Whimpering Opposition

At a critical juncture in the history of Barbados – a country successive governments have invested heavily in educating our people – is it unreasonable to expect this popular biblical quote to resonate, ‘to whom much is given, much will be required’ (Luke 12:48)? Why have we educated our people if not to be at the ready by reporting for duty when parlous times confront us?

A regret of this blogmaster is the extent to which civil society has become afflicted by a feckless and ineffectual political class. As we approach one year of the Mia Mottley led Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government’s unprecedented decapitation of the Freundel Stuart led Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in the general election of May 24, 2018, the level of cynicism and vapidity exhibited within the population has been rising. It should not be unexpected that the rhetoric of austerity will also increase. The level of disaffection is more acute if one considers the quality of the Opposition described as the government in waiting.

How does a population seemingly detached from national objectives demand accountability from the ‘system’? How does a political class committed to self sustaining policies demonstrate a capacity to ‘correct’ by satisfying its mandate to effectively govern the country?

We have a government attempting to grapple with the political, economic and social challenges. In the absence of a blue chip schematic, debate will continue about the best policies required to extricate the country from the abyss is continues to be mired.

In our adversarial system of government the Opposition has an important role to play by injecting a dissenting perspective that is coherent. However the quality of the dissenting interventions must be related to the quality of the actors in the opposition ranks. Regrettably in the opinion of this blogmaster the opposition entities- to bastardize a biblical expression-  have fallen short in the glory of the electorate.

In January 2019 the Leader of the Opposition Joseph Atherley announced that individuals were deputed to speak on the following portfolios. (Sidebar: Hopefully one of these days the Atherley story will be told).

Irvin Belgrave – Home Affairs

Rev John Carter – Agriculture, Food Security and Maritime Economy

Dr Phillip Corbin – Energy, Water Resources and Telecommunications

Akil Daley – Youth and Small Business Facilitation

Sen Crystal Drakes – Economic, Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Paul Forte – Housing, Property Ownership, Works and Maintenance

Sen Caswell Franklyn – Labour, Social Security, Corporatives and Civil Establishments

Paul Gibson – Health, Wellness Services Development and Environment

Sylvan Greenidge – Transportation, Sanitation and Sewage Services

Bruce Hennis – International Business and Trade, Manufacturing and Commerce

Maria Phillips – Justice, Law Enforcement and Penal System

Alan Springer – Creative Economy and Sports Industry Development

Scott Weatherhead – Tourism, Regional and International Transport

Yesterday 25 April 2019 the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) also announced the names of individuals charged shadow ministries.

To cut to the chase, the blogmaster is not impressed with the quality of the opposition on offer in the Barbados space for the obvious reasons. What is exposes is that quality players are not interested in joining the political class. A natural consequence to the state of affairs is garbage in, garbage out.


  • RE: “Ha. Ha. Boy uh tell uh when all fails to convince go low..”

    It’s NOT a matter of “going low,” it’s stating a fact……. you’re an IDIOT.

    RE: “The video on fb of the parked cars was a classic example of govt putting cart before horse in their execution of parking tickets when if there was adequate and sufficient parking.”

    And I always THOUGHT it was the POLICE that issued parking tickets……. NOT the government.

    Perhaps I could demonstrate how “government put the cart before the horse in their execution of parking tickets.”

    CoP Griffith: Hello, Mr AG Marshall? Man duh got some people hey at this Buju concert dat park all over de place, how duh feel like. Wuh we should do?

    Marshall: I gine call you back wid uh answer. The Cabinet has to meet to decide what to do.

    Marshall: Hello, CoP Griffith. We met and the Cabinet agreed dat I should instruct you to tell the police officers on duty, tuh put parking ticket pun all uh dem cars. We en care nutten ’bout dum.


  • The police PR issued a statement last night advising that public service announcements day before to avoid parking illegally at the show were not heeded and police had no choice but to enforce the law.


  • Buju actually enjoys performing and always puts on a good show. His music is melodic and uplifting in most instances. One of my favorites. He never cheats his audience.


  • Are we really still discussing parking tickets for those who parked illegallY??????



  • Public service announcements meant Nothing to people who were first time visitors to the island going to the concert.
    The ticket fiasco was a PR disaster and a point of concern that govt can asked advice from one of the million dollar advisor knowledgeable in event planning (which i doubt if any )


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    So the single driver that is the critical denominator for a viable Opposition is going to be

    The Message!

    As long as The Message resonates with the People that is where they will gain their support.

    Let me see if I can explain this to the sheeple and the people

    There has been an apathy that is embedded in the electoral process of Barbados from the time of the country ‘s independence

    People does only vote B or D from time immemorial

    People see nothing else.

    Where the Liar and Pretender Grenville Phillips failed lies in his vacuous actions at enforcing the signature of his party’s acolytes.

    He concentrated too much on his servants sorry candidates.


    That leader has to make a great fanfare of his own signature to such a document for public consumption.

    Have a media affair where the Leader signs all these things inclusive oc their own FOIA documents IN FRONT OF ALL THD CAMERAS AND NEWS MEDIA.

    And then record and post them on the Enhanced Website de ole man detailed earlier.

    Leaders MUST LEAD!!!

    But this is not a characteristic that Grenville Phillips has CAUSE HE ENT NO LEADER.

    PIECE THE LEGEND (I like how those 3 words does get dem vex, Watch dem now)


  • @Donna

    Why are they discussing this nonissue?

    I believe Mariposa is just being provocative because no one in their right mind believes the Buju concert was government planned event. It was a private event promoted by FAS Entertainment Inc.

    So why would government need advice from someone knowledgeable on event planning for a private show?

    Does government hire someone knowledgeable in event planning when cricket is played at Kensington or for Gospel Fest or the vintage reggae show?

    Also, what is the difference between the police reporting first time visitors at cricket or Crop Over events and first visitors at the Buju show? Has the island suffered any fallout as a result?

    The problem here is that Mariposa is just being intentionally silly.


  • @Robert

    The more pertinent observation to make is why intelligent commenters allow themselves to be distracted with silly comments. Give a response and move on. Instead every blog it recurs.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Very few people and zero sheeple understand the power behind the imagery of Posing for the Camera.

    Mugabe does, and this is why, for every crisis, she does not allow anyone else to de escalate the crisis

    Even with 30 ministers, MUGABE DOES LEAVE WASHINGTON or wherever she flying bout, to fly back to Barbados and solve the problem.

    The $3.50 highway robbery she dash in and solve de shy$e she created

    De shy$e pun de south coast, she jump in and pretend to solve de shy$e NO PUN INTENDED

    De ole man knows dat few people and zero sheeple saw this item plastered all over the news

    “…Apr 21, 2019 · Volodymyr Zelenskiy, an actor and comedian with no political experience other than playing the role of president in a TV series, has won a landslide victory in Ukraine’s presidential election …”

    Now de ole man been speaking bout podcasts AND Simulcasts AND Sensational Photo Sessions for the Whimpering Opposition

    No one gine listen to Piece the Legend but dem going listen to white people doah…


  • The moving on statement on this issue made by David is in itself a distraction
    I never said that govt planned the Buju concert
    However safety and protection of the public
    Govt had an interest during the time of the concert
    Govt interest lies in the statement provided by the RBPF which made mention of the safety of the public who need to use the side walks and the police having a right of issuing the tickets


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Donna my erstwhile sisteren

    you asked so I will explain.

    periodically, a post will innocently appear here from the Honourable Blogmaster

    it will be a link to an item of interest and will link to a Facebook video.

    And you will, because you are an unsuspecting “people” and others who are “unrelenting sheeple” click on that link.

    And immediately as you do that, Charles Me Love You Long Time Jong is feeling you up, Digitally Speaking of course.

    Because, unless you’re paranoid like de ole man and have not used your “Lists” feature to group your friends and further used the “Friends” tab on your Profile page and the “Edit Privacy” button and further limited the privacy of your peoples and sheeple Donna, ALL OF YOUR LISTS NOW BELONG TO MUGABE MOTTLEY

    so let’s say that you is a strong B but you and Dennis Kellman is friends from de time you was 5 years old JONG GINE LIST YOU AS A STRONG D.

    Now jes suppose dat Mia doing a firing exercise for de 5,000 people and sheeple dat she for to let go to please de World Bank WHO YOU FEEL SHE GINE LEH GO FIRST?

    Mind you, Mugabe giving $105 million to she friends while you only getting $15 M but…


    I only hope dat de rest of de team like Brother Hants and Theophillus Gazerts dont get up in arms bout The Legend tdkking over de anti Mugabe-ites team


    but on a really serious note.

    We live in a dictatorship where Mugabe is President for Life YET NO ONE OPENING THEIR MOUTH TO GET ANGRY WID MIA yet de ole man mek de mistake and pretend to be de leader of the Dissidents and an anonymous blogger get vex and want a nex anonymous blogger to tek she name out he mouf for dat!!

    and dis fighting for good governance mekking sense to wunna?

    “…Ohhhhh beauty THOU HAST FLED TO BRUTISH BEASTS and men have lost their reason…”

    Liked by 1 person

  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item of drivel here

    @ ManyPussy

    You are so accustomed setting everything as an anti BLP thing that even the simplest sensible suggest showing how niche concerts can work for tourism, finds itself clouded in your idiocy

    1…15,000 people is a good concern
    2…Parking is a problem for government supported/sponsored or private sponsored
    3…since this sector might be an activity that can be duplicated successfully maybe it needs some accomodation to be made
    4…illegal parking is illegal HOWEVER GIVEN THE IMPACT AND IMPORT, maybe the tickets can be reduced to $ 10 IN THE SPIRIT OF PRIVATE SECTOR, GOVERNMENT AND THE BAJAN AUDIENCE

    But then again, a government that has taken $21 million for its friends and allocated $3 million for poor black people WOULD NEVER DO THAT FOR BLACK PEOPLE


  • @Mariposa

    Stop making yourself look sillier each time you post.

    You’re wrong and it is a stupid argument you are pushing. Even if Kensington belongs to government, government did not have interest during the time of the show. Promoters must insure the venue. Time to definitely move on.


    Are you sure it’s Piece the Legend or should be Piece the Legion, which sounds more appropriate.

    I believe you’re going way overboard with this Mugabe nonsense. At first you were making some impact and you had a following, but that seems to have inflated your ego and emboldened you to look for things that are not there or create things just for the sake of criticising.

    It has reached a point where your posts are becoming too long, monotonous and boring. I am sure I’m not the only one that would prefer to scroll pass your posts rather than read them.

    I must remind you that too much of one thing usually becomes toxic. You need to take a break and come with fresh ideas.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “The $3.50 highway robbery she dash in and solve de shy$e she created”

    ah waiting for the surpass that ..and the .. top that one to come, it will be one for the history books, that’s for sure..

    don’t think i can be surprised by anything anymore but…who knows..

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  • Robert Goren

    You have made the same point I have made regarding the fact that the Old Man is becoming incessant nuisance on BU …thanks for reiterating …


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Goering

    Three things to this “method to the Madness”

    1..Cohesive thought for a specific new audience. Creating Backstory – you dont understand but they do


    2…Conserving the Biopics’ currency- short though sweet will waste the freshness of the Cartoons

    Plus a fellow is using the content so we giving him space


    3…Somebody dig off the scroll button from your computer?

    I mussee wukking for you!

    Last time I check de list of 15 employees, your name was not on it.


    4…Anytime you find yourself agreeing with Leximoron you got to watch youself


    5…certain of the long articles are for de sheeple not the people

    Dem got to get it BREK down to unnerstan Goering, you don’t

    6…you still heah?

    Trick you you right?

    I said 3 items and heah I is on 6 1/2

    7…Once the Mugabe Regime Mindset dissambly is complete DE OLE MAN IS GONE GOERING

    Freedom of Information
    The Power of Recall
    Locking up dishonest politicians and public servants and policemen
    Public declaration of Assets

    Simple thing Goering

    All food governance


  • Oh no, sir! I never flee to brutish beasts and I do not allow myself to be led by the nose by a brutish anonymous blogger. I will ask questions, I will challenge, I will make up my pea-brained mind in my own time and ultimately I will fight ALL BRUTISH BEASTS in my own way.

    And Charles is welcome to my information. It will do him no good.

    PS. I don’t do Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Don’t even use a cellphone anymore. Don’t talk much of import on my landline. They can track me on BU if they like. There is nothing defamatory attached to my e-mail address because I do not spread rumours nor attempt to destroy reputations without hard evidence, nor accept other anonymous persons’ opinions on individuals but only comment on what I KNOW.

    But if they want to know who I am and what I think I’d tell them face to face.

    And those in the cabinet who shared space with me at QC and former cabinet members of the DEAD DLP administration would vouch for the fact that my mouth often got me in trouble.


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  • Now, enough of that. What are we discussing today? Surely a silly sheep like me doesn’t merit any more precious time and energy! What harm can a silly sheep do?

    By the way Ms. Looney Tunes, you can tek my name out yuh mout too. I said Pieces’ attitude reminded me of Donald Trump. You have a problem with Piece but not with Donald Trump.



  • Yes illegal parking on the sidewalk is wrong
    But given the place of the venue and lack of inadequate space for parking
    The govt was wrong in allowing the RBPF to issues tickets at that event
    If their was alternative parking i would have agreed that issuing the tickets was within a right
    It seems that this govt mind is more hell bent in fleecing and punishing the public to pay debt
    Than finding feasible solutions
    Hence the intensity with which the RBPF carried out their assigned storm troopers duty on Saturday while visitors and locals alike enjoyed the buju concert
    Two thumbs up for Mia Cares


  • The government cannot prevent the police from issuing traffic tickets. The police is about enforcing the laws. Why do you take a deep breath.

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  • Law passed by govt are within govt/ PM to suspend temporarily
    A temporary suspension of issuing of those tickets could have been suspended and given govt approval to do so within on the night if the event
    But all knows that govt could not have let such an easy cash cow slip out of there hands
    Now u can have the last word
    I have spoken my peace and not gonna change my opinion


  • @ac You are right, brilliant!

    The DLP need more supporters like you.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Donna my erstwhile sisteren

    You said and I quote

    “…And Charles is welcome to my information.

    It will do him no good…”

    And this is precisely my ongoing rant Donna Charles Jong AND MUGABE MOTTLEY are not entitled to “your” or anyone else’s friends’ lists

    My whole long boring blog, obe which Goering and Lexicunt dont like, is not directed at you specifically Donna, as much as it wishes to point out to other people the dangers of this BLOGGING thing

    And simple innocent clicks!!!


  • Chairman of the Transport Board, Gregory Nicholls, has resigned less than 24 hours after the ruling Barbados Labour Party was roasted on social media for buses being deployed at its picnic while passengers suffered long waits in the bus terminals.

    “I resigned today for no particular reason. It is time to move on.”



  • It appears the Barbados Water Authority’s (BWA) attempts to make rural Barbadians owners of their own water tanks have fallen flat.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “…And Charles is welcome to my information.”

    If he knows what’s good for him he will haul ass back to where he came from and stop playing ass for president Enuff……a newbie has no right in the jungle with veterans..


  • Of course he is not entitled. My point is it would do them no good.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    And my point is that my articles WERE NOT FOR YOU!!!

    Charles Me Love You Long Time was not brought to Barbados and illegally hired By Mugabe Mottley contrary to the rules of the Public Services Commission

    And try as I may to tell you stop looking at this like if a blog is specifically for you, that is something you fail to comprehend

    But carry on smartly


  • This article about a civil case which is interesting only because the employee’s claim for injuries on the job fell beyond the period allowed re Limitation of Actions Act.

    This part of the article stood out:

    Justice Weekes also apologized for the delay in handing down the judgemen.
    She said it was due in part to her being assigned to criminal court.
    “I apologize unreservedly for the delay in the delivery of this decision, which was due in part to my assignment to the criminal sessions and the recent dislocation of the Supreme Court and the Registration Department,” she outlined.

    That’s right folks a Judge has apologized for the delay in issuing a judgement and kudos to Justice Weeks.

    Which begs the question: Is the reassignment of judges to other Courts hampering their ability to hand down timely judgements?



  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    So as de ole man has been saying….

    A Third Party Movement needs to have something attractive.

    I already laid out the term reduction to 4 years instead of 5.

    5 years is to linger too long



    “…Disgraced Fiona Onasanya has become the first MP to be removed by a recall petition.

    Ms Onasanya, 35, was jailed in January for lying about a speeding offence.

    She was expelled by Labour after her conviction and had been representing Peterborough as an independent.

    Peterborough City Council said 19,261 constituents had signed the petition. Ms Onasanya will be allowed to stand for re-election.

    The council said the signatures represented 27.6% of eligible residents.

    The threshold required to remove Ms Onasanya was 10%…”

    ALL WUNNA NEED TO DO IS FOLLOW DE TEMPLATE PROVIDED BY Piece the Legend and you will win…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right April 30, 2019 9:01 PM

    My whole long boring blog, obe which Goering and Lexicunt dont like, is not directed at you specifically Donna, as much as it wishes to point out to other people the dangers of this BLOGGING thing

    And simple innocent clicks!!!


    Well now I am confused!

    Seems to me that you were doing way more than pointing out potential dangers. You were saying that the process of collecting the information is underway.

    Sooo…. have you evidence that the process is underway or not?

    See, I believe that the only ethical way to counteract lies is by speaking the truth.

    I do NOT believe that the ends justifies the means.

    PS. I know very well that it was not directed at me alone. I am saying that if what you are saying is true then I am not worried about myself.


  • I ma strongly opposed to banning anyone
    .Oops.. the list is longer than I thought 🙂
    Have a great night
    Too much warmed-over soup on the blog these days. I have always refused leftovers and warmed-up soup.
    Unable to contribute


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