What does a study tell us about the production of Cannabis?

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

More Canadians are choosing legal forms of cannabis then previously, from 52% to 61% reported last year. The 2022 Cannabis Survey carried out by Health Canada has shown that smoking is the most favorable form of consumption, but the number of people choosing to use vape pens is increasing.

The study was carried out April-June 2022 and offers insights into Canadians knowledge, attitudes and behaviors on Cannabis use.

  1. Over the previous 12 months, Cannabis use among youth 16-19 returned to pre-legalization levels in 2021-2022, after increasing 2018-2020.
  2. The proportions of those who use Cannabis daily has been stable since 2018, including among youth 16-19.
  3. Smoking Cannabis has continually declined, while vaporizing Cannabis using a pen has increased  since 2021. Smoking remains the favored choice, followed by consuming edibles.
  4. More respondents reported using legal sources compared to 2021.  61% of those using cannabis over the past 12 months reported using legal store fronts, up from 52% in 2021. The portion of the population using illegal sources has declined between 2018-2021, remaining the same in 2022.
  5. More than a quarter of those that use Cannabis use it for medical purposes, with a medical document from their healthcare professional.

The report will assist legislative and healthcare policy decisions in the near future. Approximately 1% of users reported accidental consumption in their homes (consumed by pets and children). A futuristic problem has risen with regards to the use of Vape Pens, and vaping Cannabis. Vaping associated lung diseases have become issues for the healthcare sector. E Cigarettes and vaping of sourced materials is a constant problem for both healthcare and Policing Authorities. Fentanyl lased product has show its ugly face throughout Canada and the USA. While a very small portion of Cannabis users have become addicted, the level of addiction is increasing each year. The very process of vaping can create conditions that erode a users lung tissue, manipulating the users heart beat and blood pressure. The legalizing of Cannabis has not been a bed of roses, but a serious challenge to many population sectors, both urban or rural alike. 

This study shows the legal practices of Cannabis, while only gently delving into the underworld of illegal Cannabis use. The expected generation of public revenue has not arrived yet, while the demand of more addiction services continues to increase. A drug is a drug they say, and the pusher man has continued to evolving into a public seller, manager and promoter of this Cannabis material, protected by a public authority.

Source: Sources: B.C. and Canada Health Service, Canadian Evergreen

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  1. A study of Cannabliss showed it made the dreads jump up and sing to keep you rocking and swing.
    Check out Bush Doctor Peter McIntosh lyrics below
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    as they sound some sort of subversive you know
    and the people who make the law and call it
    dangerous drugs and poison
    they don’t charge you for attempting suicide
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    ’cause when a man is using something dangerous to his temple
    that means he is committing a felony or attempting to commit a felony
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    and they don’t charge you for that
    they charge you for having dangerous drugs in your possession
    or ganja I don’t know what ganja is
    ganja is a bird in Australia..

  2. ‘According to research studies, marijuana use causes aggressive behavior, causes or exacerbates psychosis, and produces paranoia. These effects have been illustrated through case studies of highly publicized incidents and heightened political profiles.

    These cases contain examples of repeated illustrations of aggression, psychosis and paranoia by marijuana users and intoxication. Ultimately, without the use and intoxication of marijuana, the poor judgment and misperceptions displayed by these individuals would not have been present, reducing the risk for actions that result in senseless deaths.”


  3. Looks like mass killings related to marijuana use!! Media keeps this quiet!!

    2. Case Presentation
    2.1. Marijuana Violence
    On March 13, 2019, Anthony Comello admitted to, and subsequently was charged for, the killing of Frank Cali, a senior leader of the Gambino family in Staten Island, New York. Both men were allegedly having an altercation over Comello’s romantic interest on one of Cali’s relatives. Although Comello had no previous criminal encounters with law enforcement, reports suggest that he drew the attention of authorities by acting strangely in a federal courthouse when he offered to perform a citizen’s arrest on New York City’s Mayor, Bill De Blasio. Previously, Comello sought a U.S. Marshal to inquire how to perform a citizen’s arrest on the United States Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Comello admitted that, at the time of Cali’s killing, he was high on marijuana and shot Cali because he feared that the senior leader had a gun and would shoot him during their altercation [4,7].

    On February 10, 2019, a man killed his 13-year-old nephew with a knife in Rustavi, Georgia. The man had a history of marijuana use. For days leading up to the killing, he was complaining about having dizziness, headaches, general weakness, nausea, and insomnia. He would also occasionally suffer from anxiety, irritability, and loss of appetite. His wife stated that he consumed and was under the influence of marijuana, which made his symptoms worse. The day before the killing, he tried to go to a clinic. However, the clinic rejected treatment by telling him to go to a psychiatric hospital. However, under the influence of drugs, he simply went home hours before killing his nephew [8].

    On February 1, 2018, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students and staff at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and injured 17 others. Cruz was diagnosed as developmentally delayed at age three and had numerous disciplinary issues dating to middle school. From a young age, he started consuming marijuana heavily. He accounts that he would frequently “hear demon voices” and would consume large amount of marijuana to try and silence those voices. He also attempted suicide. During an interview after his mass shooting, he stated that he used “a lot of marijuana” as well as prescription tranquilizer Xanax [9,10].

    On November 5, 2017, Devin Patrick Kelley carried out the deadliest mass shooting in Texas’ history, resulting in the death of 27 people and injuries to 20 others, by opening fire at worshippers who were attending regular Sunday Service at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. Kelley was later shot by bystanders and killed during a high-speed chase with law enforcement agencies. The autopsy on Kelley revealed that toxicology tests detected marijuana and anti-anxiety drugs in his system. A report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed multiple past incidents where Kelley also been under the influence of marijuana. Kelley’s first on-record interaction with law enforcement authorities was when he was arrested for possession of marijuana and, subsequently, expelled from his high school. Since then, the record shows that Kelley started using marijuana frequently, as well as developing mental health issues that would lead him to have problems in his employment with the United States Air Force and multiple instances where he abused his step-son and his wife at the time [11,12].

    On May 22, 2017, a suicide bomber, Salaman Abedi, detonated an explosive device in an area of the Manchester Arena, United Kingdom. The blast killed over 20 people and injured over 100 others. Evidence shows that, from a very young age, Abedi was a “party animal” who heavily consumed marijuana. Furthermore, he was described as a person who would start fights in the street for no reason, would act rude, and would refuse to do his homework in school. He was also described as a “very slow, uneducated and passive person” who displayed aggressive tendencies. Eventually, he began shutting himself off from other people, started becoming more violent, and started showing paranoia by making statements against western societies and hanging out with dangerous crowds. Evidence suggests that this paranoia, furthered with aggressive tendencies, led to Abedi’s suicide bombing attack that day [1,13].

    On May 18, 2017, Richard Rojas purposely drove a car along three blocks of pavement in New York’s Times Square, killing a teenager and injuring 22 other people. Evidence indicates that Rojas was a heavy marijuana user. He admitted on the consumption of spiced-up marijuana right before committing the attack. Further, the record show that Rojas suffered from paranoia and hallucination, which have led him to make odd statements and partake in actions that negatively affected him in the work place or while interacting with others. Paranoia and hallucination caused him to “hear voices” that led him to commit that attack [2,14].

    On November 23, 2016, Arcan Cetin carried out a mass shooting that killed five people and injured many others at the Cascade Mall in Washington. Evidence indicates that Cetin was a heavy marijuana consumer. Further, he had a past of violent behavior, with some incidents including the consumption of marijuana. Although doctors prescribed him medicine for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, and depression, he stopped taking the medicine and substituted it with by excessively consuming marijuana. This led to aggravate his mood swings and being more violent. Before the shooting, he had threatened an ex-girlfriend who lived out of state. Evidence indicates that at, while committing the attack, Cetin was shouting a woman’s name [15,16,17].

    On July 26, 2016, Satoshi Uematsu stabbed to death at least 19 people and injured at least 26 others at a care facility in Sagamihara, Japan. Months prior the shooting, Uematsu suddenly started talking and acting strangely to his coworkers, who feared he could harm someone. Consequently, Uematsu tested positive for marijuana and was diagnosed with marijuana-induced psychosis and paranoid disorder after he delivered an ominous euthanasia letter to a Japanese House of Representative and telling his co-workers and the police that he intended to kill disabled people. Although he planned the attack in detail, evidence suggests that he later seemed to showed remorse and stated that “There was something wrong with [him]”. These kinds of behaviors suggest that he was suffering from psychosis and paranoia since he was in the delusion that his acts would contribute to the Japanese society and the world [18,19].

    On November 27, 2015, Robert Dear killed three people and injured nine others when he carried out a mass shooting in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Dear, along with many other users, moved to Colorado after the state legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Dear was a heavy user who was described by family and friends as “an angry and occasionally violent”, and “deeply disturbed”, individual who suffered from paranoia and mood swings. Moreover, he was described as a lonely religious extremist who had a history of domestic violence against his ex-wives, who gambled, and who committed adultery on multiple occasions. About a year before the shooting, he moved to Colorado where he lived in dire conditions at a squalid trailer without running water or electricity [20,21,22].

    On July 16, 2015, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed five people and injured a couple of others in his drive-by shooting at a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Prone to depression and manic episodes, he started smoking marijuana heavily in high school. This addiction was going on for many years and led his mental state to deteriorate further and cause him to fail a drug test at work. Further, he started writing suicidal notes to himself and was pulled over by a police officer for driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. Up until the shooting, evidence indicates that Abdulazeez had a hard time keeping a job because of his manic depressive/bipolar disorder and drug use [23,24].

    On June 17, 2015, 21-year-old Dylan Roof murdered nine people who were attending a prayer service in a Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He claimed that his intentions were to start a race war. His acts were preceded by years of drug abuse. Reports reveal that Roof’s drug abuse started when he was 12 years old when he would smoke marijuana three times a day. When he was 16 years old, he tried to stop smoking marijuana after telling people that his daily marijuana usage caused him to be paranoid and hear voices. According to experts, Roof started suffering panic attacks when he was 16. Nonetheless, multiple accounts claim that he kept smoking marijuana and started abusing other drugs and alcohol. During his arrest for the Charleston shooting, Roof told police officers that he abused drugs before committing such heinous act [5,25,26].

    On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown was fatally shot after a physical altercation with a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The autopsy and toxicology report revealed that Michael Brown had THC concentration of marijuana in his blood and urine. He had five nanograms of THC on his system, which causes approximately the same level of impairment as a 0.08 percent of blood alcohol level. That much THC notably impairs someone’s judgment and perception of the surrounding environment, which may lead to anxiety and paranoia. Evidence indicates that Brown tried to reach for the officer’s gun during the altercations, which led to the officer shooting at him in close range. Thus, evidence suggests that Brown’s behavior was most likely caused by paranoia [27,28].

    On April 15, 2013, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother Tamerlan, killed three people and injured over 250 by detonating homemade pressure cooker bombs near the finish line at the Boston marathon. Both brothers were heavy marijuana users since they were young teenagers. Tamerlan was killed in a police shootout following the bombings and Dzhokhar was eventually apprehended by law enforcement officers. Several acquaintances and friends knew about both brother’s marijuana consumption and sales. One of Dzhokhar friend testified that he sold marijuana to Tsarnaev days before the Boston Marathon Bombings. Unrelated to the bombings, one of Tamerlan’s friends implicated Tsarnaev in the killing of three men whose bodies were found sprinkled with marijuana. Multiple accounts noticed an increase of violent behavior from Dzhokhar for some time leading up to the bombings [29,30,31,32].

    On January 8, 2011, Jared Loughner shot and killed six people, while also injuring 14 others at the then-US Representative Gabrielle Giffords’s constituent meeting held in Tucson, Arizona. Although friends and acquaintances described him as an “awkward but friendly” young man, they started noticing his behavior drastically change in college. In high school, Loughner smoked marijuana on most days. Moreover, he also started immersing himself in conspiracy theories displayed paranoia. He dropped out of high school during his final year, but was able to attend a community college. Some college peers described him becoming mentally unstable by saying and doing things that were frightening. Other peers feared that he would do something like what he actually did. He was suspended from college and never returned. Subsequently, he tried to join the army but he was rejected because he failed a drug test. Consequently, he engaged in paranoid behavior that led to him to engage in anti-government speech and target then-Representative Giffords during her constituent meeting [33,34].

    These are among the many nationally reported violent cases that have, among others factors, a common root to what led these young people to commit acts of violence at the detriment to society as a whole: the extensive use or abuse of marijuana. In recent years, many States within the United States, as well as some other countries around the world, have decriminalized or legalized the recreational use of marijuana [8,12,13,19].

  4. Might explain the surge in murders here.

    “Import to these assertions, is that the current marijuana is far more potent in THC concentrations, the psychoactive component. Accordingly, and demonstrated in direct studies, more potent marijuana results in a greater risk for paranoid thinking and psychosis. In turn, paranoid behavior increases the risk for paranoid behaviors and predictably associated with aggressive and violent behaviors.

    Marijuana use causes violent behavior through increased aggressiveness, paranoia, and personality changes (more suspicious, aggressive, and anger).

    Recent illicit and “medical marijuana” (especially grown by care givers for medical marijuana) is of much high potency and more likely to cause violent behavior.

    Marijuana use and its adverse effects should be considered in cases of acts of violence as its role is properly assigned to its high association.

    Recognize that high potency marijuana is a predictable and preventable cause of tragic violent consequences.”

    • Isn’t it known individuals suffering from certain mental conditions should not take cannabis in the same way for example those that suffer with clot disorders should be cautious about taking aspirin? There are side effects to most drugs we are told. We have so many hardline positions which are based on emotional and outlier positions.

  5. No one in their right minds take marijuana advice from those who dont know what the hell they are talking about. Smoking anything is bad for any and everyone but that is not the only use for Cannabis…i dont smoke.

    It has been used in the white world since the 1500-1600s including to import, export, as medicine and to make tons of money. While the Afrikan world is still criminalized for it…the lying scientists and media are paid to mislead about it…because they all know why.

    And if you do not know its multiple very safe usage you should not mislead others. And if like myself who has to use the medical version daily for my injuries, and can afford to tell ya with receipts that you have no clue, ya should pay attention…most of these know it all posts are based on total ignorance.

  6. David
    on January 4, 2023 at 8:40 AM said:
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    Isn’t it known individuals suffering from certain mental conditions should not take cannabis in the same way for example those that suffer with clot disorders should be cautious about taking aspirin? There are side effects to most drugs we are told. We have so many hardline positions which are based on emotional and outlier positions.


    If you read the scientific article, you will see that Marijuana causes certain mental conditions as well as exacerbating others, like most drugs, asprin included.

    Seems pretty simple to me, avoid taking any drug. No doctor in the world can give more sound advice than that.

    It is becoming more and more likely we could see a mass shooting in Barbados soon given the high marijuana use here.

    The study showed that some mass shooters in the US took marijuana, but apparently, no asprin.

  7. John……ya should look into your cloudy little crystal ball and tell us why….***********…but ya can’t can ya.

    So much going on and you know none of it but the fallback is to demonize and lie about marijuana.

    Just had to tell someone that yall are fully trapped…imprisoned ya own selves VOLUNTARILY in The White World For Dummies and will never get out until they put yall in a box. Not a fella will help ya get out either. No one wants that stench fooling them around.

  8. African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on January 4, 2023 at 10:42 AM said:
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    John……ya should look into your cloudy little crystal ball and tell us why….***********…but ya can’t can ya.


    I am relying on science.

    The report is from the National Institute of Health.

    Search for shooting in this threat and you will see the conclusion is logical!!


    • The other issue associated with this matter of legalizing cannabis growing in the country is the lack of banking support.

      There is the legalized version for medicinal and then there is recreational.

      In developed countries this sector is under pressure to manage its cash from the financial system. The head of the unit in Barbados is on record confirming this will be an issue here as well.

  9. Who cares about a study. The Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority most recent news was their Classifieds options for their social media pages.
    The BMCLA is much more than a made up government entity. It is where current do nothing minister Munro Knight worked before getting her pick in the PM’s office. Watch out for her replacement Grimes getting a pick soon also.
    These people are paid with taxpayers money and their last update was selling ads on instagram. This beats the BTMI postcard since it will generate much needed funds for the government

  10. David
    on January 4, 2023 at 11:09 AM said:
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    The other issue associated with this matter of legalizing cannabis growing in the country is the lack of banking support.


    I can imagine the banking sector would be leery of a drug with known links to violence and mass shootings in the US.

    Anybody with any sense would also be.

  11. The science is fundamentally flawed and filled with the usual big pharma agenda of pure lies. Take it from someone who uses the medicine every day for my injuries. I have not felt the urge to go out and injure anyone ever. Most i want to do is sleep because of the relaxing properties

    I dont advocate smoking because of the chemicals used to preserve the herb for transportation and preservation. Which includes embalming fluid, who knows what else, and there is no telling the negative impacts on the brain and behaviors with such toxic chemicals. Manmade chemicals are very destructive and have always been.

    No one does more secret smoking than those deceitful scientists.

    Besides, in the more progressive countries most people have stopped smoking and purchase gummies, brownies and other marijuana products from credible producers or just make the products themselves for personal use and medicine, the much safer option.

    I know it’s difficult to stop listening to white lies because it’s all around you and everyone else, but many people have stopped reading the crap out there that is really misdirecting news and proven since the centuries of lies were discovered and stripped away completely. People are not relying on big pharma rats to take care of their health. Our ancestors were creating medicines for hundreds of thousands of years before these creeps came around. They cant tell us anything, they have to get information from us, always have.

  12. African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on January 4, 2023 at 12:34 PM said:
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    The science is fundamentally flawed and filled with the usual big pharma agenda of pure lies.


    The report is simply about interviews and toxicology reports with and on those who actually committed violence, some mass shooters.

    Xanax is a drug mentioned in one of the toxicology assessments and that is big pharma.

    I would tend to believe the report as we watch violence and murder also spiraling out of control here.

    We know marijuana use is on the increase.

  13. Have you ever seen how people juiced up on Xanax, Zyrtec and a laundry list of other mind altering chemicals.get violent and act out on the streets, subways and buses. Worse when they are scummy racists. They literally attack, scream at and assault people. They are always on the attack and have problems processing with clarity.

    You definitely have no clue how violent and dangerous they are to others every day and often times to themselves their children and families..

  14. Marijuana has been found to be in use for many, many centuries and scapegoated to cover up for the real criminals which is big pharma and their list of killer chemicals.

    You are scapegoating marijuana to cover up for your little minority criminals who flood the island with guns and questionable drugs.

    Did anyone check to see how crystal meth ended up at the Coverly Dog Kennels. Marijuana is nowhere in that class of destruction…Meth is in the same class as heroin, it kills. Someone on meth can go from looking like a 20 year old to a 60 year old within months. Same as heroin. The deterioration is rapid. No one can produce any evidence that marijuana does that, not one lying scientist.

  15. 1) On this matter, I will defer to and agree with 555. 🙂

    I am willing to bet that many of the US mass murderers did not touch marijuana. I would also bet that at some stage, the marijuana non-users drank water or milk. Repeating: Correlation is not causation.

  16. Jamaicans Were growing and smoking MJ for donkey years
    Are there more mad people there because of it ? Hiw many mass killing Were there In Jamaica?

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  18. John2 on January 4, 2023 at 2:46 PM said:
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    Jamaicans Were growing and smoking MJ for donkey years
    Are there more mad people there because of it ? Hiw many mass killing Were there In Jamaica?

    Jamaica is not a good choice!!!!!


    The brazen shooting of nine people at a football game in Spring Village, St Catherine, recently should not be glossed over as just another crime production notch in the nation’s annual linear crime growth. Those bullets were not only attacking the people enjoying a game of football, but the nation state was under attack.

    Those gunmen were functioning inside their own bubble of absolute freedom of mind and will – ignoring all regulations, laws and devaluing the rights of citizenship. During the 1990s, the east African nation of Somali functioned that way and was considered a failed state. If Jamaica’s intellectuals were wondering when crime production would explode into carefree, lawless mass-shooting zones, look no farther [because] that Rubicon has been crossed.

    Like the United States, [which has] a gun-friendly second amendment constitution, Jamaican leaders must now define how many victims in a single incident is considered a mass shooting. Our gun-worshipping country to the north set the mass-shooting threshold at three people shot in any single incident, which, as I am writing this article, according to the Washington Post, the mass-shooting tally is 300 as of June 2, 2022.

    Obviously, mass shootings in the USA will far outpace the number of days in the year. Both the Government of Jamaica and its citizens already know that social sneezing in the United States gives Jamaica a bad cold and hot fever. Is the brazen, wholesale mass shootings for so long contained to the USA finally the next destructive virus to take root in the Jamaican culture?

  19. “Those gunmen were functioning inside their own bubble of absolute freedom of mind and will – ignoring all regulations, laws and devaluing the rights of citizenship.”

    Potheads sounds like!!

  20. @John
    It would appear, that unlike you, those reporting the story felt it was related to growing crime in Jamaica.

    Before you start burrowing, not all crime is related to drugs.

    • @ John on January 4, 2023 at 5:26 PM

      Sir Johnny, why are you using the same arguments in 2023 to demonize marijuana as that interest group called the Temperance Movement did against Alcohol to justify the introduction of legislation resulting in the now notorious Prohibition period in the USA?

      Humans have been using drugs from the beginning of civilisation with evidence of marijuana consumption going way back before your Jewish mythical Noah.

      Do you really think that any piece of legislation would stop them?
      Did it prevent or eliminate the consumption of bootleg whisky in America?

      What you should be asking is what kinds of drugs were the white slave owners consuming when they were picnicking while they castrated and lynched black men for mere entertainment.

      What demonic substance were those same slave owners under when your so-called Christian puritans raped the under-age black virgin girls on the plantation to produce “brown-skin” pickaninnies?

      Was it under the instruction of your Yahweh or under the influence of kill-devil, moonshine or mary jane?

      For it certainly wasn’t crystal meth!

  21. Miller…these always lie on marijuana and they know absolutely nothing about it. The frauds who initially criminalized it was never going to tell them why. …because they know their fool sheeple would run with any lie.. …they dont think, they only regurgitate shite in hopes of keeping Afrikan people trapped so they can continue their fake superiority pretense which is fading away just like everything else that is coming apart as it should..

    To actually know anything they would have to ask the Dogon of Mali about the plant..am sure you may have heard what some already know. I stopped sharing certain things a while now. They don’t need to know anyway., it’s of no help to them in the white world for dummies.

  22. A useful resolution for 2023 and beyond is to blank John Knox and to ignore everything he says and not engage with him ever again.
    If your heart is your message centre then he has a bad heart.

    Aad Guray Nameh
    We use this mantra for protection before long journeys, and to assist us quickly in opportunities when they arise. The translation of this mantra is:
    Aad Guray Nameh: Primal wisdom I bow
    Jugaad Guray Nameh: Through time I bow
    Sat Guray Nameh: True wisdom I bow
    Siri Guru Devay Nameh: Great unseen wisdom I bow.

  23. Not only is Marijuana linked to crime and violence, but it is also linked to slavery, not the one you imagine you know something about, but the actual one going on today.

  24. That marijuana is linked to crime, violence and slavery simply cannot be denied.

    There is too just much evidence.

    That’s why almost every country in the world has these problems.

    Because most are in denial does not mean the link does not exist.

    We went really close last year, just a matter of time.

  25. Lawd…so much good news out there. I know Pacha is staying abreast. It’s pouring nothing but good news finally. What a time to be a witness.

    Bushman…nothing can stop that train.

  26. A concern was raised on BU as it relates to the issue of cannabis based businesses encountering challenges with banking with financial institutions to do international transactions. It is interesting the PM raised the issue at a recent town hall. This is a global concern.

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