Minister Marsha Caddle Unpacks the Estimates

Minister Marsha Caddle who is minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment “unpacked” the Estimates delivered recently. She made an interesting observation in her preamble about MPs talking to themselves in the Estimates debate and the public glibly unaware.

10 thoughts on “Minister Marsha Caddle Unpacks the Estimates

  1. They need to unpack the corruption since we know that the estimates is just a sideshow.

    here is this one fraudulently pretending that she does not know that foreign investors have for years said and/or complained :

    they have paid/pay bribes to both corrupt governments so they can do as they like to the people on the island and includes:

    don’t pay taxes,

    steal the VAT and refuse to pay it in,

    don’t pay NIS contributions for their employees,

    and once they have made Enuff money off the backs of the populi, up and leave the island leaving their employees destitute and the taxpayers holding the bag…what due diligence what, no government in Barbados has ever practiced that foreign to the corrupt concept…and they all know it.

  2. Not done with this BARBARIC Barbados government yet..

    what do you think UK racists will do when you pick up your own Black people and volunteer to set them up as 8 pound an hour SLAVES….read and learn what they have done to the people who served in the UK military and that includes Caribbean Black people.

    they should be telling us exactly how much they are selling these people for to racist UK..

  3. As far as I am concerned, Minister Caddle’s winning party, the BLP, have yet to satisfy their election promise of “transparency” & fully exposing the corruption of previous governments!

    They have been in power long enough to have collected the ‘ammunition’ necessary to present to the DPP & our courts.

    Are they holding this ‘ammunition’ to off-load on us at the next election campaign???

  4. In the midst of news of the Estimates and the fate of the high end restaurants am I the only one who saw the article in the newspaper about the ranks of the BDF having to exist on a diet of corn beef and biscuits for lunch and corn beef and rice for dinner day after day? There is a truism that “an Army marches on its stomach” hopefully the Gov’t doesn’t have to call on this Army to render any assistance to this country or any other in the future.

  5. Ms Caddle,

    De ole man ent too impressed with your wild talk and political sycophancy

    I will however suggest to you that, based on your stance, you go to a chiropractor ASAP

    You (beautiful woman that you are) are favouring your right foot and you right side and you are leaning to the left.

    If you check your feet you will notice that, at rest, your right leg is longer than your left.

    Check it out professionally….

  6. Dreaming in technicolour ? Alternative universe ?

    ” Investment boom on, says Minister
    Barbados is in the midst of a massive “investment boom” bolstered by tremendous confidence in the management of the country’s economy and society, says Junior Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Marsha Caddle.

    On Sunday evening she argued that dedication to infrastructural development, utilities, and key social services by the Mottley administration has left both local and international investors eager to take a chance in the current climate.

    This, she says, is evidenced by huge spikes in capital goods and industrial raw materials.
    During a presentation entitled Unpacking the Estimates held at the Tweedside Road constituency office of the St Michael South Central constituency, Caddle argued that despite significantly reduced expenditure from Government, the private sector was about to bolster real economic growth.

    This, she said is fuelled by an investment environment which is “among the most coveted in the world”.
    “We are already seeing the early results of these improvements in the investment climate.”

  7. “She made an interesting observation in her preamble about MPs talking to themselves in the Estimates debate and the public glibly unaware.”[quote]
    Glibly unaware is fair, unless somebody gets worked up, or says something about another, the general public doesn’t give a damn. Estimates? Dem is numbers, most of public are certainly glibly unaware. So talk away, pass notes, watch phones…who cares?
    BTW… the lady minister speaks well, but needs to get to the point.

    • @Northern Observer

      Isn’t your observation an indictment on the electorate? It doesn’t make us all that intelligent if we are not interested or ignorant to what the Estimates mean right?

      To your other point, she was delivering to her constituents where there is an expectation that has to be met. We wa8t for today’s politician man or woman enough to depart from the norm.

  8. Electorates everywhere do not pay much attention to public finance. While the group presenting the estimates speak to transparency, they are also boring as RH. I am yet to see, and I don’t have time to watch them all, so selective viewing, anybody disagree with anything. The questions are bland and non-invasive, somewhat expected given parliamentary composition.

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