The Grenville Phillips Column – BLP Administration’s Grade

What grade does the BLP deserve after their first year in Government?  Solutions Barbados compared their achievements with those of the last DLP administration.

The BLP administration continued the DLP’s poor practises of: giving corrupting no-bid contracts, increasing taxes, laying off public workers, making commuters wait hours for public transportation, and rejecting the international management standard that could have significantly improved the general poor management of public services.

The BLP has also continued the DLP practise of only listening to the economic advice of their most partisan supporters.  The BLP has addressed the sewerage problem which the DLP seemed incapable of doing; but they also defaulted on paying our foreign debt, something that the DLP, and no previous BLP administration, has ever done.

The DLP deservedly attracted the bad press, criticism, and public marches for their gross mismanagement of the economy and public services.  The BLP administration has not provided better management.  But their effective public relations exercises make it seem that they have.

The decision to default on our foreign debt is something that would have attracted near-riots if done by the last DLP administration.  Instead, such a failure has been met with understanding or applause.  Shockingly, rather than try to be discreet about this unprecedented failure, we are wiping our foreign creditors’ faces in it, as we boast about the amount of foreign reserves we have – by not paying them.

For the management of their business, the BLP administration deserves an A.  For their management of our business, they deserve, at best, the same grade that we would give the DLP for their gross mismanagement.

Grenville Phillips II is the President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

61 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – BLP Administration’s Grade

  1. Today I’m going to start off.

    It is obvious to every reader that this article is a populist work of art.

    The mistake already lies in equating BLP and DLP at the beginning. This gives the impression that the BLP has raped, terrorized and ruled the country for ten years. Totally wrong. The author then speaks of corruption on the part of our new government, without presenting any concrete evidence. He restricts himself to speculations, because he cannot know anything exactly, because there is nothing there. Then he puts the dismantling of employment in the public sector into a series of negative events, even though all wise voices say that the bureaucratic hydrocephalus must be removed. The author therefore lacks any economic expertise. It is also wrong to assert that our new government does not to rely on proper expertise and does not engage external consultants. We have White Oak. You cannot criticise White Oak’s costs on the one hand and then accuse the government of not hiring external consultants on the other. That is simply a contradiction in terms. The reference to the default is also manipulative. Rather, it is true that without Mia Mottley’s strong intervention today the Barbados dollar would be nothing but scrap heap. And the so-called academics, who don’t even know how to hold a rake in the field, would starve to death.

    The reality is quite different. I know many tourists and locals who praise the change in the highest tones. Finally the island is safe, clean and quiet again.

    It would have been right to criticise the number of ministers constructively and respectfully towards the new government. Or the author could have suggested reducing the number of civil servants – as all neutral observers, unlike the Barbadian ignoramuses, recommend. Or the conversion of the rotten welfare state with its many DLP functionaries.

    But since the author does not make such constructive, well-articulated suggestions, he joins the ranks of those who do not find the right balance between negative criticism and the nation’s support.

    Tron – always fair and balanced, neither for nor against anything.

  2. “For the management of their business, the BLP administration deserves an A. For their management of our business, they deserve, at best, the same grade that we would give the DLP for their gross mismanagement”

    Grenville Phillips Barbados Underground May 28th 2019.

    Please note Grenville Phillips is a
    Barbadian living in Barbados.

  3. Tron time to change uh diapper yuh talking
    This govt made many gloriuos promises to the people none of which has seen the light of day
    In the article mention is made of govt fix of the sewer system that too is a dam lie.
    The fact that govt have made full use of demonstrating a self righteous act of polluting the ocean with toxic outflow emitting from the sewer system does not make it right and cannot be considered a correction.

  4. This govt ran flat footed hitting the ground giving no warning to the people of the drastic changes that would occur in the livelihoods which included loss of jobs and heavy taxation which in every aspect will continue as long as this govt remains in office
    Touting foreign reservers gives to comfort to the unemployed or the low end wager whose pockets remain empty because of escalating prices across the board
    The question which ought to be asked of govt when will they make good on the promises to the people
    When will they bring to the people a sustainable growth plan which will help in removing the burdensome taxes off the shoulders of the people
    The govt smoke and mirror policies does nothing for the working poor whose livelihood has all been dismantled giving them no opportunity of seeing better in the foreseeable future under this govt.

  5. @ Grenville Phillips (the Liar)

    A much improved article

    Please continue to work with your new writer.

    One more thing though

    Gry to leave the article in the format that they provided AND KEEP YOUR “WUSS” CHARACTERISTICS OUT OF IT.


    “…For their management of our business, they deserve, at best, the same grade that we would give the DLP for their gross mismanagement…”

    Right after giving your pretend opponents, the BLP, WHO ARE EMPLOYING YOU DAILY, an A, was the same pussy abdications that your candidature for Prime Ministership has been characterized by.

    Ohhhh by the way, YOU SHOULD STOP RUNNING NOW.

    SENATOR CASWELL FRANKLYN IS NOW IN THE RACE, so you would only be splitting the 3rd Party Movement votes.


    Have you answered Peter Lawrence Thompson ‘s questions yet?

  6. @Grenville

    Tell us what metric you are using in your evaluation of the BLP.

    Is is possible to achieve an A or B grade for example at the start of an austerity program?

    Is there any example you can point to that an austerity program was well received?

    Trying to filter the political noise because when the dust is settled you are the leader of a political party?

  7. Today is another good day for Barbados thanks to our new government. It is really difficult for me to remain neutral here and not to start any rejoicing:

    CAIPO is to be partially privatized via PPP. This is what we want: Deregulation, flexbilisation, privatisation, reduction of social standards. To compensate for this, taxes can be lowered, so that work ethic and wealth increase.

    People have been enslaved by the welfare state for decades. Now they shake off their shackles and rebel under the leadership of our Prime Minister. However, if you study the newspaper, you will see again how the followers of the old regime quack again and complain about the change. They call it social injustice, I call it modernization and enlightenment.

    • The sweet talking Donville and a few those before him promised to improve business facilitation in Barbados. Ten years later you have to stand in line for hours to do standard requests.

  8. That’s the way it is. Donni was a great world champion in announcing and doing nothing. If he had put half the energy into his government work as into his streamline corporate empire, Barbados wouldn’t be a laughing stock for investors now.

    By the way, is there any news about Donni yet? 28 days left!

    Instead of scandalizing legitimate government actions, it would be time to investigate why the local police and the DPP are doing nothing against Donni. In any case, there is nothing about it in the press. Too much blue solidarity with suspected criminals? Who knows? We have to wait for the outcome of the trial in the USA. That would be a scandal to get excited about.

  9. Mariposa

    One question for you

    For ten years ten years and 90 days under the DLP where was the toxic waste from the sewers on the south coast going?

  10. Tron’s BU offerings are now shwing thier RED UNDERWARE, in the old DLP dsys his quotes made sense, now thier purely BLP POLITICAL. Just when Wily thought a few Bajans were showing common sense, its bzck to the DUPLOY.

  11. Wily,

    You’re confusing cynicism with partisanship. My position before the election and after the election is the same.

    If the debt restructuring doesn’t work, I’ll be the first to say so.

    As you know, I don’t think much of too many ministers, of the massive pension and wage increase after the election and so on. On the basis of poor morale and low efficiency, civil servants’ salaries should have been reduced by 50 % instead of being rewarded for laziness with 5 % more. Also: The rotten welfare state and the administrative structures dating from the colonial era are like dinosaurs that have to die out.

    I would also like to point out to you that, unlike 99% of paid advisers and politicians, I am pushing for massive privatisation, deregulation, flexibility and a 30% reduction in the number of civil servants within the next 10 years.

    Barbados can perhaps stabilise itself financially with the current humane backpack in the form of the many civil servants and state enterprises with the help of the IMF. However, we are not getting an economic upturn because too many Barbadians are dozing off as civil servants in the office.

    What I don’t want to do, however, is to denigrate the successes of the new government, i.e. the debt cut at the expense of the naïve local creditors, the reduction of social benefits, the wonderful IMF programme and so on. We’ve already achieved about 20% of what needs to change for Barbados to get out of this hole. I want to encourage the government to try even more freedom and finally overcome Barrow’s curse of a patronizing welfare state. People must finally cast off the shackles of slavery that Barrow has put on them.

    A first step should be to remove Barrow from the list of national saints and replace him with a more dynamic and more honest leader.

  12. It is not the welfare state that is responsible for the majority of our economic woes.
    It is pure political skullduggery that bloated the State Agencies with their supporters (BLPDLP) along with so called consultants given jobs in the public service as thanks for getting them elected(BLPDLP).
    It is obvious that the definition of a welfare state has escaped some .The welfare state is not synonymous with political skullduggery or spending millions on consultants while the welfare department budget is given paultry increases.

  13. i will the first to admit the BLP has done a lot in the one year – A plus

    i will also admit its PR is unparalleled- A plus

    the importance of what it is trying to do- A plus

    the way it is doing it – C- for example the divestiture of the Liat shares is shrouded in secret -Mia has said little if anything about it to bajans. i am not convinced that closing down Reslife is the best solution. hiring of Dottin and Quintyne are laughable and the defence of hiring White Oaks an insult. i wouldnt even mention the port scammers or is it scanners? or Mia knighting her father and forgiving taxes without trying to collect as little as $10 cents for each dollar owed. the attempt to forgive VAT owed -scandalous

    the cost of implementing is too much – D- too many consultants, czar, ministers and guru have amounted to dodo

    BERT- an IMF driven plan- C- lots taxes and firings and no growth plan. too early to gauge impact however

    enthusiasm of its supporters- A plus- Mia is a God to them. she can do no wrong

    blaming the last 10 years for all Bim’s problems- A plus even the DLP supporters are convinced this is true

    unnuh could say what unnuh want the public still behind Mia …and the BLP

  14. Greene
    Dont know how u come up with a grade C unless u one of them that belive Bim problems began 10 years ago
    Btw i am still awaiting the glorious promise of the money increase in the pocket
    Until then govt gets a F

  15. The recently displayed attacks on both the B’s & D’s, relays an appreciation SB must build their own brand. They cannot be seen as associated with, or an extension of either B nor D.

    The challenge is what lifts SB into the national consciousness? This is missing. It will not be ISO####. Nor will it be plans which “claim” non-austerity. Default is done.

    Nothing within the public realm, gives an accurate representation of the islands true financial position; only bits which some try to piece together, into a more detailed picture.

    Even the Auditor General is his last report on Financial Statements of the Government of Barbados for 2016-2017, was unable to render much more than an ADVERSE opinion because so much was missing. He even admitted the GoB has NO IDEA of the Pension Liability for Government Employees!!!!

    Until one can get a clearer picture, discussion of financial matters is just conjecture.

  16. @ William Skinner May 28, 2019 9:56 AM

    Your bloated state enterprises are part of this octopus called the welfare state. The welfare state has made people poor and lethargic. It is responsible for high taxes and mismanagement. Nobody feels responsible for anything in this island socialism so far. It’s just taxpayers’ money.

    Look at the expensive education. All in vain. Where are the many jobs for academics? They do not exist. Every year we produce thousands of academics like rejected goods and for export, i.e. for emigration.

    At least now we have a dynamic leader who is changing that. She privatises, throws idlers out of the public service and punishes pensioners for obviously consuming too much opium in 2008 and 2013. Very good! The lower and middle classes wanted to sleep all day long and collect the salary at the same time. It’s over now.

  17. The challenge is what lifts SB into the national consciousness? This is missing. It will not be ISO####. Nor will it be plans which “claim” non-austerity. Default is done.

    Agree %1000.

    @ Tron aka Jong BLP paid Social Media Guru who is also sucking on the tax payers very sore nipples has come out on in full force on this Blog Post.

    You are earning your pay today.

  18. Greene
    I concur.Further, Mia is the consummate politician obviously with her own style and personality but she has shown a bit of the ole Dipper,Tom,Owen and Thompson when it comes to interactive skills.Saw her yesterday in fine form after taking part in a solemn ceremony however finding time to comfort and offer words of consolation,taking some pix and greeting every body B,D,U,S and whomever will.Brilliant!

  19. Following BLP MANIFESTO promises within first 6 months of gaining office in 2018:

    Minimum wage increase to $8 for the people of Barbados. Grade F

    US$ Accounts for the people of Barbados. Grade F

    Integrity Legislation for Barbados Politicians. Grade F

    Pay raise for BLP Politicians. Grade A

  20. Grenville…ya really need to stop spreading bad information..

    Did Barbados say it was not 27 million US they are paying WHITE HOAX…ya may not know it, but US actually have people who know what calculation is…

    Barbados said they will use them again..cause they are crooks…that is the only way they will need to run the country into shit again…they never said they DID NOT PAY WHITE HOAX 54 MILLION are the only one saying it.

    ya are an engineer not a mathematician or ya would know..the scam is to syphon off and rob…but they are saying to spout shit like that, ya had to be part of that theft.

    you are another one to KEEP OUT OF THE PARLIAMENT.

  21. Hi David:

    I am using the metric of results. The results were, at best, what the DLP achieved, with the exception of sewage. The default on our foreign debts was worse than anything that the DLP achieved – including the cumulative effect of the downgrades.

    I purposely did not give the BLP a grade for our business since that is too subjective. Therefore, it is for each reader to apply their own grade based on the comparative results. If they thought that the DLP deserved an A for their results, then so does the BLP. If they thought that the DLP deserved an F, then so does the BLP.

    • Grenville you are away the trendline for foreign reserves pointed down for every year the DLP was in office? Given this fact what would you have done to arrest the trend had Solutions Barbados won the general?

  22. Hi Tron:

    The BLP and DLP started with structurally damaged economies. That is beyond dispute as Moody’s blamed their first downgrade during the DLP administration on the BLP, and confirmed that the BLP structurally damaged the economy.

    When the DLP got in about a decade ago, there were no alternative economic plans on the table. The BLP refused to assist them especially when they were obviously floundering and failing. The BLP on the other hand had 4 non-austerity plans on the proverbial table. All of which they refused to even consider, despite the PM’s directive that all ideas must contend.

    To refuse to even read the plans to see if there was anything that they could use, is terrible management. To then carry us through an unnecessary default and austerity is a shocking uncaring display of incompetence. But the public relations is top notch.

    The DLP unnecessarily harmed people and they said “Hell no!” The BLP unnecessarily harms people and they say “Thank You.”

  23. Piece:

    As I previously explained, you may support Atherley all you wish, and you will get no comment from me. However, your defamatory remarks will get a response.

    I provided Peter with relevant information. You are free to communicate with him.

  24. Tron, please state what is included in your 20% that the government has completed. In Wilys opinion the government is still stuck in the starting gate at 0%. The is because all forward movement is based on successful renegotiation of the offshore forgien debt. Until this is debt situation is successfully completed then Barbados is in an ARGENTINA position. If this is not satisfactorily resolved the IMF will have but to withdraw from Barbados and any recovery will be a FAILURE.

  25. Stop softening the blow Grenville…man up, ya done know how easy it is to cast doubt in Bajan’s minds, stop using that shite strategy..

    “Until this is debt situation is successfully completed then Barbados is in an ARGENTINA position.”

    especially when they got argentina in Barbados…they are a genocide country and should not be in a black majority country…kill all ya blacks now ya carpetbagging in Barbados of all places…what the hell are they looking for, especially with the sell out BLP.

  26. @GPII
    go and read the contracts for WO, they were laid in Parliament. OF COURSE they are getting a success fee of 40 basis points on ALL LOCAL DEBT renegotiated, and the fee is NOT based on the savings generated, but the gross debt (principal amount)
    Hence why I maintained from months ago, the commission paid on local debt restructuring was “egregious”.

  27. @ Wily Coyote May 28, 2019 2:12 PM

    Wily, Cool Down!

    With regard to the 20% mentioned, I mean the debt cut for the naive sheep and the local commercial banks who did not flee in time. I fully agree with you that the international debt cut will be decisive.

    The performers on the island will definitely win in any case. Irrespective of the outcome of the international negotiations. Think about it: Either the situation will stabilize and property prices will rise again, so that we will soon have a higher return from real estate than from dumping radical waste or drug trafficking. Or we crash and profit from the spread between the local trash dollar and hard currencies.

    I call this a win-win situation.

  28. Where are we when pure political party largesse is considered synonymous with the welfare state ?
    It is amazing the insidious lengths these Bees and Dees would go to protect and enhance their political leaders and their corrupt parties, that have collectively after fifty years of independence placed the country in the hands of the international loan Sharks called the IMF on three occasions.

    Duopoly Rules

  29. @Blogmaster
    For many months on BU several questioned some of the SB platform topics. We had little doubt, either Mr.Phillips or those he had access to, could do the math for the various proposals. The REAL question was, “WHAT was his starting point”? Did he understand the true level on indebtedness? Did he appreciate the credit available to almost every SOE was $0, they were on C.O.D. and their A/P ledger was full. Did he appreciate the inter-governmental debt accruing? Did he appreciate the likely cause why few of the larger spenders had not submitted an Annual Report in many years?
    Mr.Phillips is a decent man, who in all likelihood runs his business affairs in a timely manner. He pays his bills, and expects payment for his invoiced services. Does he understand how crooks operate? Does he understand why Dr.Worrell was fired? Does he understand how the GoB can withhold monies due to the NIS and other bodies, and use that cash for other matters?
    I will assume from some of his continued comments on certain financial matters, he still “doesn’t grasp” reality.

    • @Northern Observer

      Agree Grenville does not understand the beltway to borrow the term. Much of the corruption, inefficiency, incompetence have been institutionalized.

      It is going to take a sledgehammer to crack the thing open.

  30. @Tron
    “Or we crash and profit from the spread between the local trash dollar and hard currencies.”

    As some bloggers say…explain for 10 points.

  31. @Tron

    The cut to the local sheeple debt initially looks good, however factor in the holders of this debt other than the sheeple, NIS, BIG OFFSHORE BANKS, CENTRAL BANK etc. and you have some DRACONIAN future results that are going to have severe multi generational consequences. Are these DRACONIAN consequences necessary, YES, however Wily views such as not yielding any pluses to the current government. Wily is not convinced that the present government really understands the present financial situation and dire future consequences. This appraisal is re-enfoced by increased number of ministries, civilservant across the board salary increases, immediate hiring of questionable financial advisory company days after election, sewage resolution of dumping raw sewage offshore via new outflow line rather than take long term corrective action on the sewage SYSTEM, etc etc.

    Wily will continue to question your 20%.

  32. @ NorthernObserver May 28, 2019 4:00 PM

    Imagine you are a foreign real estate investor who earns his money in USD but pays his credit in BBD.

    The devaluation of land prices in USD will be less pronounced than the devaluation of the local currency. The difference between lower credit costs in BBD and the lower land price in USD is the profit.

    Conversely, if property prices rise without devaluation, profit also rises.

    So profit, wherever we look.

    @ Wily

    In my opinion, the local debt in BBD needs to be reduced much more. We need not only longer maturities and lower interest rates, but a cut in core capital of at least 50%. It goes without saying that this can no longer be done with foreign banks. That’s why the government has to axe the locals. The sooner the better.

    Alternatively, the government could partially confiscate the value of local accounts in BBD from bank clients with local citizenship.

    Now you are asking about the legitimacy of this action. We have a national emergency that justifies this. Alos: In the past, the inhabitants of the island wanted the fat welfare state, they wanted everything for free, they wanted to live deliberately beyond their means. They got all that. You can’t even blame the DLP for this, because they only implemented the will of the people. But now it’s payday.

    Against this background, the current government is trying to make the best of a bad situation. With great effort there will be an agreement with the international creditors. With much luck the Guyanese invest in Barbados in a few years and money comes into the country again.

  33. @Tron

    Why dont you stop trolling?

    Barbados is not a welfare state. You need to do a bit more research, The archetypal welfare states are the Nordics. Western Europe and Canada are closer to the classic welfare state model than Barbados currently is.

    Barbados is more an over-taxed kleptocracy. The state taxes are frequently diverted away from handling the welfare of its citizens. And by welfare I don’t mean the silly, narrow connotation peddled by right wing American bigots. But welfare in the truest sense of the work.

    But I agree with you that the state has often been employer of last – or even- first resort and there are too many dividing the fatted calf.

    In fact, if that is your yard stick then you ought to be criticizing the BLP for its rapacious feeding at the trough.

  34. Hi David:

    We would have exactly what we published, which resulted in a $1B surplus without austerity.

    About 4 years ago, we published our non-austerity plan to bring Barbados from the brink of economic ruin. We used the approved estimates each year since then to confirm that the plan was still workable – and it still is.

    The plan was publicly scrutinized for 3 years, and we tried to get the BCCI, ICAB, BES, BBA and other groups to rigorously examine it, and publicly state whether it could work. Despite initially agreeing, they appeared to receive the same call and stood down.

    As you may be aware, it was eventually reviewed by a Fellow of ICAB, but he was indirectly threatened. However, the President of ICAB did agree to confirm to anyone that a favorable independent assessment of our non-austerity plan was performed.

    We will approach those groups again to see whether they are still intimidated (since those who were at the helms are no longer in control). We will also approach some external groups, who will not be so easily intimidated.

  35. Northern:

    We are aware of how it is worded. That is why we stated what the nporm is and that “no political administration could be foolish enough to sign such an unfair contract.”

  36. Hi David:

    I am well aware of the gross mismanagement and corruption. Our plan was specifically designed to effectively address both, regardless of how deeply embedded that are. Perhaps you forget that I have been practicing in Barbados for the past 30- years.

  37. @ Dullard May 28, 2019 5:17 PM

    Of course, I don’t see it that way. Barbados is a welfare state because the state has become the most important employer and stifle private activity. The many civil service posts and other posts in state enterprises are a kind of social transfer because they are superfluous. Barbados could do just as well with 50 percent of the civil servants.

    By pretending that the welfare state created by Barrow is not the number one problem, you turn out to be a structural conservative who actually believes the island can survive with its current human overhead.

    I very much hope that our beloved Pime Minister will lower social standards, as they are the main reason for the poor work ethic and high tax burden.

  38. @ Grenville Phillips

    You are on Barbados Underground

    It us an opportunity to be leveraged.

    You said and I quote

    “…About 4 years ago, we published our non-austerity plan to bring Barbados from the brink of economic ruin.

    We used the approved estimates each year since then to confirm that the plan was still workable – and it still is…”

    Grenville would you pleaseeeeee use the digital landscape here to expound on the inner elements of your plan HERE???

    Simplify it for people and sheeple to see in your article with 41 comments.

    What is so hard for you to understand about what you need to be doing?

    Use the opportunity to broadcast what you would you doing Mr Phillips.

    Look at the accountants who are online on BU daily.

    And who are speaking out!

    Use them as a sounding board and let this microcosm challenge your proposal and refine it where necessary.

  39. @GPII
    Lesson #1. In politics there is no Norm. One cannot translate norms in the private sector to anything which happens in the public sector. Foolish is a relative term.

    Lesson #2. The Auditor General tells you he cannot reasonably conduct an audit or provide anything other than an “Adverse Opinion”, and then you proceed to tell us you used “approved estimates”? You cannot be serious? Who approved those estimates?

  40. Northern:

    Every year, the Government publishes “Approved Estimates”, which include Actual Expenditures. They also include our local and foreign debts. They are a wealth of information for anyone preparing a workable economic recovery plan.

  41. “I was faithful. I was one of the maids that spent hours looking after the public, cleaning the toilets and you are going to tell me today that this is what the Government could offer me? I had to do something about it. You cannot live off $47.51 no matter how you swing it.”

  42. According to one out-of-work mother of four, who referred to herself only as Arlene, she applied four months ago for relief from the $45 increase on her water bill, but to date there has been no response.

    “I don’t work anywhere so I went to the Welfare Department for help to pay the water bill, but they told me to apply for the exemption at water authority. This is four months now that I have applied to get the GSC taken off but up to now they have not gotten back to me. I don’t work anywhere, where am I supposed to keep getting this money from? This is just too long. Poor people are out here suffering,” she said.

  43. The people would continue to suffer under this govt
    This govt ambition is first and foremost to please the IMF
    The people have all been thrown under the bus
    Dont expect the austerity measures to decrease these measures would show multiple ways
    In the meanwhile helping the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer
    In the last five years this govt when in opposition promised the people a better way of life by putting more money in the pockets
    What we see transpiring is a govt who have performed with an insensitive and uncaring manner handing out measures that gives no hope to the hopless or joy or comfort to those deserving a better life
    What a dam shame

  44. We have reached a very sad level of discourse when some don’t even know the definition of a welfare state.

  45. William Skinner May 29, 2019 10:37 AM “We have reached a very sad level of discourse when some don’t even know the definition of a welfare state.”


    SINCE ACCORDING TO YOU PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE DEFINITION OF A WELFARE STATE IS, HERE IS A LITTLE PICTORIAL WHICH TELLS MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS…×2160/431106-Thomas-Sowell-Quote-The-welfare-state-is-the-oldest-con-game-in.jpg×2160/2449107-Fr-d-ric-Bastiat-Quote-Everyone-wants-to-live-at-the-expense-of.jpg

  46. @ Freedom Crier
    This is muddled nonsense. While the claim is that the welfare state is responsible for our current predicament, we ignore the rampant growth of capitalism and what the so-called free market has done to the poorest countries on the globe.
    You or nobody else can bring any empirical evidence that the welfare state is responsible for the corruption and mismanagement of the BLPDLP.
    Your futile attempts to blame the poor for our current predicament is most disingenuous.
    Bring all the posters you want. Next time bring some of the villas on the west coast and some of the workers who were recently laid off.


    Statism is the concentration of power in the state at the expense of individual freedom. Free market Capitalism is the only system which protects individual rights and freedom. Nonetheless the variety of political systems which violate individual freedom are numerous: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, absolute Monarchies, Military Dictatorships, Theocracies, or the Welfare State are all systems which infringe upon individual rights, which means they institutionalize the initiation of force against their citizens by way of Excessive Taxation.

    It must be realized that there are only two fundamental political philosophies: those who are for freedom and individual rights and those who are against them. The types of political systems who are against freedom and individual rights are numerous, for there are many ways to violate the rights of man, but there is only one political-economic philosophy which upholds that the rights of man are absolute and immutable—Capitalism.

    Peace and Security are better established through the means of economic liberty. It is only when a people are Individually and Economically Free can a society establishing a self-respecting and self-governing citizen. Free Enterprise (Capitalism) = Free Markets
    Capitalism, which is a Communist word removing the (Free Enterprise aspect of it), + Governments =Crony Capitalism/Corporations (Not a Free Market)

    The Foundation for ALL Tyrannies is the Removal of Free Agency. The means to accomplish this has always been Big Government that takes from everyone to create a System that the Elitist controls. This is in direct opposition to Free Enterprise that is not shackled by burdensome regulation.

    Freedom Crier always tend to talk on the Root Cause of our ills, which produces all the issues we debate (weather intentionally or not). When we recognize the Culprit the Mirage becomes Clear and we are no longer baffled and entangled in issues of their making leaving us puzzled. Socialism/Collectivism is Serfdom; it only benefits the Elitist resulting in Tyranny and Chaos as witnessed by what is ensuing in Venezuela under Full Blown Socialism! There are different Degrees of Socialism, but it is All Socialism with guaranteed results of failure. “To say a Little Socialism is Okay is like saying A little cancer is Okay”.

    Why in the first place did it get so out of hand? Eventually the System Rots and Every Kind of Corruption Emerge. I am sympathetic to suffering but we have to come to grips with the Root Cause…SOCIALISM.

    Socialism Never, Ever Works, it Impoverishes, Dehumanizes and Kills people. Socialist Never Learn from History. They Say They Are All Different… Communism, Leninism, Stalin-ism, Maoism, Leftism, Progressive-ism or “Democratic Socialism”, They Aren’t, Names Only Change to Suit the Times!×2160/2449107-Fr-d-ric-Bastiat-Quote-Everyone-wants-to-live-at-the-expense-of.jpg

  48. @ FreedomCrier

    This is muddled nonsense. Next time send posters of the villas on the west coast and the laid off workers.
    Stop blaming poor people for the duopoly’s failures.

  49. @ Freedom Crier
    You chose to show pictures defending capitalism. Show both sides. Are you now saying that we are in the IMF because of high taxes?
    Are you saying that high taxes are a result of a welfare state?
    Once again you seem in an ocean of confusion.
    We are in the IMF because of poor management by the BLPDLP. You and others are saying looking after the poor is the cause of our economic failures. It’s a bogus argument steeped in economic classism.
    You have no evidence that providing services to the less fortunate brought us to this sorry point.
    I wish you and others all the best in 2033 when this mess is supposed to be finally cleaned up.

    Duopoly Rules.

  50. Barbados has reached the end of its rope
    After fifty years of independence the country has yet to find policies which are worthwhile and beneficial to the empowerment of its people
    Have to agree with Hal Barbados is a failed state not because of the people but govt insistence on being beggars at the Captalist front door
    A warning from Barrow which should have resonated in the minds of those the people choose to govt
    As if present govt has not learned from the failures present govt has once again taken the same path of mire borrowing while hooting in pretentiuos mode what savings we have
    An untruth which the future generation would be economically punished for

  51. @ William

    This is the logic of the convert. A refugee from Soviet terror sees everything through the prism of Marxism/communism and capitalism. Yankee capitalism has been the saviour, so we must preach its gospel. But if historically it is that capitalism that oppressed you, then it is a different logic.
    By the way, as a young man we used to laugh at Thomas Sowell, now he is being resurrected as a prince of light. Sowell is a buffoon.

  52. David May 30, 2019 8:03 AM

    And your DLP borrowed more from the capitalists than all others.
    Did i say they didn’t

    What is your problem

  53. SOME HAVE THEIR NUTS A BIT TWISTED… Hal’s ENVIOUS Hatred for the brilliant economist Thomas Sowell who was once a Marxist like Halxist but who come to his senses the late fifties and embraced the Free Market, which yes was the Result of Prosperity in America in earlier times and is now returning with the Freer Market Policies that Donald Trump, is putting in place.


    THIS ONE IS FOR THE CLOSET MARXIST/SOCIALIST AND HIS ILK. “Socialism is a Philosophy of Failure, the Creed of Ignorance, and the Gospel of Envy, its Inherent Virtue is the Equal Sharing of Misery”. –Winston Churchill

    Firstly Socialism is a Highly Authoritarian Creed based on Envy and Class Warfare.

    So it seeks to extort as much money as possible from those who have worked hard and been successful and from businesses that have succeeded by looking after their customers. The maximum that they can extort is never enough to support their dogma so they borrow even more, with no plan or intention of ever paying back and leaving it for the next people coming after them.

    Socialists are so corruptible that they will enforce extortionate tax rates on successful people, to punish them, even when they know that this will bring in less government revenue. Labour in the 1970s had a top rate of income tax of 98% in England.

    Socialism exercises its authoritarianism by the government seeking to control everything in society. The state owns you and everyone else and issues vast number of commands that you must obey. Socialists in government think that they know better than the people themselves do about absolutely everything.

    Socialism wastes money by throwing it at the indolent and feckless who have not succeeded so as to ensure their votes. It thinks it knows more about business than businesspersons so they wastes unbelievable amounts of money. From the 1946 Groundnut Scheme, through British Leyland and British Steel to Gordon Brown’s “rescue” of the banks. So in the end they always run out of other people’s money.


    It destroys the quality of life of everyone in the country. As when Attlee extended wartime rationing to potatoes and bread and turned off the electricity. As when Gordon Brown trashed the British economy with his fiscal incontinence. As in Cuba where most people live in poverty in what was once a rich country. As in oil rich Venezuela where the shelves in the shops are bare even of basic necessities.


    THE FOLLOWING MEMES ARE FOR HALXIST AND HIS MARXIST/SOCIALIST COMRADES IN ARMS.×2160/2449107-Fr-d-ric-Bastiat-Quote-Everyone-wants-to-live-at-the-expense-of.jpg

  54. Would barbados be soon hauled into the World financial Debtors court for not reaching an agreement with its international creditors


    Talks with foreign creditors have dragged on since last June, when Prime Minister Mia Mottley said she would restructure the island’s “unsustainably high” debt burden. While both sides said they are open to continued negotiation, they appear far from consensus.

    A committee of creditors, who hold 55% of outstanding dollar debt, said Wednesday that they plan to unanimously reject a government proposal to exchange defaulted bonds for new debt unless the two sides negotiate together.

    “The committee strongly believes that the launch of a unilateral exchange offer by the government of Barbados without the support of the committee will be highly detrimental to the country’s economic stability,” they said in a statement.

    Both sides agree the country of 300,000 people needs to cut debt levels. Yet talks have soured in recent weeks over how much of the burden should be borne by creditors in the form of deep haircuts or other terms. For its part, the government said it isn’t willing to negotiate targets established when it took a bailout from the International Monetary Fund last year.

    No Compromise
    At that time, the government estimated debt had ballooned to about 175% of gross domestic product, meaning it owed around $9 billion. That would have made it one of the world’s most-indebted countries, trailing only a handful of others, including Greece, according to IMF figures. Mottley said she “will not compromise” on the goal of bringing that ratio down to 60% by 2033.

    “We leave it to creditors to decide whether this is achieved through a par deal with long tenors and low interest rates, or face value haircuts with shorter tenors and higher interest rates. But the targets must be met in full,” she said in a written response to questions.

    Mottley inherited a troubled $5 billion economy when she took office last May. The island known for its white sand beaches had been struggling for years amid competition from less-pricey Caribbean tourism destinations, crumbling infrastructure, and a currency that’s pegged to the U.S. dollar. She quickly struck a $290 million deal with the IMF and restructured about $6 billion in local currency debt.

    The government owes around $700 million in dollar bonds, plus bank loans and other foreign debts, according to a spreadsheet posted to a website for creditors in January. Bonds maturing in 2035 have rarely traded in recent months, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    The creditors committee said it put forth an offer two weeks ago “based on terms that aim to support the government’s debt and reform objectives while creating restructured instruments with broad market acceptance.” The committee said it is made up of long-term investors, regional central banks, individual bondholders and financial institutions and represented by advisers Newstate Partners and Washington-based law firm Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP.

    The creditors contend that their offer would have allowed the government to reach its debt target a year later than it wants, according to people familiar with the committee’s negotiations. The committee’s position is that the government’s estimates fail to take into account certain revenue variables and that it is trying force severe restructuring terms on creditors to meet its debt targets, said the people, who were not authorized to discuss the negotiations.

    White Oak Advisory, which is representing the government in negotiations, said the creditors’ offer “fails to meet IMF test for debt sustainability, and by quite some margin,” according to an email statement. “It is disappointing that Barbados continues to be faced with this kind of position after almost a year of negotiations.”

    Barbados Clashes With Creditors in Talks to Cut Greece-Like Debt

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