Rats Everywhere

The following link was forwarded to the blogmaster’s inbox by our dearly departed ac. It is a serious matter and we thank her for making the blogmaster aware of this recent event.

There is still a sewerage problem on the South Coast although being ‘managed’ away from the glare of the public, add to the list now a rat problem. A consequence of the rat problem is that baby turtles are being targeted by the rats.

These rat attacks on turtles and invasion of popular eating spots on the South Coast are occurring in the highly trafficked tourist belt. Anyone passing on the South Coast today observed traffic congestion caused by major construction of a hotel. One must question the sense of it all.

Here is a simple question for Minister of the Environment Adrian Forde, Minister of Tourism Ian Gooding-Edghill AND Minister of Health Jerome Walcott. What are you being paid taxpayers dollars to do?

Whoever or whatever department is responsible for enforcing regulation to ensure establishments on the Boardwalk maintain clean surroundings, rasshole do it!


5 thoughts on “Rats Everywhere

  1. The shrubbery behind the KFC in Hastings would be a good place to start, I am not here to make blanket criticisms as I don’t know what action is being taken and on the surface the area has a look and feel of tranquility but wait a few minutes……

  2. No way that is from OUR ac….
    Too coherent!
    Unless of course she has loosened the weave…..
    ha ha haaa

  3. If or when there is a breakout of leptospirosis maybe then we will get the outrage this issue deserves. We have become ultra meek and mild to compare with years ago.

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