28 Million Taxpayers Dollars …

Truth be told the blogmaster thought he had witnessed it all – Greenland, GEMS, Golden shower, police station at Crab Hill to name a few. Today’s Nation newspaper front page has knocked the blogmaster for six.

For the last two years of the DLP’s ‘lost decade’ period and the first two of the BLP, a building estimated to cost 28 million dollars, constructed with tax payers Rh dollars has been labelled a sick building with not one Rh person or stick of furniture having graced the doors of the new Sanitation Service Authority HQ.



SSA Sick Building



  • “All the talk about Barrow, education and independence cannot hide the fact that most blue natives are unable to think for themselves without the guidance of a foreign Massa. ”

    No wonder Bajan taxpayers are still stuck WITH WHITEHOAX at 62 million dollars plus 85, 000 US a month nearly 2 years post election, house negros cannot think for themselves and have no original ideas, as we have been saying for years and they always need someone preferably white and paying them 10s of millions of tax dollars…..just TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO….the house negro-s SHAME ….incapable of anything outside of dependency….in the 21st century.

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  • William Skinner

    @ Hal
    “To remove any doubt, my entire life has been committed to ordinary working black people.“
    My Comrade and Brother, I will never accuse you of being anti-working class. I know that you and I have traveled the same paths from youngsters. I know the high level of respect for you in your hometown. You know the great thinkers we have been influenced by and the very essence of our philosophy and ideology. Unfortunately two political parties that should have chartered a progressive course for the working class now form a great threat to their very socio economic existence.
    They are known as the Duopoly.


  • @ William

    We have travelled similar roads. There are two types of Barbadian that pose a real threat to ordinary working people. First are the so-called professionals, the sons and daughters of messengers, clerks, carpenters, cane cutters, shop keepers, who managed to get letters after their names and believe that gives them a right to deprive ordinary people of their human rights.
    This government is so amoral that it is now threatening to shut down standpipes on the dubious grounds of wasting water, while ignoring posh hotels and golf clubs wasting water in order that their clients can enjoy themselves, and now, on top of that, are threatening that people who expose this treasonous act may be prosecuted for spreading false news. Trump could not have done it better.
    In the meantime, this morally bankrupt charlatans turn a blind eye to innocent people being remanded in prison for years without coming to court; to a police officer who shot and killed his neighbour and is yet to face court; a government that has made hundreds of people redundant and has failed so far to pay them pittance, while paying a group of smart Alexs from London so-called White Oaks, Bds$170,000 a month. What amorality, what a disgrace. But to feel shame a person must have a moral compass. That is missing in this government.
    @William, bring on the revolution.


  • Oh well, after all of that and centuries of it too the cousin in the palace has decided that diversity is the cat’s meow.
    Having Black bloodlines on the palace family tree will cause mucho diversity.

    So now the bottomfeeding, pretensive racists and the wannabes must now watch out.


  • It was shut up for almost 4 years. The building needs a deep clean, thats all. Since it was built with windows that cant open, it will be a bit difficult. However it can be done. You cannot throw away 28M like that. Clean the building, let the sanitation workers have somewhere proper to work, and then rent out the 1st floor to tenants of the private sector as the plan was originally.


  • fortyacresandamule

    @Hal. Who about the striking culture of the French? Not even Bim can hold a candle to those fellas.


  • @Kevin

    The building 50% lick down already so what is your point?


  • fortyacresandamule

    @Hal.Correction. Should be what and not who.


  • @ forty

    The French are a law unto themselves. Their collective behaviour is rooted in their history.


  • @David, just like the Supreme Court it can be fixed. So whats your point… and I doubt its as high as 50 percent.


  • @Kevin

    When is the last time you saw the Old NIS building? Does it matter if it is 50% or 70% lick down? We are passed the point of implementing your suggestion


  • The former NIS building was donkey years old.


  • David

    SSA. Not NIS


  • Thanks John2. Kevin accept the blogmaster’s aplogy, mistakenly thought you meant the Old NIS building.


  • @David, np, go get some sleep. I going for a nap.


  • Donks, Gripe and Josh

    @ Kevin

    March 7, 2020 5:55 PM

    ()It was shut up for almost 4 years. The building needs a deep clean, thats all. Since it was built with windows that cant open, it will be a bit difficult. However it can be done. You cannot throw away 28M like that. Clean the building, let the sanitation workers have somewhere proper to work, and then rent out the 1st floor to tenants of the private sector as the plan was originally.()

    Couldn’t agree with you more .

    Not sure it was shuttered as long as four years.

    To fit the stratagem of ‘ lost decade’ the building remained unused and morphed into popular sickness syndrome.

    Many expected similar political claptrap to keep the deliberately delayed new police station in Hastings shuttered.

    After all it was built by last government running counter to the lost decade script.

    Neutrals awaited litany of why it couldn’t open and guesstimates of sums ripped off in its construction a la SSA building.

    The political ploy of muddying the water with specter of billions stolen under the umbrella of government projects is largely baloney.

    That’s why proof of wide scale corruption is elusive and few are charged.

    Of note is Barbados is always ranked the least corrupt country in the hemisphere according to the UN.

    On occasion civil servants proficient in mechanics of disbursing and collection of state funds do get charged. A recent case a fellow was caught with his hand in the treasury’s cookie jar to tune of a million $$.

    Another busted in a million$$ dollar scandal beat the rap and returned to work.

    Barrow’s infamous army of occupation the civil service though demonized runs a tight ship and are rigorous monitors of government funds through myriad checks ,balances and omni present smart stream.

    Was there embezzlement via the shuttered Greenland Landfill fiasco ? That empty hole still is a costly national embarrassment with a tag bigger than $28 mil.

    There are law breakers in the political class not all are politicians.

    Political hangers on and touts within the duopoly continue to exploit political connections lawyers in particular.

    Donville Inniss is a convicted criminal.

    To classify all politicians similarly without proof is dishonesty.

    Owen Arthur fired at least three of his ministers as loud whispers of misappropriation of funds swirled around them.

    None were taken to court and convicted like Donville.

    There was talk of new Mercedes and BMW’s and kicks backs from construction, licenses, big property acquisitions, change of land use etc.

    If you cant uncover hard evidence as in Donville’ situ you are merely playing to your minions or flat out lying.

    The SSA building should be cleaned up opened for use of workers and public and fcuk the political drama.


  • Hope i don’t have to CONTINUE TO spell out for the SELL OUT NEGROS in the parliament that since the buzzword emanating from the cousin in the palace is now DIVERSITY for the commonwealth, quite a historical moment…..which took centuries to come to fruition being the new word that it is, only now being recognized…..that this is their opportunity to DISMANTLE the racism, aparthied, oppression and suppression of the BLACK MAJORITY population that they all so readily, eagerly and greedily KEEP ALIVE being the PIMPS FOR THE PALACE that they all are and always have been, always needing someone white to tell them what, when, where and how…….these evil, CRIMINAL ACTIONS they all perpetrate and for DECADES against their own people for thier own financial benefit them and the toxic, racist, tiefing, little minorities is coming to an end…they can fight to hold on to it and see what happens next, being the greedy fckers they all are and believe themselves invincible.

    proving the idiot Tron’s statement that somebody white always has to control these shite governments who should be ashamed to call themselves black, let alone African, this is PROOF beyond doubt that they cannot make any intelligent moves to benefit the Black population unless and until told to…LACK OF BASIC INTELLIGENCE AND BRAIN POWER will do that…they were only given the intelligence to suppress, oppress and TIEF from their people, they will have to be deprogrammed.

    what a shameful disgrace these house negros have always been post independence and even before that, the notorious sell outs.


  • Wuhloss…the lazy, arrogant, uppity fraud who sucked on taxpayers for multiple years, still sucking on the taxpayers and pensioners, while doing absolutely nothing for the people of St. John is being taken to court by mother-in-law..call it KARMA.

    “Margaret Knight (right), mother of late prime minister David Thompson, is planning to take her daughter-in-law to court.”


  • Waru,

    do yuh gypsy thing and tell us what it is all about?


  • Greene…ah gotta wait for more info, not even i am that good.

    Nationnews wants you to subscribe to get the full story and they don’t even have a secure website…lol.


  • Most of the sick building issues are poorly designed ventilation systems. Closed systems should be on 100% of the time, though at a different level out of working hours.

    If the air-conditioning is shut at night, the moisture condenses and creates spores/ mold.

    It should always be on.

    Otherwise, cut windows in the building and allow to ventilate once per week, done by the cleaners or security.

    Retrofit with air-conditioning if the current one does not work.

    The other issues, for staff, is that not enough fresh air is brought in. The building management is trying to be cheap in cooling air and not bringing enough fresh air to the staff, which is unhealthy.

    People need oxygen. This is reflected in general feel of being unwell and tired.

    I know of what I speak, been there, seen this.

    If they do not want to spend on air-conditioning, then install windows that can open or retrofit with windows that can open.

    The last issue is carpet. What kind of moron puts carpet in a tropical office building?

    Not sure if this building has it, but if it does, rip it out and put floor wood tiles, that can be swept and mopped daily.

    Carpet is another way to infest the building with spores from all kind of mud etc.

    Totally idiotic.

    All it takes is common sense and a willingness to ensure that all employees have good working conditions.

    However, I think most of it is ignorance. They take building plans from cooler climates and try to use them here.


  • “All it takes is common sense.”

    commensense has always been in short supply for those who have been socialized and miseducted into regurgitating everything from a book and never ever trained to use their two braincells and own initiative to create originality, they are all steeped in mediocrity…

    ..don’t you hear the asses always quoting shakespeare or some greek bullshit, they never even quote African freedom fighters, it is very clear that they are amongst the dumbest the Caribbean has produced in the last 40 years, hope there is no repeat and these will always be remembered for their uselessness.


  • I agree with Mr Sarge
    I am sick and tired of Ministers lamenting over the wrongs of the last Government
    That is the reason they were overwhelmingly voted out
    The job of the current Government is to correct those wrongs not to whine and bray


  • How can a problem or situation be corrected when one /govt has no plan or clue of method or solution for correcting
    Meanwhile govt has established a one glove fits all solution to resloving the problem of contaminated buildings
    A way which would increase the cost of the building starting with erecting the building and its demolishing in rubble
    What a ting doah
    Taxpayers money at work


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