Democratic and Barbados Labour Party Candidates 2018 vs 2022


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Democratic Labour Party Candidates – 2018 vs 2022

Early this morning (very early) I posted my analysis of Barbados Labour Party candidates 2018 vs. 2022. Now it’s time to have a look at the candidates the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) fielded in 2018 and what they are bringing to the 2022 elections. I will not go over the methodology used, as it is…Read More

Barbados Labour Party Candidates – 2018 vs 2022

UPDATE 1: Having received reliable information on the birth year of Senator The Hon. Kay (she is 54, not 55), I have updated The Table. No updates were required to the Discussion Points and the Age Distribution Chart. This is a revised post to the original one that was made on January 11 (and removed…Read More


  • Lecturer wants snap election power taken from prime minister

    SENIOR LECTURER in political science Dr Kristina Hinds wants to see the power to call a snap election removed from the hands of a prime minister.
    She joined University of the West Indies (UWI) colleagues in calling for consideration to a range of constitutional and electoral reform issues, including permitting people with the COVID-19 virus and Barbadians living overseas to be allowed to vote in a general election.
    Constitutional Reform And The Republic
    was the subject of an online town hall meeting, organised by UWI Cave Hill, on Sunday featuring six panellists.
    Hinds said a prime minister should not be able “to willy nilly call an election” but there could be a fixed election date or “a time before which elections cannot be called”.
    Another panellist, head of the Women and Development Unit (WAND) at the UWI Open Campus Taitu Heron, also called for fixed dates for an election. She argued this will allow for participation by the political parties and “level the playing field”.
    Better positioned
    It was argued during the discussion that the government of the day possesses financial and other resources and is better positioned for a snap election.
    Heron said there had been calls for the Barbadian diaspora to be allowed to vote. She said that with electoral officials and the police being granted a special time to vote, “I don’t think we have an excuse”.
    Hinds acknowledged the concerns about vote fraud going this route, but called for a mix of mail-in ballots and online voting. “A high-tech and a low-tech version,” she said. “We may have other pandemics and diseases in the future.”
    Implied not defined
    Lawyer Rico Yearwood said the right to vote was implied but not defined in law, adding there was no expressed right to vote.
    He took issue with attacks on people’s character and offensive remarks during political campaigning. “We must hold them accountable when this happens,” he said. “We must set the standard higher.”
    He recommended penalties including fines or possibly disallowing an offender from sitting in Parliament. (HH)

    Source: Nation


  • Why is Chris Sinckler being forced into the 2022 general election communications a lowly blogmaster ask again?

    No regrets’ about serving

    CHRIS SINCKLER says he has no regrets about serving on Government’s Jobs and Investment Council.
    The former Minister of Finance the last Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration told this newspaper in a recent interview that when he was approached by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley to serve on the council, he did so willingly.
    “When the country was first going through COVID, Prime Minister Mottley felt that she needed to pull together people who had certain expertise, to come and sit on what was then called the Jobs and Investment Council, and help provide some level of input and leadership in terms of creating a blueprint of how the Government and the country should go forward trying to emerge as strong as possible from the COVID impact.
    Bruising election
    “I felt in the circumstances, even though it was quite early after a very bruising 2018 election, even though some things were said that were harsh . . . I felt under the circumstances that this is our country and if a prime minister calls and says political differences aside, I think you have an input to make and I would like you to come on a broad committee – not as a personal advisor to the Prime Minister . . . and you are helping . . . ,” he said.
    Sinckler, who has resumed working at the Caribbean Policy Development Centre, said some people felt the Prime Minister gave him a job but he stressed “it was not a job, it was a volunteer thing”.
    “I felt if a Prime Minister has called, it is like the United States and a President calls you. Even if you are an opposite party, unless it is something you are philosophically and morally opposed to, how can you say no? It is like saying no to the people of Barbados. The Prime Minister as a leader of the country is the embodiment of the people. I, therefore, felt that I would go, even though some people in the Democratic Labour Party felt I shouldn’t go. I am happy I did it,” he said.
    Chaired sub-committee
    Sinckler recalled he had chaired the sub-committee out of the group on trade and trade logistics, noting that a number of the issues that were now being confronted came from them.
    “At the end of the process, that was a worthwhile exercise. I felt good about myself, I felt good about the contribution we were able to make and the input. We did what we had to do for the country.
    “The HOPE programme the Government is now running, relative to housing, that [also] started in the Jobs and Investment Council. So people are now seeing things that are rolling out,” he added. (CM)

    Source: Nation


  • What is an election court ?
    Does Barbados have one


  • @David
    Laying the wicket in order to soon do a “Mascoll.”

    Hypocrisy has no bounds and integrity is in short supply.

    Just observing

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  • @Observing

    We have witnessed it before haven’t we.

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  • When a court dances around an issue that connects citizens to their findemental rights
    Then we know that there are problems that cannot only be solved by long talk but a determination for resolution needs clear and defining action


  • Go and read the Election Offences and Controversies Act. Educate yourself.

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  • Mottley once stated nit so long ago that calling an election during a pandemic would be wrong and unsafe
    Mottley weeks later calls an election within a three week period where thousands of people are disenfranchise
    Another broken promise and one that reeks of political opportunism
    The people of Barbados saw a game of smoke and mirrors and a reflection of a democratic process being wrong
    The court yesterday said
    No problem
    The rght Hon Errol Barrow warned barbadians the day would come when barbadians would no.longer recognized their own country
    He was right


  • What is the purpose of the Court if the Court not going to take a bold stand in protecting the Fundamental Rights of the People
    Yesterday display of an action by the Judge flies into the face of proper and correct jurisprudence
    An action which rubs against in the most despicable manner against the Constituion
    What election Court
    The judge actually dismissed the claim as merit less asking for the claim to be held in an election court at such a late hour
    Barbados is heading down a road where angels dare not thread


  • Kristina Hinds is biased and partisan. We should leave the determination of the right time to the most competent person in the whole nation. That is, of course, our Most Honourable Prime Minister.

    On the other hand, I would like to temper my negative judgement of Mr Sinckler a bit. If he continues like this, he could one day become secretary of state third rank in the Ministry of Finance. Under the command of our Supreme Leader, of course.


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    “Yesterday display of an action by the Judge flies into the face of proper and correct jurisprudence”

    Angela…it was a set up……Chase Judge, Springer Lawyer….always known these families to be related.

    don;t jump on crook train to nowhere.


  • (Quote)
    “The HOPE programme the Government is now running, relative to housing, that [also] started in the Jobs and Investment Council. So people are now seeing things that are rolling out,” he added. (Unquote).

    Even in his political death this patented stranger to the Truth cannot save his lying soul.

    Isn’t that “HOPE programme the Government is now running, relative to housing” a mere reincarnation of the very H.E.L.P. (Housing Every Last Person) initiative conceived during the DLP administration tenure of economic torture?

    So why would you want to award credit to the current administration when the housing programme was conceived during your stewardship as the MoF?

    This man has learnt nothing during his long banishment to the political desert for reflection and myriad chances for his redemption despite an express promise made early in his political career to turn to the priesthood for his true calling in life after his ‘retirement’ from politics.

    Are you looking to be a political Lazarus with MAM as Jesus incarnate?

    The Most Honourable C.S., are you looking to climb the steps to the senate all dressed in a red 3-piece suit and looking like a minister of the Order of Dolos come February 2022?

    Would your companion Apate- now fully clothed and holding another red bag of tricks- be running up the broad street of hypocrisy and lies?


  • Case dismissed
    phase 1 was part of electioneering campaigning braying
    phase 2 is the ready to fit excuse for the losers to wear

    DLP are fighting to avoid another 30-0 loss
    which would be an DLP ELE Extinction Level Event

    They are asking you for your pity vote
    to save them from Mia’s Laser Beam
    that will wipe out the DLP clean


  • @Tron: “Kristina Hinds is biased and partisan. We should leave the determination of the right time to the most competent person in the whole nation. That is, of course, our Most Honourable Prime Minister.”

    Fortunately for the nation our Most Honorable Prime Minister would not be biased if left to make that determination, right?

    It is thoroughly disgusting when supposedly intelligent adults discuss political matters and are so biased by their own political propaganda that an induced lunacy takes over their reasoning process. This blind surrender to the supremacy of the party or individual is the reason America finds itself in the position it is now mired.


  • Oh dear! The polls are open and poor Donna is still out to sea. I was hoping some smart person here could help me out and tell me wuh fuh do.

    Here are my choices-

    The incumbent – harder to see than a ghost. In fact, I have NEVER seen her. Her election circular claimed NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS and proposed NO PROGRAMMES for her constituency. It spoke only of a national agenda without explaining her part therein. I have concerns about the attitude of her leader as evidenced by her blanking of the hero to zero nurses. A bitter pill to swallow. It is stuck in my throat.

    A former minister, perhaps former friend, whose integrity I now seriously question (and with very good reason) along with the rest of the population. He is ever present in the constituency and lends assistance, I am told. The leadership of his party is up for grabs. They are likely to be more taken up with back-stabbing and internal scrambles for power than they would be in doing the people’s business.

    I have seen no election circular to date but I still have one from a past election that forced me to take out my teacher’s red pen and wonder if he could have written such a grammatical mess.

    Next I am sent a pastor under the leadership of another pastor who miraculously found himself in opposition to the policies and leadership he had gleefully touted just a few days before. Along with that miracle came a wonderful windfall not from heaven but from the people’s pocket.

    I have not been reminded of the candidate’s name since it was announced. I have not seen him. I know of no-one who has. I have seen no circular. Not even a poster to show me his face.

    However, I know that his leader’s priorities include returning “God” to our constitution and ensuring that homosexual citizens are not recognised as equal while he extracts equal taxes and national insurance from their pockets.

    And finally, I have been offered a man who walked into my driveway, did not speak to me, nor introduce himself but he invited those who were with me to his meeting the following night. I know nothing about the man besides his name, which he obviously did not think I needed to know at that time. I forget what he looks like.

    I do not know if he belongs to a party. All I know is that he is endorsed by the Grenville Phillips II and must therefore believe that we have the option of turning back the clock to beg back for Lizzie.

    Oh wise men of BU, please help out a sister in need of advice!



  • Don Na
    There are many options available for decisions versus indecision
    even though your 1 vote will not make any difference anyway in the number game

    a H/T Coin Flip could help to decide a binary choice between D or B
    we have the technology you can try this below


  • 555,

    I have to take responsibility for my country. I cannot shirk. It is not that my vote will make a difference to the outcome. It is that I must be prepared to stand up and make a decision, win or lose. I cannot hide and then blame others.


  • Voting for neither D/B + LP could be a liberating experience for you personally giving you a happy light feeling of freedom



  • (Quote):
    However, I know that his leader’s priorities include returning “God” to our constitution and ensuring that homosexual citizens are not recognised as equal while he extracts equal taxes and national insurance from their pockets.

    That observation alone should be sufficient evidence to conclude that both “pastors” are in dire need of some form of Christian’ salvation from their own bigotry and downright hypocrisy to make the biblical Pharisees look like members of the hippie generation.

    What would ‘sweet’ Jesus have said to these pastors of prejudice?
    ‘Here is my beloved John who can rest any time in my bosom’?

    At least the present PM does not display these shameless prejudices to turn the new Republic of Barbados into the moral laughing stock of a modern more enlightened world.

    How can a country whose forex earning (and borrowing) capacity is entirely dependent on people from countries where laws against those kinds of bigoted views will land them before a court with the high probability of spending time behind bars.

    Is that their party’s position on the Bajan version of the ‘Welcome Stamp’ programme?


  • “At least the present PM does not display these shameless prejudices to turn the new Republic of Barbados into the moral laughing stock of a modern more enlightened world.”

    The religious wing nuts seem to belong to a bygone era
    and are still anti homosexuals


  • Just went to a local station and my heart sank as I thought I heard people screaming… Was a gentleman reading a commercial

    I certain that folks in St Lucy can hear him even when the radio is off.

    Thought the talking heads would be on today… Getting music.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Miller, let us get bothered over personal views and governing realities!

    So NO to : “Is that their party’s position on the Bajan version of the ‘Welcome Stamp’ programme?”

    Moreover, there should be ample evidence therein to understand that the niche evangelicals those view excite are NOT enough across the island NOR is that issue so singularly relevant to propel any such leader to a majority win … and if by some monstrous impossibility a win materialized then revert to ‘could NEVER be active governing policy!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Oh midday woes … correction : let us not get bothered over personal views and governing realities!


  • Source: Nation (3 constituencies missing)

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  • So…wuh fuh do?


  • What is da fuh?


  • Hello David and BU Family,

    I posted another article related to Elections. This time around, using the number of electors per constituency (something that I’ve been looking for since taking an interest in the numbers behind elections, and now have thanks to the voter list info from various sources), I labelled an electoral map of Barbados with said numbers for visual purposes. I also (knowingly) made an assumption that the number and distribution of electors for 2022 was the same as 2018 (which is unlikely as people move, become of age to vote, et cetera). With that assumption, I then looked back at 2018 results to see turn out by constituency (over-all turn out had been reported before, but I don’t recall ever seeing turn out by constituency).

    Link to post:

    Keep safe All,
    Amit Uttamchandani

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  • On the road today I passed a polling station in the Pine opposite the old Agricultural Station and it was empty.

    I voted and found my polling station very very quiet, no line, one person ahead of me.

    Maybe people voted early or will vote late.

    It just struck me as strange.

    Then I got a call from one of the parties to find out if I had voted.

    So what is this?

    Are people voting or will there be a low turnout?

    Who is favoured by a low turnout?

    A low turnout matches what I was hearing from some people to the effect that they were going to sit this one out.

    We’ll see.


  • Suspect the Bees may be in for a surprise but we will soon know.


  • Tron i am in agreement with you this lady Dr Kristina Hinds appears from her mouthings to be a dem.Thst is her right of course.I remember her trying to big up Mr Reifer in the last by election and by the end of the night you could barely hear her voice when he got his ass kicked by Ms Moore.As for this election i foresee an easy victory for the bees and Ms Depeiza being defeated yet again and replaced by Mr Sealy who should win back his seat.I also heard Ms Moe talking about Ms Mottley has changed.I wonder if this was while she Ms Moe was a minister or after she was fired and disappeared fir six months.Perhaps she can answer that question.I gone.


  • 12 minutes to go before overtime.


  • “He took issue with attacks on people’s character and offensive remarks during political campaigning. “We must hold them accountable when this happens,” he said. “We must set the standard higher.”
    He recommended penalties including fines or possibly disallowing an offender from sitting in Parliament. (HH)”

    Don’t we already have laws for slander and libel. Isn’t that enough for persons who have been harmed to find a temedy. Seems to me as if this gentleman wants to put additional limits on free speech.


  • How long will it take for Republic of Barbados to lose their Britishness
    5 years or 5 decades to undo 500 years


  • Seems to me as if what Kristina said applied for both B and D. Do opinions now come with labels? May God help us when ‘the world is round’ becomes the property of one camp.


  • TheO,

    It already is.


  • Early numbers pointing to repeat shellacking.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David… it would be very damning if “Early numbers pointing to repeat shellacking” meaning zero seats could be returned again.

    Not surprising but damning as an indictment of DLP ineptitude … how could such a proud party of past glory sink to these depths !

    Lashley as Leader of opposition thus far… 🤦🏾‍♂️

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  • Fool me once, shame on me.
    Fool me twice……
    Well not quite, Lashes saves the day.


  • @Frank

    The greatest irony – Lashley and Estwick with the best early showing.


  • Money makes the Mare Fly


  • Lashley was beaten by Sonia Browne.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    @DavidBU it is strongly looking that way as i predicted. If Lashley loses then it is only St Michael NW that the DLP can look to


  • Then David you can finish it
    Fool me twice…..


  • St. Michael NW called for Rowe. It is St. Philip South now.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    Indar Weir will not loose that seat….probably meant St. Philip West which i think has to may votes for Estwick to flip over the 2018 elections


  • Always St.Philip South? 2013–2018–2022


  • @David
    “The greatest irony – Lashley and Estwick with the best early showing.”
    Go figure!

    Also interesting is teh conversation on empowering the voice of the people where there is no opposition.
    Just observing


  • @ David January 20, 2022 12:38 AM
    “Another 30-0?”

    Blogmaster, are you foreseeing another Constitutional crisis descending on Barbados?

    Who then would the President appoint as the Leader of the Opposition if Estwick does not regain his seat he lost in 2018?

    Would you consider Sonia B, Kerrie or Hinkson for the role of another ‘red’ Judas?

    What about Thorne or even Rowe?

    Should none of those accept the role of turncoat would the president of the new republic have to fill the breach by taking on the job done by the former “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” as set out at Section 74 of the old commandeered Constitution?


  • @Miller

    We may be subjected to another crossing of the floor? There is an opposition salary up for grabs.


  • Money talks, bullshit walks. BLP spend was off the chart.

    Even the weak led by a lion is always a formidable force. Mia`s strong, stubborn leadership is unmatched.

    Prior Planning, Prevent Piss Poor Performance. Opponents, need to get a copy of The Art Of War. All Opposing parties should have put egos aside and pooled resources along with the best talent. Lacked clear and defined strategy, should have focused on broken promises and shortcomings, not personalities while using real fear to gain empathy. It was a damn war for the minds of the masses which Verla seems not to have understood that.

    Horses For Courses. You do not take midgets to fight giants

    Money not only buys the minds and hearts of the masses but blind compliance. BLP 24 hours social media blitz was overwhelming #normanschwarzkopf

    I could have freed more, only if they knew they were enslaved.

    Emotional & Social Intelligence are great attributes of leaders who are Machiavellian.

    Only People Power will keep the Prime Minister in check for power is nothing without control. Ministers are at the mercy of their political master.

    The above cliches are relevant to the whitewash. The minds of most Bajans are on automatic. We cannot fault the BLP for very effective PsychOps and deep data mining leading to pointed extreme targeting of the electorate.

    “Did you notice lots of beliefs you have actually do not serve you well in your life? Did you notice lots of them are stopping you from reaching the success and happiness that you want? You have to understand that you have been programmed during whole your childhood. Programmed to serve this society, to not think too much, to reach average levels in life, to think that you are happy. It reminds me of the Matrix movie. Remember Matrix first movie and scene of millions of souls attached to a computer? We live in a similar society. It all starts at schools, they do not teach kids to think with their heads, but instead to learn how to memorize and repeat knowledge. This is where the first levels of brainwashing start.”


  • . NorthernObserver

    Well I wasn’t expecting that. PUDYRs prophetic “not one RH seat” is ringing in my mind.
    Carte Rouge for 5 years.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Miller why any of “… Sonia B, Kerrie or Hinkson for the role of another ‘red’ Judas?[…] What about Thorne or even Rowe?” particularly !!!

    Are we back to a contrived oppo again … why are any of them suited to such a role compared to any others! … We are again in dangerous territory!

    @David, in as much as another 30-love was contemplated it is yet a dark day for Bim that in 2 election cycles the DLP could convince no one that not even one candidate was a viable opposition MP … this is very bad.

    The party with that dynamic man who mirrored our desires so well and who took us boldly to Independence is now a relic of abject nothingness… the starboy who took over EWB legacy but sold his party and nation for $3.3 million pieces of bronze … oh dear, oh dear.

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain [riches] but lose his own soul [and eventually suffer his party to such ignominious bashings]”

    2.But more importantly what now and where does this leave MAM … considering all the issues of dissension rumored she has completely sweep EVERYTHING from before her. All her chess pieces are as she wants them!

    I see it through very dark lens in this way: … consider if Trump, despite ALL the contraventions to the rule of law he authored had still won with no opposition at all then OMG we would be uneasy, restless and deeply concerned about a difficult future!!!

    We better be ready here similarly!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    I’ll move that to ur 30-0 blog, @David


  • Barbadians have chosen a one party government TWICE. No need for any contrived opposition.

    I wish the best for those of you who live in Barbados.

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  • “All Opposing parties should have put egos aside and pooled resources along with the best talent. ”

    I felt that the BLP should have faced a maximum of 30 candidates. What was needed was for some politicians to put their egos aside and form a grand coalition.

    Even united it would have been an uphill task, but a fragmented opposition was the worse choice.

    All the best


  • @ Lorenzo January 19, 2022 5:10 PM

    Thank you for your approval. Our Supreme Leader has shown everyone who is no. 1. Once again.

    I will continue to be as neutral as possible in supporting our government with wise advice (such as lifting the quarantine on fully vaccinated tourists) and denouncing the unbelievable failures of the opposition.

    As it should be in a true democracy.


  • @ Miller January 20, 2022 1:19 AM

    We would only have a constitutional crisis if there were no possibility whatsoever of a constitutional solution. But there is one even without a formal opposition in Parliament, so all talk of a crisis is nonsense.

    Here is my advice: Our Supreme Leader should appoint a BLP MP without ministerial office as a so-called Trustee of the Opposition. The MP may continue to vote for the government but must read out a written submission from the extra-parliamentary, illegal opposition once a year for 5 minutes. The MP is also allowed to determine the seats of the so-called opposition in the Senate. That was it.

    By the way, the behaviour of the outspoken senator in the Senate was a huge scandal. The man was not elected by anyone. Yet he dared to vote against the anti-corruption bill, even on Republic Day he did not stop at intrigue. What a national disgrace.

    If so-called opposition members of the Senate continue to oppose the true will of the people, I would not be surprised if the people soon storm the Senate to impose the will of our people and their leader.

    Enough is enough.

    Tron, year 1 NR


  • Hello David and BU Family,

    I just posted voter turnout by constituency numbers (note that 3 constituencies are missing at the time of my blog post):

    Kind regards,
    Amit Uttamchandani

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