Are excess deaths being suppressed by the establishment?

Is the health system designed to assist the public or to satisfy economic considerations of private enterprise.

Parliamentary speech on excess deaths by Mr Andrew Bridgen Member of Parliament UK

The following link was provided by Green Monkey to support evidence-based concerns from quarters about excess deaths.

Viral immunologist at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada Dr.  Byram Bridle is currently in a two year long dispute with the  U of G administration, as since the COVID pandemic began he has been critical of his employer’s and the Canadian and Ontario governments’ handling of the COVID pandemic response. 

Dr. Bridle believes extended lockdowns and vaccine mandates were mistakes and counterproductive, and he has expressed doubt that the mRNA vaccines were as safe and effective as claimed.  As a result, the U of G banned him from his laboratory and campus office.

Report 86: Pfizer’s Clinical Trial ‘Process 2’ COVID Vaccine Recipients Suffered 2.4X the Adverse Events of Placebo Recipients; ‘Process 2’ Vials Were Contaminated with DNA Plasmids.

40 thoughts on “Are excess deaths being suppressed by the establishment?

  1. Maybe, but the Muslims only housing development in Barbados will have nothing to do with excess death.

    But maybe the result of a country without Afrikan roots, centered. Now misguided by wokeism and any fancy of Washington.

    Those who contend that there is some oneness of all. Who argue that all Indians are not the same. All White people are not the same.

    Never end their wanton invitations to others to invest and deliver them preeminence in a small country will not only have to forever worry about excess deaths but the death of a nation.

    Housing for Muslims only is a direct result of a country absent a knowledge of who it is and as infected with an ideation that the deification of the cultures of others is a good thing. And we include Chinese Confucianism as well.

    As on Barbados Free Press.

    • Four more Covid deaths

      FOUR MORE BARBADIANS died as a result of COVID-19 between the end of September and October 13, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Health and Wellness yesterday.

      The death toll from the virus now stands at 645. In the period, 24 new cases were diagnosed from 405 tests conducted by the Best Dos-Santos Laboratory. Two people were in tertiary care at the Harrison Point, St Lucy facility.

      The latest positive tests took the country’s total since March 2020 to 110 259 cases. ( BA/PR)

    • The official response everywhere is individuals suffering with NCDs and other ailments could not seek adequate medical attention during the pandemic which is responsible for more serious illnesses and deaths.

    • @Sargeant

      Green Monkey clarified the error in the link. All blame the blogmaster accepts in keeping with being held accountable.

    • 104% Sargeant.
      Make sure that your Will is up to date….
      …and leave a berry for Bushie..

    • Bushie

      Wha you want berry for. You tooo will soon join the underground staff!

  2. Re the quote I (Green Monkey) was credited with above concerning the viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle from the Univeristy of Guelph being locked out of his laboratory and campus office for questioning the COVID vaccine “safe and effective” mantra:

    The link provided above actually links to a different article on a different website than the article by Dr. Byram Bridle, athourgh this article is also supportive of Dr. Bridle’s position re. mRNA vaccines contamination with DNA plasmids, and in the case of Pfizer’s vaccine, the SV40 promoter that Pfizer did not reveal to Health Canada (as per their requirements) as being included in the vaccine.

    Here is the article from Dr Bridle’s substack page:
    Health Canada Admits Pfizer Misrepresented Their COVID-19 Shot

    The article below lends support to MP Andrew Bridgen’s claims that there could be a causal link between the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and increased death rates in the UK and other heavily COVID vaccinated regions that needs to be investiaged.

    Mortality Rates per 100k prove Quadruple Vaccinated Adults are 104% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Adults


    An analysis of data contained in a report quietly published by the UK Government department known as the Office for National Statistics has shockingly revealed that four-dose vaccinated adults aged between 40 and 49 are up to 104% more likely to die than unvaccinated adults based on mortality rates per 100,000 population.

    Meanwhile, one-dose vaccinated adults aged between 40 and 49 are up to 185% more likely to die than unvaccinated adults of the same age.


  3. Official response Bushie’s donkey!!

    As Bushie said from day 1….

    The whole thing was a PLOT to test the theory that over 90% of all people are nothing more than sheep, who will do whatever they are told – especially when scared to death.

    It also made the ‘1%’ many times richer, and put the other BBs in society on the path to mendicancy and serfdom.

    The ‘vaccine’ is also KNOWN to be NOT A TRUE VACCINE, but a concoction of shiite ingredients built around a dangerous spike protein, and with many KNOWN and UNKNOWN potential harmful effects on humans….from clotting to heart failure, strokes, and just plain poor health.

    The only thing that the politicians who went on TV cussing, threatening and victimizing those who questioned this shiite can do now, is to BURY THEIR HEADS in the sand (or some soft shiite) and hope that no serious discussion comes up on the folly that they brought into… lock, stock, and radical barrel.

  4. @ Sargeant, if the quote below is addressed to Green Monkey’s comment included in the main post:
    Cherry picking and information from an obscure blog is evidence of what……?

    The “obscure website” assembled a team of volunteer scientists and medical experts to peruse the tons of material that Pfizer had submitted to the FDA in confidence regarding safety and efficacy of their mRNA vaccine. Pfizer and the FDA wanted to leave the data in FDA’s posession for up to 75 years before it would be fully released to the public. However, due to a court order following a lawsuit, the FDA was compelled to release the material over the space of a few years. Some public spirited doctors and scientists felt that any doctor or scientist should have access to the material to perform independent peer reviews and have the freedom to point out flaws or errors should any be found. If the vaccines were as safe and effective as promissed, you would have to wonder why Pfizer/FDA wanted the ability to hide some material from public scrutiny for up to 75 years.

    It would be great if one could count on mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or learned medical journals etc. to do like the obscure web site, DAILYCLOUT, did and coordinate teams of well qualified medical oersonnel and scientist volunteers to peruse and release reports on the contents of the documentation the FDA originally wanted to remain confidential for up to 75 years. But we all know that ain’t gonna happen, as we know who calls the shots (pun intended) when it comes to publishing information that could be embarrassing to one of the mainstream media’s and the med journals’ main sponsors and source of funds.

    What’s in the Pfizer Documents? | Naomi Wolf
    A short summary of Documents that Pfizer was trying to hide from the public for 75 years

    Why hide Documents from the public? Answer, if you are Pfizer and you are trying to hide incriminating evidence that suggests you were releasing an unsafe and untested Vaccine on the masses, with very probable negative adverse events then you have very little incentive to share such Documents.

    So unless someone like Aron Siri files a lawsuit against FDA to release internal documents created by Pfizer and a Judge actually agrees, we would not even be seeing of of these materials. Pfizer was forced to comply. They originally wanted to hide this Data for the next 75 years. Almost as long as the JFK files. One Judge changed that.


    Release of Pfizer Documents
    2500 experts responded to Naomi Wolf call for help.

    Amy Kelly stepped in as project manager and organized the experts into six working groups.

    The groups produced reports based on primary source documents from Pfizer.

    09:32 Evidence of Crime Against Humanity
    Naomi Wolf discusses the evidence found in the Pfizer documents that she believes constitutes a crime against humanity.

    Evidence Found in Pfizer Documents
    Within one month after rollout, Pfizer knew that the vaccines did not work to stop COVID.

    The third most common side effect of the Pfizer vaccine is COVID itself.

    Within a month or two after rollout, Pfizer received so many reports of adverse events that they needed 2400 full-time staffers just to process paperwork related to them.

    In May 2021, Pfizer knew that the vaccines had caused heart damage in 35 minors within a week after injection.


  5. MP Esther McVey response to MP Andrew Bridgen… There are individuals who support this “DEBATE” on “EXCESS DEATHS” given the role of PFIZER ET AL in this “CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY” and the subterfuge used against mankind…

  6. 9 months ago, in an “UNDERCOVER STING” by the then “OWNER” of Non-Profit – “PROJECT VERITAS” – James OKeefe had Pfizer EXEC* & #BottyBoy, Dr. Jordan Trishton Walker entrapped in saying that “Pfizer” was using a salacious concept called “DIRECTED EVOLUTION”which is a form of “GAIN-OF-FUNCTION” research used in the “MANIPULATION OF VIRUSES” using a concept of mutagenesis…

  7. Governments were in headless chicken mode and keen to give the impression that they had things under control. They shut down business and restricted movement of people and vaccines were ‘the science’ they needed for ‘the cure’. Regardless of vaccines people need to concentrate on their own lung health which is key to overall health. Deep dive and do research as the information in this area exploded when Covid was rampant.

    • Boris Johnson et al were NOT* headless chickens – they were “COMPLICIT DEVILS” in a “SOCIAL ENGINEERING PROGRAM”!!!

      Do NOT* give these “DIRTY BASTERDS” any degree of credit for being blind-sided by “BILL GATES OF HELL” & the “STINKING SLITHERING SERPENTS” who used this #PHARMA_Cocted “SNAKE VENOM” on “BILLIONS OF GULLIBLE PEOPLE” who trusted men more than they trust the “LIVING GOD” who created them!!!

      It is now “TOO LATE” for “TOO” many!!!

      If the “COVID-VAXX” has not affected you yet – #StayTuned – for (unless you are one of those who got “SALINE” instead of the “SNAKE PUS”, you are “SCREWED”!!!

      Look at the amount of young people dying of “MYOCARDITIS”; the amount of “CANCERS” in supposedly “HEALTHY INDIVIDUALS” who got “JABBED” & the amount of other “SERPENTINE DISEASES” permeating the human biosphere!!!

      Thank God, some of us “REMAIN” – #PureBloods…

  8. Dr David Martin along with Dr. Judy et warned us way back in 2020/2021 that a bio-weapon was unleashed upon humanity… This came after Professor Francis Boyle told us categorically that “THE JAB” was a “BIO-WEAPON”… Here’s Dr. Martin in EU-Parliament in May 2023…


  10. HOLLYWOOD OR (UN)HOLY-WEIRD* as some purport are able to show way in advance “SCRIPTED EVENTS” that will play out eventually – seen in the cases of “THE SIMPSONS” portrayal of e.g. “THE DONALD” becoming Prez & his flight down that famous “ESCALATOR”…

    Well, Maurice White & “EARTH WIND & FIRE” in a release of the song -“SERPENTINE FIRE” IN (1977) foretold in the lyrics of that track what would transpire almost 45 years ago…


  11. “Boris Johnson et al were NOT* headless chickens”

    Boris and Donald both thought they were invincible and superhuman on their inflated ego power trips as leaders and both took unmitigated risk and both caught Covid needing specialist care.

    Even after Covid there are long term recovery issues where people have low energy and find it difficult to walk up stairs etc.

    • BOZO* met his fate (DRINK IN HAND & COKE UP HIS NOSE) leaving “NOW” just #TheDonald to stare down a “GATLING GUN”…

      I will “ERR” on “ALL” sides of THE HOLY SCRIPTURES*, especially, – Daniel 4:16-17:

      “Let his mind be changed from that of a man, and let him be given the mind of a beast till seven times pass him by (NEBUCHADNEZZAR). This decision is the decree of the “WATCHERS”, the verdict declared by the “HOLY ONES”, so that the “LIVING” will know that the MOST HIGH” RULES* over the kingdom of mankind and gives it to whom He wishes, “SETTING OVER IT THE LOWLIEST OF MEN”…

      Therefore, Mia Mottley, Joe Biden or Donald Trump et al are NOT* the “GREATEST AMONGST MEN” but the “LOWEST” form of person, according to the words of the ancient prophet under “INSPIRATION”!!!

      Time to stop looking at these “LOWER FORMS OF HUMANOID SPECIMEN” and focus on “THE ONE” who gives “BREATH & LIFE” to all…

  12. The depths of the “Spiritual Meaning Of Serpentine Fire” runs like a rabbit-hole…

    The “SERPENT” at the beginning was based on “CRAFT” – today it is a symbol of “ENERGY” & “HEALING” as can be seen by the serpent wrapped around the pole as a moniker of modern medicine & anciently, as a “TOTEM” for those “HEBREW ISRAELITES” bitten by snakes in the wilderness – in the dayz of MOSES* to gaze on it for their deliverance & restoration…

    It is still used as a symbol for divine wisdom, protector of mysteries and other insipid areas of “BLACK MAGIC” as can be seen in cultures such as ours and adopted by our “PALE-SKINNED” oppressors as a dialectic in this clash of potent wizardry …

    For example, Asclepius & Apollo were the “gods” of medicine in Greek mythology – symbolism embraced by modern “PHARMAKEIA” and the purveyors of death by “LETHAL COCKTAIL” (either slowly or “INSTANTANEOUS”)!!!

    The spiritual meaning of the “Serpentine Fire” is the burning passion and hunger for “HUMAN EXALTATION” & “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”. It is often fueled by an intense desire to do what they feel is right, even if it challenges others or goes against the norms of society as seen by “ANTHONY ‘THE-FRAUD’ FAUCI et al. This can lead them to become “MARTYRS” in some cases, but more often than not results in an individual who has little respect for rules or authority as long as they’re able to achieve their end goals…

    The song SERPENTINE FIRE” talks about the “EVOLUTION” of a person as they pursue their spiritual journey. The evolution from good to evil is reflected in the lyrics: “Serpentine fire…I see it dancing in your eyes…rising up to heaven and burning all the lies away.”

    The song also refers to our internal “SOCIO-RELIGIOUS” struggles between good and evil: “Two sides are fighting within me,” which occurs during times when we have trouble making decisions that aren’t clear-cut or easy choices – as in the case of “COVID-19 PLANdemic!!!


  13. Why “smart” people believe in conspiracy theories
    From students to politicians, many smart people have fallen for dangerous lies spread about the new coronavirus. Why? And how can you protect yourself from misinformation?

    It is a sad truth that any health crisis will spawn its own pandemic of misinformation.

    In the 80s, 90s, and 2000s we saw the spread of dangerous lies about Aids – from the belief that the HIV virus was created by a government laboratory to the idea that the HIV tests were unreliable, and even the spectacularly unfounded theory that it could be treated with goat’s milk. These claims increased risky behaviour and exacerbated the crisis.

    Now, we are seeing a fresh inundation of fake news – this time around the coronavirus pandemic. From Facebook to WhatsApp, frequently shared misinformation include everything from what caused the outbreak to how you can prevent becoming ill

    • Bushie is inclined to listen to ‘smart people’ … and anyway, it is intuitive why brass bowls would believe everything coming from the various ‘authorities’…
      But to each his own….so..

      No harm in leaving a couple million $$$ in your Will for Bushie – if you have been injected…
      Put it on care of BU David…… LOL
      It will be put to good use…

  14. Bushie

    For a spiritual man yuh like a lot uh money.

    And some would think that milk and honey would have preferred. Lol

  15. Just trying to be helpful to the Sarge, Pacha…

    Can you imaging the stress of having so much money .. having being injected, and now having Terence preaching the ‘Bad News’ about the Fauci scam..?
    …that is just a few million less that Sargeant would need to worry about – knowing it would be in good hands…

    Bushie would probably donate it to the BU optimist Club anyhow…

    Perhaps not even Terence realizes how dire things are about to become…

    It is “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN” time, Boss….
    But brass bowls are MUCH too distracted with ‘global warming’, financial ruin, Vaccine Genocide, Arab-Isreali tensions and other ‘staged events on the upper deck’ of the Titanic, to call on Daniel for the true interpretation…

    One BU Blogger even suggests that ‘the sky has not fallen’… and so Bushie talking his usual shiite…. she don’t even see the moving fingers, far less the writing on the wall… ha ha ha

    We ALL shall see….

  16. et tu, Brute?
    Shiite Boss, don’t kill the messenger…
    Bushie would like to live to 142 too, but facts are facts…

  17. Biologist/Immunologist Dr Jessica Rose advises on what would she considers would be the fitting response to the findings of plasmid DNA contamination in both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines.

    Dr. Jessica Rose qualifications: BSc: in Applied Mathematics, MSc in Immunology, PhD in Computational Biology, Post Doctorate in Molecular Biology.

    In light of DNA discovered in commercial vials as per the precautionary principle…
    By Dr. Jessica Rose

    Something I want to make very clear here – because I can see this most important message getting lost in the cross-fire – is the following:

    The problems associated with the modified mRNA COVID-19 injectable products is not only a problem of DNA contamination. This is yet an additional problem associated with the modified mRNA products. We do not want to run the risk of giving the manufacturers a pass if they simply ‘promise’ to clean out the residual DNA at the end-stage purification step for modified mRNA synthesis. This is NOT going to solve the problems associated with the LNPs, or the use of coding material for a foreign antigen for production by host cells that are very clearly associated with multitudes of serious adverse events.

    The platform, and this DNA issue alike, are problematic, and for different reasons.

    We must not forget that the LNPs themselves are toxic, and no studies have been done to investigate the effects of the presence of empty LNPs, such as the potential induction of coagulation of red blood cells by zeta potential disruption.

    Recommendation: The modified mRNA-LNP platform needs to have a moratorium slapped on it, and all existing vials should be confiscated and protected for DNA testing. It should become illegal to destroy the vials because at this point, it would be destruction of evidence. I am not a lawyer, but that seems clear.

  18. Oh hell! Now Earth Wind and Fire are prophets too?


    Thanks for the reminder though. I missed that one when I was playing them last week.

    Report on the health of my extended vaccinated family. All members young and middling, including me 🤣 – nothing to report. Seventy-eight year old father – nothing to report. Seventy-nine year old mother, continuing on her expected path (close to death since 1982 🤣) – nothing unusual to report but the very usual unusual and an upcoming eightieth birthday. Eighty-four year old aunt, nothing unusual to report except an upcoming eighty-fifth birthday.

    BUT….her husband, did die recently! Of course, he would have been ninety-one in a week, had he lived.

    May he rest in peace, and may I too have peace away from all this Biblical bullshit of the BU variety.

    Imagine spoiling a woman’s Serpentine Fire enjoyment with the bullshit that preceded it!


  19. I can read the date on the calendar though!

    And it is way past January 1st, 2023!

    Note: Even the apostles thought the end was nigh. So did Paul. That’s why he recommended that believers stay unmarried and get on with spreading the gospel. But if they were hot-me-crutch, he conceded that,

    “It is better to marry than to burn.”

    But the modern day “prophet” 2000 years removed can not only see the moving finger and read the writing on the wall, but can hear the voice of God better than those who walked and talked with His Messenger Son!

    “Lotta shite!”

    Champagne and noisemaker ready for January 1st, 2024, 12:01! Soon time for my first “bottoms up” in a year.

    That is the only ass I expect to see in the air, for lo, He will probably not be coming in clouds decending.

    This year, I will celebrate 365 days since the “prophet” was proven to be false. If Biblical punishment be followed, he shouldn’t be reaching 142!


  20. “Oh hell! Now Earth Wind and Fire are prophets too?”

    Do you remember when folks use to play records backwards and hear messages from the devil? Did you know that advances in technology put the devil out of the record business?

    If the devil was smart, he would create a book called “The Elbib” and recruit a few from BU to spread the message.

    • “If the devil was smart, he would create a book called “The Elbib” and recruit a few from BU to spread the message.”
      Dat is too obvious!! – Do you think that the Devil is a brass bowl?
      …not when he could just let ‘BU Christians’ talk…?

      Look Skippa, De Devil is a Boss PR guru….
      Just study Jamaica /reggae, and see how slickly Satan slivers…..

  21. Better late than never.

    UWI signs MOU for seaweed research

    As The University of the West Indies (UWI) prepares to submit a patent for its sargassum seaweed research and launch a product it believes can reverse diabetes, the institution is looking to partner with businesses.

    UWI’s principal Professor Clive Landis shared that goal on Friday as UWI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association (BMA).

    “We are heavily researching biofuels from sargassum, which is a major undertaking through the faculty of science and technology and we are looking to submit our first patent as a university on that.

    “We are also very interested in working with food manufacturers because we have health and wellness products based on our research. The lead product we are working on is a low-calorie shake which we scientifically, through multiple publications, show can reverse diabetes.

    “It sounds outlandish, but this was a concept in literature and we are the second centre in the world behind Newcastle University to demonstrate this in our population. We want to take that research which was on paper and move it with partners in industry into products that will benefit society and drive innovation for Barbados and the Caribbean,” Landis said.

    The MOU was signed at the gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Wildey, St Michael, during the BMA’s Trade and Innovation Expo by Landis and BMA’s president John Marshall with dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Professor Troy Lorde also in attendance.

    Private sector

    Landis recalled that the signing followed other signings with the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Barbados Private Sector Association.

    “This is central to our strategy. We want to take our ideas and our research and to apply them to society . . . We want to work with the BMA to develop programmes with them because it’s all about co-creation.”

    During the ceremony executive director of the BMA Shardae Boyce said they were committed to achieving their objectives and honouring the tenets of the MOU which includes researching areas such as the life sciences, oil and gas, medical cannabis, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning and supply chain technology.

    “We take the tenets of the MOU very seriously. We also take into account aspects of manufacturing such as construction and sourcing of cost-effective plant equipment, lab testing, sanitary and phytosanitary measures and adequate access to development resources for manufacturers is also a priority under the agreement.

    “BMA and UWI have already commenced research under the objectives of the MOU to proactively move this signing from a mere symbolic performance to action. We are happy to establish this partnership,” Boyce said. ( TG)

    Source: Nation

  22. “The official response everywhere is individuals suffering with NCDs and other ailments could not seek adequate medical attention during the pandemic which is responsible for more serious illnesses and deaths.”

    Strong point.
    Quite often we are comparing a sick population with a healthier one and blame any differences between the two on COVID vaccines.

    I will not be taking any more vaccines, but I believe that the argument of them being harmful has not been firmly established.

  23. @ Theo
    Boss…If it helps you to sleep better, great.
    After all, a situation is only as ‘real’ as the argument for it’s existence can be presented….
    Some otherwise smart people ALSO argue that since the argument for God’s existence ‘has not been firmly established’ ….they have no reason to fear him…!!

  24. Some of the “Adept-SAGEs” on BU would have you believe that HIV was not a “CRUEL BIO-WEAPONIZED CONSTRUCT” by those who call themselves “VIROLOGISTS” et al – locked in bed with every other kind of prescient “GUTTER VERMIN” from the “SYNA_GOG_OF_SATAN, whose only motive in mind – “BLACK GENOCIDE” & “POPULATION REDUCTION STRATEGIES” of Neo-Darwinist-PROPORTIONS* where “SURVIVAL GOES 2 THE FITTEST”!!!


    Kenyan ecologist & Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai opined: “HIV was ‘Created by Scientist’ for Biological Warfare”, as also stated by Professor Francis Boyle in the below interview excerpt – as well as Dr Judy Mitovits in the early days of the “OUTBREAK” – catalyzed into AIDS by the use of Dr Fauci’s support for azidothymidine (AZT) – formulated by British drug company, Burroughs Wellcome & Co., who said its failed cancer drug “AZT” could be used to treat HIV/AIDS… Multitudes fell for the SCAM!!!



    Just like the COVID19 PlanDEMIC*, few studies were done, and the long-term side effects were equally unknown. So in March 1987, the U.S. FDA (another 3-LETTER CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION) approved AZT, claiming that the benefits outweighed the risks (same “BULL-CRAP” pulled in 2021 with the so-called COVID VAXX) – just different day – same ‘ole CRAP!!!

    AZT had been approved faster than any drug in FDA history, barring the COVID-JAB (#Brought2UByPfizer) but was then proved to be “one of the most toxic, expensive and controversial drugs in the history of medicine,”


    So for the “NEW MARS HILL POSSE” to insinuate, gesticulate & reverberate that there is somehow “CONSPIRACY THEORIES” on the part of “SMART PEOPLE” in identifying “double-handed, nasty-hand dealings by a “CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD FIEFDOM” is nothing more than an Ergothioneine-laced ploy at blowing mushroom smoke up where the sun don’t shine!!!

    Conventional wisdom will argue the sky is “BLUE” given the vagaries of “FLAT-EARTH”, while “LOGIC”, LUCIDITY & LOGOS*” paints another cosmological mural…

    Many have died from AIDS – supposed complications as a result of HIV, but that too like everything else is under a giant telescope…



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