A Pox on You

Submitted by William Harriss

The Immortal Bard, otherwise known as William Shakespeare, is an easily recognizable figure no matter where you go. Four hundred years after his death, his phrase is still used.

This is the new frightening story of the Monkeypox, which may well end up as ‘A Pox On You’ and ultimately a ‘Pox On Your Business’ and a ‘Pox On Your Country.’

As COVID mutates, creates a herd immunity and hopefully subsides, there is the distinct possibility of a new pandemic following in its wake.

Monkeypox virus has been detected in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Spain and Portugal.

According to the U.S. agency the ‘Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’ [CDC], Monkeypox was first discovered in 1958 when two outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in colonies of monkeys kept for research, hence the name ‘Monkeypox.’

The first human case of Monkeypox was recorded in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo during a period of intensified effort to eliminate smallpox. Since then, Monkeypox has been reported in humans in other central and western African countries.

Scientists at the CDC are currently tracking multiple cases of Monkeypox that have been reported in several countries that don’t normally report Monkeypox, including the United States.

It’s not clear how the individuals were exposed to Monkeypox, but cases include people who self-identify as men who have sex with men. The disease until now, has been considered predominantly sexually transmitted.

CDC is urging healthcare providers in the U.S. to be alert for patients who have rash illnesses consistent with Monkeypox, regardless of whether they have travel or specific risk factors for Monkeypox and irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.

CDC is working with state and local health officials to identify people who may have been in contact with individuals who have tested positive for Monkeypox so that they can monitor their health.

It is now known Monkeypox is not exclusively sexually transmitted. Instead, it can be transmitted through close contact with infected people, body fluids, sweat and clothing, bedsheets, and pillows. The incubation period [interval from infection to onset of symptoms] of Monkeypox is usually from 6 to 13 days but can range from 5 to 21 days.

In Britain, the Alarm was first raised in 2018 by ‘Porton Down’ scientists who said the virus could have ‘devastating consequences.

In June 2019, a Coalition of experts warned that 70% of the world is vulnerable to Monkeypox.

In 2020, a report from the ‘The World Health Organization’ [WHO] warned of the ‘endemic potential’ of Monkeypox.

September 2020: WHO warned the ‘epidemic potential’ of Monkeypox was rising. The paper published by the WHO warned the ‘epidemic potential’ of Monkeypox was increasing. Warning the end of routine smallpox vaccination could lead to the rise of Monkeypox in people. ‘In a population with diminishing herd immunity against orthopoxvirus species, the epidemic potential of Monkeypox will continue increasing,’ they said. That has since proved to be a correct forecast. WHO concluded that the use of the smallpox vaccine had been hiding and keeping at bay Monkeypox.

In November 2021, scientific health experts ran a hypothetical scenario that found a genetically engineered version of the disease could kill 300 million people.

In Spain, 50 new cases and another 12 Britons were diagnosed with the tropical illness on Thursday, May 26 2022, bringing the U.K. total to 90. In addition, the virus has been spotted in 19 countries outside its usual range, making it the widest-ranging outbreak of this disease ever.

The latest cluster of Monkeypox cases has experts wondering if the virus has mutated to be more contagious and easily spread between people.

It is now known you can catch Monkeypox by being near an infected person and breathing in the virus when they cough or sneeze. All bodily fluids of an infected person carry the virus, vaginal, penile, blood, spital, tears, and sweat included. In addition, bedding, duvets, pillowcases, pillows, and towels can carry and distribute the disease. So we seem to be back to the ultra necessity of sterilizing bedding properly. In particular, pillows between every new guest.

Countries hold wargames on an annual basis. The idea being if they practice for what may be, they will be much better able to cope with war if it actually happens.

In 2021 an organization specializing in world protection against what may wipe out the world’s human race, ‘Nuclear Threat Initiative’ [NIC], carried out a war game against a laboratory-created Monkeypox.

May 20, 2022. Given the occurrence of cases of Monkeypox in countries within and outside of the Region of the Americas, the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) shares with its Member States a series of considerations in relation to the identification of cases, the isolation, identification, and follow-up of contacts, the clinical management, and the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections.

Is the Monkeypox threat so severe that an organization made a cloaked study and called it hypothetical?

NTI experts met in November 2021 to discuss how the world would respond to a hypothetical pandemic caused by Monkeypox. The exercise included fake news reports on how the fictional virus was spreading in May 2022. They produced a ‘scenario summary’ displayed on the last page of this article, the NIC’s fictional Monkeypox pandemic timeline.

In a statement this week, NTI said their choice of Monkeypox for the exercise was based on recommendations from scientific and medical experts on potentially pandemic causing pathogens.

The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn and philanthropist Ted Turner in the United States. It works to prevent catastrophic attacks and accidents with weapons of mass destruction and disruption – predominantly nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical, cybersecurity, and now pathogenic threats.

Ernest J. Moniz has served as Chief Executive Officer since June 2017, and Joan Rohlfing serves as President. Co-chaired by Moniz, Nunn and Ted Turner. A Board of Directors governs NTI with current and Emeritus Members from the United States, Japan, India, Pakistan, China, Jordan, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom.

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132 thoughts on “A Pox on You

  1. Cuhdear Bajan May 31, 2022 3:37 PM:

    RE: “No need to share intimate details. If you are married, if you have ever been married, if you have children, if you have ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend, if you have ever been partnered even long, long ago, that is enough information for me.”

    Are you suggesting it’s impossible for an individual who “has children or ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend” to take a ‘vow of celibacy,’ based on his/her religious beliefs…… or is celibacy only applicable to virgins?

    Some sources define ‘celibacy’ as a voluntary choice to remain unmarried or engage in any form of sexual activity, usually in order to fulfill a religious vow.

    Nuns, for example, are known to be celibate. However, a widow who DOES NOT HAVE ANY DEPENDENT CHILDREN….. or a lady who was married and her annulment has been recognized by the Catholic Church………. can ‘CHOOSE to REMAIN unmarried and ABSTAIN from any form sexual activity’ to become a Nun.

    As such, it is reasonable to assume any individual can similarly DECIDE to become celibate, for religious and or other personal reasons…. UNBEKNOWNST to you.
    Therefore, it would be presumptuous of you to make a bold assertion that people are NOT celibate, based SOLELY on the reasons you outlined above.

    RE: “Unless the stork is bringing them. Or unless the midwife is bringing them in her little tan valise as I was told when I was 5 years old and my youngest sibling was born at home.”


    If a widow who does not have any dependent children can become a Nun, then the correlation you’re attempting to establish between having children and celibacy is ‘null and void.’

  2. Britain urges people with monkeypox to abstain from sex as cases rise

    U.K. health authorities have urged anyone who tests positive for the monkeypox virus to abstain from sex until their symptoms have cleared.

    The U.K. Health Security Agency also recommended that previously infected persons continue to use condoms for a period of eight weeks after the virus has passed to combat rising cases.

    With 179 cases, Britain now has the highest monkeypox case count in this current outbreak. Globally, 555 confirmed and suspected cases have now been reported in countries outside of Africa.

    More here:

  3. @ Artax May 31, 2022 4:52 PM “Are you suggesting it’s impossible for an individual who “has children or ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend” to take a ‘vow of celibacy,’ based on his/her religious beliefs…or is celibacy only applicable to virgins?”

    Not at all Artax.
    Since we were speaking about the possibility of disease transmitted by sexual activity, my thoughts were about lifelong celibacy. I remain convinced that lifelong celibacy is highly unusual human behavior. Among adult humans [as among ALL adult mammals] sexual activity is the norm.

  4. @Artax “a lady who was married and her annulment has been recognized by the Catholic Church… can ‘CHOOSE to REMAIN unmarried and ABSTAIN from any form sexual activity’ to become a Nun.”

    Declaration 1: I am not Roman Catholic
    Declaration : I tend not to get involved in religious discussions, because those have a tendency not to end well.

    But, there is always a but. I know a couple of Roman Catholic priests, who used to be Anglican priests [one served at my parish church years ago] both men in long marriages, and when they converted they were not required to be widowers or to give up their wives, nor presumably sex with their wives, so my question to you, why can’t a married Roman Catholic woman without dependent children not become a nun and keep her husband and continue to enjoy sexual activity with him?

  5. Wait ??? people in the UK have to be told not to screw someone with pustules all over their body. Must be a hold over from the ring around the rosy thing.
    Cudhear what part of NONE dont you get.

  6. Public health agencies issue monkeypox guidance to control transmission

    UK’s 4 public health agencies issue monkeypox guidance to control transmission in the community.

    The {UK] guidance published today recommends that:

    People with possible, probable or confirmed monkeypox should avoid contact with other people until their lesions have healed and the scabs have dried off. Cases can reduce the risk of transmission by following standard cleaning and disinfection methods and washing their own clothing and bed linen with standard detergents in a washing machine.

    Cases should also abstain from sex while symptomatic, including the period of early symptom onset, and while lesions are present. Whilst there is currently no available evidence of monkeypox in genital excretions, as a precaution, cases are advised to use condoms for 8 weeks after infection and this guidance will be updated as evidence emerges.

    If people with possible, probable or confirmed monkeypox infection need to travel to seek healthcare, they should ensure any lesions are covered by cloth and wear a face covering and avoid public transport where possible.

    Contacts of someone with monkeypox will also be risk assessed and told to isolate for 21 days if necessary.

    Where possible, pregnant healthcare workers and severely immunosuppressed individuals (as outlined in the Green Book) should not assess or clinically care for individuals with suspected or confirmed monkeypox. This guidance will be reassessed as evidence emerges.

    The minimum recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff working with confirmed cases includes fit tested FFP3 respirators, aprons, eye protection and gloves. For possible or probable cases minimum recommended PPE for staff includes fluid repellent surgical facemasks (FRSM), gowns, gloves and eye protection.

    Within non-domestic residential settings (for example adult social care, prisons, homeless shelters, refuges), individuals who are clinically well should be managed in a single room with separate toilet facilities where possible. Close contacts of confirmed cases should be assessed for vaccination.
    More here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/public-health-agencies-issue-monkeypox-guidance-to-control-transmission

  7. Cuhdear Bajan May 31, 2022 5:01 PM
    Cuhdear Bajan May 31, 2022 5:12 PM


    Come on, my friend.

    This discussion is heading into the ‘realm of absurdity,’ simply because you do not want to admit it’s impossible for you to determine if any person is celibate, unless he/she is willing to share intimate details about his/her sex life with you.

  8. Methinks, that for females, cuhdear mixed up celibacy and virginity.

    Would she define a male (single) who never develops an attachment, hits and run or just purchases as celibate? He is not on her list.

  9. @TheOGazerts May 31, 2022 9:07 PM “Methinks, that for females, cuhdear mixed up celibacy and virginity.”

    My response: Nope

    @TheOGazerts May 31, 2022 9:07 PM “Would she define a male (single) who never develops an attachment, hits and run or just purchases as celibate?”

    My response: Nope. I would define him as promiscuous.
    And I would define a female who behaves like that the same way. Promiscuous

  10. The dictionary defines celibacy as:

    abstaining from marriage and sexual relations, typically for religious reasons.
    “a celibate priest”

    having or involving no sexual relations.
    "I'd rather stay single and celibate"

  11. Random thoughts
    Does secondary virginity count as a period of celibacy?

    What would you call a woman experiencing her 19th episode of virginity?
    Highly celibate?
    Marriage material?

  12. The worst kind of celibacy is when a woman who was never married, has children, finds religion and now has a ‘no sex before marriage’ rule.

    Have a great night.

  13. 1/1

    Yes…….. we’ve already established that, “The dictionary defines celibacy as: abstaining from marriage and sexual relations, typically for religious reasons (i.e. “a celibate priest”).

    Therefore, a person can choose to become celibate, even after he/she has children

    Reminds me of a documentary I read several years ago, pertaining to a male child who was reportedly abandoned at a monastery, after his mother died while giving birth to him in 1856.
    He was adopted by the monks therein, who named him ‘Michael Tolotos,’………. and died at the age of 82 in 1983, without EVER seeing a woman.

  14. @TheOGazerts May 31, 2022 9:19 PM “What would you call a woman experiencing her 19th episode of virginity?”

    I believe that this is impossible, although I know in cultures in which female virginity is highly valued it is not unknown for females to have re-virgination surgery.

    I doubt that this happens in Barbados because it is not my impression that virginity or celibacy are highly valued in Barbados.

  15. @TheOGazerts May 31, 2022 9:31 PM “The worst kind of celibacy is when a woman who was never married, has children, finds religion and now has a ‘no sex before marriage’ rule.”

    Thankfully, marriage is not compulsory. If a woman has such a rule, and the man finds it offensive, he can should move right along.

  16. The UK, 106 cases; and Portugal 49 cases currently have more cases than the endemic countries of Cameroon 25 cases, Central African Republlc 8 cases, Nigeria 46 cases and the Republic of Congo 2 cases. In fact the UK has more cases than Cameroon, Central African Republic Nigeria and the Republic of Congo combined. After the 1284 cases in the Republic of the Congo, the UK has the second most cases.

    See link above

  17. Lawson….did i not warn you that this is a sex virus between gay and bi-sexual men that can run amok and get into the general population…..simply because they ARE THE ONES SPREADING IT..


    “Fewer Sexual Partners Helps Reduce Monkeypox, says WHO

    WHO officials have urged people, especially men having sex with other men, to reduce the number of sexual partners to help combat the spread of monkeypox, warning that the virus “may not be containable”.

    The advice comes after gay rights groups have called for commercial sex venues such as saunas and fetish bars to be closed.

    Those who contract the virus have also been ordered to abstain from sex or close contact with others “until their lesions have healed and the scabs have dried off”.

  18. @Waru
    “Lawson….did i not warn you that this is a sex virus between gay and bi-sexual men that can run amok and get into the general population…..simply because they ARE THE ONES SPREADING IT..”
    Good thing that Bushie stopped listening to Brass tacks on Mondays….

  19. I have been away a long time, but at times I read of a Barbados the I never knew.

    Perhaps, it has changed after all, but as a St Lucy man I was not aware of Heights and Gardens. The Wards with their plantations were rich, but the rest of us mostly lived in a set of villages where the rich was not that better off than the poor. We were in one big ghetto or one big garden.

    When I hear of a place where there is no ‘formal education’s, I do not think of Barbados. Over the years both B and D have made a valiant effort to educate the children.

    You can criticize the system, talk of shortcomings and of necessary changes, but I think our citizens can hold their own against many others and are just as educated as many in other countries.

    The ‘no formal education’ accusation has been eating away at me like a cancer. I would be among the first to admit that we have a lot of issues to solve but I cannot stand by and watch lies and misrepresentation being used to described Barbados.

    Bug off.

  20. Monkeypox: Cases outside Africa rise to 780 in three weeks

    There have been 780 confirmed cases of monkeypox in countries where the virus is not usually found, the World Health Organization says. That is roughly triple the 257 cases it reported a week ago. It says the figure – for the past three weeks – is probably an underestimate and assesses the global risk level as “moderate”.
    More here: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-61696974

  21. According to the WHO as of May 26, 2022 there are 257 cases of monkey pox in 23 traditionally non-endemic countries:
    Europe, 15
    Middle East, 2
    North America, 2
    South America, 2

    More here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/disease-outbreak-news/item/2022-DON388

    According to the WHO as of June 8, 2022 there are 1285 cases of monkey pox in 28 traditionally non-endemic countries:
    Europe, 1119 cases in 20 countries
    Americas, 153 cases in 4 countries
    Eastern Mediterranean/Middle East, 16 cases in 3 countries
    Australia, 6 cases
    More here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/disease-outbreak-news/item/2022-DON392

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