Garbage Trucks Saga

Barbadians were promised in recent days that 10 new garbage trucks – urgently needed – would have been mobilized in time for the Holidays. Although there has been no official announcement by the Mia Mottley government as to why a faulty configuration of the 10 trucks have prevented deployment, information in the public space indicates that the cab of the truck accommodates only two persons and the standing bar on the outside,  one instead of two. It should be noted this government in its infinite wisdom has recruited a PR/Communications team that is second to none if compared to previous governments. There is no reason information should not be readily available regarding matters affecting state apparatus.

The blogmaster is sympathetic to the fact there will be breakdowns in procedure from time to time, although it should never happen in a well functioning system. Garbage collection continues to be a hot button issue and the government leading into the last general election was not bashful about reminding the electorate the former government had not purchased a single garbage truck during its 10 year tenure.

The embarrassing fiasco currently playing out that the $400,000 dollar garbage truck x 10 will have to be retrofitted – no doubt at taxpayers expense – is cause for concern. Given the size of the procurement order, coupled with the importance of the transaction to maintaining a clean environment, a simple thought at the time of signing off on the purchase order should have suggested that those responsible ensure the garbage trucks  ‘fit for purpose’.

All that is left for the blogmaster to opine is that any self respecting administration should immediately request the resignation of the minister responsible (Trevor Prescod) and chairman of the Sanitation Service Authority (Rudy Grant) with immediate effect. We have to start to hold our officials accountable. Given historical behaviour the firing and or resignation of ministers appear to be removed from the remit of the Prime Minister.

The blogmaster is keenly aware the political polarization that exist means that every mistake will be amplified for political gain. This blogmaster is more concerned to ask – how was this sizeable mistake allowed to happen given the modus operandi of this government in period of enhanced financial surveillance ans austerity.

Thg more things change the more they remain the same.

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  1. Money Launderer’s Inc should be proud, ah see all the million dollar amounts they walked off the island in 2007 and before that all displayed on Facebook…..real stars from Barbados, famous like hell.

  2. Wishing all Barbadians (at home or abroad) a very pleasant day.

    My one hope is that you think for yourselves. Some try to drive the discussion in a particular direction, but if you have a contrary thought, please express it. Your idea(s) may become the cornerstone of changes..

    “A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.” – Antoine de St-Exupery

    Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward: they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Have a great day Barbados….

  3. I see that this post which was put to bed at 300 punches, has thrown more punches in the second round than in the first round.

    Meanwhile we see several distraction being thrown into the fray. I have not commented on the two Mottley story, because frankly, though I “read to respond”, I cannot respond and I do not understand.

    Let’s take this morning offering and ” If Not Mia Mottley, Who?”. and ask a few questions. I am asking that you answer these questions for yourself…

    Do you agree that there is no content in the text that follow the heading?
    Do you agree that it will be embraced only by a select few?
    Doesn’t this seem like a weak attempt to start a new 3rd party discussion, by first placing 3rd parties at a disadvantage?
    Does the timing seem to reinforce a drive to make Mia the most “commented”. On her own, she will probably be the most commented, but I would urge that the number of comments be divided by two?

    I would urge the readership of BU to start using their own filters. Apply i your filter all o what I say, but also apply it to others,

    It now appears that Mia’s cause is one that lacks assistance.
    Independent note:

    Ask questions of every blogger.
    Why now?
    What is the purpose?
    What is the message?
    Am I being informed or am I being brainwashed?

  4. You Commander Theophillus Gazerts have started 2020 with Vision 2020!

    I now see why the second of the Rented Mules Hee Haw has personally been engaged to bait you!

    You said AND I QUOTE

    “…Doesn’t this seem like a weak attempt to start a new 3rd party discussion, by first placing 3rd parties at a disadvantage?…”

    You then continue to say

    “…Does the timing seem to reinforce a drive to make Mia the most “commented”?…”

    Slowly but surely people are going to come to the realization that the content of this Blog is being manipulated TO GIVE MUGABE MOTTLEY THE BEST IMAGE!

    I am sure that the blog counts provided by the Honourable Blogmaster IN HIS BORG MANIFESTATION were biased but um is he blog so

    You continued by saying

    “On her own, she will probably be the most commented, but I would urge that the number of comments be divided by two?…”

    Instead of “urge” I think you wanted to say “suggest” as in suggest that the numbers are now going to be diminished and blogs for this article will be shifted to the Mugabe misnomer.

    De ole man concurs with you Commander

  5. @ TheOGazerts

    I love your response . I too need an explanation. I put my comments under the appropriate submission.

    I prefer we discuss events, issues and policies as they arise in the society. We should be about people and the impact of policies not personalities.

  6. To the one trick pony…

    You are kicking, kicking hard and with all four feet. Don’t ease up.

    Remember that repetition is a part of the learning process. Stay on message. I suspect that at some level, your messages are penetrating even the most resistant skulls.

  7. Allow me to venture a few more steps down a path I started on a little earlier, because it is worthy of further exploration.

    Let us play a silly Math game (come down the rabbit hole with me) :
    My story received 900 comments with 600 of the comments being negative;
    Your story received 600 comments with 100 being negative.

    My number were chosen so that with a simple scaling you could compare if both of us had 600 comments.

    —— Comments/Negative/Positive
    me— 600/400/200
    Now if you take positive comments as the desired response, it is clear that your story received “better” s responses than my own.

    An what if my actions were such that the common man felt a need to respond to me and express his disagreement with my story.. It is true that I would be the most commented, but is that a good thing?

    Some phrases stick in my craw because as innocent as they appear, they are fully loaded.
    It is not my intention to explore or to imply motive to anyone.
    My one desire is to ignite your spider senses so that a “simple phrase” makes those spider senses tingle and stops you in your tracks.

    Read to understand, but read to question and to respond.

    — My journey down this path is ended. All may have the last word.–

    • You are on and on with this nonsense, it is easy to cast aspersions on the integrity of the BU blogmaster because he has cheeks of Teflon. The blogmaster will repeat-slowly- the most commented blogs metric is determined by WordPress, NOT the Rh blogmaster- BU is a hosted blog therefore we take services from WP.

      It is based on the last 1000 comments. Obviously because WordPress host millions of blogs there is a lagging consideration. The most commented blogs will change on a daily basis as WordPress updates.

      You may have the last word on this matter.

  8. @Lorenzo
    Please don’t come with
    read to respond
    pea brain
    no brain of his own
    piece sidekick/follower
    a list of enemies
    Bajans outside of Barbados

    We want new stuff for this new year.
    Now that I’ve pull his rotten teeth, what will he do?

  9. @ William Skinner January 2, 2020 9:19 PM

    You say the garbage disposal doesn’t work and the streets need repair. Apparently, there are two different islands called Barbados. On my island there is garbage collection in front of the house every other day, the streets are in very good condition, the lighting works and everything is in perfect order.

  10. @ Tron
    I said in a nutshell that successive governments have failed in the areas of garbage collection systems and that generally the country has been allowed to fall in a state of disrepair.

    . William Skinner January 2, 2020 9:19 PM
    Below is what William Skinner said;
    “There is not a single Barbadian , with any self respect , who would even attempt to give any praise to two administrations that have governed a country for fifty three consecutive years and have criminally refused to maintain sewage systems, maintain a proper public transportation system, maintain a proper garbage collection system and allowed the country to gradually fall into disrepair , any praise for doing exactly the basic things they are supposed to do with taxpayers money.
    This is the nefarious and almost vulgar political state that this country has been allowed to fall into.
    To even suggest that anybody who states that no government should be given a medal for doing such wants the garbage to remain shows the vulgarity of a mind that has been completely destroyed by the Duopoly.’
    The now pathetic and dastardly apologists should be ashamed to attack citizens who believe that higher standards are to be set and more importantly maintained.’
    I trust that our PM would not read the faeces that those who support her are writing about the same citizens she has invited back home as she creatively attempts to rally some form of nationalism.
    The biggest threats to her leadership and success are these backward windbags on BU and elsewhere who embarrass her almost daily with their profound ignorance.
    I assure the PM that ALL citizens who love our country wish her well.”

    (BTW) Less than two weeks ago it was stated by ,I think , the Caribbean Development Bank that the Deteriorating infrastructure of the country was a major impediment of its development)

    Thank You.

  11. @Tron January 4, 2020 4:17 AM ” the garbage truck came three times, namely on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

    If the households on your street need to have their garbage picked up three times per week then those households are consuming far too much. You need to cut your consumption. Even though I know that you can “afford” to be wasteful, the environment will not long tolerate your over consumption.

  12. Did we get insight into the procurement process?

    Was anyone held responsible?

    What are the final costs?

    Keep wunna mout shut. Say nuttin. This thing will die ….

  13. I’ve spoken with friends and family from St. Lucy to Christ Church, and the good men and women of the Sanitation Service have now picked up all of the garbage, and I have great confidence that they will continue the great job that they usually do as long as they are provided with the necessary equipment and decent terms of service.

    Let us hail good hard working men and women.

  14. @Tron January 5, 2020 4:51 PM, “the streets are in very good condition”

    My street was fixed just after Christmas, an even though I would not say “very good” i would say “acceptable for the time being” I would give the fix maybe 7 out of 10. A complete resurfacing would be ideal, but the potholes are gone, and iIdon’t have to worry about breaking the wheels offa Little Johnnie’s vehicle.

  15. Just had my garbage picked up, for the second time since Christmas. One of the new trucks in use. The two gentlemen loading, and the lady driving the truck were excellent as usual.

    The SSA workers people make excellence seem ordinary.


  16. Sanitation workers do the best they can. They were only being blamed because there were no trucks and the powers that be had to as usual create scapegoats. Nothing new ; they blame: teachers, police , nurses , public servants and anybody else except themselves.
    The latest thing on BU is to curse Bajan workers,, Bajans living overseas once they can protect their political masters. Everybody knew that once we got trucks the garbage will be taken up. Then the political masters will relish all the praise.
    That being said , all citizens should endeavor to keep their immediate environs clean.

  17. There is a lady on FB who is fighting for land which she claims was stolen from her. family.

    One would think that hers would be a cause for sympathy and that she would get support from other Bajans. But she is attacked daily by what appears to be average Barbadians and some of the attacks are just ignorant.

    One attacker seem to claim that no person can own land. I suspect that there are some properties he would not put a foot on…

    We cannot put everything into a political bag. If a person is a land thief. his relationship to a political party does not
    change the fact. A person can be a politician, a pastor, citizen and thief all at the same time.

    Reject the B or D model.

  18. Did we get insight into the procurement process?

    Was anyone held responsible?

    Who get fired/demoted?

    What are the final costs?

    Has the govt moved from “Keep wunna mout shut. Say nuttin. This thing will die ….” to providng explanations

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