19-11 for BLP after Jettisoning Dead-weight?

Submitted by Observing

With only three weeks to guesstimate, a dispassionate analysis of the ruling party both at the constituency and Government level clearly shows that coattails washed in some dead weight in 2018. To be fair, the other lot had to go, but, 3 and a half years gives enough time to see who we were working with.

Disclaimer: These views do not take the opposing candidate into account unless there is a glaring reason to.

Who must and should go

Peter Philips – Did little to nothing for St. Lucy even after being planted in the Ministry of Housing.

Colin Jordan – Has done even less for labour than Esther Byer-Suckoo, go figure. A known name in St. Peter but little to no representation where it matters most.

Dale Marshall – Wins the award for being contradicted the most by the PM, for paying out the most taxpayers money SECRETLY even after winning a case twice and the most bungled rollout and retraction of recent laws. St. Joseph has sucked salt (without water) for too long

Sandra Husbands – Sandra who?

Neil Rowe – Coattails worked in 2018. Neil’s abundant and extraordinary weakness as an MP and a candidate are profound. The alternative is better by far.

William Duguid – For selfishly refusing to pass the baton and for being the worst Transport Minister ever. Didn’t do much better in housing either except for giving away contracts to Mark Maloney and money to the Chinese.

Indar Weir – Big talk, little action. St. Philip South hasn’t been this neglected since a certain former PM.

Ryan Straughn – Has done little to nothing for Christ Church East Central. Admittedly he was working with the 5 other Ministers of Finance, 4 consultants and reps from White Oak to increase debt and shaft voters with bonds every chance they get. Who has time to serve lowly constituents in all of that!

Sonia Browne – Nice lady. Should stick to the medical profession. Politics and politicking clearly didn’t work out for her.

Who can go back home
Kay McConney – No amount of unilateral Constitutional changes can gloss over her being dead weight at the constituency level.

Rommel Springer – Just like the DLP’s Harry Husbands Dr. R only warmed a seat and did nothing in the education ministry for just over $180,000 a year

Who could go but won’t

Edmund Hinkson – Backbencher extraordinaire aided and abetted by George. St. James North will no longer have a voice

Toni Moore – for pure betrayal of workers and shameless capitulation to capital and political expediency.

Charles Griffith – Nice fella, but you can only do so much after so many big promises.

Wilfred Abrahams – Waste of time, but the alternative is far worse. Far far far worse.

Ralph Thorne – Was never really a Bee but if the train is moving then roll with it!

Kirk Humphrey – For only showing up when a camera is around or too much noise is kept. Not to mention totally neglecting “certain specific” parts of his constituency

Who should stay due to good national appeal, constituency work, general competence or all the above

  • Mia Mottley
  • Adrian Forde
  • Marsha Caddle
  • Ian Gooding-Edghill
  • Santia Bradshaw
  • Arthur Holder
  • Trevor Prescod – Even though he now has to hold his nose and support his leader
  • Dwight Sutherland
  • Kerrie Symmonds
  • Cynthia Forde

New toss ups with nothing on which to assess

  • Corey Lane
  • Davison Ishmael
  • Christopher Gibbs

There you have it. An objective 19-11 or 18-12 government come January 20, 2022 with the power to change Constitution no longer in the hands of one person or party.

Long live the Republic!!!


  • Have no fear., there will never be a 30-0 ever again.
    Ask Liz, she knows this.


  • Have no fear, there will never be a 30 – 0 again.
    Ask Liz, she knows this.


  • APP to bring 26 candidates

    The Alliance Party for Progress (APP), a just formed two-party coalition led by Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley, took its first steps towards contesting this month’s General Election, registering 22 of its candidates yesterday.
    With another “three or four” expected to complete the process of paying their $250 deposit on Monday, Atherley disclosed that the party had no intention of trying to field all 30 candidates. He said to do so would be a waste of resources.
    However, he said that the public will have to wait until Nomination Day for the unveiling of their members who would be seeking office.
    “We never intended to have all 30 candidates because we are not going to waste resources in this short, constrained period. The time is short and the resources are minimal and we are not going to waste time running people against incumbents like Prime Minister Mia Mottley or in other Barbados Labour Party (BLP) strongholds like St Thomas. When we merged we decided that we are not going to look for 30 candidates. There are about four constituencies where we would not be running any candidates, but we fully expect to fill all of the others,” said Atherley.
    APP, which is a coalition of the Lynette Eastmond-founded United Progressive Party and Atherley’s People’s Party for Democracy and Development, officially announced its existence to the public on Thursday.
    Atherley, who will be seeking re-election in St Michael West, after winning in 2018 on a BLP ticket, said he is confident that the newcomers will be seen as a viable alternative to the longstanding two-party system. He sought to remind Barbadians that when the Errol Barrowfounded Democratic Labour Party first came to power, it did so with significantly less than a full slate of candidates.
    “We expect to have 26 but we want to wait until they are nominated until we reveal who they are. You have to understand that sometimes people pull out at the last minute and sometimes people come forward at the last minute.
    “Those who are critical of parties that don’t have a full slate of candidates need only remember that the first time that Mr Barrow won, he did so without a full slate of candidates,” he added. (CLM)

    Source: Nation


  • A smart and insightful fellow:
    Atherley predicted the early election.
    Atherley formed an alliance with a second party.
    Atherley realized the futility of fielding 30 candidates.

    It seems that he cannot overcome the realities of local politics. A merger of more parties would be a stronger opposition, but how do you accomplish this and satisfy all parties?
    Impossible? No! But some parties would have to compromise on things they consider sacred (name, best candidates for different constituencies, …). Near impossible? Yes.

    This fragmented opposition (SB, DLP and AAP) makes a victory by Mia even more certain – 30-0 is still a possibility.
    I suspect Mia (equally smart and insightful) is counting on this continued fragmentation…


  • David BU the mere fact that Rev Atherley form this coalition tells me he was not ready and scrambling for candidates.Tells us all we need to know about him and his readinesd to lead anyone in this environment.It is one thing to be critical it is another to have serious alternatives.A master stroke by Ms Mottley.All the former cabinet ministers who were in hiding suddenly had to declare their hands like Mr Lashley and Dr Estwick.However i nelieve some of them will be sucessful.Persons like Mr Payne also was for ed to declare his hand.Lastly they were a few mostly oversea bajans syating Ms Mottley wss a dictator for not consulting the people on dome issues.Well Ms Mottley has returmed to the people for the votesomething which dictators do not do..Therefore the ball is in the people, s hands.This talk was obviously a lot of hot air designed to undermine Ms Mottley a lot of hot air.I want to hear from people like Mr Skinner , TLSN Sarge Gazzerts and a few more who was pudhing this propaganda on BU.Where is AC and Piece?I gone.


  • @David
    BLP stands by poll decision

    This is a non story, why would the individuals bite the hand that feeds them?


  • The objective for the DLP and opposition parties should be to achieve a maximum of 50% of elected MP’s.

    The opposition parties should target the weakest 50% of sitting MP’s. They should throw 100% of their resources into attacking the most vulnerable BLP outposts.

    One individual, Lucille Moe, cognisant of Barbados creep towards dictatorship has defected from Mia’s party to assist the DLP to nullify this threat.

    If 50% of BLP MP’S could be eliminated, Barbadians would have a hung parliament and at a stroke would crush Mia’s ambition to become the first female Caribbean dictator.

    My message to the DLP and to other groups is as follows: do not put your resources into fighting 30 battles. Pitch up your tent in the parishes of those 15 MP’s whose seats are vulnerable and fight like a pack of dogs to win them.

    Rest assure if this government is reelected as it was previously when it won every single seat, we should all kiss goodbye to democracy.


  • Throughout the ages, mankind has sought absolute power. From Nero, to Ceasar.

    When Lucille Moe defected from the BLP, she like, Brutus – in the link below, had to weigh up her conscience. Her Integrity and love of her country meant it was no longer morally acceptable for her to be associated with the BLP.

    Let’s hope that others from within this party reassess their positions and do what is right for the good of the country.


  • We are very easily distracted by the games politicians and political actors play. All members of the political directorate.


  • The above by the non resident is pure bullshit.If this is the best she could come with to support the dems we in Barbados know they are in serious trouble.As stated before dictators do not call elections therefore tjat is pure hogwash.Secondly few in Barbados want to be led anywhere by either Ms Depeiza who was part of the last dem government who was redponsible fpr over 20 downgrades to junk bond status or rev Atherley who was not even ready for rhe current election now scrambling about for candidates.Therefore neither of these two are ready for anything and in my view could only lead Barbados down the drain.Heard Ms Depeiza talking about the outgoing government, she really should be in comedy fest.The only outgoing person will be her as leader of the opposition when in my view she loses yet again in St Lucy.I gone.


  • “As stated before dictators do not call elections therefore tjat is pure hogwash.”

    Let us remove the one plank that you based your argument on. We have numerous cases of dictators calling elections. However, these elections are never free and fair.



  • Why do we wast time debating nonsense. MOTTLEY has an aggressive style and as a woman she will attract critics. When Arthur and his band was kicking up and down the political curb what was being said then? There is a popular blog on BU ‘ Mottleyism’ that makes for an interesting read.


  • If nonsense is allowed to stand, it may be taken as truth by others.

    As with alternative facts, refutation is a must.


  • Interesting question is how much of a difference Ms Absent Moe can make.

    Frustration is high but nowhere as near as 2018. Freundel and crew HAD to go. Some of this crowd SHOULD go. It’s still unfortunate that only 60% of the population turns out and only 20-30% of those truly discuss the issues.

    We seem to always get the government we deserve


  • Gazzerts instead of majoring in minors why don, t you come home and help the nightwatchman win the seat in St Lucy.Yoy would then be serving some purpose.As stated before neither TSLN or you nor sny of the overseas dems will not influence sensible bajans to return Barbados into the hands of the dems in under 15 years or more.Many of you do not have to live with the consequences of such a decisuon we here do.As for Rev Atherley i will predct here and now he will likely lose his seat and not surpass 100o votes.I gone.


  • I expect the following seats to go to the dems:
    St Michael north west
    St James south
    Christ church east central
    St Philip north
    St Philip west


    St. John
    And one or two other st Michael or Christ church seats that are not strong holds


  • It has been reported Joseph Atherley switched constituency – he is now St. Michael Central.



  • @My own views

    What is the basis for your prediction?


  • I predict three DLP seats. Sealy, Lashley, Worrell. 27-3.

    But not so blind mice.


  • michelle carrington

    BLP 30 DLP 0

    On Sat, Jan 8, 2022, 5:34 AM Barbados Underground wrote:

    > President Gort commented: “I predict three DLP seats. Sealy, Lashley, > Worrell. 27-3. But not so blind mice.” >


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