Another Abracadabra Moment

In 2018 the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) won all 30 seats in parliament. It created what pundits described as a political dilemma for the government because the Barbados Constitution recognizes the role of the Leader of the Opposition.

At the eleventh hour Reverend Joseph Atherley who was elected to the House of Assembly on a BLP ticket decided to cross the floor and like magic the constitutional crisis was averted. Before Atherley saved the day there was a move afoot to amend the Constitution to provision for two senators to be appointed by the Governor General from the losing political party winning the most votes. The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) would have been the beneficiary of the amendment. However, we recall campaign manager Robert ‘Bobby’ Morris criticized the move to manufacturer an opposition presence in the Upper House. His reason – a political opposition should earn its place in parliament.

…Robert “Bobby” Morris, said they would rightfully reclaim their seats in the legislature in time and there was no need to take up the offer.

However, George Connolly, one of the new candidates who ran in St James Central and who lost his deposit, took an opposing view. I’ve heard the comments of ‘Bobby’ Morris and I have a lot of respect for him, but I disagree vehemently with the position that he took on that. I think we need a voice, and a senatorial voice is as good a voice as any. You can’t effect any major changes, but certainly you can have a voice. So I am in total agreement if the offer is made that it should be accepted, he told Starcom Network yesterday.

In hindsight given the outcome of last week’s general election the government should have amended the Barbados Constitution to address the lacuna in the improbable event a political party again won all the seats. A discussion being had across Barbados is whether there will be another convenient crossing of the floor by a ‘disgruntled’ BLP member days after campaigning successfully on a BLP ticket in the mold of Atherley or if the shelved 2018 amendment to the Constitution will be dusted off.

Whether there is the convenient crossing of the floor by a member of parliament to create a leader of the opposition in the Lower House or amendment to the Barbados Constitution to create same in the Upper House, it is unfortunate a dissenting voice has to be created arising from the first past the post system we practice. In this regard the blogmaster does not agree with Morris that the DLP should refuse to participate in the Upper House if the opportunity is created to do so. There are commentators like Dr.Kristina Hinds who posit a view there are avenues outside of parliament to make ones voice heard. 

The blogmaster’s view is that parliament provides a prominent space for an opposition voice in our system of government. It gives the opposition earned exposure that helps to create a national profile for the political party given the credibility it adds through participation from in the bowels of the parliamentary system. The country witnessed how former Senator Caswell Franklyn did it with good effect. We should not trivialize the optics of opposition participation in parliament by the public.

There is concern two unprecedented 30 to 0 mandates pave the opportunity for the Mottley led government to run roughshod over the views of members in civil society. Especially given her rambunctious leadership style. Decisions taken by the government of Barbados in the coming days have deep implications for our way of life to come. 

God Bless Bim!

130 thoughts on “Another Abracadabra Moment

  1. Another instance where silence is golden.

    Dems ‘not waiting on PM’ for Senate offer

    THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) will not be milling around waiting on any invitations from the Mia Amor Mottley administration, says interim president Steve Blackett.
    He was responding to a query from the DAILY NATION yesterday on whether Prime Minister Mottley had extended an invitation to the party to have two senators in Parliament.
    He had disclosed last Friday that the DLP was giving thought to the 2018 offer by Mottley, which would have allowed the party to have two Opposition senators despite not having any seats in the House of Assembly.
    The DLP suffered its second 30-0 defeat at the polls last Wednesday, after a similar “redwash” in 2018.
    “We’re not exactly sitting around waiting for any offer from the Prime Minister. We’re busy working on shoring up the internal structures of the party. When and if it comes, the organs of the party, the Executive Council and the General Council, will meet and we will consider if any offer is made.
    “But we’re not exactly sitting and waiting in anticipation or any anxiety for this offer. But if it comes, it will be considered by the organs and the decision will be made by those same organs,” Blackett said yesterday.
    Party president Verla De Peiza tendered her resignation last Friday, and Blackett, the Dems’ first vice-president, has taken up the mantle as leader until a special conference is held in April to elect a new president. (RA)

  2. As long as the DLP does not distance itself from adult entertainment, money laundering and corruption, decent citizens will not vote for this party. The DLP grandees and the DLP party members unfortunately confirm all possible prejudices of their former colonial masters.

    What do we expect from DLP grandees in the Senate??? To agree to an anti-corruption law that may retroactively punish criminal acts from 2008 to 2018? Certainly not.

    The opposition will again behave as undignified in the Senate as the rebellious senator did at the inauguration of our New Republic. Yes, shameless and without any dignity.

  3. “THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY (DLP) will not be milling around waiting on any invitations from the Mia Amor Mottley administration”

    But, they will still be playing a waiting game for 5 years

    DLP dogs will have to keep barking away for attention in their kennels

  4. “Then came the 1974 PublicOrder Act and many had to either join the established political order or find Seawell Airport, now Grantley Adams international.
    Don’t worry the truth will be revealed in the fullness of time.”

    the truth is bound to come out.

    before turning 18 years old, i knew that none of it was real or healthy, now well into my 60s and watching old people still believe it’s real, still fooling themselves…and passing that crime scene on to their children and grandchildren to get lost in…

    they got a lot of catching up to do and no one is waiting for anyone…desole.

  5. “555, as a knowledgeable student of Eastern philosophies”

    Universal Vs Division

    Are there Eastern philosophies or are they just philosophies

    I differ with Western propaganda ascribing good and bad to West Vs East philosophies in order to justify wicked people’s crimes

    maybe there is no good and bad pleasure and pain no division in life aka the universe presence of God which encompasses all

  6. This is recent…are they going to clamp down on anonymous websites on the dark web? good thing that harebrain scheme did not succeed..

    “According to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida, DeAnna Marie Stinson, 50, reportedly paid more than $12,000 to an anonymous website in a Bitcoin-for-blood scheme.”

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