One Term Government?

The electorate of Barbados decided to give the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) an overwhelming and unprecedented mandate on the 24 May 2018. The result was a repudiation of a hapless Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration led by Freundel Stuart, as it was a belief by Barbadians in red bag-promises from Mia Mottley. We know the proclivity of human beings to want to believe in something, anything if it means being blinded to facts. Barbadians have shown themselves to be no different.

As we prepare – how time flies even when not having fun – to enter the early phase of another election cycle, the question being discussed quietly in some circles – is it possible the Mottley government could become a one term government? It harrows the mind of the blogmaster that after a 30-0 drubbing of the DLP three years ago some are open to the possibility of the incumbent suffering the ignominy of an Alan Chastanet in St. Lucia. 

The pandemic is proving to be an x-factor driving unpredictable human behaviour, beleaguered electorates suffering from economic fatigue has seen governments of SIDs struggle to govern. An absurdity tossed up sometimes by political talking heads is that some elections are good to lose. Is it possible this is the case for Verla Depeiza and her unready team? A scan of the DLP’s ‘newly minted’ website suggest the party is a work in progress.

Barbadians accept that the DLP represents the only option as the credible opposition party going into the next general election (The blogmaster was unable to find a website of the official opposition party led by Joe Atherley). We are therefore vested in a competent DLP being equipped to share alternative, progressive programs and to present a competent team to implement same to move the country forward. Based on what we have seen can we say – are we there yet?

The honeymoon period has disappeared for the Mottley government and much of its post-2018 political capital. Although the blogmaster is not convinced at this point Mia Mottley will suffer the fate of Alan Chastanet at the next poll, there is a level of apprehension in some quarters driven by the hostile environment governments of SIDs are presently negotiating. Making it more difficult for the experienced Mottley are rookie mistakes made so far, helping to reaffirm a perception that six of one, half dozen the other. 

It is unfortunate given the level of political apathy shown by the electorate, it has not given rise to a vibrant, credible and alternative political movement. One must conclude there are serious underlying issues preventing Barbadians of integrity and the other prerequisite characteristics to offer themselves for public service. The result has been successive governments who lacked the ability to sustain Barbados’ position on the socioeconomic ladder.

Now that Vela Depeiza has shown her mettle to win against internal combatants George Pilgrim from old guard and upstart outsider Guy Hewitt, is Verla battle harden enough to take on Mia Mottley?

472 thoughts on “One Term Government?

  1. This should be a wake-up call for all Barbadians. It was me who coined the phrase “Black Barbadians have become surplus to requirement”.

    Barbados was built on the backs of an exploited people. It is evident we have learned nothing from our past.

    I hope when these young people return they will make public what they encountered. Shame on this government.

  2. “It is here that I make my exit”. In other words, “I gone!”

    Add Skinner to the list!

    At least SOMEBODY got the joke. Yuh know I love to skin my teet!

    Just checking in.

    Yuh know I very dishonest so I cyan stick around.

    I gone AGAIN!

  3. That’s why i made sure North America and Afrika see how DISRESPECTFUL this government is to Afrikan people and our ancestors…

    “Black Barbadians have become surplus to requirement”.

    the stinking minded have it in their evil heads that if Black people can’t be SLAVES. so they can continue robbing, exploiting, oppressing and practicing their toxic racism against Black lives……they will enjoy nothing else, these evil fcukers want PUTTING UNDER THE EARTH…..and their nigas want exposing all across the earth…as the pariahs and public nuisances they have become..

  4. TLSN…it proves and goes to INTENT…all the information about that enslaver company was online, that’s where i found it 2 years ago, but they just did not care….too desperate to reenslave the Black population and show off for their criminal friends….but that is what will be their COLOSSAL DOWNFALL…all of them..

  5. Why would a government allow their children to work abroad as virtual slaves. This is what states such as Kenya and Ethiopia practises. They allow their young girls to work as maids in Arab countries knowing full well that they will be abused.

    The young man in one of the videos mentioned he was told to purchase a one way ticket! That needs to be repeated!

    Barbadian citizens are being abused in the UK. This government needs to address this issue and repatriate with immediate effect their citizens who are based in the UK.

  6. This is what states such as Kenya and Ethiopia practises.

    now you see why air can’t pass between them and Kenya…..they have bonded like a house on fire…

    I told the people this would happen…the government is complicit in this clear enslavement crime…everything i type their Slaves rush online to research and fact check….the ONE TIME i posted something on BU where they all troll EVERY DAY….that would prevent the population from becoming slaves again and you tell me their little imps and pimps never bothered to fact check that…..the only time they didn’t…right…

  7. Hope Fraud Enuff sees and learns that is one of the main reasons no one will take his foul crap seriously…when they are brandishing corrupt governments on the blog who believe that all they are elected to do is sellout and push the Black African population into generational slavery..

  8. the ONE TIME i posted something on BU where they all troll EVERY DAY…

    and they can’t see they never saw it because they ALWAYS spend HOURS scavenging around in the archives reading ALL MY POSTS… they can jump out and tell me am lying..

  9. “and they can’t see they never saw it because they ALWAYS spend HOURS scavenging around in the archives reading ALL MY POSTS… they can jump out and tell me am lying..”

    You’re an IDIOT.

    The internet is similar to a database, and using BU as the base variable together with a few keywords to identify what was written, is all that’s needed to find anything anyone posted to this forum.

    So, it isn’t necessary for me or anyone who knows Dbase programming, to spend HOURS in the archives reading ALL shiite you posted.

    A SIMPLE Dbase search only TAKES a FEW SECONDS.

  10. TLSN…the house negro are very DETERMINED and driven them and their criminal minorities to keep slavery in African lives…and some of us are equally determined to DESTROY THEM FOR IT…..

  11. Waru the mad ass bitch one of your africans Mr Kenyatte of Kenya was just here in Barbados in talks with Ms Mottley and the government.He seemed quite happy with the talks they had.Tells me either the africans ain, t as smart as you aren, t as smart as you claim or Ms Mottley is not the corrupt, clueless leader you and your side kick talking loud saying nothing or the other noisemakers on here.I think it is both.I gone.

  12. Northern…that’s why the media had a field day with it….lol..they even put a bandit’s mass on a cartoon likeness for emphasis…i don’t he could take another beating after that..


    hear is an opinion on the counterfeit vaccines…

    “The first exhibit to the Complaint filed in the US District Court, in the matter of Radical Investments Ltd. v Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC, is a Letter of Intent dated April 6, 2021, which was prepared on the letterhead of the Ministry of Health and Wellness and signed by the Permanent Secretary of that Ministry.”

  13. a bandit’s mask on a cartoon likeness for emphasis…don’t think he could take another beating after that. one..

  14. Northern..what kind of mix up mix up shit is this, that is why AstraZeneca said they had not authorized radical as any 3rd party procurer..these were flying by the seats of their pants, telling the manufacturer one thing and setting up to do something completely different….Barbados does not have 1 million people, google says so and am sure execs know how to direct their administrative assistants to google population size, then they went about taking money from at least St. Lucia while claiming that there will be NO RESALE of the vaccines.

    for some governments, crookery and corruption is the only resume they need..these are the only two questions that should be answered by the government..

    “Why was Radical interjected in the transaction in the first place? Why didn’t the Government go directly to the source, AstraZeneca?”

    Barbados is FINALLY exposed as SCAMMER’S ALLEY….🤣🤣

    (“iii) Doubtless the Government was aware that, as confirmed by the High Commissioner, AstraZeneca had committed to supplying COVID-19 vaccine broadly and equitably at no profit and was doing so only through governments and COVAX. Why did it, therefore, seek to by-pass that process by interjecting civilian intermediaries? Why had it committed to paying Radical US$24 per vaccine dose, when AstraZeneca was supplying it to governments at between US$3 and $5?”

    for the RETARDED….vaccines given @ NO PROFIT.= @$3.00US per dose….that’s a goddamn donation…

    “The letter requests AstraZeneca to provide Radical with a full offer along with the requisite information to enable the Ministry to conduct due diligence. If satisfied with the documentation, the Ministry said that it would expeditiously move forward with the order placement, signing of the sale and purchase agreement and payment.

    It concludes that upon receipt of the requisite commercial documents, including Certificate of Authentication, testing reports and Bill of Lading, “Radical Investments agrees to make all payments directly to the Allocation Holder.”

    There is no mention of St Lucia or Bahamas, and presumably the Barbados Government was fronting the transaction on their behalf. From a legal perspective, this letter raises several concerns, questions, and issues, including issues about the potential financial exposure of the Barbados Government arising from this ill-fated enterprise. To start, exactly what did the Mister of Health know and when did he know it? As the letter emanated from his Ministry, it is curious that he had publicly proclaimed ignorance of the matter.

    It is the principal, not the agent, who bears the risk of loss in a transaction conducted by the agent on the principal’s behalf.”

    “prinicpal being the BARBADOS TAXPAYER TREASURY..”..and they, knowing the agreement they signed with radical knew that the government was liable for the loss suffered…and yall still want to trust these dangerous sellouts….

    Why was Radical interjected in the transaction in the first place? Why didn’t the Government go directly to the source, AstraZeneca? What special skills or connections did Radical possess, or represent that it possessed, to impress the Government that it was the right intermediary for the job?”

  15. William Skinnuh
    “Why is it that when you all have a problem with somebody, others are expected to back you up?”

    Again false! You are confusing me with the lady who has been forever “tagging” you in her scandal chasing on this blog. Seems you’re in a “tag” team and don’t even know or simply ignoring another “comrade”. With me, multiple bouts yes but only solo matches because my “opponents”, like you are lightweight, predictable and easy to knockout. 🤣🤣✅

  16. With me, multiple bouts yes but only solo matches because my “opponents”, like you are lightweight, predictable and easy to knockout. 🤣🤣✅

    I like this person. Wonder if he/she walks around patting him/herself on the back and giving him/herself high fives.

  17. WW&C
    You will note what I suggested to @ac about which tree to climb.
    It seems the author of The BT article chose the same tree. And he has perused every branch.

  18. Anymore trees of perusal and the international agencies will have no choice…

    we are seeing the over-confidence and open arrogance after DECADES OF successful CORRUPTION..

  19. Am just happy that the likes of Foul Enuff…will DROWN WITH THEM..they are all going down, going down together…


  20. Northern…let’s break this down so that the slow can catch up and understand…

    Procurement Dept: there is this dude in Barbados wants to have authorization to procure vaccines, 1 million doses

    me: what’s the population size of Barbados…because only an IDIOT would not ask.

    Procurement Dept: 287,000 give or take

    me: so what does he need a million doses for if he is not reselling, should he not be purchasing minimum 300,000 first doses and 300,000 second doses, which DOES NOT ADD UP TO 1 MILLION….

    greed got them cornered, they look good right there….🤣🤣😂😂

  21. Theo…do you see now why i talk about the PRETENDERS being mathematically challenged, because at the time that letter was sent to AstraZeneca…a percentage of the population had already been vaccinated through COVAX and other donations….

    say about 20% had gotten their first dose by April…that would be 20% less needing a first dose, can’t remember if 2nd doses had been distributed by then, but if it had…EVEN LESS people would need doses, which would see us subtracting from both the 300K first and 300K second doses….so where did they get the need for 1 million doses or even 600,000..unless they planned to sell, which they did…and LIED to AstraZeneca…about their intent.

  22. Slumbering until the court case gets going. At that time, we will get real insight into the calculations/miscalculations that were made

  23. Who eats pork?….a sweet simple soul just said…”well they brought their pigs to fine market”

    i just love speaking to people that everyone else looks down on and feel they are stupid…

    man they took the vaccine market by STORM…

    Fraud Enuff should be able to tell us when they are opening the vaccine factory that i have been hearing so much about for a week now..

    they too love to jump in front…and the frauds in the parliament too love to give them a hand up with taxpayer’s money and push them to the front….now they are ALL AT THE FRONT…lol

  24. I have not commented on the vaccines factory, but it will take more than manufacturing syringes and needles.
    Let me throw a few buzzwords:
    Quality control
    Sterile environment

  25. Am glad enuff not to be NOWHERE near their orbit….would not want to be sucked in when they are looking for scapegoats so they can slide out of the shit they created…, at least they got mentally challenged Enuff and Lorenza….TO PIN IT ON……lol

  26. yeah…they are booting Elizabeth but want to keep her system and her politics, the cheek, so intellectually DIM, they can’t even create a system or a constitution of their own….but are happy to keep the population trapped in crap….for their own self-serving agendas.

  27. Waru both you and your sidekick TLSN who sounds a lot like you and maybe you under a different name could go live on the african continent with thesuperior africans.Trust me neither one of you would be missed.Just hope the government where you are ain, t ovrrthrown by the gun.or run down by rampant corruption.Personally i prefer the old colonial system where every man or woman of age has a vote for who they want.I gone.

  28. “run down by rampant corruption”

    ya mean like the government in Barbados, who have taken CORRUPTION TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL… what’s the difference, at least ya can see the guns in some African countries and ya know they got bullets…, but ya can’t tell when the evil sellout negros setting up to kill ya or send ya to Europe to be enslaved….or POLLUTING our ancestral land with criminal minorities from the Caribbean…..cause they don’t say a word….

    so what’s the difference..but the population know that they MUST BE VERY VIGILANT until 2023…and watch out/prepare for the next betrayal….coming from the haunted house parliament..

    Owen Arthur had warned but he never did enuff to stop it..

  29. @WW&C
    Let it play out. You know the line…due to the pending legal matters we cannot comment at this time.
    The GoStL has to get involved. It could take a while to sort this out.

  30. This has to be the BEST response I have ever seen to someone whose family has been accused of financial malfeasance. In Bajan, it is pretty as shite.

    “My attention has been drawn to comments surrounding the Pandora Papers. Whilst I will respond comprehensively on my return from my State Visit to the Americas, let me say this:

    “That these reports will go a long way in enhancing the financial transparency and openness that we require in Kenya and around the globe. The movement of illicit funds, proceeds of crime and corruption thrive in an environment of secrecy and darkness.

    “The Pandora Papers and subsequent follow up audits will lift that veil of secrecy and darkness for those who can not explain their assets or wealth. Thank you.”, His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta

  31. What happened to this story

    Franklyn wants answers on reported appointment at BTMI – by Anesta Henry September 11, 2021
    Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn is questioning what is so special about the Canadian-German who was identified as the candidate to take up the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) in a leaked document at a proposed salary of $240 000 in addition to several perks

  32. Who is supplying our Prime Minister with these array of scarves? At every press conference she appears in a new one looking more serene and monarchial. What message is she trying to portray? These are serious times. We have covid-19, a vaccine procurement scandal, and the rest. Yet, in the midst of all this, we have a Prime Minister who appears more interested in bringing the catwalk fashion world to government.

    This distraction style of governing where rigour has been replaced with incompetency and worse has helped to maintain Barbados status as a failing state.

  33. “due to the pending legal matters we cannot comment at this time.”

    the old delaying tactic….but thankfully they filed the drama in a Florida court where they have no power to corrupt the proceedings….

    Northern…all the pretty lyrics is only until they break out the handcuffs, if they find anything to directly pin on him.then he will lawyer up and don’t say another word in public…same thing happened with foolish, minority enabling Zuma…who is looking at years in prison, while the lowlife trash he colluded with are walking around freely..

    “At every press conference she appears in a new one looking more serene and monarchial. What message is she trying to portray?”

    false flags with a cloud of corruption and misdeeds hanging over them, they can only impress and fool slow minded Slaves, like those we got on BU, jumpimg out with foulness and then pronouncing…”i gone” until their next sick puppy appearance.

  34. Oh for chrissake! You want her to come out naked? Then you would criticise her spare tyres.

    I can’t take people like you seriously at all at all. Comments like that do you no favours.

    I remember when she dressed in plain khaki and was criticised for looking like a military dictator. I remember when she went touring after the freak storm dressed in plain denim and was criticised for looking deceptively workmanlike.

    Now she throws on a scarf and is criticised for looking like a monarch ready for a red carpet catwalk!

    I have never seen such attention paid when the male politicians present themselves to the public.


    A blight as damaging as racism!

  35. Theo…i spent a part of the night breaking down in my head…the percentage of the population vaccinated from April – October….while radical was still running around procuring counterfeit….and when the final tally showed up, Barbados would only have been needing approx roughly 100 thousand 2nd doses, since most first doses and a portion of the 2nd have already been distributed…so there goes the greedy theory that 1 million or even 600,000 doses were needed, and St. Lucia with a population of 181,000 plus would not have needed much more that 2 – 400K 1st and 2nd doses dependent on what was already administered.

    .I really hope the Judge calls AstraZeneca to the stand to confirm that maloney had their authority to break in their back door…lol..and then call the Barbados government to confirm they gave him that authority……..there are supposed to be witnesses to this big purchase…right..

  36. Donna October 12, 2021 7:02 AM

    I was going to ask if he/she was actually SERIOUS or just trying to be a bit provocative, but declined not to do so.

    They’ve gone from talking about Mottley’s ‘hands flaring, fists pumping and eyes staring,’ when almost everyone gesticulate while speaking………….. to now criticizing her scarfs.
    Her taking a photo with a banana plant in the background was interpreted by the ‘intellectuals,’ to mean she was portraying herself as the ‘dictator of a banana republic.’

    How ridiculous.

    I posted the below photograph of her ‘chief BU critic,’ as an example to indicate he also gesticulated while speaking………. and asked him what were the significant differences between him and Mottley ‘flaring their hands.’

    He responded subsequently (perhaps when he believed everyone had forgotten), with ‘saying’ he “was EMPHASIZING a POINT.”

    I have some concerns about an individual’s mental health, when he/she seeks to intellectualize, complicate or exaggerate simple, trivial issues, or go beyond reasonable lengths in an attempt to prove they’re the ‘brightest bulb in the room.’

    Perhaps it’s the psychological phenomenon known as ‘illusory superiority.’

  37. I commented on earlier contributions that were on Mia’s choice of wear.

    It is sexism. It is silly. There is so much that could be used, but instead we get worked up about what she is wearing and where the picture is taken.

    What is next? Hairstyle?

    If this is the strongest line of attack, then you can give up today.

    Now if she were to pose with a crown, a scepter and a foot on Lorenzo’s head, I would join you. Until then, we are at odds.

  38. “Now if she were to pose with a crown, a scepter and a foot on Lorenzo’s head,”

    i would pay good money to see that one..

  39. Would not be surprised if Mia called an early election before the Maloney case start
    For all intent and with all purpose knowing that what she has hidden in her red bag can be revealed
    Hence rather than take a risk of full exposure and a massive hit at the ballot box
    Right now she might have a fighting chance than waiting until all her goodies are rolled out into the public domain
    This next year would be interesting where her future would lie in the hands of judge and jury in palm Beach fla

  40. “Up to Monday evening, Mottley said, 142 543 people had taken at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in Barbados.”

    Theo…some more numbers to work with….

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