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The Mottley Saga – A Promise of Change but More of the Same

Submitted by Sunshine Sunny Shine (SSS) When the Mottley led BLP were in opposition, startling revelations by them suggested that the then DLP Stuart led government was corrupt, dishonest, and happily kept silent on important matters that should have engaged the public’s interest. Mottley, agitated by the sequence of disturbing events unfolding under Stuart and his team, fought to have

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Senator Franklyn Speaks – Uncaring John King

In six short months, Minister John King has revealed a previously uncaring side that was not readily apparent during the last elections campaign, by displaying a callous lack of empathy for persons that have been retrenched from the public service. According to the Sunday Sun of November 11, 2018, he stated that we were wasting a lot of time talking

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Grading our Parliamentarians

My evaluation of the performance of all Members of Parliament over the past 5 months is to give them a grade of A – for effort. Most of them are novices in their posts, including the Prime Minister. However, in my opinion, they appear to have handled themselves well. Perfection is not a reasonable performance expectation. Perfection is normally demanded

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Open Letter to Media Practitioners

 Submitted by an Anonymous blogger Journalism in Barbados is dead and unfortunately no one seems to know when it died. Was it one single event or a series of events? Perhaps we can point our fingers to defamation laws or perhaps we can point our fingers at the close ties between the media and the government or maybe it is

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The Grenville Phillips Column – We Are Sunk

The DLP administration made itself offensive to the voting public with their arrogance and excessive taxes. They also alarmed investors by attracting downgrades due primarily to their printing of money to an unsustainable level. The BLP administration has increased taxes far beyond what the DLP administration levied. They also brought us to the point of economic ruin by defaulting on

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