destabilizing the country, causing the military endless unnecessary problems….a prerequisite for civil war.

    ‘stability is needed because America is ‘a nation at war’

    Ben Kentish @BenKentish 5 hours ago16 comments

    “The US Government is in “unbelievable turmoil” less than a month into Donald Trump’s term in office, a senior American army general has warned.

    General Tony Thomas, the head of the US military’s Special Operations Command, said the chaos engulfing Mr Trump’s fledgling administration was causing problems for the country’s armed forces.

    Speaking at a military conference, he was quoted by the New York Times as saying: “Our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil. I hope they sort it out soon because we’re a nation at war.”


  • Well Well and Consequences.

    Going be brief, not to much time on hands.

    Very few people understand the serious and dangerous situation that exists in the military corridors that is the United States of America.

    The issue is that with it becoming evident that Trunk and his team approached Russia to get assistance to win the election the level to which the security of the USofA has been compromised is now becoming clearer to the Intelligence Services

    It is worsened by the fact that SCROTUM (the grabber of pokies) thinks that he is hiring people for the Apprentice and is appointing Tom Dickey and Harry for jobs that DEMAND security clearances and in depth profiling that takes months and even years.

    You cannot have your National Security Advisor to be a man who has been involved in Golden Showers in a penthouse in a Russian Hotel or similar compromising situation.

    THis just goes to show the level to which SCROTUM and his entourage would sink.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the Mechanisms of the USofA are in serious turmoil which is worsened by TRunk and his Twitter mentality that broadcasts every issue where he get opposition to his 7 year old ideas.

    There is going to be only one outcome of this and that is welcome President Pence (unless they do another “accident” like the one where his plane almost went off the runway.)

    Thank you Hilary and Bill for your incompetence


  • @Well Well & Consequences February 16, 2017 at 9:37 PM

    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, February 16, 2017, 7:27 PM “Several White House staffers were escorted out by security after failing to pass FBI background checks
    Among those escorted was Caroline Wiles, President Trump’s director of scheduling. She’s also the daughter of Susan Wiles, Trump’s Florida campaign manager, and Gov. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla.), ex-chief of staff. Instead, Wiles will work for the Treasury Department, sources told Politico.”

    Is it wise to send someone who failed an FBI background check to work the Treasury? What kind of background checks does the treasury Department carry out on its employees?


  • @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI February 17, 2017 at 8:24 AM “You cannot have your National Security Advisor to be a man who has been involved in Golden Showers in a penthouse in a Russian Hotel or similar compromising situation.”

    I thought that only the Saudis were rich enough to have golden showers? The Russians have them too? Or am I missing something?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Simple….treasury is different story….different pay grade….different security clearamce.

    Piece…..That’s it in a nutshell…lol


  • @ Simple….
    tut tut tut!!!
    Stick with your solar water showers dear….



    I had researched this earlier but never got a chance to post it so, suffice it to say it is “off topic” but for you students of interpersonal relationships it will be instructive.

    In a former incarnation it was “useful” to “see” things that normal people DID NOT SEE.

    And for this I shall give you two photographs


    It took a while to find the last one and many of you may ask what is the special nature of the picture (and no, it is not that it is from an “alternative choices” website)

    But no it is a simple single thing.

    The ‘mechanics” of the embrace and since 99% ent going see it – look at the hands.

    “The Palms”.

    It is not easy to have completely open, relaxed, non-restrained flat palmed embrace like the Obama and Biden’s embrace.

    This is not to be confused with the bunched hand of the second photo – the freudian process which, unknown to the giver of the hug, inserts itself unconsciously into their embrace.

    Wunna need to “watch” things and “see things” and “feel things”.

    Like the “quick release handshakes” that the ole man spoke about with Sir Cow interview with the BBC nigger previously, or like the habitual tap that they give us on our shoulders when they meet us. as in “you are a nice nigger and I accept you” here in public of course.

    Wunna ever watch what the look in their faces is which some of us give them back that pat on their back? much to their amazement?

    And the next time wunna test de ole man observations, WHICH HAVE NO EFFECT ON THE PRICE OF BREAD ONE WAY OR THE NEXT, you need to be aware that “open hands” also carry a subtlety of “raised palms”

    You cannot pretend to love the nigger, like this Trunk, with the token Ben Carson, but do the “Nigger pat” for our backs and shoulders and, as if to confirm how widespread it is for Trunk et al., even Trunk’s wife Anemia, now patting the backsides of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wife!!!

    Apologies Jeff but the story of “In The Castle of My Skin” has to be shared …


  • Well Well & Consequences

    …..things are going to get very ugly very soon.

    “President Donald Trump AP

    Ten members of Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) have resigned in protest against the US President’s policies.

    In a letter, they raised concerns about the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, and Mr Trump’s executive order banning travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, which was later overturned in court.

    Proposals to cut federal resources to sanctuary cities – municipalities that have adopted a policy of protecting unauthorised immigrants by not prosecuting them for violating federal immigration laws – were also cited as a reason for their resignation. “


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol….ah bet ya the jews in the US…never thought they would see or hear this in their lifetimes…lol…the illiterate has no clue with whom he is messing.

    “Donald Trump accuses Jewish reporter of lying and tells him to ‘sit down’ in response to anti-semitism question

    Donald Trump has accused a Jewish reporter of lying and ordered him to sit down after being asked a question about rising anti-Semitism in the US.

    The row was triggered by the President asking for a question from a “friendly reporter” during his White House news conference on Thursday.

    Jake Turx, a reporter from Ami Magazine, a small weekly New York-based magazine which caters for the international Orthodox Jewish community, volunteered himself, saying he had been “good” to the Republican for the entirety of his campaign.

    Turx began his question by saying the community did not think the President or his staff were anti-Semitic. He even warmly drew attention to the fact Mr Trump’s grandchildren were Jewish.

    “However, what we are concerned about and what we haven’t being heard addressed is an uptick in anti-Semitism and how the government is planning to take care of it,” he added.

    “There are reports that 48 bomb threats have been made against Jewish centres across the country in the last couple of weeks. There are people who are committing anti-Semitic acts or threatening to”.

    It was at this point that the billionaire property developer interrupted to accuse the reporter of lying and insist he was the “least anti-Semitic” individual.

    “See, he said he was going to ask a very simple, easy question, and it’s not,” Mr Trump interjected.

    The reporter replied: ”It’s an important one.“

    ”Not a simple question. Not a fair question. OK, sit down. I understand the rest of your question,“ Mr Trump snapped back. ”So here’s the story folks. Number one, I am the least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Number two racism. The least racist person. In fact, we did very well relative to other people running as a Republican.”

    The reporter raised his hand again and spoke up but Mr Trump shut him down again, saying: ”Quiet, quiet, quiet. See he lied about – he was going to get up and ask a very straight, simple question. So, you know, welcome to the world of the media.“


  • BBC News is live now.
    Page Liked · 1 min ·

    “The end of the West as we know it?” is the discussion topic for the panel at the 53rd Munich Security Conference. We’re live with BBC’s Lyse Doucet who’s attending the conference.

    Please post your questions in the comments


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Read this article online yesterday, a lot of reading, long article from Germany…de Spiegel…everyone is worried.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    English Translation. .

    This Week’s SPIEGEL

    “The Pain of a Donald Trump Presidency

    “America first” has been the order of the day for the past two weeks since Donald Trump became the new U.S. president and divided his country. What do we know about his inner circle? And what role does Steve Bannon, his chief ideologist, play? A preview of this week’s issue by Klaus Brinkbäumer.

    © DER SPIEGEL By Klaus Brinkbäumer

    U.S. President Donald Trump and his chief of staff Steve Bannon

    Saturday, 2/4/2017 09:05 AM
    Dear Readers,

    Donald Trump has now been president of the United States for two weeks. It literally pains me to write about all that has happened in these first days. The president of the U.S. is a racist. He is attempting a coup from the top; he wants to establish an illiberal democracy, or worse; he wants to undermine the balance of power.

    The article you are reading originally appeared in German.

    With his style of rule — his decrees, his appointments and his firings — he is dividing Washington and the rest of the country. Our cover story this week, which will be published in English on Monday, describes how Trump’s inner circle works and how insecurity has grown among government officials. It sheds light on the role of Stephen Bannon, the former head of the right-wing news portal Breitbart News, who has become Trump’s Faust, his chief ideologue and the man pulling the strings in the White House. Bannon is also a man who loves wars — he sees them as being thoroughly advantageous.

    During the course of his reporting on the cover story, SPIEGEL Washington correspondent Gordon Repinski met with government officials who spoke of their worries and their pangs of guilt. “They are considering whether the right thing to do would be to leave the government or to put up resistance from within,” says Repinski. In London, my colleague Peter Müller spoke with Ted Malloch, who is considered Trump’s favorite for the post of ambassador to the European Union — a man who has praised Brexit and predicted the collapse of the euro.

    The problem will not resolve itself. German business is the opponent of American trade policy, the German democracy is the ideological opponent of Donald Trump, but even here, in the middle of Germany, right-wing extremists are trying to give him a helping hand. It is high time that we stand up for what is important: democracy, freedom, the West and its alliances. Germany, of all countries, the economically and politically dominant democracy in Europe, will have to form the alliance against Trump, because it won’t otherwise take shape. It is, however, absolutely necessary.”


  • Trump remains the story that keeps on giving.

    May God bless America.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Two US born white criminals executed plans to bomb the US within 48 hours of each other and if not for Shaun King…we would hear nothing about it.

    KING: Donald Trump remains silent as white men terrorize America

    Shaun King
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, February 17, 2017, 11:06 AM

    If the Florida man arrested for a plot to plant bombs was Muslim, Trump would’ve had an explosive impromptu press conference on the matter. (POOL/GETTY IMAGES)
    A Florida man was arrested Thursday for a plot to plant bombs in Target stores up and down the East Coast. He had already made at least 10 improvised explosive devices and planned to disguise them in food packaging. He had already paid someone $10,000 to support him in the endeavor, but the partner opted to call police instead of going through with the plan. This man was in the final stage of implementing this attack.

    Strangely, though, Donald Trump, his co-President Steve Bannon, Mike Pence, or Steve Miller haven’t said a thing about this attack. You and I both know why.

    This man isn’t a Muslim. He isn’t a refugee. He isn’t an immigrant. He isn’t tan or brown or black. He’s white. And by virtue of his white skin, he pretty much gets a pass from the Trump administration.

    And all of us know, good and well, if this man was a Muslim, if his name was Ahmed instead of Mark, if he was from Yemen or Syria instead of Florida, Trump would’ve had an explosive impromptu press conference on the matter. If this man was just a shade or two darker, Trump would be midway through a tweetstorm on just how dangerous people like this man are.

    Mark Charles Barnett, 48.

    Benjamin McDowell.

    But, Mark Charles Barnett is not a Muslim. He is not from one of the countries on Trump’s ridiculous ban list, he did not arrive in the United States as a refugee fleeing war. Nah, Mark Charles Barnett is a good ol’ American — born and bred here.

    Not only that, but, according to ABC News, Barnett “was already on probation and wearing a court-ordered GPS monitor for a number of felony offenses, including kidnapping, multiple counts of sexual battery with a weapon or force and grand theft.”

    Again, if this man was anything other than a white man from Florida, he’d be used as an example of how the criminal justice system failed to protect us from dangerous thugs and criminals. We’d be hearing about how men like him should’ve never been let out of jail or prison in the first place.

    But here’s the thing: Mark Barnett is not the only white man with a deep criminal record who was arrested for plotting a deadly attack on American soil. Benjamin McDowell, who had known ties to white supremacist gangs from his time in prison, was just arrested for planning an attack “in the spirit of Dylann Roof.” Roof, as you no doubt recall, was a white supremacist who shot and killed nine black churchgoers in a Charleston, S.C., church in 2015. That attack was the deadliest hate crime against African-Americans in at least 80 years.

    Again though, stone silence from Donald Trump and his team on the arrest of McDowell.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Ya just cant make this stuff up…

    “Kim Jong Nam’s murder suspects reportedly thought it was a prank

    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, February 17, 2017, 2:10 PM

    Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong, the two women suspected of murdering North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, thought it was all a prank.

    Indonesia’s national police chief Tito Karnavian said Aisyah, a 25-year-old single mother from Indonesia, and Huong, from Vietnam, were paid to perform the supposed pranks on different men.

    According to the Telegraph, an unidentified man approached Aisyah at a nightclub where she was working and gave her $100 to do the prank.

    Aisyah told authorities she did not know who Kim Jong Nam was and thought the other people who accompanied her were film crew members to capture the prank for a reality show.”


  • @Bush Tea February 17, 2017 at 10:11 AM “@ Simple…tut tut tut!!! Stick with your solar water showers dear…”

    I will.

    Don’t want any pi!ssy old man p@@ing on me.


  • David and Jeff,
    If I am not mistaken, there were mass deportations in Germany, not so long ago. At that time certain ethnic groups who were not pure “Aryan”, were hunted down by the National Reserves” (Storm Troopers) and carted off to be deported. Is this what is happening again, in another part of the world, which joined a war to halt that atrocity? This “war” on “illegal Aliens”, is reminiscent of that era. Many Illegal aliens”; now old, now grand parents, who have toiled under great physical and emotional stress for many years, now huddle in fear, waiting for the knock and the shadowy figure of officialdom. Many families dread the resultant destruction of their family structure. The land of the free is now the hime of the coward.


  • @Alvin

    You live to n North America -what is your opinion?

    Are so-called aliens not entitled to due process under the law?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Alvin Cummins February 18, 2017 at 8:29 AM
    “Many families dread the resultant destruction of their family structure. The land of the free is now the hime of the coward.”

    What land of the free what!! What happened in Germany pales in comparison to what took place on that stolen landmass.

    America is founded on the destruction of the cultural, economic and physical fibres of indigenous people and those bought and brought in from the African continent.
    You should check to see what happened to the ‘native’ Americans’ main source of survival, the bison or buffalo, and what transpired on the Southern plantations to the black ‘family’. A good reading of Kyle Onstott and Lance Horner might just fill you in on the details.

    BTW, Alvin, shouldn’t home drums of a local rhythm be beating first in these times of crisis?

    You are sorely needed on the other post by David Commie to defend your embattled minister of falsehood (and by extension your mortally wounded lame duck administration going through its death throes).

    You had a lot to pronounce on the Hyatt in your fiercely sterling attack on Commie’s character and integrity so why not give your well-informed diagnosis of what is plaguing your administration now in the political ICU and being prepared for its electoral mortuary.

    Alvin, when you are bitten by your own dog expect to be diagnosed with deadly rabies. ‘Deliar’ will be the name in vogue for the many rabid canines roaming your once fair and pleasant land.

    Karma is indeed a rabid bitch to your ‘well-bitten’ administration.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Well Well & Consequences

    Ya aint hearing not one lowlife in the US complaining about this…the illiterate will break the treasury and it serves them right.

    “Trump family trips cost taxpayers $11.3m in one month – almost as much as Obama’s cost in a year

    Jaunts to estate in Mar-a-Lago, and secret service charges for his son’s business trips across the globe, are costing American taxpayers

    Peter Walker @petejohn_walker an hour ago

    Donald Trump, with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, his wife, Melania Trump, and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, in Mar-a-Lago AFP/Nicholas/Kamm/Getty
    Donald Trump’s family’s trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in a month as Barack Obama’s cost in an entire year.

    The US President’s three visits to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida since his presidential inauguration, combined with his sons’ business trips, reportedly cost $11.3m (£9.1m).

    Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch estimated Mr Obama’s travel expenses totalled an average $12.1m in each of his eight years in the White House”


  • @ Alvin Cummins February 18, at 8:29 AM … It is unbecoming to conflate the current deportation of illegal aliens to anything associated with Hitler’s purge of Jewish immigrants beyond the simple logistically comparison of the proposed extradition of the alleged 11 million illegal immigrants in the US and what the Fuhrer did in ‘removing from his country’ over six million Jewish people.

    First of all let’s accept that this is NOT a new issue. Trump has enlarged and energized the conversation of illegal immigration (and too legal immigration) but some type of aggresive deportation action has been in place since the late 1980s under all Republican regimes. Then criminals first started (in a serious way) being unceremoniously sent home after serving their sentences.

    Like others here I know of too many personal stories of immigrants in the US for many years now who though not criminally liable are still undocumented and can be deported.

    Unfortunately for them it is to their detriment that they were unable to legally establish themselves in the US and are now in an untenable situation if that dreadful knock comes to fruition.

    This is no different to the strident calls in Barbados for the deportation of Guyanese that was heard under BLP and DLP administrations.

    Rule of law is rule of law. We cannot condemn because of who is in power. Pres Obama also deported many illegals.

    It may be hard but if you get into the country of your dreams then you need to do everything possible and then some more to get that piece of paper validating your existence. Otherwise you better save your hard-earned money even as you send some home to build your lil bungalow…in preparation for that fateful day if the storm-troupers arrive.


  • de pedantic Dribbler February 18, 2017 at 9:55 AM #

    This is no different to the strident calls in Barbados for the deportation of Guyanese that was heard under BLP and DLP administrations

    According to my recollection the exodus of our Guyanese bretheren occurred under the admin of the present govt.


  • @ Simple Simon
    Don’t want any pi!ssy old man p@@ing on me.
    Perhaps PUDRYH was talking about the vice versa…..
    You seem to be silent on that version…. 🙂

    @ Vincent
    It is the mistaken notion that life is about acquiring money and wealth that drives people to uproot and move to jurisdictions where wealth appears to be abundant. While they are many genuine refugees who have suffered displacement, the overwhelming majority are looking for an easy fortune in a place where many crumbs fall off many tables.

    Unfortunately, in most of those attractive countries where tables seem to overflow, the stuff on those tables is tainted with the blood and tears of countless innocents over the centuries.
    Karma is a patient bitch…. and all those who drink of these centuries of wickedness and exploitation expose themselves to karmic retribution…..

    This world of ours has been conceived, designed, and created with such intricate complexity and wisdom, that you should not even think of trying to understand (least you hurt yourself 🙂 ) …but you can take Bushie’s word on it.
    ha ha ha


  • “home of the coward”…


  • Miller,
    Don’t tell me about what happened to the Native Americans. I am well aware of it, and have posted denouncing this atrocity for a long long time. I have referred to the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, which is the mantra of white America, and forms the basis for their racist policies; a policy that Trump is carrying to extremes.Unfortunately, his supporters and apologists keep forgetting (conveniently) the true history of the hatred, genocide, and prejudice exhibited by these descendants of the original settlers(illegal immigrants). I went to the U.S. first in 1958, and I remember the zeal with which the immigration authorities went after Caribbean immigrants, or farm workers who had not returned home after completion of their contracts on farms or in the cane fields, (illegals), who were taken from off their jobs, transported straight to the holding cells at the airports, or other places, and sent back home, without even being able to communicate with their family; going back home with just the clothes on their backs. Then it was not the Mexicans or the criminals. I remember those days. Trump is just building on the impression of many ignorant people who think thet anyone can just get on a plane and get into the U.S. They have absolutely no understanding of what getting to the U.S, from the Caribbean or non European countries entails. They pay no attention to illegal European (white) illegal aliens.
    On the matters, we know what your position and attitude has been since 2008 when you lost the election. Your pronouncements have not changed since then, and I do not expect it to change in the future, so I will not comment further.
    “This is no different to the strident calls in Barbados for the deportation of Guyanese that was heard under BLP and DLP administrations.”
    Surely you jest, in making this comparison. Nuff said.


  • David,
    As far as Trump and his supporters are concerned these “illegal aliens” are not entitled to anything. They want them out of their country as fast as possible. What happens afterward is of no concern to them. They forget one of the basic laws of Physics; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. He has no idea what the equal and opposite reaction will be. Wait and see. Unfortunately we will get some of the fall-out.


  • @Alvin

    Cant fault your comment.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Alvin Cummins February 18, 2017 at 12:18 PM
    “… and I remember the zeal with which the immigration authorities went after Caribbean immigrants, or farm workers who had not returned home after completion of their contracts on farms or in the cane fields, (illegals), who were taken from off their jobs, transported straight to the holding cells at the airports, or other places, and sent back home, without even being able to communicate with their family; going back home with just the clothes on their backs. Then it was not the Mexicans or the criminals. I remember those days. ”

    Why go back to 1958? Why not 2008? It is said that a sure sign of senility is when your short-term memory fails and your long-term recollection is enhanced in a most compensating way.

    The scenes you have just depicted could easily passed for those suffered by the Guyanese (and mostly blacks with obvious Bajan ancestry given their family or surnames) under the hands of your DLP administration only as recently as 2009.

    ‘Ever so welcome, wait for call’ was your administration’s diplomatic blowing of the Bajan trumpet in the sorrowful ears of those productive immigrants from the land your stupid administration will soon have to approach with a begging bowl in hand for a bag of rice to feed the soon-to-be-starving thousands of ungrateful Bajans who ancestors ran away in the thousands to BG many years ago.

    But there is a wise Bajan saying which your aging mind ought to recall: “De more de monkey climb, de more he expose he tail”.

    What goes around must come around; if not ‘soon’ then “shortly” à la Stinkliar.

    Btw, are you forgetting that you have been summoned to appear in defence of your man Stinkliar against the quack Doctor Deliar the aging mongoose who has thrown himself under the DLP bus after lying in the road of DLP destruction since 2009?

    Why allow the other ‘yellowed’ jackass ac to be the only martyr on the burning DLP deck?


  • David Thompson was a Brit of Guyanese heritage and not a word was said about him. Bajan/Guyana links go back decades.
    People like Clive Lloyd, Lance Gibbs, and others can all trace their backgrounds to Barbados.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “They pay no attention to illegal European (white) illegal aliens.”

    That’s just it, they pay no attention to white illegals…none, I even have a family member been there about 30 years who absolutely refuses to get any documents, they dont care about that one, but chase down black Caribbean people, Mexicans and others.

    That’s why Caribbean people are being warned, even those with green cards,, they will chase you down, detain you for years, a nice money making scam.., then deport you.., they are and have always been evil with that land stolen from the Natives and Blacks who were there long before them, and use the stolen land to live off the misery of others…that is how they have survived.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    And whenever Karma books that visit to the US…she will be relentless. This dude is still alive for a reason…to help them bring down the illiterate.

    The man who brought down Nixon says Trump is even ‘more treacherous’

    Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein criticises Donald Trump’s ‘unhinged conduct’ and warns ‘The most dangerous ‘enemy of the people’ is presidential lying’

    Adam Lusher 2 hours ago

    Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein has attacked Donald Trump’s “lying” and said his attacks on the media are more treacherous than those of Richard Nixon, the president he helped bring down.

    Bernstein, whose reporting with Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee helped exposed the Watergate scandal of the 1970s, has told his 26,000 twitter followers: “The most dangerous ‘enemy of the people’ is presidential lying – always. Attacks on the press by Donald Trump [are] more treacherous than Nixon’s.”

    Apparently questioning Trump’s mental stability, Bernstein added: “Real news (not fake) is that Donald Trump is trying to make conduct of the press the issue instead of egregious (and unhinged) conduct of POTUS [President of the United States].”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Ignorance knows no bounds.

    Fruendel may want to speak to immigration lawyers in the US to get information, CONSULATES ARE ONLY CONTACTED BY ICE….if the immigration detainees agree to be deported.’s a legal immigration court process that can take months or years,… takes up to 3 months for Consulates to be contacted by ICE to make arrangements for detainee travel….only if the immigration detainee agrees that they do not want to go through a tedious detention and immigration court process in a detention facility or local county jail…. where they may get immigration bail, parole or detained for years in the interim…..the latter being more likely under trump.

    Why does Fruendel as Prime Minister not know how the US system related to immigrants work……shameful….he might want to make an effort and find out.

    PM Stuart: No evidence of Barbadians detained in US
    Added 18 February 2017

    “NO BARBADIANS are being detained under the new immigration policy being implemented by the United States (US).
    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart gave this assurance following media reports that 19 Barbadian nationals had been held as part of a crackdown on immigration authorities in the US.
    Mr Stuart explained that investigations with Barbados’ Consulate-General in New York revealed that the claim was untrue.
    – See more at:


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The curse ALWAYS repeats itself in this stolen land, washed in the blood of the true owners.

    “Remember how FDR vilified Italians when mulling Trump Muslim ban
    SPECIAL TO NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, February 18, 2017, 1:59 PM

    President Trump isn’t the only chief executive to run roughshod over America’s tradition of civil liberties. (KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS)
    President Trump’s immigration executive order smacks of bigotry wrapped in a mystery inside a fiasco. But the 45th President of the United States isn’t the only chief executive to run roughshod over America’s tradition of civil liberties.

    February 19, 2017, marks the 75th anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s infamous Executive Order 9066. With the nation at war against the Axis powers — and still reeling from Pearl Harbor — FDR promulgated a directive that branded 600,000 Americans of Italian descent “enemy aliens.” Over 10,000 on the West Coast were forced to relocate.

    More than 250 were placed in internment camps in Georgia, Maryland, Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. Joe DiMaggio’s father could not visit his son’s restaurant in San Francisco. In New York, opera star Ezio Pinza was arrested.

    Italian-American homes and businesses were confiscated; property was seized; newspapers ceased publishing; and draconian curfews were established. Fishermen were not permitted to sail their boats and earn a livelihood. Four Italian-Americans committed suicide.

    But this wasn’t the only chapter of anti-Italian intolerance in American history.

    In the 19th century, the Know-Nothings targeted Roman Catholic immigrants from Italy as undesirable foreigners. And Italian-Americans endured persecution at the hands of a benighted nativist horde. On March 14, 1891, the city of New Orleans became a charnel house as eleven innocent Italian-Americans were wantonly slaughtered by a lynch mob numbering nearly 20,000.

    It was the largest mass lynching in U.S. history.

    A savage rabble fired shotgun blasts indiscriminately, tore bodies limb from limb and smashed human skulls with glee. Genteel Southern belles in search of souvenirs dipped their lace handkerchiefs in the blood of the butchered Italians.

    The New Orleans massacre was so horrific that President Benjamin Harrison paid reparations of $25,000 to the Italian government.”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Wait..nearly an hour and no one challenged me on US immigration procedures for detainees…..ah must be losing me touch…anyway, neither US Immigration, nor US Emassy may admit what I posted, but they sure wont dispute it either…lol…ya know, that miserable immigration court process and all.

    The detainees’ relatives will be allowed to visit them, so will their immigration attorneys.

    Even if invited by detainees, I dont see any of those lazy consular officers in the Barbados Consulate on 2nd Avenue and Lexington. ….trekking across the US to any detention facilities or jails to visit with bajan detainees, they will sit on their tails and await a call from ICE for the detainee to be transported to the consulate by ICE..just before beig deported…….if that is what the detainees wish.

    When Simple’s friend who told her that her bajan sister was detained last week or this week gets more information and shares it with Simple…we will hear more.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    You are…they are on a firing rampage, things are falling apart for those frauds them.

    “White House fires senior NSC aide who criticized President Trump
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, February 18, 2017, 3:45 PM

    The White House promptly fired a senior National Security Council aide after learning he openly bashed the President and several of his top advisers, including daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner.

    Craig Deare earlier this week took aim at President Trump and his administration during an off-the-record roundtable hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Center for about two dozen scholars, Politico reported.

    Deare had been serving as the National Security Council’s senior director for Western Hemisphere affairs before he was fired Friday.

    The ousted official complained during the discussion that senior national security aides don’t have access to the President and gave “a detailed and embarrassing readout of Trump’s call with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto,” a source told Politico.”


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