BU COVID 19 Dash – Numbers Rising

Attached are charts for the week ending 1st April. All  the charts indicate a distinct upswing in the epidemic reminiscent of the changes around the period when Omicron was taking over from the Delta strain.  I suspect we are now in a similar phase when the new variant Omicron BA-2 might be taking over from Omicron.

Source: Lyall Small


  • @ GP and the Know It Alls
    cc: The Know Nots

    Re: immunocompromised
    should people with low immunities be vaccinated
    how do you identify who has lower immunities in the general population
    will all people have weakened immunities to a lesser or greater extent


  • Poor you!


  • I have said “I don’t know” more often than anyone on BU except for TheO (who seems to get a wee bit more pleasure from it than I) yet you continue to call me a know-it-all.

    Just a few weeks ago, I admitted to finding the complexities of international financial systems to be too complex for “my poor little brain”.

    Why, just this morning I said what amounted to “I don’t know” on the blog submitted on Elder Abuse!

    Yet you persist in labelling me with a description that simply does not fit.

    What kind of “idiot” does that make YOU?????


  • Another example of water issues in the UK

    I never cease to amaze myself at how simple things I learnt in life from older wiser heads explain such apparently complex things as COVID today!!.

    Tap water is an issue in urbanized societies.

    Fix it and you fix COVID, Hepatitis etc etc etc.

    Sir Maurice Byer was a genius!!!



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