19-11 for BLP after Jettisoning Dead-weight?

Submitted by Observing

With only three weeks to guesstimate, a dispassionate analysis of the ruling party both at the constituency and Government level clearly shows that coattails washed in some dead weight in 2018. To be fair, the other lot had to go, but, 3 and a half years gives enough time to see who we were working with.

Disclaimer: These views do not take the opposing candidate into account unless there is a glaring reason to.

Who must and should go

Peter Philips – Did little to nothing for St. Lucy even after being planted in the Ministry of Housing.

Colin Jordan – Has done even less for labour than Esther Byer-Suckoo, go figure. A known name in St. Peter but little to no representation where it matters most.

Dale Marshall – Wins the award for being contradicted the most by the PM, for paying out the most taxpayers money SECRETLY even after winning a case twice and the most bungled rollout and retraction of recent laws. St. Joseph has sucked salt (without water) for too long

Sandra Husbands – Sandra who?

Neil Rowe – Coattails worked in 2018. Neil’s abundant and extraordinary weakness as an MP and a candidate are profound. The alternative is better by far.

William Duguid – For selfishly refusing to pass the baton and for being the worst Transport Minister ever. Didn’t do much better in housing either except for giving away contracts to Mark Maloney and money to the Chinese.

Indar Weir – Big talk, little action. St. Philip South hasn’t been this neglected since a certain former PM.

Ryan Straughn – Has done little to nothing for Christ Church East Central. Admittedly he was working with the 5 other Ministers of Finance, 4 consultants and reps from White Oak to increase debt and shaft voters with bonds every chance they get. Who has time to serve lowly constituents in all of that!

Sonia Browne – Nice lady. Should stick to the medical profession. Politics and politicking clearly didn’t work out for her.

Who can go back home
Kay McConney – No amount of unilateral Constitutional changes can gloss over her being dead weight at the constituency level.

Rommel Springer – Just like the DLP’s Harry Husbands Dr. R only warmed a seat and did nothing in the education ministry for just over $180,000 a year

Who could go but won’t

Edmund Hinkson – Backbencher extraordinaire aided and abetted by George. St. James North will no longer have a voice

Toni Moore – for pure betrayal of workers and shameless capitulation to capital and political expediency.

Charles Griffith – Nice fella, but you can only do so much after so many big promises.

Wilfred Abrahams – Waste of time, but the alternative is far worse. Far far far worse.

Ralph Thorne – Was never really a Bee but if the train is moving then roll with it!

Kirk Humphrey – For only showing up when a camera is around or too much noise is kept. Not to mention totally neglecting “certain specific” parts of his constituency

Who should stay due to good national appeal, constituency work, general competence or all the above

  • Mia Mottley
  • Adrian Forde
  • Marsha Caddle
  • Ian Gooding-Edghill
  • Santia Bradshaw
  • Arthur Holder
  • Trevor Prescod – Even though he now has to hold his nose and support his leader
  • Dwight Sutherland
  • Kerrie Symmonds
  • Cynthia Forde

New toss ups with nothing on which to assess

  • Corey Lane
  • Davison Ishmael
  • Christopher Gibbs

There you have it. An objective 19-11 or 18-12 government come January 20, 2022 with the power to change Constitution no longer in the hands of one person or party.

Long live the Republic!!!

221 thoughts on “19-11 for BLP after Jettisoning Dead-weight?

  1. “A female caller later aslked where are the IT professionals.”

    the lawyers is an idiot…straying outside her field of expertise…an IT Specialist would have better explained the legal standards for personal information in cyberspace…..one should not even be making public what people do on our websites, let alone sticking a huge cache of people’s personal information out there…

    some of these fool lawyers like to pretend to be doctors when reading medical reports…they are never to be taken seriously, too uppity and know it all…

  2. @DIW
    1 opposition candidate per constituency.
    The only hope.
    You already see @Sarge licking his lips with the Bishop running he’ll split the B vote and the D may sneak up the rail?
    Getting the D’s to stand down won’t be easy.

  3. i have a relative who is familiar with internet security, IT Specialist, etc.. best people to speak to….what lawyer what, probably need an assistant to turn on her.computer…steupps…wish some of them would stop making fools of themselves…and believing they are more brilliant than the next person…

    when you purchase anything online, they IMPLORE you, not to send them your PERSONAL INFORMATION….THEY BEG YOU, if they require something sensitive, they provide a SAFE PORTAL.,,but not some flimsy page..that’s so easy to penetrate..

  4. OK I will bow down to the ignorant bumpkin people in the peanut gallery reasoning or lack of thereof

    They know someone who does something with It although they are not sure what it is something about spreadsheet certification

  5. Old mathematics
    “The 2018 election featured a record 135 candidates from nine political parties, and a record 37 women candidates. The Barbados Electoral and Boundaries Commission reported that 255,833 persons were registered to vote in an election where Commonwealth citizens were allowed to vote for the first time.”

    “Voter turnout was approximately 60%” . (We will probably have a lower turnout in 2022,)
    Barbados Labour Party 74.58% (-44% of registered voters)
    DLP 25.52% (_16% of registered voters)

    Though the final outcome is determined at a constituency level, it is clear that shrinking that 44% so that the DLP/ a coalition wins is an uphill task. Voters abstaining may indeed return a second 30-0 in favor of Mia.

  6. Coalitions
    stick in a few emotive phrases to get people’s attention and support such as
    “grass roots movement”
    “people power”
    “local powerhouses”
    and it may fly

    DLP will have to swallow their foolish pride to join up with smaller parties
    but as they are facing another imminent defeat and have nothing to lose
    they may take the low road
    when you can’t get over
    you have to go under

  7. @David, one can only hope …
    Yes, yes it’s wishful thinking but – excuse the cliche – necessity is the mother of origination … or should that be, ‘politics make strange bed fellows’!

    You recall how Republicans in the US joined with their forever opponents to turn back another ‘autocratic’ leader … not to get too hyperbolic here in comparison but if there is deep concern about her style/process/loyalty test autocracy then it’s not too far fetched to see alliances never previously considered.

    But as I cautioned others, reality and idealism normally are not kindred !


  8. Best chance of an opposition

    A all other candidates including dlp stand down from atherley constituency.

    B. Same standdown by all In sinckler former constituency but for the dlp candidate to run

    Who get the most votes if they both win will be the opposition leader

    If either party win more seats then the one with the marjority

  9. @NO
    You already see @Sarge licking his lips with the Bishop running he’ll split the B vote and the D may sneak up the rail?
    If I didn’t know any better, I would think that you are accusing me of having a hidden agenda, but you know that my opinion is based on solid analysis that obtains in this Northern clime during every Election when your PC’s and the NDP split the vote and the Natural Governing Party (The Liberals) win with 33 % of the vote.

    To besides every Bajan who engages me in conversation no matter their political stripe do not want a repeat of the 2018 result of 30-0 and there is no harm in pointing out that a BLP stronghold may become a toss up.

  10. HantsDecember 30, 2021 10:51 PM

    I am convinced that MIa called the election to try to contain an internal threat to her leadership.


    I’ve also heard it said she isn’t well … just a rumour like the no confidence … either or both of which may be true or not.

    But I agree, sum ting upset the bread cart.

  11. @David December 30, 2021 4:09 PM

    An employee usually faces disciplinary action if his superiors concludes that he has committed some egregious act.

    I just checked and there is still a “PERSONS DELETED FROM THE REGISTER OF ELECTORS PUBLISHED JANUARY 31, 2021” list available for download, so I would conclude that no disciplinary action is warranted. The EBC appears to be routinely publishing this information.

    I may have missed it, but I haven’t heard any announcement form EBC promising a full investigation and apologizing for any distress caused to Bajans. This is who we are. Yes?

    Now if it was Google or Fakebook….

    • @Raw Bake

      Here is a WhatsApp making the rounds.

      Attorney-at-law, Tricia Watson

      “The Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2015 mandates publication of (a) the full name of the elector;
      (b) the national registration number of the elector;
      (c) the gender of the elector; (d) the address of the elector;(e) the constituency in which the elector resides; and (f) the polling district in which the elector resides.

      There was ‘always’ a requirement under the Representation of the People Act to publish the name, address, electoral number or national registration number of an elector. The 2015 Act expanded the information that must be included in the register to include the gender, constituency and polling district of the elector.

      The Data Protection Act 2019 establishes rules and protections to prevent and penalize disclosure of personal data. However, the protections in the Data Protection Act do not apply to publication or disclosure of personal data that is published by virtue of a statutory requirement, eg, the requirement under the Representation of the People Act to publish the register of electors annually and in connection with an election.

      But, I do recall when, prior to the 2018 elections, one could search for one’s information on the register of electors using one’s National Registration Number and without the entire list being published in electronic format for the good the bad and the ugly to download and share.

      [Edit, because I was asked] A 2020 amendment to the Representation of the People Act mandates that the register of electors be “prepared, published and made available by way of electronic technology”, giving the EBC no choice but to publish THE REGISTER electronically, or else it will be breaking the law.

      Ain’t progress grand?! Vive le Républiqe!”

  12. leadership Capital of Mia Amor Mottley.

    From 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Political/Policy Vision = 10

    Levels of Public Trust in Leadership = 10

    Performance = 10

    Likelihood of Credible Leadership Challenge = 5

    Relative Personal
    Poll Rating = 10

    Perceived Ability to Shape Party’s Policy Platform = 10

    Longevity = 10

    Perceived Parliamentary
    Effectiveness = 10

    Re-Election Margin for
    Party Leadership = 10

    Party Polling Relative to Most Recent Election =10

    Maintaining popularity in Times of Crisis..

    Mia knows how to play the political game. She also has the capacity to keep everyone on board, even when making controversial decisions

    This type of leader is historically rare. The stature of most political leaders declines after a first honeymoon period.

    See you guys January 20, 2022
    New Year Greetings Chancellor and the BU Community🍾🙌🏿

  13. A 2020 amendment to the Representation of the People Act mandates that the register of electors be “prepared, published and made available by way of electronic technology”, giving the EBC no choice but to publish THE REGISTER electronically, or else it will be breaking the law.
    🙂 🙂 😉
    Barbados is truly a paradise.
    At least they don’t require your phone number and blood group.
    I seem to recall there now being a penalty if one moves from current address and doesn’t inform the EBC head honcho.

    I really need to start paying attention to the things politicians are doing in my name. ;-(

  14. Rumours over Bee buzzing in Dems’ camp

    A former senior member of the Barbados Labour Party’s election campaign team is said to be working with the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) this time around as its campaign manager.
    Sources told the Weekend Nation yesterday that the woman who has worked throughout the Caribbean assisting political parties with their election campaigns and who was once a very close associate of Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley, has switched sides.
    While this newspaper was unable to reach her and party leader Verla De Peiza yesterday, members of the DLP’s political team confirmed that the political strategist who was also involved in public communications and who had her own company was at the party’s George Street headquarters yesterday engaged in meetings.
    Sources said she would be assisting the party along with a former DLP member who resigned from the party but who is working with her firm. (MB)

    Source: Nation

  15. Marshall: DLP missed out

    Political scientists have mixed views on merger
    By Colville Mounsey
    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) may have missed out by not getting in on the new merger between the Opposition People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) and the Lynette Eastmond-led United Progressive Party.
    This is the view of head of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES), Dr Don Marshall, who told the Weekend Nation that the DLP should have been the one reaching across the political aisle to form such a merger in order to appeal to a voting demographic beyond their base.
    However, Marshall’s counterparts in the political science field, Dr George Belle and pollster Peter Wickham, share a rather dim view regarding the possible impact of the new entrants ahead of the January 19 General Elections.
    In fact, Wickham described the union as an albatross around the necks of the fledgling UPP, adding that the move would only serve to detract from the DLP’s support.
    Yesterday Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley announced he would be leading the coalition, which has been named the Alliance Party for Progress (APP), while Eastmond would be second in command. He explained that he and Eastmond had been in talks since 2018, noting that it was the Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley’s sudden announcement earlier this week that forced the 11th-hour announcement of their decision to join forces.
    He disclosed that later today the party would be releasing its candidates, although it was unclear if they would be fielding representatives for all 30 constituencies.
    Marshall said Atherley had amassed some popular appeal as Opposition Leader while Eastmond had maintained a notable presence in the political sphere. However, he said the move would have been more effective had the coalition included a mass-based political party such as the DLP.
    “These two parties may have some popular appeal through the representation in Parliament by both Bishop Atherley and particularly Senator Caswell Franklyn. We also know that Lynette Eastmond has been making some useful contributions to public discourse on social media. So in that sense they both enjoy pockets of public appeal. However, it would have been much more momentous had it been a coalition with the mass-based Democratic Labour Party. Ultimately the weaknesses of those third parties is the same every election, without constituency branches or organic linkages with constituents, they really cannot convince the populace that they are a force to be reckoned with,” said Marshall.
    He added: “The mere fact that there has not been an attempt to secure a coalition with other parties, signals a failure of the Democratic Labour Party to move in strategically new ways to win broader constituencies of support. The DLP without a seat in the Lower House, ought to be the one extending its arm to embrace those other political parties that have been making clear their opposition to the policies of the current Government.”
    However, Wickham said the life of the alliance was likely to be fleeting and was expected to be dismantled right after the election. Describing the Atherley-led PdP as an opportunistic party, the pollster questioned why the UPP would want
    to pin their hopes with such an entity that would weigh them down even further.
    “The PdP is even less relevant than the UPP because at least the UPP could point to some philosophical position in history having contested an election as a single entity. The PdP is opportunistic and my sense is that the opportunity for which it was established has passed and it would cease to be relevant after the election. I am curious as to why the UPP would find it necessary to associate with the PdP because I don’t think that anyone seriously thinks that this alliance would be an alternative government. What it has done is that it would continue to make life harder for the DLP. The reality is that the number of third parties in the last election impacted heavily on the DLP and the same is likely to happen again this time around,” he said.
    Belle on the other hand argued that the leaders of the two parties were predisposed to a union at the ideological level, having both being offshoots of the Barbados Labour Party. However, he does not expect that the merger would have any meaningful impact on next month’s elections.
    “Atherley has natural political allies in the UPP, however when you have someone like Senator [Caswell] Franklyn telling you that he is not running, it is an indication that the PdP is a party that is about to disappear. I am confident that Atherley is going to lose his seat and when this happens there is no basis for the existence of his party. The UPP may live on past this election, but I have my doubts,” he said.

    Source: Nation

  16. Well since she is all of that; she should be able to run anywhere.
    Why not help out one of her weaker teammates by switching constituencies with them?

  17. Mia got them scrambling

    Well . . . de bulb blow, de gravy boil out!
    Sudden so, Mia ring de bell. She call elections, she jump everybody and now got all manner of opposing parties scrambling to put them house in order in time for Nomination Day on Monday.
    Now, that was a boss move, a Curtley Ambrose yorker. I tell you: she catch a lot of people napping, ’cause only day before I see one political party leader like he jump up from sleeping and advertising that he looking for candidates by Monday to join his team. I don’t know if he feel this is digging yams or picking cotton. These people were totally unprepared.
    It is like when a man dealing with a woman who got a man who does work at night. So he gone by she a night to fix up and he drop sleep. He comfortable and snoring but sudden so ’bout 2 o’ clock in the morning while he snoring and dribbling, the woman slap him and tell him to wake up that her man out there. So he now got to jump up, pelt on clothes and jump through the window.
    Sometimes he so frighten that he put on he underwear backward or got on one of her shoes ’cause in the dark he can’t see what he doing. And sometimes the woman man does come home so sudden that all he does be able to do is grabble up his clothes and climb through the window naked as he born.
    You see, all that does happen when you unprepared. And that is what Mia do; she come home sudden and got everybody scrambling looking for them clothes.
    Now horner men say that horning is like politics; you does always have to be prepared to run ’cause you does don’t know when the man coming home. So you does have to put a strategy in place from early.
    For instance, just like politics you have to read the signs, so you does know how the woman man car engine sound. So even if you sleeping you does hear it from a mile away and does be able to bong up and run.
    But sometimes if the man feel he getting horn he does leave the car at work or park in the next gap and sneak up on the house. So you have to be prepared for that too.
    Anyhow, if you all was listening, you woulda hear Mia car coming, ’cause she was giving hints all last month and the month before, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
    Do you remember when she give a press conference and while talking she said “my candidates” and then quickly corrected herself and said, “my Cabinet”? Well, that was the car coming down the hill, but a lot of people ain’t hear that engine; that is why them now scrambling to put on clothes to run.
    But believe it or not, I now hearing some people, including someone who looking to lead a party into this upcoming election, saying that what Mia did was unfair, that she ain’t give them enough time to prepare.
    Well, I don’t know which world them living in, but part of the strategy of calling a snap election is to catch the opposing parties napping.
    Isn’t it in the Bible that the Lord said, “Behold, I come as a thief in the night. Blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments on”?
    In other words, be prepared. You can’t blame Mia if you now scrambling for candidates. This is politics; this ain’t no li’l children thing.
    Anyhow, at the time of writing this, a directive was given that the curfew will start a little later tonight, since it is Old Year’s Night. The curfew will now run from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. So we having a three-hour curfew.
    I ain’t sure how much sense that making. Because we could very well have a situation where, after the ringing out of the old and ringing in the new, people lose track of time. And then there is a mad rush of people with drinks in them head trying to get off the road by 2 o’ clock.
    So I begging you, if you gine be on the road tonight, try and be careful. Have a safe and happy new year!
    See ya.

    Email: madderic@hotmail.com Twitter@madderic

    Source: Nation

  18. A naked grab for power

    Lord Beaverbrook: “What I want is power! Kiss ’em one day and kick ’em the next”.
    Rudyard Kipling: “I see – power without responsibility . . . .” (More fully quoted in Ezra Alleyne’s column headlined
    The Choice Of Party Leader)
    So, fellow Bajans, have we been hornswoggled, bamboozled and honeyfuzzled (they apparently mean the same thing) by one of the slickest cons in political histrionics? Or is everything clean, straight, above board and par for the course?
    Let’s go back to the republic issue. They told us it was a simple “cosmetic” change. His Excellency David Comissiong went heavy on the “cosmetic” angle. All they wanted was to install a local head of state to replace the Queen of England. Simple cosmetology. No objections. They made it seem the alternatives were: foreign head (monarchy) or local head (republic). Which was, of course, a lie. Tonga is a constitutional monarchy with a Tongan head of state. We could’ve done the same.
    However, they made a major blunder (or fuzz pazz, if you will) by not having a referendum to get public approval. According to a poll, Bajans didn’t take kindly to this.
    The Bees spin doctors were quick to claim that the Constitution doesn’t call for one (a referendum, not a dictator) as is the case in other West Indian territories. My take is that the framers of the Constitution hold us Bajans to a higher standard and couldn’t conceive that such a major decision would be taken without popular approval. There are such things as decency and propriety which don’t need written laws – you don’t run out a batsman who is backing up too far or bowl underhand to prevent a critical six.
    However, having slipped the cosmetic “republic” past us, it’s now a different ball game. Our beloved President was apparently hustled out of her bed (judging from her attire and appearance) to announce a premature haphazard General Election. A dirty tactic, in my opinion. But the spin doctors will probably tell us it’s the Prime Minister’s prerogative to call elections anytime. Like, in the middle of a pandemic? When the Opposition can’t hold meetings to introduce candidates? A Bee told us a referendum would’ve cost money, which is scarce. Won’t a General Election cost a lot more?
    But it gets worse. The rush to nominations and elections is seen as a kinda low trick to catch the Dems unready. That apart, the PM is saying we should “unite around
    a common cause, unite behind a single Government, unite behind a single leader . . .” What do all those “singles” imply to you? Especially as she isn’t happy with what people are saying in this “silly” season? Elections don’t unite a population. They divide us into factions and winners and losers. Sound policies united Bajans when this administration first came to power.
    The sad truth is that, having got the “cosmetic” republic in place, a virtual one-party Government can now bring in whatever the hell they like. We could find ourselves in future under a Chairman Meow in a “People’s Republic of Bim-Bim”, where dissent of any kind isn’t tolerated. “From today”, a single leader could declare, “no more silly season, no more criticise Government”.
    Another possibility was raised by a young lady who phoned. She sees the virtual panic to get the election over and done with as a sign that the PM knows something very terrible is coming next year. She may have a point.
    The PM is calling on us to unite “to fight the threats to our safety, our development and our prosperity”. Who’s threatening our safety? If anyone had dared to do that beforetimes, British warships would’ve been here in a flash. Is Trinidad planning to attack, or China? Whatever, things aren’t boding well. And we can’t even tell the kisses from the kicks.
    Anyhow, I had a great Christmas. Sweet Bajan food.
    Police Band, Nicholas Brancker group, Handel’s Messiah a la Stefan Walcott, Popsickle’s Bashment Christmas, Mahalia’s Corner with RPB.
    In 21 we had God replaced, Nelson gone. Your turn, 22. Bring it on! Happy New Year!

    Richard Hoad is a farmer and social commentator. Email porkhoad@gmail.com.

  19. I am not normally for gerrymandering to get a specific person to win.

    Either they have it or not.

    However, given the short lead time to election, there may be little choice.

    However, most have not mentioned the most critical vote swinger, aside from raw emotion and will of the mass electorate which drove the result of the last election.

    That is donor money spend by constituency.

    “no more rice grain, cyan swell up my brain”….but dollars count.

    Who has those dollars this time and is it the incumbents? Or have they lost favour and hence, one reason for the early call, to ride the existing goodwill, instead of depending on such donor funds?

    Just asking, as I know not.

    But no doubt, we all hear the stories of millions that go in certain constituencies at election time.

    On that point, how can the populace ask for integrity legislation in good conscience, when the same populace is party to a corrupt electoral practice in the first place?

    My belief is that if not for this practise of donor money, independent candidates and third parties would have a much better chance at the polls.

    A man spouting good governance has little chance against a man dishing out hundred dollar bills,csad, but true.

    Cut to the chase, THAT is the problem.

    But maybe, just maybe, this time is different, hence the short lead time?

  20. To Observing,

    On the article itself. Thank you for the laugh, you clearly have great wit.

    Getting the point across, but with wit, is an art.

    Good stuff!

  21. Any thoughts from the BU intelligentsia regarding Cynthie running again? Is it for a sixth term?

    There was talk about Lisa Cummins making the swap. Is this a case of bad timing because of the covid ravaged tourist industry and a couple missteps in that ministry?

    Seems a life time when OSA now departed referred to her sitting on prime real estate. She must be patting herself on the back at her survival skills.

  22. This is where the idiot lawyer got jammed up. Some of them barely pass the bar, if they passed at all and barely get an LLB…the 1978 Act that says REGISTERED VOTERS must be “published” did not include UNREGISTERED VOTERS ..i never reregistered and many on the list NEVER REGISTERED AT ALL ….or DEAD POPLE and never took into account the INTERNET AGE where personal information MUST BE PROTECTED from identity theft…because it did NOT EXIST in that timeline….and the jackasses IN DBLP never amended the act to include internet security but trying to use the internet to win an election and turned into another of their magnificent COCKUPS…,.they are all so BACKWARD and UPPITY none of it would sink into their corrupt minds and will just go right over their undereducated heads anyway because there is no bribery in that.. Now they are world famous and the people they PIMP BEHIND do not like their personal info in cyberspace. Stop voting for swollen headed idiots…a bunch of know nothing lawyers salivating for fake titles, opportunists for corruption and that is all they are or will ever be expert at and who CANNOT construct 2 critical thoughts. That act is over 4 DECADES OLD is NOT APPLICABLE to today’s world and should not be on statute. Stop voting for BACKWARD pretenders.


  23. She can be counted on to support MAM after she wins and will be expected to give way to one of the chosen early in the term. That is all, no big mystery. Upset the cart, but keep a grip on those good apples.

    Foolishness ain’t sense.

    • @Raw Bake

      Makes sense.

      The last sentence in Tricia Watson’s WhatsApp was obviously delivered sarcastically for the more discerning.

  24. See Theo…only an IT or internet security specialist could break it down into reality, not some stupid uninformed lawyer, who they love to push to the front or halfassed politician out of Barbados.

    “It may be a requirement to publish the voters list, something which was enacted eons ago. But in today’s world of identity theft, there is undoubtedly a better way to do this. Sure, make it available, but in a controlled manner. I know in these COVID times we can’t go to the Electoral and Boundaries Commission and inspect the list, but there are more sensible ways around this than to just blast it out into Cyberspace. Cybercriminals see everything. They are experts at turning bits of data into information, and turning that information into profit. During the previous election cycle, there was a portal where you could check to see if you were registered, and where you would be going to vote. That portal needed you to have certain information before giving you the results. This time, the entire world can see who you are, where you live and what your National Identification Number is.

    The Government is embarking on a Digital Transformation programme, but with this latest faux pas, how can we trust them with our data? 2020 “curfew passes” looked like something a 5-year-old can do in MS Paint. 2021 COVID vaccine certificates (first gen) were no better. Both easily forgeable. Which now begs the question… what of the National Digital ID project? If the technocrats cannot discern what is right from wrong from an IT Security and Privacy perspective, I have little faith in that project. Again, publishing this list was mandatory, but certainly someone should have thought “wait, is this right?” The term “publish” has a much different meaning now than it did almost 50 years ago.”

  25. That’s why i can’t pin my faith on political scientists…whatever the hell they are…..Marshall gives a well thought out synopsis of what is likely to occur without sounding like a political pimp or a juvenile….no wonder he features so heavily in my first book…

    .the others sound like a bunch of school boys trying to convince themselves that everyone who is NOT aligned with 2 corrupt political parties, DBLP, cannot succeed…and will be rejected by the electorate because that’s what fits into their school boy fantasies..nuisances.

  26. “I seem to recall there now being a penalty if one moves from current address and doesn’t inform the EBC head honcho.

    I really need to start paying attention to the things politicians are doing in my name. ;-(”

    penalty…they should be SUED for publishing names of people who voted once or twice and NEVER REREGISTERED…..people who NEVER REGISTERED TO VOTE in their lives and FOR ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE THEY GOT ON THAT LIST…

    they have no problem BREAKING THE LAW TO TIEF BILLIONS….BRIBERY to fill their bank accounts, .setting up the people for slavery, oppression, racism, TIEFING from the people to enrich criminal minorities and violation of the people’s human rights…..but they got a problem breaking an ARCHAIC nonlaw.

  27. I am not an IT specialist, neither am I paranoid but I take serious issue with my NR number being out there screen shot and saved along with my middle names and address. Too much information in one place.

    A blind man on a trotting horse could see why that would be problematic in the age of the internet.

  28. The election is clearly being STAGED…with DISENFRANCHISEMENT of eligible voters the ONLY GOAL..

    Source; barbadostoday
    “Reviewing what occurred with some of our neighbours who chose to stage elections, some of the concerns outlined by political parties here, echo those from our regional neighbours.

    Belize which held its election on November 11, 2020, did not allow people who tested positive for COVID-19, and those whose quarantine period extended past election day, to vote in this election. Effectively Belize disenfranchised eligible voters based on quarantine regulations.

    Bermuda staged its general election on October 1, 2020. Its polling station staff were responsible for ensuring all voters and candidates maintained appropriate physical distancing. Frequently touched areas such as booth counters other contact items and surfaces were sanitized regularly.

    In addition, amendments included advance voting ahead of polling day for seniors over 65, COVID-19 patients and voters with other underlying health conditions to reduce health risks. This could either be done from home or at the “Advanced Polls”.

    Bermuda already had Advanced Polling under the Bermuda Parliamentary Election Act 1978, but it was also extended to voters with COVID-19. Advisories for those who had travelled just prior to the elections were issued. Those who were in quarantine because of recent travel were not permitted to attend polling stations to vote, and on the eve of elections, the Minister of Health provided free COVID-19 tests for election candidates and officers.

    The issue for us in Barbados is can we, at this late stage, ensure a safe environment for our election process and address many of the unanswered questions that linger regarding required adjustments to processes?”

  29. as the IT security specialist pointed out, cyber criminals are EXCEPTIONALLY EXPERT at what they do, much better than corrupt politicians because they are GHOSTS IN CYBERSPACE, you most times never find them or find out who they are……

    everyone now has to protect themselves…..from their enemies, the government….because without them giving free access those trolling the internet to mine data….cannot penetrate.

  30. And now trotting out a bunch of shite laws and shite lawyers….ya can’t CALL BACK/RECALL that type of BREACH… or smooth it over with MORE lies and sleight of hand….and as the days pass will look more and more BACKWARD TRYING…

    on another very serous note, this is the result of oppressing GENERATIONS OF BLACK YOUTH….this is the result of A FAILED SYSTEM that oppresses the young to the point that SOME become too STUPID TO THINK RATIONALLY..


    it’s been DECADES that we understood that the youth LACK CREATIVE AND POSITIVE OPPORTUNITIES…that corrupt governments REFUSE TO give let alone look into…this is the result of FAILED GOVERNMENTS who would then use these youths once they become successful gang members, community drug dons, assuming they are not dead or in prison very early….to BRIBE communities to win an election to elevate them to parliament so they can continue the cycle of poverty, oppression and disenfranchisement of another generation every 5 years..

    the last bunch of drug dons invited to the opening of parliament is living proof….i think one or two of them just got upward of 25 years in prison….this are the failures of the DBLP…..CORRUPTION..


  31. Who gives a rasshole about DLP social media blitzing?????

    I lived here during their last administration.

    As Michelle Russell reminded us last Sunday, “By their fruit ye shall know them!”

    Any party that has the gall to bring back that Lowe man has not yet begun to learn their lesson.

  32. Some joker suggested the bishop will split the bees votes really? I suppose he means Rev Atherley who in casr he forgot won his seat under the bees and chose to leave in my view after not getting a ministry.My view is Rev Atherley, s days are numbered and hence will not effect the bees period.All of these oppodition parties are now scrambling to get candidates in place far less having any effective strategy to convinve many they are ready.Imagine Barbados being led by Ms Depeiza or Rev Atherley in these critical times?In my view either will be disastrous for Barbados. I gone.

  33. “Interestingly enough the DLP is out of the gate first with its social media blitzing etc and is a vast improvement on the last time around.”

    “Who gives a rasshole about DLP social media blitzing?????”

    in my opinion people would be better avoiding engaging in the online political teams arguing on internet and social media chat forums during election campaign cycles as this medium has become a hideous monster stoking up divisiveness and ignorance

    • @Kiki

      It is what it is, this is the world we now have to exist, one heavily influenced by messaging from electronic media and what it brings to the table.

  34. The Duopoly politics is alive and well. The strategy has evolved to include the strategists.

    Former Gov’t Senator assisting DLP in upcoming general elections


    Article by Kareem Smith
    Published on
    December 31, 2021

    Former Government Senator Lucille Moe – who, for months, had been absent from the Senate – is now emerging as a campaign strategist for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) ahead of next month’s general elections.

    Barbados TODAY has also been informed that David Bowen, who worked with Barbados Labour Party (BLP) St Lucy candidate Peter Phillips in the 2018 poll, is now the Dems’ campaign manager, along with long-time DLP member Steve Blackett.

    DLP General Secretary Derek Alleyne late Thursday evening confirmed the developments amid swirling rumours that Moe, who was long thought to be a personal friend of Prime Minister Mia Mottley, would serve as the DLP’s campaign manager for the January 19, 2022 polls.

    “She is not the campaign manager, she is assisting the party with strategic operations. That is the most I can tell you. I didn’t even get my president to confirm that but enough information has gone across in my party that I know that she is part of the team,” Alleyne told Barbados TODAY.

    “David Bowen is now managing our campaign and Steve Blackett is the other coordinator. The two of them are doing different things and this other young lady, Ms Moe, has come in to offer strategic advice. But she is not the campaign manager,” he reiterated.

    Earlier tonight, DLP President Verla DePeiza would neither confirm nor deny that Moe had joined her campaign team.

    “I am not confirming anything,” she told Barbados TODAY, but noted that “our team has strengths that we draw on from many different spheres”.

    Within days of the BLP’s May 2018 election victory, Moe was appointed Senator and asked to serve as Minister of Information, Broadcasting, and Public Affairs. But two years later, in June 2020, Prime Minister Mottley, amid a flurry of adjustments, removed Senator Moe, who had also acted as Education Minister, from her Cabinet.

    Though still a member of the Upper House, Senator Moe was absent for months on end with no explanation, prompting calls from Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn for her seat to be declared vacant.

    In September, after more than six months away, Moe returned to the Senate for the last time, complaining that provisions had not been made for the sittings to be conducted virtually.

    Numerous efforts to reach the Government Senator were unsuccessful up to press time.

    Alleyne said he could not speak definitively on the rationale for the decision to bring Moe into the campaign team, as his role as general secretary was to mobilise the party’s branches behind their various candidates. Nevertheless, he said the decision was likely based on the party’s intention to leave no stone unturned in its pursuit of the majority seats in the 30-member Parliament.

    “Politics is about who gets what, when and how. That is my philosophy,” said Alleyne.

    “The Democratic Labour Party was put to the sword and we are trying to build an institutional framework to ensure that Barbadians get the best representation that they can ever get.

    “I think that we have got the mix and any person that wants to be part of our team, we accept them as long as they are going to fall into the precepts and the concepts that we believe are important for the better improvement of Barbados,” the General Secretary added.

    Responding to the developments, political pollster and political consultant, Peter Wickham declared there was no conflict of interest emerging from Senator Moe’s decision.

    “Lucille Moe is a professional like me. She is a political consultant, as I am, and people need to get to a stage where they understand that a political consultant is a professional. Your willingness to go to doctor A versus doctor B is not a political consideration, so why should a political strategist or consultant like Lucille not have the right to work for whoever is employing her?” asked Wickham.

    “It is clear that she is not the strategist for the Barbados Labour Party and she needs to look for work, so she’s decided,” the pollster added.

    But he did suggest that Moe’s choice of a client may have been “ill-advised” given the low likelihood of success, and in the face of two recent defeats, apparently in the recent St Lucian election and another in the Cayman Islands.

    “I would be concerned about walking into a third [defeat], but that is my only reason for saying that if I were her, I probably wouldn’t have done it. But then I don’t know what kind of money they’re paying her. It might be an attractive paycheque,” Wickham added.

    The pollster noted that much like himself and current BLP strategist, Hartley Henry, Moe’s foundations are with the Dems and in that way, she was simply returning to her roots.

    He added that Moe’s seemingly friendly relationship with Prime Minister Mottley appeared to be under strain ever since her sacking from the Cabinet.

    “I think the Democratic Labour Party sees it as a coup for them to get somebody on board who was a Government senator, but I don’t know if I necessarily feel that way, because the reality is that I don’t know if it’s going to help them to win,” said Wickham. kareemsmith@barbadostoday.bb

    Kimberley Cummins and Anesta Henry also contributed to this story.

    Source: Barbados Today

  35. It is what it is, this is the world we now have to exist, one heavily influenced by messaging from electronic media and what it brings to the table.

    here are some random words
    foreign agents

    • The point has been made many times one of the big challenges for new so-called political parties is being hamstrung by lack of financing. This is the vicious cycle that has to be broken . He who has access to financing will be able to deliver consistent messaging supported by all the underhand activities that occur on the ground. Who can forget former prime minister Stuart and attorney general Adriel Brathwaite admitting to eyeballing these underhand activities. They went so far as promising to do something about it.

  36. PURE NASTIESS AT PLAY HERE …taking the electorate FOR FOOLS….

    William…..fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…….

    “DLP General Secretary Derek Alleyne late Thursday evening confirmed the developments amid swirling rumours that Moe, who was long thought to be a personal friend of Prime Minister Mia Mottley, would serve as the DLP’s campaign manager for the January 19, 2022 polls”


    if i win you lose, if i lose you win..

  37. @ Lorenzo December 31, 2021 7:21 AM

    Come off it, Lorenzo the purebred red fowl!

    Can’t you read the Bajan political zero-sum chess game called the ‘Duopoly’ of ‘William Skinner’s’ design?

    You can’t be that politically daft as to believe the red bishop left the hive just because he was not given a ministry?

    How about the other ‘all-red’ MPs who were not members of MAM’s obese ministerial clique?

    Why didn’t they cross the floor out of disappointment of being ‘rejected’ for the fatted-calf ministerial treatment?

    The red bishop, out of sheer personal gain of pieces of silver, accepted the heavy role of Judas, Her Majesty’s ‘LOTO’ man, in order to salvage what little was left of the existence of the Bajan parody called parliamentary democracy à la Westminster.

    We assume you, the great red yardfowl, would really relish an outcome in the upcoming elections similar to what took place in May 2018 primarily because of a fumbling jackass at the DLP steering wheel.

    But ask your self the following question:
    With the red bishop now wearing ‘Paint’ donkey colours who would be the new LoO as required under the same old ‘royal’ Constitution?

    Another crossing of the floor by one of the still disgruntled ‘red’ turncoats or, Frankly(n) speaking, a Presidential-appointed Caswell-type carpetbagger character?

    Since you are so dead set against the blue Pres. V. d. P becoming an MP, which one of the following you would like to see appointed the LoO under the re-elected MAM’s republic?


    Or, Heaven forbid, the downright ‘Lowe’ the down-low devil incarnate??????

    • @Miller

      In all political system you have loyal supporters, call the country it exist. There is no point dueling with a loyal supporter.

  38. Too many political PIMPS like to see the people/electorate being TRICKED and younger generations reduced to lives of poverty, misery, prison and DEATH…but THAT WICKEDNESS COMES WITH A PRICE….and can follow YOUR generations too..

    ..KARMA and RETRIBUTION are moving swiiftly NO TIME TO WASTE…

  39. Change in mindsets by the young and intelligent. Being a political pimp in a colonial slave system will take you nowhere.

  40. @Sarge
    Your analysis was ‘spot on’. Splitting the vote is a Canadian pastime.
    Yet for the purposes of ‘winning’ a riding, vs a good race, splitting the vote against plays into the incumbent 9 times out of 10.
    There is little doubt who is winning in the overall, the goal is a few on the other side of the aisle.

  41. As long as the voters realize that they are being SET UP…in a rigged colonial slave system pretending to be a republic…still waiting for the 21st republic constitution…not holding my breath.

  42. Wuhloss..ah forgot…i heard Preconco’s main building BURNT RECENTLY, isn’t that Mrs. Maloney’s husband…….ah can’t even say they burnt evidence of fraudulent government contracts because everyone is into fire proof safe these days, but ah did hear that there is a track record of calling up insurance companies and demanding checks for this and that…

  43. I found it instructive (?) when new B City candidate Lane was interviewed after the election call, he had no qualms admitting he didn’t know it was coming?

  44. Well, well! That was the best interview I have EXPERIENCED for a while.

    I now have a new soul daughter to go with my soul brother. And the interviewer will be my soul nephew.

    Clear as what?

    Remember that name!

    She should form a party so that I can enjoy my vote.

    TheO, we got another one. Score one more for you!


    You need to contact that young lady.

  45. Miller i do not normally respond to you as you tend to use a lot of big words and red herrings to confuse people and say nothing.However to the question you asked i have been on record as stating that Mr Sealy was the only shining light of the lost dems.Therefore providing he wins his seat or not i would suggest for their sakes he is appointed leader after the election.I suspect Ms Depeiza will lose yet again and would have to go ad leader as she does not inspire any confidence whatsoever not even to some dems.I gone.

  46. There are so many people on the electoral roll. Partly Corona dead and many expatriate Barbadians. The list is really no basis for regular elections.

    We risk a situation like Guyana in the spring and summer of 2020, here in Barbados with massive electoral fraud in favour of the DLP by DLP-affiliated election agents.

    It is therefore time to engage the UN, CARICOM, the US and the EU to mount pressure for fair elections. This has worked magnificently in Guyana.

    Any result other than 30-0 is an indication of massive electoral fraud in favour of the DLP.

  47. Someone said they found 15 dead peoplle on the list so far that they know are dead, so why are they on the list, and the government cannot call it back, it’s back online but you have to give them some info to see it, …what’s the point it hit the world at a sprint via cyberspace….data miners grabbed that already and sharing it everywhere…..free candy..

  48. Of course i will never be sharing it…..unfair to the people whose personal information is all over the internet for anyone to see…because of government incompetence..

  49. @ Donna
    There are many young people who want to be involved in politics. Unfortunately, with few or no alternatives, they will probably end up in the Duopoly and become politically contaminated.
    Hopefully their courage will grow and they will try to create change from the inside.
    The struggle for true change will not cease on January 19th. The cannibalism will continue .

  50. Yep…the dumbest Slaves are enjoying their own CRASH and BURN…..won’t see the flames until they are alreay turning TO CINDER…..

    we always knew they will present themselves as who they REALLY ARE….

  51. William,

    Maybe this particular young lady could beat the odds and form a new party. She is earnest and believable. Maybe enough people have finally had it with the slick talkers.

  52. 2 times 30 = 60
    I am afraid that too many candidates is a stripping away of votes from one 3rd party to another. Only Mia benefits.

    Fragmentation of the voting population into three or more parties will have the greatest impact on the weaker parties. The BLP can lose a few votes and survive, the DLP/third party need every possible vote.

    The DLP and third parties need to unite, coalesce and present one front. United it is an uphill battle; divided they all will fall.

  53. Political commentators say new party of ‘convenience’ not a serious contender in election

    Article by Kareem Smith
    Published on
    December 31, 2021

    An alliance between the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) and the United Progressive Party (UPP) has been pronounced ‘dead on arrival’ by two of the country’s leading political pundits.

    University of the West Indies (UWI) lecturer, Dr Kristina Hinds declared that, although stronger together, the “marriage of convenience” would falter over its failure to attract mass-based support.

    Meanwhile, pollster, Peter Wickham, believes the merger may be taking much-needed support from the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), which is considered Government’s strongest opponent.

    On Thursday, Opposition Leader, Bishop Joseph Atherley added to a week of political surprises with one of his own, announcing that the two parties would unite under the name ‘Alliance Party for Progress’. Along with UPP founder Lynette Eastmond, the organisations have vowed to “preserve” Barbadian democracy.

    But Dr Hinds warned that they will have a lot of work to do to convince the electorate to vote for their candidates, many of whom are believed to be new to public life.

    “I am not certain that this coalition will be very stable because this is something that has been stitched together for an election and it may be a marriage of convenience, rather than a long-term strategy to build a mass-based political party,” Dr Hinds told Barbados TODAY.

    “Both the UPP and the PdP have the problem of not having a mass base and if they want to be taken seriously either separately or together, they need to build that,” she warned.

    The UWI lecturer noted that Atherley’s overall experience and ability to win a seat in the last election would be a useful asset.

    However, Wickham was adamant that Atherley, who crossed the floor weeks after the May 2018 polls, secured his seat “on the coattails of Mia Mottley”. He then dismissed the UPP as irrelevant over their failure to amass more than three per cent of the popular vote during the 2018 poll.

    “It’s dead on arrival. I think that’s a good way to put it… I don’t think that either of them is a significant player and I think the merger of the two doesn’t make a huge difference. I think, however, that it will be a blow to the Democratic Labour Party, because ultimately, the more third party activity we have, the more it divides people who are not prepared to support the Barbados Labour Party,” said Wickham.

    Like Dr Hinds, Wickham criticised the absence of a solid philosophical stance from the less established parties, with the exception of Solutions Barbados. Historically, he noted that the DLP is known for its push toward independence, free education, and other social goods based on the philosophy of its founder, Errol Barrow. Wickham added that the Barbados Labour Party has its own philosophical underpinnings.

    “I don’t really get that from the UPP and the PdP. They have not taken a central position to say ‘this is what I stand for’ and ultimately, that is what we look for in a political party,” said the pollster.

    Dr Hinds on the other hand believes both of the two major political parties will lose votes to the alliance, as some voters search for alternatives.

    “So it is something to take into consideration, but I would say that that is true of any of the additional parties contending in these elections. So all of these small numbers and votes that get picked off could have gone to either of the two established political parties of the BLP and the DLP,” said the lecturer. kareemsmith@barbadostoday.bb

  54. Nobody expects them to do well. We just need them to do well enough to cause people to pause and think of possibilities for the future.

  55. In my view RevAtherley pretense as Opposition leader will end January 19 th as will his cantankerous sidekick Mr Franklyn, s time in tje senate and not a moment too soon. No wonder Rev Atherley ranting and raving his sweet life politically will likely come to a sudden end..The old people had a saying sweet life don, t last long..As for the political nightwatchman we will see how ready she isPersons remember her as being part of the last administration as a senator who did little to prevent over 20 downgrades to junk bond status.She believes bajans have short memories but npt that short.I gone.

  56. It’s going to be interesting to watch the fallout…

    people are being warned about their passwords containing birth dates etc, also police and bailiffs are going to be happy for the addresses on the list… Stalkers and lowlifes with malicious intent and criminals will be glad for the list to find who tey been looking for for years, if yall owe anybody find them first and pay them…..🤣🤣🤣..

    . Unfortunately, people hiding from abusive spouses and others are now in extreme danger..

    so yall better adopt my mentality and put those who think they struck gold in the ground first…

  57. TLSN…the end result of monkey handling gun…Piece would be laughing his ass off now, if he was around…..to see them SHOOT THEMSELVES….just so outta the blue because they had a panic attack and called a snap election….lawd…

  58. One should never use one’s birthdate in a password. If anything you use the birthday of somebody who they would never think of. Not your child’s or your mother’s either.

  59. 2 times 30=60
    The only coalition that makes sense is one that yields a maximum of 30 opposition candidates.

    I believe the DLP fielding their own 30 candidates is a serious mistake. SB looking for a next 30 is a second mistake. Smaller parties fielding their own teams is a third mistake. Everyone rushing to deploy their own team benefits just one person – Mia

    It would appear that some expected the election announcement. It is also clear that they are just responding instead of trying to see a few moves ahead.
    Pundits are correct when they comment on the uselessness of these smaller coalitions.

    These are extraordinary times and require more than the ordinary political campaign. Like it or not, at this time Mia stand heads and shoulders above the others; her mid-game is impressive. I wait to see her endgame.

    It is only by uniting that they can effectively compete against her. As things stand ….. 30-0 is not outside the realm of possibility.

  60. If there really was a disgruntled 14, now would be the time to set the cat among the pigeons.

    Unfortunately for us too many who offer themselves for service are only interested in self-service.

  61. APP to bring 26 candidates

    The Alliance Party for Progress (APP), a just formed two-party coalition led by Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley, took its first steps towards contesting this month’s General Election, registering 22 of its candidates yesterday.
    With another “three or four” expected to complete the process of paying their $250 deposit on Monday, Atherley disclosed that the party had no intention of trying to field all 30 candidates. He said to do so would be a waste of resources.
    However, he said that the public will have to wait until Nomination Day for the unveiling of their members who would be seeking office.
    “We never intended to have all 30 candidates because we are not going to waste resources in this short, constrained period. The time is short and the resources are minimal and we are not going to waste time running people against incumbents like Prime Minister Mia Mottley or in other Barbados Labour Party (BLP) strongholds like St Thomas. When we merged we decided that we are not going to look for 30 candidates. There are about four constituencies where we would not be running any candidates, but we fully expect to fill all of the others,” said Atherley.
    APP, which is a coalition of the Lynette Eastmond-founded United Progressive Party and Atherley’s People’s Party for Democracy and Development, officially announced its existence to the public on Thursday.
    Atherley, who will be seeking re-election in St Michael West, after winning in 2018 on a BLP ticket, said he is confident that the newcomers will be seen as a viable alternative to the longstanding two-party system. He sought to remind Barbadians that when the Errol Barrowfounded Democratic Labour Party first came to power, it did so with significantly less than a full slate of candidates.
    “We expect to have 26 but we want to wait until they are nominated until we reveal who they are. You have to understand that sometimes people pull out at the last minute and sometimes people come forward at the last minute.
    “Those who are critical of parties that don’t have a full slate of candidates need only remember that the first time that Mr Barrow won, he did so without a full slate of candidates,” he added. (CLM)

    Source: Nation

  62. A smart and insightful fellow:
    Atherley predicted the early election.
    Atherley formed an alliance with a second party.
    Atherley realized the futility of fielding 30 candidates.

    It seems that he cannot overcome the realities of local politics. A merger of more parties would be a stronger opposition, but how do you accomplish this and satisfy all parties?
    Impossible? No! But some parties would have to compromise on things they consider sacred (name, best candidates for different constituencies, …). Near impossible? Yes.

    This fragmented opposition (SB, DLP and AAP) makes a victory by Mia even more certain – 30-0 is still a possibility.
    I suspect Mia (equally smart and insightful) is counting on this continued fragmentation…

  63. David BU the mere fact that Rev Atherley form this coalition tells me he was not ready and scrambling for candidates.Tells us all we need to know about him and his readinesd to lead anyone in this environment.It is one thing to be critical it is another to have serious alternatives.A master stroke by Ms Mottley.All the former cabinet ministers who were in hiding suddenly had to declare their hands like Mr Lashley and Dr Estwick.However i nelieve some of them will be sucessful.Persons like Mr Payne also was for ed to declare his hand.Lastly they were a few mostly oversea bajans syating Ms Mottley wss a dictator for not consulting the people on dome issues.Well Ms Mottley has returmed to the people for the votesomething which dictators do not do..Therefore the ball is in the people, s hands.This talk was obviously a lot of hot air designed to undermine Ms Mottley a lot of hot air.I want to hear from people like Mr Skinner , TLSN Sarge Gazzerts and a few more who was pudhing this propaganda on BU.Where is AC and Piece?I gone.

  64. @David
    BLP stands by poll decision

    This is a non story, why would the individuals bite the hand that feeds them?

  65. The objective for the DLP and opposition parties should be to achieve a maximum of 50% of elected MP’s.

    The opposition parties should target the weakest 50% of sitting MP’s. They should throw 100% of their resources into attacking the most vulnerable BLP outposts.

    One individual, Lucille Moe, cognisant of Barbados creep towards dictatorship has defected from Mia’s party to assist the DLP to nullify this threat.

    If 50% of BLP MP’S could be eliminated, Barbadians would have a hung parliament and at a stroke would crush Mia’s ambition to become the first female Caribbean dictator.

    My message to the DLP and to other groups is as follows: do not put your resources into fighting 30 battles. Pitch up your tent in the parishes of those 15 MP’s whose seats are vulnerable and fight like a pack of dogs to win them.

    Rest assure if this government is reelected as it was previously when it won every single seat, we should all kiss goodbye to democracy.

  66. Throughout the ages, mankind has sought absolute power. From Nero, to Ceasar.

    When Lucille Moe defected from the BLP, she like, Brutus – in the link below, had to weigh up her conscience. Her Integrity and love of her country meant it was no longer morally acceptable for her to be associated with the BLP.

    Let’s hope that others from within this party reassess their positions and do what is right for the good of the country.


    • We are very easily distracted by the games politicians and political actors play. All members of the political directorate.

  67. The above by the non resident is pure bullshit.If this is the best she could come with to support the dems we in Barbados know they are in serious trouble.As stated before dictators do not call elections therefore tjat is pure hogwash.Secondly few in Barbados want to be led anywhere by either Ms Depeiza who was part of the last dem government who was redponsible fpr over 20 downgrades to junk bond status or rev Atherley who was not even ready for rhe current election now scrambling about for candidates.Therefore neither of these two are ready for anything and in my view could only lead Barbados down the drain.Heard Ms Depeiza talking about the outgoing government, she really should be in comedy fest.The only outgoing person will be her as leader of the opposition when in my view she loses yet again in St Lucy.I gone.

    • Why do we wast time debating nonsense. MOTTLEY has an aggressive style and as a woman she will attract critics. When Arthur and his band was kicking up and down the political curb what was being said then? There is a popular blog on BU ‘ Mottleyism’ that makes for an interesting read.

  68. If nonsense is allowed to stand, it may be taken as truth by others.

    As with alternative facts, refutation is a must.

  69. Interesting question is how much of a difference Ms Absent Moe can make.

    Frustration is high but nowhere as near as 2018. Freundel and crew HAD to go. Some of this crowd SHOULD go. It’s still unfortunate that only 60% of the population turns out and only 20-30% of those truly discuss the issues.

    We seem to always get the government we deserve

  70. Gazzerts instead of majoring in minors why don, t you come home and help the nightwatchman win the seat in St Lucy.Yoy would then be serving some purpose.As stated before neither TSLN or you nor sny of the overseas dems will not influence sensible bajans to return Barbados into the hands of the dems in under 15 years or more.Many of you do not have to live with the consequences of such a decisuon we here do.As for Rev Atherley i will predct here and now he will likely lose his seat and not surpass 100o votes.I gone.

  71. I expect the following seats to go to the dems:
    St Michael north west
    St James south
    Christ church east central
    St Philip north
    St Philip west


    St. John
    And one or two other st Michael or Christ church seats that are not strong holds

    • BLP 30 DLP 0

      On Sat, Jan 8, 2022, 5:34 AM Barbados Underground wrote:

      > President Gort commented: “I predict three DLP seats. Sealy, Lashley, > Worrell. 27-3. But not so blind mice.” >

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