Mr. President, There is a Certifiable Madman In The Presidency

Submitted by Pachamama

donald-trumpDuring the Nixon administration John Dean walked into the Oval Office and told the president of a cancer on his presidency. The long-laboured elevation of the madman, Donald Trump, puts us in a far worse position. For it comes at a time when all the indicators, in all environments, suggest a nearing collapse of human civilization. The Executive Order is the main instrument of this madman, would-be-dictator.

We have here a man who has hardly been able to hire the thousands of political appointees needed to run government. In additional, thousands of civil servants have opted not to work under him or have retired early. What is clear is that Trump never had a plan if he won, gave no consideration to what winning was to mean. As a result the greatest country in the world, so-called, is currently being run like a one-door shop while the Doomsday Clock advances to two and a half minutes to midnight.

Trump talks about a ‘wall’. Building a wall on the Mexican border and having the Mexicans pay for it. Not the Canadian border. Not to keep out illegal Europeans, but Mexicans. Only a racist madman could process the thought of building a defensive wall, 2000 miles long, in 2017. Up to 1200 miles of which would have to be in the middle of the Rio Grande.

The Rio Grande, a river shared by both countries. Normal thinking would suggest that such a border can never be so protected and not since the Great Wall of China, constructed over many years and in parts, has such a feat been attempted. Moreover, environmental conditions may soon be driving Americans to Mexico and beyond, in their droves. If Trump were not insane he could be best advised to leave the ‘back door’ opened for this exit strategy.

He characterizes himself as a builder. He is not. He is better described as a developer. A developer who has no engineering skills. What he does, is to employ others (project managers, engineers, RE agents, general contractors, architects, etc) with a range of skills and he provides the funding to achieve project objectives. Most structural engineers agree that such a wall could be possible but give no guarantees that it would be fit for Trump’s purposes – effectively keeping out Mexicans and others coming from South America.

Trump has threatened executive action to hinder transfers from the federal government to major ‘sanctuary cities’. Cities which have clearly indicated they non-cooperation with his ‘undocumented resident’ policy. The truth is that major cities benefit greatly from the cheap labour of the undocumented. Even Germany tried this recently viz-a-viz Syrian ‘refugees’. Capitalism must have a pool of slave or cheap labour.

His policies will disrupt too many families containing both documented and undocumented members. What’s more, sanctuary cities transfer up to 20% more to the federal government than the feds return to them. They carry (financially) the mainly Republican, largely White, southern, central, mid-western states. Only a madman, power drunken as he clearly is, would challenge from such a position of relative weakness. Trump can only hurt his master race.

As the Economist’s Democracy Index downgrades the USA’s rating, Trump feels able to contend that 4 to 5 million people voted illegally for his opponent. Trump’s madness will not allow him to accept that most Americans did not vote for him, even in his electoral college victory. How could it not be possible for a man who could rise to the highest office in the land not know that 2 million people die between election cycles? What kind of narcissism would preclude Trump from empathizing with a human circumstance where deceased persons are not effectively removed from voters’ lists?

Trump’s executive orders seek to effectuate a promise to create a Muslim ban or registry. Even Madeline Albright, a woman who thought the illegal killing of 500K Iraqi children was ‘worth it’, has offered to be listed as a Muslim on this Schindler’s List. Trump’s order will selectively list the same Islamic majority countries disliked by Obama and Bush regimes.

The executive order does not list Saudi Arabia, the singular country from whence the Wahhabi/Takfiri/terrorist ideology flows. Instead we have countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen serving as stand-ins for the real enemy of us all. The madman, Trump, also leaves off countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. Could this be the capriciousness of a lone madman or is the system itself insane? How can a country deliver this man to the highest office if that country is not as he is?

These impulsive, unpredictable madmen/women, and we must include his closest advisers and enablers who seem to believe that they can play with fire without consequences. We are especially thinking about Jared Kushner, the Zionist Jew, who has placed in the mind of the principle madman the idea that East Jerusalem could be formally annexed without consequences. They must know that even a madman with his finger on the nuclear codes could be made to see sense. That action may be seen as minor and as a favour for Jared Kushner’s Zionist friends in the Likud but will instead lead to the final battle of Armageddon, we guarantee you. And Pax-Judaica will not emerge as the world power you seek. Instead the work of Adolf may be properly completed.

We also must take umbrage at some people for whom we’ve had a modicum of respect. People who, with generally just cause, have been supportive of Trump. People like Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), Charles Ortel (CO) and others who seek to maintain a narrative that Trump is somehow the innocent one here.

We are to believe that Trump is the one who comes to give us freedom from an over-bearing government. Yet, especially White men like PCR and CO (both Republicans) would seek to have Black people exchange a history of the deprivations of White supremacy to blindly buy into some newfangled narrative having a madman at its centre. We say to PCR, CO and their White friends, F**k-off!

Today Dr. Guy McPherson masterfully condensed all the climate changes that have been occurring, largely unnoticed, and has concluded that we may have less than 10 years left. Most times, we are too focused on singular climate events but McPherson has estimated what these changes, together, mean for life on planet earth.

He postulates that climate changes will severely impede our ability to grow grains, enough to feed ourselves. Grains have been central in the development of mankind. And instead of facing up to this terrible possibility, we are to deal with a madman who is more confident in his own ability to complete the task of the annihilation of humans sooner than the induced consequences of climate change.


  • @Artax

    80% of the comments on this blog are posted by commenters who live in North America. If they want to be swept along in the current that is Trump they can knock themselves out. The benefit is that they don’t have a reason to bring the Trump conversations to blogs focused on local of which they are several. Note blogs are closed not because of the number of comments.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “WW this is the end of the left,they are in a death spiral putting aliens with no rights over their own is sealing their fate lord help them if an attack happens.

    Lawson…what aliens, do you see any aliens on earth, I see 7.4 billion people on earth and each and everyone has rights, earth is not a country, it’s a planet, when did you asses get lost…yall believe too much in ya own fantasy rubbish……ah see a useless, incompetent president though…lol


  • Well Well its funny you believe you should be able to control the access of guyanese, jamaicans etc into barbados but no-one else has that right Why you feel you deserve some legal rights to enter someone elses domain because you exist seems bizarre try it in n korea


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lawson…I have never tried to stop anyway from entering any country…I never put a country anywhere, where have you or any other world leader create and put any country, I know they have stolen countries, that’s as far as they power extend until they themselves are removed from the earth…permanently.

    No…I want you to tell trump, to go north korea and try his crap….and he will know what for…lol


  • Former Norwegian PM detained at US airport

    If you’re the former leader of a European nation, the president of a major human rights organization and the owner of a diplomatic passport, you’re not likely to encounter a long wait at airport immigration…But on January 31, Kjell Magne Bondevik, the former Prime Minister of Norway, encountered more than just a lengthy queue….Bondevik said, he was questioned for over an hour…he was interrogated by officials at Washington’s Dulles International Airport” Did they really believe that I presented a problem or threat to the US? I expected they would show more flexibility and wisdom,”


    From a petty U.S. Immigration official?


    For those of wunna with diplomatic parts, please hold wunna spot at the back of the bus,


  • And it did not matter that Mr. Bondevik will be 70 this year.


    And that he had filed his (ESTA) Electronic System Travel Authorization before leaving for the U.S.A.


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