How many Excess Deaths in Barbados being covered up?

Late last year Prime Minister Mia Mottley advised the country after one of her jaunts that a deal was in the making with the Rwandan Government to establish a pharmaceutical industry in the region, the first of its kind. Mottley further updated that the Rwandan Food and Drug Administration and the Barbados Drug Service and Ministry of Health and Wellness had started discussions to advance the matter.

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A few days ago Chief Medical Officer The Most Honourable Dr Kenneth George was quoted in the media as saying Barbados was, “considering the possibility of establishing local vaccine manufacturing capabilities in response to the challenges brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic”. He explained the Covid 19 pandemic had exposed an inequity with Small Island Developing States (SIDS) unable to access the vaccine therefore compromising the ability of public health authorities to protect vulnerable members of the public.

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Right thinking Barbadians welcome the bold initiative proposed to establish a pharmaceutical industry in the region and out of the process manufacture vaccines to provide easy access for people of the region. The blogmaster’s concern about the idea- which it is at this stage – is the robustness of the environment to ensure success of the project. Barbados and a majority of countries in the region struggle with implementing and maintaining basic projects. From all reports managing a pharmaceutical industry is a complicated affair notwithstanding technical support promised by Rwanda and others.

Our tertiary level institutions have not established a reputation for research work. How many opportunities have we missed to have pioneered the solar water-heating project? We are a region known for a high prevalence of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), what have we done to learn about how NCDs impact the regional population?

The question on the lips of many is what robust research is being conducted by The Most Honorable Dr. Kenneth George, University of the West Indies and related parties to assuage the concerns being raised in many quarters in the global community about the lack of post Covid 19 analysis, especially as it pertains to excess Covid 19 deaths. A family member recently forwarded the following question, “HOW MANY EXCESS DEATHS HAVE OCCURRED IN BARBADOS?. It has the accompanying note,

Has the Ministry of Health in partnership with other “NON-PROFITS” done any type of research to show whether there has been a “POPULATION DECLINE” in Barbados, and if so, by how much? …

I believe this is a story of “PUBLIC INTEREST” given what is occurring in the UK, US, Canada & elsewhere – with personal resonance given to Barbados, as this is our homeland and the findings should be a cause for concern…

BU family member

The following table exposes Barbados for the lack of data available for external parties to apply robust analysis. How can we be serious about entering the complex world of manufacturing drugs, vaccines and there is a weak culture of data gathering and analysis?

See link to rough mortality numbers associated with Covid 19.

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  1. In all fairness, David, UWI, for example, has been conducting research into NCDs, through its ‘George Alleyne Chronic Disease Research Centre.’

    • @Artax

      What is the volume of the research? How has it impacted policy making and attitudes by population?

  2. The following table exposes Barbados for the lack of data available for external parties to apply robust analysis. How can we be serious about entering the complex world of manufacturing drugs, vaccines and there is a weak culture of data gathering and analysis?

    I don’t see how the two are related. Any company manufacturing drugs will not be controlled by the government. A private entity manufacturing drugs will adhere to international best practices (ISO 9001 for example), which exceed anything the Drug Service or BNSI have in place.
    Intel was here when we had nothing in place wrt standards for the manufacturing of electronics, so why can’t a drug manufacturing company.

    • The company if it is ever established will be operating under Barbados laws/regulations first and foremost. We see what is happening in Guyana re exploitation of the oil industry and regulatory bodies in cahoots with government some will say? There is the always on accusations of big pharma working to their advantage with regulatory bodies. This is happening in mature markets.

    • I had a similarly difficult time connecting the dots.
      Guyana is bold, in your face, corruption. If the prediction is something similar may occur in Barbados, I’d think an oddsmaker may give one 2-9 odds you are correct. Yet the issue is corruption of one form or another.
      The manufacturing process isn’t that complicated.
      They’d likely do better forming a massive buying group. But then again they couldn’t brag “wee cud mek it too”.
      Either way, some buddy will ensure you pay to play.

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  6. Reparations 10-point plan
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    Pt2. Present becomes Future
    “How many Excess Deaths in Barbados being covered up?”
    How many Excess Deaths in Slavetown being covered up?

  7. A clear case of ALWAYS counting chickens before they hatch and NEVER doing due diligence as i warned for years…just like the ignorant and equally corrupt slaveminded they pay to gush about how intelligent idiots like themselves are…..wonder how they think it looks being spread near and far…and with Owen’s famous video also being shared in circulation…ya would think they would sit their asses down and humble.

  8. David, could you please remind BU when ever there were situations in Barbados, where succesive BLP and DLP admistrations allowed academic research to inflence political, health, agricultural or socio-economic policies? Also, ask how many people took the time to read any academic paper written by any UWI academic, especially those who hurl harsh, unwarranted, unjustified attacks at the university. But, then again, based on their comments, it is ‘clearly obvious’ they have not.

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  10. Might be better off investing in a plant to manufacture tried and true, off -patent (so no longer profitable for Big-Pharma) medications like hydroxychoroquine and ivermectin.

    A recently published book:

    War on Ivermectin: The Medicine that Saved Millions and Could Have Ended the Pandemic Hardcover – June 6, 2023

    Big Pharma and health agencies cry, “Don’t take ivermectin!” A media storm follows. Why then, does the science say the opposite?”

    Ivermectin is a dirty word in the media. It doesn’t work. It’s a deadly horse dewormer. Prescribe or promote it and you’ll be called a right-wing quack, be banned from social media, or lose your license to practice medicine. And yet, entire countries wiped out the virus with it, and more than ninety-five studies now show it to be unequivocally effective in preventing and treating Covid-19. If it didn’t work, why was there a coordinated global campaign to cancel it? What’s the truth about this decades-old, Nobel Prize-winning medication?

    The War on Ivermectin is the personal and professional narrative of Dr. Pierre Kory and his crusade to recommend a safe, inexpensive, generic medicine as the key to ending the pandemic.

    Written with Jenna McCarthy, Dr. Kory’s story chronicles the personal attacks, professional setbacks, and nefarious efforts of the world’s major health agencies and medical journals to dismiss and deny ivermectin’s efficacy. Part personal narrative, part scathing expose, The War on Ivermectin highlights the catastrophic impacts of the mass media censorship and relentless propaganda that led to the greatest humanitarian crisis in history.

    Although numerous studies and epidemiologic data have shown that millions of lives were saved globally with the systematic use of ivermectin, many more millions perished. This carnage was the direct result of what Dr. Kory eventually discovered to be the pharmaceutical industry’s silent but deadly war on generic medicines and the corrupt, captured medical and media systems that allow it to continue. For anyone who thought Covid-19 was the enemy, Dr. Kory’s book will leave no doubt that the true adversary in this war is a collective cabal of power-hungry elites who put profits over people and will stop at nothing in their quest for control.

  11. @David

    APE the INITIAL evolution of HUMAN SAPIENS, some anthropoly groups have evolved and others have not.

  12. Cannot understand how intelligent people got suckered into taking the vaccine.

    Will never figure that one out.

  13. Links to two recent interviews with pulmonologist/critical care specialist Pierre Kory MD, MPA, CTP on the topic of Dr. Kory’s newly released book War on Ivermectin: The Medicine that Saved Millions and Could Have Ended the Pandemic.

    On the Children’s Health Defense web site -1hr:

    Appearing with US stand up comic and internet show host and political commentator Jimmy Dore. JD was among those who suffered a significant vaccine linked injury after taking the COVID-19 vaccine: 28min

  14. JOHN




  15. David
    on June 24, 2023 at 2:16 PM said:
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    They must have used the same reasoning Trump did for taking the Covid booster shot.


    Trump was an idiot for listening to Faucci et al.

    A moment of weakness in a tower of strength.

    Like Sampson and Delilah!!

    Sampson was an idiot for listening to Delilah.

    We all know how that turned out.

    Sampson brought down the whole ffing temple.

  16. This Covid-19 thing got me kicked-up. A few days in the past I read that China was having a next COVID wave.

    Then I come to BU and the experts here convinced me that COVID is a hoax and Faucci is a joke. One guy had me believing it was coming through the pipes.

    So my problem is this… Do I believe the world’s scientists and 20 billion Chinese or do I believe BU 3 scientists. Tough problem.

    My compromise: no more vaccinations for me. Will drink bottle water until my body is full of plastic.😢

    • I’ll be the first to admit I’m a ‘medical illiterate.’ But, did some reading on COVID-19, because I have unstable angina. Decided not to take any vaccinations.

  17. @ David,

    I read the newspapers and listen to Brasstacks almost everyday.

    Topics worthy of discussion. Robberies and shootings.

  18. Artax
    on June 27, 2023 at 6:21 PM said:
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    I’ll be the first to admit I’m a ‘medical illiterate.’ But, did some reading on COVID-19, because I have unstable angina. Decided not to take any vaccinations.


    You have risen in my estimation!!

    Nothing wrong in just adopting a wait and see attitude for an untried vaccine.

    Medical illiterate or not, the wait and see attitude works.

    For me I had also figured out that whenever a country had a serious flood it’s COVID cases rose.

    My observations led me to conclude COVID was also waterborne and if you got it from water, you got a large dose.

    I knew once I stuck to using water in a water distribution area where there were few cases I would be safe.

    Luckily, I live in such an area.

    Some listened to me, some didn’t, it is a free country

    Now the UK is over its affliction with COVID, we are now hearing how contaminated their water sources are.

    It figures.

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