Caribbean Governments Asked to Approach UN Security Council to Stave Off War Between US and North Korea

Submitted by Bobby Clarke, Vice President, Clement Payne Movement


The Clement Payne Movement call upon the Caricom Secretariat to call a meeting of the Caribbean Heads of Government to impress upon Donald Trump, President of the United States of America and to Kim Jong Un, the Democratic Republic of North Korea President, to settle their differences by means of mediation.

The erratic statements by President Donald Trump, which if put into practice will cause the most devastation the world will ever know. Because of the borders of the Democratic Republic of North Korea and China, any error by America’s bombing of the Democratic Republic of North Korea could by error, cause collateral damage to the Republic of China

This will then put the two major countries of the world in confrontation with each and bring about annihilation not only of the United States and to the Chinese Republic but of all of Eastern Asia and North America among others.

The Caribbean Heads of Government need to make a serious approach to the United States of America and the United Nations Security Council to stop any further advancement by the US, the most powerful nuclear power in the world, from starting this war; either by action or a response to the Democratic Republic of North Korea infantile action.


  • The removal of the Confederate statues has nothing to do with Obama.

    The movement started in South Carolina, which removed its Confederate monuments from the grounds of the state legislature after a white nationalist murdered several black people in a church in Charleston, SC.

    The removal of Steve Bannon means Trump is allowing the Generals (Kelly, Mad Dog, and McMaster) to take over much of his Administration. Bannon was an advisor. He did not shape the election campaign. In fact, the main reason he is being forced out is that he helped a Bloomberg journalist write a book about the campaign in which he (Bannon) claimed to have shaped campaign strategy. That pissed Trump off because Trump shaped his own campaign with help from Paul Manafort and Steven Miller,

    Trump thinks Bannon has been showboating, and Trump likes to fire people. If Bannon is pissed, look out. He can use to attack Trump.


  • Excerpt from an Internet story on The Donald:

    At one point, Donald Trump gave free office space to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

    Kara Young, a biracial model who dated The Donald for two years before he met Melania, was asked whether she thought Trump was racist or supported white supremacist ideals, Ms. Young said, “That was not my experience.”

    Ms. Young was among the few African-Americans to be personally close to the real estate developer and reality television star.

    She dated Mr. Trump nearly 20 years ago, but Ms. Young, whose mother is black and whose father is white, recalled a man with limited understanding of other cultures. He didn’t talk much about race or racial history, she said, but he had a curious racial awareness and a propensity for stereotypes.

    “We went to the U.S. Open once, and a lot of black people came because it was Venus and Serena,” she said, referring to the Williams sisters. “He was impressed that a lot of black people came to the U.S. Open because they were playing.”

    Black people, he seemed to think, did not watch tennis.

    Ms. Young, who would not give her age but said she was roughly two decades younger than Trump, began dating him around 1997. Mr. Trump spotted Ms. Young at a party in the Hamptons and later asked someone for her number and called her.

    Their pairing made headlines, after Ms. Young was reported to have left her then-boyfriend, a celebrity reporter named A.J. Benza, for Mr. Trump, a fact that Mr. Trump boasted of on talk radio.

    “A.J. doesn’t like Trump for one reason: I stole his girlfriend. I took her away like he was a dog,” Mr. Trump told his friend, the radio shock jock Howard Stern.

    Ms. Young said she had watched the fallout from Charlottesville and was “horrified” by his comments putting white supremacists and counter protesters on the same plane.

    She despaired over the racial landscape in the country and her former boyfriend’s stoking of tensions.

    “It’s horrifying what happened at the rally,” Ms. Young said. “I think it’s crazy, and I think it’s sad that this is where our country is.”


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    `Workers have pulled down a statue in tribute to a US Supreme Court justice who defended slavery – days after plans to remove a similar symbol of racism in Charlottesville sparked mass riots.

    Maryland Governor Larry Hogan ordered the dismantling of the memorial to Roger B Taney outside the Maryland State House – which came after decades of pressure from civil rights groups.

    Mr Taney ruled in a landmark case in 1857 that black people should not be given US citizenship – a move which historians say indirectly triggered the civil war in the country.`


  • Let’s be clear Chad45, your causal links to Obama, the Charleston heros and statute removal are technical correct but @Artax is philosophically accurate when he invokes Obama as the baseline initiator of these actions: It was his ascendancy that precipitated the vile, racist birther nonsense and all that n more can be traced as a genesis of the bubbling hate from that degenerate in SC.

    The anger n vitriol re the confederate flag and monuments have been waged in US for generations…yes, the cries for removals have become greater over the years finally coming to its high point after South Carolina….but the fact that the tragic massacre at the AME church in Charleston was the fire to move then Gov Haley to action is shameful.

    You along with others argue the Confederacy’s debate as a false narrative and seek to  “obfuscate attempts to whitewash an ugly period of US history (by) framing the Confederate flag and monuments more as symbols of white heritage … rather than explicit symbols of racism.”

    Bannon should NEVER have been a WH advisor  and his removal was necessary and unavoidable.

    The removal of the son-in-law n daughter as formal advisors/confidants is also required.

    It’s not hard to understand why the group Black Lives Matter who are fighting for the basic human rights to stop police brutality and overreach are considered a terrorist group by the alt-right and right wing sympathizers when those same folk embrace an anti establishment, terrorist KKK who perpetuated very similar heinous acts ….. it is unbelievable however that a sitting president in 2017 embraces that…

    Obviously there’s a clear racist interest – a so called “whitelash” – fueling this battle over confederate statues…


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Chadsterthetrumpplant….one more vile white racist supremacist down. ……NEXT.


  • WW three things you guys will vote in the UN exactly the way the chinese have been grooming you too, secondly try taking the statues of simon bolivar down ( a slave owner by the way) and see if you dont end up with a colombian necktie. Cut the crap if you take all the statues down none of you guys will remember who you want reparations from.


  • Lawson before you post nonsense you need to know your history. To use Simon Bolivar support your point is an error. Is it about removing statues or more assessing the environment to determine that some symbols promote hate. Life is about making decisions based on what is before us.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Am sure Lawson been reading, even from descendants of Lee et al, the statues are not going further than museums, as soon as they can set up a museum for slave owners, thieves, murderers racists and nazis…so people can pay to go gawk at them in disgust…lol

    Lawson…ya mean all this time and those kkk, nazis, white supremacist, alt right been selling cocaine, meth and heroin by the ton and none of them know how to do a Colombian necktie…ah told ya they useless.

    Ah see ya half wit racists and wannabe white supremacists in Vancouver trying to stir up crap cause they feel ignored….they want rounding up and sticking in the iciest part of the Yukon tundra.


  • Oh you mean like bussa. and before you go on about what it means to you as a minority tourist on your island it just gives the populace a reason to hate me before I even come there.
    Yes life is about making decisions about what is before but not re-writing history using the optics of today for decisions made in the past. I can bet a lot of the soldiers never owned slaves and were just pawns but that does not negate their bravery. The red baron , rommel etc although on the losing side are admired by enemies and friends alike.
    Bolivar did own slaves but saw a better way up to the twelfth president of US owned slaves but does that mean they are written or pulled down out of history. You can align with sharpton and try and get rid of jefferson memorial good luck with that .


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Chadster….Kara Young is lying.

    People are still gagging at the idea that she thinss so little of herself that she would date a repulsive skank like trump, who got on a golf course asking his buddy if he ever “f*** a ni**er, they aint too bad”….D

    on Cheadle just exposed that conversation and hates trump to this day.

    Ya such a loser like Bannon, trump will soon disown you, but Bannon will finish him off, it’s on….lol

    Yall trump supporters are too skanky.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Lawson…you honor the victimized, not their abusers, as far as am concerned, all statues belong in museums, it does not take away from the abhorrent histories.

    Besides, if yall white criminals would stop glorifying hate, racism, murders, rapes , kidnappings, thefts and every evil committed by your ancestors and still calling it white culture….no one, including intelligent whites would have a reason to protest .

    People are protesting that they are whites dumb enough to want a repeat.

    The US will remove them all eventually, they all belong together….in museums .

    Some clown suggested recently that Obama be added to the slave owners for dead presidents on Mt. Rushmore….the person nearly got their head torn off, insulting it would be to make dead slave owning presidentss look good by sticking Obama in their midst to perpetrate more lies and rewrite histiry, now yall looking for the US to be burnt to the ground.

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  • Sept 24 ottawa wecomes the world barbados . As part of our 150 yr anniversary each country puts on the food and attractions of there country. I here for the real life experience they are bringing in a trio of panhandlers from st lawrence gap.

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  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Lawson….ah gotta make

    Besides, it’s useless hating whites going to Barbados as tourists, ya just gotta keep ya eyes on them to make sure they ARE NOT stealing anything from the island….most of them are thieves you know.

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  • You would compare what Bussa represents to Barbados and Barbadians to Robert Lee/confederate statues? Do you see Black Barbadians marching in the streets shouting KILL WHITE PEOPLE?

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  • David

    Hmmmm………..what does Bussa represent and to which Bimmers?

    Have you asked Caswell Franklyn what it represents to him?

    Wunnah Bimmers real confused with wunnah history……ah forgot blackmen tell no lies nor do they have personal agendas……..carry on smartly.

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  • Actually yes David I do, just watch a black lives matter rally, pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon etc or listen to a lot of other rhetoric for gods sake a black senator called for trumps assassination this week , have you been living under a rock or on one There is more than a million in law enforcement and most of them are white so who do you think they are talking about. Get real.

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  • Mr Blogmaster, making convenient arguments are the special of the day for many commenters on this topic.

    No one speaks of erasing history in the face of absent monuments to the Hitler military regime but its facile to advance an argument that those in a US civil war who fought with similiar zeal to hoist a replica of that supremacist ideology can be hailed as skillful battlefield tacticians to whom we should build or maintain memorials…other than in books and museums.

    One man’s activist will always be another’s terrorist, so the debate will forever rage!

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  • You may have the last word.

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  • This BLM ‘they are terrorists’ type discourse is so confoundingly disingenuous.

    There is no room for stupid comments on assassination of democratically elected leaders…and any other elected leader who supports that should be censured and removed from office.

    But with the terrible history across the US of police authorities viciously abusing Black suspects and the many recent video-taped instances of shooting them under contrived and illegal circumstances it’s unreal that BLM continues to be labelled so pejoratively.

    A cop’s job is dangerous …. but he or she cannot wear their KKK robes under their uniforms and then claim to be victims of a vocal and angry group of Black citizens…. that’s BS spiel.

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Lawson…shush, trump was calling for Obama to die every chance he could while Obama was president,all the racists were trying to set up his murder, one of the lowlifes and everyone knew who did it created an effigy of Obama being lynched…and you did not say a word Lawson…you racist.

    The orange turd said he could shoot anyone dead on 5th Avenue with no consequences…and you did not say a word…. you vile trump follower.

    The female got carried away with emotion and that too shall pass, she was not the only one calling for trump to be taken out, all over facebook there is a call, me personally, I prefer him remain just for the entertainment and embarrassment

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  • WW lol if I am a racist it just goes to show how stupid you leftys are. But like most normal people we get tired of the constant barrage by you idiots leftys and you drive us from our centrist beliefs. I fear for this woman senator she may have sealed her own fate if the media plays it up. How unusual a black woman with a big mouth reminds me of the one from california that doesnt live in the district in her million dollar home getting bailouts for her husband. I wonder if they can trace bajan or DLP roots to her

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Lawson…….most racists cannot stay away from black people, they got a fatal attraction filled with hate, ya notice ya cant stay out of Barbados right…lol…despite all that open space in Canada and the US right next door, you must fids a black majority country to vacation.

    The female senator will be fine one way or the next and that too shall pass, the orange clown will do something stupid in the next couple days to upstage that and everyone will call for him to be taken out as usual….lol

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  • Will anything good results out of war?


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