Mr. President, There is a Certifiable Madman In The Presidency

Submitted by Pachamama

donald-trumpDuring the Nixon administration John Dean walked into the Oval Office and told the president of a cancer on his presidency. The long-laboured elevation of the madman, Donald Trump, puts us in a far worse position. For it comes at a time when all the indicators, in all environments, suggest a nearing collapse of human civilization. The Executive Order is the main instrument of this madman, would-be-dictator.

We have here a man who has hardly been able to hire the thousands of political appointees needed to run government. In additional, thousands of civil servants have opted not to work under him or have retired early. What is clear is that Trump never had a plan if he won, gave no consideration to what winning was to mean. As a result the greatest country in the world, so-called, is currently being run like a one-door shop while the Doomsday Clock advances to two and a half minutes to midnight.

Trump talks about a ‘wall’. Building a wall on the Mexican border and having the Mexicans pay for it. Not the Canadian border. Not to keep out illegal Europeans, but Mexicans. Only a racist madman could process the thought of building a defensive wall, 2000 miles long, in 2017. Up to 1200 miles of which would have to be in the middle of the Rio Grande.

The Rio Grande, a river shared by both countries. Normal thinking would suggest that such a border can never be so protected and not since the Great Wall of China, constructed over many years and in parts, has such a feat been attempted. Moreover, environmental conditions may soon be driving Americans to Mexico and beyond, in their droves. If Trump were not insane he could be best advised to leave the ‘back door’ opened for this exit strategy.

He characterizes himself as a builder. He is not. He is better described as a developer. A developer who has no engineering skills. What he does, is to employ others (project managers, engineers, RE agents, general contractors, architects, etc) with a range of skills and he provides the funding to achieve project objectives. Most structural engineers agree that such a wall could be possible but give no guarantees that it would be fit for Trump’s purposes – effectively keeping out Mexicans and others coming from South America.

Trump has threatened executive action to hinder transfers from the federal government to major ‘sanctuary cities’. Cities which have clearly indicated they non-cooperation with his ‘undocumented resident’ policy. The truth is that major cities benefit greatly from the cheap labour of the undocumented. Even Germany tried this recently viz-a-viz Syrian ‘refugees’. Capitalism must have a pool of slave or cheap labour.

His policies will disrupt too many families containing both documented and undocumented members. What’s more, sanctuary cities transfer up to 20% more to the federal government than the feds return to them. They carry (financially) the mainly Republican, largely White, southern, central, mid-western states. Only a madman, power drunken as he clearly is, would challenge from such a position of relative weakness. Trump can only hurt his master race.

As the Economist’s Democracy Index downgrades the USA’s rating, Trump feels able to contend that 4 to 5 million people voted illegally for his opponent. Trump’s madness will not allow him to accept that most Americans did not vote for him, even in his electoral college victory. How could it not be possible for a man who could rise to the highest office in the land not know that 2 million people die between election cycles? What kind of narcissism would preclude Trump from empathizing with a human circumstance where deceased persons are not effectively removed from voters’ lists?

Trump’s executive orders seek to effectuate a promise to create a Muslim ban or registry. Even Madeline Albright, a woman who thought the illegal killing of 500K Iraqi children was ‘worth it’, has offered to be listed as a Muslim on this Schindler’s List. Trump’s order will selectively list the same Islamic majority countries disliked by Obama and Bush regimes.

The executive order does not list Saudi Arabia, the singular country from whence the Wahhabi/Takfiri/terrorist ideology flows. Instead we have countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen serving as stand-ins for the real enemy of us all. The madman, Trump, also leaves off countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. Could this be the capriciousness of a lone madman or is the system itself insane? How can a country deliver this man to the highest office if that country is not as he is?

These impulsive, unpredictable madmen/women, and we must include his closest advisers and enablers who seem to believe that they can play with fire without consequences. We are especially thinking about Jared Kushner, the Zionist Jew, who has placed in the mind of the principle madman the idea that East Jerusalem could be formally annexed without consequences. They must know that even a madman with his finger on the nuclear codes could be made to see sense. That action may be seen as minor and as a favour for Jared Kushner’s Zionist friends in the Likud but will instead lead to the final battle of Armageddon, we guarantee you. And Pax-Judaica will not emerge as the world power you seek. Instead the work of Adolf may be properly completed.

We also must take umbrage at some people for whom we’ve had a modicum of respect. People who, with generally just cause, have been supportive of Trump. People like Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), Charles Ortel (CO) and others who seek to maintain a narrative that Trump is somehow the innocent one here.

We are to believe that Trump is the one who comes to give us freedom from an over-bearing government. Yet, especially White men like PCR and CO (both Republicans) would seek to have Black people exchange a history of the deprivations of White supremacy to blindly buy into some newfangled narrative having a madman at its centre. We say to PCR, CO and their White friends, F**k-off!

Today Dr. Guy McPherson masterfully condensed all the climate changes that have been occurring, largely unnoticed, and has concluded that we may have less than 10 years left. Most times, we are too focused on singular climate events but McPherson has estimated what these changes, together, mean for life on planet earth.

He postulates that climate changes will severely impede our ability to grow grains, enough to feed ourselves. Grains have been central in the development of mankind. And instead of facing up to this terrible possibility, we are to deal with a madman who is more confident in his own ability to complete the task of the annihilation of humans sooner than the induced consequences of climate change.

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    YEAHHHHH!!!!! Stand in his chest until he cannot breathe….power to the people and the judicial branch.

    “A federal judge in Seattle has imposed a nationwide stop on the travel ban imposed by President Trump on seven Muslim countries.

    Judge James Robart granted a request from Washington state to put a temporary restraining order on key parts of last week’s executive order.

    “The law is a powerful thing — it has the ability to hold everybody accountable to it, and that includes the president of the United States,” State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said at a press conference after the ruling.

    Ferguson, joined by the state of Minnesota this week, had said that the executive order mandates discrimination”.

  2. @AC
    After telling Benjamin Netanyahu that Secretary of State Kerry and Obama was wrong for criticizing the new settlements which Isreal was building on the West Bank
    Trump today send a message to Netanyahu that Isreal must stop building the settlements
    That is an incorrect interpretation of what the Trump administration has said, it merely stated the obvious viz. that building new settlements are a hindrance to the peace process. As you can see Netanyahu to use a Bajan colloquialism didn’t even “unpick e teet” at that statement because it didn’t ask them to halt the building of settlements. Trump has nominated a pro settlement individual to be US Ambassador to Israel and the building of settlements on lands seized from the Palestinians will continue.

  3. WW&C

    has no idea what the judge’s injunction means. The judge has not produced a written order, but if he only tries to rule in favor of aliens who already have ( rescinded) visas, the 3-month travel ban still stands.

    If he rules that the executive order authorizing the travel ban is unconstitutional, the case will likely be appealed to the Ninth Circuit and then to the Supreme Court. If the Supremes are deadlocked, or rule against The Donald, the White House will just issue a replacement executive order with slightly different wording.

    Trump will prevail.

  4. @Chad
    Stop jumping the gun and predicting all kinds of scenarios, it is not unusual for a judge to deliver a judgment and follow up later with a written opinion and a judgement of this magnitude will be followed by a written opinion.

    Now go back to drinking the Kool-aid from your transformational President.

  5. Chadsterthetrumppimp…..dont be an idiot, I am the one versed in constitutional law…blocked means BLOCKED…this case is headed straight for the Supreme Court and will be argued long after trump is dust. Every judicial order prompts a written opinion, it’s like breathing, you breathe in, you exhale….or like eating, you eat, you shit….or like the law, you digest, your regurgitate.

    The presidential executive order is illegal…ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL…there are processes presently in place to deal with any and all immigration issues…trump does not have absolute powers, he has been put in check by the judicial government, the lawyers can fight it, but it will be a long battle and the best legal minds will fight back…not everyone is a yardfow.

    There the ACspimpsandrepulsiveyardfowls go channeling that pathological liar the ugly Conway, making up facts and telling lies re the Israeli settlements. …yall are poison.

  6. Chadsterthetrumppimp. …it’s so sad that you live in the UK, yet ya are still so very ignorant.

    John….it must feel real good to see your prays and dreams shattered even before they can fully form…lol….I told you, not in your lifetime, nor in the next three.

    Lawson…..ya can now safely cross the border in Buffalo, is it still there, and play golf for the summer. .lol

    All types of backlash will manifest.

    This is what pathological liars like the ugly blonde, prompts in NY.

    Maybe if the ACsrepulsiveyardfowls were known by anyone, they would prompt such a strong reaction too.

  7. “Chadsterthetrumppimp. …it’s so sad that you live in the UK, yet ya are still so very ignorant.”

    The US Chadster, ya still ignorant,….which makes ya appear even more ignorant because it’s such a enlightening country….in the UK you would be no different, it would just be you being you.


    Read and learn Chadster, ya too ignorant for ya own good.

    “A federal judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry into the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries.

    US District Judge James Robert, who was appointed by President George Bush in 2003, issued a temporary restraining order against the Trump administration’s restrictions, ruling that the ban would be immediately stopped nationwide.

    Within hours of the ruling, government officials told airlines in a conference call to begin allowing previously barred passengers to fly. However, the White House issued a statement late Friday announcing that the Department of Justice would file an emergency halt of judge’s order. Before sending a second, revised statement to the media, the White House called the judge’s ruling “outrageous.”

    Donald Trump boasts about January jobs growth but gets numbers wrong
    While the federal government argues that the ban protects the country from these countries, Judge Robert said he found “no support” for those claims.

    In Attorney Ferguson’s 90-page lawsuit, he claims the Trump administration is violating the Constitution’s protections for religious freedom. The state of Minnesota has also joined the state of Washington’s lawsuit which is backed by major companies including Amazon, Expedia, and several institutions of higher-education.

    New York and Virginia have also taken legal action against the president.”

  9. Learn something for once Chadster….the parts of trump’s illegal executive order that immediately affects ALL travellers….can be reversed, he does not have those powers to ban people from entering the US without judicial process….ah hope ya little pea brain can process that….lol

    “I want to be very clear, what the judge announced today was nationwide the president’s executive order does not apply,” he told reporters on Friday.”

  10. WW you and your rappers ( a music I detest by the way tell them to pull up their pants and quit grabbing their genitals) justin and hollywood types always remind me of the native american party, same name but for a different reason.

  11. Lawson, no doubt it bothers you…. having nothing there yourself of substance to grab…!!!
    But Bushie agrees that the so-called rap music is shiite….

  12. Lawson…the rappers aint the ones trying to destroy the US and the world….with plain

    Although I too have my problems with many of the.

  13. Although I too have my problems with many of them and some of the music can drive ya crazy, but in this case, the rappers are performing a public service.

    Lawson…..ya know yall in US and Canada will have to give back the Natives their land right, more powerful forces are now at work…..then ya will really have something to bitch about.

    Justin looks more on the Native side, check out his facial bone structure, so he wont need to worry, you on the other hand, with those anglo features will have to run…lol

    Power to the judicial government I say.

  14. WW the native american party in 1840 was called the know nothings you missed my joke had nothing to do with indians
    Bushy its not the size of the weapon but the fury of the attack , I know the old bajan story if you didnt wake up with a hard on on christmas morning you had nothing to play with but christmas is over stop it keep it up and you will go blind

  15. Most executives and CEO whose names are attached to Trump are running scared as anti Trump protesters target and boycott their businesses. Uber felt the weight of the backlash and quickly resigned from one of Trump official board meetings
    These executives are caught between a rock and a hard place having to execute Trump wishes and relying on much needed customer support to keep their business afloat
    Talk about conflict of interest

  16. @Well Well & Consequences February 4, 2017 at 5:37 AM “This is what pathological liars like the ugly blonde, prompts in NY.”

    CORRECTION: ugly FAKE blonde.

  17. JUST IN: The Department of Homeland Security issued a statement saying it had “suspended any and all actions” regarding the affected sections of the executive order.
    Homeland Security suspends implementation of Trump’s travel ban
    The State Department also said it has reinstated visas for those foreigners.|By NBC News

  18. Yeah Simple…blonde hair…, dark roots. lol an ugly

    Lawson…….I stand by my comment, you could call it wuh….lol…ya know yall in US and Canada will have to give back the Natives their land right, more powerful forces are now at work…..then ya will really have something to bitch about.

  19. Aha…….. an opportunity for safe Bim in the middle of the Atlantic……..thanks to trumpy.

    What do they know that we don’t?
    Tech billionaires build boltholes in New Zealand as they fear social collapse
    Some of America’s richest people are spending billions quietly preparing for a global Apocalypse and building boltholes in New Zealand.

  20. I used to play on an indian ball team only white guy, it was like dancing with wolves, they were all involved in land claims across canada and had cell phones even back then. They have a land claim on every bump in a river even our parliament buildings lol, But they dont want land anymore they want casinos, trump will swap some of his closed ones for the land the Dakota’s are selling for the pipeline, just like Manhattan for 24 bucks and some beads.Sound familiar bajan beachfront.
    Bushy thats a coincidence what you bring to mind is puff

  21. @Vincent Haynes February 4, 2017 at 5:12 PM “Some of America’s richest people are spending billions quietly preparing for a global Apocalypse and building boltholes in New Zealand.

    Thanks Vincent. i enjoyed reading the Daily Mail and its readers taking the piss out of these scared rich boys.

    Peter Theil is gay and was raised in an “evangelical Christian” home so you can imagine that he is a confused, since Evangelical Christians have little use for gay people. Maybe New Zealand is a place where he can go from time to chill with his current boyfriend.


    The judge who knows the law and did his job.

    You do know the Natives control the casinos in the US…like Foxwoods and many others, very successful, that’s why trump’s casinos all failed, he could never compete, he is still jealous of and hate the Natives for their success with casinos. After 9/11 NYC suffered financial shocks, then maypr lowlife Guiliani wanted to steal the casinos from the Natives…..there was a public outcry stopping the thief, what happen to yall, ya got a steal from Natives curse or what…lol

    See Lawson…the wealthy among you are looking for bolt holes, the only apocalypse is when what was stolen from the Natives have to be returned.

  23. While the Natives of North America are waiting to reclaim their birth rights, this is what the majority blacks in Barbados have to battle.

    Reminds me of the Bizzy “give me” cockroach and the Maloney cockroach and the Cow cockroach and the Bjerkham, Harris, Parris, Tempro cockroaches, all hiding in some dark, slimy place waiting to execute their scams to rob the treasury, steal from taxpayers and get their handouts via government contracts….that’s what cockroaches do, hide and wait….they just need for the ministers to deceive the electorate first.

  24. Vincent Haynes;

    Perhaps you haven’t seen this article.

    Like practically everything else Trump has done, it suggests to me that Trump has somewhat strategically but callously gone about taking actions designed to enrich himself and his family. He lost the battle with the inspectors-general but he will probably try something similar again.

  25. Judge Robart has shamelessly assumed the role of a politician in judicial robes.

    The Ninth Circuit and the Supreme Court will also make nakedly political decisions, further compromising the reputation of the federal judiciary. The anger of millions of his supporters will give Trump plenty of latitude to work around Court decisions.

    If Democrats really want a constitutional crisis, they will get one.

  26. The separation of powers is one huge sham.Politicians approve/appoint most of these judges.Robart is on solid ground as was the acting attorney general of the USA peremptorily dismissed by Donald Duck aided and abetted by Michael Mickey Mouse Pense.The world is in turmoil because of a sicko in the WH.

  27. Chad 99999; So yuh realise dah is de pint uh de whole exercise being overseen by Putin and his minions. Maximum chaos caan dun! But Trump’s millions can be trumped if the democrats and other patriots play their game carefully and properly and stand up to Trump and the selfish republicans who can see no further than Roe vs Wade and selling Guns.

    They can’t let Trump win this battle just so. They have enough credible and documented information so far to impeach him with barely a whimper from his supporters. If they don’t use it they will have only themselves to blame. The choice will not be easy but it will have to be made to save America.

    But I somehow have a gut wrenching feeling that Trump will prevail once more as the forces for him appear to be mightier at this time than the ones against. I hope I’m wrong.

  28. @Chad
    It wasn’t a feminist judge as you characterize the female jurists who ruled on this matter but a male appointed by Pres G W Bush a Republican. In his decision he cited the one made by Judge Hanen in Texas which reversed Obama’s Executive order that protected some illegal immigrants from deportation (Dreamers). Ultimately it was upheld by the 5th Circuit and appealed to the Supreme Court which ended in deadlock thus preserving the ruling of the Lower Court.

    It is a Constitutional crisis when a President refers to a Federal Judge as a so called judge or Mexican Judge when he rules against their interest, but reversals will be the order of the day when you get two bit legal dog catchers drafting complex laws in the middle of the night.

    BTW did you just fall off a truck? Courts in the US have always made political decisions, why did the Republicans not want Garland?

  29. @chad99999 February 4, 2017 at 8:34 PM “Judge Robart has shamelessly assumed the role of a politician in judicial robes.”

    And when did this happen?

  30. @Sargeant February 4, 2017 at 9:51 PM “two bit legal dog catchers drafting complex laws in the middle of the night.”


    Love your use of language.

  31. But wait Trump would upstage the superbowl tommorow nite as he gives some more of his jaw dropping responses in an interview he is having on the Fox network

  32. If you listen to the Democrats and the judges they control, Trump’s travel ban violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution (because it disfavours the Muslim religion and is motivated by “anti-Muslim animus”); it has been enforced in a way that violates the Due Process provisions of the Fifth Amendment; it violates the Immigration & Nationality Act because it discriminates against certain aliens based on their national origin, etc

    In other words, they are claiming that there is virtually no way President Trump can ban people from countries in the Middle East, even if the ban is imposed for the national security reasons Trump has been citing. That, however, is a plainly ridiculous claim, because if there were just one terrorist incident in the US involving an immigrant or a refugee, virtually every federal judge in “Republican” states would suddenly remember that, historically, the courts have almost always deferred to the national security decisions of US presidents on immigration policy.

    Once more we see that lawyers and judges are expensively and foolishly inconsistent, arbitrary and erratic in their reasoning. We need simpler, cheaper ways to resolve disputes in the Western world. The status quo should be seen as unacceptable.


    Look Chadster…Putin got a simpler, cheaper, mpre effective way and the dummy trump is defending iy, ah can’t wait fpr hom to try it out in the US…lol…if a judge can so easily deball trump, just imagine if he tries any extrajudicial killings in the US…..

    …..when are you going to face it, trump’s executive ppwers are very limited, he has only achieved his dream of firing whomever he cannot control…., his limited powers are otherwise easily blocked by the judicial government. Ah want him to go playing dictator, then he will get what he so richly deserves.

    Neither trump nor his lackeys are intelligent enough to work around brillant federal legal minds, wont happen..,.they will be pulverized in court.

    “President Trump defends Vladimir Putin as a ‘killer’
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, February 4, 2017, 11:27 PM



    President Trump defended Russian leader Vladimir Putin as “a killer” and suggested that the United States is just as bad.

    Bill O’Reilly asked Trump to explain how he could respect the Russian president in a Fox News clip expected to air on Sunday.

    “But he’s a killer though. Putin’s a killer,” O’Reilly told Trump, referencing the Kremlin’s alleged penchant for extrajudicial deaths.

    “We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think — our country’s so innocent,” Trump callously replied in the “O’Reilly Factor” interview taped at the White House.

    Trump defended Putin in a similar fashion, well before federal officials linked Russia to a hacking plot to sway the presidential election, back when Trump was the Republican presidential candidate and the Kremlin boss had showered him with compliments.”

  34. Simple…that’s how those disgusting racists age, like a house on fire, the demons inside them cant wait to decay their outward appearances.

    Trump is trying to dismantle only the areas of government that protects the rights of the people in his bid to become a dictator like Putin, but Americans are not like Russians and the constitution has mechanisms in place for just such scenarios and he cannot change any of them without an act of congress…and that is never gonna happen……he will get a fight that would bury him…… loser…lol

    Wait until he cannot have his way with the constitution, every destructive decision will be blocked and tied up in the supreme court and all those countries he owes and made promises to will call in their chips, haha.

    Dont mind the doo-doo bird Chadster, he is clutching at anything, cause he aint privy to the laws of the land.

  35. “Critics said checks and balances on presidential power were part of America’s constitution, and that extensive vetting procedures were already in place for visitors, immigrants and refugees.”

    Those checks and balances that trump is trying to remove to assume dictatorship in the US, will be his undoing….why oh why dont he suspend the constitution, ah cant wait for him to try that one, wuh happen, he frighten or what.

  36. The voice of the people….lol what the people will come to recpgnize is the dangerous dictator trump wants to be in the US and they will be forced to do something about it…oh what a day that will be.

    “The United States child in chief

    East Norwich, L.I.: What the United States has in President Trump is a petulant, dangerous child in a man’s body. This man is so thin-skinned that his ego cannot accept the fact that he lost the popular vote in the national election by millions. Instead, he is intent on investigating “voter fruad” that his own party is telling him does not exist. The investigations that should be taking place should involve Russia’s role in helping him win the election, which all intelligence agencies agree did happen, and his income tax returns, which he refuses to disclose.

    If the American people do not know his net worth when he came into office, how can they determine his net gain when he leaves office? He has said that his sons will manage his business empire, but that is all smoke and mirrors since he will still be the owner, and who will ever know the conversations tha take place between them?

    Trump is a man bereft of the temperament and intellect that is commensurate with the office of President of the United States. He is a pathological liar who is intent on delegitimizing the press in order to gain control of thought and action. It is no coincidence that Kellyanne Conway’s use of the term “alternative facts” sparked the meteoric rise in sales of George Orwell’s book “1984.”

    I do find poetic justice in that after Trump hounded President Obama for years about being a legitimate President, which he proved he was, now Trump’s legitimacy is being called into question, and with good reason. The bar for Trump was set too low, and the price for change will prove to be too high. Vincent Fiordalisi”

    The danger to pregnant women that trump and his bible thumping, hypocritical anti-abortionists represent.

    “No choice

    Westfield, N.J.: To Voicer Michael Hooker: In the late 1960s, my wife and I were each age 22 and residing in El Paso, Tex. We had a dog who developed rabies and bit us. We had the anti-venom injections and all looked favorable. However, my wife was pregnant and I begged that she get an abortion. I was told in no uncertain terms that the hospital did not do abortions. Months later, my wife’s rabies returned in full force. She died screaming and howling as no human should ever scream. The autopsy revealed that the fetus re-infected her. Because of rigid stupidity, two lives were lost. Now, fifty-some years later, I still hear her screams. Herbert Kaplan”

  37. Chadster…I know I dont always agree with you, but can’t you get trump to suspend the constitution, then both you and him can have your hearts’ desires fulfilled.

  38. For someone who promised to “drain the swamp”, Trump seems to be doing a rather good job of filling it with alligators and venemous snakes instead.

  39. if the 9nth court of appeals doesnt stay the order trump will have to wait till his judge is on the supreme court before they appeal.
    butt Well Well you seem to be missing what is going on here.These marches are good for business the center core of a city is usually empty at night , the restaurants are full,coffee shops busy police and fire getting overtime, if the people riot trump looks good . The city needs more federal money for all the cost overuns because of marches so when trump pulls the police money sanctuary cities will get in line sooner. they are hastening their own demise March on you short sighted dolts. and if someone comes in in this hiatus and kills the left is dead
    By taking the lawbreakers side over citizens damaging property, causing citizens to miss flights etc holding up cabinet appointments fair minded people will get sick of the left and punish them next year at the poles, then look out.

  40. and he is keeping his promise to the people its the dems that are stopping it he will say either way this is a win win for trump check another one off the list. The left would have been far better to go along with what he wants giving him enough rope to maybe hanging himself now if he fails they short shortsightedly will claim they brought him down but if he fails america fails and in turn the world will feel the effects again trump wins

  41. Lawson…ya dont know Americans very well do you, the same companies making money off the marches etc….are the same companies joined the various states and the federal judges to block trump, their immigrant employees stay employed, they keep paying less in wages and they get filthy rich in the interim…..a win win…lol.

    Trump is just the dummy vehicle allowing for all this to take place, the longer he attempts to violate the constitution, the longer the money game plays out….he will never win, but they will…lol…they will probably build another city by the time he exhausts himself fighting the judicial

    Ya gotta get with the program Lawson…ya think we

  42. Bannon looks unhealthy, will probably drop from a heart attack by the time the judicial government is through doing end runs around him…lol.

  43. WW this is the end of the left,they are in a death spiral putting aliens with no rights over their own is sealing their fate lord help them if an attack happens. Lousy actor good president lousy person good president good person total screw up president do the math lol

  44. @ David BU

    With comments at 675 (many of which are repetitive and monotonous) and there being more important issues in Barbados that merit discussion than Trump, don’t you think it’s about time you close off contributions to this topic?

    I’ve seen you close topics with much less contributions.

    • @Artax

      80% of the comments on this blog are posted by commenters who live in North America. If they want to be swept along in the current that is Trump they can knock themselves out. The benefit is that they don’t have a reason to bring the Trump conversations to blogs focused on local of which they are several. Note blogs are closed not because of the number of comments.

  45. “WW this is the end of the left,they are in a death spiral putting aliens with no rights over their own is sealing their fate lord help them if an attack happens.

    Lawson…what aliens, do you see any aliens on earth, I see 7.4 billion people on earth and each and everyone has rights, earth is not a country, it’s a planet, when did you asses get lost…yall believe too much in ya own fantasy rubbish……ah see a useless, incompetent president though…lol

  46. Well Well its funny you believe you should be able to control the access of guyanese, jamaicans etc into barbados but no-one else has that right Why you feel you deserve some legal rights to enter someone elses domain because you exist seems bizarre try it in n korea

  47. Lawson…I have never tried to stop anyway from entering any country…I never put a country anywhere, where have you or any other world leader create and put any country, I know they have stolen countries, that’s as far as they power extend until they themselves are removed from the earth…permanently.

    No…I want you to tell trump, to go north korea and try his crap….and he will know what for…lol

  48. Former Norwegian PM detained at US airport

    If you’re the former leader of a European nation, the president of a major human rights organization and the owner of a diplomatic passport, you’re not likely to encounter a long wait at airport immigration…But on January 31, Kjell Magne Bondevik, the former Prime Minister of Norway, encountered more than just a lengthy queue….Bondevik said, he was questioned for over an hour…he was interrogated by officials at Washington’s Dulles International Airport” Did they really believe that I presented a problem or threat to the US? I expected they would show more flexibility and wisdom,”


    From a petty U.S. Immigration official?


    For those of wunna with diplomatic parts, please hold wunna spot at the back of the bus,

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