Our Silent Actuaries

What are the ‘ACTUARIES’ in Barbados saying about increased mortality figures?

In a post Covid 19 pandemic period there are increasing calls for governments and responsible agencies in civil society to address concerns about the efficacy of Covid 19 vaccines and excess deaths. It is well documented global authorities issued emergency use authorization of Covid 19 vaccines to address what was considered a public health emergency.

Doctor Campbell has been a lone voice asking probing questions supported by credible data sources. His most resent intervention addresses data produced by the the Society of Actuaries in the USA. There is a trend in data to support increase excess deaths in the younger age ranges. Campbell issues a caution that source data belongs to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). The stark conclusion is that there was no negative correlation between vaccine rollout and number of deaths recorded.

After viewing the video the blogmaster underwent a Google odyssey to determine if there is a Barbados Association of Actuaries or similar organization to assist with bringing high level analysis to the matter of understanding if Barbados is/was affected by excess deaths resulting from Covid 19 vaccines. The blogmaster was unsuccessful although Google found the Caribbean Actuaries Association.

It is important for the authorities to address concerns arising from Covid 19 vaccines that has led to diminished public trust in public health authorities globally – there will be other health emergencies. How will the public respond when another health pandemic is declared and vaccines authorized for emergency use are made available?

The blogmaster has no idea the number of actuaries registered in Barbados. With the exception of Walter Blackman and of recent Charles Herbert (retired) it seems to be an invisible profession in Barbados. This is a time the country needs our superior learned actuaries to step up for the good of country in order to ally fears swirling in a post Covid 19 period about excess deaths. A structured intervention would go a long way to constructively preparing for the next event.

If it is one thing Covid 19 pandemic should have thought us is that it cannot be business as usual.

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  1. If the actuaries bout her are unable to unravel the SIMPLE matter of mismanagement of the NIS fund over the past 30 years – and instead we are resigned to listening to a foreign consultant trying to spin a ridiculous government narrative about population imbalance,
    …DO YOU REALLY expect anything from them on the global plandemic travesty??

    Besides, all that is needed is for ANY BASIC research student at Cave Hill to assemble the HARD PUBLIC DATE on death and hospitalization statistics over the past ten years and draw some BASIC graphs… SPSS would do the rest…
    …but that assumes that we had a real real university.

    BTW Boss…
    Dr Campbell was the ‘lone voice…”????

    What about the small few loud mouthed BU bloggers who have been on this matter from the START…like white on rice?

    We ain’t nobody? 🙂 🙂

    • @Bush Tea

      Lone voice in a context. There were many expressing concerns but he always brought solid data to support.

  2. Meanwhile airline pilots, even after undergoing regular and rigorous medical examinations needed to maintain their flying status, seem to experience sudden collapse and/or sudden death (sometimes on a flight they are piloting or while about to board a flight as a pilot) at a seeming unprecedented rate compared to previous times.

    Aug.17, 2023 – IndiGo Pilot for Nagpur-Pune flight collapses at boarding gate, declared dead in the hospital

    MUMBAI: An IndiGo pilot (identified as 40 year old Manoj Subramanium) who was to operate a flight from Nagpur to Pune, India, fell unconscious and collapsed at the boarding gate on Aug.17, 2023. He was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead, said sources.

    3rd Pilot death this week, 5th incapacitation/collapse

    Aug.16, 2023 – Qatar Airways Flight QR579 (DEL-DOH) Delhi to Doha, Qatar, 51 year old pilot collapsed inflight and died, plane diverted to Dubai.

    Aug.14, 2023 – LATAM Flight LA505 (MIA-SCL) Miami to Santiago, Chile – 2 hours into 8hr flight, 56 year old Captain Ivan Andaur collapsed and died in the lavatory – plane diverted to Panama City!

    Aug.9, 2023 – United Airlines UAL1309 (SRQ-EWR) Sarasota to Newark, pilot had a heart attack and lost consciousness in flight

    Aug.7, 2023 – TigerAIR Flight IT237 (CTS-TPE) Sapporo to Taipei, copilot had a medical emergency after landing plane in Taipei

    More: https://makismd.substack.com/p/pilot-death-indigo-pilot-who-was

  3. @ David It was never business as usual for any country. We always had /have to monitor events as they occur and manage them.

    • @vincent

      The term business as usual must be taken in the context of disrupting entrenched social, political and economic models which Barbados has been disinclined to do.

  4. Figures on COVID deaths with ages and sex classifications were published daily on this blog. Perhaps not many insightful comments were made. But the raw statistics were available.Why do we try to undervalue our achievements? It does not encourage the youth. to aim high.

    • @vincent

      If we know the raw numbers do you agree there needs to be a reconciliation of perspectives to ensure low trust by the public is restored.

  5. Details of Dr Drew’s internet show July 18, 2023:

    “Something’s going on with our workforce that we’ve never seen before,” warns data analyst Ed Dowd, whose investigation appears to show an alarming increase in disabilities following the rollout of mRNA vaccines. “The signals found here are just ridiculous and it looks like a cover up.”

    Ed Dowd – a financial analyst and co-treasurer for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign – discusses new data from his research of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Dr. Kelly Victory and Dr. Drew.

    Watch Ed Dowd’s previous episode from May 2023: youtuDOTbe/No03pOGTcyQ (Note the “youtu” spelling is correct /GM)

    Ed Dowd is founder of Phinance Technologies and author of “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Death in 2021 & 2022.” (available on Amazon). Dowd is a former Wall Street analyst and BlackRock portfolio manager who utilized pattern recognition to get ahead of his peers during his stock picking career. He is a founding partner of Phinance Technologies.

    In early 2021, Ed noticed a rise in reports about sudden deaths among athletes and young people across the country. He amassed evidence from the insurance industry, funeral homes, and government databases to uncover an increase in sudden deaths among working-age Americans. Follow Dowd at twitterDOTcom/DowdEdward

    Streaming audio or video the Dr Drew show at link:

  6. Fast developing/acting cancers now regularly and suddenly appear in a younger demographic than usual says Canadian oncologist Dr. William Makis:

    Social Media Influencers on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok are getting Turbo Cancers – 20 Social Media stars with a combined 60+million subscribers have been diagnosed with cancer

    COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated young people are coming down with turbo cancers. There are so many for me to report, that I have to split up the cases over several substack articles.

    The most aggressive turbo cancers are leukemia, lymphoma and glioblastoma (brain). Of these, lymphoma is the most common. Leukemia kills the fastest (in some cases within hours of diagnosis).

    Then I’m seeing late stage breast, lung and colon cancers (most commonly). These are characterized by an “accelerated course”, as in the case of Randy Gonzalez with Stage 4 colon cancer where his doctors told him he had 2-5 years to live but he died in 8 months.

    These 20 social media stars have over 60 million subscribers and followers between them and reach 100s of millions of people. If even just a few of them spoke up, they could blow up the COVID-19 vaccine propaganda and narrative.

    The tragedy is that the very platforms they are famous on: Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, do not allow ANY discussion of COVID-19 vaccine dangers & injuries.


    A recent interview with Dr. Makis is posted at this link:


  7. @David
    There is a worldwide shortage of Actuaries. I doubt if Barbados has 10. In any case, they can’t be blamed because they can only calculate and warn based on available and hopefully detailed and accurate statistics.

    We really need to hear from the Silent Doctors and CMO on their gullibility to the lies around the off patent drugs they refused to try. Who were they afraid of?


    • @CA

      You are probably right and because most of them depend on the establishment for sustenance it is unlikely they are willing to risk it.

  8. Viral Immunology prof. reports how a basic safety principle violated in C19 vaccine development:

    From Dr Byram Bridle, Associate Professor of Viral Immunology, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

    Distribution and Quality Control of Lipid Nanoparticles for mRNA Shots to be Researched

    This should be of major concern to every human being that got a COVID-19 shot…

    News of an expanded collaboration between McGill University in Canada and Moderna has just been publicized. It describes two research projects. Please take a look at project #2. It is “a study to characterize LNPs so that their specific size and payload distribution may be better understood“. I have one simple question. Should there not have been an adequate understanding of the biodistribution of these LNPs PRIOR to a global rollout? Some of my colleagues destroyed my career when I suggested this needed to be done two years ago!

    The announcement also admits that “Standard techniques cannot simultaneously quantify the size and payload of individual LNPs, and thus often only averages are measured that mask individual variation and mask the relationship between size and payload.“. In other words, as many wise and concerned scientists have pointed out at great risk to their careers, the real dose of mRNAs being delivered in each shot is not known, particularly across different batches. This is an open admission that one person can potentially receive a very different dose than another, regardless of the ‘average’ dose stated on the vial. Never before has there been a global rollout of a drug where physicians are unable to accurately administer defined doses.

    Finally, “The results [of the study] will guide the optimization of LNP manufacturing and could be used for quality control for the manufacture of mRNA-based vaccines“. Hello!!! Should this optimization and development of a proper quality control system not have been done PRIOR to a global rollout?

    I am shocked! I don’t know about you, but to me these appear to be open admissions that mRNA shots were developed too quickly and used on the public prematurely. There is no way to interpret this other than that the grand experiment of the past two years has been used to guide research that should have preceded the global human research project. Basic things like understanding where a drug goes in the body and how to optimize quality control oversight of its manufacturing and standardize its dosing should have been done extensively and satisfactorily more than two years ago!

    Shame on the manufacturers.

    Shame on the health regulators.

    Shame on the mainstream media outlets that failed to hold these people to account.

    And shame on all the ‘experts’ who promoted these shots!

    Science has been flipped on its head when the global human population now serves as research subjects for pre-clinical and translational studies.


    • No vaccines taken, eight die of Covid

      BARBADOS RECORDED another eight deaths related to COVID-19 between August 5 and 18.
      In the last month, no Barbadian has been vaccinated against the virus as the July 22 to August 4 period also went without anyone getting a jab.
      The Ministry of Health’s statistics issued yesterday revealed that six people remained hospitalised with the respiratory illness up to that date.
      Barbados has now recorded 629 deaths related to COVID-19, from a total of 109 950 positive cases.
      In the two-week period under review, 12 people under 18 years were diagnosed with COVID-19.
      The latest vaccination figures yesterday showed that 57.2 per cent of the population is fully vaccinated, while 60.5 per cent have had at least a first dose. The number of people with at least one dose, however, remains 163 853. (BA/PR) Here, the COVID-19 dashboard as released by the Barbados Government Information Service yesterday.

    • Shame on the manufacturers.
      Shame on the health regulators.
      Shame on the mainstream media outlets that failed to hold these people to account.
      And shame on all the ‘experts’ who promoted these shots!
      Is the REAL shame not on the unthinking masses who listened to crooked politicians and their stooges and allowed EXPERIMENTAL concoctions to be injected into their HEALTHY bodies… because of irrational FEAR-MONGERING?

      WE need to hear from our ‘Covid-19 champions’ and our ‘most honorable awardees’ now that the FACTS are out….
      They were on the damn TV day and night pontificating, threatening and ranting…


  9. “….the masses listened to doctors, to public health officials.”
    You mean like our ‘most honorable’ doctors and public health officials?
    … who followed the politicians around like sheep, and parroted their every word and desire?
    … and who threatened, vilified and sidelined ANY and ALL challenges to their narratives?

    Well that excuses everything does it not…?

    • @Bush Tea

      The comment was to address your assertion. You shouldn’t blame citizens for complying with direction from health authorities.

  10. Health related conspiracy theories have always been part of the echo chamber, wait 5 minutes and the next one will appear on the horizon….

  11. …You shouldn’t blame citizens for complying with direction from health authorities.
    If you check the BU archives, you will find that Bushie ALWAYS blamed citizens for blindly complying with direction from officials who benefit financially from the advice they offer….
    ‘Doctors and health officials’ are among the most notorious.

    These are people whose income is maximized when their patients are chronically ill, (but not quite dead – since that tends to interrupt the income flow).

    When such an ‘advisor’ attempts to bully a bushman into taking a particular course of medical action, ALL of the various differing views -PARTICULARLY the contrary views- are explored….
    …and then Bushie takes the action that makes the most sense TO BUSHIE!!!

    You are free to be just like the local credit unions who have been advised by the bankers and their stooges to ‘stay out of banking’ because it is ‘too risky’ for them…
    ..while the foreign banks continue show millions in PROFITS every single year…and pay pittance on the Credit Union savings.

    You can continue to blindly follow your ‘health professionals’ who stand to become the beneficiary of your life savings – while you battle chronic issues, (many of which are CAUSED by bad advice).
    …but NOT stinking Bushie!!!

    What is the THIRD leading cause of death in the highly vaunted USA again….?

  12. Since the government seems to be depending on more tourism development as an important economic driver with the Carlisle Bay area being a big focus of this development, water sports related activities are likely to play a bigger than ever role as a source of entertainment and relaxation for our future tourist visitors.

    I suggest that development planners and entrepreneurs planning to provide facilities and services in the area take special care to ensure emergency first aid facilities/life guard huts etc, are amply equipped with defibrilators and trained first aid personnel and life guards (preferably unvaccinated for COVID19) are always ready for any emergencies on the water from the mulititudes of overseas visitors who will presumably come to enjoy the hotels, restaurants, water sports activities etc. in the area.

    SWIMMING and PADDLEBOARDING are the deadliest activities for the COVID-19 Vaccinated – Two die during swimming portion of Ireland Ironman, Obama’s Chef dies paddleboarding – 20 sudden deaths explored

    By Dr William Makis

    ……….. Now imagine a COVID-19 vaccinated individual, who carries a 1 in 30 per mRNA jab risk of subclinical myocarditis added to an even higher risk of micro clotting, and you have a recipe for disaster.

    Armed with that knowledge, a 45 year old fit, athletic man, working as President Obama’s Chef, collapsing while paddleboarding and dying suddenly, doesn’t require a suspicion of “foul play”. He was almost certainly COVID-19 vaccinated. He may have suffered a cardiac arrest while paddleboarding.

    And he certainly isn’t the only paddleboarder to have a cardiac arrest and fall into the lake and drown this summer.

    Anyone who is COVID-19 vaccinated should not be doing any strenuous physical activity, and since swimming and paddleboarding seem to be the most dangerous, doctors should be warning their vaccinated patients to stay away from these activities.


  13. My apologies, I meant to post the above message on the prior thread about actuaries and the post COVID19 high death rate.

    David feel free to move or delete this post from here if you feel it appropriate.

  14. According to Dr. Makis

    He was almost certainly COVID-19 vaccinated. He may have suffered a cardiac arrest while paddleboarding.
    Unless the “Doctor” was part of the medical team that examined the deceased, the above is pure speculation.

    Which the “Doctor” then states as fact with the following

    And he certainly isn’t the only paddleboarder to have a cardiac arrest and fall into the lake and drown this summer.

    Lord save us from these quacks

  15. Lord save whom Sarge?
    The gullible?

    What then is YOUR assessment of the FACT that there has been a significant increase in the rate of sudden death among healthy young athletes since the vaccine rollout?
    Also, a similar trend is noted among pilots, doctors and other groups that were forced to be vaccinated, and who hold stressful jobs, and who tend to be quite routinely medically assessed and reported?
    Will you need the individual medical assessment of each case before coming to a conclusion about the correlation?

    • @Bush Tea

      Isn’t there a blur between people dying with COVID or from health related complications as a result of COVID?

  16. Boss, as far as Bushie is concerned, 99% of everyone who died since 2011 died WITH covid. The other 1% would have been in some isolation bubble somewhere. It is the nature of viruses.
    But probably 90% of us die with heart disease, 80% of men with prostrate or liver cancer, 70% women with some degree of breast cancer, etc etc…
    Point is, we are DESIGNED to die of some shiite, or combination of shiite, eventually…
    The PROBLEM here has been this global UNIFORM medical intervention that resulted from FEAR which was CREATED by a group of charlatans who have a LONG history of lying, cheating and bribery – to make billions in profits from their DRUG market… and they have NEVER cared about the consequences to innocent victims.
    Prior to their Covid escapade, Pfizer were forced to pay a record MULTI-BILLION dollar fine, after deliberately and knowingly deceiving millions of victims and making BILLIONS in profit as a result.
    They happily paid the fine….

    Shiite boss, if we were not so naturally INEPT, even in Barbados we would have seen some RADICAL profits being extracted from covid – while the ‘authorities’ that you trust, FORCED us all to be injected…

    The problem is NOT covid19 per se, It is the manipulation by big Pharma to make profits in the GAZILLIONS… with sales of expensive, experimental shiite injections – using UNTESTED technology….

    How people that claim to have NO FAITH in GOD – despite the obvious WONDERS of creation, can now have such unshakable FAITH in Fauci, Pfizer, and our ‘Most Honorable’ lot can ONLY be explained by ‘the curse’…
    ..and you done know where that curse is now symbolized prominently…

    Anyway, Bushie wish wunna luck….cause..
    An EVEN GREATER DECEPTION has been unleashed by the same Demons on our world, and everyone appears to have taken the bait – in even greater numbers than with Covid….

    Oh what a tribulation……

  17. Off message.

    Lord have mercy. The Wagner boss, the head of the Russian mercenaries, has just died in a plane crash!

    • He must have been the solo pilot. Mechanical failure? Or did he jump?
      Amazing how people meet their maker soon after disputes with Putin.

  18. @Blogger Frank, what are talking about … “people meet[ing] their maker after soon after disputes with Putin”!

    What nonsense is dat!😉

    Vlad Putin is a lovely, compassionate leader beloved by his people who are fully supportive of all his wondrous actions … whether Pussy Riot activists, Navalny oppo politicial, a few miltary General officers or oligarch CEOs they are just in that 10%tile of malcontents who fall on their swords (or literally out a window) and sometimes poison themselves to self-correct their bad behavior.

    As another blogger suggested of a totally different matter: it’s likely this death was also somehow related to COVID … the pilot likely had a bad attack of it!

    You really should not cast such allegations towards the new leader of the BRICS wealth road of new economic salvation!

    When you play with roses you will get hurt, not so. It’s truly the ‘Kiss From A Rose’ so to speak.😎

    Such is life!

  19. Russia is notoriously tight lipped about these things, so the announcement that Prigozhin is listed as a passenger on the plane gives me pause, however if that’s the case I embrace DPD’s nugget about the pilot having some COVID vaccine reaction which resulted in his untimely death and his demise adds to the growing number of excess deaths.

  20. @Sarge dpd
    The latest news is both pilots were poisoned by the West with doctored Covid vaccines. My condolences to the Russian President and his people on the passing of a national hero. It has been a mensis horribilis for Vlad. First, it was a 350 basis point rise in interest rate, to bolster the tumbling rouble. Then as they sought to match fellow BRICS founder India with a moon landing, it too suffered from Covid and crashed. And now this horrible tragedy. All the while grounded on home soil, for fear of being arrested.

  21. Dr. Meryl Nass: “We are pleased to announce that the first Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) book, ‘mRNA Vaccine Toxicity’ is now available for download and purchase.” FYI: Downloads are free, only hard copies must be purchased.

    Dr Nass on her substack page lists the chapters and summarizes the chapter content in the newly released mRNA Vaccine Toxicity book. She also provides links to videos of some co-authors presenting their evidence and explaining their concerns re. mRNA vaccines’ safety, as they also enlarged on in the book.

    This book is a collective effort of the D4CE group to provide unbiased and factual information and analysis regarding mRNA vaccines. Chapter 2 briefly introduces virology and immunology relevant to the mRNA vaccine technology; Chapter 3 focuses on the immunological mechanism of harm cause, by the mRNA vaccine. Members of D4CE have posted several videos on this topic.

    Chapter 4 provides the histopathological evidence of mRNA vaccine damage to individuals. Chapter 7 deals with the epidemiology of COVID mRNA vaccine adverse events.

    Chapter 5 discusses how our body reacts to the mRNA vaccines after administration, the distribution and elimination of lipid nanoparticles and foreign mRNAs, and lipid nanoparticle toxicity. Watch Michael Palmer’s presentation:

    Chapter 6 presents the three pathways along which mRNA vaccines following the injection can lead to toxic damage to our genes (genotoxicity):

    1. The unnatural cationic lipids in the mRNA vaccine package can trigger our body to produce the reactive oxygen species, which may react with DNA.
    2. The foreign mRNA may undergo reverse transcription into DNA, then insert into the chromosomal DNA.
    3. DNA contaminants in the COVID mRNA vaccines may also insert into the chromosomal DNA.

    Such chromosomal insertions poses the risk of prolonged spike protein expression and inflammation, but it can also lead to malignant disease (cancer and leukemia).
    Michael Palmer, MD, discussed the three pathways in the following video.

    Dr Nass’ substack page linked below has embedded links to the D4CE free download of mRNA Vaccine Toxicity and links to videos:


  22. The Coup 101
    If you fail in a coup attempt you will become a screaming target.
    Check out the Trump Chump with circa 100 charges against him.

  23. “When you strike at a king you must kill him” – Waldo Emerson

    Even a Putin lover cannot be surprise at the death of Prigozhin.

    Folks without insight or vision were predicting Prigozhin’s death from the day he turned back from his trip Moscow. Some may have been surprised that it took so long but we all knew it was coming.

    The lesson: If you go against Putin, keep your feet solidly on planet earth. Don’t climb stairs, don’t go near windows and don’t travel by any kind of vehicle; don’t drink anything that is handed to you an wear a metallic suit.

  24. COVID ROUND 2, COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!!! . (But certainly not for your enjoyment.)

    Anyone else having a strong sense of deja vu?

    Good luck filling the the new 400 room hotel at Sam Lords (not to mention all the other existing hotel rooms) if COVID restrictions are once again in effect.

    New COVID Fear Campaign For Lockdowns, Boosters & Masks In the U.S. and the UK

    Whistleblowers from the TSA and Border Patrol have raised the alarm to Infowars that the Biden administration is setting the stage for full Covid lockdowns that will begin with incremental restrictions like masking TSA employees in mid-September.

    The first source, a high-level TSA official confirmed and known to Infowars, reached out to Infowars and cited a Tuesday meeting in which TSA managers were told new memorandums & policies were being completed that would reimplement masking, starting with TSA & airport employees as early as mid-September.

    The TSA official also said next week they will receive new guidelines on how the policy will escalate: by mid-October, mask-wearing will be required by pilots, flight staff, passengers, and airport patrons.

    After hearing from the TSA manager, Infowars reached out to a trusted Border Patrol source who is also a manager. and this source confirmed the same directives were being given to Border Patrol. They expect by mid-October a return to forced-masking policies.


    Aaron Kheriaty: The rise of the Biomedical Security State during the covid era

    The pandemic of 2020 saw the imposition of shocking restrictions. For the first time, healthy people were confined to their homes. Vaccines cleared for emergency use – meaning not rigorously tested – were forced on all citizens. Debate, even by scientists, was censored. Refusal to obey these arbitrary impositions could mean arrest, legal action, or, as Dr. Aaron Kheriaty found out, losing one’s job.

    What we saw rolled out in March 2020 was not a new approach to public health, Dr. Kheriaty said, but a new paradigm of governance and controlling populations on a widespread scale – the rise of the biomedical security state.


    The Economics that Drove the Pandemic
    Covid was the first time in human history that we had quarantined healthy populations – during the so-called “lockdowns.” Quarantining sick people is a very old idea and is a traditional public health policy. But the idea of confining healthy people to their homes, closing businesses and not allowing people to work was a first. Governments instituted these measures with virtually no public debate and without due deliberation of the overall consequences, Dr. Kheriaty said.

    “If you look at this from a purely public health point, you really can’t make sense out of it … To really understand why we did what we did and why we doubled down on it even when it was clear that it was failing and it was harming people, I think you have to look at the larger economic and political issues that drove our pandemic response.”

    Economically, covid saw the largest upward transfer of wealth in world history. “It was a world-historical scheme of larceny,” Dr. Kheriaty said. “Vacuuming up wealth from the working class and the middle class to, not just the upper class, but to the very tip of the socioeconomic pyramid – to the wealthiest of the wealthy tech elites and financial firms.”

    How did this happen? Dr. Kheriaty explained how.

    Amazon lobbied for lockdowns on the West Coast of the US. “It’s not because Jeff Bezos knows a lot about public health or managing a pandemic,” he said. It’s because of what happened to Amazon stock and Bezos’ personal wealth when his competition was eliminated because small businesses had to close down and people were locked in their homes so they were forced to do e-commerce. “40% of those small businesses that closed down have still not reopened,” he said. The shutdowns were devastating to entrepreneurs and small business owners.


    MASK TOXICITY – German study exposes dangers of CO2 re-breathing – neuron death & learning impairment (children), stillbirths & birth defects (pregnant women), testicular toxicity (adolescents)


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