The Audacity of Fear (II)

Submitted by Heather Cole

Submitted by Heather Cole

In 2014, while addressing the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama said:

“In the end, that’s what this election is about. Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope? John Kerry calls on us to hope. John Edwards calls on us to hope. I’m not talking about blind optimism here — the almost wilful ignorance that thinks unemployment will go away if we just don’t talk about it, or the health care crisis will solve itself if we just ignore it. No, I’m talking about something more substantial. It’s the hope of slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs; the hope of immigrants setting out for distant shores; the hope of a young naval lieutenant bravely patrolling the Mekong Delta; the hope of a millworker’s son who dares to defy the odds; the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too. Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope!

Three years later, he wrote a book entitled the Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. In that book he calls for a new kind of politics that unites the people and a vision for the political future of the USA. That speech and that theme propelled him on to the national platform eventually paving the way for him to become the 44th President of the United States of America.

The book became a best seller and President Obama brought eight years of growth to an economy that was on the road to disaster. In essence he had brought the hope that the people need there and then to believe that America could be great again. His was not a doctrine of fear but of what the people could achieve united. Though there were many stumbling blocks in his way, his has been the most successful Presidency in living memory.

In the recent campaign running up to the election, Donald Trump ran on a slogan of “Making America Great Again.” Perhaps Mr. Trump did not read President Obama’s book as his campaign was not based on hope. Instead it instilled fear into the Republicans base; fear that they had lost America. Fear was the weapon of destruction used by Mr. Trump to advocate racism, misogyny, bigotry, lies, deceit, albeit successfully to become the President elect of the USA.

That weapon can only be described as a two edged sword because the fear that was propagated by Mr. Trump has now taken hold on the other half of the country who did not vote for him as his campaigning promises will affect their civil liberties. The Mexicans now fear deportation, the Muslims religious persecution, the LGB Community that their rights will be taken away; the black population that again that their lives will not matter and; women that their rights will rescind to the 1950’s. In essence, Donald Trump triumphed because of the audacity of fear.

Since the election Some of the American people, especially the youth are challenging the institutions created by the founding fathers through protests in many cities and online petitions. These actions after a general election are unprecedented as the act by the early colonist of dumping tea in the Boston Harbor. The older people seem to have accepted that it is a done deal while many of the youth are claiming that the President elect is not there President. This has never been challenged before.

Although the Constitution was designed with separation of powers and clear rules for the impeachment of a President, this may not become a reality as both the House of Representatives and the Congress are controlled by Republicans.

More importantly, although the Constitution begins with “We the people” it does not provide the people with any recourse if they wish to remove a president elect. No one knows what will happen if the protests escalate. These groups must unite and state their clear goals.

Like a play in which the writer has only written two acts, this story is far from over. The county has elected a Republican House of Representatives and Senate along with a Republican President; a businessman known as The Donald who comes with an empire and has set the tone for his absolute rule (not that of his Administration) may be headed towards a constitutional crisis.

On introspection if that famous conversation between Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia and Benjamin Franklin were to take place today regarding the status of the country, and she asked “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” One can say with some degree of certainty that his response would be “A monarchy, what a waste of tea!”


  • WW&C is correct, the Canadians go in droves to Cuba.

    And they also operate a ton of hotels (and build them)

    Cuba has more miles on undeveloped beach land than is imaginable. Here is another one set to go

    There are also several Bajans who went there years ago. When I working there in ’90’s, I came across a few of them. 3 years ago, my translator, who has since defected to Miami, sent me a note of a movie Lost Roots about Bajans in Cuba. To my knowledge it has never made it to the big screen, but a trailer is on UTube


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The Japanese are no longer an aggressive people, the A-bomb took care of that….now the Chinese, different story, what a difference a couple hundred years makes.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    When reality finally hits home.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    This is what corruption breeds….government ministers and politicians should take note. Clinton was sure she was going to be president and have immunity from all future crimes she planned to commit against the Haitian people, she was so sure, being sure nearly killed Killary.

    Reddit User billclintonisarap1st has reportedly uncovered a new mysterious death linked to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. His reddit post reports that Monica Petersen was found dead under “suspicious circumstances” while working for the Human Trafficking Center in Haiti.
    Monica had been critical of the Clinton Foundation’s dealings even sharing a highly detailed article highlighting Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s despicable dealings in Haiti as well as their connections to Billionaire Carlos Slim and the New York Times.
    A friend reports on what she was researching:

    As we know, Hillary has ties to convicted sex offender and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. In addition, Hillary was involved in the NGO run by Laura Silsby, the former director of the The New Life Children’s Refuge. She was caught attempting to steal and smuggle 33 children from Haiti, most of whom weren’t even orphans at the time:

    Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Laura’s NGO. Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.
    Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman’s organization:

    One of the first things Hillary did when she took over the scene in Haiti was to get Laura off the hook:

    And the attorney who represented Laura Silsby? A man who was himself convicted as a sex trafficker:

    Even more disturbing, we uncovered an email in Wikileaks where they are literally pricing how much it costs to transport children:

    Again, this was the same group that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to Traffic kids.

    They’re in the Clinton Emails:
    What was going on here? Reddit commenters are asking questions:

    As golfrinserepeat opined, “Just another coincidental death that happens whenever anyone looks too close into Clinton’s dirty laundry.”

    Another poster commented, “This is getting even spookier

    Read more:


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Threats to the Caribbean the leaders must take very seriously, it’s reality, nit politicians fantasy.

    “As part of a nationwide series of university student walkouts in protest of Republican President-elect Donald J. Trump’s proposed policy initiatives regarding immigration and the deportation of criminal undocumented immigrants, nearly a thousand students and faculty members at Rutgers University staged a rally and march in downtown. “(Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

    By NAN Business Editor
    News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 18, 2016: The economic impact on the Caribbean of a Donald Trump administration could be problematic. David Jessop, a consultant to the Caribbean Council, has identified five possible economic implications on the region. They are:

    1: Abandoning Existing Trade Deals
    Donald Trump has said that he will abandon existing trade deals. If he is genuinely intent on doing this, it is not hard to see his administration making demands for access for US goods and services on the basis of reciprocity, says Jessop. It is also possible that tax penalties would be levied on those US manufacturers who have off-shored their manufacturing or assembly plants into locations like the Caribbean to take advantage of a more favorable tax environment.

    2: Picking Up The Cost Of Its Own Security.
    Trump may require the Caribbean to fully meet the costs of its own security; for example, guaranteeing the safety of US visitors, Jessop says especially given China’s growing and central role in investment to access the US market in manufacturing and services in the Caribbean region.

    3: Tearing Up Of The Ratified Global Agreement On Climate Change
    If true to his word, Jessop says, Trump could within days of taking office use executive action to tear up the recently ratified global agreement on climate change, a text of existential importance to the Caribbean. This will be a decision that will require the region to react.

    4: Transactional Relationship With Cuba.
    Trump has made it clear, in Cuba’s case, that he would want a transactional relationship. He intends, he said, to “make it rough …. until a really good deal can be made for the Cuban people and for the United States.”
    “We have to make a deal that’s good for the Cuban people and I would make sure that the deal is either made, or I’d have nothing to do with them,” he told a Miami radio station just a few days before being elected. It is a proposition Havana is unlikely to respond well to, says Jessop.

    5: Pitting The Rest Of The Hemisphere Against The US
    Hemispheric groupings like the Organization of American States (OAS) or the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to have to take a position against Trump’s strong authoritarian leadership stance, potentially pitting the rest of the hemisphere against the US”


  • They may not be aggressive but they only have two ways of looking at people It is either up at you or down at you never at the same level. But you made my point they will be afraid of chinese and do what the us wants.
    WW are you saying ,…lock her up


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Yes Lawson…..I am saying lock her up, no pardon for this witch, she is vile, I am sur she is counting on Trump to pardon her and he is already leaning that way, presuming he himself is not impeached before slithering into the white house……since he cannot get his fraud and racketeering trump university case delayed.

    Killary should be tried in the Hague she is so vile…not even me with my broom got the stomach for what she is capable of…a demon.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    People must be aware at all times who and what is being chosen to make decisions in their lives.

    This one is pure poison, let’s see if he is confirmed.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    A must watch


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “The United States has 5% of the world’s population, yet we have nearly 25% of the world’s prison population. Our prison population has grown nearly ten-fold in my lifetime. After my day with Defy, I asked friends who work in the criminal justice system for additional resources about mass incarceration in the United States, and they recommended two books (The New Jim Crow and Just Mercy) and a recent Netflix documentary, 13th:

    If you’re curious about the deliberately racial foundation on which mass incarceration is built, you should read The New Jim Crow or watch 13th. We now imprison a larger percentage of our Black population than South Africa did at the height of apartheid. Once incarcerated, individuals often lose access to many of the federal assistance programs designed to help our least fortunate. In most states, they lose the right to vote. Whether they get it back (and when) varies by state. Once released from prison, the lack of assistance makes surviving and thriving exceedingly difficult.

    This is borne out by the numbers: the prison recidivism rate in the United States shows that once you’ve been in prison once, you’ll almost certainly go back. Over two thirds of prisoners who are released from prison are back in prison within three years.”


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The Bushman….what happened….lol

    Women in Barbados need to seriously consider not having any babies for another 20 years, let this batch of politicians, senators, priests and government ministers leave the landscape, they are jackasses, they cannot deliver water, jobs, streets free of raw sewage, new pipelines, good roads or a corrupt free judiciary or parliament to the people and they want babies….they gotta be mad.

    According to the first link they cannot even find good men in Barbados. …and they want babies….for what, so they can blame the mothers and grandmothers….obvouly they cannot analyze or recognize the social problems.

    Whar a mess.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    This is how you watch wannabe dictators and their families…very carefully. Something for the Barbados and Caribbean electorate to learn about their politicians, these growing concerns will have teachable lessons.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Oh the

    Somebody help me here, please, now if the JEWS start registering themselves as MUSLIMS in the US…MUSLIMS…I tell you, as they are nio threatening to do, just imagine the hahaha, lol.


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