Is Marburg the New Covid 19 Virus?

The world should be worried. Another virus reported to have originated in Africa.

Is this man made or a natural evolution of what the future has in store.

25 thoughts on “Is Marburg the New Covid 19 Virus?

  1. Just for the record. Marburg is a german virus….that’s where it originated..

    this is clearly another lie…..infecting the continent then claiming that’s the origin…same strategy used with Omicron that backfired…they still did not learn.

    • Steupsss

      These albino demons will not stop until they kill practically everyone.
      Demons are AGENTS OF DEATH, after all.

      If you do this ‘research’, then at some point you need to TEST it … don’t you???

      @ David
      Ever heard of the Kenema Research Lab in Sierra Leone?
      A US based research institute that studies viral hemorrhagic diseases – like EBOLA.

      This lab is about 50 miles from the village in Guinea where that big Ebola outbreak occurred..

      Coincidence right?
      Just like the coincidence of the covid-19 outbreak just next to a lab in Wuhan…?

      These devils are experimenting with these lethal diseases in an effort to come up with a method of discriminating on WHO they will kill.

      Guess who the target demographic is…?

      BUT he who diggers a well …. Shall fall in it…

    • what make you think they want to learn, the colonial masters, always think the worse of black people

  2. Well, last time they forced this writer. Would not let us on to a plane, not even a private one, without a vaccine cert.

    Be yesuah christos, never again! And it does not matter what the orders of magnitude are!

    If death must come ………. let it beeeeeee!

    We shall be telling all and sundry to f-off.

    Separately, when will apologia be delivered by the criminals imposing that Covid shiiite on populations still. Those in media who told so many rasssoul lies. Those right here on BU who threaten people, called them anti-vaccers. Tried to ban them. Supported mandatory vaccination as a dictatorial imposition.

    Only in a fascist global state can people fuckup so badly but remain too belligerent to say sorry, at least.

    Of course, a guillotine is the proper rod of correction.

  3. “Of course, a guillotine is the proper rod of correction.”

    A similar version to be applied rigidly and liberally on the low-hanging fruit, drain the swamp…soon come…Nuremberg trials…

    They will come again when their greedy eyes are dazzled by dollar signs and with talk of paying them more millions…one fraud and pretender already boasted in that regard…nuff politicians inserted themselves in that….and are more than deserving of what comes next. All of them in one fell swoop…cant ask for more…i long wanted to see the end of them…with previously unknown good cause.

  4. It’s heartwarming to see one or two political frauds already got knocked off their pedestals, and now have to swim a little closer to earth…as brought down to size.

  5. Could Marburg turn out to be just another opportunity for K. Schwab and Associates to present us with a choice between a disease and a cure that eventually turns out to be as bad or worse than the disease?

    Dr, Paul Cottrell explains in a video interview at link below who was responsible for developing C19 while conducting US/China state sponsored bio-weapon research, updated bio-weapons that he says are already developed and “ready to go” if needed, and how the supposed C19 counter measure miracle (the Jaberwocky) is a failure.

    Dr Cottrell’s web site:

    And in more late breaking news:
    We have yet another recent case (7th such case this month) of a pilot keeling over at the controls (or just prior to boarding a flight) of a passenger jet aircraft. Don’t worry folks. Nothing to see here. Can’t you understand it’s all a COINCIDENCE. Now stop worrying and go back to watching your puppy dog videos on YouTube and Tik-Tok.

    TAROM Flight RO-7673 TSR-HRG service from Timisoara (Romania) to Hurghada (Egypt) diverted: 30 year old pilot had chest pain and collapsed in-flight on March 25th, 2023 – 7th pilot incident this month

  6. I was thinking i better not wait for some fool to start up as we know they will. Have to set some permanent ground rules and boundaries as it relates to wunna Massa….sorry I was a little slow and took so long to get to it, but conditions were very unstable..

    We know wunna love Massa’s political system….wunna cant get enough of it, that is all yall think and talk about…with admiration and advertised pride….as political birds..

    We also know wunna too love Massa’s slave system…or you wont still be in it and regaling us with the crazy that it’s the best thing ever..since slice bread..

    I have no intention of getting in the middle of any of that.

    So based on those anomalies, and the fact that your political idol went stark raving mad, totally beserk over decades due to illegal exploitable information in their possession, and figured in that psycho obsession that my death would propel them closer to Massa’s Empire….and everyone saw the lengths the little mini me terrorists went to get at me over many years…

    An extremely frightful truism..not that am afraid perish the thought, ..therefore…..i dont want any of the usual suspect commenters catching the same disease and see me as a threat too based on the aforementioned…so i will refrain from any discussions, debates, concerns outside of the general every day news reports about wunna Massa….there you go, permanent ground rules and boundries set…on offlimit topics.

    Pacha…have no choice., weeeee know these too well not to…there is always a setup…no matter how many fail, another one is right around the corner..have to actively preempt this one and put a permanent end to their We Love Massa Show, as it relates to me…

  7. Will the allopathic medical establshment learn anything from the COVID-19 crisis? Dr Kory would like to know, but he seems doubtful.

    Dr Pierre Kory MD is a long-time, pulmonologist, critical care specialst, medical text book author, and a founding member of the Front LIne COVID-19 Critcal Care Alliance (link: FLCCCDOTnet ).

    FLCCC is an organization of critical care specialists and experienced MDs who have researched, provided and freely publish on the organization’s web site site affordable and they claim effective, non-Vax COVID treatment options which can act as prophylactics against COVID-19, can treat COVID-19 cases at home to prevent the need for hospitalizion, or can be used in hospital settings in more serious cases requiring hospitalization.

    Below, Dr. Kory offers up an op-ed up to explain where the supposed pharma, and regulatory agency “experts” went wrong in their handling of the COVID-19 crisis and makes suggestions for an improved approach if a similar crisis arrives again.

    My Op-Ed On Three Of The Most Important Lessons From The U.S’s Failed Pandemic Response
    Published in the Daily Caller last week, my Op-Ed emerged from a feverish dream that our captured agencies are capable of learning lessons and reforming policies. Sorry, I lost my head for a minute.

    Pierre Kory M.D. M.P.A.

    Three years after COVID-19 hijacked the world, Hollywood celebrities are mocking the vaccine on “Saturday Night Live,” Bernie Sanders is hauling Moderna’s CEO before Congress, and a member of the Kennedy family is mulling a primary challenge to President Joe Biden by railing on the vaccines that the White House continues to promote.

    How times have changed. In three short years, many perspectives dismissed as “fringe” or “anti-science” in 2020 have become obvious and even mainstream. As a doctor whose livelihood has been threatened for challenging some of these points of view, these developments give me no pleasure.

    Wherever else we may disagree, we must look to the future and prepare for the next public health emergency. Here are three places to start.

  8. Yes Pacha…i remember how they acted out re covid vaccines on an anonymous blog when warned not to, dont think these will ever learn.

    Right about now they should be more concerned about a list of websites handed to those looking at prosecutions when said sites were seen acting as an extension of government and bullied people into taking what is since revealed as a highly dangerous and potentially fatal shot…..a list i heard about very early on when the resistance movement first started.

  9. Any adult with a functioning brain who took the vaccine knew that it should never have been given to children and young adults, i said as much in a comment..heard it’s injuring some, hospitalized and some are not surviving….parents now have a solid case…against all those who climbed on their bully pulpits..

    “The World Health Organization has revised its Covid vaccine recommendations and suggested that healthy children and adolescents may not need a shot.

    In guidance released Tuesday, the global health agency deemed healthy young people ‘low priority’ for Covid vaccination.

    Top Stories
    by Daily Mail
    It said the public health impact of vaccinating healthy children and adolescents is ‘much lower than the established benefits of traditional essential vaccines for children’ like jabs for measles and polio.

    The WHO urged countries to consider the fact young people are unlikely to get severely sick with Covid before recommending vaccination.”

  10. The people of France are most disinterested in Marbury.

    Since relevance must be established!

    Their interest is the recreation of the events of 1789.

    So much so that orders for that antiquarian device currently outstrip our ability to supply.

    Macron was forced to remove his 80 thousand dollar watch because it presented an idea inconsistent with the message of trying to fool an angry population.

    But we are not to know about the level of disquiet in France, in the Zionist entity, not even America.The entire West.

    America a country with more than 120 mass killings so far this year, already.

    The last one by a “female” turned “male” not by “Marbury” “vaccination” but with a history of taking testosterone to grow a deckie. Wokeism taking centre stage as three children and three teachers so died in Tennessee.

    America, holding a Democracy Summit in southern Afrika. Have these Marbury people known no shame. That the country which put Mandela in jail, murdered Patrice Lamumba and supported fascism, Apartheid and racism, at home and abroad even now. That these rasssoul people possess the unmitigated gall to talk about this stinking democracy must be premised on the the assumption that either they are devils or weeee are idiots or both.

  11. Pacha…these really did the most, now they HAVE TO PAY….

    “Caribbean Covid Crimes Criminal Justice Triibunal” these will make the determination for small island vaccine bullies..

    it’s been confirmed that the fallout from this is escalating…a 6 year
    old found dead in bed last night, injuries and deaths are rising, cahn hide it anymore…

  12. Re the recent spate of suddenly disabled pilots while they were seated at the controls of passenger filled, airliners in full flight.

    The following news is not likely to fill the flying public with renewed confidence in the safety of post-Vax air travel.

    Seems that the FAA has been on the quiet slackening the official standards for commercial pilot medical certificates.

    In fact, the very act of the FAA actively encournaging pilots to take a “warp speed” COVID jab violated previous FAA medical guidelines which required pilots NOT to take any new mediciations until they had been fully authorized by the FDA as safe and effective (i.e. no rammed through, under the table, “let the public be our guinea pigs” EUA authorizations sufficed) and any new meds had to also have been in general use among the non-pilot populaton for at least 1 year after full FDA authorization before they could be prescribed for commercial pilots on flight status.

    FAA Granted Medical Clearance to Pilot With History of ‘Possible’ Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis
    The Federal Aviation Administration issued a first-class medical clearance to a pilot whose medical history includes “possible” vaccine-induced myocarditis, according to a letter leaked anonymously by a pilot.

    FAA, in recommending COVID vaccination, violated its own regulations

    In a May 25, 2021, “Safety Alert for Operators” (SAFO), the FAA strongly recommended that pilots, crew members and aviation industry employees get the COVID-19 vaccines — indicating, in writing, that the agency violated its own regulations in the process.

    This guidance runs contrary to regulations codified in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations §61.53, under the heading “Pharmaceuticals (Therapeutic Medications) — Do Not Issue – Do Not Fly.” These regulations state:

    “The FAA generally requires at least one-year of post-marketing experience with a new drug before consideration for aeromedical certification purposes.

    “This observation period allows time for uncommon, but aeromedically significant, adverse effects to manifest themselves.

    FAA Quietly Updates Guidelines to Clear Some Pilots Previously Diagnosed With Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in January quietly updated its Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs), allowing aviation doctors for the first time to give medical clearance to some pilots diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a rare neurological disorder connected to certain COVID-19 vaccines.

    The FAA made the change — along with October 2022 updates for electrocardiogram (EKG) test limits — without citing scientific evidence and while the agency has been operating without a permanent administrator since March 2022.


  13. John…seems like the vaccine exacerbates heart problems in those already suffering heart issues, my physiotherapist passed last summer, had previous heart problems, trainer passed last week, had a pacemaker implanted 5 years ago, these are youngish people…healthy otherwise but developing sudden respiratory problems. Close relation passed last week in US….stomach cancer which may have been sitting there for who knows how long unknown, turned stage 4 within months of vaccine and a diagnoses.

    One medical person said to me days ago, it is also causing underlying health problems in folks who previously had none, she sees them every day in that setting…..

    Houston ya got REAL REAL PROBLEMS….

  14. There is always a silver lining….none of them can slick talk or LIE their way out of any of this WHEN proceedings start…..they have been caught dead to rights on many video recordings…

    People got libraries.

  15. News Item: New paper released by academics from the Univiersity of California, San Franciscon (UCSF):
    “Statistical and Numerical Errors Made by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) During the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

    New Analysis Shows How The CDC Spread False Information That Exaggerated The Severity of COVID-19
    Public health agencies should be held to a high standard, yet they are getting away with spreading false information and accusing others who have posted factual information, of doing the same.

    By Arjun Walia

    Several mistakes are related to the completely inaccurate Data Tracker demographics; some are related to the misuse of a flawed pre-print to claim COVID as a “top 5 cause of death in children,” and others are issues with paediatric hospitalization data, variant percentages, and other issues.

    “These errors have been made repeatedly and were likely to have affected discussion of pandemic policies. During the years the errors occurred, CDC’s guidance repeatedly called for restrictions being placed on children, including school closures, mask mandates, and strong recommendations for vaccinations and multiple boosters even among children who have recovered from the virus.”

    Though the tendency to exaggerate risks was worse with kids, 80% of the total errors overestimated risks to the population at large. Expecting the CDC to report both accurately and without a propensity to induce fear is something we should all want and is not a right-wing conspiracy theory.


    One of the authors from the new analysis, Tracey Beth Hoeg, MD, PhD, along with Marty Makary, M.D., M.P.H., a Johns Hopkins professor, surgeon and public policy researcher, published a piece in The Free Press in July 2022 explaining how some CDC, FDA & NIH Scientists are embarrassed by lack of science guiding COVID vaccine policy.

    “Another CDC scientist told us: “I used to be proud to tell people I work at the CDC. Now I’m embarrassed.” Why are they embarrassed? In short, bad science. The longer answer: that the heads of their agencies are using weak or flawed data to make critically important public health decisions. That such decisions are being driven by what’s politically palatable to people in Washington or to the Biden administration. And that they have a myopic focus on one virus instead of overall health.”

    So my question now is, why did the medicial brainiacs at the W.H.O. not spot and call attention to these substantial, harmful to public health CDC errors?

    Be aware that independent nations around the world are being pressured to sign a treaty to hand over more power to the W.H.O. to declare pandmeics in the member countries and to impose on these countries directions for consequent pandemic handling measures such as lockdowns, masking, school closures, mandated vaccinations/medications etc.

    Warning: WHO Names Transhumanist Dr. Jeremy Farrar As Chief Scientist For Global Health

    Considering the WHO’s plan to seize control over health care decisions worldwide, starting with pandemic responses — a move that will essentially turn the WHO into an incubator for a One World Government or New World Order (NWO) — its selection of Farrar makes sense. He’s part of the technocracy and is a eugenics insider already.

    A Recipe for Disaster
    If the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty gets signed this year (and there’s every reason to suspect it will be), then Farrar will wield unprecedented power and influence, as member nations will have no choice but to adhere to his medical recommendations. What’s so concerning about that is his willingness to embrace reckless science and transhumanist pie-in-the-sky ideals.


  16. We can be sure the wannabes will jump on board to direct the show…lol…cause they just gotta be seen and heard….like they directed the last one, running all over the place and more likely than not, ..straight into their prison CELL or worse, which some see as better….due to pending outcomes..

  17. Critical Care Specialist, Dr. Pierre Kory, discusses with Jimmy Dore in a video interview below the misuse of ventilators on COVID patients early in the pandemic and why some doctors knew they would not work as intended and likely harm (i.e. kill) more people than they would help.

    Dr. Kory Also discusses the campaign against relatively simple and effective COVID-19 treatment options that was waged in the media by the Pharma Industrial Complex and partners in the mainstream media. Dr, Kory indicates Pharmas propaganda tactics to discredit inexpensive, off patent medications like hydroxycholoquine and ivermectin were based on the same tactics used by the tobacco industry in attempts to stifle the voices of scientists and doctors who were researching the harmful efffects on health ot smoking.

    If the video does not display below correctly, you can view it at this link:


  18. Doubt local players have the inclination or decency to feel ashamed, am sure to save their useless selves, fright is setting in though..frauds, bit big and choked….they are notorious enuff.

  19. A research firm found ” economic damages inflicted by the unleashing of Wuhan (Covid-19) “vaccines” topped $147 billion in 2022.” And that’s just US.

    In a published report:

    ” The firm also estimates that 26.6 million people were injured by the jabs;

    1.36 million were left disabled;

    and 300,000 were killed by the jabs the very same year;

    Of course just about every day videos appear with people dropping dead..

    The rest of the info gets no better…..time for the local players who were so happy to comply pay for what they did.

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